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1 ABBOTT, John, Graeme S. MOUNT and Michael J. MULLOY. MOUNT, Graeme S. MULLOY, Michael J. History of Fort St. Joseph. Paperback edition.
Dundurn Group, Toronto, 2000, ISBN:1550023373 
ABBOTT, John, Graeme S. MOUNT and Michael J. MULLOY. The History of Fort St. Joseph. Toronto : Dundurn Group, (2000). Paperback edition. Pp. (11), 12-192. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated purple card covers. "In early 1812, as the British and the Americans were on the brink of war in North America, Fort St. Joseph was not thought to be of much importance to the British cause. It was disregarded as a useless, poorly located post. But when war was declared, the garrison at Fort St. Joseph pulled off a miracle : it captured the American Fort Mackinac, and for the remainder of the War of 1812 the British never relinquished control of the Upper Great Lakes. Built in the aftermath of the American Revolution, Fort St. Joseph played an importantrole in the defence of Canada. And yet, when the war ended, the fort was a bandoned, and almost forgotten" -- from rear cover. Contents: Prologue: TheUpper Great Lakes context--St. Joseph Island before construction of the fo rt ; Why British authorities built Fort St. Joseph ; Construction of Fort St. Joseph ; International relations, 1794-1812 ; Life at Fort St. Joseph ; The glorious moment--the clandestine attack on Fort Mackinac ; Aftermath ofthe War of 1812 ; Breathing new life into an ancient corpse--Glyn Smith an d the campaign to revive Fort St. Joseph. Very good. 12.50

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2 ABOUL-ENEIN, Youssef and Basil ABOUL-ENEIN. Secret War for the Middle East : The Influence of Axis and Allied Intelligence Operations during World War II. First Edition in dustjacket.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 2013, ISBN:9781612513096 
ABOUL-ENEIN, Youssef and Basil ABOUL-ENEIN. The Secret War for the Middle East : The Influence of Axis and Allied Intelligence Operations during WorldWar II. Annapolis, Maryland : Naval Institute Press, (2013). First Printin g. Pp. (6),vii-xxiii,(1),1-263,(1). 8vo, red paper-covered spine with off-white patterned paper-covered boards, silver lettering to spine. Foreword byEd Mornston. "Although often overlooked in studies of World War II, the Mi ddle East was actually a key theater for the Allies. Though the threat of direct Axis invasion by Rommel's Afrika Corps never materialized beyond the Egyptian Western Desert, this did not limit the Axis from probing the Middle East and cultivating potential collaborators and sympathizers. 'The Secret War for the Middle East' explores the infusion of the political language of anti-Semitism, nationalism, fascism, and Marxism that was among the ideological by-products of Axis and Allied intervention in the Arab world. The status of the British-dominated Middle East was tailor-made for exploitation by Axis intelligence and propaganda. German and Italian intelligence efforts fueled anti-British resentments; their influence shaped the course of Arab nationalist sentiments throughout the Middle East. These actions left an indelible mark on the sociopolitical evolution of the modern states of the Middle East, and their effects continue to be felt today. A relevant parallel to the pan-Arab cause was Hitler's attempt to bring ethnic Germans into the fold of a greater German state. In theory, as the Sudeten German stood on par with the Carpathian German, so, too, according to doctrinal theory, did the Yemeni stand in union with the Syrian in the imagination of thoseespousing pan-Arabism. As historic evidence demonstrates, this very common ality proved to be a major factor in the development of relations between Arab and fascist leaders. The Arab nationalist movement amounted to little more than a shapeless, fragmented counter-position to British imperialism, imported to the Arab East via Berlin for Nazi aspirations." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Palestine Question; 3. Hashemite Iraq; 4. Vichy French Syria: Operation Exporter; 5. Iran: Operation Countenance; 6. Turkey: Balancing Neutrality; 7. Axis Efforts in the Arabian Peninsula; 8. Afghanistan and the Third Reich: Fomenting Rebellions; 9. Egypt's Internal Struggle: To Declare War or Not?; 10. Conclusion. With appendices, notes, a selected bibliography, and index. Very good in crisp dustjacket. 30.00

