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1 ALLISTER, William Handful of Rice. 1st pr
Secker & Warburg, 1961, 
ALLISTER, William. A Handful of Rice. L: Secker & Warburg, (1961). First Printing. Pp. 288. 8vo, green cloth, silver titles to spine. A novel set in aJapanese POW camp in Malaya, where a group of mainly Canadian prisoners st ruggle to stay alive. Wrinkling to front paste-down, owner's name inkstamped to title page, else vg in dj (with some faint rubbing to the rear panel).30.00

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2 ALLMAND, Christopher, (ed.) Warfare in History series Society at War : The Experience of England and France during the Hundred Yeras War. New Edition in dustjacket
Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 1998, ISBN:085115672x 
ALLMAND, Christopher, (ed.). Society at War : The Experience of England andFrance during the Hundred Yeras War. (Woodbridge) : The Boydell Press, (19 98). New Edition. Pp (4),v-xx,1-236. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "The impact of war on England and France in the late middle ages,and the reaction to the conflict between them, is fully explored through t he evidence and commentary presented here. The Hundred Years War forms the framework for the chosen documents, all from the fourteenth and fifteenth century. Extracts illuminate how men thought about war and how they faced upto it in practice, the problems of manpower, and the effects of the milita ry needs of the day on society. The importance of economic motives in goingto war is considered, together with the changing methods used in fighting the war and the role of the noncombatant who contributed financially, materially and morally towards his country's war effort. Finally, the attempts at peace-making are illustrated, showing how war did not end suddenly, sinceits effects - social, economic and political - were felt for many years af ter it was officially over." (rom the dj). Contents : Part I : LATE MEDIEVAL ATTITUDES TO WAR. 1. The justifications for war. 2. War and chivalry. 3. The professional attitude. 4. The opponents of war. 5. The judgement of God. Part II : ARMIES AND THEIR ORGANISATION. 1. The French army. 2. The English army. 3. Muster and review. 4. Non-military personnel and transport. 5. Weapons. 6. Provisions. 7. The navy. Part III : THE ENTICEMENTS OF WAR. 1. Wages. 2. Pillage and booty. 3. Prisoners and ransoms. 4. Appatis. 5. Land.6. The consequences of enticement. 7. Enticement, indiscipline and its sol utions. Part IV : THE PRACTICE OF WAR. 1. Training for war. 2. Declaration of war. 3. War on land. 4. War at sea. Part V : WAR AND THE CIVILIAN POPULATION. 1. Attitudes to the non-combatant. 2. Paying for war. 3. Involvement in war. 4. War and nationalism. 5. Profit and loss. Part VI DIPLOMACY, PEACE AND THEIR AFTERMATH. 1. Peacemaking. 2. The problems of peace. 3. Measures for economic revival. FINAL COMMENTS. APPENDIX : 'Battle Plan for the Agincourt campaign. Very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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3 American Neptune PETRIE, Donald A. GIBSON, Charles Dana FONTENOY, Paul E. American Neptune : A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History and Arts, Volume54, No. 3, Summer 1994.
Peabody Museum of Salem and Essex Institute, Salem, MA , 1994, 
(American Neptune). The American Neptune : A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History and Arts, Volume 54, No. 3, Summer 1994. Salem, MA : Peabody Museumof Salem and Essex Institute, 1994. Pp (3),164-240. Illustrated. Double Co lumn. 4to, illustrated blue card covers. Contents : Forbidden Prizes (by Donald A. Petrie, pp 165-174); The Early Evolution of the Sloops of the Hudson River, 1620-1800 (by Paul E. Fontenoy, 175-186); Prisoners of War vs. Internees: The Merchant Mariner Experience of World War II (by Charles Dana Gibson, pp 187-193); The Fate of the Washington, 1775-1776: A Precedent for Future British Conduct (by Philip Ranlet, pp 194-198); The Periagua: A Traditional Workboat of the New York / New Jersey Area (by Kevin K. Olsen, pp 199-203); The John William Stark Shipping Papers (by Victor A. Lewinson, pp 204-207); plus news and book reviews. Very good. 10.00

