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1 ABRAHAMS, Roger D. Deep Down in the Jungle : Negro Narrative Folklore from the Streets of Philadelphia. no dj.
Folklore Associates, Hatboro, PA, 1964, 
ABRAHAMS, Roger D. Deep Down in the Jungle : Negro Narrative Folklore from the Streets of Philadelphia . Hatboro, PA: Folklore Associates, 1964. Pp. (8),1-288. 8vo, black cloth with gilt decoration to front and gilt letteringto spine. Contents: Introduction: On a Method of Folklore Analysis. Sectio n One: The Tellers: 1. The Neighborhood; 2. The Element of Verbal Contest; 3. The Heroes. Section Two: The Texts: Introduction: Style and Performance;4. The Toast; 5. The Jokes. With appendices: Toward the Discernment of Oik otype, and On Certain Obscenities, as well as a glossary of unusual terms and expressions. Slight spine roll, name stamp to fore-edge and to copyrightpage, else vg. 35.00

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2 ABRAMOV-Van RIJK, Elena Parlar cantando : The Practice of Reciting Verses in Italy from 1300 to 1600.
Peter Lang, Bern, &c , 2009, ISBN:9783039116706 
ABRAMOV-Van RIJK, Elena. Parlar cantando : The Practice of Reciting Verses in Italy from 1300 to 1600. Bern, &c : Peter Lang, (2009). First Edition. Pp (4),v-xviii,(2),1-395,(1). With a few illustrations in the text. 8vo, rust red illustrated paper-covered boards, black lettering to front cover & spine. "This book is a pioneering attempt to explore the fascinating and hardly known realm of reciting poetry in medieval and Renaissance Italy. The study of more than 50 treatises on both music and poetry, as well as other literary sources and documents from the period between 1300 and 1600, highlights above all the practice of parlar cantando ('speaking through singing' the term found in De li contrasti, a fourteenth-century treatise on poetry) as rooted in the art of reciting verses. Situating the practice of parlar cantando in the context of late medieval poetic delivery, the author sheds new light on the origin and history of late Renaissance opera style, which their inventors called stile recitativo, rappresentativo or, exactly, parlarcantando. The deepest roots of the Italian tradition of parlar cantando ar e thus revealed, and the cultural background of the birth of opera is reinterpreted and revisited from the much broader perspective of what appears tobe the most important Italian mode of music making between the age of Dant e and Petrarch and the beginning of Italian opera around 1600." - from the rear. Contents : Part I. Parlar Cantando - History, Practice and Theory. 1.Poetry Recitation in the Italian Trecento - 2. Different Types of Music fo r Delivering Poetry - 3. From rudium inordinatum concinium to Professional Poetry Meant To Be Sung - 4. Verse Reciting as Scholarly Discipline - 5. Scansio: One Aspect of the Relation between Music and Poetic Text in Sixteenth Century Theory - Part II. Traces of the Practice of Parlar Cantando in Trecento Written Music. 6. Verse Structure in the Musical Setting of SelectedTrecento Compositions - 7. Text Underlay in Manuscripts of Trecento Music - 8. Structure of Verse and musica contrafacta in the Trecento Music. Appendices : 1. The Poem Se la mia mente.frate mio, non falla by Gidino da Sommacampagna from his Treatise De li contrasti.; 2. The Sonnet by Niccolo de' Rossi Io vidi ombre; 3. Graphic Design of the Ballata and Sonus Forms, Constructed the Basis of the Description in the Capitulum; 4. Angelo Poliziano'sletter to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; 5. A Full Inventory of the Pointe r's and Liner's Work in the Codex Panciatichi 26; 6. Inventory of Compositions with Double Underscoring of the Poetic Text in the Codex Squarcialupi. With bibliography, index of names, and index of terms. Very good. 60.00

