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1 AGNEW, Vijay Resisting Discrimination : Women from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean and the Women's Movement in Canada
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1996, ISBN:0802006744 
AGNEW, Vijay. Resisting Discrimination : Women from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean and the Women's Movement in Canada. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, (1996). First Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-x,(2),[3]-292,(2). 8vo, greycloth with metallic purple lettering to front and spine. "In her introduct ion to 'Resisting Discrimination', Vijay Agnew quotes Keibo Oiwa: 'We rarely encounter accounts of what the persecuted themselves felt, thought, wished to do, and actually did or failed to do; what meanings they attached to their thoughts and actions.' As Agnew observes, there is little Canadian feminist literature, from a minority perspective, on racism in feminist practice. 'Resisting Discrimination' is ground-breaking book. Focusing on the experiences of women from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, the volume exploresthe realities of race, class, and gender discrimination in twentieth-centu ry Canada. Agnew uses an integrated approach, adopting methodologies from political science, hiostory, sociology, and women's studies to investigate history and politics of Asian and black women throughout this century and the exclusion of these women from theory and practice of mainstream feminism.She also looks at the relationship between the state and community-based o rganizations of immigrant women, and the struggles of these women to provide social services to non-English-speaking working-class women through theircommunity-based organizations. Agnew's views are critical of white feminis t theories and practices. Her goal is to sensitize the reader to another perspective and to empower minority women by making them the subject of theirown recent history and politics. She seeks to open up the possibility of f uller cooperation among feminists across lines of race and class, and to suggest new lines of development for feminist theories and methodologies." - from the introductory blurb. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Experience of Race and Gender Discrimination; 3. Race, Class, and Feminist Theory; 4. Race, Class, and Feminist Practice; 5. The Politics of Discourse; 6. Systemic Racism; 7. Women's Community Organizations; 8. Immigrant Women and the State; 9. Immigrant Women and Wife Abuse; 10. Conclusion. Very good. 25.00

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2 ALEXANDER, Bruce K. Globalisation of Addiction : A Study in Poverty of the Spirit. First Edition in dustjacket.
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008, ISBN:9780199230129 
ALEXANDER, Bruce K. The Globalisation of Addiction : A Study in Poverty of the Spirit. Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2008). First Printing. Pp. (12),[1]-470,(6), + 2 p. of colour plates. 8vo, black cloth with silver lettering to spine. The author is affiliated with the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. "Scientific medicine has failed to bring addiction under control. There are no reliable methods to cure it, prevent it, or take the pain out of it. There is no durable consensus on what addiction is, what causes it, or what should be done about it. Meanwhile, it continues to increase around the world. This book argues that the cause of this failure to control addiction is that the conventional wisdom of the 19th and 20th centuries focused too single-mindedly on the afflicted individual addict.Although addiction obviously manifests itself in individual cases, its pre valence differs dramatically between societies. [...] This book shows that the social circumstances that spread addiction in a conquered tribe or a failing civilisation are also built into today's globalising free-market society. [...] The book [also] argues that the most effective response to a growing addiction problem is a social and poltiical one, rather than an individual one. Such a solution would not put the doctors, psychologists, social workers, politicians, and priests, who have served with such dedication, out of work, but it would incorporate their practices in a larger social preoject. The project is to reshape society with enough forces and imagination to enable people to find social integration and meaning in everyday life." - from the dustjacket. Very good in crisp dustjacket. 75.00

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3 Arctic BARR, William SVERDRUP, Otto ANDERSSON, Malte Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America Vol 27. No 1 March1974
Arctic Institute of North America, 1974, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, Volume 26, No. 3, March 1974. Pp [177]-268. Includes: William Barr's "Otto Sverdrup to the Rescue of the Russian Navy" (pp.2-14); A.J. Macaulay and D.A. Boag's "Waterfowl Harvest by Slave Indians in Northern Alberta" (pp.15-26); A. Tamuly's "Dispersal of Tritium in Southern Ocean Waters" (pp.27-40); Stanley A. Temple's "Winter Food Habits of Ravens on the Arctic Slopes of Alaska"(pp.41-46); R.I. Verrall, J.H. Ganton and A.R. Milne's "An Ice Drift Measu rement in Western Parry Channel" (pp.47-52); Arthur E. Hippler's "An Alaskan Athabascan Technique for Overcoming Alcohol Abuse" (pp.53-67); Short Papers and Notes; Reviews. Vg. 20.00