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4 ANDREYEV, Catherine. VLASOV, Andrey Andreyevich. Soviet and East European Studies, 51. Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Movement : Soviet reality and emigre theories. First Edition, Paperback..
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, Port Chester, Melbourne, Sydney, 1989, ISBN:0521389607 
ANDREYEV, Catherine. Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Movement : Soviet reality and emigre theories. Cambridge, New York, Port Chester, Melbourne, Sydney : Cambridge University Press, (1989). First Paperback Printing [originally published in 1987]. Pp. (10),ix-xiv,1-251,(5). With two maps. 8vo, photo-illustrated purple card covers with whtie and black lettering to spine. Soviet and East European Studies, number 51. "'Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Movement' deals with the attempt by Soviet citizens to create a Russian anti-Stalinist liberation movement during the Second World War. These Soviet citizens were mainly prisoners-of-war, forced labourers or part of thepopulation of the occupied territories of the USSR. The Liberation Movemen t was encouraged by German officers who disagreed with Nazi policy towards the USSR, as their experience showed that treating the population as 'sub-humans' (Untermensch) merely increased resistance to Nazi occupation. Throughout the development of the Liberation Movement there existed a divergence of aims between the Russian members who wished to form an army and a political movement which would effect change within the USSR, and its German supporters who merely wished to alter the type of propaganda directed towards the population of the USSR. Catherine Andreyev provides an account of the evolution of the Russian Liberation Movement and examines the motivation of the titular leader of the Movement, Lieutenant-General Andrey Andreyevich Vlasov. The main focus of the book is the ideology of the Liberation Movement, the importance of which lies in the fact that it represented the first grass-roots opposition movement within the Soviet Union since the end of the Civil War in 1922. The programme of the Movement reflects issues which would have been raised by citizens in the 1930s had they been free to do so. Catherine Andreyev examines influences on the programme, and the ideas expressed are placed within the context of the pre-war Soviet and Russian emigre society." - from the rear cover. Contents: Part I: Foundations: 1. Red ArmyCommander; 2. Ostpolitik; 3. Decision to lead; 4. KONR and the final stage s. Part II: Ideals: 1. High hopes; 2. Reality. Part III: The Russian Idea: 1. At home; 2. From foreign shores; 3. Splicing old and new. With appendices, select bibliography and index. Light spotting to initial and final leaves, else very good

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History of the Convict Ship Success and dramatic story of some of the Prisoners of the Convict Ship: a vivid fragment of penal history, Australia - Convict Ship
5 Australia - Convict Ship History of the Convict Ship Success and dramatic story of some of the Prisoners of the Convict Ship: a vivid fragment of penal history
Jantzen Printing Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 1929, 
(Australia - Convict Ships). The History of the Convict Ship "Success" and dramatic story of some of the Prisoners of the Convict Ship: a vivid fragment of penal history. (Cleveland, Ohio : Jantzen Printing Co., 1929). Pp 191. Illustrated. 8vo, printed brown card. A fairly sound chronicle denouncingof the evils of Britain's historical practice of transporting convicts to Australia, illustrated with extremely lurid staged photographs apparently taken from an American silent film on the subject. Very slightly rubbed, else vg. 70.00

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6 AVEDON, Richard AVEDON, Richard In the American West 1979-1984. First Edition in acetate dustjacket
Abrams, New York, 1985, ISBN:0810923017 
AVEDON, Richard. In the American West 1979-1984. New York : Harry N. Abrams, (1985). First Edition. Pp (172, including one foldout). Unpaginated. Illustrated with black & white portraits. Folio, brown cloth with b&w portraitsmounted on front and rear covers. Texts by Avedon (a two-page foreword) an d Laura Wilson ("Background", 15 pages). The West for Avedon's purpose comprises Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. His subjects include waitresses, prisoners, a grave digger, a Los Alamos scientist (Emory J. Stovall), carneys, drifters, miners, oilfield workers, some livstock (now longer live), and others. Near fine in a cetate dustjacket. 250.00

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7 BAGNALL, J. Stanley, Capt. (ed.). LOGAN, H. Meredith MINGO, Lt.-Col. ROPER, J.S. 1933 Annual Journal of The United Services Institute of Nova Scotia. Sixth Year. Volume Six
United Services Institute of Nova Scotia, Halifax, 1933, 
BAGNALL, J. Stanley, Capt. (ed.). 1933 Annual Journal of The United Services Institute of Nova Scotia. Sixth Year. Volume Six. Halifax, N.S.: United Services Institute of Nova Scotia, 1933. Pp [1]-85,(1). Advertisements. 8vo,rebound in spiral bound card covers. Articles : “Melville Island, the Mili tary Prison of Halifax” by Major H.M. Logan (pp 12-34); “Prisoners of War, 1914-1918” by Lt. Col. Mingo (pp 35-53); “The Imperial War Graves Commission” by Major J.S. Roper (pp 54-65); “The Murmansk Campaign, 1918-1919” by Col. L.H. MacKenzie (pp 66-74). Very good. 95.00

