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1 ACARD, Maurice, (ed.) LABELLE, Diana, (ed.) Metamorphoses : Metamorphosis
Guilde canadienne des metiers d'art ; La Federation des cooperatives , Montreal : Baie d'Urfe, 2006, ISBN:2980936901 
ACARD, Maurice, and Diane LABELLE, (eds.). Métamorphoses : Metamorphosis. Montréal : Guilde canadienne des métiers d'art / Baie d'Urfé : La Fédérationdes coopératives du Nouveau-Québec, 2006. Pp (2),3-[48]. Illustrated. Map. Large 8vom illustrated orange card covers, French flaps. A catalogue for a n exhibition of Inuit sculpture from Nunavut held May 25 - June 30, 2006, featuring works by Aisa Amittu, Adamie Anautak, Jobie Arnaituk, Lucassie Echalook, Noah Echalook, Thomassie Echalook, Eli Elijasiapik, Joanasi Jack Ittukallak, Mattiusi Iyaiyuk, Tamusiapik Sivuarapik and Jobie Uqaituk. Text inFrench, English and Inuktuk. Very good. 25.00

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2 ADAMS, Gary F. Mercury Series. Archaeological Survey of Canada Paper no. 68. Estuary Bison Pound Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan
National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, 1977, 
ADAMS, Gary F. The Estuary Bison Pound Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan. Ottawa: National Museums of Canada, 1977. Pp. (1),i-xii,1-211,(1) Illustrated. 4to, printed orange-red card covers. National Museum of Man Mercury Series. Archaeological Survey of Canada Paper no. 68. Arora, The Saskatchewan Bibliography 21. Very good. 40.00

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3 ADAMS, John W. Cultures and Communities: A Series of Monographs on Native Peoples Gitksan Potlatch : Population Flux, Resource Ownership and Reciprocity. pbk.
Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Limited, Toronto, 1973, ISBN:0039280721 
ADAMS, John W. The Gitksan Potlatch : Population Flux, Resource Ownership and Reciprocity . Toronto: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Canada, Ltd., (1973). First Printing. Pp. (2),iii-xii,1-132. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated white card covers. A volume in the series Cultures and Communities: A Series of Monographs on Native Peoples. General editor: Sally M. Weaver. Grumet, Native Americans of the Northwest Coast : A Critical Bibliography 1. Contents :1. Introduction. 2. Aspects of Gitksan Social organization. 3. Funeral feasts. 4. Redistribution in the Potlatch. 5. Spirit of the Gift. Very good. 40.00

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4 ALLEN, Patricia. Metepenagiag : New Brunswick's Oldest Village. Second Printing.
Red Bank First Nation / Goose Lane Editions, Red Bank, N.B. / Fredericton, N.B., 1994, ISBN:086492139X 
ALLEN, Patricia. Metepenagiag : New Brunswick's Oldest Village. (Red Bank, N.B) : Red Bank First Nation / (Fredericton, N.B.) : Goose Lane Editions, (1994). Second Printing. Pp [i]-ix,10-41,(3). Illustrated. Maps. Large 8vo, illustrated black cardcovers. Photographs by Patrick M. Polchies. Paintingsby Roger Simon. “The traditional name for the native community of Red Bank on the Northwest Miramichi River is Metepenagiag. Since 1975 over one hund red archaeological sites have been discovered in the Red Bank area. Severalancient campsites and a ceremonial site have been excavated. In recognitio n of their outstanding contribution to Canadian history both the Oxbow and the Augustine Mound sites have been declared National Historic Sites by theHistoric Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Joseph Augustine, the Red Ba nk resident who first recognized the cultural and historical value of thesesites, has been presented with New Brunswick's distinguished Award for Her itage. The Red Bank archeological research has produced evidence about how the Miramichi Micmac lived in the past. This richly illustrated book offersa glimpse of what life may have been like at Metepenagiag prior to the com ing of the Europeans. Archaeologist Patricia Allen has enjoyed over ten years of research in New Brunswick's Miramichi district. Work at Red Bank's Ancient Oxbow site inspired this publication.” - from the back cover. Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 12.50

