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1 ADKINS, Roy, and Lesley ADKINS. ADKINS, Lesley NELSON, Horatio War for All the Oceans : From Nelson at the Nile to Napoleon at Waterloo. in dj.
Viking, New York, 2007, ISBN:9780670038660 
ADKINS, Roy, and Lesley ADKINS. The War for All the Oceans : From Nelson atthe Nile to Napoleon at Waterloo. (New York) : Viking, (2007). First Print ing. Pp [i]-xxvi,[1]-534,+ 16 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, blue paper covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. "From its very first page, The War for All the Oceans is an adventure story—a superb account of the naval war thatlasted from Napoleon's seizure of power in 1798 to the War of 1811 with th e United States. Most naval histories stop at Nelson's death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.. Yet the Royal Navy took on almost every other nationthat had a rival fleet: the French, Spanish, Dutch, Danes, Russians, Turks and Ameri­cans. Shipping routes all over the world were guarded to ensure that trade with Britain was not interrupted, and, as Napoleon lost his empire, Britain formed solid, imperial foundations—all because the British navygained control of the oceans. Roy and Lesley Adkins bring this naval war t o life, writing about its heroes, ship maneuvers and shipboard life with equal relish. They paint a brilliant picture of the large fleet actions of the war, such as the battles of the Nile and Copenhagen; duels between pairs of ships, such as the HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake; and combined naval and army operations like the disas­trous Walcheren expedition. They provide aringside seat to the earliest attacks with torpedoes and rock­ets and a fr esh look at our own country in a brilliant rendering of the War of 1811, fought in our nation's infancy. As in Nelson's Trafalgar, the Adkinses delight in the details, drawing vivid portraits of the sailors as well as the press-gangs, prostitutes and spies who populated this epic war." - from the dj. Underlining in pen on page 126, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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2 ANDERSON, R.C Naval Wars in the Baltic During the Sailing-Ship Epoch 1522-1850
C. Gilbert-Wood, London, 1910, 
ANDERSON, R.C. Naval Wars in the Baltic During the Sailing-Ship Epoch 1522-1850. London: C. Gilbert-Wood, 1910. First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-vi,(2),[1]-423,(1), XVII leaves plates. 8vo, blue cloth, t.e.g., gilt lettering to spine. "I have dealt with the subject in detail from the year 1563 to the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815, and have, for the sake of completeness, sketched in outline the course of events between 1522 and 1563 and between 1815and 1850. Throughout I have endeavoured to give as much detailed informati on as possible, but have purposely refrained from any discussion of the reasons or lessons of the various operations. This is where my treatment of the subject differs from that of Vice-Admiral Kirchoff in his 'Seemacht in der Ostsee.' He deals with the greater part of the period more or less from the point of view adopted by Captain Mahan in his works on general naval history, while I have tried to follow more in the footsteps of James, and givefacts without commen." -from the Preface. With appendices and lengthy indi ces. Rubbed with wear to extremities, , eps discoloured, else vg in tight binding. 350.00

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3 ANDERSON, R.C Naval Wars in the Levant 1559-1853. First American Edition
Princeton University Press, Princeton , 1952, 
ANDERSON, R.C. Naval Wars in the Levant 1559-1853. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1952. Printed in Liverpool. First American Edition. Pp (4),v-ix,(1),1-619, + frontispiece + [9] leaves plates + folding map [opp. p.582]. With 19 'plans of actions" in the text. 8vo, red cloth, black letteringto spine. Contents include: "Introduction 1453-1559"; "Jerba, Malta and Le panto 1559-1573"; "Minor Operations 1573-1644"; "The Cretan War-I 1645-1653"; "The Cretan War-II 1654-1669"; "The Morean War 1684-1699"; "The First Russian Fleet 1695-1711"; "Corfu and Matapan 1714-1718"; "The Second Russian Black Sea Fleet 1736-1739"; "The Russians in the Mediterranean 1769-1774"; ""The Last Efforts of Venice 1784-1792"; "The Fight for the Black Sea 1787-1791"; "The Earlier Napoleonic Wars 1792-1801"; "Tunis and Tripoli 1795-1805"; "The Later Napoleonic Wars 1803-1814"; "The War of Greek Independence 1821-1831"; "Syria, Venice and Sinope 1831-1853". Very slightly rubbed with light soiling of cloth, else very good, clean internally. 100.00

