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101 BOWERING, George Place to Die. First Edition.
Oberon Press, Ottawa, 1983, ISBN:0887504779 
BOWERING, George. A Place to Die. [Ottawa] : Oberon Press, (1983). First Edition. Pp. (4),5-127,(1). 8vo, black & red illustrated card covers, black lettering to spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). "The present collection is very different [from the earlier Flycatcher & other Stories], though the style, as always, is fresh and clever, the smile sardonic." - rear cover. Nine short stories : "Carter Fell", "A Short Story", "Match-Boxes", "Comparitive Public Deaths", "Old Bottles" [set in Hummer. British Columbia], "Student, Petty Thief, TV Star", "Arbre de décision", "The Clam-Digger", and "Four California Deaths" [1. The Death of Jean Harlow; 2. The Death of Babe Ruth; 3. The Death of Albert Einstein; 4. The Death of Tom Mix]. Name, else very good. 15.00

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102 BOWERING, George Poem and Other Baseballs. First Edition
Black Moss Press, Coatsworth, ON, 1976, ISBN:0887530125 
BOWERING, George. Poem and Other Baseballs. (Coatsworth, ON) : Black Moss Press, (1976). First Printing. Pp. (6),7-44,(4). 8vo, illustrated white cardcovers with black lettering to front and spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). A collection of po ems by the prolific Canadian author, largely of a baseball bent. Includes the following poems: from "A Meta Physic in Things", "Pennant Drive", 'The Day Before the Chinese A-Bomb", "AB: The Pope", "Elementary School, Oak Lake, Manitoba", "Ted Williams", "For Ronnie Carter", "Words LIke Our Daily Bread", "Beer in Cans", "Otherwise Nobody Would Ever Have Remembered Joe", from "Ike & Others", "A DP in Time", "Play's a Thing", from "Desert Elm", and "Baseball, a poem in the magic number 9 (for Jack Spicer)". Small sticker ghost to front cover, name inked to flyleaf, four characters inked to rear flap, else very good. NOTE: Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 16.00

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103 BOWERING, George Seventy-One Poems for People. First Edition.
RDC Press, Red Deer, AB, 1985, ISBN:0889950253 
BOWERING, George. Seventy-One Poems for People. (Red Deer, AB) : RDC Press,(1985). First Printing. Pp. (11),12-125,(3). 8vo, illustrated white card c overs with black lettering to front cover and spine. George Harry Bowering,OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). "Six poem sequ ences remembering the turbulent atmosphere and intense emotions of the 1960s and 70s. In a voice at once compassionate and sardonic, these poems thread their way through personalities and events with a mastery that has earnedGeorge Bowering a reputation for fearless honesty." - from Frank Davey's r ear cover blurb. Includes the following poems: I. Some People: "Artaud's Hair", "Red Lane", "Milton Acorn", "To Warren About Dan & The Georgia Straight", "The Canada Council Poet", "Stan", "Man With Broom", "Spanish Burial", "It Was in the Newspaper", "Saint Matthew via Pasolini", "Executive Line", "Survival Course". II. Cops: "Support Your Local Police", "Mounties", "American Cops", "The Deathmaker at San Quentin", "The Law, Taken". III. Canadian Scenes: "Forest Fire Summer", "The Sons of Freedom", "1885", "The Old Political Men", "Goodbye Middlesex County", "The Way I Been Going Lately", "Sir George Computer University", "Election Poem", "Slot", "Sunday Driver", "Time Magazine's Poem", "To Be Sung to an Old Northern Air". IV. Vietnam & Other Wars: "First Line Writ in London, the Rest in Istanbul", "What Happiness Looks Like", "To My Betrothed on the First Day of WWIII", "The Late News", "What Peace Looks Like", "The Grate Society", "What Hunger Looks Like", "U.S. Asia", "Christmas Carol for a Child of Vietnam", "Malediction of MadamNhu", "Even Los Angeles", "Ladies & Gentlemen, the President of the United States", "Reply to a Rich Uncle", "The Doubts", "The American Bomb", "He's Sinking Fast", "Social Poem for Robert Lindner", "On the Radio". V. Our Ot her America: "Thousand Souls", "This Man", "Contemporary History", "MilitiaMan", "The Indians", "The Voices Ignored by the Rich", "The Cloisters", "T he Grain Cut by the Peasants", "Coincidence", "DC7B", "Marvelous Chickenshit Country". VI. The Poems of Ed Prato: "Immigrant", "Maple", "Songbird", "The Dead Poets of Vancouver", "Franco P. and Others", "Strange Lady", "Strawberries", "Weeds", "Circular", "Myself in the Capital", "He in the Forest","They All Over Mexico", and "No Luggage". Very good. NOTE: Due to its smal l size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 15.00