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Soviet Psychiatric Abuse : The Shadow over World Psychiatry . First American Edition in dustjacket, BLOCH, Sidney, and Peter REDDAWAY REDDAWAY, Peter
4 BLOCH, Sidney, and Peter REDDAWAY REDDAWAY, Peter Soviet Psychiatric Abuse : The Shadow over World Psychiatry . First American Edition in dustjacket
Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1985, ISBN:0813302099 
BLOCH, Sidney, and Peter REDDAWAY. Soviet Psychiatric Abuse : The Shadow over World Psychiatry. Boulder, Colorado : Westview Press, (1985). First American Edition. Pp (6),[7]-288,+ 16 pp plates. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

"Now, in their new book, these two authors describe the ensuing struggle to alert the world to this outrage against human rights and human dignity, and thus to put pressure upon the Soviet Union to end this odious practice. The struggle has not been an easy one. The World Psychiatric Association (WPA), which links together the many national psychiatric organizations, has been deeply divided. Communist-aligned countries have of course supported the Soviet Union and have denounced the allegations as Cold War propaganda: the authors' own book was branded as "well- composed slander". And many Western psychiatrists took the view that it would be detrimental to the welfare of the WPA to allow political matters to intrude into what was essentiallv a scientific body. The issue came to a head, dramatically, at the WPA's Honolulu Congress, when at the end of a cliff-hanging debate a resolution condemning Soviet practice was passed by a small majority.

Now the battle was joined. The Russians proposed to defy the resolution. The WPA set up a Review Committee to investigate and publicize all further cases of psychiatric abuse. The Russians suppressed a remarkable pressure group set up by dissidents inside the Soviet Union, which for four years (1977-81) had documented the abuses in great detail and addressed many appeals to the West - all its members were arrested, psychiatrist Anatoly Koryagin drawing the longest sentence—of 12 years. The book contains the first systematic account of this group's heroic work. Within the WPA, the Russians stalled and prevaricateited, but none-the-less some Western psychiatrists were able to visit the Soviet Union and assess some 'ex-patients' for themmselves. Finally, with the approach of the next WPA Congress (Vienna, 1983), and the strong possibility of expulsion, the Russians chose to antricipate this move and resigned from the world organization. The Congress was confused, but the vote condemning psychiatric abuse was overwhelming this time." (from the dj).

Contents :
1. Political Abuse: What Is It?
2. The Honolulu Congress: The First Great Clash.
3. Resistance at Home: Growth and Suppression.
4. The Review Committee: An Attempt to Investigate.
5. Honolulu to Vienna: The Opposition Intensifies.
6. Dialogue or Confrontation — The Movement to Expel.
7. The Resignation: The Russians Retreat.
8. Vienna and Bevond.

Appendices :
I. The Declaration of Hawaii, 1983.
II. How Can Foreigners Help the Victims of Soviet Psychiatric Abuse? (V. Bakhmin).
III. Open Letter to World Psychiatrists from Dr Anatoly Koryagin.
IV. The Psychiatric Internments of Alexander Shatravka.
V. Letter of Resignation from the All-Union Soviet Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists.
VI. List of Victims of Psychiatric Abuse, 1977-1983.
Very good in dustjacket. 40.00

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5 BOTHA, Danila. Got No Secrets. First Edition Paperback, Signed.
Tightrope Books, Toronto, Ontario, 2010, ISBN:9781926639086 
BOTHA, Danila. Got No Secrets. Stories. (Toronto, Ontario): Tightrope Books, (2010). First Printing. Pp. (8),[9]-141,(3). Small 8vo, illustrated dark grey card covers with red and white lettering to front cover and spine. Thefirst collection of short stories by the South-African born student studyi ng in Halifax. "A South African copywriter is transplanted to the urban jungle of Manhattan. A recovering rape victim tries to resume a normal life. AToronto nurse cuts herself to fill her emptiness. In 'Got No Secrets', Dan ila Botha takes us into the private lives of twelve different women, with only one question in mind. What if these women were you? From addition to abuse, from childhood to suicide, from Hillbrow, Johannesburg, to downtown Toronto, Botha's prose is compassionate, provocative, often funny, and alwaysfearless. This debut collection of stories introduces a startling and orig inal new voice that owes as much to Black Flag and Bikini Kill as it does to J.D. Salinger and Heather O'Neill." - from rear. Includes the following stories: "Paradox"; "Jesus was a Punk Rocker"; "A Tiny Thud"; "Don't Talk Junk"; "Smacked"; "Heroin Heights"; "The Apple Falls Far From the Tree"; "Just, Quietly, Do It"; "My So-Called Date"; "Lucky"; "The Pregnant Man"; "JustFriends". Very good. Signed without inscription by Botha on the half-title page. Due to its small size, shipping charges should be a bit cheaper than quoted. 10.00