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5 ALLEN, Robert S. His Majesty's Indian Allies : British Indian Policy in The Defence of Canada, 1774-1815. Paperback, Signed.
Dundurn Press, Toronto & Oxford, 1992, ISBN:1550021842 
ALLEN, Robert S. His Majesty's Indian Allies : British Indian Policy in TheDefence of Canada, 1774-1815. Toronto & Oxford : Dundurn Press, 1992. Firs t Paperback Printing. Pp. (6),7-294,(2), including plates. Illustrated. 8vo, art illustrated green card covers with white lettering to front cover andspine. "Today the First Nations are demanding a new recognition of their p lace in Canada. For them this demand is a renewal of the historical relationship between themselves and the European newcomers, based on mutual respect and a separate but equal status in which neither side would interfere wihthe integrity of the other's culture, language, law, or religious and poli tical systems. 'His Majesty's Indian Allies' is a study of the roots of this relationship and an examination of British Indian policy in North Americafrom the time of the American Revolution to the end of the War of 1812, wi th particular focus on Canada. Remarkably little recognition has been givenot the vital military role of native people in the defence of Canada. More precisely, the long relationship between native people and thje crown in C anada, based on formal alliances, was instrumental in preserving and protecting the integrity of the territories that became Canada. The cohesive vehicle for implementing policy directives was the British Indian Department, the forerunner of the present Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Although plagued by a continuous struggle over land issues and native sovereignty, an enduring and symbiotic relationship evolved between the native people and the British Crown in Canada that was rooted in the mutual need and desire for protection and survival. In his conclusion, Allen argues that the historic chain of friendship between native people and the crown has been recast, but not particularly altered, in the contemporary world of government-native relations. In detailing and assessing these military alliances during the formative and critical years in the development of the nations in North America, Robert Allen has brought refreshing new insights intothe field of native history." - from rear. Very good. Signed, inscribed an d dated by the author on the title page. 25.00

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6 ALUNIK, Ishmael Call Me Ishmael : Memories of Ishmael Alunik, Inuvialuk Elder
Kolausok Ugblaaq Enterprises, Inuvik, NWT , 1998, ISBN:096845710X 
ALUNIK, Ishmael. Call Me Ishmael : Memories of Ishmael Alunik, Inuvialuk Elder. Inuvik, Northwest Territories, : Kolausok Ugblaaq Enterprises, 1998. First Printing. Pp (3),4-99,(1). Illustrated 8vo, white & grey cardcovers. Cover subtitle : Memories of an Inuvialuk Elder. Contents : Introduction : Inuvialuit: A Brief History (pp.4-22) by Uluksuk. Our Name is Inuit; How Tulugak Stole the Sun; Tulugak and His Cousin; The Way Inupiat Lived Before White Men Came to the Arctic; The Story of the Flood; The Legend of Super Little Man; Short, True Stories told by Inupiat and Inuvialuit; A Story of a Caribou Hunt; Make Bows, Arrows and Fire; How limit make Umiaks and Kayaks; Fishing and Hunting on Lakes, Rivers and the Ocean Shore; Caribou-Horn Bows; How William Kuptana hunted Polar Bears; How to Snare Rabbits, Ptarmigan and Moose; Inuit Houses; Caribou Used for Many Things; Boots from Caribou Legs and Seal Skins; Indian & Inuvialuit Confrontations; Navigating by Stars,Moon and Snowdrifts; Ishmael, Yesterday and Today. Very good. 40.00

