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1 ALSOP, Susan Mary TREE, Marietta To Marietta from Paris 1945-1960. First British Edition in dustjacket
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1976, ISBN:0297770942 
ALSOP, Susan Mary. To Marietta from Paris 1945-1960. London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, (1976). First British Edition. Pp (8),ix-xi,(3),1-370,+ 8 pp plates. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "Their friendship began when, as teen-aged girls, they engaged in spirited political discussions over peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches one Maine summer; it went on to span decades and continents. As the wife of an American attache to the United States Embassy in Paris, Susan Mary Alsop kept up an intimate, witty, andextremely candid correspondence with her childhood friend Marietta Tree. T his remarkable epistolary journal records her impressions of the exciting years she spent as an observer from a very privileged vantage point, as a ravaged Europe emerged from World War II. Here she describes everything from her conversations with Winston Churchill (He has decided I am...French...and nothing will deter him from speaking French to me) and visits to the stately homes of England (Lunching with the Duke of Marlborough is a mixed pleasure. His palace and his park are superb...but he is an arrogant, odious host who thinks he is a lady-killer) to the sound advice she received on the secrets of entertaining from "the only really glamorous woman in the world," Lady Diana Cooper (Oh just give..plenty of booze and hope it will go.) Whether Mrs. Alsop is confiding delicious pieces of gossip about the people who shaped an age--the Windsors, Harold Nicolson and Vita Sackville-West, the Mitford sisters, Rothschilds, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh, Elizabeth and Margaret Cocteau, Camus and Sartre, Dior and Balmain--or giving serious assessments in her reporting of events that once again brought the world perilously close to war--the Berlin blockade, French Indo-China, Suez, and Hungary--what emerges from her letters is a spontaneous, totally unaffected, and living social history. All these stories will be in the history books, Mrs. Alsop wrote her friend, but it does send a chill down one's spine to hear them told by the actors in the drama." (from the dj). Penned name, else very good in nicked and torn, but unclipped, dustjacket. 40.00

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2 AUSTIN, David, (ed.) ALCOCK, Leslie, (ed.) From the Baltic to the Black Sea : Studies in Medieval Archaeology. First Edition.
Unwin Hyman, 1990, ISBN:0044451199 
AUSTIN, David and Leslie ALCOCK, (eds.). From the Baltic to the Black Sea :Studies in Medieval Archaeology. London, &c : Unwin Hyman, (1990). First E dition. Pp (8),[ix]-xxii,[1]-322,(8). 8vo, illustrated white paper-covered boards. No. 18 in the One World Archaeology series. "From the Baltic to theBlack Sea offers a rare insight into the closed world of medieval Eastern Europe and opens up a neglected archaeological tradition to English-Speaking readers. Foreword: by P.J. Ucko; Preface by David Austin & Leslie Alcock;Introduction by David Austin & Leslie Alcock; Part I. Objectives of Mediev al Archaeology. 1. The 'proper study' of medieval archaeology" by David Austin""; ""Introduction""; ""Medieval archaeology and documentary history""; ""European cultural dominance, ethnicity and medieval archaeology""; ""The English village a^€? an item on the historical agenda""; ""Working to the historical agenda"" ""A revised philosophy?""""Prehistory and theory""; ""Elements of a shared practice of history""; "" 2. The 'proper study' of medieval archaeology: a case study: David Austin & Julian Thomas""; ""Introduction""; ""Material culture and signification""; ""Archaeology and history""; ""Time and space as a framework for analysis""; ""The case study""; ""Interpreting the buildings""; ""Interpreting the farmyard""; ""Interpreting the land""; ""Interpreting the landscape""; ""A place of presence""; ""Conclusion"" "" 3. Medieval archaeology and the tyranny of the historical record: Timothy C. Champion""""The concept of Europe""; ""The boundaries of Europe""; ""The cultural definition of Europe""; ""The discourse of history""; ""The origins of Europe""; ""The programme of archaeology""; ""The tyranny of the historical record""; "" 4. "A comparative study of Czech and British medieval rural settlement archaeology: towards whole landscapes" by Martin Gojda. Introduction - The study of settlement history in Czechoslovakia - Czech and British research on medieval rural settlement. Part II. Early State and Ethnic Formations. 5. "Byzantium and the Avars: the archaeology of the first 70 years of the Avar era" by Istvan Bona. "Introduction - The Avars and the indigenous production of gold jewellery - Avar jewellery types - - Conclusion - Avar and Byzantine status. 6. Connections between Scandinavia and the East Roman Empire in the Migration period: Birgit Arrhenius""; ""Introduction""; ""Eastern connections as opposed to connections with the late Roman Empire""; ""Direct contacts between Scandinavia and the late Roman Empire?"" ""The status of the source material""""Byzantine jewellery found in Scandinavia""; ""The Kolben armlets""; ""Glass vessels""; ""Imports and connections between Byzantium and Scandinavia""; "" 7. New research on finds of Avar chieftain-burials at Igar, Hungary: Gyula FA~?lA~¶p""; ""Introduction""; ""The cemetery""; ""Analysis of the grave goods""; ""Conclusion a^€? Avar migration""; ""8. Early medieval hillforts in Polish lands in the 6th to the 8th centuries: problems of origins, function, and spatial organization: Zbigniew KobyliA°?ski""; ""Introduction""; ""Hillfort size"" Very good. 50.00

