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1 ADAIR, Dick ARNETT, Peter (foreword) Dick Adair's Saigon. 1st US in dj.
Weatherhill, New York, 1971, ISBN:0834800624 
ADAIR, Dick. Dick Adair's Saigon : Sketches and Words from the Artist's Journal. NY: Weatherhill, (1971). First Printing. Pp. 144. Illustrated. Double column. Large 8vo, black cloth spine with illustrated red paper covered boards. A collection of Adair's sketches, from his five years spent in the Vietnam during the war. Vg in nicked dj. 25.00

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2 American Neptune LEWIS, Archibald R. COONEY, Jerry W. SANDS, John O. American Neptune : A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History. Volume 47, No. 3, Summer 1987
Peabody Museum of Salem, Salem, MA , 1987, 
(American Neptune). The American Neptune : A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History. Volume XLVII, No. 3, Summer 1987. Salem, MA : Peabody Museum of Salem, 1987. Pp [153]-224. Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, decorated white card covers. Articles : Archibald R. Lewis's “Byzantine and Moslem Shipping in the Mediterranean, 500-1250” (pp. 157-161); Jerry W. Cooney's “Doing Business in the Smuggling Way, Yankee Contraband in the Rio de la Plata” (pp. 162-168); David F. Long's “Mad Jack Percival in Vietnam: First American Hostilities, May 1845” (pp. 169-173); John O. Sands's “The U.S. Light-House Board: Progress through Process” (pp. 174-192); Don L. Hofsommer's “The Maritime Enterprises of James J. Hill” (pp. 193-205); James Millinger's “Maritime Studies at Sea Semester” (pp. 206-210). Vg. 10.00

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3 ARNONI, M. S. (ed.) Agreement on the Cessation of Hostlities in Viet-Nam
Minority of One, Passaic, N.J., 1965, 
ARNONI, M. S. (ed.). Agreement on the Cessation of Hostlities in Viet-Nam. (Passaic, N.J.: The Minority of One, Inc., 1965). Pp 1-24. Slim 8vo [3 by 8inches], illustrated orange stapled card covers, lettered in black. Cover title : The Geneva Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities in Viet Nam (IC.42/Rev.2.20 July 1954). SHIPING CHARGES MAY BE REDUCED DUE TO ITS LIGHT WEIGHT. Very good. 20.00

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4 ATKINSON, Rick Long Gray Line : The American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966. 1st USin dj
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1989, 
ATKINSON, Rick. The Long Gray Line. [dustjackets adds : The American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966]. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 1989. First Printing. Pp (8),[ix]-xiii,(3),[1]-592,+ 24 8vo, grey paper-covered boards, blue cloth spine. "Theirs was the dream of all young men : tobecome heroes. Inspired by John E Kennedy's call to serve the nation, the West Point class of 1966 first gathered above the Hudson River on a glorious afternoon in July 1962. But as the cadets swore their oath of allegiance,they could not begin to imagine the dark journey that lay ahead. The Long Gray Line is the true story of that journey, an epic tale about an extraordinary generation of military officers and the women they loved. This spellbinding narrative brings to life a rich cast of characters, including Douglas MacArthur, William Westmoreland, and a score of other memorable figures. Yet the story is told primarily through the lives of three classmates. JackWheeler, whose intelligence is surpassed only by his idealism, comes from a long line of soldiers, but gradually he discovers that he lacks any real appetite for the bloody art of war. Brash and impetuous Tom Carhart aspiresto wear a general's stars, yet he is haunted by bad luck and his stubborn refusal to compromise his principles. George Crocker, born to lead troops through the dark of night, becomes ever more proficient as a warrior, and his story is the story of the Army over the past quarter century. Rick Atkinson tracks the men of '66 through their high-spirited cadet years and into the fires of Vietnam, where dozens of them died and hundreds more grew disillusioned. During the hard peace that followed, they resigned from the Army in record numbers, only to find that civilian life offered no easy answers either. West Point - an institution of mythic proportions - remained a powerful influence in their lives, even as the academy itself weathered a period of profound change. The tragic war, a shameful cneating scanda, the divisive questioning of the ideals upon which the academy had stood for nearly two centuries — all shook West Point to its foundation, forcing soldiers andciivilians alike to reconsider the. role of the military in a democratic s ociety. Brilliantly conceived and eloquently written, The Long Gray Line tells a deeply affecting story that spans twenty-five turbulent years. The West Point class of 1966 straddled a fault line in American history, and thismasterly book speaks for a generation about innocence, patriotism, and the price we pay for our dreams." - from the dj. Owner's blindsatmp on endpape r, else very good in like dj.

