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1 A.P.E.C.) Atlantic Vision 1990, The : A Development Strategy for the 1980's
(A.P.E.C.). The Atlantic Vision - 1990 : A Development Strategy for the 1980's. Halifax : Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, (1979). Pp (10),11-172. Tables, graphs. 8vo, rebound in blue cloth by Rosanne and Joseph Foy of Bedford (with their label). Chapters : Developmental and Strategic Thinking; Regional Growth; Factors of Production and Distribution of Income; The National and International Environment; Towards a New Strategy; Labour Supply and Conventional Demand; The Atlantic Alliance, Developmental Software. With an index. Nfld throughout. Vg to fine. 15.00

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2 ABEL, James F. Office of Education Bulletin , 1930, No. 12. National Ministries of Education : Office of Education Bulletin , 1930, No.12
United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1930, 
ABEL, James F. National Ministries of Education. United States Department of the Interior, Office of Education, Bulletin, 1930, No. 12. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1930. Pp (2),iii-ix,(1),1-158. 8vo, grey card covers, black lettering to front cover, spine blank. Contents : 1. A brief history of the development of national ministries of education. 2. General characteristics of the office of minister and of the ministry of education. 3. Population, cultural, economic, and other conditions affecting the work of the ministry of education. 4. General functions of theministry of education. 5. The relation of the national ministry to element ary education. 6. The relation of the national ministry to secondary education. 7. The relation of the national ministry to higher education. 8. The Board of Education of England and Wales. 9. The Ministry of Public Instruction and Fine Arts in France. 10. The Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico. Appendix: I. Questionnaire sent through the Department of State to American consular offices abroad. II. Table showing the approximate population of each of the 73 main political divisions of the world. III. The organization of the ministry of sciences and of arts of Belgium. IV. A brief statement of the history and present legal status of the national ministry of education in each country. Ex-library (spine numbers, embossed library stamp), else very good. 50.00

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Lawyers in Society, Volume One : The Common Law World.  First Edition in dustjacket., ABEL, Richard, ed. LEWIS, Philip S.C., ed.
3 ABEL, Richard, ed. LEWIS, Philip S.C., ed. Lawyers in Society, Volume One : The Common Law World. First Edition in dustjacket.
University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1988, ISBN:0520056035 1988 0520056035 / 9780520056039 
ABEL, Richard, and Philip S.C. Lewis, (eds.). Lawyers in Society, Volume One : The Common Law World. Eidted by Richard L. Abel and Philip S.C. Lewis. Berkeley / Los Angeles / London : University of California Press, (1988). First Printing. Pp. (4),v-xii,1-399,(3). With tables in the text. 8vo (159 x 234 mm), red cloth with gilt lettering to spine.

Includes edited papers from a conference held in Bellagio, Italy, July 16-21, 1984.

Philip Simon Coleman Lewis.

"The legal profession is one of the most discussed and least understood occupational categories in contemporary society. Are there too many lawyers wasting human resources and hampering political and economic activity, or are there too few to provide adequate representation for all? Does a career in law permit social mobility or has the profession remained a preserve of privilege? The essays in this volume offer readers inside and outside the legal system a solid sociological foundation for addressing these questions and many others." - from the dustjacket.

1. Introduction by Philip S.C. Lewis;

2. England and Wales: A Comparison of the Professional Projects of Barristers and Solicitors (by Richard L. Abel);

3. The Legal Profession in Scotland: An Endangered Species or a Problem Case for Market Theory? (by Alan A. Paterson);

4. Canadian Lawyers: A Peculiar Professionalism (by Harry W. Arthurs, Richard Weisman, and Frederick H. Zemans);

5. United States: The Contradictions of Professionalism (by Richard L. Abel);

6. The Australian Legal Profession: From Provincial Family Firms to Multinationals (by David Weisbrot);

7. New Zealand Lawyers: From Colonial GPs to the Servants of Capital (by Georgina Murray);

8. Past and Present: A Sociological Portrait of the Indian Legal Profession (by J.S. Gandhi).
With index.

Very good in dustjacket. 60.00

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Jakarta : A History. First Edition, ABEYASEKERE, Susan
4 ABEYASEKERE, Susan Jakarta : A History. First Edition
Oxford University Press, Singapore [et al], 1987, ISBN:0195826884 1987 0195826884 / 9780195826883 
ABEYASEKERE, Susan. Jakarta : A History. Singapore [et al] : Oxford University Press, 1987. Pp (4),[v]-xvii,(3),[3]-280,(2),+ 16 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, illustrated grey paper-covered boards (hardcover), lettered in blue, orange, pale yellow, white and black.