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104 BOWERING, George Standing on Richards. proof
Viking Canada, 2004, 
BOWERING, George. Standing on Richards. (Toronto) : Viking Canada, (2004). Uncorrected, unpublished proof. Pp. 209. 8vo, white illustrated card covers, black lettering to spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). Fifteen short stories set in Vancouver,New York City and San Francisco. Very good. 20.00

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105 BOWERING, George Touch: Selected Poems, 1960-1970. First Edition in dustjacket.
McClelland and Stewart, Limited, Toronto, 1971, ISBN:0771015968 
BOWERING, George. Touch : Selected Poems, 1960-1970. Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, Limited, (1971). First Edition. Pp. (10),11-128. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Spadoni & Donnelly 2249. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). Name, elsevery good in rubbed, nicked unclipped dustjacket. 12.00

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106 BOWERING, George Urban Snow. First Edition.
Talonbooks, Vancouver, 1992, ISBN:088922305x 
BOWERING, George. Urban Snow. Vancouver : Talonbooks, (January 1992). FirstPrinting. Pp. (6),7-111,(1). 8vo, illustrated white & grey card covers wit h green lettering to front cover, black lettering to spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). Includes the following poems: "Urban Snow", "Who Cares", "Unser Karl", "Silver in the Silver Sun", "Canada Puzzle", "Leaves Flipping", "Late Goddess", "Acute", "Dear David McFadden", "An Epithalian Draft for Bev & Dwight", "Twenty","No Meeting", "First Born", "Jodine", "Here in Attachment", "Death", "Endl ess Vees", "Found in the Endpapers of a Larry Eigner Book", "Grizzle Boy", "Fall Notes", "My Family's all in Bed", "The Drift", "Berlin", "On the Picadilly Tube", "Circle Line Hokku", "Music in the Park", "Paulette Jiles and others", "Yards", "Marilyn", and "The Great Grandchildren of Bill Bissett'sMice". Very good. NOTE: Due to its small size, shipping costs should be a bit cheaper than quoted. 12.50

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107 BOWERING, George Way With Words. First Paperback Edition.
Oberon Press, 1982, ISBN:0887504329 
BOWERING, George. A Way With Words. [] : (Oberon Press, 1982). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (4),5-191,(1). 8vo, printed tan card covers with brown lettering to front & spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). "How long can a national literature survive without a body of criticism to sustain and support it? The extraordinary flowering of fiction and poetry that burst upon Canada in the sixtiesstill stands essentially nake to its enemies. In the belief that there was more to be said than that the Canadian imagination is dominated by the imp eratives of survival, we have published two collections of critical essays in which Canadian writing is seen in the light of the larger issues of human experience. In a third volume, a number of critics were invited to explore the political issues involved in the development of a national culture. In 'A Way with Words' George Bowering seeks to define the dimensions of a specifically personal poetic. Like Irving Layton, he begins with the belief that all poetry is in the last analysis about poetry itself. What exactly can we expect to learn from our poets? What exactly do they have to teach us and how can we best understand what they have to say to us?" - from the rear cover. Name inked to flyleaf, five characters inked inside rear cover, blindstamp to title page, else very good. 20.00

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108 BOWERING, George Fiddlehead no. 64, 1965) Flycatcher
Fiddlehead,, 1965, 
BOWERING, George. Flycatcher. A short story which was published in The Fiddlehead, No. 64, Spring 1965, pp. 30-36. Fredericton: Fiddlehead, 1965. Pp. 76. 8vo, grey illustrated card covers. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). Small crease to rear cover, short tears at the head and tail of the spine, faint browning, else very good. For the issue. 15.00