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8 BAGNALL, J. Stanley, Capt. (ed.). ROPER, J.S. LOGAN, H.M. MacKENZIE, L.H. 1933 Annual Journal of The United Services Institute of Nova Scotia. Sixth Year. Volume Six
United Services Institute of Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S., 1932, 
BAGNALL, J. Stanley, Capt. (ed.). 1933 Annual Journal of The United Services Institute of Nova Scotia. Sixth Year. Volume Six. Halifax, N.S.: United Services Institute of Nova Scotia, 1933. Pp [1]-85,(1). 8vo, red printed card covers. Articles : “Melville Island, the Military Prison of Halifax” by Major H.M. Logan (pp 12-34); “Prisoners of War, 1914-1918” by Lt. Col. Mingo(pp 35-53); “The Imperial War Graves Commission” by Major J.S. Roper (pp 5 4-65); “The Murmansk Campaign, 1918-1919” by Col. L.H. MacKenzie (pp 66-74). Tape-repair to fore-edge, faded, a few pencilled notes, else good to verygood. 135.00

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9 BELBENOIT, Rene. RAMBO, Preston, trans. LA VARRE, William, intro. Dry Guillotine : Fifteen Years Among the Living Dead. Hardcover in dustjacket.
Blue Ribbon Books, New York, 1940, 
BELBENOIT, Rene. "Prisoner No. 46635". Dry Guillotine : Fifteen Years Amongthe Living Dead. Illustrations by a Fellow Prisoner. The text in this volu me is based on the original translation from the French by Preston Rambo. With an introduction by William La Varre. New York : Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., (1940). (6),9-345,(9), + 12 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth with black lettering and decoration to front board and spine,top edge dyed red. Jules René Lucien Belbenoît, b. April 4, 1899, Paris; d . February 26, 1959, California. Belbenoit's memoirs of imprisonment (for theft) and escape from the Devil's Island penal colony in French Guiana. "Rene Belbenoit knew the worst the penal colony could offer. He spent months of hell in the grave-like isolation cells of the dreaded Ile Royale, where men go mad from solitary confinement on bread and water, or else maim themselves to gain the privilege of seeing daylight again in the prison infirmary. [...] His final triumph, after heart-breaking misfortune which would havekilled six ordinary men or driven them insane, meant two more years of rub bing shoulders with death through fever-infested jungles. Without food or equipment; beset on all sides by deadly reptiles, wild animals and hostile Indians; practically eaten alive by insects; he schemed and fought his way up through South and Central America -- the only survivor from Devil's Island ever to reach the haven of the United States alive and tell his story!" -from the dustjacket. Discolouration to outer hinges, else very good in edg eworn dustjacket. 30.00

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10 BEMELMANS, Ludwig My War with the United States. Second American Printing in dustjacket
Viking Press, New York, 1949, 
BEMELMANS, Ludwig. My War with the United States. New York : The Viking Press, (July) 1937. Second Printing. Pp (10),9-151,(7). Illustrated. 8vo, beige illustrated cloth, spine lettering in black, top edge dyed red. "Ludwig Bemelmans, as these words are written, is somewhere in Ecuador, winding slowly on horseback toward the head-waters of the Amazon. When he reaches the coast some weeks from now, he will board a small tramp steamer named the Comedian and sail for the Galapagos Islands. What he will do after that, no one, not even himself, has the faintest idea. When Ludwig Bemelmans first came to America he worked as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant. Some years later he was the proprietor of the Hapsburg, one of the ftnest restaurants in New York. Recently he has devoted ail the time he could spare from his wife and his daughter to writing and illustrating. Hansi and The Golden Basket are two books from his pen whose charming individuality has endeared them togrown- ups as well as to the children for whom they were made. The studio of Jascha Heifetz and the stage decor for Noah stand to his credit, as do articles, stories, and illustrations in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, Fortune, and Story." (from the dj). "The chapters of this book were translated from the pages of my German diary which I kept during my service in the United States army." (from the Foreword). Contents : Foreword; Please Don't Shoot; Tile Operation; Summer Sprouts; The Good Prisoners; Mad Maitre d'Hotel; To the Left; Tirol in Buffalo; David; The Mess in Order; The Buttermachine; Night on Guard; A Trip to Mississipi; Leave of Absence; The Widow from Scranton; Polish Kate's; The Army Is Like a Mother; Bayonet School. Ludwig Bemelmans (April 27, 1898 – October 1, 1962) was an Austria-Hungary-born American writer and illustrator of children's books. He is known best for the Madeline picture books. Very good in chipped, browned, price-clipped dustjacket. 22.00