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6 BOUDREAU, Michele Lynn Salamanca Chapbooks No. 1 Keepers of the Secret
Wild East Publishing Co-operative Ltd., 1990, 
BOUDREAU, Michele Lynn. Keepers of the Secret. (Fredericton, NB: Wild East Publishing Co-operative Ltd., 1990). Pp. 16. 8vo, stapled, off-white printed card covers. Salamanca Chapbooks No. 1. Vg. 15.00

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7 BOYLE, Everett. Rest of the Story : According to Boyle
General Store Publishing House, Burnstown, Ontario , 2002, ISBN:1894263499 
BOYLE, Everett. Rest of the Story : According to Boyle. (Burnstown, Ontario: General Store Publishing House, 2002). First Edition. Pp (2),[3]-297,(3) . 8vo, illustrated blue card covers, lettered in yellow and white. "The story made headlines across Canada: for decades, harassment, abuse, physical attack and sexual assault had been covered up in the Canadian Armed Forces. As a warrant officer during that time, Everett Boyle witnessed a number of these cover-ups and had documented them. He might have been content with that, if it weren't for the fact that he knew there was more, much more that had not come out in the media coverage. The Rest of the Story is his gripping account of the hidden events that never made it into the newspapwers andmagazines. Boyle pulls no punches. "One ol my reasons for moving back to N ewfoundland was to get away from the memory of the humiliation, emotional trauma, threats, abuse, harassment and mistreatment that had been unfairly inflicted upon two of my defenceless young subordinates and on me back in 1991. These attacks were perpetrated against the three of us for having udared to cnaiienge the misconduct of a superior military commander. They were planned and orchestrated by generals in the highest ranks and positions in the air force." The Rest of the Story is a courageous and hard-hitting indictment of moral cowardice at the very top of our military institutions. But Boyle does not merely point the accusing finger, he proposes responsible remedies, and it is this that makes his book an important document." (from publisher's promotional flyer). Very good. 30.00

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8 BRAND, Dionne BHAGGIYADATTA, Sri Rivers Have Sources, Trees Have Roots : Speaking of Racism.
Cross Cultural Communication Centre, Toronto, 1986, ISBN:0969106068 
BRAND, Dionne, and Krisantha Sri BHAGGIYADATTA. Rivers Have Sources, Trees Have Roots : Speaking of Racism. Toronto : Cross Cultural Communication Centre, (1986). Pp (5),i-iii,1-182. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated black card covers. Contents : 1. The Culture of Everyday. 2. Childhood. 3. Work. 4. Rivers Have Sources, Trees Have Roots. 5. Continuing the Fight. Dionne Brand (born 1953), a Caribbean-born Canadian poet, novelist, essayist and documentarian. She was named Toronto’s third Poet Laureate in September 2009. “In Rivers Have Sources, Trees Have Roots (1986) Brand and co-author Krisantha Sri Bhaggiyadatta interviewed a hundred people from the Canadian Native, Black, Chinese, and South Asian communities about their perspectives of racismand how it has impacted their lives. From these stories and recollections of childhood to workplace experiences, the authors critiqued the existence and commonality of racism, disparities and resistance. They argue that two themes exist where racism prevails in the lives of the interviewees and these themes are through "the culture of racism" and through the structural and institutional ways. Consequently, economic hardship, lack of employment and career choices and opportunities are some of the experiences identified by the minority, ethnic groups and immigrants. Brand recognizes that there are also different forms of struggles and visions to combat racism. This book attempts to give each individual a voice, an opportunity to speak about their personal and immigration stories as part of a historical validation and as part of a third in a series of anti-racism literature. Women and men spoke of their anger, resentments, and complaints of racial tensions of abuse, isolation, staring, name calling and being treated as different and inferior. Brand addresses how racism is used as a powerful tool to censor oppositional voices and she opposes the media report that racism occurs in isolated cases or unusual crisis.” - wikipedia. Very good. 20.00

