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1 ALEXANDERSSON, Gunnar International Straits of the World, Vol.6 Baltic Straits. Volume 6 in the International Straits of the World series. First Edition
Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague / Boston / London, 1982, ISBN:902472595X 
ALEXANDERSSON, Gunnar. The Baltic Straits. The Hague / Boston / London : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1982. First Edition. Pp. (4),v-xi,(1),1-132. Maps in text. 8vo, green cloth, light green lettering to front & spine. Volume6 in the International Straits of the World series. "Professor Alexanderss on has carefully drawn the physical-hydrographic elements of the Baltic Seaand its approaches; he has vividly described the historical intereats, bot h politically and economically, of the littoral states, analysed the legal status and uses of the Baltic Straits over time, and calculated the role f the Baltic region, with its waterways, in the global struggle between the western alliance and the Soviet bloc. He has especially delineated the delicate role of Sweden and Finland, caught between East and West. Of particularvalue is his description of the various legal views of the Baltic Straits, particularly in light of the emerging law of the sea and his estimate of t he opportunities for peace and prosperity in this regon, marked for trade, environmental cooperation, and political rivalries by different systems of political economy." (from the back cover). Contents : Foreword (by Gerard J. Mangone). 1. The Baltic Region : Physical Characteristics; Regional Tradeand Transportation. 2. The Baltic Sea as an Ecosystem : Depths; Morphology ; Geology; Hydrology; Biology; Pollution; Fisheries; Seabed Delimitation and Mineral Production; Tourism and Recreation. 3. The Baltic States : Sweden; Finland; Soviet Union; The Three Baltic Republics (Baiticum); Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Balticum after 1940; Poland; Germany; Denmark; Boundaries and Regional Arrangements after 1945; The Nordic Council and Nordek; European Free Trade Association (EFTA); Comecon and the Warsaw Pact. 4. The Baltic Straits : The Little Belt; The Great Belt; The Sound; The Aland Sea; The Kalmar Sound; The Sound Dues; The Baltic Straits (1857-1945); The Baltic Straits and Approaches since World War II; Legal Views of the Baltic Straits;Closing the Baltic Straits; Mare Clausum Balticum? 5. Prospects for Prospe rity and Peace : Baltic Trade; International Scientific Cooperation; Military Force in the Baltic Region. Documentary Appendices. Light spotting to endpapers and top-edge, else very good. 170.00

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2 BASSLER, Gerhard P Canadian Ethnic Studies 18:3 Central Europeans in Post-Confederation St. John's Newfounland : Immigration and Adjustment.
Canadian Ethnic Studies , 1986, 
BASSLER, Gerhard P. "Central Europeans in Post-Confederation St. John's Newfounland : Immigration and Adjustment." An article in Canadian Ethnic Studies Vol.XVIII, No.3, 1986, pp 37-46. Slightly rubbed, else vg. For the issue. 10.00

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3 EZERGAILIS, Andrew. East European Monographs, 144. Latvian Impact on the Bolshevik Revolution. First Edition in dustjacket.
East European Monographs / Columbia University Press, Boulder / New York, 1983, ISBN:088330035x 
EZERGAILIS, Andrew. The Latvian Impact on the Bolshevik Revolution. Boulderand New York : East European Monographs; distributed by Columbia Universit y Press, 1983. First Printing. Pp. (4),[v]-x,1-421,(1). 8vo, navy blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. East European Monographs, number 144. "'TheLatvian Impact on the Bolshevik Revolution' is the first full-scale study of the relationship in a Western language. Since 1918, the cognoscenti of the Revolution have asked the question: 'Could Lenin's government have stayed in power in its early years without the Latvian Strelki guarding it and fighting for it?' The role of the Latvian Strelki in stabilizing the Bolshevik government was well recognized in its day by Russians and Westerners alike, and it was only when Western historians of the Revolution began to write their works that the Strelki were shunted aside, placed on a deadened track and their role in the Revolution and the Civil War was forgotten. Ezergailis has complete command of the Latvian, Russian, and Western sources and has presented to us a unique work that will not only illuminate hidden recesses of the revolution but will also be a challenge for the Western historians who thought they knew everything about the event." - from the dustjacket. Contents: Part I: Bolsheviks in Latvia: 1. The Causes of the Bolshevik Revolution in Latvia; 2. Latvia after the Fall of Riga; 3. The Elections in Latvia; 4. The Iskolat Republic. Part II: Latvians and Lenin: 5. Latvians and Lenin in the Autumn of 1917. Part III: Latvians in Russia: 6. The Latvian Bolsheviks in Petrograd Before the Strelki; 7. Petrograd after the Insurrection; 8. The Latvian Strelki Arrival in Petrograd; 9. The Activities of the Smolny Battalion; 10. The 6th Tukums Regiment in Petrograd; 11. The Strelki in Early 1918: First Battles, Retreat, Demobilization. With notes and index. Light spotting to top edge, else very good in dustjacket. 90.00

