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Lawyers in Society, Volume One : The Common Law World.  First Edition in dustjacket., ABEL, Richard, ed. LEWIS, Philip S.C., ed.
1 ABEL, Richard, ed. LEWIS, Philip S.C., ed. Lawyers in Society, Volume One : The Common Law World. First Edition in dustjacket.
University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1988, ISBN:0520056035 1988 0520056035 / 9780520056039 
ABEL, Richard, and Philip S.C. Lewis, (eds.). Lawyers in Society, Volume One : The Common Law World. Eidted by Richard L. Abel and Philip S.C. Lewis. Berkeley / Los Angeles / London : University of California Press, (1988). First Printing. Pp. (4),v-xii,1-399,(3). With tables in the text. 8vo (159 x 234 mm), red cloth with gilt lettering to spine.

Includes edited papers from a conference held in Bellagio, Italy, July 16-21, 1984.

Philip Simon Coleman Lewis.

"The legal profession is one of the most discussed and least understood occupational categories in contemporary society. Are there too many lawyers wasting human resources and hampering political and economic activity, or are there too few to provide adequate representation for all? Does a career in law permit social mobility or has the profession remained a preserve of privilege? The essays in this volume offer readers inside and outside the legal system a solid sociological foundation for addressing these questions and many others." - from the dustjacket.

1. Introduction by Philip S.C. Lewis;

2. England and Wales: A Comparison of the Professional Projects of Barristers and Solicitors (by Richard L. Abel);

3. The Legal Profession in Scotland: An Endangered Species or a Problem Case for Market Theory? (by Alan A. Paterson);

4. Canadian Lawyers: A Peculiar Professionalism (by Harry W. Arthurs, Richard Weisman, and Frederick H. Zemans);

5. United States: The Contradictions of Professionalism (by Richard L. Abel);

6. The Australian Legal Profession: From Provincial Family Firms to Multinationals (by David Weisbrot);

7. New Zealand Lawyers: From Colonial GPs to the Servants of Capital (by Georgina Murray);

8. Past and Present: A Sociological Portrait of the Indian Legal Profession (by J.S. Gandhi).
With index.

Very good in dustjacket. 60.00

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Jakarta : A History. First Edition, ABEYASEKERE, Susan
2 ABEYASEKERE, Susan Jakarta : A History. First Edition
Oxford University Press, Singapore [et al], 1987, ISBN:0195826884 1987 0195826884 / 9780195826883 
ABEYASEKERE, Susan. Jakarta : A History. Singapore [et al] : Oxford University Press, 1987. Pp (4),[v]-xvii,(3),[3]-280,(2),+ 16 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, illustrated grey paper-covered boards (hardcover), lettered in blue, orange, pale yellow, white and black.

"This study of Jakarta presents the first general history of the city. It follows two main themes. One is the clash between dream and reality. For nearly 400 years, governments have wanted Jakarta to be the show-piece for their policies in the Indonesian archipelago. From 1619 until 1949, the Dutch saw the city as a European enclave displaying the gifts of good government and modern technology which they brought to their East Indies. After independence, President Sukarno lavished attention on his capital, hoping to make it the pride of the nation and the Beacon of the New Emerging Forces. Since Sukarno's fall, the New Order Government has channelled investment into Jakarta and carried through extensive modernization plans in line with its general aim of economic development for Indonesia. This book looks at the consequences of those centuries of policies for Jakarta, and in particular for the vast majority of its inhabitants who have always been too poor to fit into plans for the city.

The other main theme is the rich complexity of Jakarta's population. For centuries the city grew relatively slowly, and immigrant groups of Chinese, Arabs, Europeans and Indonesians from all over the archipelago mingled to produce unique cultural forms. In the last 40 years, that intricate web has been torn apart by political changes and massive waves of Indonesian immigrants who are still struggling to create their own urban culture in a predominantly rural country." (from the back cover).

Contents :
Part I - The Old Masters.
1. Company Town: Early Origins tn 1800.
2. The Colonial City: Batavia in the Nineteenth Century.
3. Batavia, 1900-1942: The Colonial City under Challenge.

