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1 (MacDONALD, Angus L.). Dalhousie University Alumni Association Alumni News. Vol. 12, No. 1. New Series. Halifax, May, 1954.
Dalhousie University Alumni Association, 1954, 
(MacDONALD, Angus L.). Alumni News. Vol. 12, No. 1. New Series. Halifax, May, 1954. (Halifax : Dalhousie University Alumni Association, 1954). Pp [1]-64. 8vo, stapled printed mustard card covers. Includes the obituary of the former Premier of Nova Scotia, Angus Lewis Macdonald, with a description ofthe funeral, titled "A Great Dalhousian Passes." A fine copy. 10.00

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2 ABBOTT, Jack China and the English: or the Character and Manners of the Chinese. As Illustrated in the History of Their Intercourse with Foreigners.
Leavitt, Lord, & Co / Crocker & Brewster, New York / Boston, 1835, 
[ABBOTT, Jack]. China and the English: or the Character and Manners of the Chinese. As Illustrated in the History of Their Intercourse with Foreigners. Written for Abbott's Fireside Series. New York : Published by Leavitt, Lord, & Co., 132 Broadway / Boston : Crocker & Brewster, 1835. First Edition.Pp [1]-264. 12mo, blue pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : I. Marco Polo. II. Canton. III. Difficulties. IV. The English Embassy. V. The English Embassy – Continued. VI. Introduction of the Bible. Damage to corner of pp. 181-184 affecting a dew words, spine ends worn, corners bumped,cloth rubbed and smudged, pencil marks and name to endpapers, some foxing, else good. 125.00

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3 ABDULLAH, Tahrunnessa A. and Sondra A.. ZEIDENSTEIN Village Women of Bangladesh : Prospects for Change : A Study Prepared for the International Labour Office Within the Framework of the World EmploymentProgramme .
Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1982, ISBN:0080267955 
ABDULLAH, Tahrunnessa A. and Sondra A.. ZEIDENSTEIN. Village Women of Bangladesh : Prospects for Change: A Study Prepared for the International LabourOffice Within the Framework of the World Employment Programme . Oxford : P ergamon Press, (1982). First Edition. Pp xx,246 + 8 pp of photos. 8vo, green hardcover. Part I. Rural Women of Bangladesh. Chapters : 1. Introduction;2. Bangladesh Background; 3. The Work of Women; 4. Women and Income; 5. Re production and Health; 6. Purdah; 7. Status; 8. Life Crises; 9. Family Strategy and Female Strategy; 10. Co-operation and Conflict; 11. Change. Part II. The Project. 1. Description of the Project; 2. Staff; 3. Co-operatives; 4. Family Planning; 5. The Paradox of Women's Programs. Foreword by Ester Boserup, Preface by Zubeida Ahmad. Very good. 35.00

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4 ABED, Shukri B. AL-FARABI, Abu Nasr Mohammed) ARISTOTLE) Aristotelian Logic and the Arabic Language in Alfarabi
State University of New York Press, Albany, 1991, ISBN:0791403971 
ABED, Shukri B. Aristotelian Logic and the Arabic Language in Alfarabi. (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1991). First Printing. Pp. (8),[ix]-xxv,(1),[1]-201,(3). 8vo, decorated pink glossy paper covered boards, dark blue titles to front and spine. "This book explores the reaction of tenth-century Arab philosopher Abu Nasr Alfarabi to the logical works of Aristotle. From numerous short treatises the author develops a systematic and comprehensive topical survey of Alfarabi's logical writings. The book is divided into two major parts: language as a tool of logic (chapters 1-5) and logic as a tool with which to analyze language (chapter 6). The first five chapters deal with Alfarabi's analysis of the meanings of various terms as they are used in logic and philosophy. Alfarabi refutes the Artab grammarians who claimed that Arab logicians were building a language within a language and shows that the philosophical meanings of terms are in fact their most original and essential meanings. The final chapter deals with Alfarabi's analysis of certain aspects of the Arabic language (such as copula) and demonstrates that Arabic, like any natural language, conforms to universal logical structures of which natural languages are only a concrete expression." - from the rear cover. Contents: 1. Particulars and Universals: An Introduction to Alfarabi's Logical Lexicon; 2. Definition and Description in Alfarabi's System; 3. The Concept of Essence in Alfarabi; 4. The Concepts of Demonstration, Division, and Classification and Their Relationship to Definition;5. The Term Mawjud in Nonlogical Contexts; 6. Alfarabi's Linguistic Philos ophy. Very good. 37.50