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4 BAYNHAM, Henry From the Lower Deck : The Old Navy 1780-1840. First Edition in dustjacket
Hutchinson, London, 1969, 
BAYNHAM, Henry. From the Lower Deck : The Old Navy 1780-1840. London: Hutchinson, (1969). First Printing. Pp. (8),ix-xi,(1),[1]-200, colour frontispiece, + 12 p. of black and white plates and 1 folding plan. Illustrated. 8vo,blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "This is a record of the Royal Na vy, viewed from the lower deck, and told for the most part in the words of the men themselves. It is the fruit of a great deal of original research, and though some of the seamen whose journals are quoted are known to naval specialists, much of the material will be unfamiliar even to them. For the general reader, the writings of John Nicol, Jack Nastyface, Samuel Leech andthe rest will be new and exciting ground." - from the dj. Contents: 1. The Navy before Nelson. The Press Gang and the Mutinies of 1797; 2. John Nicol , 1774-1783 and 1794-1801. His service in King's ships in war and peace; 3.Jack Nastyface, 1805-1811. Extracts from his 'Nautical Economy or Forecast le Recollections of Events during the last war' including a description of the Battle of Trafalgar; 4. Samuel Leech, 1808-1813. Extracts from 'A Voicefrom the Main Deck' with an account of the War of 1812; 5. Charles Pembert on, 1806-1812, Robert Hay, 1802-1811 and Thomas Blackey, alias Thomas Tait,1806-1809-, 1812-1815, and 1837; 6. George Watson, 1806-1814. The Adventur es of a Greenwich Pensioner; 7. Samuel Stokes, 1806-1807 and 1809-1815. Hislife in the Merchant and Royal Navies; 8. Charles M'Pherson, 1825-1828. Ex tracts from 'Life on Board a Man-of-war' with a description of the Battle of Navarino; 9. H.M.S. Excellent. The changes in naval gunnery and the beginning of a scientific navy. With appendices and index. Very good in nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 30.00

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5 BEAUFORT, Francis). FRIENDLY, Alfred FRIENDLY, Alfred Beaufort of the Admiralty : The Life of Sir Francis Beaufort 1774-1857. First American Edition in dustjacket
Random House, New York, 1977, ISBN:0394417607 
(BEAUFORT, Sir Francis). FRIENDLY, Alfred. Beaufort of the Admiralty : The Life of Sir Francis Beaufort 1774-1857. New York : Random House, (1977). First US Edition. Pp (6),[7]-362. Illustrated. 8vo, brown cloth spine. "To yachtsmen, the name 'Beaufort' signifies the international scale of wind forces. To cryptographers, it identifies a famous cipher. Yet these inventions only inadequately represent the tremendous accomplishments of one of the nineteenth century's most gifted and complex figures. For Admiral Sir FrancisBeaufort's greatest achievements were the revitalization of the Hydrograph ic Office and the perfecting of the Admiralty Chart, a standard for accuracy from the 1830s to the present day. Some of his own surveys, made more than 160 years ago, are still the official authority. Virtually self-educated (he left school at fourteen), Beaufort eventually became Hydrographer of the Admiralty after adventurous service in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars; he suffered nineteen wounds in capturing an enemy vessel from under the guns of a Spanish fortress, and came close to death again from a fanatic's bullet while surveying the Turkish coast. He remained head of the Hydrographic Office longer than any man before or since, building it into the finest chart-making and maritime-science center of its age, and forming alliances with such great scientists as Herschel, Airy and Babbage. (It was through Beaufort's connections with the Cambridge scientists that Darwin was selected to sail as 'savant' on the Beagle.) The great observatories at Greenwich and the Cape of Good Hope came under his administration. For eight years he presided over the Arctic Council in its searches for Sir John Franklin, lost on his last polar voyage to discover the Northwest Passage. Over a period of a quarter of a century Beaufort directed the most ambitious maritime explorations and experiments of the period. Beaufort's career was oneof struggle, of alternating episodes of triumph and despair; his was also the classic case of the evil of the "interest" system of naval promotions: for long years he was denied the advancement he deserved, until the injustice done him became notorious among his fellow officers. Portions of his 2000-odd letters and journals, never before published or even examined professionally, were written in cipher, which the author has succeeded in breaking. " - from the dj. With notes, bibliography and index. Ships in his life include Aquilon, Woolwich, Blossom, and Frederickssteen. Vg in dustjacket. 30.00