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11 BENBOW, Colin Boer Prisoners of War in Bermuda. Second Edition
Bermuda College, Devonshire, Bermuda, 1982, 
BENBOW, Colin. Boer Prisoners of War in Bermuda. Devonshire, Bermuda: Bermuda College, 1982. Second printing 1982. Pp. 124. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated orange card covers. Hallett, Bermuda in Print : A Guide to the Printed Literature on Bermuda, 2nd ed., pp.23-24. A study of the Afrikaan prisonersfrom the Boer War that were sent as PoWs to Bermuda. Spine slightly faded, else very good. 40.00

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12 BIRD, Will R. VENESS, Jack M. FAIRWEATHER, Jack L. Two Jacks : The Amazing Adventures of Major Jack M. Veness and Major Jack L. Fairweather. First British Edition in dustjacket
William Kimber, London, 1955, 
BIRD, Will R. The Two Jacks : The Amazing Adventures of Major Jack M. Veness and Major Jack L. Fairweather. As told to Will R. Bird. London: William Kimber, (1955). First British Printing. Pp. (4),5-205,(3, publisher's ads) +portrait frontispiece + 5 leaves of photos. 8vo, dark red cloth, gilt lett ering to spine. Watters p.466, Rhodenizer pp.669, 696, Laugher p.38. "The Extraordinary Adventures of two Canadian officers who escaped and dought side by side with a ruthless Maquis leader" - front panel of the dustjacket. "Jack Fairweather and Jack Veness are two Canadians who enlisted about the same time, met in England, and were both sent as Lieutenants to the Nova Scotia Highlanders. Thev were in action on D-Day and after some gruelling fighting both were taken prisoner. Their experiences as prisoners in the hands of the Germans and their thrilling joint escape are in themselves remarkable and gripping episodes. But what crowns their story, and singles it out from the usual escaper's chronicle, is the extraordinary experiences that befell them after they had made contact with the French Resistance and joined a group of Maquis fighters in the Loire region led by a 'Captain Le Coz'. The ruthless and bizarre behaviour of this man, his wild and unorthodox 'expeditions', have the atmosphere of a nightmare which could be dismissed as fantasy were it not for the narrative of these two officers and for the premature sequel of his trial and execution in Angers." - from the dustjacket. With review slip from the publisher giving the publication date as "31 May 1955" with a rubber date stamp. Cocked, foxing to edges, brown stains to endpapers, else very good in spine-sunned, rubbed, torn and chipped, but unclipped, dustjacket. 55.00

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Soviet Psychiatric Abuse : The Shadow over World Psychiatry . First American Edition in dustjacket, BLOCH, Sidney, and Peter REDDAWAY REDDAWAY, Peter
13 BLOCH, Sidney, and Peter REDDAWAY REDDAWAY, Peter Soviet Psychiatric Abuse : The Shadow over World Psychiatry . First American Edition in dustjacket
Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1985, ISBN:0813302099 
BLOCH, Sidney, and Peter REDDAWAY. Soviet Psychiatric Abuse : The Shadow over World Psychiatry. Boulder, Colorado : Westview Press, (1985). First American Edition. Pp (6),[7]-288,+ 16 pp plates. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

"Now, in their new book, these two authors describe the ensuing struggle to alert the world to this outrage against human rights and human dignity, and thus to put pressure upon the Soviet Union to end this odious practice. The struggle has not been an easy one. The World Psychiatric Association (WPA), which links together the many national psychiatric organizations, has been deeply divided. Communist-aligned countries have of course supported the Soviet Union and have denounced the allegations as Cold War propaganda: the authors' own book was branded as "well- composed slander". And many Western psychiatrists took the view that it would be detrimental to the welfare of the WPA to allow political matters to intrude into what was essentiallv a scientific body. The issue came to a head, dramatically, at the WPA's Honolulu Congress, when at the end of a cliff-hanging debate a resolution condemning Soviet practice was passed by a small majority.