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5 ABERLE, David F. Peyote Religion Among the Navaho. With field assistance by Harvey C. Moore and with an appendix on Navaho Population and Education by Denis F. Johnston.
Aldine Publishing Company, Chicago, 1967, 
ABERLE, David F. The Peyote Religion Among the Navaho. With field assistance by Harvey C. Moore and with an appendix on Navaho Population and Education by Denis F. Johnston. Chicago : Aldine Publishing Company, (1967). SecondPrinting. Pp [i]-xxvi,[1]-454,+ 16 pp plates. Maps. Index. Large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Iverson, The Navajos: A Critical Bibliogra phy 3. An absorbing history and description ... factual, theoretical and practical ... of the widespread use of peyote as the basis of a native religion among American Indians. Contents : I. The Peyote Cult. 1. Introduction. 2. The Peyote Cult. II. The Navaho. 3. The Navaho: The Beginning to 1932. 4. Livestock Reduction, the First Phase: 1933-1936. 5. Livestock Reduction, Three Phases: 1937-1951. 6. Stock Regulation, 1951-1962. 7. The Navahos in the 1950's. III. The Peyote Cult Among the Navaho. 8. The Struggle over Peyotism. 9. The Ritual of Navaho Peyotism. 10. Variations in Ritual: V-Way and Others. 11. Symbolism; Beliefs and Values (I). 12. Beliefs and Values (II) . 13. Navaho and Peyote Religion Contrasted. 14. Bases of Navaho Opposition to Peyotism . IV. The Differential Appeal of Peyotism in the Navaho Country. 15. The Course of Research. 16. Some Negative Results. 17. Peyotiam and Livestock. 18. Community and District Differences and Peyotism. V. Peyotism as a Redemptive Movement. 19. A Classification of Social Movements. 20. Peyotism Re-examined. 21. Social Movements among the Navaho: Peyotism Re-examined. 22. Conclusion. Appendixes. Corners bumped, name expunged with marker, else very good in rubbed, edgeworn dustjacket. 50.00

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6 ABULAFIA, David, ed. Mediterranean in History. First American Edition in dustjacket.
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 2003, ISBN:0892367253 
ABULAFIA, David, ed. The Mediterranean in History. Edited by David Abulafia. Texts by David Abulafia, Oliver Rackham, Marlene Suano, Mario Torelli, Geoffrey Rickman, John Pryor, Michel Balard, Molly Greene, Jeremy Black. Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, (2003). First US Printing. Pp. (4),[5]-320. With 161 colour and 147 black-and-white illustrations. Large 8vo, bluecloth with gilt lettering to spine. "For over four thousand years the Medi terranean was the center of Western civilization. Geographically, it is a world in miniature, an inland sea whose shores encompass every type of terrain and climate -- barren deserts, fertile plains, snow-capped mountains, peninsulas, islands, and separate minor seas with distinct characters of their own. Historically, it has been the meeting place of the cultures of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the battleground of races and nations, and the focus of three great religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The distinguished Mediterranean scholar David Abulafia has brought together a team of eightleading specialists from many countries to tell this enthralling and compl ex story as a connected narrative: from a description of the physical setting, the prehistoric traders, and the struggle between Phoenicians, Greeks, and Etruscans ending in Roman victory, to a discussion of the post-Roman nations, the Christian powers in the north, the Islamic powers in the south, the domination by England and France, and, finally, the twentieth century, divided between war and mass tourism. This richly illustrated book offers contemporary historical writing at its best and will engage specialists, students, and general readers alike." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. "Thephysical setting" (Oliver Rackham); 2. "The first trading empires: prehist ory to c.1000 BC" (Marlene Suano); 3. "The battle for the sea routes: 1000-300 BC" (Mario Torelli); 4. "The creation of Mare Nostrum: 300 BC - 500 AD"(Geoffrey Rickman); 5. "The Mediterranean breaks up: 500-1000" (John Pryor ); 6. "A Christian Mediterranean: 1000-1500" (Michel Balard); 7. "ResurgentIslam: 1500-1700" (Molly Greene); 8. "The Mediterranean as a battleground of the European powers: 1700-1900" (Jeremy Black); 9. "A globalized Mediterranean: 1900-2000" (David Abulafia). Very good in crisp dustjacket. Due to the weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 32.50