Part II - Interregnum.
4. Japanese Occupation and the Struggle for independence. 1942-1949.

Part III - The New Masters.
5. Sukarno's Jakarta: 1950-1965.
6. Jakarta under Sadikin and His Successors: 1966-1985.

Slightly cracked, else very good. 75.00

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3 ABOUL-ENEIN, Youssef and Basil ABOUL-ENEIN. Secret War for the Middle East : The Influence of Axis and Allied Intelligence Operations during World War II. First Edition in dustjacket.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 2013, ISBN:9781612513096 
ABOUL-ENEIN, Youssef and Basil ABOUL-ENEIN. The Secret War for the Middle East : The Influence of Axis and Allied Intelligence Operations during WorldWar II. Annapolis, Maryland : Naval Institute Press, (2013). First Printin g. Pp. (6),vii-xxiii,(1),1-263,(1). 8vo, red paper-covered spine with off-white patterned paper-covered boards, silver lettering to spine. Foreword byEd Mornston. "Although often overlooked in studies of World War II, the Mi ddle East was actually a key theater for the Allies. Though the threat of direct Axis invasion by Rommel's Afrika Corps never materialized beyond the Egyptian Western Desert, this did not limit the Axis from probing the Middle East and cultivating potential collaborators and sympathizers. 'The Secret War for the Middle East' explores the infusion of the political language of anti-Semitism, nationalism, fascism, and Marxism that was among the ideological by-products of Axis and Allied intervention in the Arab world. The status of the British-dominated Middle East was tailor-made for exploitation by Axis intelligence and propaganda. German and Italian intelligence efforts fueled anti-British resentments; their influence shaped the course of Arab nationalist sentiments throughout the Middle East. These actions left an indelible mark on the sociopolitical evolution of the modern states of the Middle East, and their effects continue to be felt today. A relevant parallel to the pan-Arab cause was Hitler's attempt to bring ethnic Germans into the fold of a greater German state. In theory, as the Sudeten German stood on par with the Carpathian German, so, too, according to doctrinal theory, did the Yemeni stand in union with the Syrian in the imagination of thoseespousing pan-Arabism. As historic evidence demonstrates, this very common ality proved to be a major factor in the development of relations between Arab and fascist leaders. The Arab nationalist movement amounted to little more than a shapeless, fragmented counter-position to British imperialism, imported to the Arab East via Berlin for Nazi aspirations." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Palestine Question; 3. Hashemite Iraq; 4. Vichy French Syria: Operation Exporter; 5. Iran: Operation Countenance; 6. Turkey: Balancing Neutrality; 7. Axis Efforts in the Arabian Peninsula; 8. Afghanistan and the Third Reich: Fomenting Rebellions; 9. Egypt's Internal Struggle: To Declare War or Not?; 10. Conclusion. With appendices, notes, a selected bibliography, and index. Very good in crisp dustjacket. 30.00

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4 ACHESON, T.W Saint John : The Making of a Colonial Urban Community. First Edition in dustjacket, signed.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1985, ISBN:0802025862 
ACHESON, T.W. Saint John : The Making of a Colonial Urban Community. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, (1985). First Printing. Pp (14),[3]-314,(2). 8vo, white cloth with red lettering to spine. "Saint John, New Brunswick,was a small, stagnant mercantile town in 1800. Its character was set by it s British garrison, a fwe prominent Loyalist officials, and a small merchant elite. But that character changed quickly and dramatically in the first half of the nineteenth century.." - from the dj. Contents: 1. The Urban Economy; 2. The Common Council; 3. The Merchant and the Social Order; 4. Bone and Sinew: The Artisans and the Social Order; 5. Irishmen and Bluenoses; 6. The Evangelical Movement; 7. Temperance; 8. Education; 9. Anatomy and Political Reform; 10. Private Capital and Public Resources; 11. Policing the City; 12. The People of a Loyalist City. Vg in dj. Signed without inscription by Acheson on the title page. 25.00

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5 ADAS, Michael Studies in Comparative World History series Prophets of Rebellion : Millenarian Protest Movements against the European Colonial Order. First Edition in dustjacket
University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1979, ISBN:0807813532 0807813532 / 9780807813539 
ADAS, Michael. Prophets of Rebellion : Millenarian Protest Movements against the European Colonial Order. Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, (1979). First Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-xxvii,(3),3-243,(1). With a few illustrations in the text. Maps. Index. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine.