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4 FOXALL, Roger Sailing to Leningrad : A Voyage Through the Baltic. in dj
Sheridan House, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1989, ISBN:0911378987 
FOXALL, Roger. Sailing to Leningrad: A Voyage through the Baltic. (Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.): Sheridan House, (1989). Pp. (12),[xiii]-xiv,(10),[3]-245,(3), +16 p. of plates (8 of which are in colour). Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth, with gilt lettering to spine. A cruising account of the adventures of the Canna (and crew) in the Baltic in the last days of the Soviet Union. Illustrated with remarkably sunny photographs, the book exudes the (now nostalgic)aura of Glasnost. Contents: 1. Departure; 2. Preparations; 3. Rough Passag e -- Ireland to Sweden; 4. Sweden; 5. Helsinki; 6. Haapasaari -- The Stone in the Stream; 7. Crossing the Border; 8. Leningrad -- The Big Neva; 9. On the Little Neva; 10. Estonia; 11. To Latvia through the Irbenskiy Strait; 12. Riga; 13. Ventspils; 14. Gdynia and Gdansk; 15. The Polish Coast; 16. West Poland; 17. The North Sea and English Channel. Vg in dj. 22.50

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5 GIBBON, John Murray Displaced Persons
McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1951, 
GIBBON, John Murray. The Displaced Persons: New Colour of the Canadian Mosaic. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Limited, (1951). Pp. 30. Illustrated. Frontis. 8vo, stapled white ill. paper covers. Wtters p.871, Spadoni & Donnelly 1384. A short history on the many thousands of Europeans who came to Canada as Displaced Persons, particularly those from the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, during and following the Second World War. Small tear to lower front, inkstamp to title page, previous owner's name to front cover, else vg. 25.00

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6 JOSSELSON, Michael, and Diana JOSSELSON. BARCLAY DE TOLLY, Michael. Commander : A Life of Barclay de Tolly. First Edition in dustjacket
Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, 1980, ISBN:0192158545 
JOSSELSON, Michael, and Diana JOSSELSON. The Commander : A Life of Barclay de Tolly. Oxford, New York, Toronto, Melbourne : Oxford University Press, 1980. First Edition. Pp (6),vii-ix,(3),[1]-275,(1),+ 8 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "This is the first tuil-length study of the remarkable man who overcame the handicap of coming from an emigre (Scottish) family settled in Livonia (later divided into Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), to become a Prince of the Russian Empire, the Russian Minister or War, and in the eyes of many the real architect of Napoleon's defeat in the campaign of 1812. The story covers a number of Napoleonic campaigns and sheds, in particular, new light on the lesser-known fighting in the period between Austerlitz and Friedland and on the Finnish campaign of 1808; it also tries to adjust historical reputations so greatly influenced by Tolstoy's vivid 'historical' portraits in War and Peace. Michael Barclay de Tolly (1761-1818) was brought up in a strict Protestant mould very different from the atmosphere of arbitrariness and indifference which fashioned most of his Russian compatriots and, even though he was entered in the Russian army at six years old and went on active service at fifteen, he always seemed a little apart from the others. He distinguished himself in the Turkish war of 1787, the European campaigns of 1790 onwards and, most spectacularly, in the Finnish war of 1808. As Russian Minister of War he prepared the country for Napoleon's invasion. But it was his position as field commander of the main Russian army during the first part of the 1812 campaign thatbrougtit him his greatest fame, for his judicious strategy, and disgrace, in Russian eyes, for allowing Napoleon to adavance so deep into Russia. Ultimately restored to favour, named Field-Marshal, Commander-in-Chief, and eventually Prince of the Russian Empire, Barclay accompanied the victorious advance of the Allies across Europe, from the Russian border to the triumphal entry into Paris in 1814 and again in 1815." (from the dj). Contents : 1.'Your Name's Outlandish Sound'. 2. The Man. 3. Apprenticeship in War. 4. C lash of Eagles. 5. Memel and Tilsit - Shadows of the Future. 6. Northern Conquest. 7. Firsr in Finland. 8. Minister of War. 9. Retreat. 19. 'All Bark and No Bite'. 11. Crossfire. 12. Borodino. 13. 'The Offended Fatherland'. 14. Appointments in Germany. 15. Glory. 16. The Lost Battle and the Last Journey. Epilogue: The Poet and the Commander. Appendix A: The Commander' by Alexander Pushkin. Appendix B: Barclay de Toily Private Correspondence: An Inventory. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 60.00