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3 BAILLY, Serge et Didier BEAUFORT BEAUFORT, Didier Media Resistance : Un echo pour les voix discordantes
Editions Karthala, Paris, 2000, ISBN:2845860153 
BAILLY, Serge et Didier BEAUFORT. Média Résistance : Un echo pour les voix discordantes . Paris: Éditions Karthala, (2000). Pp. [1]-326,(2). 8vo, illustrated white card covers. A selection of media case studies throughout theeastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with chapters relating to: Bu rkina Faso, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, Nigeria, Chad, Zambia, Morocco, Gambia, Burundi, Haiti, Kosovo, Iran, India, Palestine, Mexico, Mali, Hungary, Israel, &c. Text in French. Vg. 45.00

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4 BALAN, Jars, (ed.) KREISEL, Henry ARNASON, David LEVITAN, Seymour Identifications : Ethnicity and the Writer in Canada. First Edition.
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1982, ISBN:0920862152 
BALAN, Jars, (ed.). Identifications : Ethnicity and the Writer in Canada. Edited by Jars Balan. Edmonton: The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies,University of Alberta, 1982. First Printing. Pp. (8),[ix]-xii,[1]-158,(6). 8vo, illustrated white card covers with black lettering to front and spine . A volume in the Alberta Library in Ukrainian Canadian Studies series. "Presents selected papers froma conference held in Edmonton in 1979, which examined the relationship between ethnicity and the literature of selected writers in Canada." - from the rear cover. Contents: Henry Kreisel's "The 'Ethnic' Writer in Canada", Yar Slavutych's "Early Ukrainian Literature in Canada", George Bisztray's "Canadian Hungarian Literature", Jars Balan's "Ukrainian Influences in George Ryga's Works", David Arnason's "Icelandic Canadian Literature", Panel Discussion: "Ethnicity and Identity: The Question of One's Literary Passport", Danylo Struk's "Ukrainian Emigré Literature in Canada", Judy Young's "The Unheard Voices", Seymour Levitan's "Canadian Yiddish Writers", and Panel Discussion: "Hyphenated Canadians: The Question of Consciousness". Name to flyleaf, five characters inked inside rear cover, else very good. 25.00