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109 BOWERING, George. Left Hook : A Sideways Look at Canadian Writing. First Edition, Paperback.
Raincoast Books, Vancouver, 2005, ISBN:1551928450 
BOWERING, George. Left Hook : A Sideways Look at Canadian Writing. Vancouver : Raincoast Books, (2005). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (8),1-308,(4). 8vo, illustrated white card covers with red and black lettering to front cover, red, black & white lettering to spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). "In this collection of incisive, cogent essays, former Poet Laureate and Governor General's Award winner George Bowering explores the varied and often misunderstood landscapeof Canadian literature and culture. Offering close readings of the works o f a wide array of writers -- Michael Ondaatje, Robert Kroetsch, Ethel Wilson, Milton Acorn, Daphne Marlatt, bpNichol and many more -- Bowering considers what it means to be a Canadian writer, and a Canadian reader. Throughout, he considers the themes, preoccupations and hooks that abide in our national literature. And amid explorations of Sheila Watson's 'Double Hook' and Margaret Atwood's sharp lines of poetry -- 'like a hook into an eye' -- Bowering manages to land a few punches of his own. In 'Left Hook' Bowering throws assumptions about national identity into the ring with modernism and postmodernism, regionalism and anti-centrism. Along the way he makes delightful digressions about his personal experiences -- growing up in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley playing baseball and reading dime novels; his attraction/repulsion to American culture; discovering poetry as a young man; his first encounter with Al Purdy's teeth-staining homemade wine. Above all, he tells us --with infectious enthusiasm -- about the books and writers he loves. Always engaging, Bowering is the ultimate literary conversationalist -- informed and intimate, intelligent and irreverent." - from the rear cover. Very good. 12.50

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110 BOWERING, Marilyn To All Appearances A Lady. First Edition in dustjacket.
Random House, Toronto, 1989, ISBN:0394220323 
BOWERING, Marilyn. To All Appearances A Lady. Toronto : Random House: (1989). First Printing. Pp. (8),9-336. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Marilyn Bowering (b. April 13, 1949, Winnipeg). "As Robert Lam sets off on his voyage up the coast of Vancouver Island, the last passenger he expects is a ghost. But when the spirit of Lam Fan -- the woman who brought upRobert from childhood -- suddenly and mysteriously appears, the trip they embark upon initiates a quest for the truth about a past both have been avoiding for too many years. Together Robert and Lam Fan piece together a story that begins in 19th century China and takes the reader on a harrowing journey through the South China seas and a Pacific crossing to the shores of British Columbia. We are introduced to a young and idealistic India Thackery-- Robert's mother -- and her opium-addicted companion Lam Fan, who must m ake their way in the emerging new world. There follows a rich and compelling tale of love and deception, greed and the opium trade -- all set against a background of fascinating historical details and the clash of transplatedcultures." -from the dustjacket. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 15.00