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7 JURJEVICS, Juris Trudeau Vector. 1st pr.
McArthur and Company, Toronto, 2005, ISBN:1552785254 
JURJEVICS, Juris. The Trudeau Vector . Toronto: McArthur and Company, (2005). First Printing. Pp. (10),1-402,(4). 8vo, illustrated pale blue card covers. A geopolitical thriller set in the arctic by the Latvian-born American author. Vg. 13.50

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8 KURBS, Friedrich Die Osteuropaischen Staaten : Polen, Litauen, Lettland, Estland : Als Staats- und Wirtschaftskorper. ex-lib.
Ferdinand Enke Verlag, Stuttgart, 1931, 
KÜRBS, Friedrich. Die Östeuropäischen Staaten : Polen, Litauen, Lettland, Estland : Als Staats- und Wirtschaftskörper . Mit 1 Karte. Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke Verlag, 1931. Pp. (8),1-266, + 1 folding map at rear. 8vo, yellow cloth with black lettering to front and spine Text in German. Ex-library (stamps, number marked to spine, pouch cleanly removed), spine ends nicked, else vg. 50.00

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9 LITTLEJOHN, David Foreign Legions of the Third Reich. Vol. 4: Poland, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Free India, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia. First Edition
R. James Bender Publishing, San Jose, Calif., 1987, ISBN:091213836x 
LITTLEJOHN, David. Foreign Legions of the Third Reich. Vol. 4: Poland, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Free India, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finlandand Russia. (San Jose, Calif.: R. James Bender Publishing, 1987). First Ed ition. Pp (1),2-384. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated black and tan hardcover,lettered in yellow and black. Contents : Introduction; Acknowledgements; S chutzmannschaft; POLAND : General Government 1 : Poland; General Government2: Galicia. THE UKRAINE. BULGARIA. ROMANIA. FREE INDIA. BALTIC STATES: A H istoric Introduction. ESTONIA : Estonian Volunteers in the Finnish Armed Forces. LATVIA. LITHUANIA. FINLAND. THEOSTVOLK : Russian Fascist Movements; The Ethnic Legions; The Cossacks; Kalmucks; Kaminski and R.O.N. A.; Osintorfand the R.N.N.A ; Gil-Rudionov and Druzhina; Belorussia (White Russia); Ru ssia; Sonderdivision R; Eastern Workers. Addendum. Very good. 50.00

