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1 Acadian Lines Fall and Winter Time Tables : Go Acadian, effective September 16th, 1958. Atlantic Standard Time after October 25, 1958. Acadian Lines
Acadian Lines Limited, Halifax, N.S., 1958, 
(Acadian Lines). Fall and Winter Time Tables : Go Acadian, effective September 16th, 1958. Atlantic Standard Time after October 25, 1958. Halifax, N.S.: Acadian Lines Limited, 1958. Pp (6). 8vo, single sheet folded twice, making 6 panels, printed red on white. The bus schedule for the Halifax – Amherst, Halifax – Sydney, and Halifax – Yarmouth routes. Horizontal creases, else good. 10.00

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Trade, Plunder and Settlement : Maritime Enterprise and the Genesis of the British Empire.  First Edition Hardcover in dustjacket., ANDREWS, Kenneth R.
2 ANDREWS, Kenneth R. Trade, Plunder and Settlement : Maritime Enterprise and the Genesis of the British Empire. First Edition Hardcover in dustjacket.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1984, ISBN:0521257603 1984 0521257603 / 9780521257602 
ANDREWS, Kenneth R. Trade, Plunder and Settlement : Maritime Enterprise andthe Genesis of the British Empire 1480-1630. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, (1984). First Printing. Pp. (6),v-ix,(1),1-394,(10). 8vo, black cloth with gilt lettering to spine.

"Not since 1945 has a general account of the origins of the British Empire been published, as if the demise of the empire freed us from our imperial past and historians from any obligation to digest it. Of course, it has done nothing of the kind, but it does enable the historian today to approach that past in a more critical spirit and to attempt a deeper and more detached analysis than could have been expected a generation ago. The purpose of this work is therefore not merely to reco unt but to explain the course of English overseas expansion and the beginning of the overseas empire; a prolonged pregnancy, culminating in a difficult birth and sickly infancy.

The introductory essay discusses the forces and motives involved in the expansion movement, which is seen as being part of a wider European movement and derivative in many ways from it. The author considers the attitude and conduct of the Tudors and early Stuarts towards this fundamentally commercial movement and examines the nature and importance of sea power, the contribution of different social groups, and the relevance of religious and economic ideals as well as nationalistic sentiment.These various themes are taken up again in the narrative chapters which follow, dealing with the enterprises of exploration, trade, plunder and colonisation successively through from the early Bristol quest for 'Brasil' to the diverse ventures of the 1620s. The last chapter comments on the itneraction of trade, plunder and settlement and the wave-like chronological pattern of the English advance to oceanic empire." - from the dustjacket.

With many Newfoundland references, particularly in chapters 9 and 14.

1.Early Ventures, 1480-1550;
2. The Northeast;
3. From Muscovy to Persia;
4. The Levant;
5. Western Africa;
6. The Caribbean;
7. Beyond the Equinoctial ;
8. Northwest with Frobisher and Davis;
9. Gilbert's Ventures;
10. Roanoke;
11. The Sea-War, 1585-1603;
12. The East India Company;
13. The West Indies, 1585-1630;
14. North America, 1591-1630;
15. North and Northwest, 1602-32;
16. Reflections.

Very good in price-clipped, lightly edge-browned dustjacket. 125.00

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3 ANDREWS, Mary] Cornish Pasty : The Journal of a Medical Student on Sick Leave in the Land of Giants during the Great War. Second Edition.
J. H. Lake & Co., Falmouth, 1927, 
[ANDREWS, Mary]. A Cornish Pasty : The Journal of a Medical Student on SickLeave in the Land of Giants during the Great War. By M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Fa lmouth : J. H. Lake & Co., 11 & 12, Market Strand, n.d. [1927]. Second Edition. Pp (4),5-68. 8vo, illustrated pale blue card covers, lettered in black, with a blank spine. "Written during a long sick leave from work in a Military Hospital during the war, this little book was originally published as a "Medical Prescription" for others who were worn out in body and mind, hoping they might seek peace by the Cornish sea." (from the Preface). Contents: Preface to Second Ediiton. 1. Westward Ho ! 2. Something about the Haven . 3. Concerning Big Men and Little Men. 4. The Lonely Coast and Cave Explorations. 5. A Day in Troy Town. 6. A Winter Day (January 16th). 7. O.H.M.S. 8. Concerning a Voyage to Percuil; a Modern Saint of Cornwall; a Wedding; and sone Ass-folk. 9. The Call of the Seashore. 10. The Great Gale. 11. The Little White Bird. 12. The Coming of Spring. 13. Tales of the Cornish Saints. 14. S.S. "St. Mawes" - 1917. 15. The Last Week. 16. The Land of Giants and Cream. Spine and margins sunned, light wear to corners, penned name, else very good. 50.00

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4 ANGSTROM, Margareta. Studies in Old English MSS with special reference to the delabialisation ofy (
Almqvist & Wiksells Bokthyckeri-A.-B, Uppsala, 1937, 
ANGSTROM, Margareta. Studies in Old English MSS with special reference to the delabialisation of y (
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5 AREND, Guy-Franz. PATTON, George S. Ardenne Offensive : Watch at the Rhine
Imp. Bourdeaux-Capelle, Dinant, 0, 
AREND, Guy-Franz. The Ardenne Offensive : “Watch at the Rhine.” Published by Bastogne Nuts Museum – Belgium. (Dinant : Imp. Bourdeaux-Capelle), n.d. []. Pp [1]-131,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, photo-illustrated white cardcovers, blank spine. “This booklet has been compiled at the express wish of visitors to the Bastogne Nuts Museum.” Contents : Introduction; The Ardennc Offensive : The American point of view, by General George S. Patton; Von Rundstedt's Offensive : The German point of view, by Brigaden General Carl Wagner. 1.Preparation of the Operation. 2. Progress of the Operation. 3. The princip al factors of the failure of the Ardcnne Offensive. 4. Lessons and experiences. Origin and history of the “Bastogne Nuts Museum”; History of the Museum of “The Ardenne Offensive” at Spa; Order of battle of the 5th Panzer Armyon 16th December 1944; The Battle of the Bulge; An account of the Battle o f the Bulge, by Colonel Armstrong; A. German Army; B. Allied Armies; Bastogne : 1. The siege of Bastogne. 2. American Forces in Bastogne. 3. Encirclement of Bastogne. Spotting to back cover, slightly musty, else good to very good. 35.00