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7 ANDERSON, Dawn, and Barrie ANDERSON MARSHALL, Donald) Manufacturing Guilt : Wrongful Convictions in Canada. Second Edition
Fernwood Publishing, Halifax & Winnipeg, 2009, ISBN:9781552662687 
ANDERSON, Dawn, and Barrie ANDERSON. Manufacturing Guilt : Wrongful Convictions in Canada. Second Edition. Halifax & Winnipeg : Fernwood Publishing, (2009). Pp (5),6-176. 8vo [150 x 227 mm], photo-illustrated black cardcovers, lettered in cream. Barrie Anderson retired from the Department of Sociology at the University of Regina in 1996, and passed away in February of 2007. Dawn Anderson was a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Regina. "Manufacturing Guilt, 2nd edition, updates the cases presented in the first edition and includes two new chapters: one concerning thecase of James Driskell and another regarding Dr. Charles Smith, whose role in forensic pathology evidence led to several wrongful convictions. In thi s new edition, the authors demonstrate that the same factors at play in thecriminalization of the powerless and marginalized are found in cases of wr ongful conviction. Contrary to popular belief, wrongful convictions are notdue simply to “unintended errors,” but rather are too often the result of the deliberate actions of those working in the criminal justice system. Using Canadian cases of miscarriages of justice, the authors argue that understanding wrongful convictions and how to prevent them is incomplete outside the broader societal context in which they occur." (from the back cover). Contents : 1. Marginalization and Wrongful Convictions. 2. The Case of Donald Marshall (pp.26-44). 3. The Case of David Milgaard. 4. The Case of Wilbert Coffin. 5. The Case of Guy Paul Morin. 6. The Case of Thomas Sophonow. 7.The Case of Steven Truscott. 8. The Case of James Driskell. 9. The Case of William Mullins-Johnson. 10. Ending Wrongful Convictions. Very good. 15.00

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8 ANDREWS, Gerry Metis Outpost : Memoirs of the First Schoolmaster at the Metis Settlement of Kelly Lake, BC, 1923-1925. First Edition, signed by author
the author, Victoria, B.C., 1985, ISBN:0969216904 
ANDREWS, Gerry. Metis Outpost : Memoirs of the First Schoolmaster at the Metis Settlement of Kelly Lake, BC, 1923-1925. Victoria, B.C. : Published by the author, 1985. First Edition. Pp (2),iii-x,1-340. Illustrated. Maps. Index. 4to, illustrated tan card covers, lettered in black. Contents : Foreword by Dr. W. Kaye Lamb. Author's Preface. 1. The First Kelly Lake School Year: 1923-1924. 2. Packers' Progress Through Pine Pass: 1924. 3. The Second Kelly Lake School Year: 1924-1925. 4. To Jasper and Beyond with Packhorses: 1925. 5. Epilogue. Appendices : 1. References for Selected ldentities. 2. The John Bennett Tragedy. 3. Archival Material. 4. Genealogies. 5. Cree Commentary and Vocabulary. 6. Geographics. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. Digned without i scription by the author. 45.00

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9 Anon. Amid Arctic Snows : A Story of Gospel Pioneers and their Work in Iceland, Lapland, and Lone Labrador. With Peeps at the Peoples of these Lands
John Ritchie, Publisher, Kilmarnock, Scotland , 1912, 
Anon. Amid Arctic Snows : A Story of Gospel Pioneers and their Work in Iceland, Lapland, and Lone Labrador. With Peeps at the Peoples of these Lands. Kilmarnock, Scotland : John Ritchie, Publisher, n.d. [1910s?]. Pp (8),[9]-103,(1),(8). Illustrated. Small 8vo, illustrated peach cloth, a.e.g. Not in O'Dea. Pp 73-103 on Labrador. Contents : Introduction; Peeps at Iceland - The Land and the People, Industries and Occupations, Early Days of Christianity; Peeps at Lapland - Peeps at the Lapps, The Religion of the Lapps, The Gospel in Lapland; Peeps at Faroe - Gospel Labours and Fruit; Lone Labrador- Peeps at the People, The Gospel's First Entrance, The First Mission Colo ny, Trials and Triumphs of Faith, Labrador and the Present Time. Bookplate,else a very good copy. 150.00

