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1 Air Ministry) Air Publication 958 King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for the Royal Air Force, with Appendices and Index, 1942. Annual Report of the 1928 (and) Edition embodying Amendments promulgated in Amendment Lists Nos. 1-116
His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1942, 
(Air Ministry). The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for theRoyal Air Force, with Appendices and Index, 1942. Annual Report of the 192 8 (and) Edition embodying Amendments promulgated in Amendment Lists Nos. 1-116. Air Publication 958. London : His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1942. Pp (1),ii-xvi,1-1474. Index. 8vo, grey paper covered boards, blue cloth spine, lettered in black. Contents : 1. Introduction. 2. Organization of the R.A.F. 3. General Instruction for Officers. 4. Command, Relative Rank and Precedence. 5. Ceremonial. 6. Uniform. 7. Orders, Decorations, Medals and Other Distinctions. 8. Appointment, Confirmation, Posting, Attachment, Secondment and Promotion of Officers. 9. Training and Education Generally. 10. Airmen - Entry, Advancement, Reduction, Drafting, Engagements, Discharge and Transfer to the Reserve. 11. Regulations Relating to the Maintenance, Inspection and Testing of Aircraft. 12. Regulations Relating to Flying. 13. General Duties and Miscellaneous Provisions. 14. Movements of Air Forces. 15. Discipline. 16. Courts Martial. 17. Courts of Inquiry, Boards and Committees. 18. Leave of Absence and Passes. 19. Medical and Dental. 20. Messes. 21. Service Institutes. 22. Allotment and Occupation of Quarters. 23. Works Services and Precautions Against Fire. 24. Billeting, Hirings and Lands. 25. Mechanical Transport and Marine Craft. 26. Civil Aviation. 27. Music Services.28. Deleted. 29. Airmen's Documents and Records. 30. Correspondence, Publi cations, Records, Maps, Stationery. 31. R.A.F. Equipment and the Conveyanceof Material. 32. Clothing, Clothing Allowance, Kit Allowance, Accoutrement s, Arms, Kits and Effects. 33. Compensation for Losses. 34. Rations, RationAllowances, Fuel and Light. 35. Accounting for Financial Services. 36. Del eted. 37. Travelling, Passages and Conveyance of Furniture and Baggage. 38.Allowances. 39. Full Pay, Deductions and Stoppages. 40. Half-Pay. 41. Cond itions of Retirement, Resignation and Transfer to the Reserve; Retired Pay,Disability Retired Pay, and Gratuities - Officers. 42. Pensions and Gratui ties for Service and Disability - Airmen. 43. Pensions and Gratuities to Widows and Allowances to Children and Dependent Relatives of Officers and Airmen. 44. Half-Pay, Retired Pay, Pensions and Non-effective Gratuities - Payment of. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Covers worn and smudged, penned name, hinges a bit shaky, else very good. 85.00

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2 ALEXANDER, Caroline Bounty : The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. in dj.
Viking, New York, 2003, ISBN:067003133X 
ALEXANDER, Caroline. The Bounty : The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. (New York) : Viking, (2003). First Printing. Pp (18),1-491,(3),+ 40 pp plates. Index. 8vo, green paper covered spine, light green paper covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. "Just before sunrise on the morning of April 28, 1789, in the far reaches of the South Pacific. Master’s Mate Fletcher Christian and three other men, armed with cutlasses, bayonets and a musket, apprehended Lieutenant William Bligh and placed him and eighteen officers and crewmen in a small boat. This mutiny on board His Majesty’s armed transport Bounty impelled every man on a fateful course - Bligh and his loyalistson a historic boat voyage. Christian and his followers on their restless e xile. Bligh himself returned to Britain as a hero, but that was not his final destiny. Ten of the Bounty’s crew were eventually captured in Tahiti andbrought back to England in irons to face their day in court and it was in the dynamics and politics of their court-martial and its aftermath that thestory we know - or think we know - as the mutiny on the Bounty was shaped. [...] The facts of the mutiny itself are told in Admiralty records, but fo r the truth behind the story Alexander has ranged further, gleaning detailsfrom the wills, diaries and correspondence of figures not obviously connec ted to the events, from obscure news items and from the biographies and family pedigrees of seemingly minor players. She casts a radical new light on the events, on Bligh’s character and on a welter of family connections and special interests that play crucial roles at different moments in the story. Using contemporary accounts, and particularly the mutineers’ own testimony, she allows the men themselves to conjure the events and transport the reader back to the deck of the Bounty, to exotic islands in the South Pacificand to the back rooms of British naval power. Only when we look at the who le story, from before the Bounty left England until well after the death ofthe last participant, do we understand what happened and why." - from the dj. Name, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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3 BARNES, Deward CANE, Bruce It Made You Think of Home: The Haunting Journal of Deward Barnes, Canadian Expeditionary Force : 1916-1919. First Edition in dustjacket.
Dundurn Group, Toronto, 1919, ISBN:1550025120 
CANE, Bruce. It Made You Think of Home: The Haunting Journal of Deward Barnes, Canadian Expeditionary Force : 1916-1919. Toronto : The Dundurn Group, (2004). First Printing. Pp (8),[9]-318,(2). With several b&w photos and sketches in the text. 8vo, blue paper-covered boards, silver lettering to spine. Tennyson, The Canadian Experience of the Great War : A Guide to Memoirs 189. Deward Barnes ( b. September 2, 1888, Toronto, Ontario - d. 1967), Corporal D. Barnes No.862690. "This is the voice of Deward Barnes, a Canadian soldier who fought in the major battles of WWI. This is his story, written as the events of the Freat War were unfolding. Illustrated with Deward's sketches and comtemporary photos, It Made You Think of Home takes us into themind of this ordinary Canadian soldier, trapped in a world in which he had to pay a terrible price to survive. [...] In 1917 Deward was assigned to t he firing squad that was to take the life of Harold Lodge, who had been covicted of desertion by a court martial. Lodge was one of 23 Canadians executed during the war by their own brothers in arms. It was an experience that changed Deward forever." - from the dj. Contents: Introduction; 1. The Leiderkranz Club to Camp Borden, February 26 to July 1, 1916; 2. Overseas, July2, 1916 to April 6, 1917; 3. To the Front Lines, April 7 to May 6, 1917; 4 . Baptism of Fire, May 7 to August 14. 1917; 5. Hill 70 to Passchendaele, August 15 to November 5, 1917; 6. Execution, November 6, 1917 to March 30, 1918; 7. Operation Michael and the Spring Offensive, March 31 to June 13, 1918; 8. Preparing for Open Warfare, June 14 to August 7, 1918; 9. Amiens andArras, August 8 to August 23, 1918; 10. On Leave, August 24 to October 8, 1918;; 11. The Armistice, October 9, 1918 to February 10, 1919. With appendix, endnotes and bibliography. Very good in dustjacket. 25.00

