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1 (King's Royal Rifle Corps King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle. 1904.
Warren and Son, Printers and Publishers, Winchester , 1905, 
(King's Royal Rifle Corps). The King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle. 1904. Committee : Colonel H.R. Mends, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Guy Campbell, Bart., Captain The Hon. R.M. Stuart Wortley, D.S.O. Honorary Secretary and Treasurer :Major T.M. Riley, Rifle Depot, Winchester. Winchester : Warren and Son, Pr inters and Publishers, 1905. Pp (8),[1]-159,(1), frontis + 19 leaves of plates. 8vo, green cloth, silver to front board and spine, all edges dyed red.Contents : The King's Royal Rifle Corps Calendar, 1905; List of Officers, 1904; List of Officers, 1804; List of Battalions and Their Stations from 1756 to 1904; Promotions, Appointments, etc.; Extracts from Garrison Order Book, Halifax, N.S. (pp 36-58); Regimental Records - 1st Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps - 2nd Battalion... - 3rd Battalion... - 4th Battalion...; Rifle Depot Records; Memoir of R. Ernest Reade, D.S.O.; Expedition to Khartoum; Three Months Leave in Ladakh; Trout Fishing in Canada (pp 119-121); Shooting - by H.A.V.; The Manoeuvres of 1904; The Canadian Military Institute; The Memorial Homes for Disabled Riflemen at St. Cross; List and Services ofOfficers who Died in 1904; Record of Service of the Harrington Family; Lis t of Past Officers; Notice to Correspondents. Ex-library (spine numbering, bookplate, blindstamps, discard stamp, penned accession number, rear pocket), wear to spine ends and corners, frontis and plate loose, foxing, else good. As is. 40.00

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2 3RD BATTALION THE ROYAL CANADIAN REGIMENT) Eight-Point Star: 3RCR Cyprus March - September 1986
(3RD BATTALION THE ROYAL CANADIAN REGIMENT). The Eight-Point Star: 3RCR Cyprus March - September 1986. n.p., 1986. Pp. (224), [8]. 8vo, blue permabound with silver decoration and lettering. Eight issues of The Eight-Point Star bound in one volume. Vg. 50.00

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3 ABELLA, Irving Martin Nationalism, Communism, and Canadian Labour : The CIO, the Communist Party,and the Canadian Congress of Labour 1935-1956.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1973, ISBN:0602018939 
ABELLA, Irving Martin. Nationalism, Communism, and Canadian Labour : The CIO, the Communist Party, and the Canadian Congress of Labour 1935-1956. (Toronto) : University of Toronto Press, (1973). First Edition. Pp [i]-vii,(5),[1]-256. Index. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. Contents : 1. The CIO Comes North. 2. Expulsion 1937-39. 3. The Merger 1939-40. 4. The Steelworkers' Organizing Committee. 5. The CCL, the CCF and the Communist Party 1940-46. 6. The International Union of Mill and Smaller Workers 1936-48.7. The International Woodworkers of America 1940-48. 8. The United Electri cal Workers and the United Automobile Workers 1940-50. 9.The CIO versus theCCL 1940-50. 10. National versus International Unionism 1946-52. 11. Concl usion. Boards a little flared, else very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 25.00