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6 ARMSTRONG, Terence (ed.) Hakluyt Society 2nd Series 146 MINORSKY, Tatiana, trans. WILEMAN, David, trans. Yermak's Campaign in Siberia. in dj
Hakluyt Society, London, 1975, ISBN:0904180034 1975 
ARMSTRONG, Terence, (ed.). Yermak's Campaign in Siberia : A selection of documents translated from the Russian by Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman, and edited, with an introduction and notes, by Terence Armstrong. London : The Hakluyt Society, 1975. First Edition. Pp (4),v-x,1-315,(3) + folding frontispiece + 1 folding map. Illustrated. Map in text. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine, and gilt Hakluyt device to front.

Hakluyt Society, Second Series, Volume 146.

"The Russian conquest of Siberia was an event of which the consequences have only slowly become apparent. Already great, they may come to dominate much of our world; with today’s technology, a resource base of this size and richness confers immense power on the owner. The conquest was a gradual process of absorption. But if one had to assign a time and place for its start, then one would certainly choose the campaign of Yermak in the 1580s. This enterprise was by no means wholly successful, and probably fewer than a thousand Russians participated in it. But it was the first entry in force into Siberia, and Russian historians have long regarded it as crucial.

Among English-speakers, the events are not svo well known. The object of this book is to provide the reader of English with translations of the most important documents relating to the campaign. There are several narrative accounts, collectively known as the Siberian chronicles: the Stroganov, Yesipov; Remezov and New chronicles. The Remezov chronicle, written about 1700, is illustrated with 154 pen and ink drawings. These are of great historical and artistic interest, for very few Russian drawings of this period survive. All are reproduced here. The collection of documents is rounded out with seven charters or decrees of Ivan IV relating to the advance across the Urals.

Dr Armstrong's introduction provides background on Muscovy's eastern frontier in the 16th century; the Stroganov family; the Cossacks, in particular Yermak Timofeyevich and his band; routes across the Urals; non-Russian peoples encountered; and the authorship and provenance of the chronicles. Mr William Harrison contributes an essay on Yermak as folk-hero." from the dj

The Stroganov Chronicle;
The Yesipov Chronicle; The Remezov Chronicle (pp. 87- 277, including 157 illustrations, reproducing that chronicle's pen and ink drawings);

The New Chronicle;
Royal Charters and Letters Relating to the Advance across the Urals.
With references and index.

Top edge dusty, else very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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7 Association des Historiens Modernistes des Universités La Femme à L'époque Moderne XVIe - XVIIe siècle. Actes du Colloque de 1984.Bulletin no. 9,
Presses de l'Université de Paris - Sorbonne, Paris, 1988, 
Association des Historiens Modernistes des Universités. La Femme à L'époqueModerne XVIe - XVIIe siècle. Actes du Colloque de 1984. Bulletin no. 9. (P aris : Presses de l'Université de Paris - Sorbonne, 1988). Pp (6),3-105,(3). 8vo, blue card covers, lettered in black. Association des Historiens Modernistes des Universités, Bulletin no. 9. Sommaire : Introduction (par AndréCorvisier). La femme et la formation du couple en France à l'époque modern e (par Jean-Marie Gouesse); La femme et la religion en France, en milieu catholique, au XVIIe siècle (par Jean de Viguerie); La femme et la religion en milieu protestant (par Roger Stauffenegger); Les femmes dans les révoltespopulaires (par Yves-Marie Bercé); La condition féminine dans la France mé ridionale au XVIIIe siècle (par Nicole Castan); La femme et la culture durant les temps modernes (par Suzanne Pillorget); La femme dans l'art françaisdu XVIIe siècle (par Jacques Thuillier); Esquisse d'une géographie féminin e (par Georges Livet). Text in French. Very good. 30.00

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8 BAKER, William A. BAKER, R.S. BAKER, W.A. New Mayflower : Her Design and Construction. no dj
Barre Gazette, Barre, MA, 1958, 
BAKER, William A. The New Mayflower : Her Design and Construction. Illustrations by R.S. and W.A. Baker. Barre, MA: Barre Gazette, 1958. Pp. (4),v-xiv,(4),1-162,(2), + 8 p. of plates and 4 folding plans in rear pocket. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Contents: 1. The Search; 2. Early 17th Century Ship Design; 3. The Arrangement and Construction of Early 17th Century Ships; 4. Dimensions and Lines; 5. Arrangement and Fittings; 6. Masting and Rigging; 7. Building and Trials. The naval architect author's efforts to construct a replica of the Mayflower, based upon seventeenth-centuryconstruction and design methods. Baker, who traditionally was involved in the "designing of modern cargo ships, passenger ships, and tankers as a naval architect employed by a large shipbuilding company" embarked on the project as a "busman's holiday", spending the better oart of six years' worth of spare time in preparing, outfitting, and testing the vessel, before its maiden launch on April 16th, 1957. Previous owner's namestamp to top- and fore-edge, faint dampstain to top edge and ffep, else good. Lacking dj. 40.00

