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101 BOCK, Maria Petrovna von PATOSKI, Margaret STOLYPIN, Peter A. Reminiscences of My Father, Peter A. Stolypin
Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen, N.J., 1970, ISBN:0810803313 
BOCK, Maria Petrovna von. Reminiscences of My Father, Peter A. Stolypin. Translated and edited by Margaret Patoski. Metuchen, N.J.: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1970. Pp (2),iii-xv,(1),1-321,(7). Portrait. Index. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Very good. 100.00 Peter A. Stolypin (1862-1911), was chairman of the Council of Ministers, served as Prime Minister, and Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire from 1906 to 1911. His tenure was marked by efforts to counter revolutionary groups and by the implementation of noteworthy agrarian reforms. Stolypin was a monarchist and hoped to strengthen the throne. He is considered one of the last major statesmen of Imperial Russia with clearly defined public policies and the determination to undertake major reforms. Contents : Translator's Preface. The Role of P. A. Stolypin in Russian History (by N. S. Timashev). Part One: Kovnoand Grodno (Chapters 1-17). Part Two: Saratov (Chapters 18-27). Part Three : St. Petersburg (Chapters 28-69). Appendix A: Speeches by Stolypin Before the State Duma : I. March 16, 1907. II. May 10, 1907. III. December 5, 1908. Appendix B: Epilogue (by M. P. von Bock, September 1969). Very good. 100.00

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102 BOETTKE, Peter J. Political Economy of Soviet Socialism : The Formative Years, 1918-1928. First Edition.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston Dordrecht London, 1990, ISBN:0792391004 
BOETTKE, Peter J.. Political Economy of Soviet Socialism : The Formative Years, 1918-1928 . Boston Dordrecht London : Kluwer Academic Publishers, (1990). First Edition. Pp 8vo, red paper-covered boards. Foreword by Yuri N. Maltsev formerly of the Institute of Economics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR "The following study on the history of Soviet economic thought during the first years after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 is much more than the regular academic scribble on this turbulent period of modem history. It is a systematic treatise on economic theory. Interdisciplinary in nature, it discusses the central problems of political economy and provides the seriousreader with deep insight and complete understanding of the greatest event of the twentieth century: the rise and fall of communism. The foundations of the economic system that we see today in a state of full-fledged crisis were laid during the first ten years of the communist regime in the Soviet Union. The symptoms and manifestations of this crisis have been cogently described elsewhere. The author should be credited for his appraisal and illumination of the real causes, both economic and moral, of the great drama of our times. At the end of the treatise, it is absolutely clear that only by means of economic theory is it possible to organize and interpret seeminglychaotic historical and statistical data, isolated facts, and opinions that constitute the mass media's coverage of an overly complex array of events in the USSR." - from rear cover. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Meaning of the First Decade of Soviet Socialism; 3. The Political Economy of Utopia: Communism in Soviet Russia, 1918-1912; 4. The Political Economy of NEP: Market Relations and Interventionism in Soviet Russia, 1921-1928; 5. The Political Economy of Development Strategy: The Soviet Industrialization Debate, 1924-1928; 6. Conclusion. With references and index. Very good. Issued without dustjacket. 70.00

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103 BOGOYAVLENSKAYA, M.P. Study of Calcium Metabolism with a view to using Ca45 for Marking Fish. signed.
Moscow, 1959, 
BOGOYAVLENSKAYA, M.P. Study of Calcium Metabolism with a view to using Ca45as a Mark for Fish . Moscow: 1959. Pp. [1]-54. 8vo, stapled printed brown card covers. Note pencilled to front states "see FRB #276". Text in Russian. Previous owner's name and pencilled English translation to front cover, else vg. Signed and inscribed by the author on the title page. 30.00