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4 ABOUL-ENEIN, Youssef and Basil ABOUL-ENEIN. Secret War for the Middle East : The Influence of Axis and Allied Intelligence Operations during World War II. First Edition in dustjacket.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 2013, ISBN:9781612513096 
ABOUL-ENEIN, Youssef and Basil ABOUL-ENEIN. The Secret War for the Middle East : The Influence of Axis and Allied Intelligence Operations during WorldWar II. Annapolis, Maryland : Naval Institute Press, (2013). First Printin g. Pp. (6),vii-xxiii,(1),1-263,(1). 8vo, red paper-covered spine with off-white patterned paper-covered boards, silver lettering to spine. Foreword byEd Mornston. "Although often overlooked in studies of World War II, the Mi ddle East was actually a key theater for the Allies. Though the threat of direct Axis invasion by Rommel's Afrika Corps never materialized beyond the Egyptian Western Desert, this did not limit the Axis from probing the Middle East and cultivating potential collaborators and sympathizers. 'The Secret War for the Middle East' explores the infusion of the political language of anti-Semitism, nationalism, fascism, and Marxism that was among the ideological by-products of Axis and Allied intervention in the Arab world. The status of the British-dominated Middle East was tailor-made for exploitation by Axis intelligence and propaganda. German and Italian intelligence efforts fueled anti-British resentments; their influence shaped the course of Arab nationalist sentiments throughout the Middle East. These actions left an indelible mark on the sociopolitical evolution of the modern states of the Middle East, and their effects continue to be felt today. A relevant parallel to the pan-Arab cause was Hitler's attempt to bring ethnic Germans into the fold of a greater German state. In theory, as the Sudeten German stood on par with the Carpathian German, so, too, according to doctrinal theory, did the Yemeni stand in union with the Syrian in the imagination of thoseespousing pan-Arabism. As historic evidence demonstrates, this very common ality proved to be a major factor in the development of relations between Arab and fascist leaders. The Arab nationalist movement amounted to little more than a shapeless, fragmented counter-position to British imperialism, imported to the Arab East via Berlin for Nazi aspirations." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Palestine Question; 3. Hashemite Iraq; 4. Vichy French Syria: Operation Exporter; 5. Iran: Operation Countenance; 6. Turkey: Balancing Neutrality; 7. Axis Efforts in the Arabian Peninsula; 8. Afghanistan and the Third Reich: Fomenting Rebellions; 9. Egypt's Internal Struggle: To Declare War or Not?; 10. Conclusion. With appendices, notes, a selected bibliography, and index. Very good in crisp dustjacket. 30.00

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5 ADAMS, Ansel. ALINDER, Mary Street. Ansel Adams : An Autobiography. First Edition in dustjacket.
New York Graphic Society / Little Brown and Company, Boston, 1985, ISBN:0821215965 
ADAMS, Ansel. Ansel Adams : An Autobiography. With Mary Street Alinder. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, (1985). First Printing. A New York Graphic Society Book. Pp. (8),ix-xii,(2),1-400,(2). With 277 black and white illustrations to text. Square 4to, red cloth with silver lettering to spine. "Hiswas a world of mountains and woodlands andthe vast, timeless reach of the western landscape. If a country as limitless as this can ever be said to have posed for its portrait, certainly the photographer behind the camera wasAnsel Adams. And now he has given us this book. Here, in his prodigiously illustrated autobiography, completed just prior to his death in 1984, is Adams' testament of a life of dedication, adventure, achievement, remarkable friendships, plainspoken wisdom, and a concern for man and nature. It is a memoir of times spent with Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Weston, Nancy and Beaumont Newhall, Imogen Cunningham, Edwin Land, and so many more in the pantheon of the art and photography world. Here, not only in hisown words but also in photographs the world over (and many others never be fore pbulished), this extraordinary man steps forward to share with us his love of music, the beauty of the wilderness, loyalties and dreams, and thatclear-eyed vision that saw beyond the mountains the heart of America." - f rom the dustjacket. Very good in price-clipped dustjacket. Due to the weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage oninternational orders. 40.00