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4 BENBOW, John Wooden Ships and Iron Men : Being a True Tale of That Doughty Warrior of The Spanish Main, Mariner, And Gentleman, Admiral John Benbow, R.N., Whose Illustrious Name Was Affixed To The Inn In Treasure Island. First Edition
Greenwich Book Publishers, New York, 1957, 
(BENBOW, Admiral John). Wooden Ships and Iron Men : Being A True Tale Of That Doughty Warrior Of The Spanish Main, Mariner, And Gentleman, Admiral John Benbow, R.N., Whose Illustrious Name Was Affixed To The Inn In Treasure Island. As Recounted by Dr. Edgar Benbow. New York : Greenwich Book Publishers, 1957. First Edition. Pp (8),9-31,(1). 8vo, grey cloth, brown lettering to spine. A brief book with the following sectons : 1. Boyhood Days; 2. Salt Provisions; 3. The First Explosive Missle; 4. The Words of an English Officer; 5. Mutiny; 6. The Court-Martial; 7. He Comes to His Death, But Not His End; 8. The Objective of the Mutiny; 9. Retrospective. A few spots to cloth, else very good. 20.00

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5 BENBOW, John Wooden Ships and Iron Men : Being A True Tale of That Doughty Warrior of the Spanish Main, Mariner, And Gentleman, Admiral John Benbow, R.N., Whose Illustrious Name Was Affixed to the Inn tn Treasure Island. First Edition industjacket
Greenwich Book Publishers, New York, 1957, 
(BENBOW, Admiral John). Wooden Ships and Iron Men : Being A True Tale of That Doughty Warrior of the Spanish Main, Mariner, and Gentleman, Admiral John Benbow, R.N., Whose Illustrious Name Was Affixed to the Inn tn Treasure Island. As Recounted by Dr. Edgar Benbow. New York : Greenwich Book Publishers, 1957. First Edition. Pp (8),9-31,(1). 8vo, grey cloth, brown lettering to spine. A brief book with the following sectons : 1. Boyhood Days; 2. Salt Provisions; 3. The First Explosive Missle; 4. The Words of an English Officer; 5. Mutiny; 6. The Court-Martial; 7. He Comes to His Death, But Not His End; 8. The Objective of the Mutiny; 9. Retrospective. Very good in slightly chipped dustjacket. 25.00

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6 Black Belt Magazine and Karate Illustrated SMYSER, Steven W. 20th Century Warriors: Prominent Men in the Oriental Fighting Arts. From the Pages of Black Belt Magazine and Karate Illustrated.
Ohara Publications , Los Angeles, 1975, 
Black Belt Magazine and Karate Illustrated. 20th Century Warriors: Prominent Men in the Oriental Fighting Arts. From the Pages of Black Belt Magazine and Karate Illustrated. Illustrations by Geraldine Simon. Los Angeles, California : Ohara Publications, Incorporated, (1975). Second Printing. Pp (4),5-254,(2). 8vo, orange & black cardcovers, black spine. The authors, where credited, in alphabetical order : Andy Adams, June Angerstein, George Asawa, Robert W. Bassman, David Cox, William C.C. Hu, Don Lucas, John T. McGee, William S. Morris, Sonny Palabrica, William E. Slove, George Stromeyer, KeiTsumura, and Dennis W. Waite. The warriors, in alphabetical order : Aaron Banks, Mel Bruno, Henry Cho, Fumio Demura, Leo Fong, Gichin Funakoshi, BongSoo Han, Jack Hwang, Dan Inosanto, Dan Ivan, Jigoro Kano, Ki Whang Kim, Ri chard Kim, Takayuki Kubota, Bruce Lee (pp.140-150, from Black Belt, October-November, 1967), Cheng Man-ch'ing, Kyuzo Mifune, Hidetaka Nishiyama, Shigeru Numano, Tsutomu Ohshima, Henry Okazaki, Yoshiteru Otani, Hironori Otsuka, Mas Oyama, Edmund Parker, Jhoon Rhee, Jae Chul Shin, Kyung Shin, Hohan Soken, Koichi Tohei, Masami Tsuruoka, Morihei Uyeshiba, Ark-Yuey Wong, Gogen Yamaguchi, Gosei Yamaguchi, and Gonnohyoe Yamamoto . Light crease to spine,small stain to top edge, penned astersik on p.97, else very good. 60.00