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3 ADEMUNI-ODEKE, Dr. Shipping International Trade Relations.
Avebury, Aldershot, England, 1988, ISBN:0566053713 
ADEMUNI-ODEKE, Dr. Shipping International Trade Relations. Aldershot (UK) :Avebury, (1988). Pp [i]-xxxii,1-648,(8). Index. 8vo, blue paper covered bo ards, lettered in white. Contents : Part I. – Shipping in International Relations. 1. Liner conferences. 2. Flags of convenience. Part II. – Shipping in International Trade Relations. 3. Shipping preferences in international trade. 4. Shipping discriminations in international trade. Part III. – Shipping in International Politics. 5. Political intervention in shipping. 6. State ownership and participation in shipping. Part IV. – Shipping in International Economics. 7. Shipping and the provision of employment. 8. Employment of economic resources in shipping. Part V. – Shipping in International Finance. 9. Shipping and foreign exchange. 10. Merchant shipping and the balance of payments. Part VI. – Conclusions. 11. Conclusions. Annex 1 - Text of the Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences. Annex 2 - The Brussels Package. Annex 3 - Text of the UN Convention on Conditions for the Registration ofShips, 1986. Light edgewear, else very good. 90.00

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4 AL-BAHARNA, Husain, Dr. Arabian Gulf States : Their Legal and Political Status and their International Problems. Signed in dustjacket.
Librairie du Liban, Beirut, 1978, 
AL-BAHARNA, Husain, Dr. The Arabian Gulf States : Their Legal and PoliticalStatus and their International Problems. (Beirut: Librairie du Liban, 1978 ). Second Revised Edition. Pp. (4),v-lxii,1-428,(2), + 1 folding map. 8vo, mustard cloth with metallic red lettering to spine. "Oman, that land in theextreme south-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula, has for centuries held a particular fascination for the Western traveller; now, the whole Middle East has come to stand not only as the meeting-place of East and West, but to have a vital importance in the political and economic structure of the modern world. "No sooner had the states of the Gulf acquired their independence when their impact made itself felt on the rest of the world. An expert in the fireld, Dr. Al-Baharna gives a clear and well documented study on the international legal problems of the Gulf states. He discusses their legalstatus before independence and the controversial territorial and boundary claims in the Gulf." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Introduction. PartI: British treaty relations with the Arabian Gulf States: 2. Relations wit h the Trucial Shaikhdoms; 3. Relations with Bahrain; 4. Relations with Qatar; 5. Relations with Kuwait; 6. Treaty relations of Muscat. Part II: The international status of the Arabian Gulf States: 7. General considerations affecting the legal position of protectorates; 8. The present legal position of the Gulf states; 9. International responsibility; 10. Immunity of the rulers of the Gulf states from the jurisdiction of foreigners; 11. Position within the framework of the United Nations. Part III: Territorial claims: 12. Iran's claim to sovereignty over Bahrain; 13. British-Saudi controversy over the sovereignty of Buraimi; 14. Disputes over Inner Oman and Zubarah; 15. Iraqi claim to sovereignty over Kuwait. Part IV: Boundary problems: 16. Disputes over land boundaries; 17. Disputes over the determination of submarine boundaries in the Arabian Gulf. Very good in nicked dustjacket. Signed, inscribed and dated by the author on the flyleaf. 50.00