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6 ADAMS, Robert. Why People Photograph : Selected Essays and Reviews. First Edition in dustjacket.
Aperture, New York, 1994, ISBN:0893815977 
ADAMS, Robert. Why People Photograph : Selected Essays and Reviews. (New York): Aperture, (1994). First Printing. Pp. (14),13-186,(4). Illustrated in black and white. 8vo, white cloth spine with white paper covered boards, silver lettering to spine. "'Why People Photograph' is a book by a professional photographer about the relationship of art and life. In 1981 Robert Adams published a volume of essay entitled 'Beauty in Photography', in which hesuggested that art is too important to confuse with interior decoration or an investment opportunity. Its real use, he contended, is to affirm meanin g and thus 'to keep intact an affection for life'. 'Why People Photograph' gathers a selection of Adams's writing since then. His subjects vary, but again he questions accepted prejudice, this time not only the view that art is trivial but that artists are separate. He demonstrates that many understand themselves to be bound to the world by complex and important obligations. Adams's writing is free of academic jargon. Readers will also appreciatehis attention to common experience (he talks about trying to earn an incom e), his employment of the unorthodox (one essay concerns dogs and photography), and above all his conviction that art matters." - from the dustjacket.Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 35.00

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7 ADAS, Michael Studies in Comparative World History series Prophets of Rebellion : Millenarian Protest Movements against the European Colonial Order. First Edition in dustjacket
University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1979, ISBN:0807813532 0807813532 / 9780807813539 
ADAS, Michael. Prophets of Rebellion : Millenarian Protest Movements against the European Colonial Order. Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, (1979). First Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-xxvii,(3),3-243,(1). With a few illustrations in the text. Maps. Index. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine.

A volume in the Studies in Comparative World History series.

Michael Adas (b. February 4, 1943, Detroit, Michigan).

"This study provides new approaches to the writing of comparative history and to the analysis of social protest movements, by combining five case studies with other evidence on millennial movements, Michael Adas constructs a framework for the study of the relationship between millenarian expectations, prophetic leaders, and violent social protest.

The participants in these rebellions sought to change unacceptable sociocultural systems by extralegal means rather than by constitutional methods, by force rather than by reform, withdrawal, or passive resistance. Each of the groups mounted a rebellion aimed at the overthrow not only of the political regime but also of the existing sociocultural order. The author views these rebellions from the perspectives of both the colonizer incumbents and the participants themselves. He analyzes the causes which give rise to these movements of protest gainstst the changes and dislocations engendered by European conquest and colonization of diverse societies in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. He moves from an examination of causation to a consideration of the factors that influenced the mode of protest that was adopted and he discusses the techniques of organization, ritual, and magic that were used to offset European technological superiority. He pays special attention to the careers of the prophets who played central roles in these movements and to the importance of their millenarian visions as catalysts of protests. The work concludes with a discussion of the patterns displayed by the actual revolts, the campaigns of repression launched by the Europeans, and the historical legacy of these movements.

The five rebellions that Michael Adas examines in this study are: the revolt led by Prince Dipanagara in the Netnerlands East Indies (1825-1830), the Pai Maire or Hau Hau movement of the Maoris of New Zealand (1864-c. 1867), the Birsa disturbance among the Mundas of Chota Nagpur in east-central India (1890-1900), the Maji Maji rebellions in German East Africa (1905-1906), and the Saya San uprisings in Burma (1930-1932)." (from the dj).

Contents :
Foreword by Philip D. Curtin;
1. Contexts for five rebellions;
2. Causes for revolt: colonial transformations and relative deprivation;
3. An absence of alternatives;
4. Prophets and millenarian visions;
5. Toward violence: abortive repression and the rise of secondary leaders;
6. Mobilisation: symbol and ritual, talisman and sympathetic magic;
7. Rebellion, suppression and impact;
8. Prophetic rebellion as a type of social protest.
With end-notes, bibliography and index.