A volume in the Studies in Comparative World History series.

Michael Adas (b. February 4, 1943, Detroit, Michigan).

"This study provides new approaches to the writing of comparative history and to the analysis of social protest movements, by combining five case studies with other evidence on millennial movements, Michael Adas constructs a framework for the study of the relationship between millenarian expectations, prophetic leaders, and violent social protest.

The participants in these rebellions sought to change unacceptable sociocultural systems by extralegal means rather than by constitutional methods, by force rather than by reform, withdrawal, or passive resistance. Each of the groups mounted a rebellion aimed at the overthrow not only of the political regime but also of the existing sociocultural order. The author views these rebellions from the perspectives of both the colonizer incumbents and the participants themselves. He analyzes the causes which give rise to these movements of protest gainstst the changes and dislocations engendered by European conquest and colonization of diverse societies in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. He moves from an examination of causation to a consideration of the factors that influenced the mode of protest that was adopted and he discusses the techniques of organization, ritual, and magic that were used to offset European technological superiority. He pays special attention to the careers of the prophets who played central roles in these movements and to the importance of their millenarian visions as catalysts of protests. The work concludes with a discussion of the patterns displayed by the actual revolts, the campaigns of repression launched by the Europeans, and the historical legacy of these movements.

The five rebellions that Michael Adas examines in this study are: the revolt led by Prince Dipanagara in the Netnerlands East Indies (1825-1830), the Pai Maire or Hau Hau movement of the Maoris of New Zealand (1864-c. 1867), the Birsa disturbance among the Mundas of Chota Nagpur in east-central India (1890-1900), the Maji Maji rebellions in German East Africa (1905-1906), and the Saya San uprisings in Burma (1930-1932)." (from the dj).

Contents :
Foreword by Philip D. Curtin;
1. Contexts for five rebellions;
2. Causes for revolt: colonial transformations and relative deprivation;
3. An absence of alternatives;
4. Prophets and millenarian visions;
5. Toward violence: abortive repression and the rise of secondary leaders;
6. Mobilisation: symbol and ritual, talisman and sympathetic magic;
7. Rebellion, suppression and impact;
8. Prophetic rebellion as a type of social protest.
With end-notes, bibliography and index.

Very good in rubbed and torn dustjacket. 45.00

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6 ADIE, R.J. Falkland Islands and Dependencies Survey, Scientific Report 11, Report 12:,Report 20 The Petrology of Graham Land, Parts I, II, III
Colonial Office / Her Majesty's Stationery Office / HMSO, London, 1954, 
ADIE, R.J. Falkland Islands and Dependencies Survey, Scientific Reports No.11 : The Petrology of Graham Land: I. The Basement Complex; Early Palaeozo ic and Volcanic Rocks. London : Published for the Colonial Office by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1954. Pp. (2),1-22,(1), (3 plate leaves with caption tissue guards). Tables, map, diagrams in text. 4to, grey cardcovers. [with] ADIE, R.J. Falkland Islands and Dependencies Survey, Scientific Reports No. 12 : The Petrology of Graham Land: II. The Andean Granite-Gabbro Intrusive Suite. London : Published for the Colonial Office by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1955. Pp. (2),1-39,(1), (1 plate leaf). Tables, map, diagrams in text. 4to, grey cardcovers. [with] ADIE, R.J. Falkland Islands and Dependencies Survey, Scientific Reports No. 20 : The Petrology of Graham Land: II. Metamorphic Rocks of the Trinity Peninsula Series. London : Published for the Colonial Office by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1957. Pp. (2),1-26, (2 plate leaves with caption tissue guards). Tables, maps, diagramsin text. 4to, grey cardcovers. F.I.D.S. Scientific Reports 11, 12, and 20. Raymond J. Adie. Ex institutional library with usual stamps, &c, light cov er wear, else very good. For the three numbers. 100.00