"This study of Jakarta presents the first general history of the city. It follows two main themes. One is the clash between dream and reality. For nearly 400 years, governments have wanted Jakarta to be the show-piece for their policies in the Indonesian archipelago. From 1619 until 1949, the Dutch saw the city as a European enclave displaying the gifts of good government and modern technology which they brought to their East Indies. After independence, President Sukarno lavished attention on his capital, hoping to make it the pride of the nation and the Beacon of the New Emerging Forces. Since Sukarno's fall, the New Order Government has channelled investment into Jakarta and carried through extensive modernization plans in line with its general aim of economic development for Indonesia. This book looks at the consequences of those centuries of policies for Jakarta, and in particular for the vast majority of its inhabitants who have always been too poor to fit into plans for the city.

The other main theme is the rich complexity of Jakarta's population. For centuries the city grew relatively slowly, and immigrant groups of Chinese, Arabs, Europeans and Indonesians from all over the archipelago mingled to produce unique cultural forms. In the last 40 years, that intricate web has been torn apart by political changes and massive waves of Indonesian immigrants who are still struggling to create their own urban culture in a predominantly rural country." (from the back cover).

Contents :
Part I - The Old Masters.
1. Company Town: Early Origins tn 1800.
2. The Colonial City: Batavia in the Nineteenth Century.
3. Batavia, 1900-1942: The Colonial City under Challenge.

Part II - Interregnum.
4. Japanese Occupation and the Struggle for independence. 1942-1949.

Part III - The New Masters.
5. Sukarno's Jakarta: 1950-1965.
6. Jakarta under Sadikin and His Successors: 1966-1985.

Slightly cracked, else very good. 75.00

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Struggle for Development : The Black Communities of North & East Preston and Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia 1784-1987. First Edition, ABUCAR, Mohamed
5 ABUCAR, Mohamed Struggle for Development : The Black Communities of North & East Preston and Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia 1784-1987. First Edition
McCurdy Printing, 1988, ISBN:0921201044 0921201044 / 9780921201045 
ABUCAR, Mohamed, Dr. Struggle for Development : The Black Communities of North & East Preston and Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia 1784-1987. [Dartmouth, N.S. : Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia, (1988). ("Printed by McCurdy Printing & Typesetting Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia"). First Edition. Pp [i]-xiv,1-103,(3). Illustrated 5 b&w photos. Tables With map of the Preston Area, compiled 1939. Bibliography. 8vo, illustrated grey, white, and green card covers.

A sociological survey of the development of two predominantly black communities in Halifax County, now HRM.

Foreword by Reverend Donald D. Skeir.
1. Introduction and Development Orientations;
2. The Roots and Evolution of the Settlements;
3. Preston Township: Land Settlement, 1784-1987;
4. Economic Situation, Family and Occupational Structure;
5. Population Characteristics;
6. Communities and Educational Institutions;
7. Communities and Housing Projects;
8. Communities and Development Participation;
9. Conclusion. With bibliography.

Very good. 35.00

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6 ACHESON, T.W. HOWELL, Colin D. McCANN, L.D. WYNN, Graeme Great Merchant and Economic Development in St. John, 1820-1850. An article in Acadiensis : Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, Vol. 8, No. 2, Spring / Printemps 1979
Department of History, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B., 1979, 
ACHESON, T.W. “The Great Merchant and Economic Development in St. John, 1820-1850.” An article in Acadiensis : Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, Vol. VIII, No. 2, Spring/Printemps 1979, pp 3-27. (Fredericton, N.B.: Department of History, University of New Brunswick, 1979). Pp [1]-153,(3). Maps. 8vo, blue and white card covers. Also : Articles : “W.S. Fielding and the Repeal Elections of 1886 and 1887 in Nova Scotia” by Colin D. Howell (pp 28-46); “Staples and the New Industrialism in the Growth of Post-Confederation Halifax” by L.D. McCann (pp 47-79); “Late Eighteenth-Century Agriculture on the Bay of Fundy Marshlands” by Graeme Wynn (pp 80-89); Documents: “Cape Breton Folk” (with an introduction by Stephen F. Spencer, pp 90-106); reviews. Very good. 10.00

