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1 A.P.E.C.) Atlantic Vision 1990, The : A Development Strategy for the 1980's
(A.P.E.C.). The Atlantic Vision - 1990 : A Development Strategy for the 1980's. Halifax : Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, (1979). Pp (10),11-172. Tables, graphs. 8vo, rebound in blue cloth by Rosanne and Joseph Foy of Bedford (with their label). Chapters : Developmental and Strategic Thinking; Regional Growth; Factors of Production and Distribution of Income; The National and International Environment; Towards a New Strategy; Labour Supply and Conventional Demand; The Atlantic Alliance, Developmental Software. With an index. Nfld throughout. Vg to fine. 15.00

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2 AALDERS, Lewis E. Dynamics of Living : Some Proposed Guidelines for Responsible Human Development. 1st pr.
The author, Kentville, NS, 1993, 
AALDERS, Lewis E. Dynamics of Living : Some Proposed Guidelines for Responsible Human Development . (Kentville, NS: The author, 1993). First Printing.Pp. (2),1-31,(1). 8vo, stapled printed green card covers. Vg. 6.00

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3 Acadia University) Acadia Athenaeum. Volume. 60, No. 3, January, 1934
(Acadia University). The Acadia Athenaeum. Vol. LX, No. 3, January, 1934. Wolfville : Acadia University, 1934. Pp (8),9-97,(7),+ 1 portrait plate. 8vo, cream card covers, lettered in blue and red. Contents : Awards for the Month; The Painter—A. A. Rattray, '36; Death in the Headways—Berton E. Robinson; The City—A. A. Rattray, '36; Sir William Arthur Currie—Mary Patterson, '34; Phantom- G. A. Browne, '37; Modernistic Book Review - Charlotte Coombs'36; Mummy—A. A. Rattray, 36; An Interesting Snap Submitted to the Athenae um; Undergraduate Who Studied at Buenos Aires Discusses Argentine Educationand Students; After Their KInd - A. A. Rattray '36; With Great Regret—R. M . S. Hatfield, *37; Burglars for Love—Sidney H. Pitt, '34; Man—Viola J. Huggan, '34; The Greatest of These is Love - Frank Templeman '35; "Cripple's Luck"—Frank Templeman '35; Singing Sands—Athena Forbes, '34; Leadership—Frank Templeman '35; The Pyramids - Charlotte L. Fisher '36; Old Houses—Viola J. Huggan, '34; Heredity Versus Environment—A. A. Rattray, '36; River at Sleep—Charlotte L. Fisher. '36; Student Opinion Page; BHeating the Depression - Janet Cox '37; Science : Petroleum—Norman E. Brown, '35. Editorial ; Athletics; The Month; Exchanges; Personals; The College Clown. Edges nicked, top of spine chipped, else very good. 25.00

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4 ADAM, Paul Cambridge Studies in Ecology) Saltmarsh Ecology. 1st pbk.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1993, ISBN:0521448239 
ADAM, Paul. Saltmarsh Ecology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (1993). First Paperback Edition. Pp. (2),[i]-xii,1-461,(5). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated yellow card covers with faded-to-white spine. A volume in Cambridge Studies in Ecology series. Contents: 1. General features of saltmarshes and their environment, 2. The saltmarsh biota, 3. Variation in saltmarsh vegetation, 4. Coping with the environment, 5. Plant life history studies, 6.Saltmarshes as ecosystems, 7. Modification, management and conservation. S pine sunned, name, else vg. 50.00