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104 BOND, Larry Dangerous Ground. First Edition in dustjacket.
Forge, New York, 2005, ISBN:076530788x 
BOND, Larry. Dangerous Ground. New York: Forge, (2005). First Printing. Pp.(12),[13]-336. Map. 8vo, blue cloth with metallic lettering to spine. "The USS Memphis, a dilapidated submarine that that should have been mothballed decades ago, has been given one last mission by the newly elected presiden t. The task: To sneak illegally into Russia's coastal waters and recon the leaking nuclear fuel containers hidden on the floor of the Arctic Ocean. More than just an environmental nightmare, this radioactive burial ground houses enough nuclear capability to destroy most of America's major cities. The Memphis's commander, Lowell Hardy, had been looking forward to flag rank and pleasant duty upon the sub's decommissioning. Now he is trapped in an inconceivably dangerous and illegal mission which could easily end his career, if not his life and the lives of his crew. But it's the crew who feel Hardy's tension as he tyrannizes everyone on board to ensure they'll be readyfor anything: Jerry Mitchell: a former naval pilot with political connecti ons, he is a novice submariner, unprepared for his demanding job as a weapons officer. Central to the Memphis's mission, Mitchell may be its greatest liability . . . Or its ultimate salvation. Dr. Joanna Patterson: The seniorcivilian scientist, appointed by and reporting to the president, she is a world-class expert on nuclear fuel contamination--and every bit as demanding as Hardy. Patterson and her partner, Dr. Emily Davis, soon find themselves battling flaring tempers, faulty machinery, lethal radioactivity, and theraging arctic seas. The submariners: Seething with rage at their Captain B ligh-like commander and the equally domineering Joanna Patterson, they are also at war with Jerry Mitchell, and one another. Like the captain, they feel they deserve better, not this antiquated relic, not this hostile scientist, not this novice weapons officer, and definitely not this disastrously dangerous mission. Nor is the mission what it seems. Lurking beneath the frigid, black, radioactive waters is a secret far more deadly than anything naval command could imagine--a secret so menacing the Russian Fleet is hell-bent on destroying the Memphis and all who sail in her." front dj flap. Remainder dot on top-edge, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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105 BONE, David W. BONE, Muirhead Merchantman Rearmed. UK in dj, inscribed
Chatto & Windus, London, 1949, 
BONE, David W. Merchantman Rearmed. With drawings by Muirhead Bone. London : Chatto & Windus, 1949. First Printing. Pp 332, including frontispiece andplates. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettered navy blue title bl ock to spine. Law 1376. Contents : 1918-1939; Everything for the Ballroom; Envelope 'Z'; Ship's Husband; Sailing Orders; The Magnetic Caul; Continental Export; Binoculars; Seavacuees, and Blood for Britain; Troop Convoy; Movement Exodus; Paper Salvage; Manning a Sea Ghost; Confirmed Invalid; Circassia; One Shilling a Month; Sealed Orders; Operation Torch; Storm and Moonlight; Gareloch for Orders; Operation Husky; Action Deferred; Operation Shingle; On 'Monkey Island'; Casual Portent; The Return to France: Operation Bigot; Beach Operation in Reverse; Russian Episode; The Last Convoy; UnfinishedBusiness; Ocean Chessboard; Hauling Down. Very good in edgeworn, spine-chi pped, unclipped dust jacket. Signed and warmly inscribed by the author on the half-title leaf. 65.00

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106 BONNIE, Fred Displaced Persons. Stories. Paperback Edition.
Oberon, 1982, ISBN:0887504663 
BONNIE, Fred. Displaced Persons. Stories. [Ottawa]: (Oberon, 1982). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (6),7-133,(3). 8vo, illustrated black card covers with orange lettering to front cover and spine. Bonnie's second collection ofshort stories. "These stories, like those in Fred Bonnie's first book, 'Sq uatter's Rights', are about loners, people who find themselves at odds withthe world around them, strangers, displaced persons. In the earlier storie s it usually turned out that the stranger, the displaced person was right when the world was wrong. Now we're not so sure. But if Bonnie's vision is darker now and less comfortable than in his first book, he's no less convincing. His people are equally real, his style equally compelling. In this newbook the knife may cut somewhat closer to the bone, but Fred Bonnie is sti ll full of grti and good-humour." - from the rear cover. Includes the following stories: "Selling Delphinium", "Nick the Russian", "The Winning Wheel", "Sign Language", "Gone with Wind. Be Back Soon", "The Hunting Season", "All-You-Can-Eat Night", "Number Seven", and "Fifty Winters". Name inked to flyleaf, five characters inked inside rear cover, small bump to head of spine, else very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be a bit cheaper than quoted. 14.00

