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1 BAER, George W. Coming of the Italian-Ethiopian War. First Edition in dustjacket
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA , 1967, 
BAER, George W. The Coming of the Italian-Ethiopian War. Cambridge, Mass. :Harvard University Press, 1967. First Edition. Pp [i]-viii,(4),[1]-404. Ma p. Index. 8vo, grey cloth, green lettering to spine. “In May 1936 Benito Mussolini proclaimed the establishment of an Italian empire in East Africa. Ethiopia, the last African country free from foreign domination, had been conquered by the legions of the new Caesar and was annexed to Italy. The fallof Ethiopia was more than an incident in the later history of European imp erialism in Africa; it was also a watershed in the modern history of Europe. The affair was, in the words of Joseph Avenol, secretary-general of the League of Nations, “a European poison." And its most important victim was the League itself.” (from the dj). Contents : 1. Italian-Ethiopian Relations,1889-1934. 2. Mussolini Turns to Ethiopia, 1934. 3. December: The Walwal I ncident. 4- January: The French-Italian Entente. 5. January-March: EthiopiaTurns to the League. 6. April: The Stresa Conference and After. 7. May: It alia fara da sè. 8. June: British Vacillations. 9- July: No Help for Ethiopia. 10. August: Against Geneva. 11. August: The Holy See, America, and a Verdict. 12. September: Positions before the League. 13. In the Shadow of War. Penned name, else very good in spine-browned, price-clipped dustjacket (with insect damage to spine). 50.00

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2 BROTZ, Howard. Black Jews of Harlem : Negro Nationalism and the Dilemmas of Negro Leadership. Signed copy
Schocken Books, New York , 1970, 
BROTZ, Howard M. The Black Jews of Harlem : Negro Nationalism and the Dilemmas of Negro Leadership. New York : Schocken Books, (1970). First Schocken Edition. Pp [i]-x,(2),1-144,+ 4 pp photos. Index. 8vo, illustrated reddish-brown card covers. In the Sourcebooks in Negro History series. “Dating fromthe heyday of Garveyism in the 1920's, Harlem's Congregation of Commandmen t Keepers, under the leadership of Rabbi Wentworth A. Matthew, represents an important stage of the black man's spiritual odyssey in the New World. Kept from all communion with his past through slavery and later stripped of the legal equality gained during Reconstruction, the American Negro has had to face the terrible task of creating ex nihilo his very identity. The sustaining myth of an Ethiopian-Hebrew origin , however inaccurate and set against a white Christianity, has sometimes put this small sect on the path toward “remoralization,” shared dignity, and a precious sense of self-reclamation. Dr. Brotz extrapolates from their achievement to a genuine and original analysis of the Negro's life style and place in a society defined by the white man. The political and historical material available here provide an indispensable introduction to what W.E.B. Dubois prophetically called the problem of the twentieth century, the problem of the color line.” - from theback cover. George Parkin Grant (1918-1988) was a Canadian philosopher, te acher and political commentator, whose popular appeal peaked in the late 1960s and 1970s. He is best known for his nationalism, political conservatism, comments on technology, pacifism, Christian faith, and conservative viewsregarding abortion and is credited as one of Canada's most original thinke rs. Grant was a faculty member at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., twice (1947-1960, 1980-1988). Spine sunned, else very good. Signed with inscription from the author to George P. Grant. 30.00

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3 BUDGE, E.A. Wallis. George of Lydda, The Patron Saint of England : A Study of the Cultus of St.George in Ethiopia. Translations of the Ethiopic texts as found in the man uscripts from Makdala now in the British Museum and an Introduction by Sir E.A. Wallis Budge.
Luzac & Co., London , 1930, 
BUDGE, E.A. Wallis. George of Lydda, The Patron Saint of England : A Study of the Cultus of St. George in Ethiopia. Translations of the Ethiopic textsas found in the manuscripts from Makdala now in the British Museum and an Introduction by Sir E.A. Wallis Budge. With thirteen plates and five illustrations in the text. London : Luzac & Co., 1930. Pp (2),[i]-xviii,[1]-284,+13 plates. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine, and embossed gi lt decoration to front board. Luzac's Semitic Text & Translation Series, Vol. XX. Limited to 250 copies. Contents : The Introduction :— The Cult of St. George of Lydda - The Cult of St. George : Western Evidence - Greek Inscription at Shakka - Greek Inscription at Ezra - The Churches of St. George in Palestine - The Churches of St. George in Europe - Discovery of the Head of St. George – The Cult of St. George in England – St. George and the Crusaders - The Celestial Horsemen and the Maccabees - The Western` Versions ofthe Acta of St. George - St. George and the Dragon - St. George and Prince ss Alexandra - St. George and Al-Khidr – The Date of the Martyrdom of St. George. The Oriental Versions of the Martyrdom of St. George :— The Syriac Version - The Coptic Version - The Miracles of St. George in the Coptic Version - The Arabic Version – The Ethiopic Versions. Translations :— The Martyrdom of St. George by Pasicrates - The Encomium on St. George by Bishop Theodosius - The Miracles of St. George - The Encomium on St. George by Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra. Short tear to top spine, faint spotting to cloth, penned name, else very good. 350.00