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6 BELLAMY, Joyce M. Trade and Shipping of Nineteenth-Century Hull. Second Printing.
East Yorkshire Local History Society, York, 1979, ISBN:900349271 
BELLAMY, Joyce M. The Trade and Shipping of Nineteenth-Century Hull. (York): East Yorkshire Local History Society, 1979. Second Printing. Pp [1]-72. 8vo, illustrated white stapled card covers. East Yorkshire Local History Series: No. 27. Contents : Introduction. I. 1800-15: Hull during the Napoleonic Wars. II. 1816-40: The Pre-Railway Era. Ill. 1841-74: Inter-Port Competition. IV. 1875-1900: Developments in Dock and Railway Facilities and Widening of the Port's Trading Activities. V. 1800-1900: The Mercantile Community. Conclusion. Appendices: Tables I-V and Diagram I. Very good. 15.00

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7 BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre, General). French Expedition into Syria, comprising General Buonaparte's Letters, withGen. Berthier's Narrative, and Sir Wm. Sidney Smith's Letters from the Lon don Gazette. Hardcover in dustjacket.
Worley Publications, Tyne & Wear, 1990, ISBN:186980418x 
(BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre, General). The French Expedition into Syria, comprising General Buonaparte's Letters, with Gen. Berthier's Narrative, and Sir Wm. Sidney Smith's Letters from the London Gazette. (Tyne & Wear) : Worley Publications, 1990. First thus printing. A facsimile of the 1799 London edition printed by Cooper & Wilson. Pp. (4),[i]-xii,[1]-127,(1), frontispiece, + 10 leaves of facsimile plates and 3 double-page facsimile maps. Map endpapers. 8vo, navy blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Very good in dustjacket. 60.00

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8 BIENKOWSKI, Lee NELSON, Horatio) Admirals in the Age of Nelson. First Edition in dustjacket.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD, 2003, ISBN:1557500029 
BIENKOWSKI, Lee. Admirals in the Age of Nelson. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, (2003). First Printing. Pp. (6),vii-ix,(3),[1]-294,(6). 8vo, black cloth with copper lettering to spine. "The period of the French Wars (1793-1815), known as the golden age of fighting sail in Great Britain becauseof the extraordinary victories won by the Royal Navy, produced an impressi ve roster of brilliant flag officers. To date, however, these naval leadershave been overshadowed by the legendary status of their contemporary, Admi ral Lord Nelson. This book corrects the oversight by placing eleven 'other admirals' in the limelight." - from the dustjacket. Includes biographical profiles of Richard Howe, Alexander Hood, Samuel Hood, John Jervis, Adam Duncan, George Keith Elphinstone, James Gambier, John Duckworth, John Borlase Warren, James Saumarez, and Edward Pellew. Very good in crisp dustjacket. 20.00

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9 BLACKBURN, Julia NAPOLEON Emperor's Last Island : A Journey to St. Helena. in dj.
Pantheon Books, New York, 1991, ISBN:067941150x 
BLACKBURN, Julia. The Emperor's Last Island : A Journey to St. Helena. New York: Pantheon Books, (1991). Pp. (10),[1]-277,(1). 8vo, blue cloth spine with blue-green paper covered boards, gilt decoration to front, gilt lettering to spine. A survey of Napoleon's final six years, spent living in exile on St. Helena, in the South Atlantic. Very good in unclipped dust jacket. 15.00

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10 Blackwood) Tales of the Fighting Navy from Blackwood. in dj.
William Blackwood, Edinburgh:, 1968, ISBN:851580106 
(Blackwood). Tales of the Fighting Navy from Blackwood. Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1968. Pp 202. 8vo, blue cloth. "This collection presents a good slice of maritime history - and encounter between men-o'-war in the Caribbean, battle engagements in the Napoleonic Wars, frigates duels during the American War of Independence, gunnery battle stations in the First World War,undersea warfare, Fleet Air Arm sorties, and many more." -from the dust ja cket. Chapters : 1. Davy Jones and the Yankee Privateer; Michael Scott; 2. Tenerife Invicta; F. D. Spinney; 3. Nelson's Blackwood; Oliver Warner; 4. ASignal Midshipman at Copenhagen; Mrs McCormick; 5. Farragut's First Fight; Lieutenant-Colonel P. R. Butler; 6. The Duel of the Frigates; Victor Allan ; 7. The Gunlayer; Captain Bower; 8. Sunk; A. F. Whyte; 9. Enemy in Sight!;Esmond Knight; 10. From a Submariner's Notebook; John Gibson; 11. Morning Watch; Eric C. Hiscock; 12. Human Torpedoes; Commander George Stitt; 13. The Escort Carrier; Hugh Popham; 14. Inchon - There and Back; P. M. Stanford;Envoi : A Battle Prayer; Captain Bower. Thin 4" horizontal razor like cut across top board, ow vg in lightly nicked, price-clipped dj (with as similar razor like slash to front pane). 15.00