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7 ACIERNO, Louis J. History of Cardiology. Fiurst edition
Parthenon Publishing Group, London, Casterton, New York, 1994, ISBN:1850703396 
ACIERNO, Louis J. The History of Cardiology. London, Casterton, New York : Parthenon Publishing Group, (1994). First Edition. Pp (4),v-ix,(3),3-758. Double column. Illustrated. Index. Largwe 8vo, illustrated maroon glossy paper covered boards, lettered in white. '[...] an approach utilizing a matrixconsisting of anatomical, pathological, physiological, and pathophysiologi cal components constitutes the raison d'être of this book." - p.vii. Contents : Introduction. Sect. 1 : Anatomy of the heart and blood vessels. 1. Earliest concepts (theory and myths). 2. Accurate description by dissection. 3. Role of electron microscopy. Sect. 2 : Structural abnormalities. Pt. A - Acquired abnormalities. 4. Panoramic view of cardiovascular pathology. 5. Endocardial lesions. 6. Myocardial lesions. 7. Pericardial disease. 8. Arterial lesions. 9. Atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis). 10. Primary tumors of the heart. 11. Anatomical changes due to neurologic disorders. 12. Anatomical changes due to endocrine and nutritional factors. Pt. B - Congenital abnormalities. 13. Congenital abnormalities. Sect. 3 : Functional mechanisms. 14. Earliest physiological observations to present concepts. 15. The heart as a pump. 16. The electrophysiologic control of the heart. 17. Regulation of blood pressure. Sect. 4 : Functional disturbances. 18. Coronary artery disease. 19. Hypertension. 20. Electrophysiologic disturbances. 21. Genetics and cardiovascular disease. Sect. 5 : Diagnostic techniques. 22. Physical examination. 23. Sphygmomanometry. 24. Graphic methods. 25. Radiologic methods. 26. Echocardiography. 27. Nuclear imaging techniques. 28. Magnetic resonance imaging. Sect. 6 : Therapeutic modalities. 29. Surgical modalities/ 30. Pharmacologic modalities. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Faint smudge to fore-edge, elsevery good. 40.00

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8 ADAM of EYNSHAM) ARBER, Edward, (ed.) Revelation to the Monk of Evesham 1196 : Carefully edited from the unique copy, now in the British Museum, of the editon printed by William de Machlinia about 1482
A. Constable and Co., Ltd., Westminster, 1901, 
(ADAM of EYNSHAM)). Revelation to the Monk of Evesham 1196 : Carefully edited from the unique copy, now in the British Museum, of the editon printed by William de Machlinia about 1482, English Reprints. Edited by Edward Arber. Westminster : A. Constable and Co., Ltd., 1901. Pp [1]-112. Small ,8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine, blind-stamped lettering to front board. Adam of Eynsham (c.1135 - c1233). This is a description of a vision that his brother Edmund saw in 1196. Contents : Introduction. The Revelation to the Monk of Evesham : (1) The Prologue of the Revelation; (2) [The Table ofChapters]. The Revelation, In Fifty-eight Chapters and an Epilogue. The Tr ance and Recovery of the Young Monk of Evesham Abbey. The Journey through Purgatory & Paradise to Heaven. I. Purgatory. The firft place of Pains. Characters — A Prior, that died this same year; An Anchoress, that had come late from the world; A Bishop ' horn in this ground of England' and had his Bishopry beyond the Sea, deceased this same year about the Feast of Michael the Archangel; A poor man's wife; A Knight that brake the Vow of Pilgrimage;A Knight with the sparrowhawke on his fist, that had passed to God ten yea rs ago. The second place of Pains : Characters — A sinful Woman saved by Saint Margaret; A drunken Goldsmith saved by Saint Nicholas; The three Bishops; An Archbishop of Canterbury; Poisoners; Usurers, Fugitives out of Religion;; A certain King of England; A Bishop, an Archbishop-elect, that died 4 years ago; An Abbot, that died 10 years ago; An Abbess, that passed this same year out from this world; A Knight guilty of Simony; A young Monk, that was Sexton of the Church; A certain Clerk that lived holily. The third place of Pains. Character — A Doctor of Law, that died about 9 months ago. II. Paradise. The Vifion of the Crofs in Paradife. Characters — An Abbess, thatdied 13 years ago : A devout and aged Prior, that died 3 years ago;; A you ng Monk, that died early; A worshipful Priest, who was an holy preacher. III. Heaven : The Cryilal Wall; The Gate and the Entring in thereof; The Stairs in the Wall and the Throne; The fweet Peal and Melody of Betts. Top portion of covers soiled, penned name, else very good. 20.00