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10 ARCHIBALD, Linda and Mary CRNKOVICH. If Gender Mattered: A Case Study of Inuit Women, Land Claims and the Voisey's Bay Nickel Project / Et si les femmes avaient voix au chapitre? Étude decas sur les Inuites, les revendications territoriales et le projet d'explo itation de la mine de nickel
Research Directorate, Status of Women Canada, Ottawa, 1999, ISBN:0662280024 
ARCHIBALD, Linda and Mary CRNKOVICH. If Gender Mattered: A Case Study of Inuit Women, Land Claims and the Voisey's Bay Nickel Project / Et si les femmes avaient voix au chapitre? Étude de cas sur les Inuites, les revendications territoriales et le projet d'exploitation de la mine de nickel de la baie Voisey. Ottawa : Research Directorate, Status of Women Canada, November 1999. Pp [i]-x,[1]-39,(1);[i]-xi,(1),[1]-46,(2). 4to, blue card covers, printed in white and green. Contents : Introduction. I. Aboriginal Land Claims and the Federal Policy : (a) Purpose of Land Claims; (b) Scope of Land Claims Negotiations and Agreements; (c) Nature and Process of Land Claims Negotiations; (d) Gender and the Comprehensive Land Claims Policy; (e) Ig GenderMattered in the Comprehensive Claims Policy, II. Environmental Assessment : (a) Gender and Environmental Assessment of the Voisey's Bay Nickel Project; (b) Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Assessment of theVoisey's Bay Nickel Project; (c) Women's Participation. Conclusions : (a) Gender-Based Analysis; (b) Women's Representation and Participation. Bilingual (English and French) texts. Very good. 45.00

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11 Arctic Journal VanSTONE, James W. OLIVER, D.R. WEEDFALL, Robert O. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume 16, No. 3,September 1963
Arctic Institute of North America, Montreal , 1963, 
(Arctic). Arctic : Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume16, No. 3, September 1963. Montreal : Arctic Institute of North America, 1 963. Pp [149]-212. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated green stapled wrappers. Includes: T.E. Jones's "An approach to polar research" (pp 151-157); James W. VanStone's "Changing patterns of Indian trapping in the Canadian Subarctic" (pp 158-174, describes changes observed among Chipewyans at Snowdrift in southwestern Mackenzie District in 1960-1961); D.R. Oliver's "Entomological studies in the Lake Hazen area, Ellesmere Island, including lists ofspecies of arachnida, collembola, and insecta" (pp 175-180); Robert O. Wee dfall's "Variation of soil temperatures in Ogotoruk Valley, Alaska" (pp 181-194); J. Ross Mackay's "Notes on the shoreline recession along the coast of the Yukon Territory" (pp 195-197); R.E. Munn's "The micrometeorological tower at Resolute, N.W.T." (pp 198-200); R.S. Adhaw's "A thermograph for usein the Arctic" (pp 200-202); Roland H. Mulvey's "Some soil-inhabiting, fre shwater, and plant-parasitic nematodes from the Canadian Arctic and Alaska"(pp 202-204); D.C. Nutt and L.K. Coachman's "A note on Ice Island WH-5" (p p 204-206); plus News and Reviews. Rubbed, else very good. 20.00

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12 ARIMA, E. Y. National Museum of Canada Bull.189 Report on an Eskimo Umiak Built at Ivuyivik, P.Q., in the Summer of 1960. signed
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources, Ottawa, 1963, 
ARIMA, E. Y. Report on an Eskimo Umiak Built at Ivuyivik, P.Q., in the Summer of 1960. Ottawa : Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources,1963. Pp (4),v-vi,1-83,(3). Illustrated. 8vo, tan card covers, lettered in black. National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. 189, Anthropological Series No. 59. Contents : Part I. Introduction : Acknowledgments; "Women's Boat"; Distribution; Form; Some uses and sociocultural aspects. Part II. The Ivuyivik Umiak : Materials; Construction of the framework; Covering the framework; Accessories; Performance; Authenticity; Economic and social aspects; Some historical notes. French Résumé. Appendix : Note on spelling; Eskimo terms for parts of the umiak; Udjuk hunt expenditures. Institutional library stamp, stain to fore-edge of back cover, corner section of last two leaves clipped but without loss of text, else very good. Signed and dated by the author. . 30.00