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5 BALFOUR, Michael Adversaries : America, Russia and the Open World 1941-62. Firs Editon in dustjacket
Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, Boston and Henley, 1981, ISBN:071000687X 
BALFOUR, Michael. The Adversaries : America, Russia and the Open World 1941-62. London, Boston and Henley : Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1981). First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xv,(1),1-259,(1). Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "The AtJantic Charter of 1941 constituted the West's blue-print for post-war society. Accordingly it is here that Michael Balfour begins his account of how America and Russia developed as the rival super-powers' in that society. By 1962 the American concept of an Open World had brought a widedegree of political and economic freedom to half the globe, together with an unprecedented and apparently lasting affluence. Command Economies, however, are incompatible with Open Worlds. Rather than fall into line with the American design, the Soviet Union persevered with its conflicting system and thereby divided the world into two antagonistic halves. This new political pattern generated the crucial question of the post-war years: will the clash of views end in war or can the two halves learn to co-exist ? By 1962 it began to look as if this question could be answered optimistically, and it is here that the narrative part of the book ends after covering the economic and strategic aspects as well as the politics. In a concluding chapter the author relects on these developments and on the possibility that 1962 was a false dawn." (from the dj), Contents : Chapter 1. 1941-5. 1. The signing of the Atlantic Charter. 2. Roosevelt rejects a compromise peace. 3. Articles 2 and 3 of the Charter and political freedom. 4. Article 4 of the Charter and economic freedom Chapter 21. 1845-7. 1. Truman and the Roosevelt legacy. 2. America and the reconstruction of Russia, 3. Compromise in Germany. 4. The punishment of war criminals. 5. Control of the atomic bomb, 6. Britain after 1945. 7. France and Italy. 8. The US and the USSR in Eastern Europe. 9. Breakdown in Germany. 10. Hull's policies come to a halt. 11. The unnecessary panic. 12. A tragedy without villains. Chapter 3. 1947-9. 1. Marshall Aid. 2. The Russian reaction. 3. The Berlin blockade. 4. The Brussels Pact and NATO. 5. The establishment of two German Republics. 6. The Council of Europe. 7. The establishment of Israel. Appendix: World production and consumption of oil 1938-77. Chapter 4. 1950-2. 1. The Korean War. 2. The impact of the Korean War in Europe. 3. West Germany's economic miracle (Wirtschaftswunder). , 4. Britain in the 1950s. 5. The Schuman Plan. 6. The European Defence Community. 7. Communist reactions to the EDC. Chapter 5. 1953-5. 1. The death of Stalin. 2. Western European Union. 3. The path towards detente. 4. The transient triumph of Tito. 5. The European Economic Community. 6. The Suez crisis. 7. The Twentieth Party Congress.- Poland and Hungary. Appendix: The Russian system of government. Chapter 6. 1957-60. 1. The Sputnik/ 2. Khrushchev and Berlin. , 3. Algeria and de Gaulle. 4. Britain fails to fit the EEC into the OEEC. 5. The American and Russian economies compared. 6. Half the American dream comes true. Appendix: Annual average rates of growth of output per head of population 1870-1962. Chapter 7. 1961-2. 1. The building of the Berlin Wall. 2. Adenauer m decline. 3. Britain tans to enter the EEC. 4. The Cuban crisis. Chapter 8. Concluding reflections. 1. Adjusting to change. 2. The prospects for growth. 3. Is growth desirable ? 4. The days of horse and candle are over. 5. The limits of co-existence. Very good in spine-browned, unclipped dustjacket. 45.00

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6 Ballad of Anna Molnar Molnar Anna, Magyar Nepballada
(Ballad of Anna Molnar). Molnar Anna, Magyar Nepballada., n.d. Pp (9) unpaginated leaves (including covers) on thick stock paper, with 7woodcuts in black, and black lettering within a blue design. Folio, reinfo rced cloth tape spine, bound with black twine. Page size 10 by 13.5 inches,with one stanza and one 2.25 by 3.25 inch woodblock per leaf. An illustrat ed depiction of the Hungarian folk ballad (The Ballad of Anna Molnar) aboutAnna Molnar and Marton Ajgo. Text in Hungarian. Light edgewear and brownin g to front cover, else very good. 150.00

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7 BARANYAI, Tibor DOUGLAS, T.C., foreword Break-Through
Pallas Printing and Publishing Co., Montreal, 1962, 
BARANYAI, Tibor. Break-Through . (Montreal: Pallas Printing and Publishing Co., 1962). Pp. [1]-46,(2), frontis., + 1 plate. 8vo, illustrated stapled red card covers. A collection of poems by the Hungarian-Canadian. Vg. 15.00