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9 ADAMS, Ansel, and John MUIR MUIR, John ADAMS, Ansel MAUK, Charlotte E. (ed.) Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. First Edition in dustjacket
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1948, 
ADAMS, Ansel, and John MUIR. Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. Photographs byAnsel Adams. Sel;ections from the Works of John Muir. Edited by Charlotte E. Mauk. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, 1948. First Edition. Pp (12),ix-xix,(5),3-132,(2),+ 64 leaves of black-and-white plates. Large 8vo, tan cloth, brown lettering to front board and spine. "This book is an interpretation, in text and photographs, of Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevada range of mountains. the text is from the works of John Muir, a naturalist whosewriting reveals the excitement and beauty and strength in a world untouche d by man. the photographs were created by Ansel Adams, whose camera discovers that which lies before us all - and magically, what our eyes may fail tocommunicate to our hearts. this combination of word and image creates a st atement of grater intensity than either word or image alone. Sixty-four photographs are beautifully reproduced in this big book. Mr. Adams has chosen phrases from Muir which, facing the photographs, are perfect captions. These photographs are the work of several years, and almost all are here reproduced for the first time. The text has been taken from Mountains of California, The Yosemite, My First Summer in the Sierra, and others of Muir's best-known book. the selections have been wove into a unified description of thecountry, in all seasons and in all mods, by Miss Charlotte Mauk of Berkele y, California. The lines which delimit Yosemite on a map have no meaning onthe high watershed ridges which are the geographic boundaries of the Park. In actuality, the spirit of Yosemite depends on an environment which exten ds to the Pacific and to the clear bleak loneliness of the deserts beyond the Sierra crest. Begin with the rolling hills of the Coast Range and the wide expanse of the Central Valley. Climb, as Muir did when he was shepherding his flocks, the rugged foothills of the Sierra. See Yosemite in its high-mountain matrix; cross the Sierra to the wild and barren beauty of Mono; look at Tahoe on the north, the great ranges south of Yosemite, and the tremendous tossing wall of the east face of the Sierra. Behold mountains and quiet pools, twigs, clouds, canyons, stones - great vistas and intimate realities." (from the dj). Contents : Introduction. A biography of John Muir. Selections from the Works of John Muir : I. The Sierra Nevada : The range of light; The snow and the glaciers. II. The Yosemite : Into the mountains; Characteristics of the canyons; The incomparable Yosemite; The approach to thevalley; The first view - the Bridal Veil; General features of the valley; The upper canyons; Natural features near the valley; Down the Yosemite Creek: The Yosemite Fall; A wonderful ascent; The grandeur of Yosemite Fall; The Nevada Fall; The Vernall Fall; The Illilouette Fall; The beauty of the rainbows. III. My first sumer in the Sierra : Through the foothills with a flock of sheep; In the camp on the Norht Fork of the Merced; To the high mountains; The Yosemite; Mount Hoffmann and Lake Tenaya; The Mono Trail; BloodyCanyon and Mono Lake; The Tuolumne Camp. IV. Winter in the Yosemite : A ho me in winter; The snow; Snow banners. V. Sierra thunderstorms : Sierra thunderstorms. Photographs by Ansel Adams : The Photographs : Notes on the photographs; Photographic data; Sources of exerpts used with photographs. Very good in spine-chipped, but unclipped, dustjacket. 125.00

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10 ADOVASIO, J.M. Aldine Manuals on Archaeology. SCHUMACHER, Edward. ANDREWS, Rhonda. Basketry Technology : A Guide to Identification and Analysis. Hardcover.
Aldine Publishing Company, Chicago, 1977, 
ADOVASIO, J.M. Basketry Technology : A Guide to Identification and Analysis. Drawings by Edward Schumacher and Rhonda Andrews. Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, (1977). Pp. (7),[viii]-x,[1]-182. Illustrated in black and white, with more than 160 figures. Double column. 4to, tan cloth with black and brown lettering to spine, black lettered brown title block to spine. A volume in the Aldine Manuals on Archaeology series. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Recovery and Preparation; 3. Analysis of Twined Basketry; 4. Analysis of Coiled Basketry; 5. Analysis of Plaited Basketry; 6. Analysis of Miscellaneous Basketry Constructions; 7. The Basketry from Antelope House, A Case Study in Description and Interpretation. With index. Very good. 35.00