Now the battle was joined. The Russians proposed to defy the resolution. The WPA set up a Review Committee to investigate and publicize all further cases of psychiatric abuse. The Russians suppressed a remarkable pressure group set up by dissidents inside the Soviet Union, which for four years (1977-81) had documented the abuses in great detail and addressed many appeals to the West - all its members were arrested, psychiatrist Anatoly Koryagin drawing the longest sentence—of 12 years. The book contains the first systematic account of this group's heroic work. Within the WPA, the Russians stalled and prevaricateited, but none-the-less some Western psychiatrists were able to visit the Soviet Union and assess some 'ex-patients' for themmselves. Finally, with the approach of the next WPA Congress (Vienna, 1983), and the strong possibility of expulsion, the Russians chose to antricipate this move and resigned from the world organization. The Congress was confused, but the vote condemning psychiatric abuse was overwhelming this time." (from the dj).

Contents :
1. Political Abuse: What Is It?
2. The Honolulu Congress: The First Great Clash.
3. Resistance at Home: Growth and Suppression.
4. The Review Committee: An Attempt to Investigate.
5. Honolulu to Vienna: The Opposition Intensifies.
6. Dialogue or Confrontation — The Movement to Expel.
7. The Resignation: The Russians Retreat.
8. Vienna and Bevond.

Appendices :
I. The Declaration of Hawaii, 1983.
II. How Can Foreigners Help the Victims of Soviet Psychiatric Abuse? (V. Bakhmin).
III. Open Letter to World Psychiatrists from Dr Anatoly Koryagin.
IV. The Psychiatric Internments of Alexander Shatravka.
V. Letter of Resignation from the All-Union Soviet Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists.
VI. List of Victims of Psychiatric Abuse, 1977-1983.
Very good in dustjacket. 40.00

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14 BOILEAU, John Half-Hearted Enemies : Nova Scotia, New England, and the War of 1812. Paperback.
Formac Publishing Company Limited, Halifax, 2005, ISBN:0887806570 
BOILEAU, John. Half-Hearted Enemies : Nova Scotia, New England, and the Warof 1812. Halifax: Formac Publishing Company Limited, (2005). Pp. (6),[7]-1 76. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated white card covers. A volume focusing largely on the indifferent relations between two regions supposedly at war, in Nova Scotia and New England, and the reluctance of Nova Scotia's merchants -- in spite of strong suggestions from the English Crown - to cease and desist their business relations with the Americans during the War of 1812. "[...] Upper and Lower Canada quickly became the main battleground, but in Nova Scotia, merchants were reluctant to imperil a strong and long-standing trading partnership with their new England neighbours. While officially at war, they tried to maintain a separate peace. "Half-Hearted Enemies explores this ambiguous wartime relationship. It examines the role played by Nova Scotia in the war, and the impact of the conflict on the lives of everyone, military and civilian alike. [...] offers vivid descriptions of some of the largest battles. He also recounts the human cost of the conflict: the economic impact of war, garrison and prison life, and the inevitable flow of refugees. "While the British navy carried on its operations against the US from its base in Halifax, the war also created opportunity for private naval warfare by the many privateers that plied the waters of the eastern seaboard. Many American prisoners were brought to Halifax, and some who died in thenotorious Melville Island prison still lay buried in an almost-forgotten c emetery nearby." - from the rear cover. Of nautical interest: 1. "Don't Give Up the Ship!", 2. Prize, Profit, and Privateers, 6. Spoils of War. Very good. 12.00

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15 BOREHAM, Dennis W. Cedar Series No. 10. Prisoners of the Sea. in dj.
Victory Press., 1968, 
BOREHAM, Dennis W. Prisoners of the Sea. L: Victory Press. Pp 119. Illustrated with map frontis. 8vo, illustrated card covered boards. Cedar Series No. 10. "Boys and Girls 9-13" "Double trouble! With two sets of twins around we may expect some fun," predicted Mr. Mortimer. And, if adventure is fun, the four friends certainly had their share of it when they visited Shell Island and were caught up in the mystery of the old lighthouse there." -from the dust jacket. Small pen mark and abrasion to ffep, ow vg in lightly rubbed dj. 10.00

