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Jakarta : A History. First Edition, ABEYASEKERE, Susan
1 ABEYASEKERE, Susan Jakarta : A History. First Edition
Oxford University Press, Singapore [et al], 1987, ISBN:0195826884 1987 0195826884 / 9780195826883 
ABEYASEKERE, Susan. Jakarta : A History. Singapore [et al] : Oxford University Press, 1987. Pp (4),[v]-xvii,(3),[3]-280,(2),+ 16 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, illustrated grey paper-covered boards (hardcover), lettered in blue, orange, pale yellow, white and black.

"This study of Jakarta presents the first general history of the city. It follows two main themes. One is the clash between dream and reality. For nearly 400 years, governments have wanted Jakarta to be the show-piece for their policies in the Indonesian archipelago. From 1619 until 1949, the Dutch saw the city as a European enclave displaying the gifts of good government and modern technology which they brought to their East Indies. After independence, President Sukarno lavished attention on his capital, hoping to make it the pride of the nation and the Beacon of the New Emerging Forces. Since Sukarno's fall, the New Order Government has channelled investment into Jakarta and carried through extensive modernization plans in line with its general aim of economic development for Indonesia. This book looks at the consequences of those centuries of policies for Jakarta, and in particular for the vast majority of its inhabitants who have always been too poor to fit into plans for the city.

The other main theme is the rich complexity of Jakarta's population. For centuries the city grew relatively slowly, and immigrant groups of Chinese, Arabs, Europeans and Indonesians from all over the archipelago mingled to produce unique cultural forms. In the last 40 years, that intricate web has been torn apart by political changes and massive waves of Indonesian immigrants who are still struggling to create their own urban culture in a predominantly rural country." (from the back cover).

Contents :
Part I - The Old Masters.
1. Company Town: Early Origins tn 1800.
2. The Colonial City: Batavia in the Nineteenth Century.
3. Batavia, 1900-1942: The Colonial City under Challenge.

Part II - Interregnum.
4. Japanese Occupation and the Struggle for independence. 1942-1949.

Part III - The New Masters.
5. Sukarno's Jakarta: 1950-1965.
6. Jakarta under Sadikin and His Successors: 1966-1985.

Slightly cracked, else very good. 75.00

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Schetsen van de Gouvernements-Marine.  2 vols. , BACKER DIRKS, F.C
2 BACKER DIRKS, F.C Schetsen van de Gouvernements-Marine. 2 vols.
Ministerie van Defensie, 1980, 
BACKER DIRKS, F.C. Schetsen van de Gouvernements-Marine : Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van het Zeewezen. 'S-Gravenhage: Ministerie van Defensie, 1980.In two volumes. Pp 309; 152. 4to, blue cloth (vol. 1); 8vo, blue cloth (vo l. 2). An illustrated history of Dutch government ships and their role in the administration of the Netherlands' colonial possessions. Gift inscription, spine-sunned (vol. 1); lower front corner bumped (vol. 2), else vg. For the set. 200.00

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3 BAKER, Simon. COOK, James) Ship : Retracing Captain Cook's Endeavour Voyage. First Edition in dustjacket
BBC Worldwide, London, 2002, ISBN:056353463x 
BAKER, Simon. The Ship : Retracing Captain Cook's Endeavour Voyage. (London) : BBC Worldwide, (2002). First UK Edition. Pp [1]-223,(1). Illustrated incolour. Maps. 4to, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. "'The Ship' bri ngs to life Captain Cook's famous voyage of exploration to the South Pacific aboard the square-rigged ship Endeavour. Between August and October 2001,a volunteer crew, sailing an exact replica of Cook's shp, retraced the mos t perilous stretch of the original voyage from the Great Barrier Reef to Indonesia. This book tells the story of Cook's journey through the experiences of the modern crew." - from the dust jacket. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 15.00