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11 Africa) Pictorial Africa : Its Heroes, Missionaries, and Martyrs : Stirring Narratives of their Perils, Adventures, and Achievements : Together with a Full and Descriptive Account of the Peoples, Deserts, Forests, Rivers, Lakes and Mountains of the "Dark Continen
James Sangster and Co., London, 1890, 
(Africa). Pictorial Africa : Its Heroes, Missionaries, and Martyrs : Stirring Narratives of their Perils, Adventures, and Achievements : Together witha Full and Descriptive Account of the Peoples, Deserts, Forests, Rivers, L akes and Mountains of the "Dark Continent." London : James Sangster and Co., n.d. [1890?]. Pp (6),[5]-396, frontispiece. Numerous wood engravings in text (some full-page). Large 8vo, lavender cloth, front board and spine illustrated and lettered in gilt, black and red. Contents : Introduction. 1. Adventures of James Bruce—Adventures of Mungo Park—The Niger Expedition, and its Failure. 2. Samuel Crowther, the Negro Missionary—Captain Burton's Criticisms—Speke and the Victoria Nyanza—Sir Roderick Murchison-Baker and the Albert Nyanza. 3. Great Revival of Religion—Missions Resulting from it—The Remarkable Career of James Wilson-The "Duff"—Martyn, Morrison, Patteson, Heber, Williams, Smith, and Moffat. 4. David Livmgstone—His Birth—Hardships ofhis Career—Resolves to be a Missionary—Goes to Ongar—Arrives at the Cape—H istory of the Country and its Inhabitants. 5. Adventure with a Lion—Missionary Wanderings— The Bakwains — Sechele — Description of the Country—The Boers. 6. Missionary Work—Relics of Animal Worship—Removal to Chonuane—Baptismof Sechele—Ravages of the Tsetse—A Pleasant River Trip—Discovery of Lake N gami. 7. Livingstone and the Great Chief Sebituane - He Mourns his Death - Discovery of th Zambesi in Mid-Africa - The Suppression of Slavery—Return to the Cape. 8. Journey of Exploration— Kuruman—Sechele—Sekeletu—Flora and Fauna—Life amongst the Natives—Female Chieftains Interviewed—A faint Tradition of the Deluge. 9. Journeyings continued—At Shinte's Village — Native Smiths—Bechuana Vocabulary - Difficulties in the Way—The Ocean Reached—What they said in England. 10. At Loanda— Monteiro's Description of the West Coast—The Journey back—Arrival at Linyanti—Results of the Journey. 11. Moffat inwSearch of Livingstone—Affecting Meeting with a Dropsical King—Brave and H onourable Conduct of Natives—Stores for Livingstone safely deposited. 12. Off to the East Coast - The Victoria Falls - Threatening Attitude of Natives- Sekwebu's Suicide—The Gospel of Commerce. 13. The Return of Livingstone— His Reception in London, Manchester, and other Centres - Prospects of Mission Work. 14. A Great Farewell Meeting—Setting out again for Africa—A DeadlyRegion—Hippopotami Hunters—A Climb over Burning Rocks. 15. Up the Shire - Animal Life on the River—Discuvery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa - The Brewing of African Beer—Funerals and Wedding Processions. 16. At t the Victoria Falls—A Royal Leper—Natives Discuss the Resurrection—Narrow Escape from aTerrible Whirlpool—Livingstone Lost by his Party—A Storm on Lake Nyassa. 1 7. The Return of the Wanderer—Publication of the "Zambesi and its Tributaries - Setting out to Africa for the Last Time. 18. Henry Stanley's Early History - The "New York Herald" Expedition—Its Equipment at Zanzibar - A Marchto the Land of the Moon. 19. Stanley describes Livingstone — They Feast to gether — Stanley's Return — Lieutenant Cameron's Travels and Adventures. 20. Death of Livingstone—Arrival of the Body at Southampton—Impressive Reception - Funeral at Westminster Abbey, 21. Emin Pasha.—The Relief Expedition—Privations and Sufferings on the March—Meeting with Emin—Stanley's Return for the Rearguard—Homeward March—Accident to Emin - Stanley's Safe Arrival atZanzibar—Telegram from the Queen. 22. Gordon and Emin Pasha—Gordon's Early Career—He goes to the Crimea—Chinese Gordon—In the Soudan—The Two Heroes—G ordon's Death. Cloth rubbed and edgeworn, title page detaching, with two first prize for attendance bookplates dated 1891, else good. 50.00