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8 BATOWSKI, Henryk Rozpad Austro-Wegier, 1914-1918. in white-spined dj.
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków, 1982, ISBN:8308005810 
BATOWSKI, Henryk. Rozpad Austro-Wegier, 1914-1918 : Sprawy narodowosciowe i dzialania dyplomatyczne ; wydanie II, poprawione i uzupelnione. Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie, (1982). Pp. 390 + 16 p. of plates at rear. 8vo, pale green cloth with black lettering to front and spine. This volume focuses on the downfall of Austria-Hungary during the First World War. Text in Polish. Front inner hinge cracekd, else vg in rubbed, nicked, tape-strengthened dj. 40.00

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9 BEKE, Laszlo KOSSAR, Leon ZOLTAN, Ralph M. Student's Diary : Budapest, October 16 - November 1, 1956. First Canadian Edition in dustjacket
Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, Toronto, 1957, 
BEKE, Laszlo. A Student's Diary : Budapest, October 16 - November 1, 1956. Edited and translated by Leon Kossar and Ralph M. Zoltan. Toronto : The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, 1957. First Canadian Edition. Pp (8),9-125,(3).Illustrated with sketches. 8vo, black cloth boards, white cloth spinewith black and white and red and green panels. "Laszlo Beke is the pseudon ym of a young Hungarian art student who was one of the organizers of the Budapest protest meetings that triggered the Hungarian revolution. He was a leader of the freedom fighters who, sometimes with guns and sometimes with little more than their fists, stormed the radio station and the headquartersof the dread secret police and battled Soviet tanks against incredible odd s. He witnessed the dramatic return of Cardinal Mintndszenty and was among the student representatives who vainly conferred with the leaders of the government. Only near the end, when it became irrevocably clear that the Russians were once more encircling the city for the ultimate onslaught, did Laszio Beke and his pregnant wife make their perilous escape to refuge in the West. In this diary, reconstructed from his notes and sketches after he finally reached Canada, he vividly and dramatically recounts the events of those catastrophic days and nights. His story is simply told: the revolution as seen by a student who helped to start it and who helped to lead it. Yet few will read this small volume as merely the timely report of an absorbing recent event, for it is a deeply moving document of human strength, culminating in the triumph and tragedy of men struggling to be free. The author's illustrations give added emotional impact to his story." (from the dj). Penned name, else very god in rubbed, ,browned, slightly torn, but unclipped, dustjacket. 18.00

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10 BEMELMANS, Ludwig My War with the United States. Second American Printing in dustjacket
Viking Press, New York, 1949, 
BEMELMANS, Ludwig. My War with the United States. New York : The Viking Press, (July) 1937. Second Printing. Pp (10),9-151,(7). Illustrated. 8vo, beige illustrated cloth, spine lettering in black, top edge dyed red. "Ludwig Bemelmans, as these words are written, is somewhere in Ecuador, winding slowly on horseback toward the head-waters of the Amazon. When he reaches the coast some weeks from now, he will board a small tramp steamer named the Comedian and sail for the Galapagos Islands. What he will do after that, no one, not even himself, has the faintest idea. When Ludwig Bemelmans first came to America he worked as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant. Some years later he was the proprietor of the Hapsburg, one of the ftnest restaurants in New York. Recently he has devoted ail the time he could spare from his wife and his daughter to writing and illustrating. Hansi and The Golden Basket are two books from his pen whose charming individuality has endeared them togrown- ups as well as to the children for whom they were made. The studio of Jascha Heifetz and the stage decor for Noah stand to his credit, as do articles, stories, and illustrations in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, Fortune, and Story." (from the dj). "The chapters of this book were translated from the pages of my German diary which I kept during my service in the United States army." (from the Foreword). Contents : Foreword; Please Don't Shoot; Tile Operation; Summer Sprouts; The Good Prisoners; Mad Maitre d'Hotel; To the Left; Tirol in Buffalo; David; The Mess in Order; The Buttermachine; Night on Guard; A Trip to Mississipi; Leave of Absence; The Widow from Scranton; Polish Kate's; The Army Is Like a Mother; Bayonet School. Ludwig Bemelmans (April 27, 1898 – October 1, 1962) was an Austria-Hungary-born American writer and illustrator of children's books. He is known best for the Madeline picture books. Very good in chipped, browned, price-clipped dustjacket. 22.00