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7 BLIGH, William ALLEN, Kenneth S. That Bounty Bastard : The True Story of Captain William Bligh
Robert Hale , London , 1976, ISBN:0709153465 
(BLIGH, William). ALLEN, Kenneth S. “That Bounty Bastard” : The True Story of Captain William Bligh. London : Robert Hale & Company, (1976). First Edition. Pp [1]-224,+ 12 pp plates. Index. 8vo, orange cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : 1. Expedition to the South Seas. 2. Arrival at Otaheite. 3. The Death of Cook. 4. The Battle of the Dogger Bank. 5. The Rock underSiege. 6. Off Cape Horn. 7. Return to Tahiti. 8. Mutiny! 9. The Incredible Journey. 10. Court-Martial. 11. A Sad Return to the Islands. 12. Mutiny at Spithead. 13. Mutiny at the Nore. 14. Camperdown. 15. England Rejoices. 16 . Prelude to Battle. 17. Copenhagen. 18. The Constant Blockade. 19. The Governor. Very good in spine-sunned, unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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8 BLIGH, William KENNEDY, Gavin Captain Bligh : the man and his mutinies.
Duckworth, London , 1989, ISBN:0715622315 
(BLIGH, William). KENNEDY, Gavin. Captain Bligh : the man and his mutinies.London : Duckworth, (1989). First Edition. Pp [i]-xiii,(1),1-321,(1),+ 8 p p plates. Endpaper Maps. Index. 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt lettering to spine.Contents : 1. A Young Gentleman. 2. The Death of Captain Cook. 3. A Great Goodness. 4. The King's Bounty. 5. The First Setbacks. 6. The First Rumblesof Discontent. 7. Fryer's Refusal of Duty. 8. The Drunken Sot. 9. Landfall at Tahiti. 10. Troubles Ashore and Afloat. 11. Desertion, Dissent and Depa rture. 12. Passage to Mutiny. 13. Fletcher Christian. 14. Bligh's First Mutiny. 15. 'I am in hell'. 16. Huzza for Otaheite!. 17. Christian in Command.18. The Death of Fletcher Christian. 19. The Long Arm of the Navy. 20. The Court Martial. 21. Tofoa's Silent Horror. 22. Voyage of the Open Boat. 23. Landfall at Coupang. 24. A Near Mutiny at Sourabaya. 25. Batavia and Home. 26. A Brittle Triumph. 27. Squalls on the Second Breadfruit Voyage. 28. A Hollow Triumph. 29. Out of Favour and Under Attack. 30. The Defiance Mutiny. 31. Bligh's Second Mutiny. 32. Battle of Camperdown. 33. Battle of Copenhagen. 34. The Warrior Court Martial. 35. New South Wales. 36. Bligh's ThirdMutiny. 37. Interregnum. 38. Journey's End. Very good in price-clipped dus tjacket. With “Distributed by Sheridan House” sticker covering publisher's info on title page. 20.00

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9 BOWERBANK, Andrew W. Spirit of Karate-Do : Teachings of Masami Tsuruoka.
Morris Marketing and Media Services, Toronto , 1997, ISBN:096825280X 
BOWERBANK, Andrew W. The Spirit of Karate-Do : Teachings of Masami Tsuruoka. Toronto : Morris Marketing and Media Services, (1997). First Edition. Pp [1]-164,(2). Illustrated. Large 8vo, illustrated black card covers, French flaps. Very good. Signed “M Tsuruoka” on last blank. Uncommon. 60.00

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10 BRIGHTON, J.G. Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Provo W. P. Wallis ; A Memoir. First Edition.
Hutchinson & Co,, London, 1892, 
BRIGHTON, J.G., m.d. Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Provo W. P. Wallis ; A Memoir. With Numerous Illustrations, Charts, &c. London : Hutchinson & Co., 1892. First Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-xiv,(2),[3]-299,(3) + portrait frontispiece. The 13 plates (two of which are charts) are included in the pagination. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt device to front board, gilt lettering to spine, t.e.g. Catalogue of the Library of the National Maritime Museum, Vol 2. Biography 1412; Perrin, Admiralty Library : Subject Catalogue of Printed Books : Part I : Historical Section, p.57; Myron Smith, The American Navy, 1789-1860 : ABibliography 611, Fredriksen, Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights : A Bibliogra phy of the War of 1812. I:268. Curiously not in Dwight Smith's The War of 1812: An Annotated Bibliography. Provo William Parry Wallis. See DCB Volume XII; Marble Nova Scotians at Home and Abroad : Biographical sketches of over six hundred native born Nova Scotians. p.398. Admiral of the fleet and centenarian, only son of Provo Featherstone Wallis, chief clerk to the naval commissioner at Halifax, Nova Scotia, was born at Halifax on April 12, 1791. 1. Birth, Parentage, and Early Days. : Fictitious services — Joins Cleopatra and commences active service — Is present at engagement between Cleopatra and Ville de Milan, and taken prisoner — His account of the action — Is transferred to Cambrian, then nominated acting lieutenant of the Triumph, and served under " Nelson's Hardy "—Joins the Bellona — Is appointed lieutenant, joins the Curieux, and is wrecked in her — Serves in the Gloire, and assists in destruction of French frigates Loire and Seine, and batteries of Ans-la-Barque — Is transferred to the Observateur, thence to the Driver, and subsequently appointed to the Emulous; $ 2. The Shannon and some of her Exploits. Wallis joins her at Bermuda— Description of Bermudese Islands — Officers of the /S^o««o»— Capture of American schooner Susan and Emeline— Declaration of war between the United States and Great Britain— Capture of U.S. brig Nautilus — Destruction of American merchantmen— Incident attending the burning of one of these vessels— Chase of the U.S. frigate Constittition— Capture of the Guerriere by the Constitution ; 3. Nova Scotia — Further Exploits of the Shannon. Description of Nova Scotia — Chase of the U.S. frigate Essex — Capture and destruction of the Minerva merchant ship — Saving of crew of the wrecked Barbadoes — Capture of American privateer Thorn — Struck by lghtning — Capture of l'Invincible — Character of Captain Broke, commander of the Shannon — His preparations for action; 4. The Blockade of Boston, and Capture of the U.S. Frigate Chesapeake. Captain Broke's challenge— An account of the battle — Extract from American report of court-martial — Anecdotes of the action — Effect of the victory — Remarks of Mr. Rush [R ichard Rush, 1780-1859, who later desired the post of Secretary of the Navy], United States Minister; 5. The Voyage to Halifax and Reception There. Death of Captain Lawrence, of the Chesapeake — Attempted rising of American prisoners — Wallis's account of the voyage — Critical state of Captain Broke— Judge Haliburton's account of arrival at Halifax — Washington Irving's t ribute to the British on the burial of Captain Lawrence; 6. At Halifax. Theofficial report of the action of the Shannon and Chesapeake — Incidents co nnected therewith — Wallis's explanations of inaccuracies in the report — His promotion — He is presented with a sword by Captain Broke — Certificate of Captain Broke of Wallis's services — Letters from Lady Broke to her husband — Return to England; 7. Fates of the Shannon and Chesapeake; 8. Wallis's Further Services and Appointments. Is advanced to post rank, and appointed to the Niemen — Commands first experimental squadron — Is entertained at Boston — Letter from Captain Broke — Death of Captain Broke— Commands Warspite, and witnesses attack on Tangier and destruction of Mogador by the French — Is also present during Civil War on coast of Syria— Is appointed aide-de- camp to the Queen, afterwards to flag rank — Sails in Cumberland, and is Commander-in-Chief on South-east coast of America — Is promoted to vice-admiral, and returns to England — Later honours; 9. Family Circle; 10. Correspondence; 11. At Funtington. Description of Sir Provo's residence, Funtington House — Letters from Admiral G. H. Preble, U.S. Navy — Congratulations on anniversaries of capture of Chesapeake and Sir Provo's birthday — He attains the 100th year of his age — Messages from the Queen and other members of the Royal Family; 12. Recollections of Worcestershire; 13. A Review; 14.Last Days at Funtington. The Admiral's Death; Addendum : The Interment; Po stscript. Newly rebacked, wth repairs, so now very good in stout original cloth with bright gilt. 450.00