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5 ADAMS, Ansel, and John MUIR MUIR, John ADAMS, Ansel MAUK, Charlotte E. (ed.) Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. First Edition in dustjacket
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1948, 
ADAMS, Ansel, and John MUIR. Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. Photographs byAnsel Adams. Sel;ections from the Works of John Muir. Edited by Charlotte E. Mauk. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Company, 1948. First Edition. Pp (12),ix-xix,(5),3-132,(2),+ 64 leaves of black-and-white plates. Large 8vo, tan cloth, brown lettering to front board and spine. "This book is an interpretation, in text and photographs, of Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevada range of mountains. the text is from the works of John Muir, a naturalist whosewriting reveals the excitement and beauty and strength in a world untouche d by man. the photographs were created by Ansel Adams, whose camera discovers that which lies before us all - and magically, what our eyes may fail tocommunicate to our hearts. this combination of word and image creates a st atement of grater intensity than either word or image alone. Sixty-four photographs are beautifully reproduced in this big book. Mr. Adams has chosen phrases from Muir which, facing the photographs, are perfect captions. These photographs are the work of several years, and almost all are here reproduced for the first time. The text has been taken from Mountains of California, The Yosemite, My First Summer in the Sierra, and others of Muir's best-known book. the selections have been wove into a unified description of thecountry, in all seasons and in all mods, by Miss Charlotte Mauk of Berkele y, California. The lines which delimit Yosemite on a map have no meaning onthe high watershed ridges which are the geographic boundaries of the Park. In actuality, the spirit of Yosemite depends on an environment which exten ds to the Pacific and to the clear bleak loneliness of the deserts beyond the Sierra crest. Begin with the rolling hills of the Coast Range and the wide expanse of the Central Valley. Climb, as Muir did when he was shepherding his flocks, the rugged foothills of the Sierra. See Yosemite in its high-mountain matrix; cross the Sierra to the wild and barren beauty of Mono; look at Tahoe on the north, the great ranges south of Yosemite, and the tremendous tossing wall of the east face of the Sierra. Behold mountains and quiet pools, twigs, clouds, canyons, stones - great vistas and intimate realities." (from the dj). Contents : Introduction. A biography of John Muir. Selections from the Works of John Muir : I. The Sierra Nevada : The range of light; The snow and the glaciers. II. The Yosemite : Into the mountains; Characteristics of the canyons; The incomparable Yosemite; The approach to thevalley; The first view - the Bridal Veil; General features of the valley; The upper canyons; Natural features near the valley; Down the Yosemite Creek: The Yosemite Fall; A wonderful ascent; The grandeur of Yosemite Fall; The Nevada Fall; The Vernall Fall; The Illilouette Fall; The beauty of the rainbows. III. My first sumer in the Sierra : Through the foothills with a flock of sheep; In the camp on the Norht Fork of the Merced; To the high mountains; The Yosemite; Mount Hoffmann and Lake Tenaya; The Mono Trail; BloodyCanyon and Mono Lake; The Tuolumne Camp. IV. Winter in the Yosemite : A ho me in winter; The snow; Snow banners. V. Sierra thunderstorms : Sierra thunderstorms. Photographs by Ansel Adams : The Photographs : Notes on the photographs; Photographic data; Sources of exerpts used with photographs. Very good in spine-chipped, but unclipped, dustjacket. 125.00