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9 Belcher's Almanack - Nova Scotia - Almanack / Almanac Belcher's Farmer's Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1854. Being the Second after Bisextile or Leap Year, and the latter part of the Seventeenth and the beginning of the Eighteenth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Fitted for Halifax
Sold by E. G. Fuller, Halifax, 1854, 
BELCHER, C. H.. Belcher's Farmer's Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1854.Being the Second after Bisextile or Leap Year, and the latter part of the Seventeenth and the beginning of the Eighteenth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Fitted for Halifax, Lat. 44° 39' 20" N. and Long. 63°36' 40" W, from Greenwich, but will answer for all parts of the Province, including the Island of Cape Breton. Containing, besides the large number of Astronomical Calculations and the Farmer's Calendar for every month in the year, a greater variety than any other Almanack, of New, Useful, and Entertaining Matter. (Established in 1824). Halifax: Sold by E. G. Fuller, 1854. Pp. 98, with 11 pp. inter-leaved, followed by [22] pp. of advertisements for business in Halifax. 8vo, pressed blue cloth with decorative borders, gilt lettering to front, plain spine. A previous owner has made some notations on the blank pages of several of the months, listing supplies which theyordered: January: 4. Gallon Fluid, do [ditto] Vinegar; 13. 29 lb Butter; P ig got & corned on 16th; Barrel of Apples; 22. Gallon Fluid; February: 6th.Gallon Fluid; 12th. do. do Lewis; Bar of Soap; 21st. Cord Wood; 27th. 6 lb s. Sperm Candles from Lewis; and so on. Foxing to several pages, including the title page, with some lesser sporadic foxing throughout, spine sunned, water stain to front board, rubbed, else very good. 125.00

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Creators and Destroyers of the English Navy.  First Edition in dustjacket,, BERCKMAN, Evelyn
10 BERCKMAN, Evelyn Creators and Destroyers of the English Navy. First Edition in dustjacket,
Hamish Hamilton, London, 1974, ISBN:0241890349 1974 0241890349 / 9780241890349 
BERCKMAN, Evelyn. Creators and Destroyers of the English Navy : as related by the State Papers Domestic. London : Hamish Hamilton, (1974). First Edition. Pp (8),[ix]-xii,(2),[3]-212 + 16 pages of plates. 8vo, dark blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

Evelyn Domenica Berckman (b. October 18, 1900, Philadelphia – d. September 18, 1978, Kensington, London).

A comparative examination of the naval policies of Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, Cromwell, and Charles II.

"The Creators: Elizabeth 1, Charles 1, and Charles II. The Destroyers: James I, and Oliver Cromwell. For a hundred years the Navy alternately flourished and rotted in neglect. During Elizabeth's reign, piracy was kept to a minimum; when James l, intent on more personal matters than the strength of his Fleet, reigned, Dutch fishermen trespassed in English waters, harbours and lighthouses decayed, the Admiralty itself was riddled with graft and treachery. Charles I and Charles II maintained a continual interest in the Navy and in the seamen's conditions; under the Commonwealth, there was massive impressment but nothing for the victims because of Cromwell's misappropriation of Naval monies. Amazingly, the spirit the Navy, although it weakened, never died, and in Charles I and Charles II found its greatest champions.

Evelyn Berckman has harvested much unforgettable material from the State Papers jn this remarkable panorama of Naval history We see Elizabeth on the eve of the Spanish Armada and hear Francis Drake: 'Stop them now, and stop them ever.' We witness the rise of James's favourite Buckingham, and the launching of Charles I's great ship, Sovereign of the Seas. Turkish pirates land at Monts Bay and carry off sixty men, women and children, and the Dutch fleet sails up the Medway to devastate Chatham and Rochester. The House of Commons is in uproar over the hated Ship Money, and Prince Rupert of the Rhine leads his guerilla fleet on raiding parties. In the background, men like John Milton and Samuel Pepys work away. And, always, there is the ordinary sailor, exposed to danger, appalling conditions, plague, contempt." from the dj.

1. The Source;
2. Elizabeth I : Creator;
3. James I : Destroyer;
4. Charles I : Creator;
5. Cromwell : Destroyer;
6. Charles II : Creator.
With index.