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13 ASCH, Michael Kinship and the Drum Dance in a Northern Dene Community
Boreal Institute for Northern Studies / Academic Printing & Publishing, 1988, ISBN:0919058744 
ASCH, Michael. Kinship and the Drum Dance in a Northern Dene Community. Boreal Institute for Northern Studies / Academic Printing & Publishing,(1988). Pp (6),vii-xi,(1),1-113,(3). Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated g rey card covers, lettered in white. A volume in The Circumpolar Research Series. "This book features important new information about Dene community life in the 1960s during the crucial period immediately following the movew from bush to town. It is the only book to date which deals extensively with the traditional economy, the structure of Dene kinship and its role in social organization, and the role of the music of the Drum Dance in the social life of the community, under rapidly changing circumstances. This book wil be of interest to students and scholars in the fields of Anthropology, Spciology, Political Science and Native Studies." (from the back cover). Contents : A Dene Account of How the World Was Created. 1. A geographic and historical description of the Pe Ts?h´ Ki´ Region. 2. Economic life. 3. Social structure and organization. 4. Kinds of music and instruments in Pe Ts?h´ Ki´. 5. The social organization of the drum dance. 6. The music of the Dene drum dance. 7. On the meaning of the drum dance. Postscript: A perspective from 1988. Appendix A: Transcription of a song. Appendix B: Melodic Sketches. Appendix C: Implications of Dene Kinship for the Structuralist Paradigm. Appendix D: Some Conclusions on Music Analysis. Spine and boards covers sunned, else very good. 24.00

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14 Athapaskan Art) TEBBLE, Norman, foreword. TAYLOR, William E., Jr. IDIENS, Dale. Athapaskans : Strangers of the North : An International Travelling Exhibition from the Collection of the National Museum of Man, Canada, and the Royal Scottish Museum
National Museum of Man, 1974, 
(Athapaskan Art). The Athapaskans : Strangers of the North : An International Travelling Exhibition from the Collection of the National Museum of Man,Canada, and the Royal Scottish Museum. (Ottawa: National Museum of Man, 19 74). Pp (4),[3]208,(2). Mostly double column. Large 8vo, photo-illustrated black cardcovers, lettered in white. Helm, The Indians of the Subarctic: A Critical Bibliography 179. Contents : Foreword (by Norman Tebble). A Quiet Discovery (by William E. Taylor, Jr.). The Athapaskan Indian Collection in the Royal Scottish Museum (by Dale Idiens). The Athapaskan Ethnology Collection of the National Museum of Man (by Barrie Reynolds). The Athapaskans: Strangers of the North (by A. McFadyen Clark): Introduction; Athapaskan Historical nd Comparative Lnguistics; Northern Athapaskan Prehistory; Traditional Northern Athapaskan Lifewavs; Natural Habitat; Social Life; Annual Cycleof Activities; Life Cycle; The Supernatural, Shamanism, and Ceremonialism; Trade and Warfare; The Contact Period; The Northern Athapaskans Today. Cat alogue: Prehistory; White Contact; Traditional Lifeways; Winter Subsistence; Winter Transport; Skin Preparation; Clothing; Domestic Implements; Ceremonial Objects; Summer Subsistence; Summer Transport; The Northern Athapaskans Today. Bibliography. Maps : 1. Distribution of Athapaskan Peoples in North America; 2. Distribution of Northern Athapaskan Linguistic Groups. Spine & covers rubbed, else very good. 40.00