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12 Agra - Viewbook Pictorial Agra. Contains 25 Half-tone Photographs of the Principal Buildings of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri with their Letterpress Description and Past History of Agra. Eighteenth Edition.
Priya Lall & Sons, Agra, 1952, 
(Agra – Viewbook). Pictorial Agra. Contains 25 Half-tone Photographs of thePrincipal Buildings of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri with their Letterpress Desc ription and Past History of Agra. Eighteenth Edition. Agra : Priya Lall & Sons, n,d, [ca 1952]. Pp [1]-56,(2). Illustrated. Text printed in red. Oblong small 8vo, decorated pale blue card covers, with oval window. Sunned, lacking top inch of spine, top corner clipped, a few small indentations to back cover, else good. As is. 16.00

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13 ALBUQUERQUE, Alfonso de EARLE, T. F. VILLIERS, John Albuquerque : Caesar of the East : Selected texts by Afonso de Albuquerque and his son
Aris & Phillips, Warminster, England, 1990, ISBN:0856684880 
ALBUQUERQUE, Alfonso de. Albuquerque : Caesar of the East : Selected texts by Afonso de Albuquerque and his son. Edited with a Translation, Introduction and Notes by T.F. Earle & John Villiers. Warminster, England : Aris & Phillips, (1990). Pp (4),[v]-xii,1-308. Illustrated. Map. 8vo, illustrated white card covers, lettered in red and black. "Of all the remarkable people who first opened up the rest of the world to the Europeans Columbus, Magellan, Vasco da Gama, Pizarro and Cortes Afonso de Albuquerque, governor of Portuguese India from 1509 to 1515, was one of the most astonishing. He was a commander of bold strategic conceptions, a far-sighted administrator and inaddition a talented writer, whose dispatches to King Manuel contain a weal th of spontaneous narrative, description and pungent comment. Caesar of theEast is a specially edited anthology, based on the original Portuguese tex ts, of selections from these dispatches, or Cartas , and from the Comentarios (Commentaries) written by Albuquerque's son, also called Afonso, about his father's career, with new English translations of both. In the introduction Dr Villiers evaluates the part that Albuquerque played in the foundation of the Portuguese empire in Asia, and Dr Earle provides a literary analysis of the contrasting styles of the Cartas and the Comentarios , where the father's informality and spontaneity contrast fascinatingly with his son's carefully contrived and highly literary narrative. Historical and geographical notes help the reader to understand the text." (from the back cover). Contents : Preface. Introduction: Faithful servant and ungrateful master; History, rhetoric and intertextuality. Chapter I: Ormuz. Chapter II: Malacca.Chapter III: The Return to India. Chapter VI: Benasterim. Chapter V: Aden and the Red Sea. Chapter VI: The Last Days of Albuquerque. Family Tree. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Bilingual (English and Portugiese) texts. Spine browned, else very good. 25.00

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14 ALDERMAN, Clifford Lindsey PHIPS, William Stormy Knight: The Life of Sir William Phips.. 1st US in dj
Chilton Books, 1964, 
ALDERMAN, Clifford Lindsey. Stormy Knight: The Life of Sir William Phips. Phil.: Chilton Books, (1964). First Edition. Pp (10),11-171, (5), frontis. 8vo, brown cloth. Written for Young People. Includes a description of his capture of Port Royal in 1690. Vg-fine in dj. 30.00