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5 AL-MARAYATI, Abid A. CHAMBERLIN, Waldo, foreword. Diplomatic History of Modern Iraq. First Edition in dustjacket.
Robert Speller & Sons, New York, 1961, 
AL-MARAYATI, Abid A. A Diplomatic History of Modern Iraq. Foreword by WaldoChamberlin. New York : Robert Speller & Sons, Publishers, Inc., (1961). Fi rst Printing. Pp. (5),vi-xvi,(2),1-222. 8vo, green cloth with brown lettering to spine. Contents: 1. The Role of Small States in International Organizations; 2. The Establishment of the Mandates: Pre-1919 Anglo-French Policy in the Middle East -- Article 22 of the Covenant -- Iraqi Attitude toward the Mandate -- The Iraqi Revolt -- The Establishment of an Arab Kingdom in iraq -- British Influence -- The Character of the Mandate; 3. The Development of Self-Government: Education -- Administrative Experience -- LegislativeExperience -- Diplomatic Experience -- Anglo-Iraqi Negotiations, 1921-1930 -- Admission to the League of Nations; 4. Disputes before the League of Na tions which Involved Iraq Directly: The Mosul Affair, 1924-1936 -- Syria-Iraq Border Question, 1931-1932 -- The Assyrian Question, 1932-1937 -- The Iraqi-Persian Boundary Dispute, 1934-1937; 5. Iraq's Views on Other Disputes:Syria and Lebanon -- The Palestine Question in the League of Nations -- Pa lestine and the united Nations -- Conclusions; 6. Iraq's Attitude on Other Matters: Collective Security -- Ethiopia -- Korea -- Regional Arrangements -- Economic and Social Questions -- Minorities -- Conclusions; 7. Iraq's Participation at the United Nations Conference on International Organization:Iraq Adheres to the United Nations Declaration -- Iraq's Participation in Inter-War International Conferences and Organizations -- Invitation to the San Francisco Conference -- Character of the Iraq Delegation to the San Francisco Conference -- Officership at the Conference -- Iraqi Participation in the Conference Secretariat -- Advance Preparation -- Conference CommitteeAssignments -- Iraq's Positions at the Conference -- Signature and Ratific ation; 8. Participation in the Organs of the League of Nations and the United Nations: Participation in the Councils -- Participation in the Assemblies -- Conclusions; 9. Conclusions: Participation in the League of Nations --Participation at the San Francisco Conference -- Peaceful Settlement of Di sputes -- Collective Security -- Regional Arrangements -- Self-Determination -- Economic and Social Matters -- Representation in International Organization -- Participation in United Nations Organs -- Improved Educational Facilities -- Improved Economic and Social Conditions. Very good in ucnlipped dustjacket. 60.00

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6 ALAPURO, Risto State and Revolution in Finland. First Edition in dustjacket
University of California Press, Berkeley / Los Angeles / London, 1988, ISBN:0520058135 
ALAPURO, Risto. State and Revolution in Finland. Berkeley / Los Angeles / London : University of California Press, (1988). First Printing. Pp (8),vii-xiv,1-315,(5). Maps. Index. 8vo, black cloth, metallic red lettering to spine. Very good in dustjacket. 200.00 "What are the decisive factors shaping twentieth-century politics in small countries that are economically and politically dependent on big countries? In what ways does this dependence i nfluence the conditions, forms, and outcomes of colective action in those small countries, including the occurrence of revolutions and the institutionalization of political systems? To answer these questions, Risto Alapuro focuses on the experience of Finland. He provides an insightful political, economic, and social history of the country since 1809. Then, using two key events - the first parliamentary elections with universal suffrage in 1907 andthe abortive revolution in 1917-1918 - he analyzes the unique factors that govern politics in a small, dependent country. Although Alapuro points to the distinctiveness of the Finnish case, he also raises questions that willopen a whole new realm of inquiry in the study of relations among small an d large countries." (fro the dj). Contents : 1. The Formation of a Small Polity. Part One - Statemaking and the Class Structure. 2. Dominant Groups and Statemaking. 3. The Agrarian Class Structure and Industrial Workers. 4- Territorial Integration. Part Two - National Integration and Class Integration. 5. Finnish Nationalism. 6. Before the Revolution: Organization, Mobilization, and the Role of Russia. 7. Regional Consolidation of Party Support. Part Three - The Abortive Revolution. 8. On Preconditions for RevolutionarySituations. 9. The Abortive Revolution of 1917-1918. 19. State and Nation After the Failed Revolution. Part Four - The Finnish State and Revolution in a European Perspective. 11. Eastern European Revolutionary Movements. 12.The Formation of Finland in Europe. Very good in dustjacket. 200.00