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15 ATTLEE, Clement) Acadiensis 13:2 NEARY, Peter MURPHY, Terrence Clement Attlee's Visit to Newfoundland. A document/article in Acadiensis : Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, Vol.13, No.2.
(ATTLEE, Clement). NEARY, Peter. "Clement Attlee's Visit to Newfoundland, September 1942." A document/article in Acadiensis : Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, Vol.13, No.2. Spring/Printemps 1984. Pp 101-109. Charles Allain, et. al.'s review article "David Alexander's Vision of Canada" (pp.115-121). Also MUN scholar Terrence Murphy's "The Emergence of MaritimeCatholicism, 1781-1830" (pp.29-49). Also: W.D. Hamilton's "Indian Lands in New Brunswick: The Case of the Little South West Reserve" (pp.3-28); Terre nce Murphy's "The Emergence of Maritime Catholicism, 1781-1830" (pp.29-49, much on James Jones, Edmund Burke, Angus MacEachern, &c); M. Brook Taylor's"Thomas Chandler Haliburton as a Historian" (pp.50-68); Dean Jobb's "The P olitics of the New Brunswick and Prince Edward Railway, 1872-1886" (pp.69-90); Nanciellen Davis' research note "'Patriarchy from the Grave': Family Relations in 19th Century New Brunswick Wills"; and A.J.B. Johnston's brief communication "Commemorating Louisbourg, c.1767". Very good. 10.00

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16 AVERKIEVA, Julia SHERMAN, Mark A. HOLM, Bill Kwakiutl String Figures. First Edition in dustjacket.
University of Washington Press / American Museum of Natural History, Seattle and London / New York , 1992, ISBN:029597172X 
AVERKIEVA, Julia and Mark A. SHERMAN. Kwakiutl String Figures. Seattle and London : University of Washington Press / New York : American Museum of Natural History, (1992). First Edition. Pp (5),[vi]-xxxi,(3),3-199,(1). Partlydouble column. Square 8vo, red cloth, silver lettering to spine. No 71 in Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History series. With Foreword by Bill Holm. "Of the games people play, string figures afford nearly universal amusement, appearing in more cultures than any other. But although over 2,000 individual patterns have been recorded world-wide since1888, when anthropologist Franz Boas first described a pair of Eskimo "cat 's cradles," very few studies have explored North American Indian string figures. This intriguing volume publishes for the first time 102 string figures and 10 string tricks collected among the Kwakiutl Indians by Julia Averkieva, a young visiting Soviet scholar who accompanied Boas on his 1930 expedition to Vancouver Island. When she returned to Leningrad, Averkieva left her unpublished monograph with Boas, whose heirs eventually sent it to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Averkieva's study represents the most comprehensive Native American string collection ever assembled from a single tribe. In addition to characterizing the social conditions that prompted string figure making among the Kwakiutl during the time of her field study, Averkieva noted step-by-step instructions for each figure and transcribed traditional accompanying chants. In editing and expanding Averkieva's manuscript, Mark Sherman addresses string figure enthusiasts as well as cultural anthropologists. Sherman includes in his introduction a complete description of basic openings and string figure moves. For each Kwakiutl figure he has prepared clear illustrations based on Averkieva's original photographs and pencil sketches. In addition he has tested each figure for workability, clarifying instructions where necessary and recasting them in Rivers and Haddon's standard terminology" from the dj Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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17 BAILEY, Alfred Goldsworthy New Brunswick Museum Monograph Series number 2 Conflict of European and Eastern Algonkian Cultures 1504-1700 : A Study in Canadian Civilization. Second Edition in dustjacket.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1969, ISBN:0802015069 1969 0802015069 / 9780802015068 
BAILEY, Alfred Goldsworthy. The Conflict of European and Eastern Algonkian Cultures 1504-1700 : A Study in Canadian Civilization. Second Edition. (Toronto) : University of Toronto Press, (1969). Pp. (8),[ix]-xxiii,(3),[1]-218. 8vo (177 x 254 mm), brown cloth with black lettering to spine.

New Brunswick Museum Monograph Series number 2.

Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey, OC, FRSC (b. March 18, 1905, Quebec City, Quebec – d. April 21, 1997, Fredericton, New Brunswick).

Helm, The Indians of the Subarctic : A Critical Bibliography 9.

"The movement of one cultural group into the territory of another has always produced conflict: a conflict which is resolved at times by the obliteration of one group, but more often by a gradual fusion of elements drawn from both. This study examines the conflict between the Europeans and the Indians precipitated by the arrival of the French in the New World. The Indians were necessarily affected by the fur trade and the religious and social development of New France, and the meeting of contrary cultures resulted in most cases in the obliteration of that of the Indian. However, a fusion of Indian and European elements sometimes occurred, resulting in the birth of a 'Canadian' culture. The process has been repeated with teh immigration of every new cultural group to Canada.

