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1 ABEL, James F. Office of Education Bulletin , 1930, No. 12. National Ministries of Education : Office of Education Bulletin , 1930, No.12
United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1930, 
ABEL, James F. National Ministries of Education. United States Department of the Interior, Office of Education, Bulletin, 1930, No. 12. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1930. Pp (2),iii-ix,(1),1-158. 8vo, grey card covers, black lettering to front cover, spine blank. Contents : 1. A brief history of the development of national ministries of education. 2. General characteristics of the office of minister and of the ministry of education. 3. Population, cultural, economic, and other conditions affecting the work of the ministry of education. 4. General functions of theministry of education. 5. The relation of the national ministry to element ary education. 6. The relation of the national ministry to secondary education. 7. The relation of the national ministry to higher education. 8. The Board of Education of England and Wales. 9. The Ministry of Public Instruction and Fine Arts in France. 10. The Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico. Appendix: I. Questionnaire sent through the Department of State to American consular offices abroad. II. Table showing the approximate population of each of the 73 main political divisions of the world. III. The organization of the ministry of sciences and of arts of Belgium. IV. A brief statement of the history and present legal status of the national ministry of education in each country. Ex-library (spine numbers, embossed library stamp), else very good. 50.00

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2 ALEXANDER, Martin S. Republic in Danger : General Maurice Gamelin and the Politics of French Defence, 1933-1940. First Edition in dustjacket, signed by author
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1992, ISBN:0521372348 
ALEXANDER, Martin S. The Republic in Danger : General Maurice Gamelin and the Politics of French Defence, 1933-1940. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (1992). First Edition. Pp (12),[xi]-xiv,1-573,(3). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "This is the first full-length study in English of the career of one of France's most controversial military leaders, General Maurice Gamelin (1872-1958). Gamelin was reviled by many of his contemporaries and denigrated by historians as 'the man who lost the Battle of France'. Here Gamelin is re-appraised in the context of the unstable civil-military relations and national decline of the years 1933-40. Basing his account on hitherto inaccessible primary sources and on public and private archives. The evidence reviewed, including Gamelin's private headquarters' diary, provides the basis for a revision of the earlier hostile portraits of the general. The author argues that less attention should be paid to the campaign in France in 1940, by which time Gamelin's role was that of co-ordinator and adviser. Rather, he suggests that great credit is due to Gamelin for his success in holding together the pre-war civil-military consensus, and for re-arming France by 1939." Contents : Introduction : Maurice Gamelin,the defence of France and the decline of the Third Republic. 1. The making of a republican general; 2. Gamelin and the rebirth of German power; 3. Fi rst responses: defence versus détente in the Laval era; 4. The Popular Front, the army and politics; 5. The road to rearmament: Gamelin, Daladier and Popular Front defence policy; 6. Gamelin and air support of the army; 7. Gamelin, the Maginot Line and Belgium; 8. Gamelin, Yugoslavia and the easternalliances: assets or embarrassments?; 9. Men or material? Gamelin and Brit ish support for France; 10. Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Soviet Union: from appeasement to war; 11. Gamelin and the fall of Poland; 12. The Twilight War: military stagnation and political conflict; Conclusion; Appendices: (1) Diagrammatic organisation of the French high command. (2) Distribution of the four-year armaments programme of September 1936 (Le programme de 14 milliards). Very good in dustjacket. Signed with inscription by the author. 100.00

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3 Allied Countries - WW2). Canada and the United Nations. A Tribute to the United Nations by Guita Percha & Rubber, Limited
Guita Percha & Rubber, Limited, 1943, 
(Allied Countries - WW2). Canada and the United Nations. A Tribute to the United Nations by Guita Percha & Rubber, Limited. (Guita Percha & Rubber, Limited , 1943). Pp 1-20. Illustrated. 8vo, blue stapled card covers. “Guita Percha & Rubber, Limited, an all-Canadian Company, is happy to pres ent this booklet to our customers and friends as a tribute to the United Nations.” - from page one. This booklet has information on the allied countries participating in World War Two, including a brief summary of each country along with a picture of its flag and leader(s). The countries covered are Great Britain, Canada, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, United States, U.S.S.R., China, Netherlands, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Greece, Yugoslavia, France, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ethiopia, Philippines, Panama, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Iran. Spine and edges worn, tears along half of spine, penned names, else good. 15.00