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7 ALBION, Robert Greenhalgh Seaports South of Sahara : The Achievements of an American Steamship Service. US in dj
Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1959, 
ALBION, Robert Greenhalgh. Seaports South of Sahara : The Achievements of an American Steamship Service. With the Collaboration of Jennie B. Pope.[With a foreword by VIce Admiral Edward L. Cochrane]. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, (1959). Pp. (4),v-xii,1-316, frontis.+ 8 leaves of plates. Illustrated. Map endpapers. 8vo, blue cloth. "This is the story of American maritime relations with South, East, and West Africa, where the unexpected has suddenly become the order of the day. It is there that the trade of the United States has increased at a faster rate during the past four decades than anywhere else in the world. In this book, intertwined with the broad aspects of African trade and national shipping policy, is the specific achievement of the Farrell shipping service in helping link them together. [...] Having visited the coasts of Africa all the way from Cape Town to Zanzibar and from the Canaries and the Guinea Coast to the Congo, [Albion] gives a colorful picture of all sorts of ports of call and exotic cargoes in the amazingcontrasts of Africa today. There is much about the ships, of course, and l ong sea run down the South Atlantic and into the gales ofthe Indian Ocean; but also about the actual workings of a steamship line -- a mystery to mostof us. We hear of the captains and crews, the stevedores and longshoremen, the agents and overseas representatives, and the New York headquarters all the way up to the two Farrell brothers." - from the dj. Very good in nicke d, price-clipped dust jacket. 35.00

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8 ALEXANDER, Martin S. Republic in Danger : General Maurice Gamelin and the Politics of French Defence, 1933-1940. First Edition in dustjacket, signed by author
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1992, ISBN:0521372348 
ALEXANDER, Martin S. The Republic in Danger : General Maurice Gamelin and the Politics of French Defence, 1933-1940. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (1992). First Edition. Pp (12),[xi]-xiv,1-573,(3). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "This is the first full-length study in English of the career of one of France's most controversial military leaders, General Maurice Gamelin (1872-1958). Gamelin was reviled by many of his contemporaries and denigrated by historians as 'the man who lost the Battle of France'. Here Gamelin is re-appraised in the context of the unstable civil-military relations and national decline of the years 1933-40. Basing his account on hitherto inaccessible primary sources and on public and private archives. The evidence reviewed, including Gamelin's private headquarters' diary, provides the basis for a revision of the earlier hostile portraits of the general. The author argues that less attention should be paid to the campaign in France in 1940, by which time Gamelin's role was that of co-ordinator and adviser. Rather, he suggests that great credit is due to Gamelin for his success in holding together the pre-war civil-military consensus, and for re-arming France by 1939." Contents : Introduction : Maurice Gamelin,the defence of France and the decline of the Third Republic. 1. The making of a republican general; 2. Gamelin and the rebirth of German power; 3. Fi rst responses: defence versus détente in the Laval era; 4. The Popular Front, the army and politics; 5. The road to rearmament: Gamelin, Daladier and Popular Front defence policy; 6. Gamelin and air support of the army; 7. Gamelin, the Maginot Line and Belgium; 8. Gamelin, Yugoslavia and the easternalliances: assets or embarrassments?; 9. Men or material? Gamelin and Brit ish support for France; 10. Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Soviet Union: from appeasement to war; 11. Gamelin and the fall of Poland; 12. The Twilight War: military stagnation and political conflict; Conclusion; Appendices: (1) Diagrammatic organisation of the French high command. (2) Distribution of the four-year armaments programme of September 1936 (Le programme de 14 milliards). Very good in dustjacket. Signed with inscription by the author. 100.00

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9 ALEXIEV, Alexander RAND/R-3627-A Inside the Soviet Army in Afghanistan.
Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, 1988, ISBN:0833008935 
ALEXIEV, Alexander. Inside the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. (Santa Monica, CA) : Th e Rand Corporation, May 1988. Prepared for the United States Army. Pp (2),iii-xvi,1-68. 8vo, grey stapled card covers, lettered in green. Contents : Preface; Summary; Glossary. Section I. Introduction. Section II. Force Strucrure and Characteristics : - Recruitment and Statiioning; - Training and Indoctrination; - Types of Units and Operations. Section III. Factrors Affecting Morale and Discipline : - Personnel Relations; - Quality of Life; - Drugs and Alcohol; - Theft and Corruption; - Looting and Atrocities. Section IV. Implications and Conclusions. Ex-library (spine label, inkstmps), else very good. 25.00

