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Annual Register or a View of the History, Politicks Politics and Literaturefor the Years  : 1758 to 1808, Annual Register BURKE, Edmund
1 Annual Register BURKE, Edmund Annual Register or a View of the History, Politicks Politics and Literaturefor the Years : 1758 to 1808
Dodsley and others, London, 1758, 
Annual Register . Annual Register or a View of the History, Politicks / Politics and Literature for the Year. London
The Annual Register (originally subtitled "A View of the History, Politicks and Literature of the Year ... ") is a long-established reference work, written and published each year, which records and analyses the year’s major events, developments and trends throughout the world.
It was first written in 1758 under the editorship of Edmund Burke. This collection contains much on the wars and revolutions of the eighteenth century, as well as chronicling development in most spheres of endeavour.
"The Annual Register was created in 1758 by the publishers James and Robert Dodsley. On 24 April 1758 the Dodsley brothers signed a contract with Edmund Burke (1729–97) to write and edit the material for The Annual Register, which was conceived as an annual publication which would review the history, politics and literature of the day.
Born in Ireland, Burke had trained as a lawyer before abandoning this field and turning to writing. He was an up-and-coming member of the intelligentsia and had already written several notable works, published by Dodsley. According to his contract with Dodsley, Burke was paid £100 per annum as editor of The Annual Register. In its original form, The Annual Register comprised a long historical essay on the “History of the Present War” (the Seven Years' War 1756–63), a Chronology, which gave an account of interesting and noteworthy events in Britain over the previous year, and a collection of “State Papers”, a miscellany of primary source material which included official documents, speeches,letters and accounts. In his preface to the 1758 volume Burke noted the difficulties he had faced in writing the history section of the book. Taking the “broken and unconnected materials” and creating from them “one connected narrative” had been, he commented, “a work of more labour than may at first appear”. Nevertheless, his perseverance and skill as an historian meant that by the time of its publication the first volume of The Annual Register contained a unique, contemporaneous account of the war, analysing its origins and development with a perspective not readily available at the time in newspapers or magazines. As a result the book sold widely, with the first volume going through five editions in its first 10 years. Given the conventions of the day, within which journalism was seen as a disreputable profession for a gentleman, Burke was publicly reticent about his connection with The Annual Register. However, his biographers are in agreement that Burke wrote and edited the book single-handedly until 1765 when he entered Parliament. From this time Thomas English was closely involved in writing the book and is regarded by some authorities as having taken over the editorship from Burke in that year. Scholars are divided on the question of Burke’s association with the book thereafter, although many suggest that he continued to contribute to the history section and that he played a significant role in overseeing The Annual Register’s compilation until the 1790s, even though much of the editorial work by this stage was being done by others."

See William B. Todd's A Bibliography of Edmund Burke, (2nd ed., 1982) pp.45-68, for Burke’s involvement with the Annual Register.

1. [...] for the Year 1758.Second Edition, 1761.
2. [...] for the Year 1759. Fifth Edition, 1769.
3. [...] for the Year 1760. Fourth Edition, 1767.
4. [...] for the Year 1761. Third Edition, 1772.
5. [...] for the Year 1762. Second Edition, 1766.

6. [...] for the Year 1763. Third Edition, 1768. Has four folding maps including "New Map of the British Dominions in North America" by Kitchin. The first map showing Canada and Florida as parts of the British Empire.

7. [...] for the Year 1764. First Edition, 1765.
8. [...] for the Year 1765. First Edition, 1766.
9. [...] for the Year 1766. Second Edition, 1772.
10. [...] for the Year 1767. Second Edition, 1772.
11. [...] for the Year 1768. First Edition, 1768.
12. [...] for the Year 1769. First Edition, 1770.
13. [...] for the Year 1770. First Edition, 1771.
14. [...] for the Year 1771. First Edition, 1772.
15. [...] for the Year 1772. Third Edition, 1780.
16. [...] for the Year 1773. Third Edition, 1780.
17. [...] for the Year 1774. Second Edition, 1778.
18. [...] for the Year 1775. Third Edition, 1780.

19. [...] for the Year 1776. First Edition, 1777. Importantly this volume of the Annual Register is a first edition as the American Declaration of Independence appears here on pp.261-270, said to be its earliest printing in book form. It is in a section on State Papers, headed "Reasons assigned by the Continental Congress, for the North-American Colonies and Provinces withdrawing their allegiance to the King of Great-Britain."

20. [...] for the Year 1777. Fifth Edition, 1805.
21. [...] for the Year 1778. Third Edition, 1786.
22. [...] for the Year 1779. Fourth Edition, 1802.
23. [...] for the Year 1780. First Edition, 1781.
24. [...] for the Year 1781. Third Edition, 1800.
25. [...] for the Year 1782. Third Edition, 1800.
26. [...] for the Year 1783. Second Edition, 1800.
27. [...] for the Year 1784 and 1785. Second Edition, 1800.
28. [...] for the Year 1786. First Edition, 1788.
29. [...] for the Year 1787. Second Edition, 1789.
30. [...] for the Year 1788. Second Edition,1790.
31. [...] for the Year 1789. First Edition, 1792.
32. [...] for the Year 1790. ? Edition, .
33. [...] for the Year 1791. First Edition ?, n.d.
34. [...] for the Year 1792. First Edition ?, 1799
35. [...] for the Year 1793. First Edition ?, n.d.
36. [...] for the Year 1794. Second Edition, 1806.
38. [...] for the Year 1796. First Edition, 1800.
39. [...] for the Year 1797. Second Edition, 1807.
40. [...] for the Year 1798. Second Edition, 1 806.
41. [...] for the Year 1799. First Edition, 1801.
42. [...] for the Year 1800. First Edition, 1801.
43. [...] for the Year 1801. First Edition, 1802.
44. [...] for the Year 1802. First Edition, 1803.
45. [...] for the Year 1803. First Edition, 1805.
46. [...] for the Year 1804. First Edition, 1806.
47. [...] for the Year 1805. First Edition, 1807.
48. [...] for the Year 1806. First Edition, 1808.
50. [...] for the Year 1808. First Edition, 1810.