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4 ALMQVIST, Bertil. Vasa Saga - the Story of a Ship
Bonnier Carlsen, Belgium, 1999, ISBN:9163831767 
ALMQVIST, Bertil. The Vasa Saga [cover adds – the Story of a Ship]. (Belgium) : Bonnier Carlsen, 1999. Pp (24). Illustrated. 4to, illustrated glossy white paper covered boards. A children's book telling the story of the building of the Swedish warship Vasa in 1627, its sinking on its maiden voyage in 1628, the salvaging of its 50 cannons using diving bells in 1664, the retrieval of the ship's hull in 1961 and placement in a museum. Very good. 10.00

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5 Antwerp]. ASAERT, Gustaaf. DEVOS, Greta. SUYKENS, Fernand. Naties in the Port of Antwerp : Six Centuries of Activity in City and Port.First Edition in dustjacket.
Lannoo, Tielt, 1993, ISBN:9020922521 
[Antwerp]. ASAERT, Gustaaf, Greta DEVOS, and Fernand SUYKENS. The "Naties" in the Port of Antwerp : Six Centuries of Activity in City and Port. [Foreword by Fernand Huts]. (Tielt): Lannoo, (1993). First English-language printing. Published simultaneously in Dutch under the title "De Antwerpse Naties". Pp. (6),7-328. Illustrated, occasionally in colour. Double column. Square 4to, navy blue cloth with gilt lettering to front board and spine. "The Port of Antwerp is very much alive. In good and in bad times, even in times of economic recession, the port continues to be a hive of activity. The engines that drive this intensive port industry are the 'Naties'. These age-old corporations have survived all the political, social and economic turbulence that history has brought their way. Their inborn flexibilty has always enabled them to adapt to the most radical changes. Their vitality and dynamism have never reached such heights as in today's difficult climate. They have cut steadfastly through the turbulence of the economic recession and, despite teh general decline of the European ports, they continue to invest, with a firm belief in the future. No one who drives through the port can fail to remark their ubiquitousness on all the quays, in all the distributionzones, and at all the terminals." - from the foreword. Contents: Part I: A ntwerp's 'Nations' Before the French Revolution: 1. An Historical View of the 'Nations'; 2. The Way of Life of the Old 'Nations'; 3. A Procession of Nations. Part II: The Antwerp 'Nations' during the Period 1815-1940: 1. In Search of a New Identity (1815-1850); 2. Self-Assured Development (1850-1914); 3. A Brief Interlude (1914-1918); 4. The Resilience of an Old System (1918-1940). Part III: The Antwerp 'Nations', 1940-1993: 1. The Metamorphosis of the 'Nation' Company; 2. New Developments in the 'Nation' Company. With bibliography. Light spotting to top-edge, else very good in dustjacket. Dueto the weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cov er postage on international orders. 100.00

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6 AREND, Guy-Franz. PATTON, George S. Ardenne Offensive : Watch at the Rhine
Imp. Bourdeaux-Capelle, Dinant, 0, 
AREND, Guy-Franz. The Ardenne Offensive : “Watch at the Rhine.” Published by Bastogne Nuts Museum – Belgium. (Dinant : Imp. Bourdeaux-Capelle), n.d. []. Pp [1]-131,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, photo-illustrated white cardcovers, blank spine. “This booklet has been compiled at the express wish of visitors to the Bastogne Nuts Museum.” Contents : Introduction; The Ardennc Offensive : The American point of view, by General George S. Patton; Von Rundstedt's Offensive : The German point of view, by Brigaden General Carl Wagner. 1.Preparation of the Operation. 2. Progress of the Operation. 3. The princip al factors of the failure of the Ardcnne Offensive. 4. Lessons and experiences. Origin and history of the “Bastogne Nuts Museum”; History of the Museum of “The Ardenne Offensive” at Spa; Order of battle of the 5th Panzer Armyon 16th December 1944; The Battle of the Bulge; An account of the Battle o f the Bulge, by Colonel Armstrong; A. German Army; B. Allied Armies; Bastogne : 1. The siege of Bastogne. 2. American Forces in Bastogne. 3. Encirclement of Bastogne. Spotting to back cover, slightly musty, else good to very good. 35.00