Very good in price-clipped dustjacket, clean and solid. 50.00

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11 BIGGAR, H.P. Early Trading Companies of New France : A Contribution to the History of Commerce and Discovery in North America. First Edition. Limited, Numbered Edition.
University of Toronto Library, Toronto, 1901, 
BIGGAR, H.P. . Early Trading Companies of New France : A Contribution to the History of Commerce and Discovery in North America . [Toronto] : University of Toronto Library, 1901. Printed by Warwick Brothers and Rutter. First Edition. Limited, Numbered Edition. Pp (6),v-xii,1-308 + folding colour mapat rear (opp. p.308). Tall 8vo, green cloth, black leather spine with gilt lettering, top edge gilt.. In the University of Toronto Studies in History series. "Edition limited to 600 copies. No.124" Watters p.860. Chapters: 1 . The Discovery and Occupation of the St. Lawrence Valley [Cartier's First Voyage, 1534 - Cartier's Second Voyage, 1535 - Reports at Hochelaga of the Kingdom of Saguenay - Winter in Canada and return home - Interest in Franceat Cartier's discoveries - Renewed efforts in 1540 after four years' delay - Spies upon the designs of France - Cartier sets out on his third voyage, 1541 - His second winter on the banks of the St. Lawrence - Cartier disobe ys Roberval and returns to France - Roberval spends the winter in New France - Failure of his expedition and return to France - Summary of results]; 2. The Birth and Growth of Trade and Commerrce, 1497-1597. [Early voyages tothe Newfoundland fishing-banks - Henry VII's grant of a monopoly to Bristo l traders - Early French effort on the Banks - The extent of the French fishing industry - Cartier and the fishing industry - Roberval and the fishingindustry - Late arrival of Basque fishermen in the St. Lawrence - Early Fr ench fishing companies - Statistics of the industry at end of 16th century - The methods of the fishing industry - The fishing seasons - Whale fishing- Other varieties of fish - The fishing-trade prepared the way for the fur -trade - Early barter with the Indians for furs - Gradual extension of the fur-trade up the St. Lawrence - Importance of the fur trade at the end of the 16th century - Cartier's nephews secure in 1588 a monopoly of the trade - Revocation of this monopoly - Absence of the colonizing spirit from France - Foreigners encroaching on French claims in the St. Lawrence]; 3. The Two Attempts of La Roche and the First Fur-Trade Monopoly. [The career of La Roche - His attempt to colonize Sable Island [pp.40-42]- His failure - Criticism of the attempt -Pierre Chauvin secures monopoly of the fur-trade on condition of colonizing - Attempts by rivals to get the monopoly revoked - The monopoly, granted for ten years, withdrawn at end of three - Unauthorized trailers on the coasts south of the St. Lawrence - Union of St. Malo and Rouen traders under the monopoly - Chauvin dying is succeeded by Chaste, who is aided by Cham plain - Dupont-Gravé and Champlain in New France - Deathof Chaste - End of his monopoly]; 4. The Two Monopolies od Monts, 1604-160 8. [Monts takes up Chaste's colonizing work - Opposition to his monopoly - Terms of the new articles of association - Settlement of Ste. Croix [in NewBrunswick ] - Difficulty of enforcing the monopoly - Conditions at Ste. Cr oix - Commercial difficulties - The winter at Ste. Croix - Removal from Ste. Croix to Port Royal - The summer's trade - Difficulties in securing freshcolonists - Poutrincourt at Port Royal - Interlopers in the fur-trade - Su dden withdrawal of the Co.'s monopoly - Retirement from Port Royal - The cod-fishing during this year - Monts transfers his interest to the St. Lawrence trade and secures unconditional monopoly for one year - Champlain erectsfactory at Quebec, 1608 - His plans in New France - End of the first perio d of monopoly]; 5. The Freedom of Trade, 1609-1613. [Conditions in the spring of 1609 - Champlain promises to aid the Montagnais against the Iroquois - Sketch of relations of Indian tribes in New France - The French obliged by trade situation to take part with weaker tribes - Champlain joins Hurons and Montagnais in successful expedition against the Iroquois - Condition oftrade of New France - Difficulty of continuing the factory at Quebec - Tra ders in the St. Lawrence uncontrolled - The new arrivals secure the advantage in trading with the Indians - Poutrincourt trading in Bay of Fundy - TheJesuits purchase shares in vessels and go out to Port Royal - Scarcity at Port Royal - Early arrival in 1612 of traders in the St. Lawrence - Unsatisfactory conditions of trade - New trading posts on the Bay of Fundy - Review of progress made during the three years of open trade - Champlain and hisallies secure support at court - The Comte de Soissons becomes Viceroy and new monopoly secured - On Soisson's death Condé succeeds. His career - Cha mplain's Co. to have monopoly of trade west of Quebec - Indians hold aloof from trade - Champlain goes far up the Ottawa, is imposed upon by guide, but opens up trade - Disputes with Jesuits at Port Royal - The English attackPort Royal - Narrow district in which open trade permitted]; 6. Champlain' s Company, 1614-1620. [The lower St. Lawrence included in Condé's monopoly - The Co. includes only Rouen and St. Malo merchants - Factory at Quebec transferred to new Co. - Activity of English and Dutch traders on Atlantic coast hampers French trade - La Rochelle merchants in the St. Lawrence - Condé's quarrel with the Court - Champlain before the States-General of 1614 - The trade outlook in New France in 1615 - Champlain spends winter of 1615-16 among the Hurons and concludes treaties - The summer of 1616 at Quebec - The state of trade in the Bay of Fundy - Imprisonment of Condé in France - Disputes concerning the viceroyship of New France - First colonists (Hébertfamily) at Quebec in 1617 - Extensive barter with the Indians in 1617 - Th émines succeeds Condé as Viceroy. Trade disputes - Champlain's vigilance for the Company's interests - Domestic affairs in New France. Murder by Indians - Efforts to ptomote colonization. Narrow policy of the Company - Champlain's disputes with the directors of the Company - Condé reinstated as Viceroy, but soon retires in favor of Montmorency - The Company's monopoly cancelled (1620) on Champlain's report of the state of things at Quebec]; 7. The Caëns Company and its Union with Champlain's, 1621-1627. [Monopoly of thefur trade for eleven years granted to the Caëns - Both the old Co. and the Caëns send out vessels in 1621 - Rivalries of the two Co.'s in New France - Decision that both Co.'s may trade for the season - Difficulties in the colony - The English in New England - Fusion of the two rival Co.'s - The trade of 1622 and 1623 - Sir William Alexander and the founding of Nova Scotia - Treaty of peace with the Iroquois - The Récollets seek help from the Jesuits - The Due de Ventadour succeeds Montmoreney as Viceroy - Disputes between the Huguenots and Catholics - Stagnation at Quebec. Champlain's renewed zeal - Dealings with the Indians - Trade on the Atlantic Coast - Rupture of the peace with the Iroquois - Dutch and English settlements interfere with French trade - Gloomy prospects at Quebec - Courage and energy of Champlain] ; 8. The Company of New France, 1627-1629. [Richelieu's rise to power in France - Proposals for organizing the Company of New France - The Chevalier de Razilly the father of the undertaking - Revocation of monopoly of United Co. and suppression of office of Viceroy - Articles of the Company of New France - The first fleet despatched in 1628 - Causes of dispute betweenFrance and England - Jarvis Kirke prepares an expedition to the St. Lawren ce in the service of England - Champlain refuses to surrender Quebec to Kirke - Kirke captures the fleet of the Co. of New France - Establishment by Alexander of the Baronets of Nova Scotia - Union between Alexander's interests and Kirke's - The new Co. sends two fleets against New France - David Kirke before Quebec - Surrender of Quebec July 20, 1627 - The Co. of New France causes heavy losses to the English - Champlain carried a prisoner to England - Decision of Charles I to restore New France to France]; 9. New France Under the Scottish and English CompanyY, 1629-1632. [Dispute about furs seized by English at Quebec - French press for restoration of New France - The Co. of New France prepares for renewed operations - The French on the Bay of Fundy and in Cape Breton - The English and Scottish Co. trading in NewFrance - Affairs in Newfoundland - Caën's claims for furs brought from Que bec - Negotiations for peace - The demands of Charles 1 - Delay in the negotiations - The Scottish and English Co., through this delay, have another season in New France - The Co. of New France able to carry on very little trade - Continued negotiations for peace - Repeated delays - Progress of the negotiations - Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye, signed March 20th, 1632 - Discontent in England at the terms of the treaty - The English evacuate Quebec- The Co. of New France take over the posts in Acadia - The entry of the C o. of New France into possession concludes the period of the early trading compames of New France]; Appendix : The Sources. Introduction The Sources. Part I: official. Chronological list of the official sources from 1510 to 1633; The Sources. Part II: Narrative. Verrazano, Carlis' Letter, John Rut; Cartier's Voyages, Pierre Crignon; Roberval'a Voyage, Jean Mallart, Jean Alfonse, Anthony Parkhurst's Letter, Carlyle's Discourse, Gilbert's Voyage, Jacques Noel, André Thevet, Richard Hakluyt, Richard Fisher, Silvester Wyet,Charles Leigh, Bertrand's Letter, Marc Lescarbot, Ennemond Massé, Father B iard, Lallemant's Letters, Daniel and Malapart, Champlain, Gabriel Sagard, Le Jeune's Relation, Pere Le Tac, Le Clercq's History; The Sources. Part III: Anonymous. The Factum, La Plainte de la Nouvette France , Au Roy sur la Nouvelle France. With index. Light spotting to first two leaves, slight wear to cloth, else a very nice copy of a scarce edition.. 750.00