With Index volume for 1758-1780, First Edition, 1783.
All but four are leather bound, some with leather boards, some not. A few have loose boards , one is missing boards, title page and first two pages. Wear to sides of some volumes. Vols 23,31,41 - modern buckram.

For the collection. 7,500.00

Price: 7500.00 CDN
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2 ATWOOD, Margaret) FRYE, Northrop Acta Victoriana, Vol. 84, No. 1, December, 1959
Victoria College Union, Toronto, 1959, 1959 
(ATWOOD, Margaret). Acta Victoriana : A Magazine Published by the Victoria College Union, Volume LXXIV [sic], Number One, December, 1959. (Toronto) : Victoria College Union, (University of Toronto), 1959. Pp (1),iv-vii,1-26,(3). 8vo, maroon and white stapled wrappers.

The title page erroneously lists the issue as Volume LXXIV [74]. It should be LXXXIV [84].

Includes an early poem and a book review by Margaret Atwood : "Confessional" (a 13-line poem on page 8) [Alan J. Horne, Margaret Atwood : An Annotated Bibliography (Poetry), B7]; and "Apocalyptic Squawk from a Splendid Auk" (a review of George Johnston's book of poetry "The Cruising Auk", on pp 25-26) [Alan J. Horne, Margaret Atwood : An Annotated Bibliography (Prose), B28].

Also in this issue : "Students Welcome on the Occasion of the Installation of Principal Northrop Frye" by Stewart Bell (p. 13) [Denham, Northrop Fry: An Annotated Bibliography P47]; and "Installation Address" by Northrop Frye (pp 14-24) [see Denham Northrop Fry: An Annotated Bibliography C2 and I9].

Covers browned, sunned and edges chipped, staples rusted, pen marks to Frye Installation Address, else good. 100.00

Price: 100.00 CDN
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Naturalist on the River Amazons, A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals,Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature under the Equ ator, during Eleven Years of Travel.  First Edition, original cloth., BATES, Henry Walter
3 BATES, Henry Walter Naturalist on the River Amazons, A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals,Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature under the Equ ator, during Eleven Years of Travel. First Edition, original cloth.
John Murray, London, 1863, 1863 
BATES, Henry Walter. The Naturalist on the River Amazons, A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature under the Equator, during Eleven Years of Travel. IN TWO VOLUMES. London: John Murray, 1863. First Printing. I: Pp. (2),[iii]-viii,(2),[1]-351,(1), frontispiece, folding map at rear, + 4 leaves of black and white plates, including 12 engravings; II: Pp. (2),[iii]-vi,[1]-423,(1), frontispiece, + 3 leaves of plates (1 of which is in facsimile), including 20 engravings. Illustrated. 8vo, original publisher's pebbled green cloth with gilt lettering to spines, all edges stained red.
Henry Walter Bates, b. February 8, 1825, Leicester; d. February 16, 1892, London), was an important mid-century English naturalist, whose main contributions centred around mimicry in the animal kingdom.

"The Naturalist on the River Amazons" was so important and highly regarded upon its publication, that Charles Darwin dubbed it to be among the best books of natural history travel-writing ever publishing in England.

"In the autumn of 1847 Mr. A.[lfred] R.[ussell] Wallace, who has since acquired wide fame in connection with the Darwinian theory of Natural Selection, proposed to me a joint expedition to the river Amazons, for the purpose of exploring the Natural History of its banks; the plan being to make for ourselves a collection of objects, dispose of the duplicates in London to pay expenses, and gather facts, as Mr. Wallace expressed it in one his letters, 'towards solving the problem of the origin of species'. [...] My companion left the country at the end of four years; [...] I remained seven years longer, returning home in July, 1959. [...] The part of the Amazons region where I resided longest being unexplored country to the Naturalist, no less than 8000 of the species here enumerated were new to science."- from the preface.

Spines of original cloth rebacked, new endpapers, plate opposite II-265 "Turtle-Fishing and Adventure with Alligator" missing (but replaced with a facsimile tipped in), repair to fold of folding map at rear of first volume, a couple instances of marginal smudging, else a very good, tidy set. 2,800.00

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Blacker's Art of Fly Making, &c., Comprising Anglng & Dyeing of Colours, With Engravings of Salmon & Trout Flies shewing the rocess of the gentle craft as taught in the pages. With descriptions of flies for the season of the year as they come out on the, BLACKER, William
4 BLACKER, William Blacker's Art of Fly Making, &c., Comprising Anglng & Dyeing of Colours, With Engravings of Salmon & Trout Flies shewing the rocess of the gentle craft as taught in the pages. With descriptions of flies for the season of the year as they come out on the
William Blacker, Fishing Tackle Maker, London, 1855, 1855 
BLACKER, [William]. Blacker's Art of Fly Making, &c., Comprising Anglng & Dyeing of Colours, With Engravings of Salmon & Trout Flies shewing the process of the gentle craft as taught in the pages. With descriptions of flies for the season of the year as they come out on the water. Rewritten & Revised by the author Blacker, himself. London : [William Blacker] Fishing Tackle Maker, 1855. Third Edition [early issue without the reviews]. Pp [i]-xi,(1),1-259,(1), frontispiece + engraved title page + 20 plates (mostly coloured). Each plate faces a corresponding blank leaf. 8vo, original green pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine, new endpapers.

Westwood & Satchell, Bibliotheca Piscatoria p.33; Hand, A Bookman's Guide to Hunting, Shooting, Angling, and Related Subjects B337.

"William Blacker (the Irish man who operated a tackle shop as 54 Dean Street, Soho, London) was acknowledged as one of the best trout and salmon fly dressers of his day. His fly dressing methods are described and illustrated in his book the Art of Fly Making, which first appeared in 1842 and was reissued in 1843 and again in 1855." (Alec Jackson in the The American Fly Fisher, 1982).