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4 CARTER, Gwendolen M. Behind the Headlines Vol.2, No.6 Consider the Record : Canada and the League of Nations. Behind the Headlines Vol.2, No.6, May 1, 1942
Canadian Institute of International Affairs / Canadian Association for Adult Education, Toronto, 1942, 
CARTER, Gwendolen M. Consider the Record : Canada and the League of Nations. : Behind the Headlines Vol.2, No.6, May 1, 1942. Toronto : "Published Jointly by the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, 3 Willcocks St., Toronto and the Canadian Association for Adult Education, 198 College St., Toronto", 1942. Pp [1]-24. 8vo, stapled light green illustrated wraps. Gwendolen Margaret Carter (b. July 17, 1906, Hamilton, Ontario - d. February 20,1991, Orange City, Florida) was a noted political scientist, Africanist, a nd professor. Contents : Founding the League of Nations (The Position of a "Dominion"; The "Teeth" of the League: Articles 10 and 16); The Setting andCharacter of Post-War Policy; Canada's Reaction to General Security Plans, 1920-1930; Certain Explosive Issues of the Post-War Period (Raw Materials, Trade, and Immigration; Minorities); The Failure of Collective Security - 1931-36 (The First Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1931-33; Canada and Anglo-American Collaboration; Canada as a League Member; Implications of the League's Failure; The Italo-Ethiopian Conflict, 1935-36); The Lessons of the Past. Very goodi 30.00

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5 CLEMENTS, Rex Stately Southerner. 1st US no dj
Houghton Mifflin, Boston and N.Y., 1926, 
CLEMENTS, Rex. A Stately Southerner. With pen and ink sketches by A. Weston. Boston and N.Y.: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1926. First U.S. Edition. Printed in Great Britain. Pp (10),11- 191,(1),[i]-iii ("Opinions of the Press" on Clements' A Gipsy of the Horn), (1) Pagination includes the frontispieceand 5 other sketches by Weston. 8vo, blue cloth. Chapters : A Stately Sout herner - The First Watch, "The Ladies Gulf", "The Wide Ethiopian", The River of India, Valhalla, Lomitas, Landfall; "The Ports Desired": Umgeni River;The Island of Ascension; "Unto the Hills"; "Mac"; "Stand from Under"; The Wraith of the Pocahontas; The West Coast Clippers [i.e. trading on the westcoast of South America]; The Passing of Sail. A little light foxing to ear ly and late leaves, spine title faint, else vg, tight. 40.00

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6 DUCKWORTH, Fred. VAN DER HEIJDEN, Elise. Far From Ordinary Life : A Diary of Adventures in an Africa now Past. Hardcover in dustjacket.
Rowland War Publications, Johannesburg, 2004, ISBN:0958459037 
DUCKWORTH, Fred. A Far From Ordinary Life : A Diary of Adventures in an Africa now Past. Illustrated by Elise van der Heijden. Johannesburg: Rowland Ward Publications, (2004). First Printing. Pp. (3),iv-xii,1-244. Illustrated, largely in black and white (but occasionally in colour). Map endpapers. 4to, black leather with gilt lettering to spine. Foreword by Craig Boddington. "Fred Duckworth's unique story sweeps through thirty years, from his earliest youthful experiences of living and hunting in India during WWII to the last days of the Empire of the Lion of Judah in Ethiopia. We travel with him to the Terai jungles on the Indo-Nepalese border and the high Himalayasof the Northwest Frontier Province in the last years of the British Raj in pre-independence, pre-partition India. Returning to Kenya and Tanganyika, bent on a professional hunting career, Fred Duckworth's travels take us to Malawi. We join him, as the Provincial Game Warden of the southern region, on the hunts for the two notorious man-eating lions of Kasupe and Mandimba,when the hunters became the hunted. As the Wildlife & National Parks Advis er to the government of the last Emperor of Ethiopia, we are given an insight into the little known truths of Ethiopian wildlife conservation in that bewilderingly beautiful country and its often misunderstood, fractious, fiercely independent people. There is much more, of tiger and markhor, of elephant and killer crocodile, of good professional hunters and poor ones too. It is no exaggeration to say that Fred Duckworth has experienced a 'Far from Ordinary Life' in an Africa, which alas for many of us, is gone forever."- from the dustjacket. Very good in clean, crisp dustjacket. Due to the we ight of this book, extra charges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 95.00