Very good in rubbed and torn dustjacket. 45.00

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8 ADIGA, Aravind White Tiger. First Edition in dustjacket
Atlantic Books, London, Atlantic Books, London, 2008, ISBN:9781843547204 
ADIGA, Aravind. The White Tiger. London : Atlantic Books, (2008). First Printing. Pp. (8),3-321,(1). 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. The first novel by the Indian-born author. Winner of the 2008 Booker Prize. Very good in clean, crisp, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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9 AGRICOLA, Johann Friedrich BAIRD, Julianne C. , (ed.) Introduction to the Art of Singing by Johann Friedrich Agricola. First Edition in dustjacket.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995, ISBN:052145428X 
AGRICOLA, Johann Friedrich. Introduction to the Art of Singing by Johann Friedrich Agricola. Translated and edited by Julianne C. Baird. (Cambridge) :Cambridge University Press, (1995). First Edition. Pp (8),ix,(1),1-298. 8v o, green cloth, silver lettering to spine. In the Cambridge Musical Texts and Monographs series. "Johann Friedric Agricola published his Introduction to the Art of Singing in Germany in 1757. It brought to a German readerships the 1723 treatise of the Italian singing teacher and castrato, Tosi, to which Agricola added his own running commentary. The Introduction was recognized as invaluable not only for teachers and their pupils but also for advanced singers and professionals. Charles Burney, for example, described it as 'the best book on the subject in German' and hailed the author as 'the best singing master in Germany.' This present edition, translated with introduction and annotations by the celebrated singer Julianne Baird, makes Agricola's work available for the first time in English. Tosi's work was the first basic treatise on singing: it codified important aesthetic principles and gave practical directions for the singers of his time. Agricola, a pupil of J.S. Bach, addressed the style of singing at the court of Frederick the Great, and brought Tosi's work up-to-date. His commentaries are so extensive that the Introduction stands on its own as an important document in the history of performance practice." Very good in dustjacket. 45.00

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10 AKENSON, Donald Harman O'BRIEN, Conor Cruise) Conor : A Biography of Conor Cruise O'Brien. 2vols in dj
McGill-Queen's University Press, 1994, ISBN:0773512551 
AKENSON, Donald Harman. Conor : A Biography of Conor Cruise O'Brien. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, (1994). In Two Volumes: I. Narrative; II. Anthology. Pp. 573; 356. 8vo, black paper covered boards, silver titles to spines. A biography of one of the most controversial and constructive figures in modern Irish history and politics. He was a relentless campaigner against terrorism while a member of the Parliament, a position which, perhaps, eventually led to the loss of his seat. He later became the editor-in-chief of the London Observer. Vg in djs. for the set 50.00

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11 ALBRIGHT, Madeleine WOODWARD, Bill Madam Secretary : A Memoir. First Printing in dustjacket. signed
Miramax Books, New York, 2003, ISBN:0786868430 
ALBRIGHT, Madeleine. Madam Secretary : A Memoir. With Bill Woodward. (New York) : Miramax Books, (2003). First Printing. Pp (6),vii-xiv,(2),3-562,+ 32pp plates. Text Illustrations. Index. 8vo, black cloth spine, grey paper c overed boards, silver lettering to spine. Contents : Part One - From Madlenka to Madeleine Albright : 1. Heroes & Villains. . Becoming an American. 3.Best of all possible worlds. 4. Family values. 5. Mrs. Albright goes to Wa shington. 6. From pole to pole. 7. 'Til death do us part. 8. The Velvet Revolution. Part Two - Fourteen Suits and a Skirt : 9. A sign saying simply "United States." 10. New World (dis)order. 11. Frequent flyer. 12. Horror in the Balkans. 13. The strength of my own voice. Part Three - Madam Secretary: 14. "I want you to be my Secretary of State." 15. Names on the synagogue wall. 16. Building a Europe whole and free. 17. Migraine Hussein.; 18. Wel come to the Middle East. 19. Palestinians and Israelis coming together. 20.Dueling with dictators. 21. As the world turns. Part Four - Waging War, Pu rsuing Peace : 22. A special kind of evil. 23. Milosevic is the problem. 24. Kosovo: diplomacy and the threat of force. 25. The alliance prevails. 26.Freedom and order in the global era. 27. Inside the hermit kingdom. 28. Th e fruitless quest. 29. Had we but world enough and time. Selected Chronology. Official international travel. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. Signedwith inscription by the author. With a Democrats Abroad Canada Luncheon in vitation / menu card laid in. The inscription was to an attendee of that luncheon and was dated on that day. 25.00