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7 Aviation Magazine) RPM. Vol. 1, No. 6
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Incorporated, 1930, 
(Aviation Magazine). RPM. Vol. 1, No. 6. [New York] : A publication of Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Incorporated, n.d. [1930s?]. Pp (16) including covers. Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, illustrated grey stapled wrappers. Contents : Tail Winds; On he World's Air Lines; D.N.L.-Norway's Air Line; What'sin the Air; "Sabena" - of Belgium; Trans-Oceanic Air Services; Performance Record; Whitney Charter Service. Penned name and address, rubbed, small su rface tear, else very good. 35.00

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8 BARBER, John Warner European Historical Collections; comprising England, Scotland, with Holland, Belgium and part of France. Giving an account of the most prominent and Interesting Events, which have occurred in the history of these countries:
Published by John W. Barber, New Haven, Conn., 1855, 
BARBER, John W. European Historical Collections; comprising England, Scotland, with Holland, Belgium and part of France. Giving an account of the mostprominent and Interesting Events, which have occurred in the history of th ese countries: Biographical Notices of distinguished persons in all ranks of society, with Geographical Descriptions of the principal towns and placesof interest in the several countries visited. Illustrated by 275 Engraving s; giving views of chief towns, public buildings, relics of antiquity, historic localities, natural scenery, &c., &c. New Haven, Conn.: Published by John W. Barber, 1855. Pp (10),[i]-iv,[5]-568,(2), double frontis, + 3 plates+ coloured folding map of Europe. 8vo, brown pressed cloth, gilt to front board and spine. John Warner Barber (1798-1885) was an American engraver. Worn through at spine ends and corners, outer hinges cracked, a few smudges and foxing to endpapers, tears along map folds, else good. 150.00

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9 BASILY, Lascelle Meserve de Memoirs of a Lost World. First Edition in dustjacket
Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, Stanford, California, 1975, ISBN:0960092811 
BASILY, Lascelle Meserve de. Memoirs of a Lost World. Stanford, California : Distributed by Hoover Institution Press, [Stanford University], 1975. First Edition.(4),v-vii,(1),1-308,(4), frontispiece. Illustrated. 8vo, purple cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. "The lost world luminously recalled here by Lascelle de Basily encompasses a charmed past in which shetraveled and resided in countries on four continents - a past studded with piquant adventures, with countless moments of sheer joy with terror-filled days and nights during the Russian Revolution, with meetings and friendshi ps with notables of many nationalities. [...] The world described here is truly a lost world. Yet, as these pages reveal, Lascelle de Basily, unlike so many of us, whatever our circumstances, has never lost one of the most precious things in life - a sense of wonder." (from the dj). Contents : Preface. Childhood : - My Grandfather; - My Mother; - School Days in Paris; - Journeys with Mother; - Korea, Land of Morning Calm; - Hyang-San Monastery; -The Russo-Japanese War; - Egypt and the Sudan (Before World War I). Memori es ot Imperial Russia and of Two Revolutions, 1915-1917 : - Lire in St. Petersburg; - Journey to the Caucasus; - The Revolution Breaks; - Moscow; - The Bolshevik Revolution in Moscow; - Journey Across Siberia. Journeys with Father to Spain and Belgium. I Marry Nicolas Alexandrovich : - The Russian Colony in Paris; , - Dinner at the Russian Embassy; - Nicolas AJexandrovich;- The International Conference at Spa; 1920. Journevs in Central Europe : - Berlin - Prague — Budapest — Belgrade — Sofia. Italy. Memories of Paris, 1925-19999939 : - Le Clos Saint Nicolas; - Baroness Sophie de Buxhoeveden; - Another False Anastasia; - Days to Remember. War Is Declared. Conciusion.Appendix: Korea, Land of Morning Calm: A Book of Memories by Lascelle de B asily, Paris, November 1973. Very good in rubbed, unclipped dustjacket. 75.00