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11 BRINTON, Jasper Yeates Mixed Courts of Egypt. Revised Edition in dustjacket.
Yale University Press, New Haven, 1968, 
BRINTON, Jasper Yeates. The Mixed Courts of Egypt. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1968. Revised Edition. Pp. (6),vii-xiv,(2),1-305,(1). 8vo, brown cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "The Mixed Courts of Egypt have been characterized as 'next to the Church the most successful international institution in history'. For almost 75 years, fifteen nations contributed in perfect harmony to the maintenance of this great judicial machine, which playeda crucial role in Egyptian life through its jurisdiction over the legal re lations between foreigners of different nationalities. In the first editionof this book, published in 1930, Judge Brinton presented a detailed histor y of the origins, development, and functioning of the Courts during their first 50 years. In this new edition, he completes the story, covering the important events of the last years of the Courts, as independent Egypt took full charge of its own legal system in 1949." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Origin of the Mixed Courts; 2. The Diplomatic Battle; 3. The First Fifty Years; 4. The Mixed Courts and Martial Law; 5. The Judicial Family; 6. The Jurisdiction of the Mixed Courts; 7. Organization and Judicial Methods;8. The Law of the Mixed Courts; 9. Procedure; 10. Proving the Case; 11. Cr iminal Jurisdiction; 12. The Government Before the Courts; 13. The Administrative Machine; 14 The Bar and Legal Education; 15. The Mixed Courts and Other Judicial Institutions; 16. Lawmaking for Foreigners and the LegislativeFunctions of the Mixed Courts; 17. Reforming the Reform; 18. Montreux; 19. The Transition Period; 20. The Closing of the Mixed Courts. With appendice s and index. Remainder mark to bottom edge, else very good in price-clippeddustjacket (with name inked to the front flap of the jacket). 30.00

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12 BROUTIN, Paul Bibliotheque de Theologie, Serie II, Theologie Morale, Vol II La Reforme Pastorale en France au XVIIe Siecle : Recherches sur la Tradition Pastorale apres le Concile de Trente
Desclee & Co., Paris and Tournai, 1956, 
BROUTIN, Paul. La Réforme Pastorale en France au XVIIe Siècle : Recherches sur la Tradition Pastorale après le Concile de Trente. IN TWO VOLUMES. Paris et Tournai, Desclée et Cie, Éditeurs, (1956). I: Pp. (6),[v]-372; II: Pp.(6),[3]-567,(1). 8vo, printed grey paper wraps with black titles to front and spine. Bibliothèque de Théologie, Série II:Théologie Morale, Vol II. Sous la direction de Ph. Delhaye, J.-C. Didier, [et] P. Anciaux. Text in French. Contents: Volume I: Ire Partie: Les Hommes: Évêqus-réformateurs à l'Oeuvre dans Leurs Diocèses: 1. François de la Rochefoucauld, évêque de Clermont (1585-1610) et de Senlis (1610-1622); 2. Alain de Solminihac, évêque de Cahors (1636-1654); 3. Saint François de Sales, évêque de Genève-Annecy (1602-1622); 4. François d'Escoubleau de Sourdis, archevêque de Bordeaux (1600-1628); 5. Sébastien Zamet, évêque de Langres (1615-1654); 6. Armand du Plessis de Richelieu, évêque de Luçon (1608-1624); Henri de Sponde, évêque de Pamiers (1628-1634); 7. Barthélmey de Donadieu de Griet, évêque de Comminges(1626-1637); 8. Jean-Baptiste Gault, évêque de Marseille (1643); 9. Étienn e de Vilazel, évêque de Saint-Brieuc (1637-1677); 10. Nicolas Pavillon, évêque d'Alet (1637-1677); 11. Félix Vialart de Herse, évêque de Châlons-sur-Marne (1642-1680); 12. Étienne le Camus, évêque de Grenbole (1671-1707); 13.François de la Fayette, évêque de Limoges (1627-1676); 14. Claude Joly, év êque d'Agen (1665-1678); 15. Gabriel de Roquette, évêque d'Autun (1667-1707); 16. Antoine-Pierre 1er de Grammot, archevêque de Besançon (1663-1698); 17. Jean d'Aranthon d'Alex, évêque de Genève-Annecy (1661-1695); 18. Louis de Lascaris d'Urfé, évêue de Limoges (1676-1695). Volume II: IIe Partie: LesInstitutions Rénovatrices d'un Clergé Pastoral: 1. L'Assemblée de Melun (1 579) -- Le Concile d'Aux-en-Provence (1585); 2. Le Concile de Bourges de 1584; 3. Le Concile de Bordeaux de 1624; 4. La Réforme de Chancelade; 5. La Réforme de Sainte-Geneviève; 6. La Réforme du Chapitre Cathédral de Pamiers;7. M. Bourdoise à Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet; 8. Bernard Bardon de Brun e t les Prêtres de Saint-Martial; 9. César de Bus et les Pères de la DoctrineChrétienne; 10. Pierre Crestey et le Presbytère de Barenton; 11. Jacques C rétenet et les Joséphistes de Lyon; 12. M. Bourdoise et le Séminaire Paroissal; 13. Charles Godefroy et 'Le Collège des Saints Exercises'; 14. M. Vincent et les Retraites des Ordinands; 15. M. Vincent et le Séminaire des Bons-enfants; 16. Jean de Fonteneil et la Congrégation des Prêtres du Clergé; 17. M. Olier et le Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice; 18. Christophe d'Authier de Sisgaud et les Prêtres du Saint-Sacrement; 19. Saint Jean Eudes et les Prêtres de la Congrégation de Jésus et de Marie; 20. Antoine-Pierre Ier de Grammont et le Séminaire de Besançon. Partie IIIe: Les Idées et les Livres: 1. 'Stimulus Pastorum'; 2. 'Episcopalis Sollictudinis Enchiridion'; 3. Le Pastoral de Saint Charles; 4. 'Le Pastoral de Limoges'; 5. 'Les Instructions auxConfesseurs'; 6. 'Les Instructions du Rituel d'Alet'; 7. Pierre de Bérulle et l'École Française; 8. 'Instructions Ecclésiastiques'; 9. Antoine Godeau , Évêque de Grasse et de Vence; 10. Monsieur Vincent et l'Épiscopat. Light browning and faint creasing to spine, ex-library (with stamps only; no signof spine numbers or pouches), a few instances of underlining and marginali a, else very good. For the set. 60.00