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3 ACORN, Milton. DEAHL, James (ed.) I Shout Love and other poems. First Edition.
Aya Press, Toronto, 1987, ISBN:0920544509 
ACORN, Milton. I Shout Love and other poems. Edited [and with an introduction] by James Deahl. Toronto : Aya Press, 1987. First Printing. Pp. (8),9-[92],(4). 8vo, green illustrated card covers with black lettering to front cover, white lettering to spine. Milton James Rhode Acorn (b. March 30, 1923,Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. – d. August 20, 1986, Charlottetown), nicknamed The People's Poet by his peers, was a Canadian poet, writer, and playwright. "'I Shout Love and Other Poems' collects, for the first time, all of the poems from Milton Acorn's first three small publications. Also included are the initial (1958) and final (1970) versions of his well-known performance piece, 'I Shout Love',a never before available to the public. Rough yet tender, angry yet forgiving, Acorn is, in the words of Al Purdy, 'a man who, in a handful of poems, comes somewhere close to greatness'." - from the rear cover. Contents: "I Shout Love" (June, 1958 version); I: In Love and Anger: "My Love, A Fierce Altruist", "To My Little Sister About Her Illness", "This Is The heart", "Sonnet", "Obituary", "The Dead", "I Must GoBack", "A Lovers' Secret", "Girl", "Remembering", "The Miner's Wife", "I W ill Not Love You Too Much", "November", 'Tweisty's ANswer To The Parson", "Jack And The River", "The Sandwichmen". II: Against A League Of Liars: "Industrial Democracy", "I WIll Arise And Go Now", "Poem for '59-'60", "Cynicism", "The Case Of Ivan Sonovich", "Pit Accident", "Death's Incarnation", "Winter Boarders", "Letter To My Redheaded Son", "Savages", "Picasso's 'SeatedAthlete With Child'", "Iron Marriage", "Hummingbird", "Annie's Son", "More Blessed". III: The Brain's The Target: "Libertad", "Charlottetown Harbour" , "Old Property", "Islanders", "Belle", "The Island", "Mike", "At El Cortijo", "Problem", "July Creatures", "Lyric", "In The Thief's Mindseye", "The Trout Pond", "The Fights". IV: I Shout Love: "I Shout Love (final, 1970 version). Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 20.00

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4 AGRICOLA, Johann Friedrich BAIRD, Julianne C. , (ed.) Introduction to the Art of Singing by Johann Friedrich Agricola. First Edition in dustjacket.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995, ISBN:052145428X 
AGRICOLA, Johann Friedrich. Introduction to the Art of Singing by Johann Friedrich Agricola. Translated and edited by Julianne C. Baird. (Cambridge) :Cambridge University Press, (1995). First Edition. Pp (8),ix,(1),1-298. 8v o, green cloth, silver lettering to spine. In the Cambridge Musical Texts and Monographs series. "Johann Friedric Agricola published his Introduction to the Art of Singing in Germany in 1757. It brought to a German readerships the 1723 treatise of the Italian singing teacher and castrato, Tosi, to which Agricola added his own running commentary. The Introduction was recognized as invaluable not only for teachers and their pupils but also for advanced singers and professionals. Charles Burney, for example, described it as 'the best book on the subject in German' and hailed the author as 'the best singing master in Germany.' This present edition, translated with introduction and annotations by the celebrated singer Julianne Baird, makes Agricola's work available for the first time in English. Tosi's work was the first basic treatise on singing: it codified important aesthetic principles and gave practical directions for the singers of his time. Agricola, a pupil of J.S. Bach, addressed the style of singing at the court of Frederick the Great, and brought Tosi's work up-to-date. His commentaries are so extensive that the Introduction stands on its own as an important document in the history of performance practice." Very good in dustjacket. 45.00