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7 ELLERMAN, J.R. and T.C.S. MORRISON-SCOTT. Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition.
Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History, London, 1966, 1966 
ELLERMAN, J.R. and T.C.S. MORRISON-SCOTT. Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition. London : Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), July 1966. Pp (6),1-810,+ folding map frontispiece. Index. Thick 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering on maroon panel to spine.

"It is a commonplace that novelty exercises such an attraction that it frequently diverts to itself a measure of attention out of all proportion to the true value of the subject or object. In science the field of every new discovery forthwith becomes the focal point round which attention centres, to the detriment of other fields more important but less glamorous. The tide of geographical exploration in the nineteenth century with its accompanying flood of zoological novelties exercised precisely this effect with the result that, whereas the vertebrate faunas of the Ethiopian, Oriental, Nearctic, and even the Australian and Neotropical regions, have been more or less comprehensively listed in recent years, there have been few comparable works relating to the Palaearctic region where taxonomic zoology was born and cradled. The present work, whose geographical limits have been selected to link up with Chasen's (1940) list of Malayan mammals and Allen's (1939) similar list for the Ethiopian region, is an attempt to remedy this lack of balance in the field of systematic mammalogy.

The authors have succeeded in producing a list which is not merely one of the working tools that every systematist must make for his own use. It is, in fact, a critical revision, shorn of all detailed argument, based on the unrivalled collections of the Museum." - the Preface.

"The area covered by this work is the Palaearctic region and the Indian' and Indo-Chinese subdivisions of the Oriental region. Zoologists will be well aware of the difficulty in delimiting these zoogeographical areas. However, for the purposes of a list such as this, some arbitrary limit must be set. In Africa we have drawn the boundary along the parallel of 20° N. which, owing to the barrier of the Sahara, does correspond reasonably well with the facts. The boundary in Malaya has, however, been drawn in a purely arbitrary manner along the parallel of 10° N. This line has been chosen because it is the northern limit of the area covered by Chasen, 1940, Handlist of Malaysian Mammals.

The limits in point of time are from 1758 to 1946. That is to say, we have endeavoured to include all forms of recent mammals named from the tenth edition of Linnaeus up till the end of 1946, except that domestic animals, and wild mammals which have become extinct, have as a rule been omitted.

No one man can, of course, be a connoisseur of more than a small part of the class Mammalia. Nevertheless, in writing this work we have thought it worth while attempting a revision rather than making a mere nominal compilation. We have therefore re-examined all relevant monographs and revisions, in so far as they are known to us, together with the extensive study collections of the British Museum, and this checklist represents the results. Whether readers agree with our views or not, we hope that the presentation of such a survey within the covers of one book will prove useful.

There has been a considerable reduction in the number of named forms regarded as valid, though we have only proceeded with this "lumping" to the extent that the evidence before us justified it; there is probably much more to be done, and sub-species have been arranged in order of priority for the convenience of subsequent revisers.

'The term 'India' has been used throughout in its zoogeographical sense to include the modern India and Pakistan.

We have recognized 809 species of rmanmials in the Palaearctic and Indian regions as defined above." pp.1-2. With bibliography and a lengthy index.