This study analyses the conflict and traces thef usion of Canadian culture in its initial stage. First published in 1937, the book has proved an important contribution to an area of early Canadian history which has been receiving renewed attention. This volume is a reprinting of the original text with the addition of an index and a chapter appraising some of the leading developments of the past few years." - from the dustjacket.

Preface to the First Edition;
1. The Aboriginal Population;
2. Occasional Contact on the Gulf Coast;
3. Acadia at the Turn of the Century;
4. The Eastern Algonkians and the Balance of Power;
5. The Displacement of Materials;
6. Drunkenness and Regulation;
7. Disease and Treatment;
8. Political Modification;
9. Social Disintegration;
10. The Effect of Contact on the French;
11. Religion;
12. Art, Pictography, and Music;
13. Mythology.
With bibliography and index.

Very good in very lightly nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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18 BAKER, Emerson W., et al WHITEHEAD, Ruth REID, John G. QUINN, David B. American Beginnings : Exploration, Culture, and Cartography in the Land of Norumbega. First Edition in dustjacket
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London, 1994, ISBN:0803245548 
BAKER, Emerson W., Edwin A. CHURCHILL, Richard D'ABATE, Kristine L. JONES, Victor A. CONRAD, ad Harald E. PRINS (eds.). American Beginnings : Exploration, Culture, and Cartography in the Land of Norumbega. Lincoln and London : University of Nebraska Press, (1994). First Edition. Pp, (4),[v]-xxxiv,(2),[3]-388,(2). Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine."This illustrated collection of essays examines early Native American cont act with European explorers, fishermen, and traders in Norumbega, the sixteenth-century name of the Atlantic coast of New England near the Penobscot River in Maine. This coast was the focus of several French and English voyagers seeking a northwest passage and other avenues to riches and treasure. Atacit division gradually emerged: the French concentrated on the region no rth of the Penobscot and the English on the lands to the south. The 100 illustrations in this book come largely from the Osher Map Library at the University of Southern Maine and include many rare early maps (1500-1800). Ten are reproduced in full color." (from the dj). Contents : General Introduction (by Richard D'Abate and Victor A. Konrad). Part I.. "There Appeared a New Land": European Discovery, Exploration, and Cartography. Introduction (byRichard D'Abate). 1. The Indrawing Sea: Imagination and Experience in the Search for the Northwest Passage, 1497-1632 (by John L. Allen). 2. The Early Cartography of Maine in the Setting of Early European Exploration of New England and the Maritimes (by David B. Quinn). 3. On the Meaning of a Name:"Norumbega" and the Representation of North America (by Richard D'Abate). Part II. "Wenooch"; or, Who Are These Strangers? Native Americans and the European Encounter. Introduction (by Harald E. L. Prins). 4. Children of Gluskap: Wabanaki Indians on the Eve of the European Invasion (by Harald E. L.Prins). 5. Mapping Otherness: Myth and the Study of Cultural Encounter (by / Kenneth M. Morrison). 6. Trade and Alliances in the Contact Period (by Bruce J. Bourque and Ruth H. Whitehead). 7. The Exploration of Norumbega: Native Perspectives (by James Axtell). Part III.. "Planting, Ruling, Ordering and Governing": European Colonization and Settlement. Introduction (by Edwin A. Churchill and Emerson W. Baker). 8. Political Definitions: Creating Maine and Acadia (by John G. Reid). 9. "Wee Tooke Great Store of Cod-fish": Fishing Ships and First Settlements on the Coast of New England, 1600-1630 (by Faith Harrington). 10. Fort Pentagoet and Castin's Habitation: French Ventures in Acadian Maine (by Alaric Faulkner and Gretchen F. Faulkner). 11. Mid-Seventeenth-Century Maine: A World on the Edge (by Edwin A. Churchill).12. The World of Thomas Gorges: Life in the Province of Maine in the 1640s (by Emerson W. Baker). Part IV. Victims of a Map. Introduction (by Richard D'Abate). 13. New England Cartography and the Native Americans (by J. B. H arley). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT., Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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19 BANNISTER, Jerry, (ed.) RIORDAN, Liam REID, John G. DAVIES, Gwendolyn Loyal Atlantic : Remaking the British Atlantic in the Revolutioary Era. First Paperback Edition
