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1 BINGHAM, Woodbridge Founding of the T'ang Dynasty : The Fall of Sui and Rise of T'ang : A Preliminary Survey. Octagon Edition
Octagon Books, New York, 1970, 
BINGHAM, Woodbridge. The Founding of the T'ang Dynasty : The Fall of Sui and Rise of T'ang : A Preliminary Survey. New York : Octagon Books, 1970. Pp (8),vii-xiv,1-183,(1), frontispiece + 3 folding maps at rear. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. American Council of Learned Societies Studies in Chinese and Related Civilizations, Number 4. Copyright 1941by The American Council of Learned Societies. Reprinted 1970 by special arrangement with The American Council of Learned Societies. Contents : I. Introduction: Emperor Yang : The man and his times; Accession of Emperor Yang. II. Construction of public works, 605-608 : Internal administration; Grain storageand the Grand Canal; Imperial equipment; Great Wall. III. Foreign relation s : South and East;Western Regions. IV.. Foreign relations: Turks (T'u-Chueh). V.. Foreign relations and rebellions, 611-615 : Korean campaigns; Yang Hsiian-kan; Eastern Turks. VI.. Internal coiiapse? : Disorder and prophecy,614-616; Emperor Yang's withdrawal to Qhiang-tu; Failure of Emperor Yang. VII. Political disintegration at end of Sui period : Geographical problem; Southern China; North of the Yangtze; The Northeast: Tou Chien-te and others; Li Mi; The Northwest: Hsieh Chu and others. VIII.. Shansi: Importance ofLi Yuan : Shansi, 614-616; Li Yuan; Defeat of bandits and Turks, 615-616; Preeminence in Shansi. IX. .Beginnings of revolt in T'ai-yuan : Wen-ching plots with Li Shih-min; Invasion, intrigue, and argument;. Liu Wu-chou threatens T'ai-yuan. X. Campaign of the "Righteous Army" : Independent action; Start of the campaign; Military and diplomatic successes; Crossing the Yellow River; Advance on Ch'ang-an. XI.. Li Yuan's position, 617-618 : Rivals increase in power; Li Mi vs. Wang Shih-ch'ung; Tang organization at Ch'ang-an; Military consolidation and expansion; Murder of Emperor Yang; Diplomacy and accession of Li Yuan. XII. Conclusion : End of the Sui; Beginning of theTang. Appendices : A. Chronology. B. Genealogical table. C. Outline of Sui government, 607-618. D. Uprisings, 613-617 (Translation from Sui-shu, ch. 4)..E. Uprisings, 617 (Translation from T'ang-shu, ch. 1). F. Description of maps. Penned name, small inkstamp, else very good. 100.00

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2 BROWM C.R. US Naval Institute Proc. 060:02:0372 LOUKINE, Alexandre MANNING, G.C. Promotions, Past and Future. An article in the United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Vol.60, No.2, February 1934
Naval Institute Proceedings, 1934, 
BROWN, C.R. "Promotions, Past and Future." An article in the United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 60, No.2, February 1934, 372, pp.157-170, with many graphs, double column. Also: Bern Anderson's "Study of a Tropical Hurricane"; Alexandre Loukine's "The Submarine Mine-Layer Krab"; E.E. Wilson's "Air Transport and Security"; H.J Ray's "The Nation in Arms"; G.C. Manning's "Yangtze: A Naval Constructor Goes to Sea with the Fresh Water Navy" (pp.220-229); Alan R. McCracken's "The Universal Signal Book, 1818"; others and usual columns & departments. Very good. For the number. 20.00