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12 BLAIR, Duncan B. Fogradh, Faisneachd, Filidheachd / Parting, Prophecy, Poetry (Scots Gaelic Edition). Unedited Proof. Advance Review Copy.
McGill-Queen's University, New York, 2010, 
BLAIR, Duncan B., Rev. Fo`gradh, Fa`isneachd, Filidheachd : An -t-Urr Donnchadh Bla`rach (1815-1893) ann am Mac-Talla / Parting, Prophecy, Poetry : Rev. Duncan Blair (1815-1893) in Mac-Talla. Edited and translated by John Alick MacPherson and Michael Linkletter. Montreal & Kingston - London - Ithaca: McGill-Queen's University, (1998). Unedited Proof. Advance Review Copy. Pp (10),[xi-xxvii,(3),[3]-192,(48). With some illustrations in the text. 8vo (136 x 212 mm), photo-illustrated cardcovers, with white lettering to green spine. A bilingual edition with English and Gaelic face to face. Rev. Duncan Black Blair (b. 1815, Strachur, Cowal, Argyllshire, Scotland - d. 1893, Pictou County, Nova Scotia) minister of the Presbyterian congregation of Barney’s River and Blue Mountain, Pictou County. John Alick MacPherson (b. 1937, Scotland). Michael Linkletter (b. 1971). "Rev. Duncan B. Blair (1815-1893) was an excellent linguist, a good poet, and a devout man. 'As an accurate writer of Gaelic he had no superior,' espoused A. Maclean Sinclair. Blair composed sacred and secular poems, laments and songs and prose, many ofwhich were published in Mac-Talla, the famous Gaelic newspaper published i n Sydney, Nova Scotia. Among his contributions to Mac-Talla were a series of essays on the Highland Clearances. Blair's poems have been studied , between 1892 and 1904. Blair's contributions to Mac-Talla were extensive. In the original Gaelic, with English translations by John Alick MacPherson, Fògradh, Fàisneachd, Filidheachd / Parting, Prophesy, Poetry includes Blair's articles about the Clearances, an account of a 16th-century seer who some say foretold of the Clearances, essays about Blair's travels around the Maritimes and Ontario, and a number of his poems all as published in Mac-Talla."- from the rear. Foreword "Duncan Black Blair" by Michael Linkletter; Part ing: Expulsion of the Gaels. Athall; Strathglass and Glenurquhart; Srath-ghlais agus Gleann Urchadain; Glengarry; Gleanna-Garraidh; Knoydart; Cno`ideart; Isle of Rum; Eilean Ru`im; South Uist and Barra; Uibhist a Deas agus Barraidh; North Uist; Uibhist a Tuath; Kintail; Cinnta`ile; Mull, Ulva, Iona,Tiree, Coll; Muile, Ulbha, I`, Tiridhe, Colla; Sutherland 1; Cataibh Other Articles. The Brahan Seer; Fa`isneachd; Coinneach Odhar am Fiosaiche Sea V oyage to America 1846; Turas-Fairge do Aimeireaga 1846 Travels in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton 1846-1847; Tursan Air Feadh Nuadh-Albainn, Eilean Prionnsa Eideard Agus Eilean Cheap Breatainn 1846-1847; Trip to Upper Canada, Now Called Ontario 1847; Turus do Chanada Uachdarach, Ris an Abrar a nis Ontario The Potato Bugs, or the Striped Beetle; Uamhagan a' Bhunta`ta, no na Daolagan Striamach The Old Gaels; Na Seann Gha`idheil; The Coming of Christianity; Inntreachdain an t-Soisgeil; The Poems of Ossian; Da`in Oisein Poems. Resurrection of the Highlands; Aiseirigh na Gaidhealtachd; Persecution by the Landlords; Ruaig nan Tighearnan; The Crofters' Journey; Triall Nan Croitearan; Upper Barney's River; Braigh' Abhainn Bharnaidh; I Am Stricken with Grief; Och is Mise tha fo Leo`n; Lovely Mary; Ma`iri Lurach; Wedding Song. Oran Posaidh The Believers' Pilgrimage; Triall nan Creidmheach; Niagara Falls; Eas Niagara. Introduction: On Filling the Gaps 1.The Huron Mission and the Promise of New France; 2. Early English and Brit ish Expeditions in the North Atlantic Theatre; 3. King James VI/I and the Challenge of Anglo-Scottish Co-operation; 4. The Poet Courtier: Sir William Alexander and His Charter [New Scotland, pp. 53-68]; 5. The Paper Colony: Charles's Privateers and the Proxy War [pp. 69-86]; 6. The Demands of Honourand Charles I's Unfolding Strategy; 7. A Man of Controversy: James Stewart of Killeith, Fourth Lord Ochiltree; 8. Mixed Motives and the Company of Me rchant Adventurers to Canada; 9. Shifting Loyalties and the Case of the Embezzled Furs; 10. Lord Ochiltree's Gamble and the Abandonment of Port Royal;11. The Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the End of a Partnership; Epil ogue: Not as Strangers. Conclusion. With endnotes, bibliography, and index.Very good 12.00