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6 AGUIRRE, Robert W. International Straits of the World, Vol.15 Panama Canal.. Volume 15 in the International Straits of the World series. First Edition
Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden / Boston, 2010, ISBN:9004177280 
AGUIRRE, Robert W. The Panama Canal. Leiden / Boston : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2010. First Edition. Pp. (4),[v]-xii,(2),[1]-293,(5). Maps, tables, illustrations in text. 8vo, green paper-covered boards, light green lettering to front & spine. Volume 15 in the International Straits of the World series. "The relationship between straits and interoceanic canals has always been ambiguous. Unlike straits, interoceanic canals are neither natural nor subject to a universal legal regime like the Law of the Sea. However, straits and interoceanic canals share comparable historical experiences due to their geographic similarities. Suspending interest in a purely legal analysis, The Panama Canal lets logic yield to experience and considers the Panama Canal as an 'artificial strait'. The volume recasts the dynamic events that have changed the Panama Canal in the context of three interactive elements: environments, flows, and territoriality. Cleverly deciphering from history how changes in one element led to changes in another, The Panama Canal suggests a considerably new perspective for viewing the canal's past and future." - from rear cover. Contents : 1. Introduction. A. Straits in Comparative Perspective. B. The Three Circumstances of a Strait: Environments, Flows, and Territoriality. C. Conclusion. 2. Part One - The Environment of aStrait. A. Introduction. B. How a Strait Became an Isthmus 16 Million Year s Ago. C. How an Isthmus Became an Artificial Strait One Hundred Years Ago.D. Why an Artificial Strait Will Reach Maximum Sustainable Capacity Betwee n 2009 and 2012 Unless Enhanced. E. Conclusion. Part Two - Flows Through the Environment. 3. Interoceanic Flows in Transit Through Panama's Human-Built Environment. A. Introduction. B. The Royal Road and Cruces Trail 1540–1740. C. The Panama Railroad 1852–1869. D. The Panama Canal 1914–date. E. Conclusion. Part Three - Territoriality Over Flows Through the Environment. 4. Panamanian Territoriality in Geographic Perspective. A. Maritime-Commercialand Territorial-Administrative Societies. B. The Two Panamas Under the Vic eroyalty of Peru Until 1717. C. The Two Panamas Under the Viceroyalty of New Granada Until Panamanian Independence in 1821. D. The Two Panamas Under Great Colombia (1819–1831). E. Conclusion. 5. American Territoriality in Geographic Perspective. A. Territorial Enlargement, Political Regimes, and Interoceanic Transportation. B. Territoriality and Territorial Enlargement. C.Conclusion. 6. The Expansion of the Powers of the Federal Government. A. I ntroduction. B. Expansion of the Powers of the Federal Government Over Transportation During the ‘1st republic’ (1780s–1820s). C. Expansion of the Powers of the Federal Government Over Transportation During the ‘1st democracy’ (1830s–1870s). D. Expansion of the Powers of the Federal Government Over Other Buffer Zones. E. The 1888 Supreme Court Decision in California v. Central Pacific Railroad Company. F. Conclusion. 7. Interoceanic Transportation and the Two Panamas Under the '1st democracy' (1830s-1870s). A. American Territoriality Over Interoceanic Transportation During the ‘1st democracy’ (1830s–1870s). B. The Two Panamas Under the Centralized Republic of New Granada (1831–1858). C. The Two Panamas Under the Federalist Grenadine Confederation (1858–1863) and United States of Colombia (1863–1886). D. Conclusion. 8. Interoceanic Transportation and the Two Panamas Under the '2nd republic' ,(1870s-1930s) Before Panamanian Independence. A. American Territoriality OverInteroceanic Transportation. B. The Two Panamas Under the Republic ofColombia (1886–1903). C. The Two Panamas Under the Republic of Panama. D. Conclusion. 9. The Extraterritorial Expansion of the Powers of the Federal Government Over the Maritime Environment after the 1880s. A. Introduction. B. The Extraterritorial Expansion of the Powers of theFederal Government Over Islands, Straits, and Sea LanesDuring the ‘2nd republic’ (1870s–1930s). C. Conclusion. 10. The Panama Canal and The Two Panamas Under the '2nd republic' (1870s-1930s) After Panammanan Independence. A. American Extraterritoriality through the 1903Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty. B. The Panama Canal and Canal Zone. C. The Two Panamas During an Era of Political Opposition Among the Elite 1900s to 1930s. D. Conclusion. 11. The Panama Canal and The Two Panamas Under the '2nd democracy' (1930s-1970s). A. American Territoriality Over InteroceanicTransportation Under the ‘2nd democracy’ (1930s–1970s). B. The Two Panamas During an Era of Social Rivalry between Non-Elite and Elitefrom the 1930s to the 1960s. C. The Two Panamas Under the National Guard U ntil 1981. D. American Territoriality and the 1977 Panama Canal Treaties. E. Conclusion. 12. The Panama Canal and The Two Panamas Under the '3rd republic' (1980-?). A. American Territoriality Over InteroceanicTransportation During the ‘3rd republic’ (1980–?). B. The Two Panamas Under the Panamanian Defense Forces Until 1989. C. The Two Panamas after the Abolishment of the Panamanian Defense Forces. D. Conclusion. 13. The Future nof the Panama Canal as an Artificial Strait. A. Changes in Panama’s Environment and Competition from Other Routes. B. Panamanian Societies and American Policy Regimes.C. Conclusion. Appendix. Very good. 170.00

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Introduction to the History of Medical and Veterinary Mycology. First Edition in dustjacket, AINSWORTH, G. C.
7 AINSWORTH, G. C. Introduction to the History of Medical and Veterinary Mycology. First Edition in dustjacket
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [et al], 1986, ISBN:0521307155 1986 0521307155 / 9780521307154 
AINSWORTH, G. C. Introduction to the History of Medical and Veterinary Mycology. Cambridge [et al] : Cambridge University Press, (1986). First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xi,(1),[1]-228. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

Garrison & Morton, Medical Bibliography (5th edition) 5546.10.

"This book is the first to give a well-documented, illustrated survey of the historical background to disease caused by fungi in man and domesticated animals. Medical and veterinary mycology includes the study of infectious diseases caused by actinomycetes and allergic conditions induced by both fungi and actinomycetes, and their history is also described here. The foundations of medical mycology have been laid over the past centuries but have only been completed during recent decades. This is therefore an appropriate moment to write the history of this specialty, which involves the collaboration of medically qualified and non-medically trained workers. Dr Ainsworth's long and varied career in mycology fits him ideally to the task he has undertaken and he has drawn on his experience to provide an invaluable scholarly perspective of the area." (from the dj).