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4 BARNARD, Roger and James McLELLAN, (eds.) New Perspectives on Language and Education; 36 Codeswitching in University English-medium Classes : Asian Perspectives
Multilingual Matters , 2014, ISBN:1783090898 
BARNARD, Roger and James McLELLAN, (eds.). Codeswitching in University English-medium Classes : Asian Perspectives. Bristol : Multilingual Matters, (2014). Pp (4),v-xv,(1),1- 224. 8vo, red cardcovers. No.36 in the New Perspectives on Language and Education series. "In the complex, multilingual societies of the 21st century, codeswitching is an everyday occurrence, and yet the use of students' first language in the English language classroom has been consistently discouraged by teachers and educational policy-makers. This volume begins by examining current theoretical work on codeswitching and then proceeds to examine the convergence and divergence between university language teachers' beliefs about codeswitching and their classroom practice. Each chapter investigates the extent of, and motivations for, codeswitching in one or two particular contexts, and the interactive and pedagogical functions for which alternative languages are used. Many teachers, and policy-makers, in schools as well as universities, may rethink existing 'Englishonly' policies in the light of the findings reported in this book."- from rear cover. Contents : Introduction (by Roger Barnard and James McLellan). Overview: Where Should we be Going with Classroom Codeswitching Research? (by Ernesto Macaro). 1. Codeswitching in a University in Taiwan (by Ching-YiTien and David C.S. Li). 2. Codeswitching in Two Chinese U iversities (by Lili Tian and Claudia Kunschak). 3. Codeswitching in Two Japanese Contexts (by Simon Humphries and Richmond Stroupe). 4. Codeswitching in Universitiesin Thailand and Bhutan (by Chamaipak Tayjasanant and Matthew G. Robinson). 5. Codeswitching in Universities in Vietnam and Indonesia (by Le Van Canh and Fuad Abdul Hamied). 6.Codeswitching in Universities in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia (by Noor Azam Haji-Othman, Hajah Zurinah Haji Ya'akub, Liyana Ghani, Hajah Suciyati Haji Sulaiman, Saidai Haji Hitam Ain Nadzimah Abdullah and Chan Swee Heng). 7. Codeswitching in Universities in Singapore and the Philippines (by Kenneth Ong Keng Wee, Lawrence Jun Zhang and Isabel Pefianco Martin). 8. Codeswitching by Korean Students in New Zealand and Lecturers in Korea (by Moyra Sweetnam Evans, Ha Rim Lee and Hyun-Ju Kim). Afterword (by Andy Kirkpatrick). Fine. 22.00

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5 CHOMSKY, Noam IWGIA Document 40) RETBØLL, Torben (edited by) East Timor, Indonesia and the Western Democracies
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, Copenhagen, 1980, 
CHOMSKY, Noam. East Timor, Indonesia and the Western Democracies : A Collection of Documents ; edited by Torben Retbøll. Copenhagen, Denmark: (International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs), 1980. Pp. 138. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated grey card covers with white spine. IWGIA Document 40. Contents: "Statement delivered to the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, November 1978" by Noam Chomsky ; FRETILIN ; Refugees ; Letters Smuggled out of Timor ; East Timor Officials ; A Timorese in Indonesia ; Indonesian Relief Workers in Timor ; Indonesian Officials ; Foreign Visitors ; The USA and the East Timor Question ; Australia and the East Timor Question ; The United Nations and the East Timor Question ; "Statement delivered to the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, October 1979" by Chomsky. Lightly rubbed, small scrape to top right corner of front cover, else vg. 30.00