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10 MIKHAILOV, Nikolai Glimpses of the U.S.S.R. : Its Economy and Geography. in dustjacket
Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1960, 
MIKHAILOV, Nikolai. Glimpses of the U.S.S.R. : Its Economy and Geography. Moscow : Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1960. Pp (2),3-197,(3), frontispiece + numerous plates. Map. 8vo, grey cloth, red silhouette map of the USSR to front board, red and black lettering to spine. Translated from the Russian by Ralph Parker and Valentina Scott. Contents : Natural Resources : Territory; Borders; Plains and Mountains; Seas; Lakes; Rivers; Climate; Natural Zones; Mineral Wealth. Economy : The Soviet Union - an Industrial Power; Coal; Oil; Gas; Electricity; Ferrous Matallurgy; Machine Building; Consumer Goods; Advance in Agriculture; Wheat; Industrial Crops; Subtropical Agriculture; Animal Husbandry; Irrigation; Reclamation of Marshes; Fighting Drought; Rural Electrification; Railways; River Transport; Progress in the Redistribution of Induatry; Population' New Towns. The Union Republics : The Russian Federation (Moscow, Leninrad, The Volga, The Urals, Siberia); The Ukraine; Byelorussia; Kazakhstan; Uzbekistan; Georgia; Azerbaijan; Lithuania;Moldavia; Latvia; Khirgizia; Tajikistan; Armenia; Turkmenia; Estonia. Way of Life. Very good in spine-browned, edge-worn and -torn, dustjacket. 35.00

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11 MOLLAT, Michel HEINSIUS, Paul ZOUTIS, J. MALOWIST, M. Le Navire et l'Économie Maritime du Nord de l'Europe du Moyen-Age aux XVIIIe Siècle : Travaux du Troisième Colloque International d'Histoire Maritime tenu les 30 et 31 mai 1958, à l'Académie de Marine
S.E.V.P.E.N., Paris, 1960, 
MOLLAT, Michel, (ed.). Le Navire et l'Économie Maritime du Nord de l'Europedu Moyen-Age aux XVIIIe Siècle : Travaux du Troisième Colloque Internation al d'Histoire Maritime tenu les 30 et 31 mai 1958, à l'Académie de Marine présentés par Michel Mollat, avec la collaboration du Commandant Denoux, d'Olivier de Prat, de Paul Adam et de Marc Perrichet. (Paris) : S.E.V.P.E.N., 1960. Pp (6),[vii]-x,(2),[3]-178,(8) + 12 pp. of plates + 6 leaves of tables + 1 folding plate. Some illustrations, tables in text. 8vo, printed cardcovers. Bibliothèque Générale de l'École Pratique des Hautes Études, VIe Section. Contents : Introduction. Allocution d'ouverture de M. André Reussner.Séances du vendredi 30 mai. Dimensions et caractéristiques des "Koggen" ha nséatiques dans le commerce baltique, par M. Paul Heinsius. L'approvisionnement des ports de la Baltique en produits forestiers pour les construction navales aux XVe et XVIe siècles, par M. Marian Malowist. Le tonnage des navires utilisés dans la Baltique de 1550 à 1640 d'après les sources prussiennes, par M. Pierre Jeannin. Anvers a-t-elle eu une flotte marchande au XVIe siècle, par M. Émile Coornaert. Riga dans le commerce maritime en Baltique au XVIIe siècle?, par M. J. Zoutis. Les corsaires zélandais et la navaigation scandinave pendant la Guerre de Succession d'Espagne. Un aspect de l'histoire maritime de la nautralité, par M. J.-S. Bromley. Exportation du fer et navigation en Baltique. Un problème de l'histoie économique de la Suède et de la Russie au XVIIIe siècle, par M. K. G. Hildebrand. Conclusion, par M. Maurice Lombard. Séance de samedi 31 mai. Allocution de M. René Taton. Les problèmes des navaigateurs au début des grandes découvertes, par le commandant Denoix. La genèse de la projection de Mercator, par M. A. Clos-Arceduc. La montre à longitude au XVIIIe siècle, son mécanisme d'Harrison à Bréquet, par M. Michel Marion. Conclusion, par le R.P. Russo. Text in French. Spine and margins browned, else very good. 100.00