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3 China - Handbook China Proper. Volume I Physical Geography, History and Peoples. Volume II Modern History and Administration. Volume III Economic Geography, Ports a nd Communications.
Naval Intelligence Division, London, 1944, 
(China - Handbook). China Proper. Volume I – Physical Geography, History and Peoples. Volume II – Modern History and Administration. Volume III – Economic Geography, Ports and Communications. (London) : Naval Intelligence Division, July 1944, June 1945, July 1945. Pp [i]-xvi,1-542,+ 76 pp plates + large folding map in rear pouch. Maps and Diagrams. Index; [i]-xii,1-370,(2),+ 32 pp plates. Maps. Index; [i]-xiv,[1]-653,(1),+ 78 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, green cloth. B.R. 530, 530A, 530B (Restricted). Geographical Handbook Series. For Official Use Only. Contents : Vol. I. Part I – Physical Geography. 1. Introduction. 2. General Physical Description. 3. North China. 4. Central China. 5. South China. 6. Coasts. 7. Soils and Soil Erosion. 8. Climate and Weather. 9. Natural Vegetation. 10. Diseases and Hygiene. Part II – History and Peoples. 11. Outlines of Chinese History to the End of the Eighteenth Century. 12. The Historic Civilization. 13. The Peoples of China. 14. The Cghinese Written Language. 15. The National Language and the Dialects. Vol. II. 1.Outlines of Modern Chinese History to the Fall of the Empire in 1912. 2. Outlines of Modern Chinese History 1912-1937. 3. War-Time China, 1937-44. 4. The Foreign Relations of China since 1922. 5. Government and Administration. 6. The Chinese Legal System. 7. Education. 8. Growth andDistribution of Population. Vol. III. 1. Agriculture and Forestry. 2. Fish eries. 3. Mining. 4. Industry. 5. Foreign Trade. 6. Currency and Finance. 7. The Ports of South China. 8. Shanghai and the Yangtze Ports. 9. The Portsof North China. 10. Roads. 11. Railways. 12. Waterways. 12. British Intere st in China and Hong Kong. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY DUE TO ITSWEIGHT. Spine and edges sunned, rubbed, penned name to each volume, else g ood. The set for 100.00

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4 CONWAY, Anthony CASPASIAN, John) General's Envoy. signed. 1st UK in dj.
Hodder and Stoughton, London, 2001, ISBN:0340768584 
CONWAY, Anthony. The General's Envoy . [Featuring John Caspasian]. (London): Hodder and Stoughton, (2001). First UK Printing. Pp. (6),1-377,(1). 8vo, black cloth with gilt letteirng to spine. The second Caspasian novel. "Seconded to China by a vengeful Indian Army high command, Caspasian finds Shanghai a cesspit of despair and corruption as refugees pour in to the violent,disease-ridden city. He is glad to escape on a solo mission to contact a g eneral whom the British see as a bulwark against the revolutionary leader Chiang Kai-shek. Once he has left the relative safety of the International Settlement for a gunboat on the Yangtze, though, Caspasian smells danger. The supposedly friendly General Mok turns out to be a bloodthirsty sadist, whose armoured train has struck terror into the Chinese countryside. And Caspasian has made two implacable enemies. One is a Chinese criminal, who firstclashed with him over a rescued bar-girl. The other is a former British of ficer who once saved Caspasian's life..." - from the dj. Vg-fine in clean, crisp, unclipped dj. Signed without inscription by Conway on the title page. 45.00

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5 DEAN, Britten China and Great Britain: The Diplomacy of Commercial Relations, 1860-1864
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1974, 
DEAN, Britten. China and Great Britain : The Diplomacy of Commercial Relations, 1860-1864. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1974. First Edition. Pp. (8),1-223,(9). With two maps in the text. 8vo, yellow card covers, green titles to front and spine.


I. The Historical Context : Immediate Background of the 1860-1864 Period - The Fabric of Sino-British Relations -The Course of Ch'ing Politics;

II. Opening of the Yangtze River - Preliminary Arrangements for Opening the Yangtze - Chinese Reaction to the Opening - Provisional Yangtze Regulations - Collection of Duty at Shanghai;

III. The Operation of the Sino-British Trade: Problems and Remedies : Transit Dues: The Legal Background - Transit Dues: Mechanics of Their Operation - The Coasting Trade (pp.47-50) - Smuggling on the Yangtze - Developments at Hankow Informal Discussions in Peking - Revised Regulations - Conclusion;

IV. Opening of the Bean Trade : Protests from Britishers at Tengchow - The Tsungli-yamen Rebuffs Bruce's Appeals [diplomat Frederick William Adolphus Bruce, aka Wright-Bruce colonial secretary at Hong Kong, before his 1846 appointment as lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland] - Negotiations for Stricter Enforcement of the Prohibition - Repeal of the Prohibition Attempts to Revive the Prohibition;

V. Permanent Yangtze Regulations : British Dissatisfaction with the New Conditions of Trade - Administrative Streamlining for the Coasting Trade - Developments in Hankow Customs Administration - Attempts to Eliminate Smuggling - Chinese Proposals for Further Revision - Bruce's Tea Port Proposal - Reactions to the New Regulations;

VI. Chinese and British Policies: Their Application and Effectiveness : New Policies and New Tactics - Strengthening the Central Executive - The Persistence of Chinese Antiforeignism and British Aggressiveness - Effectiveness of the New Policies.
With bibliography, glossary and index.