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13 BOTHWELL, Robert, and David BERCUSON (eds.). BUMSTED, J.M. SLATTERY, Brian SELKIRK, Lord Canadian Historical Review. Volume 59, No. 2, June 1978
University of Toronto Press, Toronto , 1978, 
BOTHWELL, Robert, and David BERCUSON (eds.). The Canadian Historical Review. Volume LIX, No. 2, June 1978. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1978. Pp (2),[139]-292,(4). 8vo, white card covers, printed in red and black. Contents : 1. "French Claims in North America, 1500-1559" (by Brian Slattery). 2. "Settlement by Chance: Lord Selkirk and Prince Edward Island" (by J. M. Bumsted, pp.170-188). 3. "The Myth of the Self-Made Man in English Canada, 1850-1914" (by Allan Smith). Plus book reviews and regular features. Very good. For the issue 15.00

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14 BOURNE, William TAYLOR, E.G.R. Hakluyt Society, Second Series, CXXI Regiment for the Sea, and Other Writings on Navigation. in dj.
Hakluyt Society, Cambridge, 1963, 
BOURNE, William. A Regiment for the Sea, and Other Writings on Navigation .By William Bourne of Gravesend, a gunner (c. 1535-1582). Edited by E.G.R. Taylor. Cambridge: Published for the Hakluyt Society at the University Press, 1963. Pp. [i]-xxxv,(1),1-464, frontis., + 10 p. of plates. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt decoration to spine. Hakluyt Society, Second Series, no. CXXI. Contents: 1. An Almanacke and Prognostication for three yeeres... nowe newlye added vnto my late Rulles of Nauigation, 1571, 2. A Regiment for the Sea, 1574; 3. A Regiment for the Sea, 1580; 4. An almanacke & prognostication for x. yeeres, 1581. With numerous appendices. Boards and spine waterstained, else vg in moderately spotted (severe to spine panel) dj. 35.00

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15 BRUCE, Anthony and William COGAR COGAR, William Encyclopedia of Naval History. First Paperback Edition.
Checkmark Books, New York, 1999, ISBN:0816040680 
BRUCE, Anthony and William COGAR. An Encyclopedia of Naval History. (New York): Checkmark Books, (1999). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (6),vii,(1),1-440. Illustrated. Double column. 4to, illustrated white card covers with redand blue lettering to front and spine. "From the 16th century, when Alfons o de Albuquerque, 'father of naval strategy', recognized that sea power could be used for imperial expansion and the establishment of trade monopolies, modern navies have helped determine the fate, form, and hierarchy of nations. 'An Encyclopedia of Naval History' provides both the structure and details of the evolution of naval history over the last five centuries. A compendium, it contains more than 1,000 carefully researched entries arranged alphabetically. In 'An Encyclopedia of Naval History' you will find: entriesfor major wars, including chronologies of attendant naval engagements, as well as entries for smaller naval battles; histories of individual ships, and the progression of warship technology from the 16th through the 20th centuries, including design modifications of strategic significance, ship dimensions, and weaponry; biographies of naval commanders such as Barbarossa, Horatio Nelson, Sir Francis Beaufort, Chuichi Nagumo, and Hyman George Rickover, among many others; descriptions of the development of navies, naval organizations, and naval tactics; suggested further readings, extensive cross-references, a synoptic index, a general index, and 124 illustrations." -from the rear cover. Name tag inside front cover, else very good. 20.00