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5 Air Ministry) Pilot's Notes for Fortress: GR. IIA, GR. II & III, BII & BIII : Four Cyclone R.1820-65 Or R.1820-97 Engines
Air Ministry, London, 1944, 
(Air Ministry). Pilot's Notes for Fortress: GR. IIA, GR. II & III, BII & BIII : Four Cyclone R.1820-65 Or R.1820-97 Engines. Restricted. (London : AirMInistry, May 1944). Pp (40),+ 3 leaves of plates (2 folding). 8vo, bound at spine with twine, blue card covers, lettered in black. A.P. 2099 D, C, D, E & F.- P.N., Supersedes A.P. 2099 B (Dec. 1942). Contents : Part I - Descriptiive. Introduction. Fuel and Oil Systems : Fuel tanks; Fuel quality gauge; Fuel cocks; Booster pumps; Fuel transfer system; Priming system; Oil system. Main Services : Hydraulic system, Fortress IIA; Hydraulic system, Fortress II and III; Pneumatic system; Electrical system. Aircraft Controls :Flying controls locking gear; Trimming tabs; Tail wheel lock; Undercarriag e; Undercarriage indicator; Undercarriage warning horn; Flaps; Wheel brakes; Fluxgate compass; Static pressure selector valve. Engine Controls : Throttle controls; Mixture control; Air cleaners (Fortress II and III); Caraburettor heat control (intercooler); Cowling gills; Turbo superchargers; Propeller speed controls; Propeller feathering controls; Starters. Operational Controls : Bomb doors; Automatic pilot; Oxygen Part II - Handling. Managementof fuel system; Operation of turbo supercharger; Preliminaries; Starting e ngines and warming up; Testing engines and installations; Before taxying; Taxying out; Check list for take-off; Take-off; Climbing (Fortress II and IIA); Climbing (Fortress III); General flying; Stalling; Descent; Check list before landing; Approach speeds; Mislanding; After landing. Part III - Operating Data. Engine data, Wright Cyclone R-1820-65 or R-1820-97; Position error correction; Flying limitations; Maximum performance; Maximum range; Fuel capacities. Part IV - Emergencies. Engine failure during take-off; Enginefailure during flight; Feathering; Unfeathering; Failure of Minneapolis-Ho neywill turboregulator; Undercarriage emergency operation; Flaps emergency operation; Brakes emergency operation; Jettisoning ball turret; Bomb jettisoning; Bomb doors emergency operation; Parachute exits; Fire extinguishers;Dinghies and ditching; Inciendiary bombs; Crash axes. Margins browned, wit h some neat penned corrections, else very good. 40.00

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6 Amateur Yacht Research Society). MORWOOD, John. HOGG, John. A.Y.R.S. Publication No. 56. Sailing Figures
Amateur Yacht Research Society, Hythe, Kent, 1966, 
(Amateur Yacht Research Society). Sailing Figures. Hythe, Kent: Amateur Yacht Research Society, 1966. First Printing. Pp. [1]-86,(2), including covers. Illustrated. 8vo, self-wraps, cover illustration of the Kurrewa. A.Y.R.S.Publication Number 56. Includes: G.F.H. Singleton on the AYRS Cruising Yac ht Design Competition; Bruce Clark's hydrofoils; Charles Satterthwaite and John Morwood on "The Scientific Method" and its application to hulls; The Racing Keelboat; Morwood on the Ten Degree Yacht; Edmund Bruce's "Performance Measuring Instruments for Sailing Craft"(pp.36-48); John Hogg's "Yacht Performance Measurement" (pp.49-69); and Bill Mehaffey on "The Recirulation Tank". Light wear, else vg. Due to its small size, shipping charges should be cheaper than quoted. 22.00

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7 AMES, James Barr. Lectures on Legal History and Miscellaneous Legal Essays. With a Memoir.
Harvard University Press / Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, Cambridge / London , 1913, 
AMES, James Barr. Lectures on Legal History and Miscellaneous Legal Essays.With a Memoir. Cambridge : Harvard University Press / London : Humphrey Mi lford, Oxford University Press, (May) 1913. Second Thousand (Printing). Pp [i]-viii,[1]-553,(1), frontispiece portrait. Index. Large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine, top edge gilt, others untrimmed. Ames (1846-1910) was dean of Harvard Law School from 1895 to 1910. Contents : Memoir of James Barr Ames. Points in Legal History: I. The Salic and Anglo-Saxon Courts. II. Substantive Law before the Time of Bracton. III. Appeals. IV. Trespass de Bonis Asportatis. V. Replevin. VI. Detinue. VII. Trover. VIII. Debt. IX.Covenant. X. Specialty Contracts and Equitable Defenses. XI. Account. XII. Simple Contracts prior to Assumpsit. XIII. Express Assumpsit. XIV. Implied Assumpsit. XV. Assumpsit for Use and Occupation. XVI. The Disseisin of Cha ttels. XVII. The Nature of Ownership. XVIII. The Inalienability of Choses in Acttion. XIX. Injuries to Realty. XX. The Origin of Uses. XXI. The Originof Trusts. XXII. Specific Performance of Contracts. Miscellaneous Legal Es says: Purchase for Value without Notice; The Doctrine of Price v. Neal; TheFailure of the "Tilden Trust"; Novation; Can a Murderer acquire Title by h is Crime, &c.; Two Theories of Consideration; The Vocation of the Law Professor; Mutuality in Specific Performance; Specific Performance for and against Strangers, &c.; Forged Transfers of Stock; How far an Act may be a Tort because of the wrongful Motive, &c.; Following misappropriated Property into its Product; Constructive Trusts based upon the Breach of an express oralTrust of Land; Law and Morals; Undisclosed Principal — His Rights and Liab ilities; James Bradley Thayer; Christopher Columbus Langdell. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Bubbling to cloth, penned giftinscription on paperclipped name card, rust stains from paperclip, else a very good copy. 75.00