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15 ALEXANDERSSON, Gunnar International Straits of the World, Vol.6 Baltic Straits. Volume 6 in the International Straits of the World series. First Edition
Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague / Boston / London, 1982, ISBN:902472595X 
ALEXANDERSSON, Gunnar. The Baltic Straits. The Hague / Boston / London : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1982. First Edition. Pp. (4),v-xi,(1),1-132. Maps in text. 8vo, green cloth, light green lettering to front & spine. Volume6 in the International Straits of the World series. "Professor Alexanderss on has carefully drawn the physical-hydrographic elements of the Baltic Seaand its approaches; he has vividly described the historical intereats, bot h politically and economically, of the littoral states, analysed the legal status and uses of the Baltic Straits over time, and calculated the role f the Baltic region, with its waterways, in the global struggle between the western alliance and the Soviet bloc. He has especially delineated the delicate role of Sweden and Finland, caught between East and West. Of particularvalue is his description of the various legal views of the Baltic Straits, particularly in light of the emerging law of the sea and his estimate of t he opportunities for peace and prosperity in this regon, marked for trade, environmental cooperation, and political rivalries by different systems of political economy." (from the back cover). Contents : Foreword (by Gerard J. Mangone). 1. The Baltic Region : Physical Characteristics; Regional Tradeand Transportation. 2. The Baltic Sea as an Ecosystem : Depths; Morphology ; Geology; Hydrology; Biology; Pollution; Fisheries; Seabed Delimitation and Mineral Production; Tourism and Recreation. 3. The Baltic States : Sweden; Finland; Soviet Union; The Three Baltic Republics (Baiticum); Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Balticum after 1940; Poland; Germany; Denmark; Boundaries and Regional Arrangements after 1945; The Nordic Council and Nordek; European Free Trade Association (EFTA); Comecon and the Warsaw Pact. 4. The Baltic Straits : The Little Belt; The Great Belt; The Sound; The Aland Sea; The Kalmar Sound; The Sound Dues; The Baltic Straits (1857-1945); The Baltic Straits and Approaches since World War II; Legal Views of the Baltic Straits;Closing the Baltic Straits; Mare Clausum Balticum? 5. Prospects for Prospe rity and Peace : Baltic Trade; International Scientific Cooperation; Military Force in the Baltic Region. Documentary Appendices. Light spotting to endpapers and top-edge, else very good. 170.00

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16 ALLEN, Hilary. Norwegian Foreign Policy Studies series, 27) Norway and Europe in the 1970s
Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1979, ISBN:8200052303 
ALLEN, Hilary. Norway and Europe in the 1970s. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, (1979). First Printing. Pp. (6),5-289,(1). 8vo, illustrated blue cloth withblack lettering to front board and spine. Volume 27 in the Norwegian Forei gn Policy Studies series. "Norway is the only one of the four applicants of1970 which rejected EEC membership by a popular referendum. The decision w ill have far-reaching consequences both for Norway and the EEC. This book is an attempt to understand that decision of 1972 and to examine its effectson Norwegian-EEC relations in the following five years. The first part cov ers the period up to September 1972. Beginning with a description of the Norwegian economy, politics and foreign policy in 1969, it analyses post-war Norwegian attitudes towards Europe and European integration and the way theNordek debate of 1968-70 already revealed many of the themes and political positions of the subsequent referendum campaign. It then charts the intera cting course of domestic politics, membership negotiations and referendum campaign. [...] Part two covers the years 1972-77, its chapters describing in turn how the immediate post-referendum years of fast rising living standards and oil exploitation cushioned Norwegians economicall and psychologically from the full effects of their decision; how the Labour and Conservativeparties, defeated over the EEC, went on to win the post-referendum struggl e for control of the Political system; Norway';s relations with the EEC in fisheries questions, the main source of friction in these years; and the reasons why Labour's 'active European policy' failed to live up to its name."- from the rear cover. Name to flyleaf, sparse pencilling, else very good. 60.00

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17 ALSON, Sandra, (ed.) MacKENZIE, William Ord BLACKSTOCK, Cicely , (ed.) Another World : William Ord Mackenzie’s Sojourn in the Canadas, 1839 - 1843
ALSON, Sandra and Cicely BLACKSTOCK, (eds.). ‘Another World’ : William Ord Mackenzie’s Sojourn in the Canadas, 1839 - 1843. Toronto : The Champlain Society, 2015. Pp (14),[xv]-lvi,(13),14-645,(9). Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine, blind-stamped Champlain Society sealon front board. "William Ord Mackenzie, a recently graduated British army surgeon, describes for his friends and family back home his life in his first posting to ‘another world’: the Canadas, in the period just after the Rebellions. Opinionated, frank, sometimes arrogant and prejudiced, but alwayscurious, Mackenzie details for his readers the social and political affair s of the colonies over five years. He serves in the major cities ? Toronto,Kingston, Montreal and Quebec? and witnesses cultural events, social affai rs, sports, and theatrical performances. He is also posted to smaller garrisons ? Rivière-du-Loup, Chambly and the frontier post of Fort Ingall near the American border, and writes, sometimes despairingly, about their conditions. As a well-connected Scot, Mackenzie has entrée into the highest society of the colony, dining with lieutenant-governors, prominent businessmen, writers and politicians, but he also finds himself in the homes of ordinary Canadians in rural settings, enjoying the dances, weddings, sleighing and snowshoeing that helped to alleviate the boredom of service in a peacetime army. Politics, food, natural history, geography, the weather, local gossip and pretty girls all form part of his journals, as does a detailed account of his reading, in newspapers, journals and books. Illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings and detailed maps and sketches of cities and army posts, thislittle-known journal makes a remarkable contribution to our understanding of a young country ? Canada in embryo following a time of grave troubles. It explores a place slowly and painfully healing from the conflict and divisions brought by rebellion but preparing to take the first shaky and uncertain steps towards a truly united nation. Contents : Ilustrations and Maps; Preface and Acknowledgments; Introduction; Textual Note; Journals; [Journal,Volume I]; Description of a Sojourn in Another World, Volume II, Toronto, U.C. 1839; Journal of a Sojourn in Another World! Volume III, Rivière-du-Loup, 1840; Journal of a Scribbler in Another World, Volume IV, Quebec, 1841;Journal of an Officer in Canada, Volume V, Chambly, C.-E., 1843; Appendix: William Ord Mackenzie's Reading; Selected Bibliography. ADDITIONAL SHIPPIN G CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. 50.00