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107 BOOTH, K. Navies and Foreign Policy. First Edition in dustjacket
Croom Helm / Crane, Russak, London / New York, 1977, ISBN:0856643238 
BOOTH, K. Navies and Foreign Policy. London : Croom Helm / New York : Crane, Russak, (1977). Pp (8),9- 294,(2). 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "We live at a time when the sea is becoming an increasingly important factor in international politics. In order to understand this development, it is necessary to appreciate the changing and increasingly complex relationships between navies and the making and execution of foreign policy. This book is an attempt to fill a gap in the literature on this subject, for hitherto there has been an absence of comprehensive, systematic and integratedsurveys. Consequently this book explains what function navies can perform in both war and peace, what influence they can have on particular situations, how relevant organisations can affect the character of naval actions, how capabilities can be assessed, how navies are affected by their domestic sources, and what the utilities are of different naval roles. In the real world, navies are more costly and have more destructive potential than ever before. They are regarded as indespensable instruments of statecraft by a number of countries while all countries with coasts find some need to threaten a degree of force at sea. This book is an attempt to give the observers of this significant area of public policy the intellectual framework with which to assess its changing character." front dj flap. Contents : Part I. Navies as Instruments and Influences. 1. The Functions of Navies; 2. Naval Diplomacy; 3. Navies and Prestige; 4. The Influences of Warships upon ForeignPolicy; 5. Types of Navies; 6. Naval Happenings: The Impact of Players and Processes. Part II. Naval Police: The Permanently Operating Factors. 7. Na val Capabilities; 8. The Domestic Sources; 9. The International Context. With index. Very good in dustjacket. 75.00