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Companion for the Prisoner; being a selection of Sermons, Exhortations; and other Religious Instructions; compiled for the use of Imprisoned Offenders.  4th ed , BOWEN, Thomas YONGE, Duke
16 BOWEN, Thomas YONGE, Duke Companion for the Prisoner; being a selection of Sermons, Exhortations; and other Religious Instructions; compiled for the use of Imprisoned Offenders. 4th ed
F. C. and J. Rivington, 1820, 
BOWEN, Thomas. A Companion for the Prisoner; being a selection of Sermons, Exhortations; and other Religious Instructions; compiled for the use of Imprisoned Offenders. L: F. C. and J. Rivington, 1820. Fourth Edition. Pp. (4), [v]-xii, [1]-216. -bound with- YONGE, The Rev. Duke. A Manual of Instruction and Devotion, for the Use of Prisoners. L: F. C. and J. Rivington, 1821. Pp. (2), [3]-100. Large 12mo, full tree calf, maroon leather title block to spine with gilt lettering and trim, gilt dentelles, embossed to the front "Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge". Binders stamp to lower front paste-down : Russell Aug 1824. Slight wear to the spine and ends, dentelles all but worn away, top rear corner chipped, a few foxed spots to the endpapers, bump to the lower corner of the last thirty-five pages, else a tight copy in an attractive binding. 200.00

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17 BRACE, Gerald Warner Winter Solstice : A Novel. First Edition in dustjacket
W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York, 1960, 
BRACE, Gerald Warner. Winter Solstice : A Novel. New York : W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., (91960). First Edition. Pp (6),7-284,(4). 8vo, blue cloth spine, light blue paper covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. "Life seemedcold and dark and hopeless to Mary Kyle Eustace as she dressed in the blac k dawn of the shortest day of the year. She was twenty-nine, unmarried, andoverwhelmed by the futility of her life and her family's. Neither Proust n or the correct Harold Chivers could dispel her gloomy realization on that freezing Decemoer morning that life for all of them was just something to beendured. They were prisoners existing on lost hopes and dreams - her mothe r in the kitchen reading Trollope and her father in the study with his bottle of Old Swanee. They had all been taught to think and recognize their misery. They lamented their lives but were unable to act to improve them. Yet it was the beginning of another year, and the days would soon grow longer and lighter. Changes would occur in their lives - Buzz's accident; her sisters marriage; and her mothers death, which would somehow bring freedom to her father. For Mary Kyle it was to be an especially important year. She would love John Rossiter and find fulfillment even through unhappiness. One of the themes of Winter Solstice is the trouble many good people have in finding a sustaining purpose in their lives. The novel is not, however, didactic; its virtue is in its characters and their lives and actions. The theme and the form and the subject matter are unified into an effective dramatic whole." (from the dj). Edges lightly sunned, corners bumped, else very good in nicked and rubbed, clipped (but not price-clipped) dustjacket. 18.00

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In Them Days : A Scrapbook of Friends and Happenings and An Alternative Enterprise. First Edition in dustjacket, signed by author, BRAMLEY, J. D.
18 BRAMLEY, J. D. In Them Days : A Scrapbook of Friends and Happenings and An Alternative Enterprise. First Edition in dustjacket, signed by author
Leedfs, Yorkshire, 2003, ISBN:0854622502 2003 0854622502 
BRAMLEY, J. D. In Them Days : A Scrapbook of Friends and Happenings and An Alternative Enterprise. (Yorkshire : Leeds, 2003. First Edition. Pp (3),iv-viii,1-299. 4to, green imitation leather, souine and front board lettered in gilt.
"Sherburn farmer, Don Bramley, has dug into his many archives, tapes, jottings and photngraphs. and has produced an enthralling book straight from many horses' mouths (so to speak). Sherburn. South Milford. Fairburn and Monk Fryston and tneir citizens are particularly well covered.

There is an early crystal-set making wheelwright and undertaker, Lord King's ex-mining mechanic, a bookie's runner, wheel-tapper, perfect village headmaster, cricket secretary of seventy years, a blind gentleman's gentleman, a Monk Fryston blacksmith from Devon and more! All tell their stories in their own way.

Long gone shops and farms are listed as well as the Good Old Days of farming, steam ploughing and threshing, the last catle at Home Farm and the sad demise of Church Fenton YFC 1993. Favourite writers J. L. Carr and A. G. Street get a chapter. Don's father's cycling adventures to Aberdeen, Brighton and Switzerland go back to pre keep fit and 3R days. Other sports include rugby, cricket, badminton and ploughing with an experience in a crowd of 104,000 at Odsal in 1954.

There is more of World War II including an AeroClub trip to the Lincs. Aviation Centre, looking ex-prisoners up in Germa ny and sixteen pages of an ex-Fairburner's last op. in 1944, and subsequent adventures. Less pages but a longer journey to work on the Burma railway will keep Harry Rawting's memories deservedly alive.