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7 ADAMS, Ian Trudeau Papers. First Edition in dustjacket
McClelland and Stewart Limited, Toronto / Montreal, 1971, ISBN:0771000529 
ADAMS, Ian. The Trudeau Papers. Toronto / Montreal : McClelland and StewartLimited, (1971). First Edition. Pp. (6),7-108,(4). 8vo [145 x 212 mm], red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Spadoni and Donnelly 2237. The author's fi rst novel. Ian Adams (born 1937 in Tabora, Tanzania) is a Canadian author of fiction and non-fiction novels, television, and movies. "In this chillingnovel, set in the not-too-distant future nuclear warheads are accidentally exploded over western Canada. Following in their wake come U.S. occupation troops, whose main purpose is to safeguard American economic interests, an d guerrilla warfare - of a kind that parallels Viet Cong opposition to American involvement in Vietnam. The Trudeau Papers is the name given to the invasion material collected by the guerrilla organization, as summarized by the story's hero, Alan Jarvis, drifter, journalist and onetime agent for theCIA. Can it happen here? In his first novel, Ian Adams, author of The Pove rty Wall, is set forth a moving, if unsettling, case hat it ca," (from the dj). Owner's name inked to ffep, else vey good with sticker damage to frontof chipped, price-clipped dustjacket. 20.00

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8 ADAMS, Thomas Harvard City Planning Studies, Volume VI Design of Residential Areas : Basic Considerations, Principles, and Methods. First Edition
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1934, 
ADAMS, Thomas. The Design of Residential Areas : Basic Considerations, Principles, and Methods. Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 1934. First Edition. Pp (6),[v]-xiv,(2),3-296,(8), frontispiece + 10 plates + 65 figures intext. 8vo [175 x 250 mm], maroon cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : Part One - Basic Considerations. 1. Introduction : The term "home neighborhood," Backgrounds of this study, Scope of report. 2. A Bird's-eye View : Home neighborhoods in cities, The relation of housing to civic welfare, Neighborhood development and city planning, Extent and diversity of residential areas, Needs and opportunities for residential planning, The attitude of the citizen. 3. Present Urban Conditions an Trends : Increase and changing distribution of urban population, Simultaneous outward and upward growth, Decentralization, Cost of travel an incident in cost of shelter, Forms of suburban distribution, Housing densities, Increase of supply of buildable land for residence, Blighted areas, The fundamental question of land prices, Proper and improper uses of land, Security of investment in homes, Relation of municipal finance to land development, Basic economic factors in city planning. 4. The Control of Land Subdivision : Origins and effects of past policies, Improvements in methods and policies, Persuasion and control, Degrees of control, Public purchase of land for housing, Replanning of existing subdivisions. 5. Zoning of Residential Areas : Classification of uses and densities in residential areas; Urban land use ratios; Classification of land for different types of houses; Building lines and setbacks; Esthetic phases of zoning; A constructive zoning policy. 6. Basic Economic Factors in Housing : Existing supply of dwellings; Trends in home ownership; Housing provision in relation to incomes; Cost of land and local improvements; Economic aspects of the several housing types; Need of improved standards in new housing. 7. Retrospect and Summary of Conclusions. Part Two - Principles andMethods. 8. Basic Principles and Requirements in Civic Design : Fundamenta ls in design; Principles and practice; Technical approach. 9. The Civic Pattern : Traditional forms of street pattern; Examples of formal patterns; Transportation in modern city plans; The use pattern; Limits and shapes of city expansion. 10. Elements in the Neighborhood Plan : Major and minor localstreets, 148 Zoning and neighborhood units; Recreation space, 165 Sizes an d shapes of blocks; Areas, widths, and depths of lots. 11. The Cost of the Lot : Cost of land; Cost of local improvements; Relation of front-foot to square-foot costs; Lot costs in relation to platting methods; Replatting existing blocks; Problems of housing on high-cost land; General summary regarding costs of lots. 12. The Home Neighborhood Pattern : Theoretical studies of subdivision; A case study : Westover, Mass.; Plan for high-cost land; Apartment development at Jackson Heights, L. I. 13. Practical Examples of Neighborhood and Town Planning : Riverside, Ill.; Forest Hills Gardens, N. Y.;War Housing villages; Mariemont, Ohio; Kingsport, Tenn.; Radburn, N. J.; L etchworth, England; Hampstead and Wythenshawe, England; Welwyn, England; Corner Brook, Newfoundland; Chatham Village, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Lawrence Farms,Westchester County, N. Y. 14. Existing Trendas and Future Possibilities. A ppendix 1 - Unit Prices of Local Improvements. Appendix 2 - BlockPlatting Schemes A-D : Comparison of Costs and Distribution of Areas. Appendix 3 - Statistical Data on Theoretical Designs : Lot Costs in Relation to Platting Methods: Table I, Cost of improvements on the lot; Table II, Cost of public improvements per lot; Table III, Cost of excess public improvements; Table IV, Cost per lot in block 1200 feet long; Table V, Excess public improvement cost in relation to block length;. Eight Home Neighborhood Patterns : Table VI, Distribution of areas; Table VII, Average cost per dwelling. Appendix 4 - Westover : A Neighborhood Unit : Table I, Distribution of Areas; Table II, Costs of development chargeable to residential areas; Table III, Costs of development per dwelling; Table IV, Area, population, and density statistics. Appendix 5 - Jackson Heights Apartmet Development : Statistical Data for Alternative Schemes : Table I, Scheme A; Table II, Scheme B; Table III, Summary. Appendix 6 - Area Distribution, Densities, and Public Improvement Costs of Fourteen United States Housing Corporation Projects. Light wearto spine ends and corners, else very good. A "With the Author's compliment s" note laid in. 60.00