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108 BOOTH, Ken Strategy and Ethnocentrism. First Edition in dustjacket
Croom Helm, London, 1979, ISBN:0856645281 
BOOTH, Ken. Strategy and Ethnocentrism. London: Croom Helm, (1979). First Printing. Pp. (8),9-191,(1). 8vo, black cloth with gilt titles to spine. "This book is concerned with the way in which cultural distortions, particularly the phenomenon known as ethnocentrism, have affected the theory and practice of strategy. Cultural distortions are important because the 'reality' of our strategic world is inextricably bound up wiht our manner of conceiving it. The main aim of the book ios to provide the first extensive examination of the relationship between strategy and ethnocentrism, to demonstrate by varied illustrations its importance in all areas of the subject, to follow through its implications and to suggest ways of dealing with the different problems it poses for teachers, theorists and planners. In the course ofthis examination, insights are offered into the character of a number of i mportant issues in contemporary international politics, including the superpower arms race, détente, the Middle Eastern crisis, the use of force, teh Soviet arms build-up and the SALT talk." (from the dj). Contents : Preface;1. Concepts and Propositions : Concepts; Propositions. 2. The Strategic Pa radigm : The Assumptions of an Ethnocentric Profession; Strategists and Enemy Images; Professional Predispositions. 3. Failures in Strategy : Strategic History; US and Soviet Strategic Doctrines; The Superpower Arms Race; Detente: or Peace and Ill-Will; Arabs, Jews and Outsiders; Allies: Know Your Friends; Crises: Signalling without Signal Books. 4. Problems in Strategic Theorising : Rationality: Know His Culture; Strategic Criteria: Comparison is Obligatory; War is a Continuation of ... What?; Conceptions of the Utility of Force; Word Problems Can Be World Problems; International Negotiation:Words as Action. 5. Military Efficiency Versus Political Purpose : Force a nd the Utility of Ethnocentrism; Authoritarianism and Ethnocentrism; Knowing the Enemy; Diplomacy and the Disutility of Ethnocentrism. 6. Threat Assessment : The Narrow Strategist's Syllogism; Capabilities Versus Intentions; Worst-Case Forecasting; The Level-of-Analysis Problem; The Irreducible Dilemma; Victory is Not Success. 7. Strategy With a Human Face : The Inertia ofan Ethnocentric Profession; The Demise of Strategic Man; Towards Strategic Relativism; Self-Awareness in Policy Processes; The Greening of Academic S trategists. 8. Strategic Thinking and Security in a Liberal Society : Sentiment and Security; Pseudocorollaries and Indecision; Strategists for All Seasons; Conclusion. Index. Penned name, else very good in nicked, spine-sunned, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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109 BORDEN, Robert Laird, Sir Reprint of Articles Dealing with Russian Trade : Preliminary Report 1916
Government Printing Bureau, Ottawa , 1916, 
BORDEN, Robert Laird, Sir. Reprint of Articles Dealing with Russian Trade :Preliminary Report. Published by Authority of Sir George E. Foster, K.C.M. G., M.P., Minister of Trade and Commerce. Ottawa : Government Printing Bureau, 1916. Pp (4),5-97,(1) n. Tables throughout. Several maps in the text. 8vo, yellow cardcovers, side-stapled binding, plain spine. Supplement to Weekly Bulletin of the Department of Trade and Commerce. Conradin Frederick Just, (b. 1856, as Friedrich Konradin Just) , then Canadian Special Trade Commissioner and previously on Charles Tupper's staff at the High Commision inLondon.. "The great interest manifested by Canadian manufacturers and men of business in the prospects for trade with Russia has suggested the reproduction in a form convenient for reference of the various contributions on the subject of Russian trade which have appeared from time to time in the Weekly Bulletin. The information given has been revised and rearranged and fresh material has been added with a view to facilitating the study of the requirements and capabilities of the Russian market for Canadian products. Anendeavour has been made to outline the special conditions under which trad e is conducted and the steps which should be taken to meet and overcome those conditions. Important changes of detail may be expected to occur both before and after the close of the present war, but it is hoped that the data provided by this supplement will be of assistance to Canadian producers in a position to consider trade with Russia. An intelligent study of the fundamental matters relating to Russian trade is to be recommended." - the Introduction. Contents: I. General Survey; II. Petrograd and North Russia (with map); III. Moscow and Central Russia (with map); IV. Odessa and South Russia (Kieff, Kharkov, Rostov-on-Don) (with map); V. The Caucasus (with map); VI. Siberia — General Survey; VII. Western Siberia (Omsk) (with map); VIII. Eastern Siberia (Vladivostok) (with map); IX. Trade Methods of Competing Countries; X. Appendices: (a) Russian Market for Hardware Specialties; (b) Machine Tools, Saw-milling Machinery, Saws; (c) Binder twine; (d) Russian Imports from Germany; (e) Russian Weights and Measures; (/) Trade Statistics, etc; Commercial Intelligence Service; Enlarged Canadian Trade Intelligence;Publications of the Department of Trade and Commerce Corners of first page clipped (not affecting text), some light toning, a couple of faint stains to covers, some staple rust, else very good. Uncommon. 75.00

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Emigracja Polska po Powstaniu Styczniowym.  in red dj. , BOREJSZA, Jerzy W.
110 BOREJSZA, Jerzy W. Emigracja Polska po Powstaniu Styczniowym. in red dj.
Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Warszawa, 1966, 
BOREJSZA, Jerzy W. Emigracja Polska po Powstaniu Styczniowym . Warszawa: Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, 1966. Pp. 488 + 48 p. of plates. Large 8vo, tan cloth.
A volume on the emigration from Poland of the participants of the failed January Revolt of 1863 against Russian rule. Text in Polish, with French summary at rear.
Light spotting to edges, light foxing to initial and final leaves, else vg in chipped, tape-strengthened dj. Errata slip tipped in at rear. 80.00