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5 BARNARD, Roger and James McLELLAN, (eds.) New Perspectives on Language and Education; 36 Codeswitching in University English-medium Classes : Asian Perspectives
Multilingual Matters , 2014, ISBN:1783090898 
BARNARD, Roger and James McLELLAN, (eds.). Codeswitching in University English-medium Classes : Asian Perspectives. Bristol : Multilingual Matters, (2014). Pp (4),v-xv,(1),1- 224. 8vo, red cardcovers. No.36 in the New Perspectives on Language and Education series. "In the complex, multilingual societies of the 21st century, codeswitching is an everyday occurrence, and yet the use of students' first language in the English language classroom has been consistently discouraged by teachers and educational policy-makers. This volume begins by examining current theoretical work on codeswitching and then proceeds to examine the convergence and divergence between university language teachers' beliefs about codeswitching and their classroom practice. Each chapter investigates the extent of, and motivations for, codeswitching in one or two particular contexts, and the interactive and pedagogical functions for which alternative languages are used. Many teachers, and policy-makers, in schools as well as universities, may rethink existing 'Englishonly' policies in the light of the findings reported in this book."- from rear cover. Contents : Introduction (by Roger Barnard and James McLellan). Overview: Where Should we be Going with Classroom Codeswitching Research? (by Ernesto Macaro). 1. Codeswitching in a University in Taiwan (by Ching-YiTien and David C.S. Li). 2. Codeswitching in Two Chinese U iversities (by Lili Tian and Claudia Kunschak). 3. Codeswitching in Two Japanese Contexts (by Simon Humphries and Richmond Stroupe). 4. Codeswitching in Universitiesin Thailand and Bhutan (by Chamaipak Tayjasanant and Matthew G. Robinson). 5. Codeswitching in Universities in Vietnam and Indonesia (by Le Van Canh and Fuad Abdul Hamied). 6.Codeswitching in Universities in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia (by Noor Azam Haji-Othman, Hajah Zurinah Haji Ya'akub, Liyana Ghani, Hajah Suciyati Haji Sulaiman, Saidai Haji Hitam Ain Nadzimah Abdullah and Chan Swee Heng). 7. Codeswitching in Universities in Singapore and the Philippines (by Kenneth Ong Keng Wee, Lawrence Jun Zhang and Isabel Pefianco Martin). 8. Codeswitching by Korean Students in New Zealand and Lecturers in Korea (by Moyra Sweetnam Evans, Ha Rim Lee and Hyun-Ju Kim). Afterword (by Andy Kirkpatrick). Fine. 22.00

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6 BAUMANN, Robert F. Leavenworth Papers No. 20 Russian-Soviet Unconventional Wars in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Afghanistan
Combat Studies Institute, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1993, ISBN:0160419530 
BAUMANN, Robert F. Russian-Soviet Unconventional Wars in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. Leavenworth Papers Number 20. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas : Combat Studies Institute, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, (1993). Pp (2),iii-x,(1),1-219,(3). Illustrated. 4to, white card covers, black and maroon lettering. "The Soviet Union's agonizing decade-long struggle against a fiercely determined Mujahideen resistance in Afghanistan offers.a compelling illustration of the perils which can await a modern power that commits conventional forces against an unconventional foe in an undeveloped theater. That the Soviets embarked on such a rash course in 1979 isespecially striking in light of the American experience in Vietnam just a few years earlier and Russia's long historical involvement fighting Muslim tribesmen in the Caucasus and Central Asia. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Imperial Russia attempted to impose its authority on the Caucasus only to become embroiled in a protracted and brutal war against the mountain tribes of Dagestan. A charismatic leader, Shamil, emerged to harness the power of a formidable resistance that nearly foiled the Russian plan ofconquest, which was fulfilled only after decades of destructive and costly campaigning. Following the collapse of opposition in Dagestan in 1859, the Russians concentrated on the conquest of Central Asia as far as the Afghan and Persian frontiers. Here, vast steppes and deserts-formidable obstacles standing between Russia and the remote khanates-eventually yielded to the determination and methodical preparation of key Russian commanders. Established by a series of major campaigns from the 1850s to the 1880s, Russian rule in Central Asia remained stable until the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917. With the collapse of imperial power, however, the empire dissolved.Efforts to impose Red rule over the former imperial possessions in Central Asia sparked popular resistance among the Muslim tribes and required massi ve intervention by the Red Army. The four episodes considered in this studyprovide useful perspectives on the nature of unconventional warfare, the a daptability of modern military institutions, the character of cross-cultural conflict, and the dilemmas inherent in the creation " (from the back cover). Contents : 1. Russian Subjugation of the Central Caucasus: The War Against the Mountaineers. 2. The Conquest of Central Asia. 3. The liquidation of the Basmachi Resistance, 1918—1933. 4. The Soviet-Afghan War. 5. Conclusions. Very good. 25.00