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6 COULMAS, Florian (ed.). SRIVASTAVA, R.N. EDMONDSON, Jerold A. Linguistic Minorities and Literacy : Language Policy Issues in Developing Countries. Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs 26. Hardcover
River Seine Publications, Melbourne, Australia , 1984, ISBN:3110098679 
COULMAS, Florian (ed.). Linguistic Minorities and Literacy : Language Policy Issues in Developing Countries. Berlin / New York / Amsterdam : Mouton Publishers, (1984). Pp [i]-x,[1]-133,(1). Tables. Index. 8vo, brown cloth, white lettering to spine. Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs 26. Contents : Foreword (by Kinhide Mushakoji); Linguistic minorities and literacy (by Florian Coulmas); Minority languages and literacy (by Ayo Bamgbose);Consequences of initiating literacy in the second language (by R. N. Sriva stava); Literacy education for minorities: A case study from India (by R. N. Srivastava); The problem of minority languages in the overall linguistic problems of our time (by S. Takdir Alisjahbana); Linguistic minorities and language policy in Latin America: The case of Mexico (by Rodolfo Stavenhagen); China's minorities (by Jerold A. Edmondson); The concept of language standardization and its application to the Indonesian language (by S. Takdir Alisjahbana); Linguistic minorities and national languages (by R. N. Srivastava); Literacy and minorities: Divergent perceptions (by J. V. Neustupny).Very good. 40.00

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7 COUPLAND, Reginald RAFFLES, Stamford, Sir) Raffles of Singapore. Third Edition in dustjacket.
Collins, London, 1946, 
(RAFFLES, Stamford, Sir). COUPLAND, Reginald. Raffles of Singapore. London:Collins, 1946. Third Edition. Pp. (4),5-144, frontispiece. Map endpapers. 8vo, black cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "The life of Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, is one of those human romances which illumine and enrich the history of the British Empire. His youth was cramped by poverty. At fourteen he was already hard at work to help his invalid mother. But at twenty-four he got his chance and made the most of it. Appointed to a post in the East India Company's service in Malaya, he not only earned quick promotion by his industry and ability but he also acquired an exceptionalknowledge of the Malay people -- their history and language and life. He b ecame deeply attached to them and dreamed of their being rescued some day from anarchy and lawlessness and obtaining peace and justice and prosperity under British protection. This dream seemed to be beginning to materialise when, as an incident of the world-war with Napoleon, he accompanied the expedition which invaded and occupied Java, and was chosen to be its first British governor. Its retrocession to the Dutch at the end of the war was a bitter disappointment, aggravated by domestic bereavement and physical exhaustion. But his spirit was unbroken, and, a few years later, he was given a second chance. Commissioned to find a site for a new British trading-post, he selected Singapore -- then a derelict unknown village, now one of the greatest ports and strategic bases in the world. To-day Singapore and British Malaya are Raffles' dream come true." - from the dustjacket. Very good in nicked, rubbed, unclipped dustjacket. 27.00

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8 DAFTER, Ray Scraping the Barrel : The Worldwide Potential for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Financial Times Business Information Ltd., London, 0, ISBN:0903199432 
DAFTER, Ray. Scraping the Barrel : The Worldwide Potential for Enhanced OilRecovery. London : The Financial Times Business Information Ltd., 1980. Pp (2),iii-x,1-229,(1),+ folding colour map. With 22 figures and 21 tables. 4 to, black comb-bound, pale yellow card covers, lettered in black. FinancialTimes Management Reports. Enhanced-oil-recovery techniques allow a higher proportion of crude oil to be produced and will stretch recoverable world oil resources. Examples of successful thermal, chemical, and miscible techniques are already available in oilfield pilot projects and are ready for commercialization. The major topics covered in the report are world oil supplyand demand; the formulae for calculating recoverable reserves and for dete rmining the efficiency of the three techniques; and a geographic overview of enhanced oil recovery. A Delphi-type poll of industry experts summarizes industry's view in terms of prices, organizational barriers, and policies and offers a checklist of steps that need to be taken if enhanced recovery is to fulfill its potential. Contents : 1. The Need for an Energy Bridge : Supply and Demand; Scope for Change; Making the Most of Oil Resources; Prospects for Enhancing Production; Oil Resource Base; The End in Sight?; Unconventional Oil; Long-term Viewpoint of Potential Oil Supply and Demand; Changing Attitudes. 2. Enhanced Oil Recovery - The Opportunities : The Methods (Thermal; Chemicals; Miscible); Choosing the Appropriate Process; Technical Risks; Constraints. 3. Geographic Assessment of Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential : United States; Canada; Venezuela; Western Europe; Middle East, NorthAfrica and Indonesia; U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe. 4. Conclusion : Industr y's View - Results of Delphi-Type Study; The Real Price of Oil; Organizational Barriers; Policy Check List; Resume. Appendices. Some underlining and marginal notes in pen, else very good. 100.00