Very good, tight and clean. NOTE: some extra shipping will likely be required for this hefty tome. 75.00

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8 GEIST, V., and F. WALTHER WALTHER, F. IUCN Publications new series, No. 24 Behaviour of Ungulates and its relation to management : The Papers of an International Symposium held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2-5 November 1971
International Union for Conservation of Naure and Natural Resources, Morges, Switzerland, 1974, 
GEIST, V., and F. WALTHER (eds.). The Behaviour of Ungulates and its relation to management : The Papers of an International Symposium held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2-5 November 1971. Morges, Switzerland: International Union for Conservation of Naure and Natural Resources, 197 4. Pp (10),11-511,(1); (7),512-940,(4). Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, bluecard covers, lettered in black. Contents : [Volume 1] General Introduction (by V- Geist and F. Walther). 1. Mother-infant relationships in ungulates (by Peter C. Lent). 2. Some reflections on expressive behaviour in combats and courtship of certain horned ungulates (by Fritz R. Walther). 3. Social functions of various scent glands in certain ungulates and the problems encountered in experimental studies of scent communication (by D. Muller-Schwarze). 4. Scent marking in captive Maxwell's duikers (by Katherine Ralls). 5. A comparison of the social behaviour of the Equidae (by H. Klingel). 6. Acomparison of behaviour in the Suidae (by H- Fradrich). 7. Social behaviou r of the collared peccary Dicotyles tajacu (by Lyle K. Sowls). 8. Social organization of the African Bovidae (by Richard D. Estes). 9. Observations onhome range and social organization of lesser kudu Tragelaphus imberbis (by W. Leuthold). 10. On the relationship of ecology and behaviour in the evol ution of ungulates theoretical considerations (by V.Geist). 11. The influence of foster rearing on adult social behavior in fallow deer Dama dama (by Barrie K. Gilbert). 12. Functional analysis of locomotion in pronghorn antelope (by Robert E. Bullock). 13. On the behaviour of Punjab urial Ovis orientalis punjabiensis (by George Schaller and Z.B.Mirza). 14. A comparison ofrutting behaviour and grouping in the Ethiopian and Alpine ibex (by B.Niev ergelt). 15. The social system of the white rhinoceros (by R. N. Owen-Smith). 16. On the bedding behaviour of pronghorn fawns (by Edson Fichter). 17. Courtship in the pronghorn Antilocapra americana (by Peter T. Bromley and David Kitchen). 18. Agonistic behaviour of territorial pronghorn bucks (by David Kitchen and Peter T. Bromley). 19. Sexual and aggressive behaviour of American bison Bison bison (by Dale F. Lott). 20. Rutting behaviour of Newfoundland caribou (by Arthur T. Bergerud). 21. Social organization in male groups of white-tailed deer (by Bennett A. Brown). 22. Marking behaviour andits social function in white-tailed deer (by W. Gerald Moore and L. Marchi nton). 23. Mating activity and the social significance of rams in a feral sheep?community (by Peter Grubb). 24. The social behavior of the vicuna (by William L. Franklin). 25. The social behaviour of Coke's hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus cokei (by L.M. Gosling). [Volume 2] Introduction (by V. Geist and F. Walther). 26. Behaviour, dynamics and management of elephant populations (by R. M. Laws). 27. Management of ungulate herds in relation to domestication (by L. M. Baskin). 28. The behaviour and ecology of camels in the Sahara, with special reference to nomadism and water management (by HildeGauthier-Pilters). 29. The role of the environment in the aggregation, mov ement and disturbance behaviour of caribou (by Arthur T. Bergerud). 30. Comparison of ungulate adaptations in the new world and the old world tropicalforests with special reference to Ceylon and the rainforests of Central Am erica (by John F. Eisenberg and George M. McKay). 31. Behavioural problems of some captive and domestic ungulates (by Marthe Kiley). 32. Remarks on the social structure and ecology of the Ceylon elephant in the Yala National Park (by F. Kurt). 33. Territoriality and population regulation in the Uganda Defassa waterbuck (by C. A. Spinage). 34. Four types of territoriality observed in a herd of black-tailed deer (by F.L.Miller). 35. The social organization of the roan antelope Hippotragus equinus and its influence on the spatial distribution of herds in the Kruger National Park (by C. J. Joubert). 36. The social organization of the East African buffalo (by A. R. E. Sinclair). 37. Aspects of the social organization of moose (by Douglas B. Houston). 38. Merino sheep: some factors affecting their distribution in very large paddocks (by J. J. Lynch). 39. Movement patterns and habitat utilization of ungulates in Ceylon (by George M. McKay and John F. Eisenberg). 40. The development of the populations of gazelles in Israel and their behavioural adaptations (by H. Mendelssohn). 41. Seasonal changes in the feeding behaviour of Barren-ground caribou on the taiga winter range (by D. R. Miller). 42. The question of polygamy at an unbalanced sex ratio in moose (by G. Markgren). 43. Food selection by Dall sheep Ovis dalli dalli (by M. E. G. Hoefs). 44. Dominance relationships as a possible regulating factor in roe deer and reindeer populations (by 0. Y. Espmark). 45. The relationship of caribou migration behaviour to pipeline construction (by A. W. F.Banfield). 46. Reaction of caribou to various types of simulated pipelines at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (by Kenneth N. Child). 47. Fraying behaviour and management of roe deer (by H. G. Cumming). 48. Ungulate behaviour and management, with special reference to husbandry of wild ungulates on South African ranches (by R. C. Bigalke). 49. Implications of social behaviour in the management of Uganda kob (by Helmut K. Buechner). 50. Impala behaviour and its relevance tomanagement (by P. J. Jarman and M. V. Jarman). 51. The development of a So uth African game ranch (by N. N. Deane and J. M. Feely). 52. Wildlife husbandry on a Rhodesian game ranch (by P. A. Johnstone). 53. Game ranching in Texas (by James G. Teer). 54. The management of large mammals in Natal, withspecial reference to utilisation for stocking or restocking purposes (by J ohn Vincent). 55. Behaviour and domestication of the musk ox (by Paul F. Wilkinson). 56. Management implications of behaviour in the large herbivorous?mammals (by I. McTaggart Cowan). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Spnes yellowed, penned name, else very good. The 2-volume set for 75.00