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9 BRANTNALL, Christine From Despair to Dignity Continues. First Edition, Signed
Christine Brantnal & The Sel-Help Conection, Halifax, N.S., 1994, ISBN:1896138020 
BRANTNALL, Christine. From Despair to Dignity Continues. [Halifax, N.S.] : Published by Christine Brantnal & The Sel-Help Conection, May 1994. First Edition. Pp (2),i-vi leaves, 1-179,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, art-illustrated white card covers, lettered in black. A book of poetry. "Christine Brantnall is a true Nova Scoptian, who enjoys the sounds and smells of the ocean, walks on it's [sic] beaches, and the awesome colour of Autumn. She is primarily recognized for her profession, a Registered Nurse, and attributes her compassion to the healing journey of her own abuse, both past and present, hermany losses and the people she encountered along the paths she travelled. As a survivor and no longer a victim, Christine reaches out to educate and support others, by encouraging them to remember... "It is alright to feel and it is safe to have needs". The words and pictures in this book became her journal, her expression of tragic pain of remembering, of feeling. By breaking the silence, Christine has offered support to many... through her job, various workshops, lectures and as a facilitator for a support group called H.U.G. A. H.U.R.T. with her main focus... how to empathise without enabling, how to care without controlling and how by helping others in a genuinespirit of giving you invariably help yourseit. In summary, Christine says, "I am becoming", but she concludes " Please make room for me". At present she is struggling through another valley and working feverishly to completeher autobiography." (from the back cover). Includes : "Despair vs Death", "Suicide", "My Core Is Showing", "Shattered in Glass", "A Momentary Reflection", "A Day at Lawrencetown Beach", "My Flashback", "529 Cracks to Hell", "My Nightmare", "A Seashore Experience", "An Indicious Dreamscape", and many more. Very good. Signed with inscription on p. vi. 12.00

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10 CASEY, Don Inspecting the Aging Sailboat. Second Printing hardcover
International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1997, ISBN:007133948 1997 007133948 
CASEY, Don. Inspecting the Aging Sailboat. Camden, Maine : International Marine, (1997). Second Printing. Pp. [1]-141,(3). Illustrated throughout with drawings. Double column. 8vo, illustrated paper-covered boards (hardcover).

A volume in The International Marine Sailboat Library.

"The tolerance of fiberglass for neglect and abuse is legendary -- and an astounding number of sailboats built in the last 35 years are still around. There are bargains aplenty -- and the best one of all, with some overdue attention, just might be the boat you already own. Are those cracks in the gelcoat? Should the deck yield underfoot like that? Are those rivets in the toerail, and why are they loose? Why doesn't the head door close? Should there be rust on the keel bolts? What is that bulge in the hull? If any of these indicate real trouble, it is or could becomp your trouble. Here is all you'll need to learn where to look and what to look for. Whether you're shopping or prioritizing maintenance tasks, this book will save you money and perhaps even disaster." (from the back cover).

Engine and Steering
Electrical System
Other Considerations
Boat-Buyer's 30 Minute Survey
Appendix: Hiring a Professional

Very good. 15.00

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11 COADY, Lynn. Antagonist. First Paperback Printing.
Anansi, Toronto, 2012, ISBN:9781770891043 
COADY, Lynn. The Antagonist. (Toronto): Anansi, (2012). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (8),3-337,(8). 8vo, illustrated blue card covers, white lettering to front cover, white and black lettering to spine. "Gordon Rankin ('Rank') has a secret, one that he has been running from for almost his entire life. Having spent his youth cast as enforcer, a goon -- by his classmates, his hockey coaches, and especially his own father, Rank has never been a stranger to gossip or abuse. But twenty years later, an old, trusted friend --the only person to whom he has ever confessed his sins -- has published a novel mirroring Rank's life and his unspeakable secret. The betrayal cuts to the core of him, and forces Rank to confront the tragic true story that he has tried to bury. A diatribe, a prayer, an ode to what it means to be a man, Rank's painful, suspenseful, and often hilarious journey grabs us by the throat and the heart and never lets us go. This is Rank's turn to finally set the record straight." - from rear. Very good. 10.00

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12 COLLINS, Gerard Finton Moon. A Novel. pbk.
Killick Press, St. John's, NF, 2012, ISBN:9781897174906 
COLLINS, Gerard. Finton Moon. A Novel. St. John's: Killick Press, 2012. Pp.(8),[1]-333,(3). 8vo, illustrated black and brown card covers with cream a nd brown lettering to front cover and spine. Winner of the Percy Janes First Novel Award. "In this gothic, adult fairytale, Finton Moon is a child whofeels like an alien within his own family and community. Growing up in the rough town of Darwin, Finton lives with his strict Catholic mother and gra ndmother, his lawless, faithless father and his two older brothers. While his grandmother has him 'right ready for the seminary', Finton's interest liest in books, nature and solitude. Finton's parents quickly discover that he is extraordinary -- for he has been born with the ability to heal with his hands. While Finton Moon wants nothing more than to belong, he lives in aworld that sees him as other, and his greatest fear is that he will be tra pped forever with these people who both misunderstand and abuse him." - from the rear cover. Name to title page, else very good. 12.00