Contents :
The Art of Fly Making;
An Easy Method to make the Trout Fly;
An Easy Method of making a Plain Salmon Fly;
To make the Trout Fly, in the best and most approved method;
To make the Palmer, or Double-Hackle Fly;
How to make the Salmon Fly, as shown in the Beautiful Plate of Engravings on Salmon Hooks;
Process of making the Gaudy Salmon Fly;
To make the Winged Larva;
A Catechism of Fly-Making;
The Trout Flies for the Season;
Flies for March;
Flies for April;
Flies for May; Flies for June;
Flies for July;
Flies for August;
Fishing Rods and Fly Fishing;
Fly Fishing for Salmon;
An Account of the Salmon, and its Varieties;
The Salmon Fry;
A Description of the Fifteen Salmon Flies Engraved in the Plates;
Spring Flies;
Salmon Rivers;
The River Tweed;
The River Shannon;
The Lakes of Clare;
The Lakes of Killarney;
Lough Curran, Waterville;
Connamara and Ballynahinch;
The Rivers Bush and Bann;
The River Bann; Lakes of Westmeath;
The River Lee, at Cork;
Salmon Rivers in Scotland;
The River Tay;
The Dee and Don;
The River Spey;
The Findhorn;
Rivers and Lakes adjacent to Fort William, on the Caledonian Canal;
Salmon Flies for Fort William, &c;
Salmon Flies for the Ness;
The River Shin;
The River Thurso;
The River Esk;
Loch Leven;
The River Allan;
Loch Awe and River;
The Rivers Irvine, Girvan, and Stincher, in Ayrshire;
Rivers of Wales.—The Conway;
The River Dovey;
The River Tivey;
The Wye, Monmouth;
The River Severn;
The Trent;
Rivers of York and Derby;
The Hodder;
Rivers of Derby;
The Rivers Wandle and Coin;
Bait Fishing.
The River Thames;
Gudgeons and Minnows;
The Art of Dyeing Fishing Colours;
To Dye Yellow;
To Dye Brown;
To Dye a Yellow-Brown;
To Dye Blue;
To Dye Red;
To Dye Orange;
To Dye Purple or Violet;
To Dye Crimson;
To Dye Scarlet;
Crimson Red in Grain;
To Dye Green Drake Feathers and Fur;
To Dye Claret;
Another way to Dye Claret;
To Dye Black;
To Dye Greens of various Shades;
To Dye Lavender or Slate Dun, &c;
A Silver Grey;
A Coffee or Chesnut;
To Dye Olives and a Mixture of Colours ;
A Concise way of Dyeing Colours;
The Materials necessary for Artificial Fly Making.

Rebound with original cloth and new endpapers, cloth rubbed, wear to spine and edges, light circular stain to front board, corners bumped, a few plates have light and tidy pencil captions by previous owner else very good with bright colours in the plates. 1,800.00

Price: 1800.00 CDN
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Therese, Philosophe, avec l'Histoire de Madame Bois-Laurier. Tome Premier: Therese, Philosophe, ou, Memoires Pour servir a l'Histoire de D. Dirrag, etde mademoiselle Eradice, BOYER, Jean-Baptiste de, Marquis d'Argens]
5 BOYER, Jean-Baptiste de, Marquis d'Argens] Therese, Philosophe, avec l'Histoire de Madame Bois-Laurier. Tome Premier: Therese, Philosophe, ou, Memoires Pour servir a l'Histoire de D. Dirrag, etde mademoiselle Eradice
Londres, 1785, 
[BOYER, Jean-Baptiste de, Marquis d'Argens, attributed to]. Thérèse, Philosophe, avec l'Histoire de Madame Bois-Laurier. Tome Premier: Thérèse, Philosophe, ou, Memoires Pour servir à l'Histoire de D. Dirrag, et de mademoiselle Eradice. Nouvelle Édition, ornée de vingt Figures. A Londres:, MDCCLXXXV [1785]. Pp. (6),[5]-131,(5), frontispiece, + 5 leaves of plates. Illustrated. Small 8vo, rebound in full brown calf with marbled Michallet endpapers, yellow and blue headbands, three gilt tooled borders to boards, giltdecoration, gilt lettering, and five raised bands to spine, top edge gilt, two gilt-tooled band dentelles, elaborate gilt decoration inside boards. I ncluding the frontispiece, the other five plates present are opposite pages14, 38, 48, 68, and 91. Originally published in 1748, and attributed to Je an-Baptiste de Boyer (b. June 24, 1704, d. January 11, 1771), "Thérèse, Philosophe" is an erotic novel about a young bourgeois woman's sexual awakening after entering a convent. In this first volume, Thérèse voyeuristically witnesses inappropriate sexual liaisons between her fellow student, Eradice,and one Father Dirrag (whom Thérèse is also under the tutelege of). It was modelled after the 1730 trial of student Catherine Cadiere [anagram: Eradi ce], who was sentenced to death in 1731 (but was given an acquittal), who was involved in a similar illicit relationship with a Jesuit priest, Jean-Baptiste Girard [anagram: Dirrag]. A very good, tight, smartly-rebound copy. Scarce. 1,250.00

Price: 1250.00 CDN
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6 BRINDLE, Sapper Walter. France & Flanders : Four Years Experience Told in Poem & Story
S.K. Smith, Sackville, NB, 1919, 
BRINDLE, Sapper W[alter]. France & Flanders : Four Years Experience Told in Poem & Story. With Souvenir Photographs of the Visit of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales to St.John, New Brunswick, August 15, 1919. St.John, N.B.: S.K. Smith, (1919). Pp (16),1-84,(4),frontispiece + 7 plates, all with captioned tissue guards. 8vo, green cloth with black decoration and lettering to front board, blank spine.
Title page has the ampersand, while the front cover has France and Flanders

Tennyson, The Canadian Experience of the Great War : A Guide to Memoirs 396, Watters p.25, Rhodenizer p.958.
"His verse may not always follow the rule of metre, but requires no apologist. The war, it has been said, failed signally to produce any great poems, with one or two striking exceptions, and these which follow in the pages of this book, many of them written on the battlefield within range of the enemy guns, have at least the virtue of being an attempt at portrayal of actual war scenes as witnessed by a grizzeled veteran doing his duty from day by day rather than mere poetic flights of fancy. [...] As for the prose, it deals with the accomplishments of the Canadian Overseas Rail way Construction Corps and the writer has performed a valuable service in thus putting on record the achievements of a unit which trained in St. John and which took such an important part in the winning of the war from the broad standpoint of the Allied cause." - from the publisher's preface.
Contents: 1. Fighting Myself; 2. Training and Work in England; 3. Our Corps; 4. Off to France; 5. Meeting Old Friends; 6. What Happened in Bergues; 7. On the Move; 8. Huns Driven Back; 9. Useless Destruction; 10. Peace and Plenty; 11. A Stirring Sight and After; 12. Sammy Puts One Over; 13. The Push; 14. The Huns' Worst; 15. Marking Time; 16. Canadians at Play and Work.
Some light bumping to spine ends, else a very good, tight copy. 75.00