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10 ALLEN, Hilary. Norwegian Foreign Policy Studies series, 27) Norway and Europe in the 1970s
Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1979, ISBN:8200052303 
ALLEN, Hilary. Norway and Europe in the 1970s. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, (1979). First Printing. Pp. (6),5-289,(1). 8vo, illustrated blue cloth withblack lettering to front board and spine. Volume 27 in the Norwegian Forei gn Policy Studies series. "Norway is the only one of the four applicants of1970 which rejected EEC membership by a popular referendum. The decision w ill have far-reaching consequences both for Norway and the EEC. This book is an attempt to understand that decision of 1972 and to examine its effectson Norwegian-EEC relations in the following five years. The first part cov ers the period up to September 1972. Beginning with a description of the Norwegian economy, politics and foreign policy in 1969, it analyses post-war Norwegian attitudes towards Europe and European integration and the way theNordek debate of 1968-70 already revealed many of the themes and political positions of the subsequent referendum campaign. It then charts the intera cting course of domestic politics, membership negotiations and referendum campaign. [...] Part two covers the years 1972-77, its chapters describing in turn how the immediate post-referendum years of fast rising living standards and oil exploitation cushioned Norwegians economicall and psychologically from the full effects of their decision; how the Labour and Conservativeparties, defeated over the EEC, went on to win the post-referendum struggl e for control of the Political system; Norway';s relations with the EEC in fisheries questions, the main source of friction in these years; and the reasons why Labour's 'active European policy' failed to live up to its name."- from the rear cover. Name to flyleaf, sparse pencilling, else very good. 60.00

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11 ALLEN, Robert S. His Majesty's Indian Allies : British Indian Policy in The Defence of Canada, 1774-1815. Paperback, Signed.
Dundurn Press, Toronto & Oxford, 1992, ISBN:1550021842 
ALLEN, Robert S. His Majesty's Indian Allies : British Indian Policy in TheDefence of Canada, 1774-1815. Toronto & Oxford : Dundurn Press, 1992. Firs t Paperback Printing. Pp. (6),7-294,(2), including plates. Illustrated. 8vo, art illustrated green card covers with white lettering to front cover andspine. "Today the First Nations are demanding a new recognition of their p lace in Canada. For them this demand is a renewal of the historical relationship between themselves and the European newcomers, based on mutual respect and a separate but equal status in which neither side would interfere wihthe integrity of the other's culture, language, law, or religious and poli tical systems. 'His Majesty's Indian Allies' is a study of the roots of this relationship and an examination of British Indian policy in North Americafrom the time of the American Revolution to the end of the War of 1812, wi th particular focus on Canada. Remarkably little recognition has been givenot the vital military role of native people in the defence of Canada. More precisely, the long relationship between native people and thje crown in C anada, based on formal alliances, was instrumental in preserving and protecting the integrity of the territories that became Canada. The cohesive vehicle for implementing policy directives was the British Indian Department, the forerunner of the present Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Although plagued by a continuous struggle over land issues and native sovereignty, an enduring and symbiotic relationship evolved between the native people and the British Crown in Canada that was rooted in the mutual need and desire for protection and survival. In his conclusion, Allen argues that the historic chain of friendship between native people and the crown has been recast, but not particularly altered, in the contemporary world of government-native relations. In detailing and assessing these military alliances during the formative and critical years in the development of the nations in North America, Robert Allen has brought refreshing new insights intothe field of native history." - from rear. Very good. Signed, inscribed an d dated by the author on the title page. 25.00

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12 American Ethnological Society) GUEMPLE, Lee (ed.) Alliance in Eskimo Society
American Ethnological Society, 1972, 
(American Ethnological Society). Alliance in Eskimo Society. Proceedings ofthe American Ethnological Society, 1971, Supplement. Edited by Lee Guemple . Seattle: American Ethnological Society, (1972). Pp. 131. 4to, blue card covers. Contents: Colin Adam's "Flexibility in Canadian Eskimo Social Forms and Behavior: A Situational and Transactional Appraisal"; Ernest S. Burch, Jr. and Thomas C. Correll's "Alliance and Conflict: Inter-Regional Relations in North Alaska"; David Damas's "The Structure of Central Eskimo Associations"; Lee Guemple's "Kinship and Alliance in Belcher Island Eskimo Society"; Albert Heinrich's "Divorce as in Alliance Mechanism Among Eskimos"; Lawrence Heinnigh's "You Have to be a Good Lawyer to be an Eskimo"; Robert F. Spencer's "The Social Composition of the North Alaskan Whaling Crew". Owner's name inkstamped to front cover, title page and top edge, else vg. 20.00