University of Toronto Press, Toronto / Buffalo / London, 2012, ISBN:9781442611092 
BANNISTER, Jerry, and Liam RIORDAN (eds.). The Loyal Atlantic : Remaking the British Atlantic in the Revolutioary Era. Toronto / Buffalo / London : University of Toronto Press, (2012). First Paperback Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-xxi,(5),[3]-318,(2). Maps. Index. 8vo, art-illustrated card covers, lettered in black and white. ""Adding to a dynamic new wave of scholarship in Atlantic history, The Loyal Atlantic offers fresh interpretations of the key roleplayed by Loyalism in shaping the early modern British Empire. This cohesi ve collection investigates how Loyalism and the empire were mutually constituted and reconstituted from the eighteenth century onward. Featuring contributions by authors from across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, The Loyal Atlantic brings Loyalism into a genuinely international focus. Through cutting-edge archival research, The Loyal Atlantic contextualizes Loyalism within the larger history of the British Empire. It also details how, far from being a passive allegiance, Loyalism changed in unexpected and fascinating ways - especially in times of crisis. Most importantly, The Loyal Atlantic demonstrates that neither the conquest of Canada nor the American Revolution can be properly understood without assessing the meanings of Loyalism in the wider Atlantic world." (Abstract). Contents : 1. Loyalism and the British Atlantic, 1660-1840 (by Jerry Bannister and Liam Riordan). Part I. Interpretive Frameworks of Allegiance within Imperial Transition. 2. The American Loyalist Problem of Identity in the Revolutionary Atlantic World (by Keith Mason). 3. Imperial-Aboriginal Friendship in Eighteenth-Century Mi'kma'ki / Wulstukwik (by John G. Reid). Part II. Transnational Print Culture and Loyalist Expression. 4. Loyalists Respond to Common Sense:The Politics of Authorship in Revolutionary America (by Philip Gould). 5. New Brunswick Loyalist Printers in the Postwar Atlantic World: Cultural Transfer and Cultural Challenges (by Gwendolyn Davies). Part III. Loyalist Slavery and the Caribbean. 6. Revolutionary Repercussions: Loyalist Slaves in St. Augustine and Beyond (by Jennifer K. Snyder). 7. Uses of the Bahamas bySouthern Loyalist Exiles (by Carole Watterson Troxler). Part IV. Loyalist Religious Politics after the American Revolution. 8. Loyal Orangemen and Republican Nativists: Anti-Catholicism and Historical Memory in Upper Canada and the United States, 1837-1867 (by Allison O'Mahen Malcom). 9. ''Papineau-O'Connell Instruments': Irish Loyalism and the Transnational Dimensions ofthe 1837 Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada (by Allan Blackstock). After word: Loyalist Cosmopolitanism (by Robert M. Calhoon). Very good. 25.00

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20 BARBEAU, Marius KIHN, W. Langdon, portraits PRICE, Arthur, design and ill. Indian Days of the Western Prairies
National Museum of Canada, 1970, 
BARBEAU, Marius. Indian Days of the Western Prairies. Portraits by W. Langdon Kihn and design and illustrations by Athur Price. Ottawa: National Museum of Canada, (1970). Pp. 234. Frontis. Illustrated with 165 in text plates.8vo, ill. card covers. Bulletin No. 163. Anthropological Series No. 46. Ch arles Marius Barbeau (b. March 5, 1883, Ste-Marie-de-Beauce Québec - d. February 27, 1969, Ottawa), Canadian anthropologist, ethnologist and folklorist. Some wear to spine else vg. 30.00

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