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7 Africa - Religion SHEPPERSON, George RANGER, Terence Religion in Africa. Proceedings of a Seminar held in the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, 10th - 12th April, 1964
Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 1964, 
(Africa – Religion). Religion in Africa. Proceedings of a Seminar held in the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, 10th – 12th April, 1964. (Edinburgh) : Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, (1964). Pp (6),1-130. 4to, green tape spine, pale blue card covers. Contents : A Department of Religious Studies in an African University (by Rev. F.B. Welbourn); Muslim and Christian separatism in Africa (by Humphrey J. Fisher);Hume and North African Islam (by Ernest Gellner); Animism in Pemba (by Pet er Lienhardt); Religion and Society amongst the Kuria of East Africa (by Malcolm Ruel); Religion in British Central Africa (by George Shepperson); TheEarly History of Independency in Southern Rhodesia (by Terence Ranger); Li vingstonia as an Industrial Mission, 1875-1900: A study of commerce and Christianity in Nyasaland (by K.J. McCracken); The Foundations of the BlantyreMission, Nyasaland (by Rev. Andrew C. Ross); Malawi Rain-cults (by Thomas Price); Reflections on Religion in Africa (by Rev. W. Montgomery Watt). Lacking most of spine and with title in black marker to spine, rubbed and smudged, penned name, else good. 50.00

Price: 50.00 CDN
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8 African History - Workshop - Papers SOREMEKUN, Fola LANGWORTHY, H.W. RANGER, T.O. Papers presented at the Workshop on the Teaching of Central and East African History, 24th to 31st August, 1970, in Lusaka, Zambia.
Lusaka, Zambia, 1970, 
(African History - Workshop - Papers). [Papers presented at the] Workshop on the Teaching of Central and East African History, 24th to 31st August, 1970, in Lusaka, Zambia. Lusaka, Zambia :, 1970. Various paginations (totalling approximately 110). Maps. Folio, red comb bound, blank red cloth.Contents : “Christianity in Central Africa” by T.O. Ranger (12 pp); “Socia l and Economic Development in Zambia in the 20th Century” by Ian Henderson (15 pp); “The Effects of the Slave Trade in East and West Africa” by Fola Soremekun (19 pp); “The Historical Basis of UDI” by Ian Henderson (16 pp); “Pre-Colonial Trade in Zambia” by Andrew D. Roberts (17 pp, plus map); “Themes in the History of Malawi and Eastern Zambia to 1850: by H.W. Langworthy (13 pp); “The Mwene Mutapa and Other Shona Kingdoms, 1450-1850” by H. Langworthy (14 pp, plus map). Dampspotting to cloth, else very good. Scarce. 75.00

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9 AKENSON, Donald Harman If the Irish Ran the World: Montserrat, 1630-1730. First Edition, Paperback
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal & Kingston, 1997, ISBN:0773516867 
AKENSON, Donald Harman. Being Had : Historians, Evidence, and the Irish in North America. Being the Joanne Goodman Lectures of the University of Western Ontario, 1997. Montreal & Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press, (1997). First Edition, Paperback. Pp (8).[ix]-x,(4),[3]-273,(1). With maps and tables in the text. 8vo, grey, black and red cardcovers, black spine. Donald Harman Akenson FRSC, FRHS (b. May 22, 1941, Minneapolis, Minnesota). . "What would have happened if the Irish had conquered and controlled a vast empire? Would they have been more humane rulers than the English? Using theCaribbean island of Montserrat as a case study of "Irish" imperialism, Don ald Akenson addresses these questions and provides a detailed history of the island during its first century as a European colony. Montserrat, although part of England's empire, was settled largely by the Irish and provides an opportunity to view the interaction of Irish emigrants with English imperialism in a situation where the Irish were not a small minority among whitesettlers. Within this context Akenson explores whether Irish imperialism o n Montserrat differed from English imperialism in other colonies. Akenson reveals that the Irish proved to be as effective and as unfeeling colonists as the English and the Scottish, despite the long history of oppression in Ireland. He debunks the myth of the "nice" slave holder and the view that indentured labour prevailed in the West Indies in the seventeenth century. He also shows that the long-held habit of ignoring ethnic strife within the white ruling classes in the West Indies is misconceived. If the Irish Ran the World provides interesting insights into whether ethnicity was central to the making of the colonial world and the usefulness of studies of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English imperialism in the Americas." -p. [i]. 1. Who's in Charge?; 2. Ireland's Neo-Feudal Empire, 1630-1650; 3. From Neo-Feudalism to Crown Rule, 1650-1680; 4. Capitalism at a Gallop, 1680-1730; 5. The Long Wind-Down: After 1730; 6. Usable Traditions; Appendix A: The 1678 Census; Appendix B: The Census of 1729; With Notes; Bibliography; Index.Very good. 30.00