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12 ALDRICH, John E. and Brian C. LENTLE, (eds.) New Kind of Ray : The Radiological Sciences in Canada - Les Sciences Radiologiques au Canada 1895-1995, in dustjacket
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1995, ISBN:0969955707 
ALDRICH, John E. and Brian C. LENTLE, (eds.). A New Kind of Ray : The Radiological Sciences in Canada - Les Sciences Radiologiques au Canada 1895-1995. Vancouver, Canada : University of British Columbia, (1995). "Published inVancouver, British Columbia, Canada for The Canadian Association of Radiol ogists, Suite 510, 5101 rue Buchan, Montréal, Quebec, H4P 2R9, Canada". Pp (16),xvii-xxvii,(2),2-469,(3). Illustrated. Index. Double Column. 4to, bluecloth, silver lettering to front board and spine. Roland & Bernier, Second ary Sources in the History of Canadian Medicine: A Bibliography, Volume 2, pp.118 & 141. "The story of the serendipitous discovery or x-rays is almostlegendary, but it bears retelling in this volume. Although Rontgen was a r emarkable man, he likely did not foresee just how far his discovery would lead the next century. Despite its small population, Canada has played a full part in the early uses of radiation: the discovery of alpha particles, cobalt-60 treatment for cancer, Alexander Graham Bell's experiments, and one of the very first uses of a raadiograph in helping a surgeon to operate successfully, for example. [...] With more than 60 contributors and over 100 chapters, A New Kind of Ray brings together in one volume the story of Canadian achievements over the past 100 years in the fields of radiology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine and radiation protection." (from the dj). Contents : Part One: Origins. Part Two: The Pioneers. Part Three: Progress byProvince. Part Four: Regions and the Canadian Academic Departments of Radi ology. Part Five: People. (a) The Founders. (b) The Builders. (c) Teachers.Part Six: Organizations of those Specialty Groups Working in the Radiologi cal Sciences. Part Seven: Groups, Programs and Activities. Part Eight: Radiological Sciences and the Graphic Arts. Part Nine: Postscript. Part Ten: Annexes, References and Notes. Appendices. Chapters of local interest include: Alexander Graham Bell (by John Aldrich, pp 20-23); Radiology in Newfound land (by Patrick J. McManamon, pp 72-75); History of the Use of X-rays in Nova Scotia (by John Aldrich, pp 76-85); Memories of Early Radiology in New Brunswick (by A.S. Kirkland, pp 86-91); A New Era in Nova Scotia Radiology (by David B. Fraser, pp 193-194). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good in dustjacket. 45.00

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13 ALEXANDER, Bruce K. Globalisation of Addiction : A Study in Poverty of the Spirit. First Edition in dustjacket.
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008, ISBN:9780199230129 
ALEXANDER, Bruce K. The Globalisation of Addiction : A Study in Poverty of the Spirit. Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2008). First Printing. Pp. (12),[1]-470,(6), + 2 p. of colour plates. 8vo, black cloth with silver lettering to spine. The author is affiliated with the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. "Scientific medicine has failed to bring addiction under control. There are no reliable methods to cure it, prevent it, or take the pain out of it. There is no durable consensus on what addiction is, what causes it, or what should be done about it. Meanwhile, it continues to increase around the world. This book argues that the cause of this failure to control addiction is that the conventional wisdom of the 19th and 20th centuries focused too single-mindedly on the afflicted individual addict.Although addiction obviously manifests itself in individual cases, its pre valence differs dramatically between societies. [...] This book shows that the social circumstances that spread addiction in a conquered tribe or a failing civilisation are also built into today's globalising free-market society. [...] The book [also] argues that the most effective response to a growing addiction problem is a social and poltiical one, rather than an individual one. Such a solution would not put the doctors, psychologists, social workers, politicians, and priests, who have served with such dedication, out of work, but it would incorporate their practices in a larger social preoject. The project is to reshape society with enough forces and imagination to enable people to find social integration and meaning in everyday life." - from the dustjacket. Very good in crisp dustjacket. 75.00