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9 ADELMAN, Jonathan R. Prelude to the Cold War : The Tsarist, Soviet, and U.S. Armies in the Two World Wars. First Edition
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder & London, 1988, ISBN:1555871232 
ADELMAN, Jonathan R. Prelude to the Cold War : The Tsarist, Soviet, and U.S. Armies in the Two World Wars. Boulder & London : Lynne Rienner Publishers, (1988). First Edition. Pp (4),v-viii,1-287,(1). Index. 8vo, greenish-greycloth, lettered in maroon. Contents : 1. Introduction. Section 1 - World W ar I. 2. An Economic and Political Overview of World War I. 3. Russian and U.S. Armies in Battle. 4. Russian and U.S. Institutions in Wartime. Section2 - The Interwar Years, 1919-1939. 5. The Interwar Years. Section 3 - Prel ude to Goetterdaemmerung, June 1941 - June 1944. 6. A Military and Political Overview. 7. Soviet and U.S. Armies in Battle. Section 4 - The Soviet andU.S. Destruction of the Third Reich, June 1944 - May 1945. 8. Soviet and U .S. Armies in Battle. 9. Soviet and U.S. War Efforts. 10. Soviet and U.S. War Economies. 11. Conclusions. Very good. 50.00

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10 ADEMUNI-ODEKE, Dr. Shipping International Trade Relations.
Avebury, Aldershot, England, 1988, ISBN:0566053713 
ADEMUNI-ODEKE, Dr. Shipping International Trade Relations. Aldershot (UK) :Avebury, (1988). Pp [i]-xxxii,1-648,(8). Index. 8vo, blue paper covered bo ards, lettered in white. Contents : Part I. – Shipping in International Relations. 1. Liner conferences. 2. Flags of convenience. Part II. – Shipping in International Trade Relations. 3. Shipping preferences in international trade. 4. Shipping discriminations in international trade. Part III. – Shipping in International Politics. 5. Political intervention in shipping. 6. State ownership and participation in shipping. Part IV. – Shipping in International Economics. 7. Shipping and the provision of employment. 8. Employment of economic resources in shipping. Part V. – Shipping in International Finance. 9. Shipping and foreign exchange. 10. Merchant shipping and the balance of payments. Part VI. – Conclusions. 11. Conclusions. Annex 1 - Text of the Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences. Annex 2 - The Brussels Package. Annex 3 - Text of the UN Convention on Conditions for the Registration ofShips, 1986. Light edgewear, else very good. 90.00

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11 Africa - Housing) United Nations Economic Commission on Africa Human Settlements in Africa : The Role of Housing and Building
United Nations, 1976, 
(Africa - Housing). Human Settlements in Africa : The Role of Housing and Building. Addis Abba: United Nations, April 1976. Pp. 196. Illustrated with numerous charts and photographs throughout. 4to, cream coloured ill. card covers. Spine sunned, rear cover rubbed, else vg. 50.00