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18 ANDERSON, Alexander Caulfield. Dominion at the West : A Brief Description of the Province of British Columbia, Its Climate and Resources.
ANDERSON, Alexander Caulfield. The Dominion at the West : A Brief Description of the Province of British Columbia, Its Climate and Resources. The Government Prize Essay, 1872., n.d.[ca 2008]. [Originally published Victoria, B.C., in 1872]. Pp [i]-iv,[1]-112,(2),i-xlii. 8vo, blue card covers, printed in black. A facsimile reprint of the original edition. Alexander Caulfield Anderson (1814-1884) worked for the Hudson's Bay Company between 1831 and 1854. He explored most of New Caledonia and in 1846 he pioneered a route to British Columbia's interior, known as the Brigade Trail. In 1858 he was appointed the first collector of Customs for B.C. and became the first postmaster at Victoria. “Only twenty-five copies of this book have been re-printed. On royal linen paper. This copy is No.11. “ A few minor brown spots to covers, else very good. Scarce. 100.00

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19 ANDERSON, R.C. Seventeenth-Century Rigging : A Handbook for Model-Makers.
Model & Allied Publications Ltd, Hemel-Hempstead, Herts , 1969, 
ANDERSON, R.C. Seventeenth-Century Rigging : A Handbook for Model-Makers. Hemel-Hempstead, Herts : Model & Allied Publications Ltd, (1969). Pp (10),[xi]-xii,[1]-146 + frontispiece + 22 p of fldg plans + 4 p of plates. 8vo, illustrated card covers, blue spine. "This description of 17th-century rigging is almost entirely a repetition of that given in my previous book on the subject, The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720, published in 1927 [...]." - preface. Contents: 1. The Lower Masts and Bowsprit; 2. Trestle-trees, Cross-trees, Tops and Caps; 3. Topmasts, Topgallants and Flagstaffs; 4. Yards and Stunsail Booms; 5. Fittings on the Hull; 6. Standing Rigging; 7. Running Rigging of the Foresail and Mainsail; 8. Running Rigging of the Topsails and Topgallants; 9. Running Rigging of the Bowsprit; 10. Running Rigging of the Mizzen; 11. Staysail and Stunsail Gear; 12. Sails. Name, else very good. 25.00

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20 ANDREWS, Irene Dwen Latitude 18 South : A Sojourn in Tahiti. in dustjacket
Torch Press, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1940, 
ANDREWS, Irene Dwen. Latitude 18 South : A Sojourn in Tahiti. Cedar Rapids,Iowa : The Torch Press, (1940). Pp (10),[11]-372,+ 14 pp plates. Text Sket ches. 8vo, green cloth, yellow lettering to front board and spine. O'Reilly& Reitman, Bibliographie de Tahiti et de la Polynésie française 1610. Cont ents : 1. Primer of Tahiti. 2. Not So Prim. 3. Getting Settled. 4. Around the Island. 5. Housekeeping in Tahiti. 6. Sports. 7. Tahiti Vignettes. 8. Our Garden. 9. Diversions of a Beach Comber. 10. Fishing. 11. The Lore of thePacific Vikings. 12. A Viking Journey. 13. Incidents of Modern Travel. 14. Words. 15. Wedding Bells. 16. Moorea ... Three Times a Week. 17. Raiatea. 18. Farewell. Cocked, else very good in clipped, rubbed dustjacket. Signed with inscription by the author. 50.00

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