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11 BlLAKE, Nicholas and LAWRENCE, Richard Illustrated Companion to Nelson's Navy. First American Edition in dustjacket.
Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA, 2000, ISBN:0811708640 
BlLAKE, Nicholas and Richard LAWRENCE. The Illustrated Companion to Nelson's Navy. (Mechanicsburg, PA): Stackpole Books, (2000). First American Edition. Pp. (5)[6]-207,(1). Illustrated throughout. Large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "No other period of history has spawned such a huge fictional oeuvre as the Nelsonic era. Marryat, Forester, Pope, Kent, Woodman, Donachie, and O'Brian are a few of the authors whose heroes fought against the French. The genre has fascinated millions of readers but The Illustrated Companion to Nelson's Navy is the first book which explains, with reference to the novels, that harsh world in which those heroes lived. This Companion describes every aspect of navy and brings vividly to life the , life the shipboard world of the seaman. The workings of the Admiralty; the design and building of ships; food, drink and entertainment; discipline, medicine,fighting tactics, gunnery, seamanship and shiphandling; the merchant fleet s and the opposing navies and their feats in battle - this and much more isdescribed and explained in succinct texts and illustrated with over 500 sk etches, maps and diagrams. " - from the dustjacket. Contents: The World Background :The Admiralty - The Navy Board - The Royal Navy's Dockyards - The Royal Navy's Bases - British Strategy - The Course of the Wars. The Navy : The Fleet - First Rates - Second Rates - Third Rates - Fourth Rates - FifthRates - Sixth Rates - Smaller Ships and Vessels - The French Navy - The Sp anish Navy - Other European Navies - The American Navy - Merchantmen. The Sailors : Seamen - Warrant Officers - Midshipmen - Lieutenants and Masters &Commanders - Captains - Commodores and Admirals - Marines. Life on Board : The Ship's Day and Week - Cabins and Hammocks - Sanitation, Disease, Injur y and Death - The Officers' Food - The Men's Food - Rum and Drink - Amusement - Discipline, Mutiny and the Articles of War - The Great Mutinies - Women at Sea. The Ships : Construction - 74-gun Ship - Frigate - Masts and Yards - Standing Rigging - Running Rigging - Sails - Fore and Aft Rig - Cannon - Carronades - Specialist Weapons and Small Arms - Shiphandling - Tacking and Wearing - Navigation - Anchors and Cables - Signals - Boats - Storms andShipwreck - The Ship in Action. The Navy at War : The Fleet Action - Battl e of Cape St Vincent, 14 February (1797) - Battle of Camperdown, 11 October(1797) - Battles of the Nile, 1-2 August (1798) - Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April (1801) - Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October (1805) - Amphibious and Combined Operations - The Speedy and the Gamo - Cutting-Out Expeditions - British Invasion Defences - The Invasions of Ireland and Wales - The Invasion Flotillas - The War of 1812 - Rewards. With Glossary of Sea Terms; Weights and Measures; Bibliography of Naval Fiction and Index. Very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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Armies of the Danube, 1809.  Revised and Expanded Edition, in dustjacket., BOWDEN, Scott. TARBOX, Charles. Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Research Series. PORRET, intro.
12 BOWDEN, Scott. TARBOX, Charles. Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Research Series. PORRET, intro. Armies of the Danube, 1809. Revised and Expanded Edition, in dustjacket.
Emperor's Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1989, ISBN:0913037087 1989 0913037087 / 9780913037089 
BOWDEN, Scott and Charles TARBOX. Armies of the Danube, 1809. With an introduction by General de Division Porret. Chicago, Illinois : The Emperor's Press, (1989). Revised and expanded edition. Pp. (1),ii-viii,(1),10-236,(4). Illustrated with maps and reproductions. 8vo, blue leatherette with gilt lettering to front board and spine.