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111 BOWES, Gordon E. PATTERSON, R.M.) FRASER, Simon) McKENZIE, Alexander) Peace River Chronicles : Eighty-one eye-witness accounts from the first exploration in 1793 of the of the Peace River Region of British Columbia including the Finlay and the Parsnip River Basins
Prescott Publishing Company, Vancouver, 1964, 
BOWES, Gordon E. Peace River Chronicles : Eighty-one eye-witness accounts from the first exploration in 1793 of the of the Peace River Region of British Columbia including the Finlay and the Parsnip River Basins. Selected andedited by Gordon E. Bowes. (Vancouver): Prescott Publishing Company, (1964 ). Second Printing. Pp. (10),11-557,(3), folding map to rear pastedown, + 40 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. 8vo, green cloth with gilt titles to spine. Hale and Barman British Columbia Local Histories: A Bibliography 102. "Here, for the first time, is the fascinating story of a Western Canadian region, from fur trade and gold rush days down to the present, toldin their own words by the region's explorers, travellers, gold-seekers, su rveyors, and settlers. This novel and absorbing documentary history of British Columbia's Peace River region has been prepared from previously-unpublished or forgotten narratives and from a variety of eye-witness reports and accounts, all throwing light on the development, down through the decades, of a little known, and, until recently, a remote section of the Canadian West." - from the dustjacket. Includes selections from: Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Simon Fraser, D.W. Harmon, Samuel Black, Archibald McDonald, Sir GeorgeSimposon, John McLean, W. McLean and Paul Fraser, H.J. Moberly, Hon. Peter O'Reilly, J.C. Bryant,Charles Horetzky, John Macoun, General Sir Wm. F. Bu tler, Rt. Rev. Wm. C. Bompas, A.R.C. Selwyn, Joseph Hunter, Dr. G.M. Dawson, Rev. Daniel M. Gordon, Rev. A.C. Garrioch, Rev. A. Husson, Warburton Pike, Wm. Ogilvie, H. Somers Somerset, R.G. McConnell, Rev. A.G. Morice, Inspector J.D. Moodie, Verner Maurice, J.S. Leitch, James M. Macoun, A.C. Bury, J.A. MacDonell, A.M. Bezanson, Wm. Fleet Robertson, Spencer H. Tuck, HulbertFootner, Hugh Savage, L.M. Bower, Philip H. Godsell, Captain C.F.J. Gallow ay, Frederick K. Vreeland, F.C. Swannell, Lucill K. Adams, W.O. Harper, Paul L. Haworth, F.H. Kitto, H.E. Walker, Frank W. Beaton, Esme Tuck, Ida S. Crook, J.D. Galloway, Douglas Lay, Lewis R. Freeman, Lukin Johnston, F.H. Eva Hasell, J.W. Bremner, C.R. Crysdale, George M. Murray, John m. Imrie,Ernest C.W. Lamarque, Monica Storrs, Vera Kelsey, Gertrude Baskine, F.S. Smythe, Vena and Bradford Angier, Lyn Harrington, C.D. La Nauze, R.M. Patterson, Jack Scott, R.M. Shaw, and C.B. Cunningham. Very good in lightly nicked dustjacket. 20.00

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112 BOWLES, Samuel Our New West.
Hartford Publishing Co., 1869, 
BOWLES, Samuel. Our New West. Records of Travel between The Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. Over the Plains-Over the Mountains-Through the Great Interior Basin-Over the Sierra Nevadas-To and Up and Down the Pacific Coast. With Details of the Wonderful Natural Scenery, Agriculture, Mines, Business, Social Life, Progress, and Prospects of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia;and Of the Life of the Mormons, Indians, and Chinese. With Map, Portraits, and Twelve Full Page Illustrations. Published by Subscription Only. Hartfo rd, Conn.: Hartford Publishing Co., 1869. Pp 524, frontis., incl. plates. 8vo, original purple-brown cloth with gilt globe to front board and gilt lettering and illustrations to spine. Paher, Nevada : An Annotated Bibliography 172. Spine sunned , worn through at spine ends and corners, hinges a bit shaky, foxing/smudging to frontispiece and title page, with lesser foxing to plates and a few leaves, else very good internally. 50.00

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113 BRADBURY, Elspeth and Judy MADDOCKS MADDOCKS, Judy Real Garden Road Trip. First printing, softcover. double signed
Polestar Book Publishers, Victoria, B.C., 1997, ISBN:1896095356 
BRADBURY, Elspeth and Judy MADDOCKS. The Real Garden Road Trip. (Victoria, B.C.) : Polestar PBook Publishers, (1997). First Printing. Pp (8),9-216. Illustrated. Double Column. Square 8vo, illustrated green card covers. "When longtime friends Elspeth Bradbury and Judy Maddocks trek cross-countjy to find "real gardens and real gardeners," they expect the unexpected. What they discover is a rich pageant of folly and foliage, compost and courage, passion and perennials. Armed with a tape recorder and a camera, Elspeth and Judy travel from the newly planted lighthouse garden at Point Atkinson, British Columbia to the long-vanished survival garden at Gape Spear, Newfoundland. In between, they are entertained by more than eighty "ordiinary" gardeners who welcome them into private oases of greenery and imagination. They discover a vegetable plot on a boat and an alpine rockery in the mountains; a rose specialist on the prairies and a banana grower on a small island; a balcony arboretum in the and a flower patch in the forest. Above all, they discover the essential element in a real gardeen: the true gardener. Here are women, men and children from a multitude of backgrounds who garden for survival, for therapy, for community, for competition, for amusement, for solitude, for beauty and, simply, tor love of life. The Real Garden Road Tripis as varied, fascinating and full of surprises as real gardeners and thei r Edens. Elspeth Bradbury is a landscape architect who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Judy Maddocks is a writer from Hampton, New Brunswick." (from the back cover). Contents : Elspeth's Prologue; Judy's Prologue; Land of Contrasts: British Columbia; Against All Odds: The Prairies; Sociability& Symmetry: Ontario & Quebec; Deep Roots: The East Coast; Judy's Epilogue; Elspeth's Epilogue; Postscnpts. Tear and remnant of tape to half-title, el se very good. Signed with inscription by both authors. 40.00