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7 BERGEN, David Time in Between. proof
McClelland & Stewart, 2005, 
BERGEN, David. The Time in Between. [Toronto]: (McClelland & Stewart, 2005). Advanced Reading Copy. Pp. 271. 4to, white illustrated paper covers, clear plastic overlay, black comb bound spine. Canadian author david Bergen wasawarded the 2005 Giller Prize for his powerful novel about the long- term aftereffects of the Vietnam War. Vg. 50.00

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8 BOWERING, George Seventy-One Poems for People. First Edition.
RDC Press, Red Deer, AB, 1985, ISBN:0889950253 
BOWERING, George. Seventy-One Poems for People. (Red Deer, AB): RDC Press, (1985). First Printing. Pp. (11),12-125,(3). 8vo, illustrated white card covers with black lettering to front cover and spine. "Six poem sequences remembering the turbulent atmosphere and intense emotions of the 1960s and 70s. In a voice at once compassionate and sardonic, these poems thread their way through personalities and events with a mastery that has earned George Bowering a reputation for fearless honesty." - from Frank Davey's rear coverblurb. Includes the following poems: I. Some People: "Artaud's Hair", "Red Lane", "Milton Acorn", "To Warren About Dan & The Georgia Straight", "The Canada Council Poet", "Stan", "Man With Broom", "Spanish Burial", "It Was in the Newspaper", "Saint Matthew via Pasolini", "Executive Line", "SurvivalCourse". II. Cops: "Support Your Local Police", "Mounties", "American Cops ", "The Deathmaker at San Quentin", "The Law, Taken". III. Canadian Scenes:"Forest Fire Summer", "The Sons of Freedom", "1885", "The Old Political Me n", "Goodbye Middlesex County", "The Way I Been Going Lately", "Sir George Computer University", "Election Poem", "Slot", "Sunday Driver", "Time Magazine's Poem", "To Be Sung to an Old Northern Air". IV. Vietnam & Other Wars:"First Line Writ in London, the Rest in Istanbul", "What Happiness Looks L ike", "To My Betrothed on the First Day of WWIII", "The Late News", "What Peace Looks Like", "The Grate Society", "What Hunger Looks Like", "U.S. Asia", "Christmas Carol for a Child of Vietnam", "Malediction of Madam Nhu", "Even Los Angeles", "Ladies & Gentlemen, the President of the United States","Reply to a Rich Uncle", "The Doubts", "The American Bomb", "He's Sinking Fast", "Social Poem for Robert Lindner", "On the Radio". V. Our Other America: "Thousand Souls", "This Man", "Contemporary History", "Militia Man", "The Indians", "The Voices Ignored by the Rich", "The Cloisters", "The Grain Cut by the Peasants", "Coincidence", "DC7B", "Marvelous Chickenshit Country". VI. The Poems of Ed Prato: "Immigrant", "Maple", "Songbird", "The Dead Poets of Vancouver", "Franco P. and Others", "Strange Lady", "Strawberries","Weeds", "Circular", "Myself in the Capital", "He in the Forest", "They Al l Over Mexico", and "No Luggage". Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 15.00

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9 BOWERS, Ray L. KASLER, James H.) Air University Review 26:01, Nov.-Dec. 1974) USAF Airlift and the Airmobility Idea of Vietnam
United States Air Force, 1974, 
BOWERS, Col. Ray L., USAF. USAF Airlift and the Airmobility Idea of Vietnam. An article which was published in the Air University Review Vol. 26, No. 1, Nov.-Dec., 1974, pp. 2-18. (Washington): United States Air Force, 1974. Pp. 95. Illustrated. Double column. 8vo, green illustrated card covers. Also includes Col. James H. Kasler, USAF's "The Hanoi POL Strike", (pp. 19-28). Vg. for the issue 10.00