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13 CROOKER, William. PEIRCE, Elizabeth. Saladin : Piracy, Mutiny and Murder on the High Seas : A Historical Narrative. First Edition, Paperback.
Nimbus, Halifax, 2006, ISBN:1551095904 
CROOKER, William and Elizabeth PEIRCE. Saladin : Piracy, Mutiny and Murder on the High Seas : A Historical Narrative. (Halifax): Nimbus, (2006). FirstPrinting. Pp. (4),[1]-140. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. "A crew tire d of abuse. A ship filled with riches. A man crazed with greed. A recipe for mutiny. Set in the mid-nineteenth century, this historical novel is basedon the true story of the gruesome massacre of two ship captains, fouir sai lors, and one young boy. Caught smuggling guano out of Peru, the fiendish George Fielding escapes prison and finds passage on the wealth-laden Saladin. His avarice ocercomes him, and he goads a discontented crew into a brutalmutiny. One murder leads to the next in this true tale of treachery. The f inal grizzly [sic] scene, at Halifax's South Common, has been told to generations of Nova Scotians." - from rear. Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 9.00

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14 CRUISE, David. GRIFFITHS, Alison. GOLER family. On South Mountain : The Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan. First Edition in dustjacket.
Viking, Toronto, 1997, ISBN:0670873888 
CRUISE, David & Alison GRIFFITHS. On South Mountain : The Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan. (Toronto) : Viking, (1997). First Printing. Pp (16),[3]-290.With map and family tree in text. 8vo, gray paper-covered boards, gilt let tering to spine. "The Annapolis Valley is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. Apple blossoms, lush farms and lovely, secluded beaches have graced photographs and postcards without number. But there has beena dark evil within this idyllic land for more than two hundred years. Overlooking the Valley is South Mountain, a long ridge of hills covered by dense forests which conceal tiny hamlets and isolated clusters of shacks setin small clearings. Lately, parts of the Mountain have become desirable pl aces to live. But for most of the last two centuries it has been home to the 'Clans' -- thirty or so tight family groupings, living in their various Mountain enclaves [in] the kind of poverty and deprivation associated only with the world's poorest nations. [...] Then one day, a fourteen-year-old Mountain girl told authorities thather father had been 'using her as a wife'.This revelation sparked a massive investigation which revealed a horrific tale of incest, sexual and physical abuse and psychological torture. Eventually, sixteen men and women, almost an entire generation of one Clan, facedmore than one hundred and fifty criminal charges. At the same time, eleven children, also an entire generation of the same Clan, were taken from thei r homes. The Valley's dark secrets are reveealed [...] in this mesmerizing account of what has gone on behind the picture postcard. For over a century, church officials, academics, politicians, teachers, social workers and doctors knew what was happening on South Mountain -- but they chose to look the other way. 'On South Mountain' is more than just an unveiling of the Clan's dark secrets. It is a social history of the Mountain and Valley." - from the dust jacket. Chapters: 1. The Mountain & the Valley; 2. Man, God & the Godless; 3. The Clans; 4. Esther & the Mountain; 5. White Rock; 6. SandraComes in from the Cold; 7. The Clan; 8. A Bad Thing to Do to a Little Girl ; 9. Stella's Boys; 10. And the Rest; 11. The Women; 12. The Other Side of the Clan; 13. Conviction; 14. In the Shadow of South Mountain; 15. Return to South Mountain. With epilogue, notes and bibliography. Bookplate else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 65.00