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114 BRAMHALL, G Marine Borers and Wooden Piling in British Columbia Waters
Roger Duhamel, Queen's Printer, Ottawa, 1966, 
BRAMHALL, G. Marine Borers and Wooden Piling in British Columbia Waters. (Ottawa : Roger Duhamel, Queen's Printer, 1966). Pp (4),5-68. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated white stapled card covers, lettered in black. Department of Forestry Publication No. 1138. Contents : Introduction. Marine Wood Borers : Distribution; Limnoria lignorum; Limnoria tripunctata; Bankia setacea; Teredo navalis. Extent of the Marine Borer Hazard. Untreated Wooden Piling: Eucalyptus Piling; Indigenous Piling. Historical Methods of ProtectingMarine Piling. Research on Impregnation Methods of Pprotecting Wood for Ma rine Use. Protection of Sawlogs in Transit. Creosoted Marine Piling: Advantages; Service Life; Premature Failures; Preparation and Use of Creosoted Piling; Salvage Value. Control of Marine Borer Hazard by Good Housekeeping. Maps. Service Records of British Columbia Marine Installations. Received inkstamp, else very good. 15.00

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115 BRAMHALL, G. Protection of Wooden Structures in British Columbia Waters
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources, Forestry Branch, Ottawa, 1960, 
BRAMHALL, G. Protection of Wooden Structures in British Columbia Waters. Bulletin No. 126. Ottawa : Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources, Forestry Branch, 1960. Pp (2),3-73,(3). Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, green stapled card covers, lettered in black. Contents : Foreword. Part I. - Protection of Marine Installations. 1. Marine Wood Borers. 2. Marine Piling (Timber Reputed Immune; Protective Devices for Marine Piling; Creosoted Piling; Construction Practice). 3. Other Preservatives for Marine Use ("Celcure" Preservative Treatment). 4. Other Marine Structures (Plywwod Pontoons; Logsin Transit to Mills; Dry Docks). 5. Protection Other Than by Poisons (Salt Water Harbour Conversion; Booming Ground Clean-up). Part II. - Service Rec ords of British Columbia Marine Installations. 1. West Coast Vancouver Island. 2. East Coast Vancouver Island. 3. British Columbia Mainland. Part III.- Discussion of Service Life. 1. Use of Untreated Wood in Marine Locations . 2. Creosoted Marine Piling (Treatment of Tops of Cut-off Piles; Treatmentof Bottom of Cut-off Piles; Proper Handling of Treated Material). Sources of Information. Appendix A. - Biology of Marine Wood Borers. 1. Distribution. 2. Limnoria Lignorium (Reproduction; Breeding Season; Boring Habits; Salinity; Cellulose Digestion by Limnoria; Limnoria in Creosoted Wood). 3. Teredo and Bankia (Reproduction). 4. Bankia Setacea (Boring; Breeding Season; Salinity; Pollution; Cellulose Digestion by Teredine Marine Borers). 5. Predators of Marine Borers. Appendix B. - Annotated Bibliography. Service Records of the British Columbia Installations. Maps Showing Locations of MarineStructures. Very good. 45.00

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Frontiers and Sanctuaries : A Woman's Life in Holland and Canada.  First  Edition in dustjacket., BRANDIS, Marianne.
116 BRANDIS, Marianne. Frontiers and Sanctuaries : A Woman's Life in Holland and Canada. First Edition in dustjacket.
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal and Kingston, 2006, ISBN:9780773529687 2006 0773529683 / 9780773529687 
BRANDIS, Marianne. Frontiers and Sanctuaries : A Woman's Life in Holland and Canada. Montreal and Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press, (2006). First Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-xxi,(3),[3]-415,(3). With 67 illustrations to text including msny b&w photos. 8vo, black paper-covered boards with silver lettering to spine.