Contents :
1. Introduction.
2. Aetiology: dermatophytes and the taxonomic problem.
3. Names: problems of nomenclature.
4. Problems of pathogenic status with special reference to mycelial yeasts.
5. Epidemiological problems :
1. Effects of the pathogen on the host;
2. Effects of the host on the pathogen;
3. The pathogen and the environment;
4. The 'compromised' patient;
5. Geographical distributionof mycoses.
6. Therapeutic problems.
7. Spores as allergens: a problem of sensitization.
8. Mycetism, mycotoxicoses, and hallucinogenic fungi: toxicological problems.
9. Training mycopathologists: an educational problem.
10.Regional developments.
Very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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8 AKENSON, Donald H. GWYN, Julian TITLEY, Brian McINNIS, R.M. Canadian Papers in Rural History, Volume VIII
Langdale Press, Gananoque, ON, 1992, ISBN:1895158036 
AKENSON, Donald H., ed. Canadian Papers in Rural History, Volume VIII . Gananoque, ON: Langdale Press, (1992). Pp. (16),[17]-327,(1). 8vo, charcoal cloth with gilt lettering to front and spine. Contents: R.M. McInnis's "Perspectives on Ontario Agriculture, 1815-1930: The Early Ontario Wheat Staple Reconsidered, Ontario Agriculture at Mid-Century, The Changing Structure of Canadian Agriculture, [and] Output and Productivity in Canadian Agriculture": Cathy E. Kindquist's "Migration and Madness on the Upper Canadian Frontier, 1841-1850"; Angela E. Davis's "'Country Homemakers': The Daily Lives ofPrairie Women as Seen Through the Woman's Page of the Grain Growers' Guide , 1908-1928"; Brian Titley's "Transition to Settlement: The Peace Hills Indian Agency, 1884-1890"; Julian Gwyn's "Golden Age or Bronze Moment? Wealth and Poverty in Nova Scotia: The 1850s and 1860s"; Gerard Bouchard and RegisThibeault's "Change and Continuity in the Saguenay Agriculture: The Evolut ion of Production and Yields, 1852-1871"; Robert E. Ankli's "Ontario's Dairy Industry, 1880-1920"; Bruce S. Elliott's "Emigration frmo South Leinster to Eastern Upper Canada"; and W.M. Elofson's "Adapting to the Frontier Environment: The Ranching Industry in Western Canada, 1881-1914". Very good. 25.00

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9 Alberta Municipal Affairs. Guide to Information on Municipalities, Alberta Municipal Affairs. Revised Edition.
Alberta Municipal Affairs, Edmonton, 1978, 
Alberta Municipal Affairs. Guide to Information on Municipalities, Alberta Municipal Affairs. Revised Edition, May 1978. Edmonton: Alberta Municipal Affairs, 1978. Pp. (40). Various paginations. 4to, stapled printed brown card covers with cream lettering to front. Replaces the late 1977 publication "Statistical Information on Municipal Governments Available From Alberta Municipal Goverments". Contents: Alberta Advanced Education and Manpower; Alberta Agriculture; Alberta Business Development and Tourism; Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs; Alberta Culture; Albert Education; Alberta Enegy and Natural Resources; Alberta Environment; Alberta Hospitals and Medical Care; Alberta Housing and Public Works; Alberta Labour; Alberta Municipal Affairs; Alberta Transportation; Alberta Recreation Parks and Wildlife; Alberta Treasury, Bureau of Statistics; Alberta Utilities and Telephones; Alberta's Municipal Associations. Very good. Uncommon. 25.00

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10 ALFOLDY, Sandra. McGill-Queen's/Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation Studies in Art History Allied Arts : Architecture and Craft in Postwar Canada.
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal & Kingston, 2012, ISBN:9780773540033 
ALFOLDY, Sandra. The Allied Arts : Architecture and Craft in Postwar Canada. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, (2012). Pp. (10),[xi]-xv,(9) of illustrations,[1]-227,(1). Illustrated, sometimes in colour. Large 8vo, illustrated blue and green card covers with white spine, yellow and white lettering to front cover, black lettering to spine, french flaps.A volume in the McGill-Queen's/Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation Studies in Art History series. "During periods of close collaboration, championed by figures like John Ruskin and William Morris, architecture and craft were referred to as 'the allied arts'. By the mid-twentieth century, however, it was more common for the two disciplines to be considered distinct professional fields, with architecture having little to do with studio craft. 'The Allied Arts' investigates the history of the complex relationship between craft and architecture by examining their intersection in Canadian public buildings. Sandra Alfoldy explains the challenges facing the development of public craft and documents the largely ignored public craft commissions of the post-war era. The book highlights theg global concerns of material, scale, form, ornament, and identity shared by architects and craftspeople. It alsostudies the ways in which the allied arts are mediated by institutions and the fragility of craft commissions that were once considered an integral p art of the built environment. Considering a wide range of craftspeople, materials, and forms -- from the ceramics of Jack Sures and Jordi Bonet to thetextile work of Mariette Rousseau-Vermette and Carole Sabiston -- Alfoldy celebrates the successes of architectural craftsmanship, developing ideas about the complex relationship between architecture and craft that reach well beyond national boundaries." - from the rear cover. Very good. 30.00