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12 African History - Workshop - Papers SOREMEKUN, Fola LANGWORTHY, H.W. RANGER, T.O. Papers presented at the Workshop on the Teaching of Central and East African History, 24th to 31st August, 1970, in Lusaka, Zambia.
Lusaka, Zambia, 1970, 
(African History - Workshop - Papers). [Papers presented at the] Workshop on the Teaching of Central and East African History, 24th to 31st August, 1970, in Lusaka, Zambia. Lusaka, Zambia :, 1970. Various paginations (totalling approximately 110). Maps. Folio, red comb bound, blank red cloth.Contents : “Christianity in Central Africa” by T.O. Ranger (12 pp); “Socia l and Economic Development in Zambia in the 20th Century” by Ian Henderson (15 pp); “The Effects of the Slave Trade in East and West Africa” by Fola Soremekun (19 pp); “The Historical Basis of UDI” by Ian Henderson (16 pp); “Pre-Colonial Trade in Zambia” by Andrew D. Roberts (17 pp, plus map); “Themes in the History of Malawi and Eastern Zambia to 1850: by H.W. Langworthy (13 pp); “The Mwene Mutapa and Other Shona Kingdoms, 1450-1850” by H. Langworthy (14 pp, plus map). Dampspotting to cloth, else very good. Scarce. 75.00

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13 AGNEW, Swanzie, and Michael STUBBS (eds.). Malawi in Maps.
University of London Press Ltd, London, 1972, ISBN:0340117680 
AGNEW, Swanzie, and Michael STUBBS (eds.). Malawi in Maps. (London) : University of London Press Ltd, (1972). Pp [1]-143,(1). Maps. Folio [8 by 13 inches], illustrated red and white glossy paper covered boards. “The 1966 Population Census was the first census to be carried out with a comprehensive demarcation of enumeration areas, and the final report, which appeared in 1968, included a brief summary of the data obtained in terms of the total population; geographic distribution and density; and sex; racial and ethnic composition; languages spoken; economic characteristics; and population outside Malawi. Since most of this material, particularly the demographic, economic and social aspects of the population structure now appears in map form for the first time, Malawi in Maps assumes the significance of a national atlas, at least in content it not in presentation.” - from the Introduction (p. 11). Rubbed, name, else very good. 30.00

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14 Agricultural and Rural Development Act ARDA Canada / New Brunswick : Federal-Provincial Rural Development Agreement 1971/1975
Regional Economic Expansion Canada, Ottawa, 1971, 
(Agricultural and Rural Development Act). ARDA Canada / New Brunswick : Federal-Provincial Rural Development Agreement 1971/1975. [Ottawa] : Regional Economic Expansion Canada, (1971). Pp (2),[1]-8,[1]-2,[1]-3,[1]-2,[1]-3 leaves, printed one side only. 4to, green card covers, green cloth tape spine.Spine ends torn, name, else very good. 15.00

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15 Agricultural and Rural Development Act ARDA Canada / Newfoundland : Federal-Provincial Rural Development Agreement1971/1975.
Regional Economic Expansion Canada, Ottawa, 1971, 
(Agricultural and Rural Development Act). ARDA Canada / Newfoundland : Federal-Provincial Rural Development Agreement 1971/1975. [Ottawa] : Regional Economic Expansion Canada, (1971). Pp (2),[1]-8,[1]-2,[1]-3,[1]-2,[1]-3 leaves, printed one side only. 4to, brown card covers, black cloth tape spine. Short tear to top spine, name, else very good. 18.00

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16 Agricultural and Rural Development Act ARDA Canada / Nova Scotia : Federal-Provincial Rural Development Agreement 1971/1975
Regional Economic Expansion Canada, Ottawa, 1971, 
(Agricultural and Rural Development Act). ARDA Canada / Nova Scotia : Federal-Provincial Rural Development Agreement 1971/1975. [Ottawa] : Regional Economic Expansion Canada, (1971). Pp (2),[1]-8,[1]-2,[1]-3,[1]-2,[1]-3 leaves, printed one side only. 4to, blue card covers, blue cloth tape spine. Spine ends torn, name, else very good. 15.00