"The life of Madzy Brender à Brandis (1910-1984) -- her experiences in war, as an immigrant and pioneer, wife and mother, writer and painter, and invalid -- exemplifies the challenges faced by many women in the twentieth century. In a vivid retelling of her mother's story, Marianne Brandis chronicles Madzy's life.

Drawing from her mother's diaries, letters, newspaper columns, fiction, and historical works in English and Dutch, Marianne reconstructs Madzy's upper-middle-class youth in Holland, her struggle to keep herself and her small children alive during World War II while her husband was in a POW camp, and her emigration to Canada with her family. Increasingly handicapped in the latter part of her life by rheumatoid arthritis, she spent more and more of her time writing, speaking to and for other immigrants and women.

'Frontiers and Sanctuaries' is most powerful in showing how the conflicting needs for both frontiers and sanctuaries, freedom and safety, shaped Madzy's life. Lively, candid, introspective, and insightful, her voice shines through -- the voice of a woman for whom recording her life was both a compulsion and a delight." - from the dustjacket.

1. The Child Madzy, 1910-1923
2. The Young Woman, 1923-1936
3. Newly Married in America, 1936-1938
4. Return to Holland, 1938-1942
5. Wartime, 1942-1945
6. Holland after the War, 1945-1947
7. Terrace, British Columbia, 1947—1956
8. Vancouver, British Columbia, 1956—1958

9. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1958-1959 (pp.254-268, with a photo of the house on Cedar Terrace, and the information that The Atlantic Advocate published six short stories by Madzy, that she wrote articles for The Maritime Co-operator, and that she was in charge of the library of the Extension Department of St. Francis Xavier University. Bill had been hired as a horticulturalist there.)

10. Burlington, Ontario, 1959—1965
11. Brandstead, the Last Home, 1965-1984

Appendices :
1. Sources, Dating, Translation, and the Use of Family Archives;
2. Ancestry.

With Notes and index.

Very good in dustjacket. 28.00

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117 BREESE-BIAGIONI, Janelle Head Injuries : The Silent Epidemic. signed pbk.
NC Press Limited, Toronto, 1995, ISBN:1550210963 
BREESE-BIAGIONI, Janelle. Head Injuries : The Silent Epidemic . Preface by Christine Lefaivre. Toronto: NC Press Limited, 1995. Pp. [1]-151,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated card covers with white spine. "On May 19, 1990, Gerry Breese, a 17-year constable in the RCMP, suffered a serious head injuryin a police motorcycle accident, resulting in mental disabilities and depr ession. Janelle, his wife and mother of their two young children, found herself struggling with lack of information, fatigue and her own depression, as she shouldered the entire family responsibility, including fighting for treatment and compensation. in less than a year, Gerry Breese died of complications from his accident." - from the rear cover. Bump to bottom edge, faint cover creasing, else vg. Signed and inscribed by Breese-Biagioni on the title page. 12.00

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118 BRENNAN, J. William (ed.). CONLEY, Marshall W. SOCKNAT, Thomas P. FINKEL, Alvin Building the Co-operative Commonwealth : Essays on the Democratic SocialistTradition in Canada. Canadian Plains Proceedings 13.
Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, Regina, 1984, ISBN:088977031X 
BRENNAN, J. William (ed.). “Building the Co-operative Commonwealth” : Essays on the Democratic Socialist Tradition in Canada. Canadian Plains Proceedings 13. (Regina) : Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 1984. Pp [i]-xiii,(1),1-255,(7). 8vo, illustrated red card covers. Contents : Introduction (J. William Brennan); An Analysis of the Historiography of the ?CCF-NDP: The Protest Movement Becalmed Tradition (Alan Whitehorn); The LSR, the CCF, and the Regina Manifesto (Mlchiel Horn); "Following the Gleam": The Political Philosophy of J.S. Woodsworth (David Whalen); The PacifistBackground of the Early CCF (Thomas P. Socknat); "Women and the New Era": The Role of Women in the Early CCF, 1933-1940 (Joan Sangster); Obscure Origins: The Confused Early History of the Alberta CCF (Alvin Finkel); In Pursuit of the Voter: The British Columbia CCF, 1945-1950 (Christina J. Nichol);"The Women ... Shall Help to Lead the Way": Saskatchewan CCF-NDP Women Can didates in Provincial and Federal Elections, 1934-1965 (Georgina M. Taylor); The Douglas Government's Changing Emphasis on Public, Private, and Co-operative Development in Saskatchewan, 1944-1961 (Jean Larmour); The CCF and the Co-operative Movement in the Douglas Years: An Uneasy Alliance (Ian MacPherson); The CCF Government In Saskatchewan and Social Aid, 1944-1964 (Jim Pitsula); "Empty Harbours, Empty Dreams": The Democratic Socialist Tradition In Atlantic Canada (Patrick J. Smith and Marshall W. Conley, pp 227-251).Very good. 15.00