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14 ALLEN, Woody Side Effects. 1st US in dj.
Random House, 1980, ISBN:0394511042 
ALLEN, Woody. Side Effects. NY: Random House, (1980).First US Edition. Pp. 149. 8vo, black paper covered boards, black cloth spine, silver titles to spine. Vg in dj. 25.00

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15 ALLISTER, William Handful of Rice. 1st pr
Secker & Warburg, 1961, 
ALLISTER, William. A Handful of Rice. L: Secker & Warburg, (1961). First Printing. Pp. 288. 8vo, green cloth, silver titles to spine. A novel set in aJapanese POW camp in Malaya, where a group of mainly Canadian prisoners st ruggle to stay alive. Wrinkling to front paste-down, owner's name inkstamped to title page, else vg in dj (with some faint rubbing to the rear panel).30.00

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Rolls-Royce : The Power of Grace. in dj. , ALLPORT, W. L. H.
16 ALLPORT, W. L. H. Rolls-Royce : The Power of Grace. in dj.
J. H. Haynes & Co., Ltd., London, 1963, 
ALLPORT, W. L. H. Rolls-Royce : The Power of Grace . L.: J. H. Haynes & Co., Ltd., (1963). Pp. 123, including plates. 8vo, red cloth. Contents: I) Rolls-Royce Cars from 1904-1906 ; II) One Car Only : The Silver Ghost, 1907-1910 ; III) Some Achievements of the Silver Ghost, 1907-1919 ; IV) The Two Car Policy: 20 h.p.'s and Phantoms, 1922-1939 ; V) The Post-War Rolls-Royce and Bentley Cars, 1946-1963 ; VI) Rolls-Royce Service Facilities ; VII) The Company and the Rolls-Royce Owner ; VIII) What Makes a Rolls-Royce Owner ; IX) The Rolls-Royce Secret ; X) A Selection of Rolls-Royce Anecdotes ; XI) Rolls-Royce and the Future. A bit musty, bookplate, name, else vg in chipped dj. 50.00

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17 ALLWORTH, Edward Soviet Asia : Bibliographies : A Compilation of Social Science and Humanities Sources on the Iranian, Mongolian, and Turkic Nationalities. With an Essay on the Soviet-Asian Controversy. First Edition.
Praeger Publishers, New York / Washington / London, 1975, ISBN:0275287408 
ALLWORTH, Edward. Soviet Asia : Bibliographies : A Compilation of Social Science and Humanities Sources on the Iranian, Mongolian, and Turkic Nationalities. With an Essay on the Soviet-Asian Controversy. New York / Washington/ London : Praeger Publishers, (1975). First Edition. Pp (6),v-lxiii,(1),1 -686,(14). 8vo, red cloth, silver and red lettering to front board, siler lettering to spine. Contents : Preface : The Controversial Status of Soviet Asia; Sources and Methods for the Bibliography. Part I - Soviet Asia. 1. Soviet Asia. Part II - Black Sea & West Caspian Littoral (Up to the Kuma River). 2. Azerbaijan. 3. Caucasus. 4. Crimea & Crimean Tatar. 5. Dagestan. 6. Gagauz. 7. Karachay-Balkar. 8. Karaim. 9. Kumyk. 10. Kurd. 11. Nogai. 12. North Caucasus (see also, Caucasus, Transcaucasus). 13. Osset. 14. Talysh. 15. Tat. 16. Transcaucasus (See also Caucasus, North Caucasus). Part III - Volga Basin (Down to the Kuma River Mouth). 17. Volga Basin. 18. Bashkirs (See also Urals). 19. Chuvash. 20. Kalmyk. 21. Urals (See also Siberia & Mongolia; Bashkir). 22. Volga Tatar. Part IV - Central Asia. 23. Central Asia. 24. Karakalpak. 25. Kazakh. 26. Kirgiz. 27. Tajik. 28. Turkmen. 29. Uyghur.30. Uzbek. Part V - Siberia & Mongolia. 31. Altay. 32. Buriat. 33. Dolgan. 34. Khakass. 35. Mongolia. 36. Siberia. 37. Tuvan. 38. Yakut. Part VI - Su pplement. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Edgewqorn, else very good. 40.00