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111 BORNEMAN, Walter R. Alaska : Saga of a Bold Land : From Russian Fur Traders to the Gold Rush, Extraordinary Railroads, World War II, the Oil Boom, and the Fight over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Perennial, New York, 2004, 
BORNEMAN, Walter R. Alaska : Saga of a Bold Land [cover adds: From Russian Fur Traders to the Gold Rush, Extraordinary Railroads, World War II, the Oil Boom, and the Fight over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge]. (New York): Perennial, (2004). First Paperback Printing. Pp (14),[xi]-xx,(4),3-608,( 6). Maps in text. 8vo, photo-illustrated paperback. "The history of Alaska is filled with stories of new land and new riches - and ever present are new people with competing views over how the valuable resources should be used: Russians exploiting a fur empire; explorers checking rival advances; prospectors stampeding to the clarion call of 'Gold!'; soldiers battling out adecisive chapter in world war; oil wildcatters looking for a different kin d of mineral wealth; and always at the core of these disputes is the question of how the land is to be used and by whom. While some want Alaska to remain static, others are in the vanguard of change. Alaska: Saga of a Bold Land shows that there are no easy answers on either side and that Alaska willalways be crossing the next frontier." - rear cover. Very good. 12.50

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112 BOTCHKAREVA, Maria LEVINE, Isaac Don Yashka : My Life as Peasant, Officer and Exile. First Edition
Frederick A. Stokes Company Publishers, New York, 1919, 
BOTCHKAREVA, Maria. Yashka : My Life as Peasant, Officer and Exile. As set down by Isaac Don Levine. New York : Frederick A. Stokes Company Publishers, (1919). First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xii,(2),3-340, + frontispiece (with tissue guard). 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine, pictorial onlay (portrait of Maria Botchkareva) to front board. Maria Leontievna Bochkareva (1889–1920) was a Russian woman who fought in World War I and formed the Women's Battalion of Death. Contents : Part One— Youth. Introduction. I. My Childhood of Toil. II. Married at Fifteen. III. A Little Happiness. IV. Snared by a Libertine Governor. V. Escape from Exile and Yasha. PartTwo— War. VI. I Enlist by the Grace of the Tsar. VII. Introduced to No Man 's Land. VIII. Wounded and Paralyzed. IX. Eight Hours in German Hands. PartThree— Revolution. X. The Revolution at the Front. XI. I Organize the Batt alion of Death. XII. My Fight Against Committee Rule. XIII. The Battalion at the Front. XIV. An Errand from Kerensky to Kornilov. XV. The Army Becomesa Savage Mob. Part Four— Terror. XVI. Bolshevism on Top. XVII. Facing Leni nb and Trotzky. XVIII. Caught in a Bolshevik Death-Trap. XIX. Saved by a Miracle. XX. Bearing a Message from My People. Slightly cocked, spine sunned,light wear, else very good. 40.00

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113 BOWLT, John E., and Rose-Carol Washton LONG (introduced and edited) KANDINSKY, Vasilii LONG, Rose-Carol Washton ORP Russian Biography Series, No. 4 Life of Vasilii Kandinsky in Russian Art : A Study of On the Spiritual in Art. First Edition in dustjacket
Oriental Research Partners, Newtonville, Mass., 1980, ISBN:0892501316 
BOWLT, John E., and Rose-Carol Washton LONG (introduced and edited). The Life of Vasilii Kandinsky in Russian Art : A Study of On the Spiritual in Art. Edited by John E. Bowlt and Rose-Carol Washton Long and translated by John Bowlt. Newtonville, Mass.: Oriental Research Partners, 1980. First Edition. Pp (6),vii-x,[1]-158. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. ORP Russian Biography Series, No. 4. "This study of Kandinsky and his life in Russian art, is the firct of its kind in English. Particularly important is the translation from the Russian version of Kandinsky's art manifesto which was to influence strongly future generations of painters." (from the dj). Contents : Editors' Preface; John E. Bowlt, "Vasilii Kandinsky: The Russian Connection"; Rose-Carol Washton Long, "Kandinsky's Vision"; Vasiiii Kandinsky., On the Spiritual in Art (Painting); Kandinsky's Notes to On the Spiritual in Art; Kandinsky's Tables to On the Spiritual in Art; Editors' Notes to On the Spiritual in Art; Bibliography; Chronology. Very good in dustjacket. 65.00