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13 American Ethnological Society) GUEMPLE, Lee (ed.) Alliance in Eskimo Society
American Ethnological Society, 1972, 
(American Ethnological Society). Alliance in Eskimo Society. Proceedings ofthe American Ethnological Society, 1971, Supplement. Edited by Lee Guemple . Seattle: American Ethnological Society, (1972). Pp. 131. 4to, blue card covers. Contents: Colin Adam's "Flexibility in Canadian Eskimo Social Forms and Behavior: A Situational and Transactional Appraisal"; Ernest S. Burch, Jr. and Thomas C. Correll's "Alliance and Conflict: Inter-Regional Relations in North Alaska"; David Damas's "The Structure of Central Eskimo Associations"; Lee Guemple's "Kinship and Alliance in Belcher Island Eskimo Society"; Albert Heinrich's "Divorce as in Alliance Mechanism Among Eskimos"; Lawrence Heinnigh's "You Have to be a Good Lawyer to be an Eskimo"; Robert F. Spencer's "The Social Composition of the North Alaskan Whaling Crew". vg. 25.00

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14 AMERY, Carl BOLL, Heinrich Capitulation : The Lesson of German Catholicism.. First Edition in dustjacket
Herder and Herder, New York , 1967, 
AMERY, Carl. Capitulation : The Lesson of German Catholicism. Translated byEdward Quinn. (New York) : Herder and Herder, (1967). First Edition. Pp [i ]-xxiii,(1),1-231,(1). 8vo, grey cloth, black lettering to spine. “This book is a case-study. In the laboratory of modern history, Carl Amery tests the hypothesis of collusion and corruption in the relations between the RomanCatholic Church and the government of post-Nazi Germany. The principals in the affair are scrutinized closely, their words are cited at length, their acts are weighed in the balance of Christian ethics, and in the end Church and Churchmen are found wanting. The initial assumption of the experiment is proved valid: the institutional Church cravenly subjected itself to the powers of this world.” (from the dj). Contents : Foreword by Professor J. M. Cameron. 1. Power and powerlessness: The paradox of German Catholicism. 2. German Catholicism and its milieu. 3. The milieu's system of values and virtue. 4. Who capitulated ? 5. 1935-1945: General line and resistance. 6. The War: Patriots and rebels. 7. 1945-1948: Another test, by examples. 8. The minority's new image of the Church. 9. The milieu in the post-war era. 10. Catholicism and its place in the system. 11. A word to the reader. 12. How long before the next capitulation? Epilogue by Heinrich Boll. Very good in spine-sunned, unclipped dustjacket. 35.00