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Mountain and the Valley.  First Edition in dustjacket, Signed, BUCKLER, Ernest
7 BUCKLER, Ernest Mountain and the Valley. First Edition in dustjacket, Signed
Henry Holt and Company, New York , 1952, 1952 
BUCKLER, Ernest. The Mountain and the Valley. New York : Henry Holt and Company, (1952). First Edition. Pp (10),1-373,(1). 8vo, light blue cloth, red top stain. Orange, Ernest Buckler: An Annotated Bibliography A1, Watters p.253, Laugher p.65, Rhodenizer p.788.

His first novel. "The publishers are honored to present in Ernest Buckler's The Mountain and the Valley a novel they believe to be of true literary distinction. This is a story of farm people in Nova Scotia, their dignity and their love and their loneliness. More specifically it is about the Canaan family - Grandmother Ellen, who lives increasingly in the fabric of her memories; her son Joseph, a quiet man but a firm one; his wife Martha, whose sense of fulfillment and harmony vanishes in flare-ups of jealousy; and their children, Chris and Anna. But mostly it is about David Canaan, Anna's devoted twin. The Mountain and the Valley is David's story in the years from shy, sensitive childhood to the waning of young manhood.

"We meet the village boys from whom David always feels a separateness, and Effie, his first and only love, prematurely known and lost too early. There is Effie's mother, Bess, with whom David finds a guilty k ind of solace, and Toby, the city boy from Halifax, David's pen-pal who become a disappointment to David, but not to Anna. We know David's wild dissatisfaction with the farm life, with the pig-sticking, and the rock-hauling, and a calm that he thinks stupidity, and as a counterpoise, his a binding love for the people close to him, for the farm and the woods, the mountain and the valley.

Here at last - there has not been one for years - is a rich novel that creates farm people as they are, as dignified and complex, as truly sophisticated as any city dwellers. Seldom does a first novel bear comparison with writings as distinguished as Willa Cather's My Antonia, O.E. Rölvaag's Giants in the Earth, and H.L. Davis' Honey in the Horn. But The Mountain and the Valley, written by a man mature both in experience and in years, belongs in the great tradition of these novels about the earth and the people who wrest their living from it. It is told with love and generosity, with memorable detail and a feeling for imagery that has rarely been excelled." - from the dj flaps.

Some yellow spotting to front board, else very good in edgeworn and browned un-clipped dustjacket with some surface damage. Signed by Buckler, without inscription, to front free endpaper. A scarce signed copy. 900.00

Price: 900.00 CDN
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Auto Da Fe. First American Edition in dustjacket., CANETTI, Elias. WEDGWOOD, C.V., trans.
8 CANETTI, Elias. WEDGWOOD, C.V., trans. Auto Da Fe. First American Edition in dustjacket.
Stein & Day, New York, 1964, 
CANETTI, Elias. Auto da Fé. Translated from the German under the personal supervision of the author by C.V. Wedgwood. New York : Stein and Day Publishers, (©1946, but ca.1964). Pp. (4),5- 464. 8vo, black cloth spine, red boards, top edge dyed red, gilt lettering to spine. Winner of the Prix International. Elias Canetti (b. July 25, 1905 – d. August 14, 1994) was a German language author, born in Ruse, Bulgaria, and later a British citizen. Winnerof the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981. "The story of a man to whom book s mean more than anything else in the world, a distinguished scholar whose delicately balanced mind gradually disintegrates. With an arresting imagination, insight, and a good variety of incident, Canetti discloses the elemnts of Peter Kien's mind that eventually lead to his destruction. Kien is caught between his illiterate and grasping housekeeper and his brutish concierge. He is forced out of the isolation of his treasured library into the underworld of a city where his guide is a dwarf of unimaginable evil. In 'Auto-da-fe', Elias Canetti has writen an absorbing novel with immense vitality,powerful characterization, and robust humor." - from the dustjacket. Small penned name on flyleaf, very top of spine sunned, else very good in lightl y nicked, unclipped dustjacket with small square inch section torn from topof rear dustjacket panel. 65.00

Price: 65.00 CDN
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Sharpe's Trafalgar : Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805.  Signed, Limited Edition, CORNWELL, Bernard PRATCHETT, Terry.
9 CORNWELL, Bernard PRATCHETT, Terry. Sharpe's Trafalgar : Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805. Signed, Limited Edition
Scorpion Press, 1999, 1999 1873567464 / 9781873567463 
CORNWELL, Bernard. Sharpe's Trafalgar : Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805. With an Appreciation by Terry Pratchett. Blakney, Gloucester: Scorpion Press, (1999). Limited, Numbered Edition. Pp (6),1-[277],(1). 8vo, ¼ maroon leather spine with marbled boards, gilt lettering to spine.

Bernard Cornwell, OBE (b. February 23, 1944, London).

The earthy, powder-stained adventures of Ensign Sharpe on England's most glorious day.