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10 BECK, James M. Evidence in the Case. advanced paper copy
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1914, 
BECK, James M. The Evidence in the Case : An Analysis of the Diplomatic Records Submitted by England, Germany, Russia, and Belgium in the Supreme Court of Civilization, and the Conclusions Deducible as to the Moral Responsibility for the War. NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1914. Advance Paper Copy. Pp. 200. 8vo, tan card covers, stamp to the front which reads "Advance Paper Copy. Pub. Wed. Dec. 16", hand lettered spine. Front cover detached, chipping to both covers, four inch tear to front cover, spine creased and chipped, previous owner's name inked to title page, else vg. 25.00

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11 BELL, G.K., Major. Curtain Call.
Intaglio Gravure Limited, Toronto, 1953, 
BELL, G.K., Major. Curtain Call. Toronto : Intaglio Gravure Limited, (1953). Pp [1]-130. Illustrated. Double Column. Endpaper Maps. 4to, orange cloth,gilt lettering to front board and spine. “Curtain Call is my photographic essay of the part played by the 1st Canadian Army in the liberation of Europe and leads from the landings in Normandy, through France, Belgium, Holland, into Germany, across the Rhine and on to the final surrender. The war photographs reveal the miseries and ravages of war and show countries destroyed and in despair.” - from the Preface. Parallel bilingual texts (English and French). Small stains to front cover, bookplate, else good in poor, tattered dustjacket. Signed by the author. As is. 65.00

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12 BENEST, E.E Inland Waterways of Belgium. in dj.
Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson, 1960, 
BENEST, E.E. Inland Waterways of Belgium. L: Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson, 1960. Pp 191, frontis., 4 pp plates. 8vo, black cloth. A practical cruising guide. Contents include: "Official Formalities for Entering the Inland Waterways"; "Navigational Notes"; "General Information"; "Some Through Routes"; "List of Rivers and Canals"; "Particulars of Rivers and Canals"; "Conversion Tables"; "Two Short Glossaries". Pencilling to rpep, adhesive marks to eps, else vg in dj. 40.00

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13 BENNETT, Arnold RICKARDS, E.A. From the Log of the Velsa. 1st US.
Century Co., New York, 1914, 
BENNETT, Arnold. From the Log of the Velsa . Pictures by E.A. Rickards and a frontispiece by the author. New York: The Century Co., (October 1914). First American Printing. Pp. (10),3-307,(1), colour frontis. (with tissue guard), including plates. Illustrated. 8vo, navy blue cloth with gilt decorated title block to front and spine. An account of a cruising voyage along thecoast of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and into the Baltic. Boards ru bbed and somewhat browned, blistering to rear board at hinge, inner hinges tender, some shelfwear, else vg. 20.00

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14 BENNETT, Arnold. RICKARDS, E.A. From the Log of the Velsa. First American Edition.
Century Co., New York, 1914, 
BENNETT, Arnold. From the Log of the Velsa . Pictures by E.A. Rickards and a frontispiece by the author. New York: The Century Co., (October 1914). First American Printing. Pp. (10),3-307,(1), colour frontis. (with tissue guard), including plates. Illustrated. 8vo, navy blue cloth with gilt decorated title block to front and spine. An account of a cruising voyage along thecoast of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and into the Baltic. With "St. John's Book Club, 1915 " three-page ephemera piece pasted in at front flyl eaf. This paper includes a list of members' names, with information on whenthe book was received, and when it was forwarded (on the front page, the " Rules of the St. John's Book Club" on p. 2, and a list of books on p. 3. The names on the members roll are: Mr. S.T. Harrington, Mr. K. Prowse, Mr. W.G. Gosling, Sir W.H. Horwood, Mr. W.H. Greene, Hon. E.R. Bowring, Mr. Justice Johnson, Mr. W.R. Warren, Hon W.C. Job, Mr. R.B. Job, Capt. Abraham, Mr.P. Johnson, Mr. C.M. Harvey, Mr. W.B. Grieve, Mr. R.R. Wood, Hon. R. Watso n, Mr. A.S. Rendell, H.E. the Governor, Sir J. Outerbridge, Mr. J. Browning, Hon. J. Harvey, Mr. A.J. Harvey, Mr. H.W. LeMessurier, Mr. R.A. Brehm, Mr. A.H. Murray, Mr. Justice Emerson, and Dr. Macpherson. Minor bubbling to rear outer hinge, light shelfwear, name else very good. 25.00