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8 AMIS, Kingsley Alteration, The. First American Edition in dustjacket
Viking Press, New York, 1977, ISBN:0670115223 
AMIS, Kingsley. The Alteration. New York : The Viking Press, (1977). First American Edition. Winner of the 1977 John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel "The year is 1976, and Stephen III, King of England, has lately died. Mozart's Second Requiem (K.878) is being sung at the Cathedral Basilica of St. George at Coverley (pronounced Cowley) for the laying-to-rest of the monarch. Above choir and orchestra soars the faultless boy soprano voice of Hubert Anvil. It is a once-in-a-century talent. Althoughhe cannot yet know it, today's performance before a brilliant internationa l congregation - including two emissaries of the Holy Office - will alter his destiny but save his voice if certain of his elders have their way. In the world-as-we-know-it the last such castrato died in 1922, but this is another world altogether, spared the Reformation back in the sixteenth centurywhen Martin Luther became Pope. As Hubert is made aware of what may be in store for him, some unsuspected allies, including his father's not-so-celibate chaplain and the New Englander ambassador spring up. Around him swirls a whirlpool of piety, menace, terror, and passion - a vortex from which no reader can or will escape until the final resolution." - from the dj. Very good in slightly torn dustjacket. 15.00

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9 ANDERTON, David A. WATANABE, Rikyu Hellcat. in dj
1981, ISBN:0517542595 
ANDERTON, David A. Hellcat. NY: Crown, (1981). Pp 56. Illustrated with numerous photos and diagrams to text and folding coloured drawings from pp 9-17and pp 33-40. 4to, white cloth. "David Anderton tells the story of the Gru mman Hellcat from its first design to its ultimate testing in the Pacific. Featured are full performance data for the two principal models, the F6F-3 and the F6F-5. The illustrations by Rikyu Watanabe show the aircraft from all perspectives, inside and out, including cross-sectional and cutaway views". -from the dust jacket. Very good in rubbed dj. 25.00