Fine in mylar wrapper. One of a special limited edition of 99 copies, signed by Cornwell. 260.00

Price: 260.00 CDN
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Le Bon Usage du The, du Caffe, et du Chocolat, pour la Preservation & pour la guerison des Maladies, DE BLEGNY, Mr. [Nicolas]
10 DE BLEGNY, Mr. [Nicolas] Le Bon Usage du The, du Caffe, et du Chocolat, pour la Preservation & pour la guerison des Maladies
Thomas Amaulry, Lyon, 1687, 1687 
DE BLÉGNY, Mr. [Nicolas]. Le Bon Usage du Thé, du Caffé, et du Chocolat, pour la Preservation & pour la guerison des Maladies. Par Mr de Blegny, Conseiller, Medecin Artiste ordinaire du Roy & de Monsieur, & préposé par ordre de Sa Majesté, à la Recherche & Verification des nouvelles découvertes de Medecine. Lyon: chez Thomas Amaulry, rue Merciere, au Mercure Galant, avec Privilege du Roy, MDCLXXXVII [1687]. First (and only) edition, Lyon issue. Pp. (4),i-[xx],1-120,131-226,219-357,(5), frontispiece, including 13 pages of engraved illustrations. [Pagination errors in printing DO NOT result in loss of any text, nor any duplication of text]. Illustrated. Plates by Jean Hainzelman, while the frontispiece is by Bouchet. Small 8vo, rebound in early-twentieth-century brown cloth with new endpapers and pastedowns, gilt lettering to spine (reading "De Blegny / Le Bon / Usage / du Thé / [incorrectly dated] 1587"), all edges faintly red-specked.

A thorough, early examination of the gastronomical and medical benefits of tea, coffee, and chocolate.

[Nicolas] de Blégny, 1652-1722, was a court physician who was zealous in espousing the virtues of coffee as a cure-to-all-maladies.

Première Partie: Traitant de la Nature, des proprietés & de l'usage du Thé (pp. 1-86):
1. De la forme exterieure du Thé, des lieux où on le cultive, & de ses differentes dénominations;
2. Du choix & des differens prix du Thé;
3. Del a nature particuliere du Thé;
4. Des differentes manieres de prendre le Thé;
5. des vertus particulieres du Thé; 6. Du Sirop du Thé febrifuge.

Seconde Partie: Traitant de la nature, des proprietés, & du bon usage du Caffé (pp. 87-191):
1. Des lieux où on cultive le Caffé, de la forme, & de ses differentes denominations;
2. De la nature du Caffé;
3. Du choix, de la torre-faction, & du prix de la graine de Caffé;
4. Du choix, de la preparation, & du prix de la poudre ou farine de Caffé;
5. De la preparation de la teinture ou boisson de Caffé, & de son usage en general;
6. Des preparations medecinales du Caffé;
7. Des proprietés particulaires de la boisson du Caffé.

Troisième Partie: Traitant de la nature, des proprietésm & du bon usage du Chocolat (pp. 192-300):
1. Du Chocolat en general;
2. Du Cacao, & du Sucre en particulier;
3. Des ingrediens que les Americains ajoûtoient au Sucre, & au Cacao, dans la composition de leur Chocolat, avant la découverte de leurcontinent;
4. De la reformation du formulaire des Indiens touchant la coposition du Chocolat;
5. De la composition du Chocolat;
6. De la sophistication du choix, de la conservation, & du prix du Chocolat;
7. De la boisson oubreuvage du Chocolat;
8. Des proprietés du Chocolat;
9. Du Sirop de Vanilles;
10. Du Chocolat Anti-venerien.

Quatrième Partie: Contenant l'explicatiom des Figures comprises dans les parties precedentes, & quelques remarques sur des singularitez de nouvelle invention, relatives au mêmes sujet (pp.301-357):
1. Des Figures de la première Partie;
2. Des Figures de la seconde Partie;
3. Des Figures de la troisième Partie;
4. Des marchandises qui sontactuellement dispensées par les Artistes au Laboritoire Royal des quatre nations;
5. Des Cassolettes Royalles nouvellement inventées par l'Autheur.
Text in French.

Ex-libris Montreal collector Albert G. Nicholls.
Very faint dampstain to head of gutter of pp. 25-48, some browning to leaves, a couple of dark spots to text, else a very good copy. Scarce. 3,800.00

Price: 3800.00 CDN
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Letter written in Halifax, Nova Scotia by  Prince Edward, Duke of Kent to Major Thomas Charleton in St. John's Newfoundland., Duke of Kent
11 Duke of Kent Letter written in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent to Major Thomas Charleton in St. John's Newfoundland.
Duke of Kent. A Letter written in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent to Major Thomas Charleton. in St. John's Newfoundland. Edward, Duke of Kent, (b. November 2, 1767 – d. January 23, 1820) was the fourth sonof King George III of the United Kingdom and the father of Queen Victoria. The letter is written on three pages on a sheet of foolscap folded. The pa per sheet has the watermark "GR. 1794". ------------ Halifax 22 July 1797 Dear Sir I do myself the pleasure of acknowledging your letter of 21st M ay, enclosing the Monthly Returns of the Royal Artillery up to the 1st of that month, received on the 10th ditto. also your letter of 25th June by thehands of M. General Ogilvie, which together with that of the 7th July by the Surprise Frigate, arrived here the 15th Inst. I am infinitely oblidged by your promises of assistance to any recruiting party I may send to Newfoundland It is [my] -------------- my intention at present to order one there sometime in the month of September as we are upwards of thirty men short of compliment. With respect to 2d gunner Thos. Hughes of your company, the explanation you give of the circum- stance is perfectly satisfactory, & I am of opinion that unless you should receive from the Master General an account of His Majesty having been pleased to pardon him, previous to the next man of war sailing for England it is your duty to apply for a passage for him by that occasion, & send him pursuant to his sentence, a prisoner tothe ]???]. I think your arrangement of the Command at [2] -------------- Placentia has been perfectly judicious as the more forces you can collect at St. John's, the beter it cetainly will be. I have nothing further to add but my thanks for the very elegant drawing you were so good as to send me, by the hands of Captain Prevost. I shall preserve it most carefully, & amextremely gratified by this specimen of your talents as a draughtsman. I r emain with sincere regard, your devoted & most humble servant Edward MajorCharlton Lieut. General [3] -------------- verso docket: His Royal Highn ess The Duke of Kent letter 22 July 1797 ---------- Charleton had been in favour of pardoning Second gunner Thomas Hughes . The letter is is in very good condition with faint discolouration to the short sides of the foolscapsheet. 7,500.00