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Hungary and the Hungarians. UK no dj , BOVILL, W.B. Forster PASCOE, William
11 BOVILL, W.B. Forster PASCOE, William Hungary and the Hungarians. UK no dj
BOVILL, W.B. Forster. Hungary and the Hungarians. With sixteen illustrations in colour by William Pascoe and twelve other illustrations. N.Y.: McClureCo. / L.: Methuen & Co., 1908. Pp 352. Illustrated. 8vo, reddish-brown clo th. Light wear, else vg. 135.00

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Armies of the Danube, 1809.  Revised and Expanded Edition, in dustjacket., BOWDEN, Scott. TARBOX, Charles. Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Research Series. PORRET, intro.
12 BOWDEN, Scott. TARBOX, Charles. Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Research Series. PORRET, intro. Armies of the Danube, 1809. Revised and Expanded Edition, in dustjacket.
Emperor's Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1989, ISBN:0913037087 1989 0913037087 / 9780913037089 
BOWDEN, Scott and Charles TARBOX. Armies of the Danube, 1809. With an introduction by General de Division Porret. Chicago, Illinois : The Emperor's Press, (1989). Revised and expanded edition. Pp. (1),ii-viii,(1),10-236,(4). Illustrated with maps and reproductions. 8vo, blue leatherette with gilt lettering to front board and spine.

A volume in the Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Research Series.

"'Armies on the Danube 1809' is a history and organizational guide to one of the most bitterly contested and evenly matched campaigns of the Napoleonic era. In 1809, for the fifth time since the advent of the French Revolution, Austria declared yet another war on France. Determined to defeat the 'corrupting forces of revolution and anarchy who, by their very existence, threaten our way of life,' Emperor Francis II of Austriasent into the field a new army with the country's best general at its head . Learning from the humiliating, disastrous defeats of the Ulm - Austerlitz campaigns of 1805, Archduke Charles of Austria reorganized and retrained thecountry's armed forces in preparation for the inevitable renewed struggle against France. In 1809 his time came. With far-flung Napoleonic armies across Europe and Iberia, the Habsburgs mobilized and struck. Advantages of preparation and surprise yielded some initial successes but soon the Austro-Hungarian forces were driven back deep into their country by an adversary who was no ordinary general." -from the dustjacket.

1. The Austrian Army of 1809;
2. Napoleon's Armée de l'Allemagne;
3. Echmuhl;
4. Ebelsberg ;
5. Aspern-Essling;
6. Operations in Italy, Dalmatia, Hungary, and Poland;
7. Wagram;
8. 1809 in Perspective;
9. Visiting the Battlefields Today.