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15 Deprogramming Deprogramming : Documenting the Issue. Prepared for the American Civil Liberties Union and The Toronto School of Theology Conferences on Religious Deprogramming, February 5, 1977 (New York) & March 18-20, 1977 (Toronto)
American Civil Liberties Union/ Toronto School of Theology, New York / Toronto , 1977, 
(Deprogramming). Deprogramming : Documenting the Issue. Prepared for the American Civil Liberties Union and The Toronto School of Theology Conferenceson Religious Deprogramming, February 5, 1977 (New York) & March 18-20, 197 7 (Toronto). New York : American Civil Liberties Union / Toronto : Toronto School of Theology, 1977. Pp (6),3-217,(3),[1]-31,(1). Illustrated. 4to, illustrated blue card covers, riveted at spine. Contents : Part I – The Deprogrammers. (a) “Deprogramming and Religious Liberty” from Church and State; (b) “The Case Against Patrick” by Steve Brown, ACLU memorandum on Ted Patrick and Religious Cults; (c) History of the Deprogramming Movement; (d) Chart showing links among deprogramming groups; (e) Rabbi Tennenbaum discusses deprogramming referral system; (f) Latters from Rabbi Davis showing originsof CERF and CEFM; (g) Evidence that deprogrammers first approach parents; (h) Deprogrammer use of toughs and criminals; (i) A step-by-step account ofthe deprogrammers activity; )j)”Brainwashing Kit to Fight Fringe Cults” fr om The Guardian (England); (k) Deprogramming (a sample deprogrammer's manual); (l) Interview with author of Deprogramming from Tidbits (England); (m) The Queens County – Hare Krishna Case. Part II – Some of the Kidnapping Victims. (a) Walter Taylor (Old Catholic) by Trauscht and Scharff; (b) Debbie Dudgeon (Roman Catholic) by MacPherson and Patrick; (c) Andrew Wilson (Unification Church) by Patrick, Swope, and Alexander; (d) Linda Epstein (Hare Krishna) by North, MacPherson, Turner, and Patrick; (e) 32 hare Krishna Kidnappings; (f) Brian Sabourin (Unification Church) by Swope and Waronowski; (g) Elizabeth Regow (New Testament Missionary Fellowship) by Patrick; (h) Daniel Voll (New Testament Missionary Fellowship); (i) Warren Hellyer (Scientology) by North; (j) Arthur Shiva Dayon (Yoga) by Girella and patrick; (k) Pam Fanshier (Unification Church); (l) Dena Thomas and Kathy Markis (Greek Orthodox) by Patrick. Part III – How Deprogrammers Use the Law, the Church and the Media. (a) Churches abuse tax-exempt privilege collecting funds fordeprogrammers; (b) Police cooperation with deprogrammers; (c) Courts coope rate with deprogrammers; (d) District attorneys cooperate with deprogrammers; (e) Standardized Conservatorship form circulated by CEFM (Just fill in the name!); (f) Psychologistin Tucson testifies that a person in Oklahoma, whom he has never seen, requires “psychotherapy intervention”; (g) Example of use of standardized conservatorship form by Gary Scharff; (h) “Abuse of Conservatorship Law” by Ralph Baker; (i) “Anti-cultists ordered to Produce Women” from the Arizona Daily Star; (j) “Issue was One of Citizenship” by R.Cohen, the Washington Post; (k) The media used by deprogrammers; (l) CERF “Fixes” Dole Hearing; (m) William Hendricks: Link between deprogrammers andNational Council of Churches. Part IV – Statements on Deprogramming. (a) A merican Civil Liberties Union; (b) Thomas Szasz ((Psychiatrist); (c) AnnualConvention of the New England Psychological Association; (d) World Fellows hip of Religions; (e) National Council of Churches; (f) Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia; (g) Association of Asian-Americans; (h) Harvey Cox (Theologian); (i) Stephen Chorover (Psychologist); (j) AllanGerson (Clinical Psychologist); (k) Michael Mewshaw (Journalist); (l) Ravj i Ganatra (Mayor of Bombay); (m) J.L. Simmons, “Deprogramming: The Wrong Answer for Concerned Parents”; (n) Jeremiah Gutman, “Constitutional and LegalDimensions of Deprogramming”; (o) Martin Niemoeller. Part V – Transcripts of Major Statements from New York American Civil Liberties Union Conference. Very good. 80.00

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16 DERENYI, Eugene F. (ed.) University of New Brunswick Law Journal / Revue de Droit de l'Université duNouveau-Brunswick, Vol. 41 / Tome 41 1992
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, 1992, 
DERENYI, Eugene F. (ed.). University of New Brunswick Law Journal / Revue de Droit de l'Université du Nouveau-Brunswick, Vol. 41 / Tome 41 1992. [Cover adds: Celebrating 100 Years of Legal Education.] (Fredericton : University of New Brunswick, 1992). Pp (10),[1]-374. 8vo, brown card covers, lettered in black. Cntents : Foreword - The Law Journal in the School's Centennial(by G.V. La Forest); The Law School at 100 (by Wade MacLauchland); The Leg al Treatment of Spousal Abuse: A Case of Sex Discrimination (by Kathleen E.Mahoney); Environmental Protection in National Marine Parks (by Elaine L. Hughes); The Changing Face of Environmental Law and Policy (by Constance C.Hunt); Individual and Group Enforcement of Environmental Law in Quebec (by Jutta Brunnée); Citizen Suits to Protect the Environment: The U.S. Experie nce May Suggest a Canadian Model (by Orlando Delogu); Avenues for Citizen Participation in the Environmmental Arena: Some Thoughts on the Road Ahead (by Roger Cotton and Nancy Johnson); Territorialité et Présence Française enAmérique: Un Survol Historique (par Roberto Perin); Les Droits Linguistiqu es au Canada: De L'Intolérance à L'Utopie (par Pierre Patinaude); Teritorialité et Personalité des Droits Linguistiques (par Alain Prujiner); Droits Linguistiques: Les Cercles Concentriques (par Pierre Foucher); The Acadia Coal Strike, 1934: Thinking About Law and the State (by Margaret E. McCallum); The Bar of Prine Edward Island, 1769-1852 (by H.T. Holman); Discrimination and the Law in Canada (by Walter Surma Tarnopolsky); Forum: Moncton School Board Inquiry: Editor's Preface; Board of Inquiry Report; Judicial Review; Comments on the Board of Inquiry Report on Malcolm Ross' Influence in School District 15 (by Leonidas E. Hill); Rethinking Canadian Justice: Hate Must not Define Democracy (by Cheva Medjuck); Ross, Rights and Justice (by William Steele); An Historical Perspective on Me Malcolm Ross Affair (by AlanDavies); Malcolm Ross and Free Speecjh (by Stuart Ryan); Of Liberty and So cial Practices (by Myron Gochnauer); The Freedom to Promote Hate: What We Learned from Jim Keegstra and Malcolm Ross (by Derek Raymaker and David Kilgour); The Ross Decision and Control in Professional Employment (by David Givan); You be the Judge (by Eric MacKenzie). Very good. 25.00