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9 Jamaica - Religion Religion in Jamaica.
Jamaica Information Service, 1972, 
(Jamaica – Religion). Religion in Jamaica. (Jamaica Information Service, Revised August, 1972). Pp (24) unpaginated. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated stapled wrappers. Facts on Jamaica Series No. 7. Contents : Religion inJamaica. Religion of the Airwaves. Christianity. The Church of England. Th e Non-Conformists. Hinduism. Moslem (Islam). Judaism. The Church and Education. Ecumenism in Jamaica. Innovations in Church Buildings. Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Stain to last 6 pages, else very good. 20.00

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10 MacKAY, R.A., and E.B. ROGERS DAFOE, J.W. Canada Looks Abroad.
Oxford University Press / Canadian Institute of International Affairs, London / Toronto / New York , 1938, 
MacKAY, R.A., and E.B. ROGERS. Canada Looks Abroad. With a Foreword by J.W.Dafoe. London / Toronto / New York : Oxford University Press, 1938. Issued under the auspices of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs. Fir st Edition. Pp [i]-xx,[1]-402,(2). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : Part I. - Domestic Bases. 1. The geographical background. 2. The Canadian economy. 3. Commercial policy. 4. The Canadian people. Part II. - The Development of External Relations and Policy. 5. Canada and the empire. 6. Canada and the League of Nations. 7. Canada and the United States. 8. Canada and other American neighbours. 9. Canada and the Far East. 10. Canada and the U.S.S.R. 11. Defence. Part III. - The Conduct of Canadian External Affairs. 12. The machinery and methods of diplomacy. 13. Parliamentary control of foreign policy. 14. The treaty power under the British North America Act. 15. The problem of neutrality. Part IV. - Alternative Policies. 16. Introduction. 17. Policy—past and present. 18. Non-intervention. 19. A British front policy. 20. A policy of collective security. AppendicesA. The covenant of the League, 1919-1923. B. Security and disarmament, 192 3-1932. C. Canada and the Sino-Japanese conflict, 1931-1932. D. Canada and the Italo-Ethiopian conflict, 1935-1936. E. Statements on foreign policy and defence, 1936-1937. Wear to spine ends and corners, rubbed, penned name, else very good. 35.00

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11 Military - Italy - Ethiopia] Documents Relating to the Italo-Ethiopian Conflict. pbk.
J.O. Patenaude, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, Ottawa, 1936, 
[Military - Italy - Ethiopia]. Documents Relating to the Italo-Ethiopian Conflict . Ottawa: J.O. Patenaude, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1936. Pp. (4),5-182,(2). 8vo, printed off-white card covers with blank spine. A collection of correspondences and political speeches/statements relating to Italy's incursions into eastern Africa prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. Small nick to head of spine, faint creasing to upper right corner, light browning to spine and top-edge, else vg. Scarce. 125.00