Back to happier times is the Story of the Load of Hay from the Halls at Towton to Middleham, whichDon has offered to Sir Alan Ayckbourn - but no reply as yet. His version of Julie Christie playing the ladv of Monk Fryston Hall at the turn of the century would compete with the Calendar Girls to a perfect setting.

All told there are 208 pages of A4 in hard back including 114 black and white and 96 colour photographs. Twelve poems add to the enjoyment as well as numerous original sayings and quotations." (from the dj).

Contents :
1. Reminscences from the Mitford Messenger.
2. Jim Bramley's Cycling Adventures.
3. Dick Pearson's Stories.
4. Sherburn People and Memories.
5. South Mitford.
6. Monk Fryston.
7. Fairburn.
8. The War.
9. Spoort.
10. Writers.
11. Miscellaneous.


Very good in dustjacket. 35.99

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19 BRANCH-JOHNSON, W. English Prison Hulks. First Edition, green cloth, in dustjacket
Christopher Johnson, London, 1957, 
BRANCH-JOHNSON, W. English Prison Hulks. With a Foreword by Hugh J. Klare, Secretary of The Howard League for Penal Reform. London : Christopher Johnson, (1957). First Edition. Pp (4),v-x,1-205,(1) + frontispiece + 4 leaves of plates. One illustration in the text. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering tospine. Priority of cloth colour unknown. William Branch-Johnson (b. Octobe r 20, 1893, in Walthamstow, Essex, England - d. April 6, 1979). "Just over one hundred years ago— on 14th July, 1857 — the last of the English prison hulks, the Defence, was destroyed by fire at Wooiwich. . Nearly everyone has heard of these hulks, yet this book is their first detailed story. They tend to rank with the galleys as vaguely apprehended chambers of horror, nottoo closely confined to any particular period in history. The truth is tha t, having been established rather less than two centuries ago, they remained in use as floating prisons for civil prisoners into the lifetime of a fewpeople still living. Many famous ships ended their days in sombre fashion as prison hulks, moored off the mud banks of the Thames Estuary or Portsmouth Harbour. Here their inmates formed a source of cheap and convenient labour in the dockyards. Ships used for this purpose included the Bellerophon, to whose captain Napoleon surrendered in 1815, the Discovery, which had accompanied Captain Cook on his last voyage, and the Euryalus, which had fought with Nelson at Trafalgar. Bellerophon and Euryalus had, in succession to each other, the ultimate shame of being juvenile prisons. The record of theprison hulks is also the history of the efforts to reform them. There is t he same contrast between their critics who describe them as 'hell on earth'and the complacent eulogies of their official defenders, as can be seen in the struggle for social reform in this and other spheres today. Amongst th e early reformers was the indefatigable John Howard, who was not sparing inhis criticism of these institutions. This book fills a gap in the history of penology. " - from the dj flap. Chapters : 1. A Temporary Expedient; 2. Campbells Academy; 3. Aristocrats of Crime ; 4. Hardening into Permanence; 5. "Liberal Principles"; 6. Prisoners of War; 7. Louis Garneray [Ambroise Louis Garneray, French corsair and painter (b. February 19, 1783, Paris – d.September 11, 1857, Paris) ]; 8. A Young Man of Massachusetts [Dr. Benjami n Waterhouse (b. March 4, 1754, Newport, Rhode Island – d. October 2, 1846,Cambridge, Mass.)]; 9. Alarums and Excursions; 10. The Reign of J.H. Cappe r; 11. Advance - Of a Sort; 12. Cocks on Their Own Dunghill; 13. "Hell UponEarth"; 14. Prisoners' Souls; 15. Prisoners' Bodies; 16. Young Villains; 1 7. Crime or Politics?; 18. Bermuda (pp.164-173)); 19. The Great Exposure; 20. Lieut.-Col. Sir Joshua Jebb [b. May 8, 1793 at Chesterfield, Derby, England - d. June 26, 1863, Chesterfield - see DCB.]. With bibliography and index. Owner's blind-stamp on title-page, else very good in chipped, unclippeddustjacket. 70.00