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17 AHMAD, Hamzah (ed.) GOLD, Edgar Straits of Malacca : International Co-operation, Funding & Navigational Safety. First edition in dustjacket
Pelanduk Publications / Maritime Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia, 1997, ISBN:9679785769 
AHMAD, Hamzah (ed.). The Straits of Malacca : International Co-operation, Funding & Navigational Safety. (Malaysia) : Pelanduk Publications in association with Maritime Institute of Malasyia, (1997). First Edition. Pp (12),3-359,(3). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Contents : Part One - The Straits of Malacca. 1. The Straits of Malacca: A Profile. 2. Regional Co-operation and the Straits of Malacca (by Wan Awang bin Wan Yaacob). 3. The Straits of Malacca in the Malaysian Economy (by G. Naidu). 4. An Overview of Pollution Issues in the Straits of Malacca (by Kirstin Dow). 5. Alternative Routes for Oil Tankers: A Financial, Technical and Economic Analysis (by Chia Lin Sien). Part Two - Funding and Straits Management. 6. Global Funding for Navigational Safety and Environmental Protection (by Hamzah bin Ahmad). 7. Financing Straits Management: Policy Options (by Gerard Peet). 8. Financing Straits Management: Inherent Problems (by Peter B. Marlow). 9. The Financial Cost of Risk Management in the Straits of Malacca (by Muhammad Razip bin Ahmad). 10. Transit Devices in InternationalStraits: Towards Shared Responsibilities? (by Edgar Gold). 11. Japan's Con tribution to Safety and Pollution Mitigation in the Straits of Malacca (by Akio Ono). 12. The Revolving Fund: A Unique Facility (by Teh Kong Leong). Part Three - Legal Regimes, Trade and Shipping. 13. Shipping and International Trade in the Asian Region: An International View (by Ross Robinson). 14.Navigation Rights and Responsibilities in International Straits (by Robert W. Smith & J. Ashley Roach). 15. Legal and Practical Problems Governing In ternational Straits (by Jon M. Van Dyke). 16. Management Regimes and Responsibility for International Straits (by Tullio Scovazzi). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY TO ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Circular blindstamp, else very good in dustjacket (tear and sticker residue to bottom spine). 250.00

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18 AITKEN, Hugh G.J. Welland Canal Company : A Study in Canadian Enterprise. First Edition in dustjacket.
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1954, 
AITKEN, Hugh G.J. The Welland Canal Company : A Study in Canadian Enterprise. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1954. First Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-ix,(3),-[1]-178,(2) + map. Another map in text. Tables, charts in text. 8vo, tan cloth, black lettering to spine. In the Studies in Entrepreneurial History series. "Among the transportation improvements of the nineteenth century in North America the Welland Canal occupies a position of uniqueimportance. Opened for traffic in 1829, the Canal provided a navigable wat erway around Niagara Falls, making it possible for ships to pass freely from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Its significance for the expansion of shippingon the Great Lakes can hardly he overestimated; in addition it played a vi tal roie in the rivalry between American and Canadian transportation routesfor the trade of the West, being designed initially as Canada's answer to the Erie Canal between Buffalo and New York. Enlarged no less than three times since its original construction, the Welland Canal continues in active use at the present day and promises to acquire even greater importance, both for Canada and for the United States, with the completion of the proposedSt. Lawrence Seaway. In this book Mr. Aitkcn relates the history of the pr ivate corporation which constructed the first Welland Canal and analyzes its operations and problems in detail. He focuses particular attention on theentrepreneurial group responsible for the inception and execution of the p roject, upon their partlv conflicting interests, and upon the way in which thev created an organization to their purposes. Mr. Aitken deals chiefly with problems of promotion, construction, finance, and management, and identifies the sources of the Company's principal difficulties: managerial inexperience, scarcity of capital, inadequate engineering skills, and political opposition. While the book is primarily a biography of the Company rather than of the men who composed it, considerable emphasis is laid on the influence of individuals upon the formation and execution of policy, particularly on the roles played by three men: William Hamilton Merritt, a mill owner and merchant in the Niagara peninsula, later an important Canadian politician; John B. Yates, a capitalist of Albany, New York, by profession a manager of lotteries; and John H. Dunnn, receiver general in the government of Upper Canada. These individuals are identified as the nucleus of the entrepreneurial group and an attempt is made to analyze their motives and appraise the functions they performed in the Company." (from the dj). Contents :Preface; 1. Upper Canada: The Inland Province; 2. Promotion; 3. Construction; 4. Finance; 5. Entrepreneurshp. Appendix : Revenue, Traffic, Costs, and Sources of Capital. With notes and index. A few small marginal coffee spots, elsevery good in price-clipped dustjacket. 60.00