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10 ALAGOA, E.J. (ed.). Kiabàrà : Journal of the Humanities. Volume 4, Number 2, Harmattan 1981 : Focus on History
School of Humanities, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria , 1981, 1981 
ALAGOA, E.J., (ed.). Kiabàrà : Journal of the Humanities. Volume 4, Number 2, Harmattan 1981 : Focus on History. (Port Harcourt, Nigeria : School of Humanities, University of Port Harcourt, 1981). Pp 1-219,(1). Illustrated. Map. 8vo, red & white cardcovers.

Contents :
E.J. Alagoa's “The Ethnographic Dimension of Oral Tradition (p 7-24);

E.O. Erim's “Field Techniques for Recording the History of Segmentary Societies” (pp 25-40);

Ade Obayemi's “Cultural Dynamics and History of the Niger-Benue Confluence Area before 1900” (pp 41-50);

S.O. Babayemi's “The Ideological Base of Power of the Alaafin of Oyo and of his Chiefs” (pp 51-66);

N.C. Ejituwu's “The Problem of Feedback in Oral Tradition: The Obolo (Andoni) Example” (pp 67-80);

Owen J.M. Kalinga's “Oral Tradition and the Reconstruction of the Pre-colonial History of Malawi: A Reassessment” (pp 81-104);

Adell Paton, Jr.'s “Oral Tradition in the Reconstruction of Ningi History ca. 1880-1908” (pp 105-126);

Gloria Thomas Emeagwali's “Alternative Perspectives on the Reconstruction of the African Past: The Case of Walter Rodney” (pp 127-138);

Ade Adefuye's “Recording the Oral History of the Palwo” (pp 139-156);

Jan Vansina's “Ethnography as History: The Past of the peoples in the Equatorial Rainforest of Africa” (pp 157-192);

E.J. Alagoa's “Oral Data as Archives in Africa” (pp 193-202);

Nwanna Nzewunwa's “The Organisation of Pre-historic Research in Nigeria” (pp 203-215).

Covers rubbed and browned, else good to very good. 20.00

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11 ALBURY, Paul PINDLING, L. O., Hon. (intro.) Story of the Bahamas
Macmillan Caribbean, London, 1976, 
ALBURY, Paul. The Story of the Bahamas ; foreword by Hon. L. O. Pindling. (L.): Macmillan Caribbean, (1976). 1st pub 1975 ; repr 1976. Pp. 284, frontis., + 4 p. of plates. 8vo, illustrated card covers with blue lettering to spine. A history of the Bahamas, from pre-colonial times through independence. Lightly rubbed, else vg. 12.00

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12 ALBURY, Paul PINDLING, L. O., Hon. (intro.) Story of the Bahamas. 4th pr
Macmillan Caribbean, London, 1976, ISBN:0333171322 
ALBURY, Paul. The Story of the Bahamas ; foreword by Hon. L. O. Pindling. (L.): Macmillan Caribbean, (1980). Fourth Printing. Pp. 294, frontis., + 4 p. of plates. 8vo, illustrated card covers with blue lettering to spine. A history of the Bahamas, from pre-colonial times through independence. Lightly rubbed, else vg. 10.00