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114 BOWMAN, Larry W. and Ian CLARK, (eds.). JUKES, Geoffrey TOWLE, Philip KAPUR, Ashok Indian Ocean in Global Politics.
Westview Press, 1981, 
BOWMAN, Larry W. and Ian CLARK, (eds.). The Indian Ocean in Global Politics. Boulder, CO : Westview Press / Nedlands, W.A.: University of Western Australia, (1981). Pp (6),vii-xi,(1),1-260. Some tables in text. 8vo, pale green cardcovers. In the Westview Special Studies in International Relations series. Papadakis & Glassner, International Law of the Sea and Marine Affairs: A Bibliography : Supplement to the 1980 edition 8368; Gotthold, Indian Ocean: World Bibliographical Series 359. "Nine of the papers grew out of the International Conference on Indian Ocean Studies held in Perth, Australia, in August, 1979." Part 1. Regional Powers in the Indian Ocean. 1. "The Strait of Hormuz : The Global Chokepoint" by Rouhollah K. Ramazani; 2. "New Patterns of India's Relations with Indian Ocean Littoral States" by Dieter Braun; 3. India's Nonalignment and Superpower Naval Rivalry in the Indian Ocean" by Joel Larus; 4. Australia and the Indian Ocean " by Henry S. Albinski;5. African Conflict and Superpower Involvement in the Western Indian Ocean " by Larry W. Bowman Part 2. External Powers in the Indian Ocean . 6. "The October War, the 1973-1974 Arab Oil Embargo, and U.S. Policy on the Indian Ocean" by Kim C. Beazley; 7. "Carter's Diplomacy and the Indian Ocean Region" by Ashok Kapur; 8. "Soviet Arms Supplies and Indian Ocean Diplomacy" by Ian Clark; 9. "Soviet Naval Policy in the Indian Ocean " by Geoffrey Jukes;10. "France and the Indian Ocean" by Jean-Pierre Gormane. Part 3. Internat ional Organizations in the Indian Ocean . 11. "The United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on the Indian Ocean : Blind Alley or Zone of Peace?" by Philip Towle; 12. "Demilitarization Proposals for the Indian Ocean" by George W. Shepherd, Jr. With index. Tape-repaired tear to front cover, else very good. 15.00