Owner's name expunged from the front cover and top edge with black marker, else very good. 25.00

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6 GROVE, Eric J. Vanguard to Trident : British Naval Policy Since World War Two. First American Edition in dustjacket.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD, 1987, ISBN:0870215523 
GROVE, Eric J. Vanguard to Trident : British Naval Policy since World War II. Annapolis, MD : Naval Institute Press, (1987). First Printing. Pp. (8),ix-xi,(3),1-487,(3). Illustrated. Large 8vo, white cloth with dark blue titles to spine. "This ground-breaking new work represents the first serious attempt to analyze the influence of British politics and economics on the evolution of postwar naval policy in Great Britain. Thorough and well-documented, this study clearly demonstrates how cabinet-level decisions have shapedthe Royal Navy, its size, capabilities, and activities. The author, Eric G rove, who taught strategic studies at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth,England, for a decade, draws on recently released archival documents to de tail the British government's attempts to come to terms with the financial realities of an austere postwar world in planning a future fleet. Describedhere for the first time, for example, is the Churchill government's highly secretive process of defense review and strategic revision, after acknowle dgment that the country's defense effort had to be cut back despite growingconfrontation with the Soviet Union. In reviewing the operations of the Ro yal Navy since 1945, this book sheds new light on the Yangtze incident and British thoughts on military action against the Nationalist Chinese in China's civil war. It describes plans for military intervention in Egypt in theearly 1950s as well as British naval activities in the Korean War. In addi tion, it reveals little-known events in the Falklands some thirty years agothat presaged more recent actions there. Grove also examines the way the R oyal Navy used the Suez crisis to challenge the Duncan Sandys defense review of 1957-58 and the defense reviews of the Wilson government in the 1960s,taking a fresh look at the controversy that led to the abandonment of the aircraft carrier program. His analysis of the factors that shaped the navy of the 1970s leads to an astute discussion of the ,John Nott defense reviewof 1981 and a full account of the Falklands War. The book concludes with a valuable assessment of British naval policy today, which Grove argues is a t a major crossroad. Among the many illustrations that accompany the text are some fascinating drawings, reproduced here for the first time, of projected warships that never proceeded beyond the design stage." from the dj flap. Chapters : 1. Postwar Problems; 2. The Revised Restricted Fleet; 3. Global Strategy and Radical Review; 4. A Familiar Routine in a Changing World; 5. Suez and Sandys; 6. Peroxide to Polaris; 7. East of Suez; 8. Recalling the Legions; 9. The Eastlant Navy; 10. Which Way Forward? With appendices, bibliography and index. Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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7 JEN, Yu-wen SUDDARD, Adrienne (ed.) Taiping Revolutionary Movement. First Edition in dustjacket
Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1973, ISBN:0300015429 
JEN, Yu-wen. The Taiping Revolutionary Movement. With the editorial assistance of Adrienne Suddard. New Haven and London : Yale University Press, 1973. First Edition. Pp. (6),vii-xxiii,(3),1-616,(2) + 4 pages of plates. 8vo, grey cloth, gilt letttering to spine. Jian Youwen (b. 1896, Guangdong - d. 1978, Hong Kong). A comprehensive study of the Taiping Revolutionary Movement (1851-1866) from the perspective of the revolutionaries. "The Taiping Revolutionary Movement, spanning the period 1851 to 1866, was one of the cataclysmic events of history. The stakes were immense: control of China and the transformation of Chinese society. The Taipings were true revolutionaries, in Mr. Jen's view, for they attacked not only the ruling dynasty but the prevailing order and social structure that supported it. However, because they lost, the movement has been known almost entirely from the official government side. In this volume, we see the story for the first time from the point of view of the revolutionaries. Reconstructing the details of the titanic struggle with painstaking care, Mr. Jen gives us a comprehensive picture of the entire movement, presenting a wealth of new information and insights on its origins and on the motives and actions of its leaders. The concrete historical detail Mr. Jen offers will provide the basis for new evaluations of the Taipings for years to come." (from the dj). Contents : Forewordby Jonathan D. Spence. Preface. Part One - The beginning. 1. Some historic al perspectives; 2. Emergence of the leader (1814-1847); 3. Fermentation and preparation (1847-1870); 4. The grand uprising (1850-1851); 5. "A tiger breaks fron its cage" (1851-1852); 6. From Huan to Nanking (1852-1853); 7. The occupation of Nanking (1853); 8. Institutions and ideals of the Taiping Regime. part Two - The expansion. 9. The Northern expedition (1853-1855); 10. Western expedition I (1853-1856): the battles of Kiangsi, Anhwei, and Hupeh 11. Western expedition II (1854): battle of Hunan; 12. Western expedition III (1854-1856): the battles of Hpeh and Kiangsi; 13. Inthe central region (1853-1856); 14. Fratricide and dissension (1856-1863); 15. Warfare in the Yangtze Valley (1856-1859); 16. Ascendancy of Hung Jen-kan (1859-1860); 17. The eastern expedition (1860); 18. The fight for Anking (1860-1861). Part Three - The fall. 19. The drive through Chekiang toward Shanghai (1861-1862); 20. Second borthern expedition (1861-1868); 21. Loss of Chekiang (1862-1864); 22. Loss of "Su-fu Province" (1862-1864); 23. The collapse of Taiping Tienkuo (1862-1866). Includes index. Bibliography: p. 575-596. Very good in lightly edgeworn dustjacket, with American price clipped, British price not. 70.00