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13 BRUCE, Peter Henry. Russia Through European Eyes, No. 9. Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, Esq., A Military Officer in the services of Prussia, Russia, & Great Britain, containing An Account of his Travels in Germany, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, The West Indies, &. as also Several Very Interesting Private Anecdotes of
Da Capo Press, New York, 1970, 
BRUCE, Peter Henry. Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, Esq., A Military Officer in the services of Prussia, Russia, & Great Britain, containing An Account of his Travels in Germany, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, The West Indies, &. as also Several Very Interesting Private Anecdotes of The Czar, Peter I, of Russia. New York : Da Capo Press, 1970. New Impression. Pp (6),[iiii]-xv,(1),[1]-527,(1). 8vo, red cloth, gilt vignette to front board, gilt lettering and black panel to spine. Russia Through European Eyes, No. 9. First published 1782, second edition 1783 (Dublin), this reprint being a facsimile of the second edition. Tear to penultimate page, else very good. 80.00 Contents : Book 1 The author's descent. - His grandfather's going into the Prussian service. - John Bruce's marriage and descendants, and the author's birth, etc. - His entering into the Prussian service. - Lines on the battle of Ramillies. - A remarkable story of the author's landlady. - His first campaign.- His second campaign. - Defeat of the French. - Siege of Lisle. - A remar kable accident to prince Eugene. - Captain Dubois. - A sad accident to the enemy's cavalry. - Bon mot of the duke of Marlborough. - Siege of Ghent. - Third campaign. - Siege of Tournay. - Battle of Malplaquet. - Story of a Swiss recruit. - Siege of Mons. - Fourth campaign. - Siege of Doway. - Siege of Bethune. - A sad misfortune to six Scotch officers. - Sieges of Aire andSt. Venant. - Terrible story of the Jesuits at Tournay. Book 2 He goes int o the Russian service, a captain. - Overtakes general Bruce at Pruss-Holland. - A curious story of a man at Elbing. - They arrive at Jaweross, where the Czar is privately married. - General Bruce's rank and honours. - Accountof the Russian army. - Their numbers and cloathing. - Expedition against t he Turks. - Council of war at the Neister. Prince Constanure joins them without any troops. - A swarm of locusts. - The Turks appear. - The Russians form on the river Pruth. - Engage the Turks three days. - The czarina saves the whole army and prince Canamire. - The king of Sweden upbraids the grandvizier. - The Russians return. - Colonel Pitt's lady and daughter carried off by the Tartars. - The grand seignior approves the treaty. - Captain Bruce sent express to Constantinople. - Description of that city. - Its mosques. - Accommodations for strangers. - Strength. - The seraglio. - Scutari, afine view. - The port and harbour. - Suburbs. - Arsenal. - Air and climate . - The Turks contrasted. - Domestic Accommodations. - Internal government of the country. - Religion. - Worship. - The plague. - Their games. - Diet.- Rest. - Exercise of their youth. - Dress of their ladies. - Ointment of Pilo. - Their predominint interest. - Matrimonial privilege. - Concubine marriage. - Policy of their religion. - Severities on the amorous stranger. -Their laws of debt. - In criminal cases. - Their punishments. - The channe l of the captain's information. - New difficulties to the Treaty at the Pruth. - Change of ministry. - A fresh treaty. - Fresh interruption to the peace. - Against which the czar remonstrates. - Ministry again changed. - The Russian ambassador, etc. sent to the Seven Towers. - Mighty preparations for war, which end against the king of Sweden at Bender. - Reflexions. Book 3Marriage of the czarowitz. - The czar's celebration of his old wedding. - General Baur's discovery of himself to his friends and brother officers. - The empress Catherine's descent and rise. - Prince Menzikof's rise, and theczar's narrow escape from poison. - Expedition against the Swedes. - Descr iption of the city of Moscow. - An ambassador from Persia; a great fire in Moscow. - A young physician burnt by the clergy, who are therefore deprivedof the power of life and death, and holidays and convents abridged. - Mann ers of the gentry. - Description of the women. - Entertainments of the common people. - Marriage. - The princess Natalia's humorous fancy in the marriage of the dwarfs. - Three women punished for drowning their husbands. - The punishment of the knout. - The czar's birth and marriage. - A virtuous young lady. - Muscovite robberies and murders. - The czar's danger by them. -Remarkable murder of Swedish officers by Jews. - Suppression of the Robber s. - Seat of empire changed from Moscow to Petersburgh. - A description of the czarowitz's person and manners. - Ridiculous custom in burying. - Theirimages. - Their baths. - Manner of travelling. - Religious fasis. Book 4 C ity of Novogorod. - The Sterlit fib. - Marshal Zeremetof's military mistakes. - The readiest method to get out of the Russian service. - The city of Petersburgh. - The czar's usual table. - His entertainments. - His present of boats to different ranks, and its good design. - An ambassador from Usbeck Tartary. - A naval excursion for his entertainment. - Cronstadt and Cronelet. - Oramanbaum, Petersboff, and Catharinhoff. - The grand dutchess born,and the prince's behaviour on the occasion. - His disrespect to the czar. - Naval expedition, in which the czar was rear admiral. - His gallant action with Ehrenshield. - He takes Aland. - His triumphal entry at Petersburgh.- Promoted to vice-admiral. - He complimnts Ehrenshield's bravery. - His s peech to the senate. - His resentment of the czarowitz's disrespect. - He institutes frequent social assemblies and a royal academy. - Court-martial on Admiral Kruys. - The order of St. Catherine. - Confusions in the revenue,and the consequent distress. - Many delinquents punished. - Fiscals appoin ted. - The czar's public entertainments. - Mr Slitter's perpetuum mobile. -The old Findlander. - Hard frost at Petersburgh. - Experiements on bears. - Method of killing them. Book 5 Descent upon Sweden. - Birth of the emperor's grandson Peter, and death of the princess, his mother. - The birth of Peter Petrowitz, son to the emperor. - A carnaval. - The czar's double eagle. - The czar's attention to improve his capital and country. - His militaryrewards and punisbents. - Thirty tall grenadiers for the king of Prussia. - A horrid murder at Riga. - Contributions on Dantzig. - His scheme in taking Weismar. - Conference with the king of Denmark and arrival at Copenhagen. - The combined fleets. - The Danes alarmed. - Resufe subsistence to the troops. - A conference with the king of Denmark in his capital, with its consequences. - The story of leutenant general Bohn. - Oppressive scheme of the Duke of Mecklenburg. - The distress of his people. - The czarowitz dissapears. - The captain refused leave to quit the Russian service. - The czar'sreturn from Paris. - The return of his army to Petersburgh. - Desorders in his absence redressed. - Attempt to discover a north passage to India. - T he fatal expedition of prince Beckwitz. - A new regulation at Petersburgh, and a silk manufactory at Moscow. Book 6 Return of the czarowitz from Moscow, and his esclusion from the succession. - His accomplices. - The prince, Mary concerned in it. - The trials of the czarowitz at Petersburgh. - His death and character. - The Swedish field-marshall Rheinshield's return home.- Negotiation at Aland, for peace with Sweden, renewed. - King of Sweden's death. - The death of baron Gortz. - The fiscal's information against the grandees for misdemeanours, and their trial. - Prince Gagaren's unaccountable behaviour. - More of the czarowitz's confererates. - Death of prince Peter Oetrowitz. - Prince Peter Alexowitz made a seargeant, taught his exercise, and made ensign. - Negotiations for peace renewed, but fruitless. - The czar resolves to command it. - Memorable descent on Sweden. - The British fleet come too late. - The czar disgusted with Britain. - The Jesuits banished. - The czar seized with a fit at Revil. - General Weyde's illness, and the czar's concern for him. - Affairs of Sweden. - Marshal Weyde's death. - Ill treatment of his family. - His funeral. - The czar reproves Menzikoff. - Captain Bruce's inffectual attempt to quit the Russian service. - The newking of Sweden notifies his accession. - A second invasion. - The Swedes a ttack our fleet with loss. - The czar receives the duke of Holstein into his protection. - Court martial on lieutenant colonel Graves. A curious lawsuit between two brothers at Reval. - Fresh preparations against Sweden. - Proposals on their part, for a cessation of hostilities, rejected. - A third descent on Sweden, which obliged them to sign the preliminaries, and a child remarkdly preserves. - The fleet arrive at Petersburgh. - The czar honoured by his senate with the title of Peter the Great, &c. - A wise reformation in the benefits of the law. - The captain again refused leave to quit. - Triumphal entry into Moscow. - A proclamation and oath regarding the succession. Book 7 The reason for the Persian expedition. - Embark on the river Moscow. - Nismi Novogorod. - Embark on the gallies. - The Ceremiss Tartars. - Casan Tartars. - Manner of fishing in the Wolga. - Kinds of Fish. - Alabaster quarry. - Bulgarian Tartars, and the Maiden-Hill. - Kalmuch Tartars. -Astrachan. - Nagayan Tartars. - Short account of the Tartars in general. - The Nagayan Tartars manner of life. - Desarts near Astrachan rich with sal t. - Fruits at Astrachan. - The Banyan woman's burning herself at her husband's death. - The inhabitants of India. The Banyans. Book 8 Army embark at Astrachan, 18th of July. - Variety of wild fowl on the little islands. - Terki, the capital city of Circassia. - Herring in the Caspian. - Voyage to Bustrow. - General Waterang's account from the province of Andreof. - Circassia, and its inhabitants, their manners, religion, &c. - Continuation of the voyage, and view of mount Caucasus, &c. - The army land at Agrechan. - March into Asia. - Kindness of the Dagastan Tartars. - The army pass the river Sulack. - General Wateraang joins the army. - Embarrassed on their march,a severe punishment of the officers of the guards. - Arrive at Tarku, with a description of the Dagestan Tartars. - Interview with the ladies. - The Dagastan ladies wait on the empress. - Erect a monument at Tarku, and marchfor Derbent through a fine country. - Sultan Udenack's cruelty, and its co nsequences. - Twenty desperate Tartars. - A beautiful Tartar youth slain. -Undaunted resolution of the priest. - Arrive at Derbent. - Description of the city. - Remarkable Tombs. - Alexander and Malkehatura. - Jackalls and sand hares. - Suchary bread. - Two express and one ambassador arrive at the army. - A Turkish ambassador obliges the emperor to return. - Occasion of the troubles in Persia. - The army return. - Cold nights. - Dangerous and harrassing march. - The new town of Swetago-Kerst. - Fort at the river Nitzi destroyed, and revenged. - The army re-imbark at Agrecham. - The provisionsfor the captain's galley lost; a starving voyage. - Arrive at Astrachan th e 15th of October. Book 9 Progress up the Wolga to Czaritza. - The Gost there. - A short history of the Cossacks. - Stephen Ratzin's Rebellion. - Ordered to survey the Caspian Sea, on which he proceeds to Taik and Yembo. - Island of Kula, and Turkistan Tartars. - Gulf of Iskander. - River Oxus and the Usbeck Tartars. - The Gulf of Carabuga. - River Darta. - River Ossa. - Gulf of Astrabat. - Provinces of Terebat and Massenderan. - Gulf of Sinfili and City of Resbt. - Difficult path of the Pyles. - The Rivers Ardeschin and Linkeran, and the famous naphtha oil-pits. - The River Cyrus, or Kur. - The city of Baky. - City of Shamachie. - City of Derbent. - The river Sulack. - Gulf of Agrechan, Island of Trentzeni and city of Terki. - General description of the Caspian Sea. - Watch tower on John's Island. - General Matuskin's marriage to the window in tears. - Contest among the Kalmucks, and expedition against them. - Description of their kibbets. - A battle with the Kalmucks. - Some odd Customs among them. - The Baranetz, or Lambskin. - Returns for Moscow up the Wolga. - A narrow escape from the ice. - Proceed by land. - A cruel robbery in the woods. - A remarkable discovery of a town, with an account of it. - A wild girl taken in the wood. - Arrival at Moscow.Book 10 The Duke of Holstein. - The fall of baron Shasirof. - The captain endeavours to get his discharge. - A dignified troop of chevaliers. - A description of the cathedral. - Procession to the coronation of the empress. -Corenation ceremony. - Procession to the church of St. Michael. - Processi on to the church of the Resurrection. - Dinner in the hall of solemnities. - New mode of promotion. - The captain obtains his furlough. - The captain leaves Moscow. - A Swedish colonel at Riga suspected of having shot Charlesthe XIIth of Sweden. - The captain embarks for Scotland. - Puts into Erdho lm, a Danish harbour and fort. - Description of the harbour. - Departs for Elsingohr. - Driven into Marstr and dismasted. - Quarrel between Carnegie and his mate. - He arrives in Scotland. Book 11 The captain sent engineer tofortify Providence, and goes out in the Rose man of war. - Arrives at the island of Madeira. - Waits on the Portuguese governor. - Description of theisland. - A hard passage to Carolina. - Misses a fine prize. - A violent s torm. - The fortifications at Charlestown. - Arrives at Providence. The ruinous condition of fort Nassau. - Short history of the Bahama islands. - Theoppresive practices of governor Fitzwilliam. - Governor Tinker succeeds hi m. - Short account of that gentleman. - The captain prevails on the inhabitants to carry materials for building fort Montague. - Nature of the stone. - and mastich wood. - Description of fort Montaque. - The governor's letterabout it. - A quarrel with lieutenant Stewart. - The captain confined. - a nd set at liberty. Book 12 The treatment of two privateers and their owners. - Letter from Lieutenant Moone. - Letter from a friend. - Letter from lieutenant Dromgole. - Division of the quick silver. - The captain applies again to the assembly to bring the materials. - The Assembly withdraw the governors salary. - Letter from lieutenant Moone. - Another from Charlestown. -Letter from governor Glen. - Produce of the Bahama Islands, and the adjace nt sea. - Observations on St. Salvador and the Bimini islands. - The inhabitants of Providence. - Description of Fort Nassau. - Cost of both forts. - The captain leave Providence. - Arrives at Charlestown. - A visit from a Cherokee kings. Captain Frankland's rich prize. - A short description of Carolina. - The captain sails for England. - Arrives at London. Tear to penultimate page, else very good. 80.00