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13 ALDEN, John R. History of Human Society series. Pioneer America. First British Edition in dustjacket
Hutchinson of London, London, 1966, 
ALDEN, John R. Pioneer America. (London) : Hutchinson of London, (1966). First British Edition. Pp (10),[xi]-xxix,(3),[3]-309,(1),[i]-x,+ 8 pp plates.Maps. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to brown panels to spine. In The History of Human Society series. "The epic story of American society, from pre-Colonial times to the end of the Civil War is unfolded here in a swift and sweeping synthesis. John Alden has sought primarily to put the multitudinous facets of the rich and varied past, so often separately studied by others, into a clear and just perspective. He begins with a notable chapter on the American Indians, and then goes on to the English, French, and other pioneers, emphasizing the educaitonal, religious and political heritageeach brought from Europe. He presents a swift and lucid picture of the Col onial Period, usually shown as an intricate morass of sectarian bickering. He puts the American Revolution, the writing of the constitution, and the opportune Louisiana Purchase into the panorama of world history. He shows how the aristocratic federalists were ousted by a second and more democratic revolution, the Jacksonian, and makes clear the powerful social forces at work. As the pioneers moved west, the very foundations of American society were altered. And the Civil War was a crucial social as well as political turning point" (from the dj). Contents : Introduction (by J...H. Plumb). 1. The American Indians. 2. The English plantings. 3. Jewels of Empire. 4. The Colonial Americans. 5. The Onset of the Revolution. 6. The Revolutionary climax. 7. A New order. 8. a Stronger union. 9. The Federalists in the saddle. 10. The Jeffersonian Republic. 11. Over the Appalachions. 12. Gentlemen and Democrats in Washington. 13. The Peculiar South. 14. The American Renaissance. 15. The Offensive against slavery. 16. To the Pacific. 17. Toward tragedy. 18. Union against the Confederacy. 19. The Overthrow of the Confederacy. 20. Changing America. Essay upon Authorities. Browning to front endpapers, else very good in unclipped dustjacket with a few short tears. 25.00

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14 ALI SHAH, Mahboob History of Khyber Rifles
Landi Kotal, Pakistan, 1987, 1987 
ALI SHAH, Mahboob, Lt. Col. History of Khyber Rifles. [Landi Kotal, Pakistan : the Author, 1987?]. First Edition. Pp (8),7-66,(6),+ folding map. Illustrated. 8vo, grey and red card covers, front cover lettered in black, with a blank white spine.

Contents :
1. Preface.
2. Introduction.
3. Important Features.
4. Special Measures of the British Reign.
5. Post Independence Period.
6. Historical Background of Khyber Rifles.
7. Operations and Expeditions.
8. Afridi Uprising — 1897.
9. History of the First Afridi Battalion (1942-46).
10. Rejuvenation of Khyber Rifles.
11. Kashmir Jehad.
12. Pandu Operation.
13. Additional Raising.
14. Indo-Pak War 1965.
15. Indo-Pak War 1971.
16. Visitors.
17. Commandants.

Rubbed and lightly smudged, else very good. 75.00

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15 ALLAN, William Studies in African Land Use in Northern Rhodesia.
Rhodes-Livingstone Institute / Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press, Cape Town / London / New York, 1949, 
ALLAN, William. Studies in African Land Use in Northern Rhodesia. Cape Town/ London / New York : Published for The Rhodes-Livingstone Institute by Ge offrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press, 1949. Pp (8),[1]-85,(3). Maps. 8vo, blue printed card covers. The Rhodes-Livingstone Papers Number Fifteen. Contents : I. How much Land does a Man Require ? II. A Report on Agricultural and Land Problems within Mushiri's Area of the Lamba-Lima Reserve. III. A Reconnaissance Survey of the Land Problem in Mkushi District. IV. Resettlement of Native Populations in Northern Rhodesia. Note on the Chitemene Control Scheme. Lacking one-third of spine, spine and margins yellowed, departmental inkstamp, else good. 30.00