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Yangtse Gorges : A Photographic Souvenir. First Edition, JOHNSON, C,
8 JOHNSON, C, Yangtse Gorges : A Photographic Souvenir. First Edition
JOHNSON, C. The Yangtse Gorges : A Photographic Souvenir. [China?]:, n.d. [1901?]. First Edition. Pp (30) + folding map (I Chang to Chungking) at rear. Illustrated with 14 mounted plates in black-and-white. 8vo, newly rebound in purple cloth, with new endpapers, sewn though original staple holes, and part of old cover with original silver title-lettering laid on. A scarce viewbook of the Yangtze, Asia's longest river. "This small book is not intended to give a detailed account of the Gorges. It is more of asouvenir for those who possess no camera, or having one have been unfortun ate with the weather. Some descriptive notes are given, also other useful information. Distances are quoted, and given a fair average speed of 7.5 knots for the upbound vessel, the time of passing the various places can easily be calculated." - (Preface). Contents : Preface; San Yu Tung; The River; The Rapids; The Gorges; Wushan Gorge; Wind Box Gorge; Kweifu to Wanhsien; Shihpaochai; Shihpaochai to Fengtu; Fengtu; Fengtu to Chungking. A very goodcopy in a new binding, with promotional sheet laid in [listing three locat ions where it is available in China, for $4.50 (Mex.)] Now bound in much more sturdy and useable form. 3,000.00

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9 MURFETT, Malcolm H Hostage on the Yangtze : Britain, China, and the Amethyst Crisis of 1949. First Edition in dustjacket.
Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD, 1991, ISBN:0870212893 
MURFETT, Malcolm H. Hostage on the Yangtze: Britain, China, and the Amethyst Crisis of 1949. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, (1991). First Printing. Pp. (6),vii-xvi,(2),3-313,(7). With a few maps, figures and b&w photos in the text. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "n 1949, as the Chinese Civil War was about to enter its final, explosive stage, the small British frigate HMS Amethyst was sent on a dangerous mission up the Yangtze River to protect British citizens in Nanking. En route it was attacked by theChinese Communists and held hostage on the river for several months before the crew managed to make a daring escape. The Amethyst captured news headl ines around the world and became an unlikely symbol of the cold war in Asia. This dramatic episode, hailed in the West as a triumph of the human spirit but bitterly condemned by the Chinese Communists, was to prejudice Anglo-Chinese relations for years to come. Using sources not previously available, Malcolm Murfett has written a book that is much more than an account of asingle incident. It provides a sweeping survey of British naval power in C hina, from its faltering and inept beginnings in the late 1630s right up tothe establishment of the People's Republic in 1949. In explaining the impo rtance of the Amethyst episode in the history of Anglo-Chinese naval relations, Murfett suggests it was the final poignant break with the past." -fromthe dj. Contents: Preface; 1. Gunboat Diplomacy; 2. Renewal of an Old Adve nture; 3. Under Attack; 4. No Chance of an Understanding; 5. Mounting a Rescue Attempt; 6. Kerans Enters the Picture; 7. Youde's Mission; 8. ExploringOther Possibilities; 9. A Political Storm is Brewing; 10. Opening Negotiat ions on the Yangtze; 11. More Questions than Answers; 12. The Limitations of Naval Diplomacy; 13. Psychological Warfare; 14. Stalemate; 15. Escape in the Dark; 16. Aftermath. Appendices: 1. Casualties on Royal Navy Ships, 20-21 April 1949; 2. British and Japanese Ships Entering and Clearing Chinese Ports. 1900-1938; 3. HMS Consort's Narrative of Events on 20 April 1949; 4.Statement submitted on 8 October 1949 by Lieutenant Geoffrey Weston; 5. Bi ographical Data of Leading Personalities, 1949-89. With notes, bibliographyand index. Very good in dustjacket, solid and clean. 35.00