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11 ALYLUIA, Jeanne, Pierre R. BEAUDET, and Jane E. HARRIS BEAUDET, Pierre R. HARRIS, Jane E. History and Archaeology, number 45 Eighteenth-Century Container Glass from the Roma Site, Prince Edward Island[and] Bottle Glass from a Privy at Fort George Military Reserve, Ontario [ and] Glassware Excavated from Fort Anne, Nova Scotia
National Parks and Historic Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Environment Canada, Hull, 1981, ISBN:0660107341 
ALYLUIA, Jeanne, Pierre R. BEAUDET, and Jane E. HARRIS. Eighteenth-Century Container Glass from the Roma Site, Prince Edward Island [and] Bottle Glassfrom a Privy at Fort George Military Reserve, Ontario [and] Glassware Exca vated from Fort Anne, Nova Scotia. (Hull, Quebec): National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Environment Canada, 1981. Pp. (2),[3]-206,(2). Illustrated in black and white. 4to, brown card covers with orange lettering to front and spine. History and Archaeology, number 45. Alyluia's "Eighteenth-Century Container Glass" (pp. 3-82): "The 18th-century container glass from the Roma site has been divided into three main categories: [...] 1. utilitarian blue-green containers of the wood-burning tradition, 2. darkgreen liquor bottles of the French coal-burning tradition and 3. 'black' g lass liquor bottles of the English coal-burning tradition." - from the abstract. Beaudet's "Bottle Glass from a Privy" (pp. 83-122): "Sixty significant bottle glass artifacts were excavated from the large privy constructed in1835 at the rear of the commandant's quarters at Fort George Military Rese rve. They included numerous types of liquor bottles, egg-shaped soft drink bottles, oil and sauce containers, medicine vials and panelled rectangular bottles." - from the abstract. Harris's "Glassware Excavated from Fort Anne" (pp. 123-203): "The archaeological work at Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, from 1962 to 1969 returned approximately 300 identifiable fragments of glassware. These fragments were mainly liquor bottles, but also included food storage bottles, medicine bottles and tableware dating from the late 17th to the early 20th century." - from the abstract. Covers rubbed, spine creasing, else good. 50.00

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12 AMBASZ, Emilio (ed.) Italy : The New Domestic Landscape : Achievements and Problems of Italian Design. First Edition in dustjacket
Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1972, ISBN:0870703843 
AMBASZ, Emilio (ed.). Italy : The New Domestic Landscape : Achievements andProblems of Italian Design. New York : The Museum of Modern Art, in collab oration with Centro Di, Florence, (April 1972). First Edition. Pp (10),[11]-430,(2). With 520 illustrations (124 in color). 4to, white paper covered boards, black lettering to spine, in a printed glassine dustjacket with fivepieces of cut-out objects illustrative of Italian design inserted into jac ket as issued. "During the last decade, the emergence of Italy as the dominant force in design has had a profound influence in Europe and the Americas. This phenomenon is important not only becasue of the high quality and diversity of the forms produced, but also because it has generated a lively debate on the sociocultural implications of product design, raising questionsof vital concern to designers throughout the world. For many designers, th e aesthetic quality of individual objects intended for private consumption has become irrelevant in the face of such pressing problems as poverty, urban decay, and the pollution of the environment now encountered in all industrialized countries. Consequently, they are increasingly shifting the focusof their attention from the well-designed object to man's total environmen t, seeing the designer's function as one that can mold patterns of behaviorby creating new settings for freeer, mor adaptable life styles. [...] This publication, issued in conjunction with a major exhibition at The Museum o f Modern Art, is the first to deal comprehensively with these challenging developments. Over 150 objects of Italian design of the past ten years have been selceted for the show and all are reproduced in color or black-and-white, as are the dozen environments by well-known Italian designers speciallycommissioned for the occasion." (from the dj)., Contents : Preface; Introd uction (by Emilio Ambasz); Objects Selected for their Formal and Technical Means; Objects Selected for their Sociocultural Implications; Objects Selected for their Implications of more Flexible Patterns of Use and Arrangement. Environments: Introduction; Design Program; Design as Postulation: Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass, Joe Colombo, Alberto Rosselli, Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, Mario Bellini; Design as Commentary: Gaetano Pesce; Counterdesign as Postulation: Ugo La Pietra, Archizoom, Superstudio, Gruppo Strum, Enzo Mari; Winners of the Competition for Young Designers: Gianantonio Mari, Group 9999. Historical Articles: Introduction ; Art Nouveau in Italy (by Paolo Portoghesi); The Futurist Construction of the Universe (by Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco); The Beginning of Modern Research, 1930-1940 (by Leonardo Bonevolo); Italian Design 1945-1971 (by Vittorio Gregotti). Critical Articles: Introduction; Italian Design in Relation to Social and Economic Planning(by Ruggero Cominotti); Housing Policy and the Goals of Design in Italy (b y Italo Insolera); Ideological Development in the Thought and Imagery of Italian Design (by Giulio Carlo Argan); The Land of Good Design (by Alessandro Mendini); Radical Architecture (by Germano Celant); Design and Technological Utopia (by Manfredo Tafuri); A Design for New Behaviors (by Filiberto Menna). Summary (by Emilio Ambasz). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good in browned dustjacket (with all five cut-outs present). 100.00