A volume in the Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Research Series.

"'Armies on the Danube 1809' is a history and organizational guide to one of the most bitterly contested and evenly matched campaigns of the Napoleonic era. In 1809, for the fifth time since the advent of the French Revolution, Austria declared yet another war on France. Determined to defeat the 'corrupting forces of revolution and anarchy who, by their very existence, threaten our way of life,' Emperor Francis II of Austriasent into the field a new army with the country's best general at its head . Learning from the humiliating, disastrous defeats of the Ulm - Austerlitz campaigns of 1805, Archduke Charles of Austria reorganized and retrained thecountry's armed forces in preparation for the inevitable renewed struggle against France. In 1809 his time came. With far-flung Napoleonic armies across Europe and Iberia, the Habsburgs mobilized and struck. Advantages of preparation and surprise yielded some initial successes but soon the Austro-Hungarian forces were driven back deep into their country by an adversary who was no ordinary general." -from the dustjacket.

1. The Austrian Army of 1809;
2. Napoleon's Armée de l'Allemagne;
3. Echmuhl;
4. Ebelsberg ;
5. Aspern-Essling;
6. Operations in Italy, Dalmatia, Hungary, and Poland;
7. Wagram;
8. 1809 in Perspective;
9. Visiting the Battlefields Today.

Very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 60.00

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13 BRADFORD, Ernle Horizon, Autumn 1970) NELSON, Horatio) Battle of the Nile
American Heritage Publication Co., New York, 1970, 
BRADFORD, Ernle. "The Battle of the Nile" . An article in Horizon, Autumn 1970, Volume 12, Number 4, pp. 84-95. NY: American Heritage Publication Co.,1970. Pp. [1]-112,(8). Illustrated. Triple column. 4to, green cloth with p aper pictorial panel to front and gilt lettering to front and spine. Slightly bowed, else vg. For the issue. 10.00

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14 BRANDT, Anthony. Man Who Ate His Boots : The Tragic History of the Search for the Northwest Passage. First Edition in dustjacket.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2010, ISBN:9780307263926 
BRANDT, Anthony. The Man Who Ate His Boots : The Tragic History of the Search for the Northwest Passage. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. First Printing. Pp. (10),[ix]-xvi,(2),[3]-441,(5). 8vo, black cloth spine with brown paper covered boards, silver lettering to spine. "The enthralling and often harrowing history of the adventurers who searched for the Northwest Passage,the holy grail of nineteenth-century British exploration. After the triump hant end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, the British took it upon themselves to complete something they had been trying to do since the sixteenth century: find the fabled Northwest Passage, a shortcut to the Orient via a sea route over northern Canada. For the next thirty-five years the British Admiralty sent out expedition after expedition to probe the ice-bound waters ofthe Canadian Arctic in search of a route, and then, after 1845, to find Si r John Franklin, the Royal Navy hero who led the last of these Admiralty expeditions and vanished into the maze of channels, sounds, and icy seas withtwo ships and 128 officers and men. In 'The Man Who Ate His Boots', Anthon y Brandt tells the whole story of the search for the Northwest Passage, from its beginnings early in the age of exploration through its development into a British national obsession to the final sordid, terrible descent into scurvy, starvation, and cannibalism. Sir John Franklin is the focus of the book but it covers all the major expeditions and a number of fascinating characters, including Franklin's extraordinary wife, Lady Franklin, in vivid detail. 'The Man Who Ate His Boots' is a rich and engaging work of narrative history that captures the glory and the folly of this ultimately tragic enterprise." - from the dustjacket. Remainder mark to bottom edge, else verygood in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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15 BRENTON, Edward Pelham. Naval History of Great Britain From the Year 1783 to 1836. A New and Greatly Improved Edition. Illustrated with portraits, plans, etc.
Henry Colburn, London, 1837, 
BRENTON, Edward Pelham. The Naval History of Great Britain From the Year MDCCLXXXIII to MDCCCXXXVI. A New and Greatly Improved Edition. Illustrated with portraits, plans, etc. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. London : Henry Colburn, 1837. Pp [iii]-xxiv,[3]-640,+ frontis + 8 leaves of plates + 1 folding plan + errata slip tipped-in at rear. 8vo, full black leather, gilt borders, alledges marbled. A revised edition of this work originally published in 1823 by the distinguished naval historian and biographer of St. Vincent. Brento n himself served in the Royal Navy, reaching the rank of post-captain, and was the brother of Admiral Sir Jahleel Brenton, American-born loyalist who served in the Swedish navy against Russia and was wrecked and taken prisoner in France during the Napoleonic Wars. Brenton writes of the immortals of British naval history as of peers, and often his information comes first hand or at least from intimates of those who were there. While mindful of thegreat tradition of naval historiography, he is unfailingly severe with wri ters who, through lack of technical knowledge or sheer sloppiness, allow inaccuracies to enter th eir accounts. This new edition clearly minimizes such failings as may exist in his own work. Louis H. Roddis (1886-1969), M.D. and Captain, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, is the author of various books on the history of nautical medicine. Lacking spine, both boards very worn and detached, with remnants of scotch tape, ffep chipped and detached, occasionalfoxing, overall a poor, reading copy of a scarce title. Ex-libris Louis H. Roddis, USN (bookplate and signature). As is. Vol. I only for 60,00