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Account of the Expedition of the British Fleet to Sicily , In the Years 1718, 1719, and 1720.  2d ed., BYNG, George, Sir]
14 BYNG, George, Sir] Account of the Expedition of the British Fleet to Sicily , In the Years 1718, 1719, and 1720. 2d ed.
J. and R. Tonson, 1739, 
[BYNG, George, Sir]. An Account of the Expedition of the British Fleet to Sicily , In the Years 1718, 1719, and 1720, under the Command of Sir George Byng, Bart. (Afterwards Viscount Torrington) Admiral and Commander in Chiefof His Majesty's Fleet; and his Majesty's Commissary and Plenipotiary to t he Several Princes and States of Italy. Collected from the Admiral's Manuscripts, and other Original Papers. The Second Edition. L: Printed for J. andR. Tonson, 1739. Pp 96. 8vo, original wraps. A rather hagiographical accou nt of Byng's finest hour: his decisive defeat of a Spanish fleet off Cape Passaro in Sicily in 1718 through remarkable diligence and dogged pursuit. Byng's victory was complete, or almost so: the author is especially keen to rebut rumours that Byng had attacked the Spanish without warning in defiance of contemporary martial etiquette. Heavily rubbed, wraps chipped especially at spine, slight wear and darkening to edges, title page thumbed, a couple of small spots of soiling to covers, else vg. Clean and bright internally. 650.00