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13 AMIT, Vered, and Nigel RAPPORT RAPPORT, Nigel Trouble with Community : Anthropological Reflections on Movement, Identity and Collectivity. First Paperback Printing
Pluto Press, London / Sterling, VA, 2002, ISBN:0745317464 
AMIT, Vered, and Nigel RAPPORT. The Trouble with Community : Anthropological Reflections on Movement, Identity and Collectivity. London / Sterling, VA: Pluto Press, (2002). First Paperback Printing. Pp (6),1-185,(1). Index. 8vo, illustrated white card covers, lettered in black. "'Community' is one of social science's longest-standing concepts. The assumption, of much social science, has been that it is in communities -- and to communities -- that human individuals, as social and cultural beings, belong. Communities aresaid to embody that interactive environment from which individuals' identi ties and senses of self derive, and in which they continue to dwell. The trouble with 'community' is that this is not necessarily so; the personal social networks of individuals' actual experience crosscut collective categories, situations and institutions. Communities can prove unviable or imprisoning; the reality of community life and identity can often be very differentfrom the ideology and the ideal. In this provocative new book, anthropolog ists Vered Amit and Nigel Rapport draw on their various ethnographic experiences to reappraise the concept and the reality of 'community', in the light of globalization, religious fundamentalism, identity politics, and renascent localisms. How might anthropology better apprehend social identities which are intrinsically plural, transgressive and ironic? What has anthropology to say about the way in which civil society might hope to accommodate the on-going construction and the rightful expression of such migrant identities? Nigel Rapport and Vered Amit give their own answers to these questionsbefore entering into dialogue to assess each other's positions." (from the back cover). Contents : Prologue: The Book's Questions (by Nigel Rapport a nd Vered Amit). Pt. I. An Anthropology Without Community? (by Vered Amit): 1. Anthropology and Community: Some Opening Notes. 2. Embracing Disjunction. 3. The Trouble with Community. Pt. II. The Truth of Movement, the Truth as Movement: Post-Cultural Anthropology and Narrational Identity (by Nigel Rapport): 4. Introduction: A Theory of Movement. 5. Incommensurability: Politics or Law? 6. Educating for Liberal Democracy. 7. The Ironization of Liberal Democracy. 8. Human Rights and Liberal Democracy. 9. Universalism and Relativism in the Global Ecumene. 10. Existential Anthropology. 11. Existential Politics. Pt. III. Dialogue: Movement, Identity and Collectivity (by Vered Amit and Nigel Rapport): 12. Vered Amit Responds to Nigel Rapport. 13. Nigel Rapport Responds to Vered Amit. Name inkstamp, else very good. 30.00