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10 BOYD, Mary Ethnic Heritage Series Vol. 03 New Pioneers : Ethnicity and the Vietnamese Refugees in Nova Scotia. First Edition.
Saint Mary's University, International Education Centre, Halifax, NS, 1980, 
BOYD, Mary. The New Pioneers : Ethnicity and the Vietnamese Refugees in Nova Scotia. (Halifax, Nova Scotia : Saint Mary's University, International Education Centre, n.d. [1980?]. First Edition. Pp (8),1-39,(1). Map, tables. 8vo, stapled blue card covers. Vol.III in the Ethnic Heritage Series. Contents : The Boat PeopIe - Historical Background - The Colonial Period - EthnoLinguistic Origins - Ethnic Differences: Vietnamese and Ethnic Chinese - C anadian Refugee and Humanitarian Programs - Ethnicity and Language Learning- Refugees in Halifax: A Sampling - Orientation - From Refugee to Citizen. With Notes, Bibliography, Appendices Very good. 14.00

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11 BOYD, Mary Ethnic Heritage Series Vol. 03 New Pioneers : Ethnicity and the Vietnamese Refugees in Nova Scotia. First Edition.
Saint Mary's University, International Education Centre, Halifax, NS, 1980, 
BOYD, Mary. The New Pioneers : Ethnicity and the Vietnamese Refugees in Nova Scotia. (Halifax, Nova Scotia : Saint Mary's University, International Education Centre, n.d. [1980?]. First Edition. Pp (8),1-39,(1). Map, tables. 8vo, stapled blue card covers. Vol.III in the Ethnic Heritage Series. Contents : The Boat PeopIe - Historical Background - The Colonial Period - EthnoLinguistic Origins - Ethnic Differences: Vietnamese and Ethnic Chinese - C anadian Refugee and Humanitarian Programs - Ethnicity and Language Learning- Refugees in Halifax: A Sampling - Orientation - From Refugee to Citizen. With Notes, Bibliography, Appendices Withdrawn inkstamp, else very good. 1 2.50

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12 BRIESMASTER, Allan and Steven Michael BERZENSKY, eds. BERZENSKY, Steven Michael, ed. ROOKE, Leon FETHERLING, George Crossing Lines : Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era. pbk.
Seraphim Editions, Hamilton, ON, 2008, ISBN:9780980887914 
BRIESMASTER, Allan and Steven Michael BERZENSKY, eds. Crossing Lines : Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era . Edited by Allan Briesmaster and Steven Michael Berzensky. (Hamilton, ON): Seraphim Editions, (2008). Pp.(12),13-256. 8vo, illustrated blue, white and red card covers. Includes po etical selections from: Bert Almon, George Amabile, Peter Anson, Rosemary Aubert, Edward Baranosky, Judith Hill Benson, Steven Michael Berzensky, E.D.Blodgett, Michael Boughn, Kent L. Bowman, Ronnie R. Brown, Terry Ann Carte r, Sue Chenette, Jim Christy, James Deahl, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Jim Erkiletian, Guy Ewing, Chris Faiers, George Fetherling, Eric Folsom, Douglas Gary Freeman, Katerina Fretwell, Mark Frutkin, Kim Goldberg, Heidi Greco, Elizabeth Greene, Roger Greenwald, Jeremy Harman, Ernest Hekkanen, Bruce Iserman, Ellen S. Jaffe, Pat Jasper, Michael Lee Johnson, Joseph jones, Ken Klonsky, Daniel M. Kolos, Richard Lemm, Edward Lemond, Alison Lohans, Keith Mailland, Dave Margoshes, Steven McCabe, Gary McCarty, Susan McCaslin, MarianneMicros, Isa Milman,S teve Moore, Wendy Morton, Joe Nickell, Ken Norris, Ba rry N. Olshen, Bud Osborn, Pam Oxendine, Ruth Roach Pierson, Wayne Ray, John Reibetanz, Peter Richardson, Marcia Rodriguez, Leon Rooke, Bernadette Rule, Libby Scheier, Paul Schwartz, Norm Sibum, Ann Sorensen, Ken Stange, Allen Sutterfield, Robert Sward, Rae Marie Taylor, Richard Teleky, Judy Wapp, Sue Wheeler, J. Michael Yates, Liz Zetlin, and Michael Zizis. Very good. 17.50