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17 DOMINIC, Magie Queen of Peace Room
Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2002, ISBN:0889204179 
DOMINIC, Magie. The Queen of Peace Room. (Waterloo, ON): Wilfred Laurier University Press, (2002). Pp. 114. 8vo, black ill. card covers. The Newfoundland author explores acts of aggression against women in the second half of the twentieth century, while, at the same time, dealing with the memories of her own violent past. Vg. 14.00

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Humble Men in Company : The Unlikely Friendship of Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. First Edition., EVANS, Kirby LAMB, Charles) COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor)
18 EVANS, Kirby LAMB, Charles) COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor) Humble Men in Company : The Unlikely Friendship of Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. First Edition.
Cape Breton University Press, Sydney, NS, 2011, ISBN:9781897009512 2011 1897009518 / 9781897009512 
EVANS, Kirby. Humble Men in Company : The Unlikely Friendship of Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Sydney, Nova Scotia : Cape Breton University Press, (2011). First Edition. Pp. (10),xi-281,(1). 8vo (152 x 228 mm), art-illustrated cardcovers, with brown lettering to pea-green spine.

Kirby Evans (b. 1964).

A survey of the friendship between two Romantic-era stalwarts -- Coleridge and Lamb, "so different and yet so complementary" -- as evinced through their works and correspondences.

"The Romantic period, an intellectual revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, was an era of literary greats – heroic individualists and artists whose pioneering examples would elevate society and legitimize the individual imagination as a critical authority, freeing us from classical notions of form. It was also an era of great literary friendships: Byron and Shelley, Pope and Swift, Mill and Carlyle – Coleridge and Lamb, to name a few.

Humble Men in Company is an intimate portrait of the lives and works of Coleridge ("Rime of the Ancient Mariner," "Kubla Khan") and Lamb ( Tales of Shakespeare , The Essays of Elia ) , influential Romantic-era writers herein portrayed through their many years of correspondence: from their early years at Christ's Hospital boarding school, through a staggering series of setbacks and disappointments, both meteoric and mediocre literary acceptance, Coleridge's legendary substance abuse and Lamb's late discovery of the essay as a form of expression.

So different and yet so complementary, Coleridge and Lamb provide us with a unique and complex alternative to the more flamboyant relationships of their contemporaries. Coleridge seems to glory in the revolutionary break with established values, while Lamb accepts and submits. Kirby Evans, opens up a new appreciation for the ways these unlikely friends shared the heroism of their age - the passions of an intellectual life." - the rear.

A CBUP publication.