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18 Aluminum Company of Canada Welding and Brazing Aluminum
Alcan Technical Books, Montreal, 1949, 
ALUMINUM COMPANY OF CANADA. Welding and Brazing Aluminum. Montreal: (Alcan Technical Books), (1949). Pp. (4),[i]-xiii,(1),[1]-163(1). Illustrated withdrawings and photos. 8vo, coilbound, illustrated blue cloth covers with si lver lettering to spine and red and silver lettering to front. Chapters: 1.Welding and Brazing Aluminum and its Alloys; 2. Aluminum Welding and Brazi ng Processes; 3. Oxy-Gas Welding; 4. Argon Arc Welding; 5. Metal Arc Welding; 6. Carbon Arc Welding; 7. Atomic-Hydrogen Arc Welding; 8. Resistance Welding; 9. Welding Aluminum Castings; 10. Brazing Aluminum and its Alloys; 11. Inspection and Testing of Gas Welded, Arc Welded, and Brazed Joints. Owner's name in ink to front paste-down, slightly edgeworn and minor soiling tocovers. 20.00

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19 ANASTAPLO, George JOYCE, James CARROLL, Lewis TWAIN, Mark Artist as Thinker : From Shakespeare to Joyce
Routledge & Kegan Paul, London , 1980, ISBN:0710005814 
BAXTER, John. Shakespeare's poetic styles : Verse into Drama. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1980). First Edition. Pp (8),1-255,(1). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, silver lettering to spine. George Parkin Grant (1918-1988) was a Canadian philosopher, teacher and political commentator, whose popular appeal peaked in the late 1960s and 1970s. He is best known for his nationalism, political conservatism, comments on technology, pacifism, Christian faith, and conservative views regarding abortion and is credited as one of Canada's most original thinkers. Grant was a faculty member at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., twice (1947-1960, 1980-1988). Very good in rubbed and chipped, but unclipped, dustjacket. Signed presentation copy to Mr. and Mrs.George Grant. 35.00

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20 ANDERSEN, Poul-Gerhard CURNUTT, Joanne, trans. Organ Building and Design. Second Printing in dustjacket
George Allen and Unwin Limited, London, 1976, ISBN:00478600030 00478600030 
ANDERSEN, Poul-Gerhard. Organ Building and Design. Translated by Joanne Curnutt. London : George Allen and Unwin Limited, (1976). Second Impression. Pp (10),11-359,(1),+ 68 pages of plates. Some text illustrations. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, silver lettering to spine.

Poul-Gerhard Andersen (b. December 17, 1904, Varde - d. June 5, 1980, Copenhagen).

"A concise but comprehensive exposition of the traditions of European organ building from the Middle Ages to the present century, this work by distinguished Danish organ builder now appears for the first time in English, translated by Dr. Joanne Curnutt. Its technico-aesthetic approach to the subject, as seen from the standpoint of a professional organ builder of the northern school will enhance its interest not only for organists and organ students, but also for the connoisseur and for all who are concerned or seriously interested in the practice and theory of the organ builder's art. There is an abundance of organ specifications, supplemented by 82 full page illustrations including new plate to show the important achievements of organ building since 1956." (from the dj).

1. The Proportions of Sound.
2. The Acoustics of Buildings.
3. The Organ Pipes.
4. The Stops of the Organ.
5. The Technical and Tonal Design of an Organ Work.
6. The Organ in the Middle Ages.
7. The West European Organ Types.
8. The Organ Facade.
9. The Location of the Organ.
10. The Organ Reform Movement.
11. Maintenance, Rebuilding, New Instruments.

Very good in rubbed and nicked dustjacket. 30.00

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