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119 BRIDGE, T.D. (ed.). McGEOCH, Ian MUNDAY, Richard RAMSEY, Russell W. Army Quarterly and Defence Journal. Vol. 120, No. 1, January 1990
West of England Press, Publishers, Tavistock, Devon, 1990, 
BRIDGE, T.D. (ed.). The Army Quarterly and Defence Journal. Vol. 120, No. 1, January 1990. (Tavistock, Devon : Army Quarterly and Defence Journal, 1990). Pp (4),1-128,(4),+ 8 pp plates. 8vo, red printed card covers. Nautical content : Vice Admiral Sir Ian McGeoch's “U-Boats: the failure that nearly brought Britain to defeat” [German and British submarines: but the Germans almost won the undersea war] (pp 71-73). Other contents : Richard Munday's “Switzerland Without an Army?”; Lt. Col. Russell Ramsey's “Columbia's War: the Facts about her Army and her Allies”; Anoushiravan Ehteshami's “Iran's Revolution: Fewer Ploughshares, More Swords”; Christopher Hjelt's “The 'Ace' Regiment: a brief history of a Finnish fighting unit”; and much more. Library stamp, corner crease, holes from removed staples to front cover, else very good. 10.00

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120 BRIGGS, Derek E.G., Douglas H. ERWIN, and Frederick J. COLLIER ERWIN, Douglas H. COLLIER, Frederick J. CLARK, Chip Fossils of the Burgess Shale. First Printing in dustjacket
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington and London, 1994, ISBN:1560983647 
BRIGGS, Derek E.G., Douglas H. ERWIN, and Frederick J. COLLIER. The Fossilsof the Burgess Shale. with photographs by Chip Clark. Washington and Londo n : Smithsonian Institution Press, ((1994). First Printing. Pp (6),[vii]-xvii,(1),1-238. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, grey cloth spine, pale lavender paper covered boards, silver lettering to spine. "Since its discovery in 1909 by Charles Doolittle Walcott, then Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution,the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rocky Mountains has fascinated both scie ntists and the public with its plethora of weird wonders - life forms of the past so unfamiliar they cannot easily be assigned to known taxonomic groups. This century's most significant invertebra...more Since its discovery in 1909 by Charles Doolittle Walcott, then Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rocky Mountains has fascinated both scientists and the public with its plethora of weird wonders - life forms of the past so unfamiliar they cannot easily be assigned to known taxonomic groups. This century's most significant invertebrate fossil discovery, the Burgess Shale provides an unprecedented window into the explosive evolution during the Cambrian period that began about 540 million years ago, oneof the most enigmatic episodes in the history of life. This book provides the first comprehensive set of illustrations of the extraordinary life forms revealed in the Burgess Shale. In addition to the more common fossilized hard skeletons, the Burgess Shale preserved the soft parts of these organisms, which provide a key to understanding the early evolution of the major groups of animals that inhabit the earth today. The Fossils of the Burgess Shale shows much remarkable detail - including digestive tracts and other internal organs - of creatures preserved in particles of mud fine enough to penetrate every crack and unevenness. The book begins with the history of exploration and research in the Burgess Shale, the geologic setting and preservation of the fossils, and a discussion of the Cambrian radiation, the period when almost all the major phyla of animals evolved. These introductory chapters are followed by 199 high-quality photographs and line drawings with detailed species accounts that describe important features of each specimen, as well as the ecology and taxonomy of each group. A complete list of all currently accepted species described fromthe Burgess Shale and a comprehensive bibliography follow the illustrations. The Fossil of the Burgess Shale is a compendium of fascinating Cambrian treasures that offer a rare glimpse into the nature of early life on our planet. They have figured prominently in recent evolutionary debates." (from the dj). Very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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