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15 BIRD, Will R. North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment : A Complete History 1794-1958.
Brunswick Press, 1963, 
BIRD, Will R. North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment. [dj adds : A Complete History 1794-1958]. (Fredericton) : Brunswick Press, 1963. First Edition. Pp(14),[15]-629,(1), including frontispiece +32-page central section of b&w photos. With 8 leaves of folding maps at rear. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine, gilt device to front. Map endpapers. Cooke pp.70.106,154. Contents: 1. The Beginning; 2. The 73rd Northumberland Battalion is born; 3. The North Shore goes to War; 4. Goodbye Woodstock; 5. The North Shore goes Overseas; 6. Plans for Invasion; 7. The Strong Point; 8. The Radar Station; 9. Carpiquet; 10. The Hell of Holding on; 11. Down to Bretteville-sur-Odon;12. The Bombing Attack; 13. Quesnay Wood; 14. The Great Pursuit; 15. Reduc tion of the Channel Ports; 16. Finish of the Channel Ports; 17. The LeopoldLooms Ahead; 18. The Polder Fighting; 19. The Beautiful city of Ghent; 20. The Beginning of the End; 21. Keppeln; 22. The Young Madmen at Sutphen; 23 . The Last Days of the War; 24. The Beaver Entertains; 25. 3rd Battalion North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment; 26. 2nd Battalion North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment. With appendices outlining casualties and awards given. Flyleaf removed, faint spine ridging, else a very good copy. 100.00

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16 BLAKENY, C.H. Fragments : : Impressions of Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Scotland and England
BLAKENY, Dr. C.H. "Fragments" : Impressions of Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Scotland and England., (1956). Pp (18),3-121,(3). 8vo, card covers. Watters p.952. Dr. Blakeny was a resident of Moncton, N.B. Vg. 25.00

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17 BLANCQUAERT, A. (ed.) Belgian Shiplover : Organ of the Belgian Nautical Research Association. Vol. 7, No., 1/2, Jan./Feb. 1956
Belgian Nautical Research Association, Bruxelles, 1956, 
BLANCQUAERT, A. (ed.). The Belgian Shiplover : Organ of the Belgian Nautical Research Association. Vol. VII, No., 1/2, Jan./Feb. 1956. Bruxelles : Belgian Nautical Research Association, 1956. Pp [1]-36. Folio [8.5 by 12.5 inches], illustrated white stapled card covers. Contents : Voyage to ship-lover's heaven (by Alan B. Deitsch, pp 6-9); Le mystère des anciennes ancres aularge de la cote belge (par Gustave Remy, pp 14-15); Finland Steamship Com pany Ltd : Fleet List 19 (by Olof Arne Ekman, pp 17-27); Prince Line : Fleet List 20 (by Alexander J. Henderson, pp 28-36); and regular departments. Rubbed, vertical crease, rust from staples, else very good. 45.00

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18 BOSHER, J.F. DE GAULLE, Charles) Gaullist Attack on Canada, 1967-1997. in dj.
McGill-Queens University Press, Kingston and Montreal, 1999, ISBN:0773518088 
BOSHER, J.F. The Gaullist Attack on Canada, 1967-1997. Kingston and Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, (1999). Pp. (6),[vii]-xi,(3),[3]-331,(1). 8vo, blue cloth with silver lettering to spine. "What lay behind Charles de Gaulle's 'Vive le Québec libre!' speech in Montreal on 24 July 1967; Philippe Rossilon's activities in New Brunswick, Belgium and Africa; and the sinking of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrir in New Zealand in 1985? J.F. Bosher argues that the motivation behind all these incidents was France's imperial ambition. He contends that behind the screen of teh harmless fraternizing of the international francophonie, French nationalists have been at work to stimulate French revolutionary nationalism in Quebec and elsewhere. He argues that the Gaullist ideology behind these attempts rests on a set of mythsabout past events, age-old resentment of the English-speaking nations, and a deep-rooted belief in the superiority of France, its language, and its c ulture." - from the dj. Very good in dust jacket. 20.00