Price: 650.00 CDN
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15 Canadian Nautical Research Society. KUEHN, John T. FREURE, Russell. McDONALD, Terry. Northern Mariner : Journal of the Canadian Nautical Research Society. Vol. 22, No. 2, April 2012
Maritime Studies Research Unit, Memorial University of Newfoundland MUN, St. John's , 2012, 
(Canadian Nautical Research Society). The Northern Mariner : Journal of theCanadian Nautical Research Society. Vol. XXII, No. 2, April 2012. With a n ote from the editor, Roger Sarty. (St. John's : Maritime Studies Research Unit, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2012). Pp. i-iv,[121]-234,v-x. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated pale blue and turquoise card covers. Contents :John T. Kuehn's "The Martial Spirit -- Naval Style: The Naval Reform Movem ent and the Establishment of the General Board of the Navy, 1873-1900" (pp.121-140); Russell Fruere's "When Memory and Reality Clash: The First Woarl War and the Myth of American Neutrality" (pp. 141-164); Terry McDonald's " A Populous, Wealthy, and Thriving Port? Poole in the Mid-Nineteenth Century" (pp. 165-178); Brian Arthur's review essay "How Britain Won the War of 1812: The Royal Navy's Blockade of the United States, 1812-1815" and Geroge C. Daughan's "1812: The Navy's War" by Thomas Malcolmson (pp. 179-184); plusbook reviews (including those on books by J.P. Andrieux, Andrew Lambert, M arc Milner, Richard Woodman, and many others). Very good. For the issue. 12.50

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16 CHEN, William C.C. Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan For the Art of Self-Defense. 3rd ed.
William C.C. Chen, New York, 1985, 
CHEN, William C.C. Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan For the Art of Self-Defense. (New York : William C.C. Chen, 1985). Third Edition. Pp (8).i-xxv,1-128,(3). Illustrated. 8vo, white card covers, printed in black. Corners creased, else very good. 25.00