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9 DAHURI, Rokhmin Approach to Coastal Resource Utilization: The Nature and Role of Sustainable Development in East Kalimantan Coastal Zone, Indonesia, vol. 1 and 2
Dalhousie University, Halifax, 1992, 
DAHURI, Rokhmin. An Approach to Coastal Resource Utilization: The Nature and Role of Sustainable Development in East Kalimantan Coastal Zone, Indonesia. 2 Vols. Halifax: Dalhousie University, 1992. Pp. [i]-xviii,1-203. 8vo, comb-bound, vol. 1: blue card covers, vol. 2: grey card covers. PhD. thesis for School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University. Both vols. vg. 100.00

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10 DIAL, Roger Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. Dalhousie University. Studies on Chinese External Affairs : An Instructional Bibliography of Commonwealth and American Literature. First Edition
Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, 1973, ISBN:0770300081 
DIAL, Roger. Studies on Chinese External Affairs : An Instructional Bibliography of Commonwealth and American Literature. Halifax, Nova Scotia : Dalhousie University, Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Department of PoliticalScience, Reference Paper, June 1973. First Edition. Pp (2),iii-xi,(3),3-18 2,(2). Index. 4to, blue card covers, lettered in black, with a blank spine.Contents : I. Causes-Inputs to Chinese External Policy and Relations. A. E xternal-Systemic Sources. B. Domestic-National Interest Sources. C. Cultural-Traditional Sources. D. Ideology-Revolutionary Experience Sources. E. Idiosyncratic-Elite Sources. II. The Policy Process. A. Institutions and Personnel. B. Policy Formulations/Decision-Making Processes. C. Diplomatic Style. III. Outputs by Function. , A. Foreign Aid. B. Foreign Trade. C. Strategic and Military Affairs. D. Border and Frontier Affairs. E. Overseas ChineseAffairs. F. Support for Revolution. G. International Law. H. Cultural Rela tions. IV. Outputs by Area. A. Relations with the USSR (General. B. Relations with the USSR (Military). C. Relations with the USSR (Economic). D. Relations with the USSR (Border). E. Relations with the USSR (Conpetition in the "Third World"). F. Relations with the Socialist Bloc (Eastern Europe). G.Relations with the Socialist Bloc (Asia/Latin Americia). H. Relations with the Socialist Bloc (Non-ruling Parties. I. Relations with the United State s. J. Relations with Asia (General). K. Relations with India and Pakistan. L. Relations with Nepal, Afghanistan, and Ceylon. M. Relations with Burma and Thailand. N. Relations with Laos and Cambodia. 0. Relations with Vietnam. P. Relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Q. Relations with Japan. R. Relations with Taiwan (Republic of China). S. Relations withHong Kong and Macao. T. Relations with the Arab States,. U. Relations with SubSaharan Africa. V. Relations with Latin America. W. Relations with Brit ain. X. Relations with Canada. Y. Relations with Australia. Z. Relations with Western Europe. ZZ. Relations with the United Nations. V. Outputs by Temporal Schema (Periodizations). A. General Texts and Articles. B. The "Lean to One Side" Period. C. The "Bandung" Period. D. The "East Wind Prevails" Period. E. The "Second Bandung" Period. F. The "Cultural Revolution' Period.G. The "New Rationality'' Period. VI. Reflections in Sinology. A. Professi onal, Theoretical, and Methodoloeical Questions. Very good. 60.0