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12 MORELL, Virginia. Blue Nile : Ethiopia's River of Magic and Mystery.
National Geographic / Adventure Press, Washington, D.C., 2001, ISBN:0792279514 
MORELL, Virginia. Blue Nile : Ethiopia's River of Magic and Mystery. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic / Adventure Press, (2001). First Edition. Pp (8),[1]-324,(4),+ 16 pp. colour photographs. 8vo, blue cloth spine lettered in metallic red, off-white paper covered boards. "Sacred, mysterious, powerful, the Blue Nile has carved a deep channel through human history. From its source in the wild Ethiopian highlands, this river passes through some of the most untamed country on Earth as it rushes toward its desert rendezvous with the White Nile in Sudan. More than one adventurer has perished in the Blue Nile Corge, whose hazards range from raging rapids to menacing crocodiles to armed bandits. When National Geographic invited Virginia Morell to join its 1999 expedition -- which hoped to be the first to descend theriver in a single, uninterrupted trip from its source to the Sudan border -- she jumped at the chance to revisit Ethiopia, a land she'd come to love during a sojourn many years before. The only African country never colonized by Europeans, its history spans more than two millennia from King Menelik, said in legend to be the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, to Ras Tafari, better known to the West as Haile Selassie, who ruled until his overthrow in 1974. This is an insular culture, isolated by geography and tradition, where ferenjjoch visitors are greeted with curiosity and courtesy -- and sometimes suspicion, after three decades of military rule and a long war with Eritrea. Highlighted by Nevada Wier's evocative photographs, Morell's engrossing account introduces a world where tribesmen still hunt leopards with spears, and where villagers sometimes journey for days to catch a glimpse of foreigners and their marvelous boats. We linger at an impromptu concert and feast with people who have never seen a white face before, meet patriarchs whose Christianity stretches back to the Roman Empire, and face off with Kalashnikov-toting militiamen who may not be able to read the documents they demand. By the time we reach the border town of Bumbadi, we've been taken on an unforgettable journey through time -- and among a strong peoplewho've resisted the advances of the modern world." - from the dj. Very goo d to fine in unclipped dustjacket. 19.00

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13 Navy International] PRESTON, Antony LOCKIE, K.S. WETTERN, Desmond Navy International, March 1972, Vol. 77, No. 3.
Maritime World Ltd, Surrey, 1972, 
[Navy International]. Navy International, March 1972, Vol. 77, No. 3 [with the sub-heading "Soviet naval build-up"]. Editor: Geoffrey Wood. Surrey: Maritime World Ltd., 1972. Pp. (1),2-32. Illustrated in black and white (with18 photos and 5 line drawings to text). Double and triple column (intermit tently). 4to, illustrated stapled grey card covers. Cover photo: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker Olna refuelling GMD London and frigate Argonaut. Contents: Michael Chichester's column [on the 1971 Defence White Paper]; Antony Preston's "A Review of the Royal Navy During 1971"; Desmond Wettern's "The 'New' Navy: A Look at the Defence White Paper"; Edward Hughes's "Soviet Strategy in the Indian Ocean"; "Russian Naval Expansion: The Position as seen by the Chief of US Naval Operations [Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr.]"; "USN Launchings and Commissionings, 1971"; the Jaunty's "Whispers from Whitehall"; "Ethiopia's Naval Days: A Unique International Occasion"; "International Naval Roundup, 1971"; K.S. Lockie's "Vickers' 4-5in Mk8 Naval Gun Mount"; "Equipment News, Developments and Contracts"; "HMS Wilton: The World's Largest GRPVessel"; David Sanders's "Mercantile News"; Raymond V.B. Blackman's regula r column; "Navy Leage and Sea Cadet Corps". Faint vertical crease to front cover, previous owner's name inked to front, light shelf wear, else very good. For the issue. 15.00

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14 VEATCH, Richard Canada and the League of Nations
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1975, ISBN:0802053319 
VEATCH, Richard. Canada and the League of Nations . Toronto: the Universityof Toronto Press, (1975). First Printing. Pp. (8),[ix]-xi,(3),[3]-224. 8vo , tan cloth with green and blue lettering to front and spine. Contents: 1. Canada's Entry on the International Scene; 2. The Formulation of Policy: Cabinet Ministers and Civil Servants; 3. The Formulation of Policy: Parliament, Parties, and Pressure Groups; 4. The Main Themes of Canadian Policy at Geneva; 5. Article 10: An Attempt to Delete; 6. Article 10: An Attempt to Amend; 7. The Appeal of the "Six Nations"; 8. The Protection of Minorities; 9. The Manchurian Crisis; 10. Reappraising Canada's Collective Security Policy; 11. The Italo-Ethiopian War; 12. The Final Years of the League; 13. Postscript: An Evaluation of Canadian Policy. Vg. 50.00