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China Sea Pilot. Vol. III. Comprising the Coasts of China and Manchuria from Fokai Point to the Oryoku Ko; the Northern Coast of Luzon; Formosa; and the Western Coast of Korea. First Edition, 1937, PILOT)
10 PILOT) China Sea Pilot. Vol. III. Comprising the Coasts of China and Manchuria from Fokai Point to the Oryoku Ko; the Northern Coast of Luzon; Formosa; and the Western Coast of Korea. First Edition, 1937
Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, London, 1938, 1938 
(PILOT). China Sea Pilot. Vol. III. Comprising the Coasts of China and Manchuria from Fokai Point to the Oryoku Ko; the Northern Coast of Luzon; Formosa; and the Western Coast of Korea. First Edition, 1937. All Bearings Are True. London : Published for the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, by HisMajesty's Stationery Office, 1938. Pp (4),iii-xi,(1),xii-xxxi,[1]-652,+ fo lding map + numerous plates of views. 8vo, grey cloth, black lettering to front board and spine.

Laid in is : Supplement No. 7 - 1950. Relating to the China Sea Pilot, Vol. III. London : 1950. Pp [1]-80. 8vo, cream stapled wrappers; and Summary of Admiralty Notices to Mariners Issued during 1950, 1951 & 1952. Relating to the China Sea Pilot, Vol. III. London : 1951. Pp 11-10. 8vo, cream stapled wrappers.

Contents :

I. General information: China and Manchuria, Formosa, and Korea—Winds and weather.—Ice.—Currents.— Tides—Tidal streams.—Signals.—General system of buoyage, etc.—W/T stations—Coal and fuel oil.—Docks and repairs.—British Consular Officers.—Standard time.—National regulations.—Cautions.—General directions.

II. Fokai point to Amoy, including rort swatow and Amoy harbour.

III. Amoy to the Min kiang, including Hai tan strait

IV. Formosa strait. —Pescadores islands.— North coast of Luzon.—Luzon strait.—Formosa.

V. Ragged point to Nimrod sound.

VI. Chusan archipelago and southern approaches to the Yangtze kiang.—Yung river and Hanchow bay.

VII. The approach and estuary of the Yangtze kiang.—The Whangpoo and Shanghai harbour,

VIII. Tung hai and Hwang hai.—The coast of China from the Yangtze kiang to Chefoo.

IX. Pohai strait.—Gulf of Pohai.—Gulf of Liaotung.

X. The eastern side of Hwang hai or Yellow sea.—Quelpartisland. The west coast of Korea, from Kainan kaku to Chemulpho.

XI. The eastern side of Hwang hai or Yellow sea.—The west coast of Korea, from the Kan ko to the Oryuku ko.

XII. The northern side of Hwang hai or Yellow sea.—From the Oryuku ko to Ryojun ko.

Appendix I. List of Ports available for under-water repairs; particulars of dry docks.

Appendix Il. List ot Principal Ports, showing particulars of depths, etc.

Appendix III. Meteorological and Rainfall tables. Appendix

IV. List of spots suitable for magnetic observations.

Appendix V.Anchorages between Fokai point and Shanghai, where shelter can be obtained by vessels of moderate draught during the north-east monsoon.

Covers soiled, tears along outer hinges, binding shaky, else good. Supplements clean and crisp. The lot for 145.00

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11 TOLLEY, Kemp, Rear Admiral KRULAK, Victor H., Lieutenant General (foreword) Yangtze Patrol: The U.S. Navy in China.. in dj.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD, 1984, 
TOLLEY, Kemp, Rear Admiral. Yangtze Patrol : The U.S. Navy in China. Foreword by Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, (1984). Pp. 343. 8vo, red cloth. A chronological examination of the history of the presence of the United States Navy in China, dating from their first arrival after the end of the American Revolution, to the 1949 Communist Revolution. Vg in nicked dj. 40.00

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