Very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 60.00

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13 BRUCE-CHWATT, Leonard Jan ZULUETA, Julian de Rise and Fall of Malaria in Europe : A historico-epidemiological study. First Edition in dustjacket
Oxford University Press,, London, 1980, ISBN:0198581688 
BRUCE-CHWATT, Leonard Jan, and Julian de ZULUETA. The Rise and Fall of Malaria in Europe : A Historico-Epidemiological Study. (Oxford) : Published on behalf of the Regional Office for Eurooe of the World Health Organization [by] Oxford University Press, 1980. First Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-xvi,[1],+ 48pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, navy cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "Althoug h 'intermittent fevers' or 'agues' had retreated from northern Europe in the nineteenth century, southern Europe remained in the grip of seasonal epidemics of malaria until the 1950s. Endemic malaria has now disappeared from the whole of Europe thanks to the efforts of the countries concerned and the co-ordination and support provided by the World Health Organization. The publication of this book, written by two internationally known malariologists, coincides with the commemoration of the centenary of the discovery of the malaria parasite by Alphonse Laveran. The authors trace the biological origins of malaria on the continent of Europe, follow the course of this ancient disease, and outline its influence on historical events. The narrativecovers the period from the first description of intermittent fevers by Gre ek and Roman writers and physicians, through the Middle Ages, and up to thepresent time. The book is not only a historical record based on some new s ources but is also an epidemiological study of various geographical, climatic, entomological, socio-economic, and political factors that have contributed to the elimination of malaria as a serious public health problem in Europe. The authors describe in detail the organization and progress of malaria eradication programmes during the past quarter of a century in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Yugoslavia, and the USSR. The resurgence of malaria in Asia and the enormous prevalence of the disease in Africa are still matters of particular concern for the world, and the authors stress theserious menace now presented by malaria imported into many European countr ies from the tropics. The book is illustrated by a large number of photographs and drawings, many of them hitherto unpublished, and contains an extensive bibliography." (from the dj). Contents : 1. Introduction. 2. Origins. 3. Historical record. 4. Malaria in the Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria,Greece, Romania, Yugoslavia, European Turkey). 5. Malaria in two Mediterra nean islands (Malta and Cyprus). 6. Malaria in Central Europe (Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Switzerland). 7. Malaria in France. 8. Malaria in Germany. 9. Malaria in Italy. 10. Malaria in the Netherlands and Belgium. 11. Malaria in Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden). 12. Malaria in Spain and Portugal. 13. Malaria in the United Kingdom. 14. Malaria in Eastern Europe (Poland and the U.S.S.R.). 15. International Organizations and theeradication of malaria from Europe. 16. With hindsight into the future. A few faint pencil marks, else very good in spine-sunned, price-clipped dustjacket (tear to top of spine). 150.00

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14 CONRAD, Joseph) MORGAN, Gerald MORGAN, Gerald Slavic and East-European Studies, 4:1-2) Captain Korzeniowski's Prince Roman : Nautical Allusion in Conrad's Patriotic Tale
Department of Slavic Studies, Université de Montréal, Montreal, 1959, 
(CONRAD, Joseph) MORGAN, Gerald. "Captain Korzeniowski's 'Prince Roman' : Nautical Allusion in Conrad's Patriotic Tale" . An article in Slavic and East-European Studies, Volume IV, Parts 1-2, Spring-Summer 1959, pp. 49-57. Montreal : The Department of Slavic Studies, Université de Montréal, 1959. Pp. 124. Large 8vo (203 x 263 mm), printed grey cardcovers, with blank spine.

Stanislaw Bobe-Tylingo's "La Convention d'Alvansleben);

Boleslaw Szczesnlak's "The Medieval Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in Poland";

Jacques de la Goutte's "Frédéric ChOpin, poète et penseur";

Abbé Kamil Kantak's "La foi voyante de Slowacki";

Joseph S. Roucek's "Sovietization and Russification of Bulgaria's Education";

Dezsö Heckenast's "La persécution religieuse en Hongrie at en Transylvanie".

Spine sunned, light edgewear, else very good. 15.00

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15 CONVERSE, Elliott V., III, Dr. WHITE, Elwood L. United States Air Force Academy Library Special Bibliography Series 90. History of Officer Social Origins, Selection, Education and Training Since the Eighteenth Century : An Introductory Bibliography. 17th Military History Symposium.
United States Air Force Academy Library, 1996, 
CONVERSE, Elliott V., III, Dr. and Elwood L. WHITE. The History of Officer Social Origins, Selection, Education and Training Since the Eighteenth Century : An Introductory Bibliography. [] : United States Air Force Academy Library, September 1996. Pp. (6),[1]-129,(1). 8vo, side-stapled decorated white card covers, no spine, black lettering to front. United States Air Force Academy Library Special Bibliography Series, number 90. Includes entries under the following geographical headings: General/Comparative, Africa (General), Argentina, Australia, Austria-Hungary (Austria and Hungary), Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada (pp. 15-18), Chile, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Latin America (General), Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia (Soviet Union), Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Very good. 20.00