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13 BROMMELHORSTER, Jörn. PAES, Wolf-Christian. Military as an Economic Actor : Soldiers in Business . First Edition
Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke and New York, 2003, ISBN:0333999282 
BROMMELHORSTER, Jörn and Wolf-Christian PAES, (eds..). The Military as an Economic Actor : Soldiers in Business. (Basingstoke and New York) : PalgraveMacmillan, (2003). First Printing. Pp (4),v-xii,(1),1-223,(5). With many t ables and figures in the text. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine.In the International Political Economy Series. Light wear to cloth, esle v ery good. 60.00 "Armed forces across the globe engage in economic activities both in times of war and peace. This book provides a critical analysis ofthis phenomenon, comparing experiences with 'military business' from four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America). Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the volume shows the implications of 'military business' for civil-military relations, good governance and international development policies". 1. Soldiers in Business: An Introduction by Jörn Brömmelhörster &Wolf-Christian Paes 2. Military Business in Argentina by Thomas Scheetz 3. Soldiers as Businessmen : The Economic Activities of Central America's Mil itaries by Arnoldo Brenes Castro & Kevin Casas Zamora 4. The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Military Business Complex by Tai Ming Cheung 5. The Economicand Commercial Roles of the Vietnam People's Army; C.A.Thayer 6. Trifungsi : The Role of the Indonesian Military in Business by Leslie .McCulloch; 7. Power, Perks, Prestige and Privileges: The Military's Economic Activities in Pakistan by Ayesha Siddiqa-Agha; 8. Praetorians or Profiteers? : The Role of Entrepreneurial Armed forces in Congo - Kinshasa by Wolf-Christian Paes & Timothy M. Shaw ; 9. The Largest European Army in Business: The Case ofRussia; Ksenia Gonchar; 10. Conclusions by Jörn Brömmelhörster & Wolf-Chri stian.Paes With Notes, Bibliography, Index. Light wear to cloth, esle very good. 60.00

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14 BUTLER, John A. Sailing on Friday : The Perilous Voyage of America's Merchant Marine. 1st pr in dj
Brassey's, Washington, 1997, ISBN:1574881248 
BUTLER, John A.. Sailing on Friday : The Perilous Voyage of America's Merchant Marine. Washington, DC: Brassey's, (1997). First Printing. Pp. (i)-xv, [1], 1-287, [1]. Large 8vo, blue cloth. Peake, The United States and the Vietnam War, 1954-1975 : A Selected Annotated Bibliography of English-language Sources, 1096. A retrospect of the role that the United States' merchant marine has played in shaping the people and conflicts of the past. Includedare "accounts of little-noted innovations that had long-lasting effects, d aring ocean rescues, sea battles, the greatest sea lift in world history, and financial gambles that won or lost millions." - from the dj. Very good in dustjacket. 35.00

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15 CABLE, Larry E. Conflict of Myths : The Development of American Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the Vietnam War.
New York University Press, New York and London, 1986, ISBN:0814714013 
CABLE, Larry E. Conflict of Myths : The Development of American Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the Vietnam War. New York and London : New York University Press, 1986. Pp [i]-xiii,(1),[1]-307,(5). Index. 8vo, black cloth, red lettering to spine. Contents : Shadows of Substance : 1. Introduction. 2. The Greek Civil War. 3. South Korea, 1948-1954. 4. The Philippines, 1946-1954. 5. The Malayan Emergency. 6. The Banana Wars, 1915-1934. Totems and Tribal Memories : 7. Selecting and Erecting the Pole. 8. Carving Totems: At theTop and at the Bottom. 9. Tribal Memories. 10. Intrusions and Conclusions. Fetishes That Failed : 11. The COIN of Camelot. 12. Fetishes and Failures. 13. Doctrine of Predestination. 14. Auguries of Janus. Bookplate, underlin ing in black and red throughout, else good in nicked dustjacket. As is. 35.00

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16 CARRISON, Daniel J., Captain United States Navy. 2d pr in dj.
Praeger, 1969, 
CARRISON, Daniel J., Captain. The United States Navy. NY: Frederick A. Praeger, (1969). Second Printing. Pp 262. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth. Praeger Library of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. A Vietnam-era review of the history and organization of the U.S. Navy. Vg in rubbed, torn dj. 28.00