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19 BOSNICH, Milan (Mike). HARNEY, John Paul. One Man's War : Reflections of a Rough Diamond. softcover, signed
Lugus Productions Ltd., Toronto, 1989, ISBN:0921633165 
BOSNICH, Milan (Mike). One Man's War : Reflections of a Rough Diamond. (Toronto : Lugus Productions Ltd., 1989). Pp (3),iv-xi,(1),1-164,(2). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated white card covers, lettered in red and black. Preface by John Paul Harney. "Bosnich, who swung from Canadian combatant to Business Agent,.. His union, famous for the fist and the rose, the radical UEW - outcast from the CLC - enemy of the USWA... "Mikey", who returned from the hot war to a cold hearth and a cold war politically... Bosnich, an idealistic municipal politician, among the wheeler dealers of political expediency... Bosnich, fearless organizer of the workers of the West... Bosnich, considered by many the good Godfather of Crowland / Wetland, telling it how it was..." (from the back cover). Contents : Preface; Early Years; Zombie Soldier; A Bad Omen; Active; Belgium and France; The Cold Hearth; A False Start; The Cold War; Back On The Job; Labour Relations; Union Steward; Piecework; Recognition; Pragmatism; The Coming Of The DPs; Business Agent; Being Raided; Local Politics; The Communist Party; Conflict; 0n The Level; Scams; CIO Split; The Boyd GanS Affair; Love; House And Home; Re-Marriage; The Reverend Fern Sayles; The LPP; Back To The Plant; The USSR; RCMP Reaction; Red Baiting; Resignation From The CP; Fighting The Steelworkers; Golf; His Other Family; Out West; Back to Yugoslavia; Stelco Strike; Joining The Legion; Cases Of Compensation; Changes; Coming On National Staff; The National Office;Business Agent Once More. Penned note, else very good. Signed without insc ription by author. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be a bit cheaper than quoted. 16.00

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20 BRITTAIN, Frederick Oar, Scull and Rudder : A Bibliography of Rowing
Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, London, 1930, 
BRITTAIN, Frederick, (comp.). Oar, Scull and Rudder : A Bibliography of Rowing. With a preface by Steve Fairbairn. London : Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, 1930. First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-xii,[1]-112. Small 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Howard-Hill, Bibliography of British Literary Bibliographies, 2nd ed. 2276f. "The first part, whicn is limited to descriptions of books and pamphlets published independently, contains about240 items. Nearly all of these are devoted entirely to rowing, or to rowin g and closely allied sports. Excluding the few which are concerned only in a minor degree with rowing, 140 of the books and pamphlets are in English (including 5 published in British colonies and 17 in the United States), 48 in German, 15 in French (including 1 published in Belgium), 7 in Norwegian,7 in Dutch (including 1 published in Belgium), 5 in Italian, 2 in Swedish, 2 in Danish, and 1 each in Russian, Polish, and Spanish. The second part, which is limited to articles on rowing published in periodicals and encyclopaedias, contains about 700 items. Those included under each year are further arranged in alphabetical order of the periodicals in which they appear. I have frequently given a summary of the contents of an article instead of an exact reproduction of a vague title. The compilation of this part was particularly difficult in the later years, owing to the fact that some important periodicals have long since abandoned the publication of an annual index, so that 1 have often had to examine every number in order to pick out articles on rowing." - p.[ix]. Part I. Independent Works: (a). Before the general adoption of sliding seats in 1873; (b). From the general adoption of sliding seats in 1873 to the end of the nineteenth century; (c). The twentieth century. Part II. Articles in Periodicals: (a). Before the general adoption of sliding seats in 1873; (b). From the invention of sliding seats to the end of the nineteenth century; (c). The twentieth century. With an index. "The story has not been without its controversies, in whicn I have taken my full share; but this book is impartial and attempts to give references to all the literature of the subject. I think therefore that many old oarsmen will want to possess this book, to refer themselves to a literature whichwill tell them how, in these hundred years, the art has been built up, and perhaps to remind them of their own contests and triumphs." - from the pre face. Brittain provides many useful annotations, particularly in Part I. Light wear to cloth and spine ends, else very good. Scarce. 175.00

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