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16 COOK, Jeffrey JONES, Peter Blundell, foreword Seeking Structure from Nature : The Organic Architecture of Hungary. First Printing
Birkhauser, Basel / Berlin / Boston, 1996, ISBN:3764351780 
COOK, Jeffrey. Seeking Structure from Nature : The Organic Architecture of Hungary. With a foreword by Peter Blundell Jones. Basel / Berlin / Boston :Birkhauser, (1996). First Printing. Pp (5),6-191,(1). Illustrated. Index. 4to, illustrated white paper covered boards, lettered in black and orange. Contents : Preface by Jeffrey Cook; Preface by Peter Blundell Jones; To be Hungarian: Prelude to the Organic; On from Pure Sources: Gyogy Csete and the Pecs Group; Seeking Structure from Nature: Imre Makovecz and the Next Generation; Community and Village Centers: Makovecz and Makona; Hospitality and Recreation: Beyond the Pecs Group; Roof as Shelter: The House and Hajlek;Urban Housing: Organic Interventions; Shopping and Commerce: Spaces for Bu siness and Leisure; Churches and Chapels: Housing the Spirit; Creative Resistance: Culture and Change. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY BE REQUIRED FORORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. 70.00

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17 CRABTREE, Reginald Royal Yachts of Europe : From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century. First Edition in dustjacket
David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1975, ISBN:0715367544 
CRABTREE, Reginald. Royal Yachts of Europe : From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century. Newton Abbot : David & Charles, (1975). First Edition. Pp (6),7-95,(1). Double column. Illustrated with b&w photos and drawings throughout. Large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Toy 119. Representatives from Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Imperial Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Yugoslavia. Very goodin in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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18 CROSBIE, J.C. Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science 22:3 FAY, C.R. VEBLEN, Thorstein Local Government in Newfoundland
CROSBIE, J.C. "Local Government in Newfoundland." An article in The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, Vol.22, No.3, August, 1956. pp.332-246. Tor.: University of Toronto Press, 1956. 8vo, card covers. Vg. For the number. 12.00

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Gold Mines of the World. Third Edition (Revised and extended in scope). with the author's compliments, CURLE, J. H.
19 CURLE, J. H. Gold Mines of the World. Third Edition (Revised and extended in scope). with the author's compliments
George Routledge & Sons, Limited / The Engineering and Mining Journal, London / New York, 1905, 1905 
CURLE, J. H. >b>The Gold Mines of the World. Third Edition (Revised and extended in scope). Written after an inspection of nearly five hundred mines in Transvaal, Rhodesia, West Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, New Zealand, India, Malay Peninsula, Siberia, United States, Alaska, Klondyke, British Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Sudan, Hungary, Bohemia, and Wales. With plans and photographs. London : George Routledge & Sons, Limited / New York : The Engineering and Mining Journal, 1905. Pp (10),[vii]-x,(2),[1]-308, folding frontispiece, + 11 other maps + 38 plates. Index. Large 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine.

Contents :
1. Sources of the Gold Supply.
2. Britain's Position in Gold Mining.
3. The Economic Factor.
4. "Mine Valuation."
5. The Gold Mines of the Transvaal.
6. The Gold Mines of the Transvaal (continued).
7. The Gold Mines of the Transvaal (continued).
8. The Gold Mines of Rhodesia.
9. The Gold Mines of West Australia.
10. The Gold Mines of Eastern Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and New Guinea.
11. The Gold Mines of the East.
12. The Gold Mines of Russia and Siberia.
13. The Gold Mines of the United States and Alaska.
14. The Gold Mines of Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America.
15. The Gold Mines of Mozambique, West Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Hungary, Bohemia, Wales, etc.