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Catechism of Geography; Divided into Two Parts : Adapted to every age and capacity, and to every class of Learners, either in Ladies' or Gentlemen's Schools : Part Second, containing Asia, Africa, and America, BROMLEY, Walter, comp.
16 BROMLEY, Walter, comp. Catechism of Geography; Divided into Two Parts : Adapted to every age and capacity, and to every class of Learners, either in Ladies' or Gentlemen's Schools : Part Second, containing Asia, Africa, and America
Acadian School, Halifax, 1822, 
BROMLEY, Walter, (comp.). A Catechism of Geography; Divided into Two Parts : Adapted to every age and capacity, and to every class of Learners, either in Ladies' or Gentlemen's Schools : Part Second, containing Asia, Africa, and America. Halifax : Printed at The Acadian School, 1822. Pp. [1]-132. 8vo, blue-grey card covers with white spine.
"[This Geography is printed in two parts only instead of four as was originally intended.]" - beneath the imprint on the title-page.

Sabin 8196.
Not in TPL, Egoff, Amtmann, Osborne, Tennyson, or Finley, Education in Canada: A Bibliography.
Robert Long, Nova Scotia Authors and Their Work, p.38 though only in this somewhat unhelpful form : "A Catechism of Geography; in Two Parts" (Halifax, 1822).
British North America is covered in pp.85-100.
Of New Brunswick interest: p. 91.
Of Nova Scotia interest: pp. 91-97.
Of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, and Prince Edward Island interest: 97-100.

"Bromley’s Royal Acadian School, which opened in Halifax in 1813–14, represented an important departure in education for the colonies. It was non-sectarian and, like the local bible society, drew as its supporters a cross-section of local society comprised of liberal-minded elements both inside and outside the Church of England. Although the aim of the school was to attack illiteracy, encourage morality, and promote industry, it also challenged the existing notions of privilege and authority in society. The controversy inspired by Anglican opposition to its establishment one of the school’s leading critics was Judge Alexander Croke – would have daunted a lesser mortal than Bromley. Instead, acting as both teacher and administrator, he thrived on the publicity his efforts aroused. The opponents of denominational privilege, led by Thomas McCulloch, rallied to his side. His school also benefited from being in the right place at the right time and proved to be an important social experiment. It combined under one roof inexpensive education for the children of the emergent middle class, free education for the children of the poor during the serious depression that followed the Napoleonic Wars, and a workshop for the unemployed at a time when local society had not yet begun to cope with the relief of the able-bodied poor."

["Despite constant financial uncertainties, the school continued to attract the patronage of the city’s élite and a clientele of shopkeepers and artisans whose children’s educational prospects were extremely precarious in a town without public schooling. Because it was neither a charity school nor a private school, Bromley’s institution represented the inauguration of a middle way in education much needed by the town’s nascent bourgeoisie. The Royal Acadian School was one of the first institutions of colonial society in which middle-class self-interest and the interests of an increasingly middle-class society could be combined. Here charity pupils – black and immigrant – and fee-paying pupils –the sons and daughters of rising Halifax families (both Protestant and Cat holic) – were put through their paces in the three Rs, religion, and vocational training. Parents relished the opportunity to secure a modestly priced education for their children, and for the pupils the Royal Acadian School provided an invaluable start in life." - from Judith Fingard's Dictionary of Canadian Biography entry on Bromley (VII:107-110).