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15 WELLS, James. STEWART, James Stewart of Lovedale : The Life of James Stewart, D.D., M.D., Hon. F.R.G.S. With forty-two illustrations and two maps
Hodder and Stoughton, London , 1908, 
WELLS, James. Stewart of Lovedale : The Life of James Stewart, D.D., M.D., Hon. F.R.G.S. With forty-two illustrations and two maps. London : Hodder and Stoughton, MCMVIII [1908]. Pp [i]xi,(1),[1]-419,(5), frontis + 36 leaves of plates and 2 folding maps. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Lovedale is situated about 650 miles north east of Cape Town, and about forty miles west of King William's Town. It derives its name form an eminent member of the Glasgow Missionary Society – Dr. Love. Contents : 1. The Making of the Missionary. 2. The University Student. 3. The Student of Divinity, 1855-1859. 4. The Probationer, 1860-1865. 5. The Germ of Livingstonia. 6. On the Way. 7. Further on the Way. 8. The Companion of Livingstone. 9. The Zambesian, 1862-1863. 10. The Student of Medicine. 11. Stewart of Lovedale, 1867-1874. 12. The Father of Blythswood, 1873-1880. 13. The Founder of Livingstonia, 1874-1875. 14. At Livingstonia, 1876-1877. 15. Livingstonia, Yesterday and To-Day. 16. The Essential Ethiopian. 17. The Missionary. 18. Preacher and Pastor. 19. The Educationalist. 20. The Agriculturalist. 21. The Captain of Industries. 22. The Medical Missionary. 23. The Pioneer of the East African Mission, 1891-1892. 24. The Champion of Missions. 25. The Apostle of Civilisation. 26. The Natives and the Europeans. 27. Ethiopianism.28. The Moderator, 1899 - 1900. 29. The Author. 30. The Converts. 31. Sout h African By-Products. 32. At Home. 33. Somgzada: The Man of Action. 34. The Optimist. 35. The Closing Years, 1899-1905. 36. The Man: His Outer Life. 37. The Man: His Inner Life. 38. Appreciations. 39. Lovedale To-Day. 40. The Central Native College. Slightly cocked, spine faded and spotted, cornersbumped, foxing to edges and endpapers, some pages creased, name, overall a good, solid copy. As is. 30.00

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16 WOLDEHANA, Felekech Metaferia Sparkle : A Woman's Determination To Break The Cycle : Memories of my Ethiopian Girlhood. Signed
Trafford (on-demand publishing)., Victoria, B.C., 2002, ISBN:1553696662 
WOLDEHANA, Felekech Metaferia. Sparkle : A Woman's Determination To Break The Cycle : Memories of my Ethiopian Girlhood. (Victoria, B.C.) : Trafford (on-demand publishing). (2002). Sixth Printing. Pp (8),1-319,(1). 8vo, illustrated card covers. Cover title : Sparkle : The Protegée of Emperor Haile Selassie : Memories of My Ethiopian Girlhood. “Felekech Metaferia Woldehana left Ethiopia, with her six children in a forced flight from civil war. Felekech and her children who ranged in age from a baby of 28 months to her eldest of 16 years fled their homeland with only the clothes they were wearing. They stayed in a refugee camp in Kenya for two years. Felekech and her family came to Canada in 1993 and now live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Today she has a very busy life: raising her children working at a long term care facility and studying social science and arts at Dalhousie university. Mrs.Woldehana wrote this autobiography in hopes of enlightening the world to t he struggles of women and children in Ethiopia. Sparkle is more than 'just'an autobiography of one woman's forced flight from civil war in Ethiopia. It is a testimony to the life of a remarkable woman whose faith and unfailing spirit have brought her through days of terror to a place where her dreams have come true.” - from the back cover. Rubbed, wrinkling to top edge oflast number of pages from paper clip (removed), else very good. Signed wit hout inscription by the author. 20.00

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