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12 NORMAN, Barbara. Russian Cookbook : Recipes from Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Belorussia, Estonia,Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkestan and Ukraine. First Edition in dustjacket.
Atheneum, New York, 1967, 
NORMAN, Barbara. The Russian Cookbook : Recipes from Armenia, Azerbaidzhan,Belorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkestan and Ukr aine. New York : Atheneum, 1967. First Printing. Pp. (10),3-247,(1). 8vo, mustard yellow cloth with red lettering to front board, red and black lettering to spine, top edge dyed red. "The cuisines of Russia are as various as its lands and its peoples. Not all Russians eat borshch, kasha and beef Stroganov; in the Baltic regions there is a strong Scandinavian influence, while in the far eastern states the falvor is distinctly Oriental. Barbara Norman has studied for years the food and cooking of the Soviet Union, taken the best of each region and presented it in the simple but elegant manner that has made cooking from her 'Spanish Cookbook' such a joy. One hundred eighty-five delicious Russian dishes, from appetizers (Zakusky) through desserts. Serve with your vodka some tiny, delectable Pirozhky, Sturgeon in Aspicor Georgian Cornbread. Choose from Belorussian Borshch or six others, four kinds of Shchi (hot or cold), twelve ways with Shashlik. Go on to Azerbaid zhani Dill Pilaf, Beef Bitky, Caucasian Stuffed Vine Leaves or Chicken Sobko. Sample the sauces and finish off your meal with Vatrushka, Mazurka or Smetanik, with perhaps a bit of Halva afterward. And at Eastertime take a flower pot and make a rich Paskha. (Be sure your Paskha is dry!) This charmingand coorful book will introduce you to the culinary history of all the Rus sias, guide you in the preparation of authentic muscovite meals, an show you how the Russians eat -- often, long and well!" - from the dustjacket. Very good in nicked, lightly spine-sunned, unclipped dustjacket. 50.00

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13 RUSHBROOKE, J. H. Baptist Movement in the Continent of Europe. Second Issue: Revised and Re-written
Kingsgate Press, London, 1923, 
RUSHBROOKE, J. H. The Baptist Movement in the Continent of Europe. Second Issue: Revised and Re-written. London : The Kingsgate Press, 1923. Pp (6),vii-viii,(2),3-207,(1), frontispiece portrait. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Contents : Preface. Introduction.—The Baptist Movement in Europe : Its Far-reaching Success. Part I - Central Europe and Holland. 1. The Pioneer. 2. Germany : Progress and Consolidation. 3. Other German-speaking Lands : German Switzerland and Austria. 4. Holland : Providential Preparation: German and British Influence. 5. Poland : Germaian and Slav : New Developments. 6. Czecho-Slovakia : The Spirit of John Hus revives. Part II - Northern Europe (The Scandinavian Lands and the Baltic Republics). 7. Denmark : Kobner's Wor]k and its Issues. 8. Sweden : A Strong Movement: American Influence and Assistance. 9. Finland : Faithful Service and Some Disappointments. 10. Norway : American Aid : Steady Progress. 11. Latvia : Suffering; Achievement; Promise. 12. Among Lithuanians : A Barren Soil ? 13. Esthonia : Vigorous Evangelism. Part III - Russia. 14. The Largest Baptist Communities in Europe. Part IV - South-Eastern Europe. 15. Hungary : A Great Evangelist: Relations with the State. 16. Rumania : A Great Door and Effectual, and many Adversaries. 17. Jugo-Slavia : Small and Diverse Groups. 18. Bulgaria : Promising Beginnings. Part V - Southern and Western Europe (Latin Countries except Rumania). 19. France and French-speaking Lands :A Difficult Field. 20. Italy : The True Successors of Peter. 21. Spain : G uerrilla Activities and an Organised Campaign. 22. Portugal : South American Evangelization in Europe. Appendix. 23. The London Conference of 1920. Heavy spotting to covers, spine sunned, remnant of label to lower spine, internally very good. 45.00

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14 SPRUDZS, Adolf and Armins RUSIS (eds.) RUSIS, Armins HENDERSON, Loy W. (preface) BILMANISM Alfred) Res Baltica : A Collection of Essays in Honor of the Memory of Dr. Alfred Bilmanis (1887-1948). in dj
A. W. Sijthoff, 1968, 
SPRUDZS, Adolf and Armins RUSIS (eds.). Res Baltica : A Collection of Essays in Honor of the Memory of Dr. Alfred Bilmanis (1887-1948). With a preface by Professor Loy W. Henderson. Leyden: A. W. Sijthoff, 1968. Pp. 303. Port. frontis. 8vo, light blue cloth. A selection of essays published in honor of the Latvian diplomat, journalist and scholar, Dr. Bilmanis, a leading figure in the struggle for Baltic freedom following the Soviet seizure of that region. Vg in dj. 40.00