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16 BURKE, Peter, and Roy PORTER (eds.). BURNS, Timothy R. ROBERTS, Mary Mulvey MAJEED, Javed Languages and Jargon : Contributions to a Social History of Language.. First Edition.
Polity Press, Cambridge, UK, 1995, ISBN:0745612792 
BURKE, Peter, and Roy PORTER (eds.). Languages and Jargon : Contributions to a Social History of Language. (Cambridge, UK) : Polity Press, (1995). First Printing. Pp [i]-vii,(1),[1]-216. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt letteringto spine. “Languages and Jargons is a contribution to the social history o f language. [...] This volume is particularly concerned with the special semi-private languages, dialects or jargons developed by different social groups, whether they are professions, like lawyers, doctors and teachers, voluntary associations like the Masons, social classes, or groups on the marginof society, such as beggars or Gypsies. The contributors are concerned to describe these jargons as they were spoken in particular places and times, to analyse their functions (which range from keeping secrets from outsidersto reinforcing a sense of collective identity), and to account for change over time. They also study the relations between these forms of speech and their speakers and the outside world - the rejection of jargon, the domestication of technical terms, and the transformation of former jargons into ordinary languages. The volume is mainly concerned with different forms of English from the 16th to the 20th century, but some contributors range further afield, from Calo to Urdu.” (from the dj). Contents : Introduction (by Peter Burke). 1. The Jargon of the Schools (by Peter Burke). 2. "Perplex't with Tough Names": the Uses of Medical Jargon (by Roy Porter). 3. Anti-language or Jargon? Canting in the English Underworld in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (by Lee Beier). 4. Calo: The "Secret" Language of the Gypsies of Spain (by John Geipel). 5. Masonics, Metaphor and Misogyny: a Discourse of Marginality (by Mary Mulvey Roberts). 6. Jargon of Class: Rhetoric and Leadership in British Labour Politics, 1830-1880 (by Timothy R. Burns). 7. "The Jargon of Indostan" - an Exploration of Jargon in Urdu and East India Company English (by Javed Majeed). Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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17 CALAHAN, H.A. Learning to Sail. new ed, 16th pr in dj
Macmillan, New York, 1946, 
CALAHAN, H.A. Learning to Sail. New Edition with Supplementary Chapter. NewYork : Macmillan Co., 1946. Sixteenth Printing. Pp 345. 8vo, blue cloth. T oy 2052 : "Very useful. Not seriously dated.", Morris & Howland p.25. Top edge lightly spotted, bookplate, else vg in worn dj. 25.00

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18 Canadian Bar Association. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Canadian Bar Assocaition, held in Vancouver and Victoria, August, 16th, 17th, and 18th, 1922.
Carswell Company, Limited, Toronto, 1923, 
Canadian Bar Association. Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Canadian Bar Assocaition, held in Vancouver and Victoria, August, 16th, 17th, and 18th, 1922. Toronto : The Carswell Company, Limited, 1923. Pp. (4),[1]-406,(2), + 1 photo leaf of Rt. Hon. Lord Shaw of Dunfermline. 8vo, red cloh, with gilt lettering to spine. Contents: Proceedings -- Presidential Address of Sir James Aikins -- Address by Rt. Hon. Lord Shaw of Dunfermline (at Vancouver) -- Address by Rt. Hon. Lord Shaw of Dunfermline (at Victoria)-- Address by Hon. John W. Davis -- Address by Maitre Henri Aubepin -- Add ress by Mr Cordenio A. Severance -- Address by Hon. Sir Francois Lemieux --Address by Dr. R. Masujima -- Address by Hon. Mr Justice Anglin -- Address by Mr R.W. Shannon, K.C. -- Address by Dr. H.A. Robson, K.C. -- Report of Council -- Financial Statements -- Report of Memrship Committee -- Report of Committee on Legal Ethics -- Report of Committee on Legal Education -- Report of Committee on Administration of Justice -- Report of Committee on Commercial, Insurance and Admiralty Law -- Report of Committee on International Law -- Report of Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice -- Report of Special Committee on Publication of Journal -- By-laws of the Association -- Officers and Council, 1922-1923 -- Honorary Members -- Life Members-- Proceedings, Conference of Commissioners on Uniformity of Legislation i n Canada -- Index, Conference of Commissioners -- Index, Canadian Bar Association. Very good. 50.00

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19 CANDOW, James E CORBIN, Carol, ed. HARRIS, Leslie, foreword. DAVIS, Stephen A. How Deep is the Ocean? : Historical Essays on Canada's Atlantic Fishery. First Edition
UCCB Press / University College of Cape Breton Press, Sydney, NS, 1997, ISBN:0920336868 
CANDOW, James E. and Carol CORBIN, (eds.). How Deep is the Ocean? : Historical Essays on Canada's Atlantic Fishery. (Sydney, NS) : University College of Cape Breton Press, (1997). First Edition. Pp (8).[ix]-xvii,(3),[3]-[288],(2). Some tables and illustrations in the text. 8vo, photo-illustrated card covers. James E. Candow (b. September, 24, 1954, Gander, Newfoundland). Contents : Foreword by Leslie Harris; Introduction by James E. Candow and Carol Corbin. Early Fishery. 1. "Archaeological Evidence for Pre-Contact Fishing in the Maritimes" by Stephen A. Davis; 2. "The 16th-Century Fishing Voyage" by Peter E. Pope; 3. "Portugal's Cod Fishery in the 16th Century: Myths and Misconceptions" by Darlene Abreu-Ferreira. Eighteenth-Century Fishery. 4. "The French Fishery in North America in the 18th Century" by Jean-François Brière; 5. "The New England Fishery and Trade at Canso, 1720-1744" by Judith Tulloch. Nineteenth-Century Fishery. 6. "Family Economy and the Fishing Company, Miscou 1841-1847" by Sheila Andrew; 7. "Social History in a Newfoundland Outport: Harbour Breton, 1850-1900" by D.A. Macdonald; 8. "Good Debts and Bad Debts: Gaspé Fishers in the 19th Century" by Roch Samson; 9. "Accounting for Change: Understanding Merchant Credit Strategies in OutportNewfoundland" by Robert C.H. Sweeny. Twentieth-Century Fishery. 10. "'Recu rring Visitations of Pauperism': Change and Continuity in the Newfoundland Fishery" by James E. Candow; 11. "Technology Rejected: Steam Trawlers and Nova Scotia, 1897-1933" by B.A. Balcom; 12. "'Come on all the crowd, on the beach!': The Working Lives of Beachwomen in Grand Bank, Newfoundland, 1900-1940" by Cynthia Boyd; 13. "The Newfoundland Fishery Research Commission, 1930-1934" by Melvin Baker and Shannon Ryan; 14. "Fishing in Modern Times: Stewart Bates and the Modernization of the Canadian Atlantic Fishery" by Miriam Carol Wright; 15. "The International Fishery off Canada's East Coast inthe 20th Century" by Raymond B. Blake; 16. "The Fish Killers" by William W . Warner; 17. "Fishers' Ecological Knowledge and Stock Assessment in Newfoundland" by Barbara Neis; 18. "The Commercial Annihilation of Northern Cod: The Fate of the 1986 and 1987 Year-Classes" by Donald Harold Steele and Raoul Andersen. With glossary and index. Very good. 22.50