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11 Exhibition Catalogue). Fishing Baskets of Asia Pacific.
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, 1997, ISBN:0969979053 
(Exhibition Catalogue). Fishing Baskets of Asia Pacific. Toronto : Harbourfront Centre, (1997). Pp (3),4-32. Illustrated. Oblong 8vo, blue card covers. A book to accompany an exhibition at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg, N.S.; York Quay Centre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto; MaritimeMuseum of British Columbia, Victoria; and the Vancouver Maritime Museum, V ancouver. With five essays : Fishing Cultures (R.E. Johannes); An EcosystemApproach to Sustainable Development (Lennox Hinds); The Fishing Culture of the Biak People, Padaido Islands, Indonesia (Irene Novaczek); The Fishes, Fishers and Fishing Gears of Laos (Ian G. Baird); New Zealand Maori FishingImplements (Erenora Puketapu-Hetet). A fine copy. 10.00

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12 Fisheries-Asia] World Bank Technical Paper Number 147, Fisheries Series. Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Capabilities and Needs in Asia
World Bank, 1991, 
[Fisheries-Asia]. Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Capabilities and Needs in Asia : Studies of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the ASEAN Region. The World Bank/United Nations Development Programme/Commission of the European Communities/Food and Agricultural Organization. Washington, DC: The World Bank, (1991). Pp 70. 4to, ill. card covers. World Bank Technical Paper Number 147, Fisheries Series. Vg. 10.00

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13 FORTH, Gregory L. Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, Deel 139. Time and Temporal Classification in Rindi, Eastern Sumba.
Martinus Nijhoff, 1983, 
FORTH, Gregory L. Time and Temporal Classification in Rindi, Eastern Sumba.An offprint from Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, Deel 139, 1 e Aflevering, pp 46-80. 'S-Gravenhage : Martinus Nijhoff, 1983. Pp 45-80. 8vo, cream printed card covers. “My purpose here is to consider how the Rindi people of eastern Sumba, in eastern Indonesia, represent the passage of time.” (p. 46). Text in English. Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs will be cheaper than quoted. 20.00

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14 HAMZURI, Drs ACHJADI, Judi (trans.) Classical Batik
Djambatan, Jakarta, 1981, 
HAMZURI, Drs. Classical Batik ; translated into English by Judi Achjadi. (Jakarta, Indonesia): Djambatan, (1981). Pp. 113. Illustrated. Large square 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. Contents: 1) The Batik Process ; 2) Finishing the Process ; 3) Pre-Treatment of the Cotton Cloth for making a Stole ; 4) Glossary of Classical Batik Motifs ; 5) Dialectical Terminology. Text in Bahasa and corresponding English. Rubbed, slightly cocked, faint creasing, gift inscription, else vg. 30.00

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15 HEIDENREICH, Conrad E. MULLER, J.C. MONMONIER, Mark S. GILMARTIN, Patricia P. Cartographica. Volume 18, Number 3, Autumn 1981
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1981, ISBN:0919870279 
(HEIDENREICH, Conrad E.). Cartographica. Volume 18, Number 3, Autumn 1981. (Toronto) : University of Toronto Press, (1981). Pp (4),[1]-136,(4). Maps. Diagrams. 8vo, blue and white printed card covers. Includes Conrad E. Heidenreich's “Mapping the Great Lakes : The Period of Imperial Rivalries” (pp 74-109). Other content : J.C. Muller's “Bertin's Theory of Graphics : A Challenge to North American Thematic Cartography” (pp 1-8); Patricia P. Gilmartin's “The Interface of Cognitive and Psychophysical Research in Cartography” (pp 9-20); Donna J. Peuquet's “An Examination of Techniques for Reformatting Digital Cartographic Data. Part 2: The Vector-to-Raster Process” (pp 21-33); Mark S. Monmonier's “Street Maps and Private-Sector Map Making : A Case Study of Two Firms” (pp 34-52); Terry A. Slocum's “Analyzing the Communicative Efficiency of Two-Sectored Pie Graphs” (pp 53-65); Ir Dk Riadika Mastra and Malcolm H. Brown's “Proposed Specifications for the New 1:50,000 Topographic Map Series of Indonesia” (pp 66-73). Very good. 20.00 Keywords: MAPPING CARTOGRAPHICA PERIODICAL CARTOGRAPHY MAPS GEOGRAPHY CANADA CANADIAN