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19 AITKEN, Hugh G.J., John J. DEUTSCH, W.A. MACKINTOSH FORSEY, Eugene Clarence L. BARBER, Maurice LAMONTAGNE BRECHER, Irving American Economic Impact on Canada
Duke University Press / Cambridge University Press, Durham, N.C. / London , 1959, 
AITKEN, Hugh G.J., John J. DEUTSCH, W.A. MACKINTOSH, Clarence L. BARBER, Maurice LAMONTAGNE, Irving BRECHER, and Eugene FORSEY. The American Economic Impact on Canada. Durham, N.C. / London : Published for the Duke UniversityCommonwealth-Studies Center [by] Duke University Press [and] Cambridge Uni versity Press, 1959. Pp [i]-xviii,[1]-176,(2). Tables. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering and red panel to spine. Duke University Commonwealth Studies Center Publications No. 12. Contents : I. The Changing Structure of the Canadian Economy, with Particular Reference to the Influence of the United States (by Hugh G.J. Aitken). 2. Recent American Influence in Canada, with Particular Reference to Economic Factors and Canadian Reaction (by John J. Deutsch). 3. Canadian Economic Policy from 1945 to 1957—Origins and Influences (by W.A. Mackintosh). 4. The Impact of United States Farm Policy on Canadian Agriculture (by Clarence L. Barber). 5. The American Economic Impact on Quebec (by Maurice Lamontagne). 6. The Flow of United States Investment Funds into Canada Since World War II (by Irving Brecher). 7. The Influence of American Labor Organizations and Policies on Canadian Labor (by Eugene Forsey). A few pencil marks, penned name, else very good in nicked, price-clipped dustjacket. 25.00

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20 AKAHA, Tsuneo Japan in Global Ocean Politics. First Edition in dustjacket
University of Hawaii Press , Honolulu, 1985, ISBN:0824808983 
AKAHA, Tsuneo . Japan in Global Ocean Politics. Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press and Law of the Sea Institute, University of Hawaii, (1985). First Printing. Pp (8),[ix]-xii,[1]-224,(4). Text maps. 8vo, blue cloth. "National enclosure of the world's oceans is one of the most important global trends to have emerged during the second half of the twentieth century. Awareness of the real and potential value of the ocean and its resources and recognition of the growing s carcity of natural resources on land have promptednation-states to claim and exert control over wide areas of the hitherto u nclaimed oceans and their riches. Japan in Global Ocean Politics is a detailed study of a mighty ocean nation's reaction to the demise of the traditional ocean regime based on the principle of freedom of the seas and its adjustment to the emergence of a new order characterized by national ocean enclosure. Japan's traditional maritime interests, particularly shipping and fishing, defined the country's role in global ocean politics until the middleof the 1970s; its posture was reactive, and even recalcitrant, on most law of the sea issues. In 1976-1977 Japan changed its policy in favor of accep ting extended coastal jurisdiction for others as well as for itself. The author explains why and intricately describes the process of policy making that took place amid competing domestic and interna tional pressures. In accommodating its diplomatic, economic, and security interests Japan imposed a formidable task on its public and private sectors, one that was accomplished with innovative policy adjustments, particularly in the manner in which the territorial sea limit and fishery jurisdiction were extended." Chapters : 1. The International Political Economy of Ocean Management and Japan; 2. The First and Second United Nations Conferences on the Law of the Sea; 3. Japan's Fight against the Proliferation of Expansionist Coastal States' Claims; 4. The United Nations Seabed Committee; 5. The Caracas-to-Geneva Session of the Third UNCLOS; 6. Japan's 12-Mile Territorial Sea Decision; 7. The Soviet 200-Mile Fishery Zone and Japan's 200-Mile Fishery Zone Decision. With conclusion, appendix, notes, bibliography and index. A few penned page numbers on end-paper, else very good in lightly worn dustjacket. 40.00

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