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20 BROWNE, Gary F To Serve and Protect : The Newfoundland Constabulary on the Home Front World War Two. First Edition
DRC Publishing, St. John's, 2008, ISBN:9780978343491 
BROWNE, Gary F. "To Serve and Protect": The Newfoundland Constabulary on the Home Front World War Two. (St. John's : DRC Publishing, 2008). First Printing. Pp i-xviii,1-273,(5). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers."This scintillating text allows the reader a glimpse into the life of a (R oyal) Newfoundland Constabulary police officer during the war years. It provides a window on the role and work of police officers that spans the province from coast to coast. Each chapter captures within it a vision of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs associated with police work during a difficult period in our history. To Serve and Protect: The Newfoundland Constabulary on the Home Front World War Two will engage the reader, future students, and academic researchers, to further investigate the history of the 'thin blue line.' I believe this text will be a major impetus for future research and dissemination of the history of one of the world's most historic police forces. A significant piece of work, which will challenge all readers to remember and honour the history of those who have pledged to serve and protect us." (Professor Robert Shea, quoted on the back cover). "An intriguing, informative and well researched read about the role of the Newfoundland Constabulary on the Home Front during the years of the Second World War. Gary Browne has unearthed fasciiinating and never before told stories of spies and espionage, tales that will keep the reader transfixed from beginning to end." (from the back cover). Contents : 1. Young Trouters Hook Spy; 2. Early History of the Newfoundland Constabulary; 3. Pre-World War Two; 4. Constabulary Re-organization; 5. "Secret Document"; 6. Defence Scheme; 7. Action for War; 8. War Begins; 9. Royal Visit; 10. First War Action; 11. Prisoners of War; 12. Constabulary Increases Personnel; 13. Constabulary Assists Military; 14. "Loose Lips Sink Ships"; 15. Alien Registration; 16. Inspector Michael Mahoney; 17. In-Service Training School; 18. Friendly Invasion Begins; 19. Lots of work but; 20. Serving Justice; 21. Anti-Submarine Net Installed; 22. 1940; 23. Internment Camp at Victoria, Carbonear; 24. Official Concerns-Occupation French Islands; 25. Wartime "Blackout"; 26. Russell-Police Commander at Bell Island; 27. Home Guard; 28. Gander - Crucial to Allied Victory; 29. Recreational and Hostel Facilities; 30. The Caribou Hut; 31.Military Police; 32. 1941; 33. Building Bases. 34. American Troops Arrive; 35. Criminal Jurisdiction - Serious Issue; 36. "Civilian Ruffians" Assault Servicemen; 37. Lock-up Riddled by Machine-gun Fire; 38. Military Police H ut; 39. Echoes from the War Beat; 40. Banting Dies in Questionable Bomber Crash; 41. "Secret" Security Memorandum; 42. U.S. Facilities on Signal Hill Cause Challenges; 43. Roads, rails and phones; 44. 1941 - Busy Year for Police; 45. Wartime Policing - St. Bride's; 46. Policing at Bay Bulls; 47. TopSecret Arrival; 48. Mysterious Ship Arrives St. John's; 49. "Prize of War" seized near Argentia; 50. Constable Bill Daey; 51. 1942; 52. Lieutenant Co lonel J.R.E. Guild Arrives; 53. Guild's First Report; 54. Using Batons; 55.U-Boat Sinks Ships Near Bell Island; 56. Sabotage in St. John's Harbour; 5 7. The Caribou Sinking; 58. Fear, Anxiety and Paranoia; 59. Police Harbour Patrol; 60. Knights of Columbus Fire; 61. Busy Times Continue; 62. Polish Sailors Storm Police Lock-Up; 63. Government House and Other Police Matters;64. The Ghost of St. Mary's Bank; 65. Mysterious Boom at Fox Island; 66. 1 943; 67. Guild's Second Report; 68. Portuguese Fleet a Security Concern; 69. Sinking of Dorchester; 70. City Council Complains; 71. Remove Finnish Aliens; 72. Spies and Espionage; 73. Maurice Metal; 74. Change in Biackout Regulations; 75. Guild's Third Security Report; 76. Military Security for St. Lawrence and Deer Lake; 77. Praise for Constabulary; 78. U.S. Facilities; 79. Inspector Mahoney Goes to Washington; 80. Incidents: Grand Falls and Windsor; 81. Death of Police Chief O'Neill; 82. Jehovah's Witnesses Under Scrutiny; 83. Security Division Report; 84. End of War in Europe; 85. Bell Island Still a Cause of Concern; 86. 1946; 87. 1955 - Constabulary Mourns; 88. Mystery of 1942 Excalibur Crash; 89. "How Brave Mommy Was..."; 90. Legacy of Superintendent James J. Lynch; 91. Conclusion. Appeddices 1 to 6. Very good. 25.00

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