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15 AMUCHEAZI, E.C. (ed.). Readings in Social Sciences : Issues in National Development.
Fourth Dimension Publishers, Enugu, Nigeria, 1980, ISBN:9781560630 
AMUCHEAZI, E.C. (ed.). Readings in Social Sciences : Issues in National Development. (Enugu, Nigeria) : Fourth Dimension Publishers, (1980). First Edition. Pp [i]-x,1-381,(1). Index. 8vo, illustrated orange card covers. Contents : Introduction (by Dr. E. C. Amucheazi). PART I: Politics and Crises ofDevelopment. 1. Colonial Heritage and the Problems of National Development (by Dr. E. C. Amucheazi). 2. The Role of Public Administration in Politica l Development (by Dr. H. N. Nwosu). 3. Local Government Reforms and Mobilization for Rural Development (by Dr. E. C. Amucheazi). 4. The Foreign Policyof a Developing Nation: An Analysis (by Dr. H. A. Asobie). 5. Regional Co- operation and the Search for African Unity (by Dr. R. Ofoegbu). PART 11: Economy and Transformation of Nigeria. 6. Rural Development as a Factor in National Development (by Dr. E. J . Nwosu). 7.Transport and Communication as Factors in the Modernization and Development of Nigeria (by Dr. U. I. Ukwu). 8. Patterns of Agricultural and Industrial Production and their Implications for the Development of Nigeria (by Dr. E. J . Nwosu). 9. Problems of Industrial Growth in Nigeria (by Dr. B. C. Sullivan and Mr. N. lkpeze). 10. Urbanization and its Implications for the Development of Nigeria (by Dr. U. I . Ukwu). 11. Trade Unions and Economic Development: A Study of the Nigerian Situation (by Mr. R. 0. Nwabueze). 12. Problems of Private and Public Investment in Nigeria (by Prof. S. Kodjo). 13. International Economic Relations and National Development (by Dr. A. W. Obi). PART 111: Social Change andWelfare Problems in Nigeria. 14. An Analysis of major Psychological Proble ms of a Developing Nation (by Dr. I. E. Eyo). 15. The Individual and National Development: A Personality Perspective (by Mr. K. N. Maduka). 16. Guidance and Counseling as a Factor in National Development (by Mr. I. I. Iwuh). 17. National Development: A Goal for Social Work Practice in Nigeria (by Mrs. A. A. Mere). PART IV: Moral Values and Socialization. 18. Changing MoralValues and Social Development in Nigeria (by Dr. T. U. Nwala). 19. Religio n as a Factor in National Development (by Dr. 0. U. Kalu). 20. The Contribution of African Traditional Religion to Nation Building (by Rt. Rev. Msgr. S. N. Ezeanya). 21. Changing Patterns of Socialization and their Impact on National Development (by Dr. I. A. Eteng). Rubbed, name, else very good. 40.00

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16 ANDEMICAEL, Berhanykun (ed.). LUKIN, L.I. SMITHERS, Peter HASSOUNA, hussean A. Regionalism and the United Nations. Signed copy
1979, ISBN:037005913 
ANDEMICAEL, Berhanykun (ed.). Regionalism and the United Nations. Publishedfor the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications, Inc. / Alphen aan den Rijn : Sijthoff & Noordhoff, 1979. First Edition. Pp [i]-xx,[1]-603,(1). Index. 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt to front board and spine. Contents : 1. Towards Greater Coherence Among Inter-Governmental Organizations Through Governmental Control (SirPeter Smithers). 2. Interregional Co-ordination within the United Nations: The Role of the Commonwealth (Davidson Nicol). 3. The Organization of Amer ican States and the United Nations (Aida L. Levin). 4. The Organization of African Unity and the United Nations (Berhanykun Andemicael). 5. The Leagueof Arab States and the United Nations (Hussein A. Hassouna). 6. United Nat ions Regional Economic Commissions and Their Relations with Regional Organizations in Developing Areas (Parley W. Newman, Jr.). 7. Asian Intergovernmental Organizations and the United Nations (Michael Haas). 8. The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance and the United Nations (L.I. Lukin). 9. The Council of Europe and the United Nations (A.H. Robertson). 10. The European Economic Community and the United Nations (John de Gara). Very good. Signedand inscribed by the editor. 150.00

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17 ANDREW, Arthur. Defence by Other Means : diplomacy for the underdog.
Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Toronto, 1970, 
ANDREW, Arthur. Defence by Other Means : diplomacy for the underdog. (Toronto) : Canadian Institute of International Affairs, (1970). Pp [i]-ix,(3),[1]-126,(6). 8vo, blue card covers. “Most of the established writers on diplomacy have done their work from the viewpoint of the great power, the leaderin world affairs. This book is a look at the substantially different diplo macy practised by smaller countries whose concern is first to survive and then to thrive in a world largely ordered by the great powers. Often more objects than operators of world politics, the author seeks to describe how international relations seem to the smaller powers, and to offer some impressions on how these countries devise their foreign policies and apply their diplomacies.” - from the back cover. Born in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Arthur Andrew has served as a diplomat in Canadian missions in Bonn, Berlin, Vienna and Prague, has been ambassador to Israel and high commissioner to Cyprus, and later ambassador to Sweden, during which time he inaugurated Canada's negotiations with the People's Republic of China. Covers rubbed and slightly foxed, else very good. Signed with inscription by the author. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be a bit cheaper than quoted. 30.00