Cocked, spine and margins sunned, covers spotted and edgeworn, top edge soiled, foxing to endpapers, else good. Inscribed "With the Author's Compliments." 150.00

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20 DALES, John B. and R.M. PATTERSON, (eds.) Report of Proceedings of the Second General Council of the Presbyterian Alliance, Convened at Philadelphia, September 1880.
Presbyterian Journal Company and J.C. McCurdy & Co., Philadelphia , 1880, 
DALES, John B. and R.M. PATTERSON, (eds.). Report of Proceedings of the Second General Council of the Presbyterian Alliance, Convened at Philadelphia,September 1880. Philadelphia : Presbyterian Journal Company and J.C. McCur dy & Co., ©1880. Pp (4),3-1154,(2) + 10 chromolithograph plates with tissueguards. Thick 8vo, dark green cloth, gilt lettering to spine, black letter ing to front, gilt and black decoration to cloth. "They have also accepted an offer, subject to approval by the Council, on the part of a responsible publishing firm [The Presbyterian Journal Company, of Philadelphia] to publish in an attractive volume such of the proceedings as may be sanctioned byan editing committee to be appointed by the body, and to place this volume at an early day before the public at a very reasonable price, and without expense to the Council. This Committee, therefore, respectfully suggest theappointment of the Rev. J. I. Dales, D. D., of the United Presbyterian Chu rch, of this city, and the Rev. R. M. Patterson, D. D., of the PresbyterianChurch, of this city, as a Committee to revise and edit the Proceedings of the Council. - p.3. [...] 2. That a complimentary copy of the Proceedings be sent to every Programme speaker who has prepared a paper, and to every theological seminary in Europe, America and Africa, in connection with the Presbyterian Church, at the expense of the Council. "The "Report of Proceedings of the First General Presbyterian Council, convened at Edinburgh, July,1877," contains an "Introductory Narrative " from the pen of Dr. Blaikie, which gives a very full and satisfactory account of the genesis of the Council, and of the preparations that had been made for its first meeting. We will reproduce here only those facts which are essential to make this volumecomplete in itself. "- p.5. Twenty-two different Presbyterian organization s had commissioned one hundred and one delegates to the Conference. Sixty-four of those Commissioners were in attendance. They represented the following bodies: From the United States of America: The Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (commonly spoken of as the Northern Church), ThePresbyterian Church in the United States (popularly designated as the Sout hern Church), The Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, The Reformed (Dutch) Church in America ; from Great Britain and Ireland : The Presbyterian Church in England. The Presbyterian Church of Wales (Calvinistic Methodists), The Church of Scotland, The Free Church of Scotland, The United Presbyterian Church of Scotland, The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland, The Presbyterian Church in Ireland; from the British Colonies : The Presbyterian Church in Canada ; from the Continent of Europe : The Reformed Church of France, The Missionary Church of Belgium, The Union of Evangelical Churches of France, and Evangelical Church of Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, The Evangelical Church of Neuchatel, Switzerland, The Waldensian Church of Italy,The Reformed Church, East Friesland, and Free Evangelical Church of German y, and The Evangelical Church of Spain." - pp 5-6. "The World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) was created in 1970 by a merger of two bodies, the Alliance of the Reformed Churches holding the Presbyterian System, representing Presbyterian and Reformed churches, and the International Congregational Council. The Alliance of the Reformed Churches holding the Presbyterian System was formed in London in 1875. It held councils which had no legislative authority but great moral weight. In them the various Augustinian non-prelatical and in general presbyterial bodies found representation. They were upward of 90 in number, scattered all over the world, with 25,000,000 adherents. The published reports of the proceedings of these councils contain much valuable matter of all kinds, as papers are read, statistics presented, and many speeches made. Councils were held at London, 1875; Edinburgh, 1877; Philadelphia, 1880; Belfast, 1884; London, 1888; Toronto, 1892; Glasgow, 1896; Washington, 1899." - wikipedia. The colour plates Scotland Ireland,England & Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bohemia & Moravia, Italy, H olland, Hungary Canada covered in pp. 1049-1058. With index. Ex library, United Presbyterian College Library, Edinburgh, Scotland, with their bookplate on flyleaf and a presentation bookplate from the Philadelphia Business Committee of the Second General Council of the Presbyterian Alliance. NOTE Some extra shipping will be required for this very thick hefty volume. 60.00

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