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20 CARR, Cecil T. (ed.). Burt Franklin: Research & Source Works Series 551. Selected Essays in History, Economics, & Social Science 1574. Select Charters of Trading Companies A,D. 1530-1707
Burt Franklin, New York, 1970, 
CARR, Cecil T., (ed.). Select Charters of Trading Companies A,D. 1530-1707.New York: Burt Franklin, (1970). Facsimile Reprint of original 1913 editio n. Pp (10), [ix]-cxxxvi,[1]-297,(3). Index. 8vo, grey-green cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Very good. 85.00 Burt Franklin: Research & Source Works Series 551. Selected Essays in History, Economics, & Social Science 1574. "The forty-one grants which form the text of this book are taken from the Patent Rolls. With three exceptions, they are grants of formal incorporation. They cover a period which ends with the South Sea crisis. " (from the Preface). Contents : 1. Merchants Trading to Andalusia, 1st December, 1530. 2. Mines Royal Company, 28th May, 1568. 3. Mineral and Battery Society, 28th May, 1568. 4. New Art Society, 4th December, 1571. 5. Fellowship of English Merchants for Discovery of New Trades, 12th February, 1576-7. 6. Levant Company, 31st December, 1600. 7. Mineral and Battery Works Society, 22nd January, 1603-4. 8. Newfoundland Company, 2nd May, 1610 [pp.51-62]; 9. Company of Merchants Trading to France, 12th July, 1611. 10. Fellowship of the King's Merchants Adventurers of the NewTrade, 29th August, 1615. . 11. African Company, 16th November, 1618. 12. New River Company, 21st June, 1619. 13. London Starchmakers's Company, 13th May, 1622. 14. London Goldwiredrawers' Company, 14th June, 1623. 15. Westminster Soapers' Society, 21st June, 1631. 16. South and North Shields Saltmakers' Society, 23rd December, 1635. 17. Yarmouth Saltmakers' Society, 25th May, 1636. 18. London Soapmakers' Society, 22nd May, 1637. 19. South and North Shields Saltmakers' Society, 11th March, 1638-9. 20. Company of Royal Adventurers into Africa, 18th December, 1660. 21. Company of Royal Adventurers into Africa, 10th January, 1662-3. 22. Royal Fishing Company, 14th March, 1663-4. 23. Royal African Company, 27th September, 1672. 24. York Buildings Concession, 7th May, 1675. 25. Royal Fishery of England Company, 25th September, 1677. 26. White Paper Makers' Company, 23rd July, 1686. 27. Fire Office, 18th February, 1687-8. 28. King and Queen''s Corporation for Linen Manufacture, 27th May, 1690. 29. English Copper Miners' Company, 3rd August, 1691. 30. English Copper Miners' Company, Extension to Ireland, 22nd September, 1691. 31. Hollow Sword Blades Company, 13th October, 1691. 32. Cumberland Pearl-Fishers' Company, 24th March, 1691-2. 33. Tapestry Makers' Company, 12th April, 1692. 34. Company for Melting down Lead with Pit Coal, 4th July, 1692. 35. Royal Lutestring Company, 15th October, 1692. 36. Saltpetre Company, 29th October, 1692. 37. Company for Digging and Working of Mines, 7th September,, 1693. 38. Welsh Copper Miners' Company, 10th April, 1694. 39. Mine Adventurers' Company, 26th April, 1704. 40. Amicable Society, 25th July, 1706. 41. Charitable Corporation, 22nd December, 1707. Newfoundland Company, 2nd May, 1610 [pp.51-62]; (Patent Rolls, 8 Jac. I., pt. viii.) "Know ye whereas divers our loving and well-disposed subjects are desirous to make plantation to inhabit and establish a colony or colonies in the southern and eastern parts of the country and isle or islands commonly called Newfound Land, unto the coast and harbours whereof the subjects of this our Realm of England have for the space of fifty years and upwards yearly used to resort in no small numbers to fish, intending by such plantation and inhabiting both to secure and make safe the saidtrade of fishing to our subjects for ever, and also to make some commendab le benefit for the use of mankind by the lands and some commendable benefitfor the use of mankind by the lands and profits thereof which hitherto fro m the beginning (as it seemeth manifest) hath remained unprofitable, and for better performance of such their purpose and intentions have humbly besought our regal authority and assistance, [...] - p.51. Very good. 85.00

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