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17 CHEN, King C. Vietnam and China, 1938-1954. First Edition in dustjacket
Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1969, 
CHEN, King C. Vietnam and China, 1938-1954. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1969. First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xv,(3),3-436,(2). 8vo, orange-gold cloth, red lettering to spine. King C. Chen (b. 1926, Fujian, China - d. June 9, 1993, Newark) political scienctist and historian. "Historians will undoubtedly record that no war with a foreign enemy has so divided theUnited States as the war in Vietnam. In the debate on the war, the questio n has often been asked: Why and how did the United States get involved? This is one of the central questions in Professor Chen's book, which describesHo Chi Minh's rise to leadership of the Vietnamese Communist party and his relations with the Nationalists and then the Communists in China. The auth or traces Vietnamese/Chinese relations from 300 B.C., through the French takeover in 1885 and the Chinese revolution of the 1940s to the Geneva Conference in 1954, when the American involvement in Vietnam began. Two chapters are devoted to the negotiations at Geneva and to a comparison of the positions of the United States, North Vietnam, Britain, Communist China, and the Soviet Union. Professor Chen explores the questions: Did the Sino~Vietnamese relationship after World War II assist or hinder the Viet~Minh? Why was the Viet~Minh able to obtain Chinese military aid without inviting massive Chinese intervention, as happened in Korea? What was the Soviet position on the Indochinese war of 1946~1954 and at Geneva? Is there any difference between Vietnam's relations with the weak Nationalist China of the 1940s and those with the powerful Communist regime of the 1950s? In Taiwan Professor Chen obtained access to a large collection of unpublished Chinese official and private documents concerning Sino~Vietnamese relations during the period1940 to 1950. In addition to this material, he makes use of interviews and correspondence with North Vietnamese and Nationalist Chinese officials act ive during the 1930s and the Second World War, supplemented by Vietnamese and Chinese publications and monitored radio broadcasts from party~controlled stations." - from the dj. Chapters : 1. The Background; 2. Ho Chi Minh inChina, 1938-1945; 3. The Birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and t he Chinese Occupation, 1945-1946; 4. Chinese Influence : Decrease and Increase, 1946-1949; 5. A Chinese Revolutionary Model for Vietnam, 1950-1954; 6.The Geneva Settlement, 1954; 7. Epilogue: Peking, Hanoi, and a New Peace f or Vietnam. Appendices: I. Poems from Prison Diary by Ho Chi Minh; II. Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam; III. Treaty, Agreement and Exchange of Notes between the Republic of France and China,1946; IV. Geneva Agreements. With bibliography and index. Name on inside f ront cover, else very good in spine-sunned and lightly marked price-clippeddustjacket. 55.00

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18 COLE, Ronald H., Walter S. POOLE, James F. SCHNABEL, Robert J. WATSON, and WEBB, Willard J. History of the Unified Command Plan 1946-1993. First Edition
Joint History Office, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C., 1995, 
COLE, Ronald H., Walter S. POOLE, James F. SCHNABEL, Robert J. WATSON, and Willard J. WEBB. The History of the Unified Command Plan 1946-1993. Washington, D.C.: Joint History Office, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefsof Staff, (1995). First Edition. Pp (4),v-vii,(1),[1]-154,(6). Map. Index. 4to, purple-trimmed white card covers, lettered in black. Contents : Forew ord; Overview; Part One : 1946 - 1977 : Origins in World War II; The First Unified Command Plan, 1946; Establishment of CINCFE, CINCPAC, CINCAL, CINCEUR; Establishment of CINCLANT; Developments in 1948; Establishment of Northeast Command; Command Changes in the European Theater, 1949-1952; Clarifying Responsibilities of Unified Commanders, 1950; Command in the Far East during the Korean War; Interim Revision of the UCP, 1952-1953; DOD Reorganization, 1953: Change in the Executive Agent System; Establishment of Air ForceComponent for CINCPAC; Establishment of Continental Air Defense Command; T he Unified Command Plan, 1955; Changes in Terms of Reference for CONAD; Reorganization in 1956: Abolition of CINCFE; Establishment of CINCNORAD; Alteration of CINCONAD's Status; DOD Reorganization, 1958; The Revised Unified Command Plan, 1961; Refining Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Responsibilities; CINCLANT's Assumption of African Tasks; Command Changes for Cuban Operations; Establishment of Strike Command; Altered Arrangements for the MiddleEast and Africa; Redesignation of CARIBCOM as USSOUTHCOM; Assigning CONAD to Defend against Space Systems; Command Relations in the Vietnam War; Developments in the Late 1960s; Blue Ribbon Panel Consideration of the Unified Command System; The Unified Command Plan, 1971; 1974-1975 Review; Adjustment in the PACOM Boundary; Designation of MAC as a Specified Command; Notes. Part Two : 1977-1983 : Requirement for a Biennial Review; Air Defense of the Panama Canal, 1978; Sub-Saharan Africa, 1976-1978; Rapid Deployment JointTask Force, 1977-1979; The Middle East and the First Biennial Review, 1980 ; The Caribbean Basin and the First Biennial Review, 1980-1981; The Transition from RDJTF to USCENTCOM, 1981-1982; The 1982 Biennial Review; The New Unified Command Plan, 1983; Notes. Part Three : 1983-1993 : Setting Up US Space Command; Readjusting for a Special Operations Command; The Evolution ofUSTRANSCOM; Debating Smaller Adjustments, 1983-1990; Adapting to a New Wor ld Order; Strategic Command: An Easy Change; Expanding the Atlantic Command; Conclusion; Notes. Appendix I. Dates Unified and Specified Commands Established Under the Unified Command Plan; Appendix II. Unified Command Plans; Appendix III. Chronological Listing of Presidents of the United States, Secretaries of Defense, and Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Appendix IV. Membership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Appendix V. Glossary of Abbreviations. Very good. 30.00