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16 HEIDER, Karl G. Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology Number 49 Dugum Dani : A Papuan Culture in the Highlands of West New Guinea
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Incorporated, New York, 1970, 
HEIDER, Karl G. The Dugum Dani : A Papuan Culture in the Highlands of West New Guinea. Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology Number Forty-Nine. (New York) : Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Incorporated, 1970. Pp (8),vii-xv,(3),3-334,(4). Illustrated. Maps. Index. Large 8vo, tan card covers, lettered in maroon. "This study is a descriptive ethnography of the Dugum Dani, a Papuan society in the Central Highlands of West New Guinea (Irian Barat, Indonesia}. based on research carried out in 1961-1963and 1968. Despite the trend toward more specialized anthropological resear ch and publication, O=I have chosen to present the Dugum Dani in a broadly descriptive format rather than to write only on a few specific problems from the standpoint of a specific theoretical position." (from the Preface). Contents : Preface; Introduction. Part 1 : 1. Subsistence. 2. Social Organization. 3. Conflict. 4. Man and the Supernatural. 5. Language and Categories. 6. Art and Plav. Part II : 7. The Natural Environment. 8. The Body. 9. Artifacts of Culture. Conclusions. Appendix I. Exploration and Research in the Dani Area. Appendix II. Texts of Songs. Appendix III. An Account of Battles and Raids, April-September, 1961. Very good. 25.00

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17 HIGGINS, Rosalyn United Nations Peacekeeping, 1946-1967 : Documents and Commentary : II: Asia. with ALS. in dj.
Oxford University Press, London, 1970, 
HIGGINS, Rosalyn. United Nations Peacekeeping, 1946-1967 : Documents and Commentary : II: Asia . London : Oxford University Press, 1970. First Edition. Pp. (4),v-xviii,[1]-486. 8vo, green cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Includes two relevant letters from the author to Robert Reford laid in. Somemarginalia and highlighting, else very good in rubbed, worn dustjacket. Fr om the library of Robert W. Reford. 40.00

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18 HOGG, Garry Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice. First Edition in dustjacket
Robert Hale Limited, London, 1958, 
HOGG, Garry. Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice. London : Robert Hale Limited,(1958). First Edition. Pp (4),v-x,11-206,(2). Index. 8vo, maroon cloth, gi lt lettering to spine. Contents : 1. Cannibalism among the Fiji Islanders. 2. Human Sacrifice among the Aztecs. 3. Custom and Myth among the Kwakiutl Indians. 4. Cannibals in the Amazon Basin. 5. Cannibalism among Nigerian Tribesmen. 6. The Leopard Societies of Sierra Leone. 7. Cannibalism in the Congo Basin. 8. Head-hunters and Human Sacrifice in Indonesia. 9. New Guinea:'Revenge' Cannibalism and Tabu. 10. Cannibal Practices among the Melanesia ns. 11. Cannibal Practices among the Polynesians. 12. Cannibalism among theAustralian Blackfellows. 13. Cannibal Practices among the Maori of New Zea land. Postscript : Cannibalism Today. Corners bumped, else very good in edgeworn and nicked, but unclipped, dustjacket. 30.00