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16 ALLEN, Robert S. His Majesty's Indian Allies : British Indian Policy in The Defence of Canada, 1774-1815. Paperback, Signed.
Dundurn Press, Toronto & Oxford, 1992, ISBN:1550021842 
ALLEN, Robert S. His Majesty's Indian Allies : British Indian Policy in TheDefence of Canada, 1774-1815. Toronto & Oxford : Dundurn Press, 1992. Firs t Paperback Printing. Pp. (6),7-294,(2), including plates. Illustrated. 8vo, art illustrated green card covers with white lettering to front cover andspine. "Today the First Nations are demanding a new recognition of their p lace in Canada. For them this demand is a renewal of the historical relationship between themselves and the European newcomers, based on mutual respect and a separate but equal status in which neither side would interfere wihthe integrity of the other's culture, language, law, or religious and poli tical systems. 'His Majesty's Indian Allies' is a study of the roots of this relationship and an examination of British Indian policy in North Americafrom the time of the American Revolution to the end of the War of 1812, wi th particular focus on Canada. Remarkably little recognition has been givenot the vital military role of native people in the defence of Canada. More precisely, the long relationship between native people and thje crown in C anada, based on formal alliances, was instrumental in preserving and protecting the integrity of the territories that became Canada. The cohesive vehicle for implementing policy directives was the British Indian Department, the forerunner of the present Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Although plagued by a continuous struggle over land issues and native sovereignty, an enduring and symbiotic relationship evolved between the native people and the British Crown in Canada that was rooted in the mutual need and desire for protection and survival. In his conclusion, Allen argues that the historic chain of friendship between native people and the crown has been recast, but not particularly altered, in the contemporary world of government-native relations. In detailing and assessing these military alliances during the formative and critical years in the development of the nations in North America, Robert Allen has brought refreshing new insights intothe field of native history." - from rear. Very good. Signed, inscribed an d dated by the author on the title page. 25.00

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Louisbourg : The Dream City of America First Edition., ALMON, Albert
17 ALMON, Albert Louisbourg : The Dream City of America First Edition.
Glace Bay, N.S, 1934, 1934 
ALMON, Albert. Louisbourg : The Dream City of America. by Albert Almon, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, 1934. First Edition. Pp (3),4-85,(3) + large folding plate. Illustrated, with forty photo reproductions, maps, and diagrams (including three of lighthouses). 8vo, printed brown card covers with black lettering to front cover and blank spine.

Tennyson 68, Tennyson, Cape Bretoniana 412, Morley pp. 85 & 106, Watters p.649, Vaison p.25.

Albert Almon (b. 1872, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia - d. 1960) a plumber and historian.

1. Cape Breton: Its Discovery and Early History;
2. Father Daniel's Last Mass, July 4th, 1648 From The Lion and the Lillies by Charles Edwin Jakeway;
3. Louisbourg, 1720-1760;
4. The Historic Bells of Louisbourg:
Bells --
The Saint Louis Bell --
The Saint Antoine Marie Bell --
The Saint John Bell;
5. The Famous Lighthouses of Louisbourg (pp. 53-61);
6. The Duc D'Anville;
7. The Mission Chalice;
8. Poem: Louisbourg.
With appendix: The King's Hospital.

Short tear to fore-edge of first few leaves, folding plate has tape repairs to verso (but is nearly segmented due to fold splits), faint cover creasing, inking to front cover, else very good. Uncommon. 60.00

Price: 60.00 CDN
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18 AMABILE, George Flower and Song. signed.
Borealis Press, Ottawa, 1977, 
AMABILE, George. Flower and Song (In Xochitl, in Cuicatl). Ottawa: BorealisPress, 1977. Pp. 41. 8vo, illustrated white card covers. A collection of p oems by the Manitoba-raised writer. Poems include: "Toronto/San Miguel: Five Sketches", "Flowers", "The Beggars", "Cathedral", "Basketwork", "Mitla", "Difrasismos for Ometéotl", "Chalchihuátl", "Tlazoltéotl", "Scorpio", "FreeLove", "Wire Sculpture", "Machete", "Estacion", "Snail Party", "Machismo", "Fiesta", "Like a Thief in the Night", "The Fine", "Colonial Villa", "Soft Heart", "Manolo Martinez", and "Canto". Front inner hinge starting, else v g. Signed and inscribed by Amabile on title page. 15.00