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18 ANGUS, H.F. Canada and the Far East 1940-1953. Issued under the auspices of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and the Institute of Pacific Relations.
University of Toronto Press / Canadian Institute of International Affairs / Institute of Pacific, Toronto , 1953, 
ANGUS, H.F. Canada and the Far East 1940-1953. Issued under the auspices ofthe Canadian Institute of International Affairs and the Institute of Pacif ic Relations. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1953. Pp [i]-x,[1]-129,(5). Index. 8vo, navy cloth, silver lettering to spine. “This book brings together and interprets the information relating to Canada's contacts with Asiatic countries since the beginning of the Second World War. Lucidly written and freshly presented, it will be of great interest to everyone concerned with international affairs. As Canada's policies in the Far East and Southeast Asia are the result of Canadian policies in general, Dr. Angus discusses the general policies first and then their particular application. He deals with the nature of Canadian nationalism; the war years and post-war adjustment; Canadian Far Eastern policy and the United Nations; the peace settlement with Japan and security; trade policy and access to resources; economic assistance and the forms it takes; cultural intercourse, human rights,and immigration; and Canadian opinion about the Far East.” - from the dj. Contents : 1. The Nature of Canadian Nationalism. 2. The War Years .3. Adjustment after the War. 4. Canadian Policy in the Far East. 5. The Record at the United Nations. 6. The Peace Settlement and Security. 7. Trade Policy and Access to Resources. 8. Economic Assistance in General. 9. Forms of Economic Assistance. 10. Cultural Intercourse, Human Rights, and Immigration. 11. Canadian Opinion about the Far East. 12. Postscript, 1953. Slightly flared, else very good in dustjacket (tears to spine ends). 45.00

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19 ANTHONY, John Duke. Arab States of the Lower Gulf : People, Politics, Petroleum. The James Terry Duce Memorial Series, Volume 3. First Edition in dustjacket.
Middle East Institute, Washington, 1975, 
ANTHONY, John Duke. Arab States of the Lower Gulf : People, Politics, Petroleum. The James Terry Duce Memorial Series, Volume 3. Washington: Middle East Institute, 1975. First Printing. Pp. (7),[viii]-x,(2),3-273,(1). Map endpapers. 8vo, tan cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "The nine Arab states of the Lower Gulf -- Bahrayn, Qatar and the seven member states of the United Arab Amirates -- were catapulted onto the international scene shortly after they received their full independence from Great Britain in 1971. The global energy situation ensures that they will continue to engage the attention of the outside world for some time to come. The majority of these states are oil producers, and they include some of the world's wealthiest societies in terms of income per capita; they also include some of the poorest. The problems and opportunities presented by these circumstances offer uniquechallenges to the governments and peoples of these states. This study, bas ed on extensive field research by the author, examines these traditional societies in terms of the ongoing impact of petroleum and the changes it is bringing to their political and socio-economic systems." - from the dustjacket. Minor bumping to fore-corners, else very good in nicked, corner-trimmed(but not price-clipped) dustjacket. 30.00

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20 Anthropology) BUCK, Peter H. SPEIER, Leslie BEAGLEHOLE, Ernest Yale University Publications in Anthropology Nos. 1-7. reprint
Human Relations Area Files Press, 1970, 
(Anthropology). Yale University Publications in Anthropology Nos. 1-7. New Haven: Human Relations Area Files Press, 1970. Reprinted from the 1936 edition. Pp. [124], approx. Various paginations. 8vo, blue card covers, black titles to front and spine. Consisting of: No. 1. Clark Wissler's "Population Changes among the Northern Plains Indians"; No. 2. Peter H. Buck's "Regional Diversity in the Elaboration of Sorcery in Polynesia"; No. 3. Leslie Spier's "Cultural Relations of the Gila River and Lower Colorado Tribes"; No. 4. Ernest Beaglehole's "Hopi Hunting and Hunting Ritual"; No. 5. W.W. Hill's "Navaho Warfare"; No. 6. H. Scudder Mekeel's "The Economy of the Modern Teton Dakota Community": No. 7. Cornelius Osgood's "The Distribution of the Northern Athapaskan Indians". Spine sunned to a light grey, owner's name inkstamped to front and all edges, else vg. 40.00

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