Out of print. Very good, appears unread. 20.00

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19 FELDBERG, Georgina, ed. LADD-TAYLOR, Molly, ed. LI, Alison, ed. McGill-Queen's Studies in the History of Medicine, 16. Women, Health, and Nation : Canada and the United States since 1945. FirstEdition.
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal and Kingston, 2003, ISBN:0773525009 
FELDBERG, Georgina, Molly LADD-TAYLOR, Alison LI, and Kathryn McPHERSON, eds. Women, Health, and Nation : Canada and the United States since 1945. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, (2003). First Printing. Pp. (4),[v]-vii,(3),[1]-438. 8vo, tan cloth with black lettering to frontboard and spine. McGill-Queen's/Associated Medical Services (Hannah Instit ute) Studies in the History of Medicine, volume 16. Series editors: S.O. Freeman and J.T.H. Connor. Contents: 1. Georgina Feldberg, Molly Ladd-Taylor,Alison Li, and Kathryn McPherson's "Comparative Perspectives on Canadian a nd American Women's Health Care since 1945"; 2. Barbara Clow's "'An Illnessof Nine Months' Duration': Pregnancy and Thalidomide Use in Canada and the United States"; 3. Ladd-Taylor's "'A Kind of Genetic Social Work': Sheldon Reed and the Origins of Genetic Counselling"; 4. Michelle L. McClellan's " Marty Mann's Crusade and the Gendering onf Alcohol Addiction"; 5. Li's "Marketing Menopause: Science and the Public Relations of Premarin"; 6. Feldberg's "On the Cutting Edge: Science and Obstetrical Practice in a Women's Hospital, 1945-1960"; 7. Laura E. Ettinger's "Mission to Mothers: Nuns, LatinoFamilies, and the Founding of Sante Fe's Catholic Maternity Institute"; 8. Judith Bender Zelmanovitz's "'Midwife Preferred': Maternity Care in Outpos t Nursing Stations in Northern Canada, 1945-1988"; 9. Maureen McCall's "Pursuing Conception: A Physician's Experience with In Vitro Fertilization"; 10. Heather Munro Prescott's "'Guides to Womanhood': Gynaecology and Adolescent Sexuality in the Post-Second World War Era"; 11. McPherson's "Nursing and Colonization: The Work of Indian Health Service Nurses in Manitoba, 1945-1970"; 12. Karen Flynn's "Race, the State, and Caribbean Immigrant Nurses, 1950-1962"; 13. Aline Charles's "Women's Work in Eclipse: Nuns in Quebec Hospitals, 1940-1980"; 14. Ann Starr's "Scenes from the Psychiatric Hospital"; 15. Vanessa Northington Gamble's "Subcutaneous Scars: A Black Physician Shares What It Feels Like to Be on the Receiving End of Racial Prejudice, despite a Successful Career"; 16. Writing as Activism: Three Women's Health Documents: i. Michele Landsberg's "Show Me a Gynecologist and I'll Show You a Male Chauvinist (Even If She's a Woman)", Suzanne Hyers's "(Not Just) Another Day at the Gynecologist", and Chuck Conconi's "Mom's Secret: She Was One of the Lucky Ones -- A Survivor. But No One Was Ever to Know"; 17. SusanL. Smith and Dawn Dorothy Nickel's "Nursing the Dying in post-Second World War Canada and the United States"; 18. Leslie J. Reagan's "Crossing the Bo rder for Abortions: California Activists, Mexican Clinics, and the Creationof a Feminist Health Agency in the 1960s"; 19. Elena R. Gutierrez's "Polic ing 'Pregnant Pilgrims': Situating the Sterilization Abuse of Mexican-Origin Women in Los Angeles County"; 20. Susan M. Reverby's "Thinking through the Body and the Body Politic: Feminism, History, and Health-Care Policy in the United States". Very good. 35.00

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20 FERRIS, John (ed.). WRIGHT, David Curtis HILL, Alexander HERWIG, Holger Calgary Papers in Military and Strategic Studies : Military Studies and History; Vol. 2, 2008.
Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, Calgary, 2008, ISBN:9780889533240 
FERRIS, John (ed.). Calgary Papers in Military and Strategic Studies : Military Studies and History; Vol. 2, 2008. (Calgary) : Centre for Military andStrategic Studies, 2008. Pp (4),[1]-163,(1). 8vo, illustrated pale blue pa per covered boards. Articles : The Problem of Realism and Reality in Military Training Exercises (by Anne Irwin); Of Men and Myths: The Use and Abuse of History and the Great War (by Holger Herwig); The Northern Frontier (by David Curtis Wright); Nomadic Power, Sedentary Security, and the Crossbow (by David Curtis Wright); Artillery is Not Needed to Cross a River: Bayan's Swift Riparian Campaigns Against the Southern Song Chinese. 1274-1276 (by David Curtis Wright); The Mongol General Bayan and the Massacre of Changzhouin 1275 (by David Curtis Wright); British Lend-Lease Aid and the Soviet Wa r Effort, June 1941 - June 1942 (by Alexander Hill); The Partisan War in North-West Russia 1941-44: A Re-Examination (by Alexander Hill); A New American Way of War? C41SR in Operation Iraqi Freedom, A Provisional Assessment (by John Ferris). Very good. 25.00

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