Price: 15.00 CDN
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19 American Neptune CLOWSE, Converse D. BAINBRIDGE, William LOCKHART, Paul D American Neptune : A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History. Volume 44, No. 4, Fall 1984
Peabody Museum of Salem, Salem, MA , 1984, 
(American Neptune). The American Neptune : A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History, Volume XLIV, No. 4, Fall 1984. Salem, MA : Peabody Museum of Salem, 1984. Pp (2),[219]-288. Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, illustrated red,white and blue striped card covers. Contents : Shipowning and Shipbuilding in Colonial South Carolina: An Overview (Converse D. Clowse). William Bain bridge : A Journal from City of Washington to Pensacola on USS Hornet; Return on USS John Adams and by Stagecoach from Savannah, Georgia to Petersburg, Virginia, October-December 1825 (George F. Pearce). The Confederate NavalSquadron at Charleston and thew Failure of Naval Harbor Defense (Paul D. L ockhart). Spine sunned, else very good. 10.00 Keywords : NAUTICAL SHIPBUILDING COLONIAL SOUTH CAROLINA VOYAGE CONFEDERATE NAVY CHARLESTON NAVAL PERIODICAL UNITED STATES

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20 Amherst, Nova Scotia. ROBB, A.G. Amherst, Nova Scotia : The Manufacturing Center of the Provinces. This book contains Views of the Principal Streets, Public Buildings, Points of Local and Historic Interest, and Some of the Many Beautiful Residences
James Bayne Company / Lewis Rice, Grand Rapids. Michigan / Truro, Nova Scotia , 1900, 
Amherst, Nova Scotia.. Amherst, Nova Scotia : The Manufacturing Center of the Provinces. This book contains Views of the Principal Streets, Public Buildings, Points of Local and Historic Interest, and Some of the Many Beautiful Residences. Grand Rapids. Michigan : "Published for Lewis Rice, Truro, Nova Scotia by the James Bayne Company, Grand Rapids. Michigan". , n.d. [ca 1900]. First Edition. Unpaginated. Pp [40]. With 67 b& w photos. Oblong 8vo, stapled grey-green cardcovers. Cover title is Amherst , Nova Scotia. A souvenir booklet. Captions: "Victoria Street", "Rhodes-Steele Block", "Bank of Nova Scotia", "Academy", "Court House", "Post Office", "Presbyterian Church", "Methodist Church", "Baptist Church", "Church of England", "Catholic Church", "Town Hall and Fire Station", "Inter-Colonial Rail Station", "Highland View Hospital", "Lower Victoria Street", "Victoria Square", "Victoria Street", "Victoria Square", "Victoria Street", "Residences: Charles Smith, N.A. Rhodes, J..E. Lusby, J..B. Lusby"; "Spring Street : John Crossman, CarlPridham, W.B. Murdoch"; "Corner Church and Spring Streets", "Glebe House", "Residence of C.R. Smith. K.C.", "Residences: Judge W.A.D. Morse, Senator Dickie, [Senator Robert Barry Dickey] Bent Homestead"; "Residence of Hon. T.R. Black", "Residence of J.R. Lamy", "Residence of Amos Pugsley", "Residence of D.W. Robb", "Reservoir and Pumping Station", "Old Magazine", "Fort Cumberland", "Tignish Surf", "A.G. Robb's Auto Carr at the Spring", "Cottagesat Tignish", "Clams at Tignish", "The 'OldMill'", "Yacht Iolanthe (D.W. Ro bb, Owner)", "Yacht Velir (N. Curry, Owner)", "Yachting at Tignish", "YachtBras d'or at Tignish (A.G. Robb, Owner)", "Power House at Tignish", "Dock at Tignish", "Ship Railroad Dock Near Amherst" [vestige from the failed Chignecto Ship Railway]; "The Hewson Woolen Mills: Famous for its Pure Wool Tweeds and Ladies Costume Cloth", "Blair's Lake" , "Blair's Lake" and "Christie's Pond" all with more boating scenes. Some staple rust, else a very goodclean and tidy copy. Very scarce. 160.00

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