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19 COOLING, B. Franklin SCHROEDER, Paul THOMPSON, W. Scott Naval War College Review XXVII, No. 5/Sequence Number 254 March/April 197 Formative Years of the Naval-Industrial Complex: Their Meaning for Studies of Institutions Today.
Naval War College Review, 1975, 
COOLING, B. Franklin, Dr. "Formative Years of the Naval-Industrial Complex:Their Meaning for Studies of Institutions Today." An article in Naval War College Review, XXVII, No. 5/Sequence Number 254 March/April 1975, pp. 53-62. Newport, R.I.: Naval War College Review, 1975. Pp. 82. Illustrated; double column. 8vo, illustrated card covers. Also: "The Role of the Press in anOpen Society" by Philip Geyelin; "John Foster Dulles: The Policy Behind th e Myth" by Professor Philip A. Crowl; "The Balance of Power System in Europe, 1815-1871" by Professor Paul Schroeder; "Manpower Planning and Resource Allocation in Defense: Some Issues" by Lieutenant Commander Rolf H. Clark, USN [and] Robert A. Comerford; "Lessons from the French in Vietnam" by Dr. W. Scott Thompson; "Lincoln and the Strategy of Union" by Professor Craig L. Symonds; "War Gaming: Third Generation" by Lieutenant Commander Abe Greenberg, USN; and others. Chipped near head of spine, front inner hinge starting, ow vg. 7.50

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20 COONTS, Stephen. Intruders. First edition in dustjacket.
Pocket Books, New York, 1994, ISBN:0671870602 
COONTS, Stephen. The Intruders. First edition. New York : Pocket Books, (1994). Pp. (8), 1-344. Blue cloth spine with light blue paper covered boards."1973. The skies over Vietnam have finally gone silent. America has pulled out, the war is over. But for Lieutenant Jake Grafton, USN, fresh from two combat cruises and a harrowing shoot-down over Laos, the personal battle i s just beginning. His country has not welcomed him home with open arms, butwith closed minds and closed fists. When his girlfriend's father called hi m a murderer, Jake walked away. But when a stranger in a bar challenged hishonor, the man was not so lucky - the guy landed in the hospital. Jake lan ded in jail. And Grafton's shore-duty commander, who bailed him out, has devised the perfect punishment for his ace flight instructor: and eight-monthcruise on the aircraft carrier Columbia teaching jarheads - Marines - the nuances of carrier aviation. Flying missions over Vietnam was a living hell; now, as a Navy man working side by side with Marines who have no carrier aviation experience, Grafton's about to discover another world of fresh hell....The Intruders captures as never before the raw fear and exhilaration of military aviation. It is the extraordinary story of peacetime warriors who are never truly at peace: men who run on instinct and adrenaline, whose only target is the horizon and whose only goals are excellence - and survival." -- from dust jacket. Very good in unclipped dust jacket. 15.00

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