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115 BRADLEY, John F.N. Civil War in Russia, 1917-1920. First Edition in dustjacket.
B.T. Batsford, Ltd., London, 1975, ISBN:0713430141 
BRADLEY, J. [John] F.N. Civil War in Russia, 1917-1920. London and Sydney :B.T. Batsford Ltd, (1975). First Printing. Pp. (6),[7]-197,(3). 8vo, black cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "For Russia the road from the Bolshevi k uprising against the Provisional Government to the establishment of the USSR proper was a hard one to travel. Not only was there the Red-White civilwar but preceding it and running parallel to some of its phases was extens ive Western diplomatic activity, as well as the military presence of the Czech Legion and the Japanese, plus partisans on both sides. In this widely researched account Dr Bradley has disentangled the political, military and diplomatic skeins on both sides, so that diplomatic activity between London,Paris and Berlin complements that between those capitals and Russia itself . A significant part of the book is the record of Lenin and Trotsky. The work is based on three important new sources of documentation: the Trotsky archive, together with other Bolshevik papers (notably the Smolensk archive);personal documents of the White leaders -- in particular the correspondenc e of Generals Wrangel and Deniken and the latter's diaries; most important of all, the declassified Western archives -- particularly those of France, Great Britain, Italy and the United States, backed up by those of Germany and Austria. For the first time it is thus possible to check conflicting Redand White versions of the Civil War against a third set of records. The re sult is a book of remarkable lucidity, which has a considerable bearing on the history of the First World War and on Great Power diplomatic activity of the period but above all on the foundation of the USSR." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Bolshevik Uprising; 2. Interlude, 1917-1918; 3. Allied Intervention; 4. Civil War in Siberia; 5. Civil War in South Russia; 6. Civil War in North Western Russia; 7. Red and White Civil War. With select bibliography and index. Sparse pencilled marginalia, light spotting to edges, else very good in nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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116 BRADLEY, Joseph. Guns for the Tsar : American Technology and the Small Arms Industry in Nineteenth-Century Russia. First Edition in dustjacket.
Northern Illinois University Press, DeKalb, IL, 1990, ISBN:0875801544 
BRADLEY, Joseph. Guns for the Tsar : American Technology and the Small ArmsIndustry in Nineteenth-Century Russia. DeKalb, Illinois : Northern Illinoi s University Press, 1990. First Printing. Pp. (9),x-xi,(1),[1]-274,(2), + 16 p. of black and white plates. 8vo, blue cloth with silver lettering to spine. "Defeat in the Crmiean War created in nineteenth-century Russia a sense of urgency about military effectiveness. Virtually self-sufficient in theproduction of military arms prior to the Crimean War, Russia found that it s domestic small arms industry had become technologically stagnant even while other world powers were fostering advances in weaponry. As Russia responded to the need for change in this age of rapid inovation, it faced the resistance to modernization that would keep the country underdeveloped in armsproduction for many decades. In concentrating efforts on a massive program to modernize its small arms weaponry, Russia turned to the United States, the industrial leader in manufacturing small arms and the source of major advances in weapons design and production. In one of the msot important transfers of arms technology in the nineteenth century, Samuel Colt and other American weapons manufacturers supplied Russia with modern machinery, machine tools, production techniques, and even skilled workers. Practical use of the technology by the Russian infantry, however, caused turmoil within the ranks as military leaders struggled to adapt tactics and personnel to meet the demands of the new weapons. In this highly original study, Bradley investigates Russia's adoption of small arms technology in the context of labor-management relations, the culture of production, and the reorganization ofwork procedures in industry. In the process, he examines the influence of these weapons on late imperial Russia's military, industrial, and social development. His analysis of Russia's absorption gap in the nineteenth-century transfer of small arms technology draws interesting parallels with present patterns of Soviet industry and society." - from the dustjacket. Very good in dustjacket. 40.00

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117 BRAGADIN, Marc' Antonio. HOFFMAN, Gale, trans. CARNEY, Robert B. Italian Navy in World War II. American Edition, without dustjacket.
Naval Institute, 1957, 
BRAGADIN, Commander (R) Marc' Antonio. The Italian Navy in World War II. Translated by Gale Hoffman. [Foreword by Robert B. Carney]. Annapolis, MD : United States Naval Institute, (1957). Pp (4),v-xviii,(2),3-380 ( including frontispiece) + plates. Lg 8vo, red cloth, white lettering to front board and spine. Contents : 1. The Italian Navy on the Eve of the War; 2. The Beginnings; 3. The Struggle Grows More Bitter; 4. The Italian Navy in the War with Greece; 5. Various Operations During the Second Half of 1941; 6. The First Battle of the Convoys; 7. The Blockade of Malta; 8. The Battle of Mid-June; 9. The Second Battle of the Convoys; 10. The Battle of Mid-August; 11.The Road Down; 12. The Third Battle of the Convoys; 13. The Invasion of Si cily; 14.The Deeds of the Naval Assault Teams; 15. The Navy on the Oceans and on the Russian Front; 16. The Navy and the Armistice; 17. An Evaluation of the Thirty-Nine Months of War; 18. From the Armistice to the Peace; Appendix. Name inside front cover, else very good. Without dustjacket. 40.00