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Kentes Pilskalns un Apmetne, STUBAVS, A.
15 STUBAVS, A. Kentes Pilskalns un Apmetne
Izdevnieciba "Zinatne", Riga, 1976, 
STUBAVS, A. Kentes Pilskalns un Apmetne. Riga : Izdevnieciba "Zinatne", 1976. Pp 144. Illustrated. 4to, illustrated tan cloth. Vg. 50.00

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16 SWEDE, George Snowman, Headless
Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1979, 
SWEDE, George. A Snowman, Headless. (Fredericton, NB: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1979). Pp 44. 8vo, stapled printed card covers. Vg. 20.00

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17 VIKE-FREIBERGA, Vaira. Logique de la Poésie : Structure et poétique des dainas lettonnes.
William Blake & Co, Bordeaux, 2007, ISBN:9782841031610 
VIKE-FREIBERGA, Vaira. Logique de la Poésie : Structure et poétique des dainas lettonnes. (Bordeaux) : William Blake & Co. Edit., (2007). First Edition. Pp (8),9-[296],(8),+ a CD (Les dainas lettonnes) in rear pocket. 8vo, illustrated white wrappers, french flaps, printed in red and black. A study of the poetic form of Latvian dainas. “A daina is a traditional form of music or poetry in the Latvia [sic]. Latvian dainas often feature pre-Christianthemes and legends, drone vocal styles and Baltic zithers (kokle). Dainas are very short, usually only one or two unrhymed stanzas, unrhymed and in afour-footed trochaic metre. Lyrically, dainas concern themselves with nati ve mythology but, in contrast to most similar forms, does not have any legendary heroes. Stories often revolve around pre-Christian deities like the sun goddess Saule, the moon god Meness and, most notably, the life of people, especially its three most important events - birth, wedding and death (including burial).” from Wikipedia. A near fine copy, with CD. 40.00