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14 ANAND, R.P. ANAND, Ram Prakash Legal Regime of the Sea-Bed and the Developing Countries. First Edition industjacket
A.W. Sijthoff , Leyden, 1976, ISBN:0905118057 
ANAND, R.P. Legal Regime of the Sea-Bed and the Developing Countries. Leyden : A.W. Sijthoff / (New Delhi " 'Published in 1976 by Thomson Press (India) Limited Publication Division [] for A.W. Sijthoff International Publishing Company"), 1976. First Edition. Pp. (8),[vii]-xi,(1),[1]-287,(1). 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Volume 1 in the Sijthoff Publications on Ocean Development series. Papadakis, International Law of the Sea: A Bibliography 1841. "This book probes the depths of the new underwater world andexplains its important geographical features and also comments in detail u pon the vasi resources lying under the sea. It focuses upon the urgent needfor for all the countries to explore and exploit this vast storehouse and discusses how this need has already expressed itselt in claims of various littotoral states over their coastal sea-bed and matters arising out of the Continental Shelf Convention of 1958. It underscores the vague and uncertain definition of the legal Continental Shelf and describes the extent of national jurisdiction over the coastal sea waters under the present law as well as the divergent views in this regard. It analyses es the conflicting interests of diverse groups of states and tries to determine what the limits of national jurisdiction should be. It also examines the vast area of the sea-bed beycnd these limits—as yet considered an area of "no-law"—and describes how this legal vacuum is sought to be filled and what kind of international machinery may be established id for early and order | y exploitation of what the United Nations has designated as the "common heritage of mankind". It suggests how mankind can develop international law into a law of co-ooeration in this ne new field and thus use the untold wealth of the oceans to meet the challenge of poverty in the World."om the dj). Contents : 1. Introduction. 2. Ocean : The Storehouse of Vast Resources. 3. The Legal Continental Shelf. 4. Limits of National Jurisdiction. 5. Sea-Bed Beyond National Jurisdiction : A Common Heritage of Mankind. 6. Interests of the Developing Countries and the Developing Law of the ea-Bed. 7. Concluson. Appendices. Printed on typical Indian paper, inner crack to binding, pencilled underlining and marginal notes on pp.215-232, else very good in lightly worn dustjacket. 120.00

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15 ANDERSON, M. S. Historians and Eighteenth Century Europe 1715-1789. First Edition in dustjacket
Clarendon Press / Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1979, ISBN:0198225482 
ANDERSON, M. S. Historians and Eighteenth Century Europe 1715-1789. Òxford : Clarendon Press, 1979. First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-vi,(2),[1]-251,(1). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "This book surveys the development, over the last two centuries or more, of historians' ideas and views about the most important issues in the history of eighteenth-century Europe.Some aspects of that history have aroused violent and prolonged controvers y which is still active today. Was the great French Revolution in some way immanent in the structure of the Old Regime in France and thus inevitable? Or was that structure fundamentally healthy and brought down in revolution only by the malice of dissident groups or by mere ill-luck? Was the Enlightenment a great movement of intellectual and therefore ot social and political liberation, or a destructive assault on the bonds which held states and societies together? These questions bit'terly divided contemporary observers: they still divide historians today. The character and achievement of thegreat 'Enlightened Despots' of the period and the origins of the Industria l Revolution in Britain are other controversial issues which bulk iarge in the book. In each case, on the basis of a wide-ranging survey of writing infive languages, the development of historians' thinking is analysed. The i nfluence on that thinking of the social, political and intellectual environment in which individual scholars worked, and the importance of deweloping ideas about the nature and scope of history in general, are stressed." (from the dj). Contents : Preface. I. The Old Regime in France : Early Works: from the Eighteenth Century to the July Monarchy; Romantics and Ideologues: from Michelet to Taine; The Old Historiography at its Zenith; The Last Forty Years: Quantification, Regional Studies, Mentalites. II. The Enlightenment : Traditional Views: an Age of Reason and Freedom or one of merely destructive Criticism?; Voltaire and Rousseau: the Historiography of Two Thinkers; A New Departure or an Outgrowth of the Past ?; The Triumph of the Bourgeois Spirit ?; The Streak of Irrationalism; Widening Views. III. Monarchs andDespots : Thee Idea of Enlightened Despotism; Prussia: Frederick the Great ; Russia: Catherine the Great; The Habsburg Empire: Maria Theresa and Joseph II. IV. Great Britain: Industry and Parliamentary Government : The Origins of the Industrial Revolution; King, Parliament, and Parties: the Problem of the First Years of George III. Conclusion. Very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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16 ANDRASSY, M. Juraj Institut de Droit International (Douzième Commission) Étude des mesures internationales les plus aptes à prévenir la pollution des milieux martimes
La Tribune de Genève, 1969, 
ANDRASSY, M. Juraj. Étude des mesures internationales les plus aptes à prévenir la pollution des milieux martimes. Institut de Droit International, Douzième Commission. Genève : La Tribune de Genève, Février 1969. Pp. 108. Text in French. 8vo, grey printed paper covers. Browning to spine, else very good. 25.00