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Autographed Musical Score for Of Thee I Sing.  Autograph signed, GERSHWIN, George.
12 GERSHWIN, George. Autographed Musical Score for Of Thee I Sing. Autograph signed
GERSHWIN, George. Autographed Musical Score for “Of Thee I Sing”. Copyrightby the New World Corporation, N.Y., 1932. Original printed first edition m anuscript of the play produced by Sam H. Harris; music by George Gershwin; lyrics by Ira Gershwin; book by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind. 198 pages of printed music with handwritten annotations in another hand. . With the title-page detached and cut-down from the binding. Inscribed in pen andink with dedication to the Musical Director : ”To Eugene Fuerst with the b est wishes for his success” signed and dated : “George Gershwin Apr. 1932”.Contained in an unmarked envelope inscribed variously in pencil : “Eugene Fuerst / Gershwin, George / Of Thee I Sing / Autographed by Composer / Friends (in a circle) / Michael Good.” The title-page matted separately. Overall 12 x 8.75 inches (30.5 x 22,2 cm); Title-page 5.75 x 6.5 inches (14.6 x 16.5 cm). The original Broadway production, directed by Kaufman, opened in 1931 and ran for 441 performances, receiving critical and box office success. It has been revived several times in the U.S. and in London. Of Thee I Sing was the first musical to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, in 1932. The score is in well-worn condition, attesting to its frequent employment by the dedicatee, who conducted the opening night performance of the return engagement of the musical on May 15th, 1933. (George Gershwin himself had conducted the orchestra on the original first night). This item is encased in a clam-shell box for protection. A rare Gershwin item. As is. 7,500.00

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Little Grace, or Scenes in Nova Scotia.  First Edition., GROVE, Miss
13 GROVE, Miss Little Grace, or Scenes in Nova Scotia. First Edition.
C. Mackenzie and Co., Halifax, 1846, 1846 
GROVE, Miss. Little Grace, or Scenes in Nova Scotia. Halifax: Published and Sold by C. Mackenzie and Co., 1846. First Edition. Pp.[4],(1)-178, engraved frontispiece (entitled "The Lake") and title page (of two natives working with fire outside of a wigwam). 16mo, black leather spine with patterned red, white and green paper covered boards, gilt titles ("Little Grace") and tooled gilt bands to spine, blue endpapers.

Rhodenizer 415, T.P.L. 2777, Watters 303, Amtmann : Bibliography Canadian Children's Books, 283; Sabin 28986.

A collection of pre-Confederation short juvenile historically-supported stories from Nova Scotian history, generally attributed to Anne Grove (b. August 15, 1813, Weston under Lizard, Stafford - d. February 12, 1899, Halifax) - the proprietor of a school for girls in Halifax [the Miss Grove School for Country Girls, the second location of which was on what is now Market Street] -- "containing fourteen 'scenes', unified by the character Grace Severn". (from Rhodenizer).
Likey Little Grace was likely used as a text-book at the Miss Grove School for Country Girls.

1. The Old Acadian,
2. It Rains,
3. The Pic-Nic,
4. The Indian Camp,
5. The Steamer,
6. A Nova Scotia Heroine,
7. French and English,
8. More Fighting,
9. Halifax at Last,
10. Troubles in the New Settlement,
11. Leaving Home,
12. More About the Acadians,
13. Ruins Even in the New World,
14. The May Flower.

Some wear to spine ends and outer hinges, dampstain to bottom edge and fore-edge, stain [what is maybe a wee cocoa splash on pp.7 & 8], a few other small stains, some corner wear to boards, minor vertical crease marks to boards, name inked on reverse of frontispiece, else very good, tightly bound.

A very scarce piece of pre-Confederation Nova Scotiana. 575.00

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Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia, in Two Volumes. Illustrated by a Map of the Province, and Several Engravings. By Thomas C. Haliburton, Esq., Barrister at Law, and Member of the Houseof Assembly of Nova Scotia. Halifax, HALIBURTON, Thomas C.
14 HALIBURTON, Thomas C. Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia, in Two Volumes. Illustrated by a Map of the Province, and Several Engravings. By Thomas C. Haliburton, Esq., Barrister at Law, and Member of the Houseof Assembly of Nova Scotia. Halifax
Published for Joseph Howe, Halifax , 1829, 1829 
HALIBURTON, Thomas C. An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia,in Two Volumes. [Two Volumes in One]. Illustrated by a Map of the Province , and Several Engravings. By Thomas C. Haliburton, Esq., Barrister at Law, and Member of the Houseof Assembly of Nova Scotia. Halifax : Published for Joseph Howe; and sold by C.H. Belcher; Robert Scholey, London; and Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, 1829. First Edition, Second Impression. Pp (2),[iii]-viii ,(4),[1]-340, [i]-viii, folding map frontispiece + 2 plates, [pp 302-303 mispaginated as 202-203]; (2), 1-456,(2), frontispiece + 3 plates + 3 maps + 3 folding tables [p.164 mispaginated as 152]. 8vo, rebound in one full brown calf volume, with original label to spine and new endpapers.

TPL 1542, Morley pp.74-75, Watters p.684, Rhodenizer p.558, NSIB 16.

Volume I is the history (in eight chapters with chapter VI being "A Chronological Table of events connected with and illustrating the History of Nova Scotia, [From 1763 to 1828]" (pp.242-316)). Map : "A New Map of Nova Scotia Compiled from the La test Surveys Expressly for the Historical and Statistical Account, 1829". (frontispiece). Plates : "Plan of the Town of Louisbourg" (opp. p.100); "Plan of the Harbor and Fortifications of Louisbourg" (opp. p.207).

Volume II is the statistics, or more properly, descriptions, of each county and district, with much historical matter.

Halifax, Dartmouth, Lawrencetown, & Preston(pp.10-34);

District of Pictou (pp.50-60); Cape Breton (pp. 201-262);

Sable Island (pp.262-273);

Chapter VIII "An Historical Sketch of the Colonial Trade" (pp.377-389);

Chapter IX "Of the Objects of Natural History in Nova Scotia", including geology, minerals and mining (pp.390-453).

Tables of distances, population, horned cattle, bushels of potatoes, &c., &c.

Maps : "Shubenacadie Canal Line" (folding, opp. p.28); "Proposed Canal from Bay Vert Cumberland Bason" (opp. p.73); "Proposed Canal from St.Peter's Bay to Bras d'OrLake" (opp. p.239).