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10 ANDREWS, Julie Home : A Memoir of My Early Years. First Edition in dustjacket, Signed
Hyperion Books, New York, 2008, ISBN:0786865652 
ANDREWS, Julie. Home : A Memoir of My Early Years. New York : Hyperion Books, (2008). First Printing. Pp (14),1-339,(1) + 32 pages of b&w photos. 8vo,yellow cloth spine, off-white paper-covered boards, gilt lettering to fron t & spine. Dame Julia Elizabeth "Julie" Andrews, DBE, (née Wells (b. October 1, 1935, Walton-on-Thames, England) is an English actress, singer, and author. "Since her first appearance on screen in Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews has played a series of memorable roles that have endeared her to generations. But she has never told the story of her life before fame. Until now. In Home: A Memoir of My Early Years, Julie takes her readers on a warm, moving, and often humorous journey from a difficult upbringing in war-torn Britain to the brink of international stardom in America. Her memoir begins in 1935, when Julie was born to an aspiring vaudevillian mother and a teacher father, and takes readers to 1962, when Walt Disney himself saw her on Broadway and cast her as the world's most famous nanny. Along the way, she weathered the London Blitz of World War II; her parents' diivorce; her mother's turbulent second marriage to Canadian tenor Ted Andrews, and a childhood spent on radio, in music halls, and giving concert performances all over England. Julie's professional career began at the agee age of twelve, and in 1948 she became the youngest solo performer ever to participate in a Royal Command Performance before the Queen. kjueen. When only eighteen, she left home for the United States to make her Broadway debut in The Boy Friend, and thus began her meteoric rise to stardom. Home is filled with numerous anecdotes. including stories of performing in My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison on Broadway and in the West End, and in Camelot with Richard Burton; ay ; her first marriage to famed set and costume designer Tony Walton, culminating with the birth of their daughter, Emma; and the call from Hollywood and what lay beyond. Julie Andrews' career has flourished over seven decades. From her legendary Broadway performances, to her roles in such iconic films as The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hawaii, 10, and The Princess Diaries, to her award-winning television appearances, multiple album releases, concert tours, international humanitarian work, best-selling children's books, and championship of literacy, Julie's influence spans generations. Today, she lives with her husband of thirty-eight years, the acclaimed writer/director Blake Edwards; they have five children and seven grandchildren. Featuring over fifty personal photos, many never before seen, this is the personal memoir Julie Andrews' audiences have been waiting for.Light wear to foot of spine, else very good in nicked, unclipped dustjacke t (with Autographed Copy sticker on front). 150.00

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11 ANSEL, William D. Whaleboat : A Study of Design, Construction and Use from 1850 to 1970. First Edition, Paperback
Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT , 1978, ISBN:0913372404 
ANSEL, William D. The Whaleboat : A Study of Design, Construction and Use from 1850 to 1970. (Mystic, CT : Mystic Seaport Museum, 1978). First Edition. Pp [i]-v,(1),1-147,(3). Illustrated. Index. Double Column. Oblong 8vo, illustrated blue card covers, white lettering to front. Forster, The South Sea Whaler : An Annotated Bibliography 159. Contents : Introduction. 1. Development of the Whaleboat to 1870. 2. Performance and Use. 3. Lines of the Whaleboat. 4. Hull Structure. 5. Fittings and Equipment. 6. Sailing Rigs. 7. Whaleboat Production. 8. Building Methods. 9. Painting, Repairs, and Maintenance of Whaleboats. 10. The Whaleboat and Related Types. Appendices : A. Sailing Plans and Rigs. B. Notes, Lines, and Construction Drawings of Whaleboats. Spine and top corner sunned to white, small stain to bottom margin ofpp. v and vi, top corner of title-page clipped, else very good. 35.00

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12 ARIMA, E. Y. National Museum of Canada Bull.189 Report on an Eskimo Umiak Built at Ivuyivik, P.Q., in the Summer of 1960. signed
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources, Ottawa, 1963, 
ARIMA, E. Y. Report on an Eskimo Umiak Built at Ivuyivik, P.Q., in the Summer of 1960. Ottawa : Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources,1963. Pp (4),v-vi,1-83,(3). Illustrated. 8vo, tan card covers, lettered in black. National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. 189, Anthropological Series No. 59. Contents : Part I. Introduction : Acknowledgments; "Women's Boat"; Distribution; Form; Some uses and sociocultural aspects. Part II. The Ivuyivik Umiak : Materials; Construction of the framework; Covering the framework; Accessories; Performance; Authenticity; Economic and social aspects; Some historical notes. French Résumé. Appendix : Note on spelling; Eskimo terms for parts of the umiak; Udjuk hunt expenditures. Institutional library stamp, stain to fore-edge of back cover, corner section of last two leaves clipped but without loss of text, else very good. Signed and dated by the author. . 30.00

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13 ARMSTRONG, Louis Louis Armstrong and His Concert Group : The Ambassador of Jazz.
Associated Booking Corp., New York, 1954, 
(ARMSTRONG, Louis). Louis Armstrong and His Concert Group : The Ambassador of Jazz. New York : Associated Booking Corp., n.d. [1950s?]. Pp (20). Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, illustrated red stapled wrappers. Programme forLouis Armstrong performance, mostly photographs and biographical informati on. Includes “An Appreciation of Louis Armstrong” by Tallulah Bankhead. “Due to the ad lib quality of this music, not formal program is possible. It is likely, however, that the following numbers will be heard...”. Tear to fore-edge of front cover, crease to back cover, else good. 25.00