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118 BRANDT, Conrad. Russian Research Center Studies, 31). Stalin's Failure in China, 1924-1927. First Edition, Hardcover in dustjacket
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1958, 
BRANDT, Conrad. Stalin's Failure in China, 1924-1927. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 1958. First Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-xv,(5),[1]-226,(2). 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Russian ResearchCenter Studies, number 31. "This book sheds light on one of the most obscu re and important periods in modern history, the Chinese Revolution of the 1920's. It describes the first Soviet plunge into China, the first attempt to make China a communist province. After initial successes, this attempt ended in failure. Why? The author shows how Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Chinese Nationalists, outmaneuvered the master maneuverer Stalin; how Stalin's Marxist assumptions distorted his image of China; how bad intelligence and rivalries among his agents upset Stalin's schedule of conquest. We see how Stalin's China policy became rigid and unrealistic by becoming, in the course of his struggle with Trotsky, a domestic political issue. One of the merits of this book is that it illustrates how a debate about fine points of dogma can affect the lives of millions of people, themselves unaware of dogma. The author examines Trotsky's case in the debate with the help of the Trotsky Archives, which have not been previously used in a study of theChinese revolution. He finds that contrary to widespread belief, Trotsky's prophecies about China were either as false as Stalin's or, at best, only short-range predictions. He concludes that Trotsky and Stalin, in this instance as in others, thought much more alike than they could ever admit." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Lenin and Asian Nationalism: Sources of anAlliance; 2. The COMINTERN and Sun Yat-Sen: Preliminaries of an Alliance; 3. The Communists in the Kuomintang: An Alliance in Operation; 4. The Communists in the Kuomintang: To Whom the Hegemony?; 5. A Defeat Out of Victory and a Devil Out of the Machine; 6. Aftermath and Retrospect. With bibliography and index. Very good in nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 45.00

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119 BRASOL, Boris, (comp.). Reign of Emperor Nicholas II 1894-1917 In Facts and Figures : A Reply to the Slanderers of Imperial Russia and the Martyred Czar Nicholas II.
Russian Imperial Union-Order, Bridgeport, CT, 1975, 
BRASOL, Boris (comp.). The Reign of Emperor Nicholas II 1894-1917 In Facts and Figures : A Reply to the Slanderers of Imperial Russia and the MartyredCzar Nicholas II. (Bridgeport, Conn. : Russian Imperial Union-Order, 1975) . Second and Revised Edition. Pp [1]-[20] including covers, with bibliography sheet laid in. 8vo, white stapled self-wraps. Contents : Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II (by Archbishop John Maximovitch). Introduction. I. Demography and Finances. II. Industry and Economy. III. Agriculture. IV. Railroads. V. Labor Legislation. VI. Public Education. VII. Land Problem. VIII. Conclusion. Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II 1868-1918. Very good. 25.00

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120 BREITHAUPT, Katherine Rodomar. Nothing by Half.
Bramaco, Toronto, 1978, 
BREITHAUPT, Katherine Rodomar. Nothing by Half. Toronto : Bramaco, 1978. Pp(14),1-181,(3),+ 2 pp plates. Illustrated Endpapers. 8vo, black cloth, sil ver lettering to front board and spine. A biography of Oleg Vladimirovitch Rodomar Vukotich 1900-1922. Compiled and edited by Katherine Rodomar Breithaupt. George Parkin Grant (1918-1988) was a Canadian philosopher, teacher and political commentator, whose popular appeal peaked in the late 1960s and1970s. He is best known for his nationalism, political conservatism, comme nts on technology, pacifism, Christian faith, and conservative views regarding abortion and is credited as one of Canada's most original thinkers. Grant was a faculty member at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., twice (1947-1960, 1980-1988). Very good in edgeworn dustjacket. With signed inscription from the author to George P. Grant. 35.00

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