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19 HOPE, Penelope Long Ago Is Far Away : Accounts of the early exploration and settlement of the Papuan Gulf area. First Edition
Austraalian National University, Canberra, ACT / Norwalk, Conn., 1979, ISBN:070811346x 
HOPE, Penelope. Long Ago Is Far Away : Accounts of the early exploration and settlement of the Papuan Gulf area. Canberra, ACT / Norwalk, Conn.: Australian National University Press, 1979. First Edition. Pp (4),v-xiii,(1),1-264,+ 10 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : 1. The Visitors. 2. The Establishment of the Government Station and ther First Patrols. 3. Spread of Influence. 4. From the Purari to the Era rivers. 5. To the Mountains in the North. 6. To the Paibuna and Omati rivers. 7. The Turama River. 8. Percy Robinson and Ogamobu Plantation. 9. Irene Robinson at Ogamobu. Rubbed, light smudging to fore-edge, penned name and old price, minor foxing and stains to a couple of pages, else very good. 25.00

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20 HORRIDGE, Adrian Bishop Museum Special Publication number 77 Outrigger Canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia. First Edition in dustjacket.
Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu, 1987, ISBN:093089720x 
HORRIDGE, Adrian. Outrigger Canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia. Honolulu:Bishop Museum Press, 1987. First Printing. Pp. (4),[v]-xii,[1]-178, colour frontispiece. With many black and white illustrations to text. Maps to pas tedowns. Large 8vo, pale blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Bishop Museum Special Publication number 77. "Centuries of evolution have produced Indonesia outrigger canoes that are superbly functional and beautifully crafted. These canoes are fashioned of natural materials and, because of their flexible design, can withstand the continual punishment of wind and waves. This is a book about these sailing craft -- where they came from, how they are built, and how they are rigged and sailed. It is also a book about the lifestyles and individuality of the maritime communities -- and the pride that villagers take in the beauty and design of their boats. For hundreds ofthousands of Indonesian fishermen and their families, these canoes are cle arly a matyter of life and death. The canoes are intimately intertwined with the lives of the people, and strong traditions prescribe how a canoe mustbe built and launched." - from the dustjacket. Contents: Part I: Balinese Canoes: 1. Balinese Fishing Villages: Sanur, Banoa, Kuta, Jimbaran, Kusamba, Nusa Penida, Air Kuning, Gilimanuk; 2. Balinese Canoes: Records of Balinese Canoes, Sampan Johnson (Sampan Yamaha), Large Outriggers, Jukung Gede, The Balinese Jukung Rig; 3. Parts of Balinese Canoes: The 5-Part Canoe, The Hull, Internal Suports, Outrigger Structures, Rudder Supports, The Rudder and Tiller, Splashboards, Bows, Stern; 4. Canoe Design; 5. Canoe Types related to the Balinese Jukung: Air Kuning, Sasak Canoes; 6. Building a Jukung: The System of Proportions, Detrails of Jukung Building. Part II: Madurese and East Javanese Canoes: 1. Historical Account; 2. The Madurese Jukung: TheMadurese Jukung Rig, Records of Madurese Rigs; 3. Building a Madurese Juku ng: The Hull, Gunwales, Forked Stems, Crosspieces, Outrigger Booms, Lashings, Rudder Supports, Sailrests; 4. Madurese Jukung Types: The Jukung Polangan of Sepulu, The Jukung Pangope-an of Pasean, Perahu Polangan at Salompeng,The Bawean Jukung and the Tiga Roda; 5. Boatbuilding Ceremonies in Madura; 6. Canoe Types not related to the Madurese Jukung: Rajekwesi Southeast Jav a, Sumba Canoes, Sunda Strait Canoe of 1780, Five Models at Leiden, The Perahu Katir of Northeast Java; 7. The Madurese Expansion. Part III: The Evolution of Pacific Canoe Rigs: 1. Early Migrations; 2. Previous Ideas about Rigs: Haddon and Hornell, Bowen and Needham, Doran; 3. A New Synthesis: The First 55,000 years, The Austronesian Expansion; 4. Conclusion: A Prototype of Pacific Rigs. Very good in dustjacket. 125.00

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