See also Fingard's "English Humanitarianism and the Colonial Mind : Walter Bromley in Nova Scotia, 1813-1825," in The Canadian Historical Review, Vol.LIV, No.2, June 1973. Pp 123-151 with a mention of this work along with The English Grammar Made Easy [...] as "the extant manuals" published for the students of the school(footnote 44, pp.132-3).

A sample from the Nova Scotia section:
Q. What are the inhabitants of Nova Scotia? A. The inhabitants are a mixture of English, Scotch, Irish, Welch, Dutch, Germans, French, and a considerable numberof Emigrants from the United States of America; also some native Indians; and emancipated negroes brought from the United States of America during the late war: these last reside near Halifax, and appear very poor and miserable.

Q. What Seminaries of learning have been established in Nova Scotia? A. There are in Halifax a Grammar School, the National or Madras School, the Acadian or Lancastrian School, the Catholic School, and the Dalhousie Coll ege; the latter unfinished. Besides these, in rural situations, there are King's College and its Academy, at Windsor, and the Pictou Academy.

Q. What is the disposition of the Indians? A. The Indians of Nova Scotia, called Micmac, are harmless unless provoked, and their honesty is proverbial. They are of the middle stature, faces broad, aquiline nose, coarse black hair, and complexion nearly of a copper colour. Their covering is a blue frock or coat, with a girdle tied round the waist, with trowsers of the same for the men; and a blanket with a blue cloth petticoat, and a cap resembling a sugar-loaf, ornamented with beads, generally compose the dress of the women.

Q. What are their habits? A. The men are by no means so dissipated in their habits as some prejudiced or uninformed Authors have represented them; and while it must be admitted that there are many confirmed drunkards in the neighbourhood of Halifax, yet it is also certain, that there still exists a considerable proportion of sober, intelligent characters in various parts of the country, who are by no means averse to agricultural pursuits, as has been recently proved by actual experiment. ---------

Front cover missing, rear cover rubbed, smudged, and chipped, spine browned and starting to peel from the upper portion of the volume, edges browned with occasional smudging to text, else very good. Inside rear cover has the penned note "Elizabeth Liddells[illegible]" and the initials EL are also penned at the head of the title page.

One of the earliest surviving books for children printed in Canada. Very scarce. 7,000.00

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17 BUCKLEY, Cornelius M. POINT, Nicolas Nicolas Point, S.J. : His Life & Northwest Indian Chronicles. First editionin dustjacket
Loyola Unniversity Press, Chicago, 1989, ISBN:0829405984 
BUCKLEY, Cornelius M. Nicolas Point, S.J. : His Life & Northwest Indian Chronicles. cHICAGO : Loyola Unniversity Press, (1989). First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xii,(2),1-520,(10). Index. 8vo, burnt orange cloth, white lettering to spine. "In these pages you will find the life and selected writings of a fascinating man. Nicholas Point (1799-1868) grew up in Napoleonic France at atime when the church he was to serve was threatened by the revolution. As a Jesuit he was forced to flee France for Switzerland and Spain. His calling to be a missionary of the American Indians led to his landing on the eastcoast of the lately emerged new nation, the United States, about which he knew little. Although he did not speak fluent English, he became an influential Jesuit educator and was also one of the first white men to cross the continent by wagon to the rocky Mountains. There he helped to establish missions in what are now Oregon and Montana. Buckley has translated thirteen letters and seven records of Point's excursions with the Indians. This is an account of a man who not only wrote about his experiences but also kept a carefully detailed pictorial record of his life among the Indians. As a consequence, this work sheds light on the life-style of the Indians and on their relationship with the white man in the mid-nineteenth century. To flesh out Nicolas point, the man, Buckley has also provided a brief biography, informing the reader of the influences that prepared Point for the mission he sought and accepted." (from the dj). Very good in nicked, edgeworn dustjacket. 30.00