Plates : "View of Halifax from Dartmouth Cove" (frontispiece);

"Province House, Halifax, N.S." (opp. p.17);

"View of the Front Street of Windsor" (opp. p.103);

"View of the Port and Part of the Town of Annapolis" (opp. p.159).

Three large folding tables set at p.388 :
"Comparative State of the General Trade of the Port of Nova Scotia, in the Years 1807, 1814, 1821 and 1828" with details of import & exports for the province's ports;

"Account of Customs Duties, &c collected for the Year 1828";

"General Account of Payments from the Treasury, for the Year 1828";

"Statement of the Particular Trade of the Port of Nova Scotia, in the Years 1807, 1814, 1821 and 1828".

Rebound in full brown calf with original spine label and new endpapers, some foxing and smudging, offsetting from plates and maps, else very good, solid. 1,000.00

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Evening Mail, Carnival Number, August 1889, Halifax, Nova Scotia - Halifax Summer Carnival Halifax Evening Mail, Carnival Number, August 1889
15 Halifax, Nova Scotia - Halifax Summer Carnival Halifax Evening Mail, Carnival Number, August 1889 Evening Mail, Carnival Number, August 1889
Evening Mail, Halifax, 1889, 1889 
(Halifax, Nova Scotia). Evening Mail, Carnival Number, August 1889. [Halifax: Evening Mail], 1889. Pp. 48. Illustrated, including a pull-out poster entitled "Summer Sports, Halifax, NS" with 8 line drawings in blue of various sporting events and a central drawing of a schooner. Triple column. Tall 4to, stapled pale green paper wraps with a colour illustration of Halifax from across the harbour to the front, surrounded by a decoration of lily of the valley and a jaunty fellow blowing a horn, in addition to a very nice full page colour advertisement of the Halifax Hotel, H. Hesslein & Sons, Proprietors, on the rear cover, showing the hotel, a horse-drawn tram and several carriages in the street. Erratum slip tipped in at p. 33.

Published in conjunction with the Halifax Summer Carnival held from August 5th to 10th, 1889. Includes short stories and histories about the city and surrounding areas, a list of the sporting events to take place during the week and a number of pages of advertisements for local businesses, many with illustrations of the buildings which they are housed in, making for an interesting architectural tour of Halifax.

Three by two inch section of the front fore-edge missing, with a similar sized piece missing from the rear cover, several large tears to the rear cover, shorter tears at the fore-edge of a number of the pages, chipping to edges, corners bumped, some waterstaining to the upper spine, paper repair made to spine, inkstamp to front expunged with white-out, inkstamp to title page. Despite the exterior condition, a most interesting item.

Halifax Evening Mail. Halifax Evening Mail Carnival Number 1889. Pp 1-48. Triple column. Many adverts throughout including one for the Dartmouth Ropeworks on inside front cover.

With large poster at centre for Summer Sports and similar large litho advert for the Queen Hotel, on Hollis Street. Large format stapled [15.5 by 11.5 inches]. With chromolith front and rear covers, with rear being an advert for the Halifax Hotel.

Some splitting along the pine , a few piece of tape, light soiling, else very good. Rare. 800.00

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Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada. 3 vols, JAMESON, Mrs. JAMESON, Anna Brownell
16 JAMESON, Mrs. JAMESON, Anna Brownell Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada. 3 vols
Saunders and Otley, London, 1838, 
JAMESON, Mrs. Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada. In Three Volumes. London: Saunders and Otley, 1838. Pp [i]-xi,(1),[v]-vi,[1]-315,(3); [i]-vi,[1]-341,(3); [i]-vi,[1]-356,(2). 8vo, black half-leather, marbled boards,edges and endpapers. TPL 2165. Volume I. : Toronto (pp.1-18); A Winter Jou rney; Winter Visita; Sleighing; Visit of Indians (pp.23-27); Winter Miseries; Clergy Reserves; The Tragedy of Correggio; German Actresses; Sleigh-journey; Niagara in Winter; Trees in Canada; Society in Toronto; Politics and Parties; Fire at Toronto; A true Story; Goethe's Tasso, Iphigenia, and Clavigo; A Soldier of Fortune; Music and Musicians; Constitution of Upper CanadaProrogation of the House of Assembly; Acts of the Legislature in 1837; On the Female Character; Goethe and Ekermann; Goethe's lost Love; Goethe's Table Talk; His Ideas on the Position of Women; Criminal Calendar of Toronto; Grillparzer's Sappho and Medea; Lake Ontario; Return of Spring; Village of the Credit; Erindale. Volume II. : The Return of Summer; Sternberg's Novels; Detached Thoughts; Mrs. MacMurray; Niagara in Summer; Story of a Slave; The Rapids; Schiller's Don Carlos; A Dream ; The Niagara District; Buffalo; Canadian Stage Coaches; The Emigrant; Town of Hamilton; Town of Brandtford;Forest Scenery; Roads in Canada; Blandford - A Settler's Family; A Forest Château; The Pine Woods; Mias Martineau; Town of London; Women in Canada; The Talbot Country; Story of an Emigrant Boy; Some Account of Colonel Talbot; Journey to Chatham ; The Post Office in Canada; The Moravian Delawares; Anecdote of an Indian; Voyage across Lake St. Clair; The American Emigrants;Detroit; War of Pontiac; Contrast between the Canadian and the American Sh ore; Churches at Detroit. Volume III. : Voyage up Lake Huron; The Steam-boat; The River St. Clair; Marriage; Henry's Travels; Island of Mackinaw; Indian Dandies; Indian Lodges; Anecdote; Indian Missionaries; Story of Chusco; Cave of Skulls; Indian Vestal; Indian Amazon; Indian Morals and Manners; The Chippewa Language; Indian Story-tellers; The Story of the Forsaken Brother; The Story of the Magician and his Daughters; The Story of the Robin; Religious Opinions and Mythology of the Indians; A "Talk"; Indian Dance; A Voyage in an open Boat to the Sault Ste Marie; Night on Lake Huron; Anecdote of Indian Fortitude; Mosquitos; The Sault Ste Marie; Descent of the Falls; The History of Waub Ojeeg; A Chippewa Allegory; Chippewa Songs; Indian Missions; Chippewa Courtship; Voyage down Lake Huron; Queen Victoria; Scenes on the Great Manitoolin Island; A Grand Council; A War-dance by Torch Light; Condition of the Indian Women; Canoe Voyage down Lake Huron ; Scenery and Islands of the Northern Shores of Lake Huron; Sporting on Lake Huron; The Voyageurs; Penetanguishene. Worn at corners and spine ends, some brown stains and slight smudging to a few leaves, bump to fore-edge of rear board of Vol.3, previous owner's name, else a very good, tight set. Set for 1,200.00