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17 CHURCHILL, Winston S.). HOUGH, Richard Former Naval Person : Churchill and the Wars at Sea. First Edition in dustjacket
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1985, ISBN:0297787063 
(CHURCHILL, Winston S.). HOUGH, Richard. Former Naval Person : Churchill and the Wars at Sea. London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, (1985). First Printing. Pp (6),vii,(5),[1]-244 + 16 pp of plates. Maps in text. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Law 0657. "A soldier by instinct and by inherited martial prowess, it was the Royal Navy which brought Churchill into the full flood of publicity and controversy before the First World War. He did notcare for what he found at the Admiralty in 1911 and in his efforts to make the senior service shipshape for the inevitable coming war with Germany, h e gave scant regard for the feelings of admirals. By a stroke of fate that almost ended his political career, it was the leading soldier and the leading sailor of their time - Kitchener and Fisher - who were responsible for his downfall amid the minefields ana counter-bombardments of the Dardanelles. [...] This valuable new contribution to Churchilliana by one of the best-known and most experienced naval historians of today is concerned with the whole of Churchill's stormy association with the navy, and latterly with his remarkable relationship with Franklin D. Roosevelt, which resulted in their momentous achievements during the Second World War." - from the jacket. Contents: The Fishing Party; 1. 'Kitchener the blackguard"; 2. Scottish Tryst ; 3. Recalcitrant Admirals; 4. Indignant Turks; 5. The Bombardment; 6. 'My regiment is awaiting me"; 7. "Disentangled from the ruins"; 8. "As navalpeople ..."; 9. Day of Infamy [Pearl Harbor]; 10. Premier's Team; 11. "A t rue affection .. " With appendices, sources and index. Appendix B. The Atlantic Charter Very good in unclipped dustjacket 30.00

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18 Classical Association of Canada Phoenix : The Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, 21:1-60:1-2) Phoenix : The Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, volume 21 number 1 thru volume 60 number 1-2
Classical Association of Canada, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 2006, 
(Classical Association of Canada). Phoenix : The Journal of the Classical Association of Canada / Société canadienne des Études classiques, volume 21 number 1 thru volume 60 number 1-2 . Toronto: The Classical Association of Canada, University of Toronto Press, (1967-2006). Various paginations, generally about 80pp. apiece. 8vo, printed reddish-brown card covers. A sizeable, contiguous run of UTP's classical history journal. A selection of article titles contained herein include: "Legislation in Sparta", "Plato's Mainpulation of Thrasymachus", "Themes in the Exodus of Euripedes' Phoenissae", "The Emperor Hadrian's Rescript to Minucius Fundamus", "The Meaning of Ceroma in Juvenal and Martial", "The Helops: A Case-Study of the Transmission ofa Piece of Scientific Knowledge by the Scholarship of Antiquity", "The Mar iage of First Cousins in Athenian Society", &c., &c., &c. Occasional cover creasing and minor cover splaying, else vg. For the lot. 850.00

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Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of England to the Grand Jury at the Central Criminal Court, in the case of The Queen Against Nelson and Brand , COCKBURN, Frederick (ed.)
19 COCKBURN, Frederick (ed.) Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of England to the Grand Jury at the Central Criminal Court, in the case of The Queen Against Nelson and Brand
William Ridgway, London, 1867, 
COCKBURN, Frederick (ed.). Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of England to the Grand Jury at the Central Criminal Court, in the case of The Queen Against Nelson and Brand. Taken from the Shorthand Writer's Notes, Revised & Corrected by the Lord Chief Justice, with Occasional Notes. L.: William Ridgway, 1867. Pp 165. 8vo, brown cloth. Ex-library (inkstamps), wear to edges, one-inch tear to top spine, ffep loose, foxing to some pages, else vg with errata slip opposite p.158. 100.00

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20 COLES, Alan Invergordon Scapegoat : The Betrayal of Admiral Tomkinson. First Edition
Allan Sutton, 1993, 1993 0750902337 / 9780750902335 
COLES, Alan. Invergordon Scapegoat [dustjackets adds subtitle: The Betrayal of Admiral Tomkinson.] (Stroud, Gloucestershire / Dover, N.H.) : Allan Sutton, (1993). First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-x,1-193 + 14 pages of b&w photos and other illustrations. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

A reinterpretation of the 1931 "outbreak of indiscipline" at the Royal Navy anchorage at Invergordon which seeks to exonnerate Admiral Wilfred Tomkinson, in part by emphasizing the truly incendiary situation he faced as acting Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet.

"Did Admiral Wilfred Tomkinson preserve the social structure of Britain and prevent a red revolution by his mild handling of the Royal Navy's mutiny at Invergordon in September 1931? This is the question posed by Invergordon Scapegoat, an intriguing insight into the life of the senior officer who was betrayed by his friends at the Admiralty, many of whom thought he should have turned his ships' guns on the mutineers.Tomkinson was never allowed a chance to give his version of the mutiny at an official inquiry or court martial, but instead was thrust into involuntary retirement when on the brink of becoming a Sea Lord. Yet his earlier career - as a protege and friend of the swashbuckling Admiral Roger Keyes - had been exemplary. He fought courageously in the Boxer Rebellion, commanded one of the first submarine flotillas, fought in the opening naval battles of the First World War, and saw close-range action at Keyes's side in the epic Zeebrugge raid.

Alan Coles is the first biographer of the `faceless' admiral who has hitherto been largely ignored by historians. Drawing on many previously unpublished letters and diaries he attempts to reveal the truth behind the mutiny at Invergordon, raising uneasy questions about the background to this dramatic event in British naval history."

1. Tomkinson Dynasty;
2. Famed Friendship;
3. Boxer Rebellion
4. Bravest Man of Year;
5. Destroyer Captain
6. Battle of Heligoland;
7. Disenchanted by Blunders;
8. Battle of Dogger Bank;
9. Venetian Venture;
10. Caught in the Vortex;
11. The Great Plan;
12. St George's Day Raid;
13. Last 'Big Push';
14. Hood and the Mediterranean;
15. Royal Oak Farce;
16. Mutiny or Disaffection;
17. Unofficial Inquiry;
18. The Axe Falls;
19. Last Confrontations
With notes, bibliography, and index.

Very slightly rubbed, else very good. 30.00

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