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17 APPEL, Bernard Air University Review, XXVI, No. 5 July-August 1975 CUNNINGHAM, Donald C. ROGERS, F. Michael Bombing Accuracy in a Combat Environment.
US GPO, Washington, 1975, 
APPEL, Bernard, Lt. Col., USAF. "Bombing Accuracy in a Combat Environment".An article in Air University Review, Vol. XXVI, No. 5, July-August 1975, p p. 38-52. Washington: US GPO, 1975. Pp. 109. Illustrated. Double column. 8vo, illustrated green card covers. Also includes: "Why Professional MilitaryEducation?" by Lt. Gen F. Michael Rogers, USAF; "Air University and the Pr ofessional Education System" by Dr. Kenneth J. Groves; "Defense Policy in aWorld of Limited Resources." by Capt. Chris L. Jefferies, USAF; "Social Re volutions: Thoughts Toward Development of a Generalized Model." by Maj. Joel D. Creel, USAF; "The Future of Recoverable Drones for Tactical Air Forces" by Maj. Donald C. Cunningham, USAF; "The Headquarters Squadron: The Junior Officer as Leader" by Cat. Richard R. Ray, USAF; and others. Vg. For the issue. 10.00

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18 Aquaculture) Joint Hearings before the Subcommittee on Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment and the Subcommittee on Oceanography of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries House of Representatives, Ninety-Fourth Congress
US Government Printing Office, 1975, 
(Aquaculture). Joint Hearings before the Subcommittee on Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment and the Subcommittee on Oceanography of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries House of Representatives, Ninety-Fourth Congress : First and Second Sessions on H.R. 370, H.R. 1800, H.R. 2231.H.R. 2795, H.R. 2814, H.R. 5565, H.R. 6628, H.R. 11028, and H.R. 14695. Bills to provide for the development of Aquaculture in the United States and for other purposes. May 1, 2, December 10, 11, 12, 1975; April 9, July 29, 30, 1976. Shellfish Resources - H.R. 7153 and H.R. 9893. Bills to amend the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 to assist the States in enhancing and restoring the shellfish resources of the coastal zone, to establish the National Advisory Shellfish Committee, and for other purposes. November 7, 1975. Serial No. 94-31. Washington: US Government Printing Office, 1976. Pp. 742. 8vo, tan printed card covers. Cracked at p. 384-5, a few small marks to covers, else vg. 30.00

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19 Arctic - Law] MILLS, Hal. BEAUCHAMP, Ken. JULL, Peter. Ocean Policy and Management in the Arctic : Ocean Management Working Group,Third National Workshop on People, Resources, and the Environment North of 60
Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, Ottawa, 1984, ISBN:0919996302 
[Arctic-Law]. Ocean Policy and Management in the Arctic : Ocean Management Working Group, Third National Workshop on People, Resources, and the Environment North of 60º, 1-3 June 1983, Yellowknife, N.W.T. Ottawa : Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, (1984). Pp (3),iv-x,1-186. Maps and diagrams in the text. 8vo, white cardcovers. Contents include: "Ocean Policy Making in the Canadian Arctic" by Hal Mills; "International Legal Issues in Arctic Waters" by Ken Beauchamp; "Inuit Interests in the Arctic Offshore" by Peter Jull and Nigel Bankes; "Arctic Marine Transportation: A View from the Bridge"by Captain T.C. Pullen; "Ocean Management: A Theoretical Perspective" by K en Beauchamp. Very good. 35.00

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20 Arctic BOYD, William L. JARVIS, David H.) FLOCK, Warren L. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America Vol 25. No 2 June 1972
Arctic Institute of North America, 1972, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, Volume 25, No. 2, June 1972. Pp [73]-168. Includes: William L. Boyd's "Jarvis and the Alaskan Reindeer Caper" (on the three-man relief party to assist the crews of several stranded whaling ships, led by Lieutenant David H. Jarvis ofthe U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear, and involving their supervision of a reindee r drive, pp.74-82) ; Warren L. Flock's Radar Observations of Bird Migrationat Cape Prince of Wales" ; J.D.H. Lambert's "Plant Succession on Tundra Mu dflows: Preliminary Observations"; Paul W. Richard and Fred C. Harmston's "Diptera and Other Arthropods of the Sukkertoppen Tasersiaq Area, Southwest Greenland"; Loren D. Potter's "Plant Ecology of the Walakpa Bay Area, Alaska"; Roger M. Evans and Martin K. McNicholl's "Variations in the Reproductive Activities of Arctic Terns at Churchill, Manitoba"; Denis E. Kerfoot's "Thermal Contraction Cracks in an Arctic Tundra Environment); Short Papers and Notes; Reviews. Vg. 15.00

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