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Yangtse Gorges : A Photographic Souvenir. First Edition, JOHNSON, C,
17 JOHNSON, C, Yangtse Gorges : A Photographic Souvenir. First Edition
JOHNSON, C. The Yangtse Gorges : A Photographic Souvenir. [China?]:, n.d. [1901?]. First Edition. Pp (30) + folding map (I Chang to Chungking) at rear. Illustrated with 14 mounted plates in black-and-white. 8vo, newly rebound in purple cloth, with new endpapers, sewn though original staple holes, and part of old cover with original silver title-lettering laid on. A scarce viewbook of the Yangtze, Asia's longest river. "This small book is not intended to give a detailed account of the Gorges. It is more of asouvenir for those who possess no camera, or having one have been unfortun ate with the weather. Some descriptive notes are given, also other useful information. Distances are quoted, and given a fair average speed of 7.5 knots for the upbound vessel, the time of passing the various places can easily be calculated." - (Preface). Contents : Preface; San Yu Tung; The River; The Rapids; The Gorges; Wushan Gorge; Wind Box Gorge; Kweifu to Wanhsien; Shihpaochai; Shihpaochai to Fengtu; Fengtu; Fengtu to Chungking. A very goodcopy in a new binding, with promotional sheet laid in [listing three locat ions where it is available in China, for $4.50 (Mex.)] Now bound in much more sturdy and useable form. 3,000.00

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  First Edition., JOYCE, James.
18 JOYCE, James. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. First Edition.
B.W. Huebsch, New York, 1916, 1916 
JOYCE, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. New York: B.W. Huebsch, MCMXVI [1916]. First American Printing. Pp. (4),1-299,(1). 8vo, blue cloth with blind-stamped lettering to front board, gilt lettering to spine.

John J. Slocum and Herbert Cahoon, A Bibliography of James Joyce, 1882-1941, A11.
Cyril Connolly, The Modern Movement, 1880-1950, 26.
See also: James Joyce: Books & Manuscripts [a catalog by] Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Inc., 25.

The first printing of Joyce's first novel (third publication, after "Chamber Music" and "Dubliners").

"Stephen Dedalus describes his spiritual journey through his Jesuit education and petty bourgeois Dublin to forge through 'silence, exile and cunning' the 'uncreated conscience of his race'." - from Connolly, p. 33.

A tad smoky, a few faint white spots to spine, discolouration to spine cloth, a couple small red spots to front board (below "P" in Portrait in first line, just above "as" in second line), some rubbing to outer hinges (inner hinges are still tight), else a very good copy, intern ally clean without a single foxed spot, marking, or marginal smudge. For this reason, this may be an Ideal Copy For a Fancy Rebind. 3,000.00

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Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book.  First Editions., KIPLING, Rudyard.
19 KIPLING, Rudyard. Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book. First Editions.
Macmillan and Co., London and New York, 1894, 
KIPLING, Rudyard. The Jungle Book, With illustrations by J.L. Kipling, W.H.Drake, and P. Frenzeny AND The Second Jungle Book, With illustrations by J . Lockwood Kipling, C.I.E. London and New York: Macmillan and Co., 1894, 1895. (Printed by R. & R. Clark, Edinburgh, as per last page of each book). TWO VOLUMES, BOTH FIRST EDITIONS. I. Pp. (6),[v]-vi,(2),[1]-212, frontispiece, including plates; II: Pp. (8),[1]-238,(2), including illustrations. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt illustration to front board and spine, gilt lettering to spine, all edges gilt for both volumes.
For "The Jungle Book", see Stewart, Rudyard Kipling: A Bibliographical Catalogue, 123. With blank before fore-title leaf. Also, Martindell, A Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling, 1881-1923, 61.
For "The Second Jungle Book", see Stewart, Rudyard Kipling: A Bibliographical Catalogue, 132. Also, Martindell, A Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling, 1881-1923, 63.

I: Slight spineroll, name and acquisition note verso flyleaf, two small nicks to head of spine, a couple of marginal smudges, else very good.

II: Some light foxing to initial and final leaves, very slight wear to spine ends, else a very good, tidy copy.

For the two volumes. 3,500.00

Price: 3500.00 CDN
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Letters of Marque.  First Indian Edition., KIPLING, Rudyard.
20 KIPLING, Rudyard. Letters of Marque. First Indian Edition.
A.H. Wheeler & Co., Allahabad, 1891, 
KIPLING, Rudyard. Letters of Marque. Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler & Co., 1891. (Printed at the "Pioneer" Press). FIRST INDIAN EDITION. Pp. (8),[i]-ii,[1]-154,(6). 8vo, red and blue cloth (divided diagonally), with title in gilt to red portion and “by Rudyard Kipling” in gilt to the blue portion, gilt let tering to red spine.
David Alan Richards, Rudyard Kipling: A Bibliography A61, Stewart, Rudyard Kipling: A Bibliographical Catalogue,95. Martindell, A Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling, 1881-1923, 47 (illustration of the title page to plate opp. p. 40).
With the A.H. Wheeler & Co. stamp and "Issued 26 Jan 92" despatch stamp to flyleaf, as indicative of most of the known copies of this edition. This is not one of the several stamped dates listed on Richards p.67.
Split to front outer hinge encompassing three-quarters of the hinge, light chipping to spine ends, Feb 17 1892 acquisition note to flyleaf, small chip to middle of rear inner hinge. 400.00

Price: 400.00 CDN
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