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14 ARROW, John New Design for Sail.. First Edition in dustjacket
Art and Technics, London, 1951, 
ARROW, John. New Design for Sail. London : Art and Technics, [58 Frith Street, W1], 1951. First Editon. Pp (8),9-88 + frontispiece. The plate section (pp.57-88) contains 57 b&w photos. Text Illustrations. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Toy 4714. "Unlike many of the Englishman's traditional sports, Yachting has not faded with the way of life that brought it into being. On the contrary more people are sailing than ever betore, and they are bringing to their pastime a striving for technical expertise wholly in line with the urges of their environment. But yachtsmen today not only thinkharder about their sailing—they think harder aoout their boats, large or s mall, than did their forefathers. They have grasp of the relation between design and performance which is quite new in a sport in which the amateur decisively dominates the scene, and they have shown themselves quick to appreciate the advantages which new methods of fabrication, and new materials, may offer them. This discriminating enthusiasm has advanced the art of yacntdesign, still mainly in professional hands like the science of yacht build ing itself, at an unprecedented rate. New Design for Sail synthesizes the various influences and trends which have combined to produce the contemporary sailing vessel, and demonstrates it as a new Classic Type, completely in accord both with the aspirations of modern yachtsmen and the facilities which modern technology has placed at their disposal. The illustrations include over 20 diagrams in the text and nearly 90 photographs. John Arrow has been sailing in all types of yacht for the past 25 years. He has made an extensive study of the latest trends in design, and as Yachting Correspondent for a daily newspaper he has been able to make a critical assessment of performance." (from the dj). Contents : The Hull (Form - Construction - Accommodation); Sails and Running Rigging (Sail Plan - Materials - Running Rigging); Masts, Spars and Standing Rigging (Function); Gear; Conclusion, With index. The plates include "Uffa Fox's Flying 25 (Kingfisher)", "Regatta at Cowes, 1911", "Ranelagh Sailing Club", "Start of the North Sea Race, 1950", "Myth of Malham", and many more. Very good in chipped, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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15 Atlantic Development Board Fisheries in the Atlantic Provinces. Background Study No. 3.
Atlantic Development Board, Ottawa, 1969, 
(Atlantic Development Board). Fisheries in the Atlantic Provinces. Background Study No. 3. Ottawa : Atlantic Development Board, 1969. Pp (4),[i]-ix,(1),1-96,(6). Map. Tables. 4to, blue and white printed card covers. Contents : 1. Development of the Atlantic Fishery. 2. Fish Marketing Prospects (Consumption of Groundfish; Marketing of Groundfish; Consumption and Marketing of Herring Fishmeal and Oil). 3. The Nature of the Resource. 4. Estimates ofLandings, 1975. 5. Inshore Fisheries (Newfoundland: The Cod Fishery; The L obster Fishery; Herring Fishery; "Intermediate" Type Fisheries). 6. The Offshore Fishery (Catch Trends; Fleet Expansion: Estimates of 197 5 Performance; Implications of Meeting 1975 Production Targets). 7. Processing Plants (Interprovincial Comparisons of Fish-Processing P1ants; Trends in Plant Efficiencies; Size of Firm in Fish Processing). 8. Conclusions. Name inkstamp, else very good. 50.00

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16 ATTALI, Jacques. Noise : The Political Economy of Music. Translation by Brian Massumi. Foreword by Frederic Jameson. Afterword by Susan McClary
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis , 1985, ISBN:0816612870 
ATTALI, Jacques. Noise : The Political Economy of Music. Translation by Brian Massumi. Foreword by Frederic Jameson. Afterword by Susan McClary. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, (1985). Pp [i]-xiv,[1]-179,(3). Index. 8vo, illustrated brown card covers. Theory and History of Literature, Volume 16. “In Attali's historical account, the reciprocal relation between music and political economy occurs in four overlapping stages, which also define the structure of this book. The first three stages are sacrifice, characterized by the ritual practices of sacred societies; representation, music-making as a professional activity tied to the marketplace, with music itself a commodity but still as live performance, and repetition, the era of the recording, when music as commodity is offered in endless reproduction, with live performance secondary and the creationof demand all-important. A fourth stage, composition, is in Attali's account a Utopian sketch, not yetclear in its implications; people will make their own music, for themselve s, prefiguring a free and decentralized society and political economy.” (p.i). Very good. 25.00