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18 WOLCK, W., and A. DE HOUWER (eds.) EDWARDS, John R. SONNTAG, Selma K. BEREZNAK, Catherine Recent studies in contact linguistics. Plurilingua 18
Dummler, Bonn, 1997, ISBN:3427641813 
WOLCK, W., and A. DE HOUWER (eds.). Recent studies in contact linguistics. Plurilingua XVIII. Bonn : Dummler, 1997. Pp (2),[i]-xv,(1),1-484,(4). 8vo, orange card covers. Contents : Sami Language Revitalization: The Language Act and the Case of Lisma (by Marjut Aikio); Language Contact in the Classroom (by Colin Baker); The Pueblo Region of the Southwest United States as a Linguistic Area (by Catherine Bereznak); Language-Internal Conflict and Language Dissolution (by Ranko Bugarski); The German of 3rd Generation German-English Bilinguals in Australia (by Michael Clyne); Language Boundaries (byGlynn Custred); Nelde's Law Revisited: Dutch as a Diaspora Language (by Ke es de Bot); Adventures in Demolinguistics (by John de Vries); The Africanisation of LICCA (by Rene Dirven and Jan Blommaert); Change of Language Hierarchy in Latvia: Language Skills and Attitudes to Language Policy (by Ina Druviete); The Bridging and Barrier Effects of the Principles of Language Freedom and Territoriality in Multilingual Switzerland (by Urs Durmuller); French and English in Canada: Before and After the Quebec Referendum of October 1995 (by John Edwards, Professor of Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia., pp 101-109); Cultures and Languages in Contact: Intercultural Conflicts in British-Hungarian and American- HungarianInternational Organisations (by Klara Falk-Bano); Meaning Transferred and Adapted - Semantic Problems in Contact Linguistics (by Rudolf Filipovic); Speaking Proficiency in Irish in Primary School Children: Educational and Sociolinguistic Factors (by John Harris); Language Planning in Bilingual Families (by Kjell Herberts); Borrowing at Arm's Length: Japanese Borrowing from English (by Bates L. Hoffer); Crosslinguistic Influence in Second Language Research (by Alex Housen); Language Choice at the Hong Kong Baptist University (by Bjorn H. Jernudd and Shirley Law Yin Wah); "Ethnic" and "Societal" Factors of Immigrant School Underachievement in the Nordic Countries (by J. Normann Jergensen); Hungarian Linguistic Traitors Champion the Cause of Contact Dialects (by Miklos Kontra); The Korean Language Situation in China(by John H. Koo); Language Contact from an Ethnic Perspective - the South African Experiment (by Ernst Kotze); Locating Language Shift in Social Space: the Case of the Teochew Community in Singapore (by Li Wei, Vanithamani Saravanan and Julia Ng Lee Hoon); Language Policy and Language Contact: Reflections on Finland (by Kenneth D. McRae); Language and Identity in Edgar Reitz' Heimat-Films (by Ulrike Hanna Meinhof); Older Studies on Migrant Languages in the United States: a Model for European Research (by Pieter Muysken); Language Planning Issues in a Yugoslav Context (by Albina Neoak-Luk); The Irish Language in an Evolving European Society (by Donall O Riagain); Language Contact Research in Ireland: Retrospect and Prospect (by Padraig O Riagain); The Role of Gender in Immigrant Language Maintenance in Australia (by Anne Pauwels); Beasts Inherited and Borrowed. A Study on Similes and Metaphors in Czech, Russian and German (by Jaromira Rakusan); Language Contactin the South of France from 1550 to 1789: a Tribute to Auguste Brun (by Gl adys E. Saunders); Translation as Cultural and Linguistic Contact (by Christina Schaffner); Language Rights as Conflict Prevention (by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas); A Misleading Key-Word of Linguistics in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Language, its Causes and Effects (by Tatiana Slama-Cazacu); Languages ofthe Philippines - A Study of the Usage of English, Filipino and the 'Verna culars' in Three Linguistic Communities (by J J. Smolicz and I. Nical); Syntactic Interference in Australian Danish (by Bent Sondergaard); Language Contact in the United States: Symbolism and Saliency (by Selma K. Sonntag); Towards a Typology of Relationships of the Diaspora Language to its Base (byOlga Miseska Tomic); Contact on the Linguistic Frontier: a Comparison betw een the Mutual Influences of Germanic and Romance Language Varieties (by Jeanine Treffers-Daller); Language Contact, Language Shift and Power Relations (by Lukas D. Tsitsipis); Language Contact and its Linguistic Manifestations: Pennsylvania German in West Virginia and Ohio (by Silke Van Ness); Diversity or Divisiveness? (by Walburga von Rqffler-Engel); The role of the Primary School in the Social Construction of 'Schriftdeutsch' in German-Speaking Switzerland (by Richard T. Watts); Minority Languages in the Nordic Countries in a Language Death Perspective (by Geirr Wiggen); Language Rights for All Citizens of Europe? (by Colin H. Williams); Sociology and the Construction of Meaning (by Glyn Williams and Martin Clarke); Conflict Linguistics- a Proposal (by Wolfgang Wolck); The Role of the Industries of Communicat ion in the Formation of Political Identities and Language Loyalty (by Sue Wright); Contact Linguistics to Contact Cultural Studies: Some Western Influence on Modern Japanese and its Use (by Yasukata Yano). ******** See our extensive linguistics collection. ******* Spine sunned and ends nicked, else very good. Ex-libris John Edwards, one of the contributors, without indication but acquired from his library. 120.00

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19 ZIEDONIS, Imants CALLAGHAN, Barry, trans. MONTAGUE, John, preface. Flowers of Ice.
Exile Editions, Toronto, 1987, ISBN:0920428959 
ZIEDONIS, Imants. Flowers of Ice. Translated by Barry Callaghan; Preface byJohn Montague. Toronto : Exile Editions, 1987. Pp 127. 8vo, card covers. V ery good. 20.00

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