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Lord Cochrane , BUNSTER, Enrique COCHRANE, Thomas, Lord.
18 BUNSTER, Enrique COCHRANE, Thomas, Lord. Lord Cochrane
Empresa Editora Zig-Zag, 1942, 
(COCHRANE, Thomas, Lord). BUNSTER, Enrique. Lord Cochrane (un estudio con variaciones). Santiago de Chile: Empresa Editora Zig-Zag, 1942. Pp 208. 8vo, brown cloth. A popular biography of the great and controversial British seaman and hero of the Chilean and Peruvian wars of independence. In Spanish. Slightly rubbed, else vg. Very scarce. 85.00

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British Neptune; or, A History of the Achievements of the Royal Navy, from the earliest periods to the present time.  1812., BURNEY, William
19 BURNEY, William British Neptune; or, A History of the Achievements of the Royal Navy, from the earliest periods to the present time. 1812.
B. Crosby, 1812, 
BURNEY, William. The British Neptune; or, A History of the Achievements of the Royal Navy, from the earliest periods to the present time. L: B. Crosbyand Co., 1812. Pp 490. 7 leaves of plates, 1 folding map (incomplete). Sma ll 8vo, full calf, paper label to spine. Not in Manwaring or NMM. Burney was also the author of The Naval Heroes of Great Britain. His analysis of thevital importance of the Navy for Britain's survival extends to pre-Roman t imes, and continues in a narrative extending to Nelson's victory at Trafalgar. With three appendices: a chronology of English naval history, an account of the growth of the Royal Navy from the Armada to the time of publication, and a recent Report of Naval Commissioners. A very nice little volume. New eps, half of folding map missing, rubbed, edges dusty, else vg. 350.00

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20 BURROWS, E.H. OWEN, William FitzWilliam) Captain Owen of the African Survey : The hydrographic surveys of Admiral W.F.W. Owen on the coast of Africa and the Great Lakes of Canada; His fight against the African slave trade; His life in Campobello, New Brunswick. First Edition
A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 1979, ISBN:906191934x 
(OWEN, William FitzWilliam). BURROWS, E.H. Captain Owen of the African Survey : The hydrographic surveys of Admiral W.F.W. Owen on the coast of Africaand the Great Lakes of Canada; His fight against the African slave trade; His life in Campobello, New Brunswick. Rotterdam : A.A. Balkema, 1979. First Edition. Pp. (4),v-viii,1-248, including portrait frontispiece. Illustrated in black and white. Maps. Large 8vo, blue cloth with gilt initials to front board, gilt lettering to spine. William Fitzwilliam Owen (b. September 17, 1774, Manchester, England - d. November 3, 1857, Saint John, New Brunswick) British naval officer and explorer. See DCB Vol. 8. "William Owen belongs to the first generation of naval surveyors. Afer a hectic time as youngofficer in the Fleet against the French, he made a career of hydrographic surveying during the Pax Britannica that followed the Napoleonic wars. First he charted the Great Lakes of Canada, then he led a squadron which in four years surveyed 20,000 miles of the coastline of Africa. Tropical disease decimated his crews, and half of his officers perished: the 300 charts thatthey produced, one senior officer obeserved, 'may be said to have been dra wn and coloured with drops of blood'. Owen's fierce hatred of the slave trade diverted him from surveying and often landed him n political hot water, but Imperialists credit him with helping to lay the foundations of British East Africa and also the Gold Coast. His book, Narrative of Voyages, published in 1833 and illustrated with charts, was a best seller. He retired in 1835 and spent the last twenty years of his life in Eatsern Canada, ruling feudally over the Island of Campobello, New Brunswick, which his family had owned since the eighteenth century. This book covers the war at sea againstNapoleon, the early history of Canada, the 1812-14 American War [War of 18 12], African exploration, the anti-slavery campaingn in the nineteenth century in the Indian OCean and West Africa, and ther history of British hydrography. The book is profusely illustrated by specially-drawn maps and by period engravings." - from the dustjacket [dj NOT with this copy]. Contents: 1. Origins; 2. The Campobello Settlement; 3. Youth and Early Naval Career; 4. In Eastern Seas; 5. The Great Lakes; 6. In the Hydrographer's Office; 7. The Great African Survey: I. Preparations; 8. The Great African Survey: II.Charts and fever; 9. The Great African Survey: III. "Owen's Protectorate"; 10. The Great African Survey: IV. Homeward Bound; 11. Fernando Po and the Cruise of the Eden; 12. Unwilling Retirement; 13. "The Quoddy Hermit". Withnotes, references and index. Ex-library (spine sticker, pouch at rear), el se very good. 35.00

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