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17 Aviation Magazine) RPM. Vol. 1, No. 6
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Incorporated, 1930, 
(Aviation Magazine). RPM. Vol. 1, No. 6. [New York] : A publication of Socony-Vacuum Oil Company Incorporated, n.d. [1930s?]. Pp (16) including covers. Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, illustrated grey stapled wrappers. Contents : Tail Winds; On he World's Air Lines; D.N.L.-Norway's Air Line; What'sin the Air; "Sabena" - of Belgium; Trans-Oceanic Air Services; Performance Record; Whitney Charter Service. Penned name and address, rubbed, small su rface tear, else very good. 35.00

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18 Aviation) Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design April 1965
Department of Transportation, 1965, 
(Aviation). Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design April 1965. (Washington): Department of Transportation, April 1965. This consolidated reprint incorporates Changes 1 through 14. Pp. [291], various paginations. Illustrated with many tables and charts. 4to, blue printed paper covers. Federal Aviation Administration AC 150/5325-4. A series of papers providing aircraft performance data and setting forth standards for the determination of runway lengths to be provided atairports. Creasing to front rear corner, smudge to rear cover, else vg. 40.00

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19 BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel Cassell Books on Music series MITCHELL, William J., trans. Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments. Second Edition in dustjacket.
Cassell and Company Limited, London, 1951, 
BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel. Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments. Translated and Edited by William J. Mitchell. London: Cassell and Company, Limited, (1951). Second Edition. Pp. (6),vii-xiii,(1),1-449,(1), including portrait frontispiece. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth with gilt titles to spine. "This work not only presents the best keyboard method of the eighteenth century but is a compendium of the entire practice of music in the times of Frederick the Great. It laid down principles derived from the 'old Bach', Johann Sebastian, in such a manner that it became the foundation for all the subsequent works of Clementi, Cramer and Hummel. This treatise is indispensable for every well-informed musician and music lover, for in it are explained in great detail all the technical and aesthetic precepts ofthe music of the mid-eighteenth century." -from the dustjacket. Very good in spine-nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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20 BADIOU, Alain). DURING, Elie). BORJA-VILLEL, Manuel J. BLISTENE, Bernard. Theater Without Theater. Paperback.
Museu d'Art Contemporani / Fundacao de Arte Moderna a Contemporanea -, Barcelona and Lisbon, 2007, ISBN:9788489771505 
(BORJA-VILLEL, Manuel J.). A Theater Without Theater. (Barcelona and Lisbon): Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona / Museu Colecção Berardo, Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, (2007). First Printing. Pp. (18),[19]-355,(13). Copiously illustrated. Large square 8vo, illustrated white and grey card covers,french flaps, red and black lettering to front cover and spine. "We begin with a double negation: 'A Theater without Theater' is neither a history ofthe theater nor a show of those artists who've designed stage sets. On the contrary, this exhibition examines the way in which the theatrical has alt ered our perception of the nature of the work of art and its position in the division of the visible. It is, in short, a reflection on how subjectivities and the place of the subject are shaped in the network of discourses and ideologies." - from Borja-Villel's foreword. Contents: Manuel J. Borja-Villel's "A Theater without Theater: The Place of the Subject"; "A Theatre ofOperations: A Discussion between Alain Badiou and Elie During"; Patricia F alguières's "Playground"; "What's Happening, Man? An interview with Jean-Jacques Lebel" by Bernard Blistène; Pedro G. Romero's "Actors, Situations, Outcomes: Theater Machine and Theater: Subaltern Stages in the Spanish State"; Bernard Blistène and Yann Chateigné's "Introduction to the Itinerary"; Blistène's "James Coleman. So Different... and Yet, 1980"; Marc Dachy's glossary; a chronology (1896-1989) by Anne Stenne. Very good. Due to its size, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage costs on international orders. 125.00

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