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121 AYRTON, Michael LEWIS, Wyndham, introd. Golden Sections. First Edition in dustjacket.
Methuen, London, 1957, 
AYRTON, Michael. Golden Sections. With an introduction by Wyndham Lewis. London : Methuen & Co. Ltd, (1957). First Edition. Pp (6),7-219,(5),+ 12 plates. 8vo, red cloth, gilt design to front board, gilt lettering to cloth. "Golden Sections are sections of the author's experience which he holds golden. Some of these sections are occupied by people as diverse as the fourteenth-century Sienese painter Barna, the sculptor Giovanni Pisano; by Piero della Francesca, Michaelangelo, Thomas Nashe, the Elizabethan poet and pamphleteer, Berlioz, Liszt, Degas, Picasso, Constant Lambert the composer, and Wyndham Lewis. All these and many others have formed nthe man who has wrritten these essays and he writes to celebrate his debt to them. Other sectionscontain his attitude to painting itself and his love for the visible world . The Foreword is Wyndham Lewis's last piece of writing." (from the dj). Penned name, marginal pencil marks, else very good in edgeworn, torn and spine-sunned, but unclipped, dustjacket. 35.00

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122 AZIZ, K.K. ALI, Syed Ameer. BELL, Gertrude. Muslim India in British Journals. Three volumes in one.
Niaz Ahmad, Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore, 2011, ISBN:9789693524055 2011 9693524055 / 9789693524055 
AZIZ, K.K. Muslim India in British Journals. Lahore : (Niaz Ahmad), Sang-e-Meel Publications, (2011). THREE VOLUMES IN ONE. Pp. (6),[vii]-xv,(1),[1]-1548,(2). Thick 8vo, brown decorated glossy paper-covered boards with white lettering to front and spine.


Part I: 1858-1905:
1. John Bright "Speechin the House of Commons" [Hansard, June 1858];
2. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Some Indian Suggestions for India" [The Nineteenth Century, June 1880];
3. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "A Cry from the Indian Mohammedans" [The Nineteenth Century, August 1882];
4. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Life-Problem of Bengal" [The Nineteenth Century, September 1883];
5. Vamadeva Shastin: "Progress in India" [Fortnightly Review, December 1885];
6. W.H. Gregory: "Loyalty of the Indian Muhammadans" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1886];
7. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Real Status of Women in Islam" [The Nineteenth Century, September 1891];
8. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Rupee and the Ruin of India" [The Nineteenth Century, March 1893];
9. Edward Snell: "The New Islam" [Contemporary Review, August 1893];
10. H.E.M. James: "Reflections on the Way Home" [National Review, August 1893];
11. Theodore Beck: "The House of Commons and the Indian Civil Service" [National Review, May 1894];
12. Theodore Beck: "Native India and England" [National Review, November 1894];
13. Rafiuddin Ahmad: "A Moslem View of Abdul Hamid and the Power" [The Nineteenth Century, July 1895];
14. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Islam and its Critics" [The Nineteenth Century, Sep tember 1895];
15. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Islam and Canon MacColl" [The Nineteenth Century, November 1895];
16. Rafiuddin Ahmad: "A Muslim's View of the Pan-Islamic Revival" [The Nineteenth Century, October 1897];
17. Theodore Morison: "A Descendant of the Prophet" [National Review, June 1898];
18. J. Kennedy: "Personal Reminiscences of Sir Syed Ahmad" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, July 1898];
19. J. Kennedy: "A Mohammedan University for Northern India" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, October 1898];
20. Theodore Morison: "A Mohammedan University" [National Review, October 1898];
21. Rafiuddin Ahmad: "The Proposed Muslim University in India" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1898];
22. S. Khuda Bukhsh: "A Mohammedan University" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, April 1899];
23. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Influence of Women in Islam" [The Nineteenth Century, May 1899];
24. S. Khuda Bukhsh: "The Nineteenth Century and the Mussalmans of India" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, April 1901];
25. The Aga Khan: "The Defence of India" [The Nineteenth Century, September 1905];
26. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "An Indian Retrospect and Some Comments" [The Nineteenth Century, October 1905].

Part II: 1906-1915:
27. "Civic Life in India" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarter Review, and Oriental and Colonial Record, March 1906];
28. Theodore Morison: "An Indian Renaissance" [The Quarterly Review, June 1906];
29. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "India and the New Parliament" [The Nineteenth Century and After, August 1906];
30. "The Mohammedan Claim in India" [The Economist, October 1906]; 31. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Dawn of a New Policy in India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, November 1906];
32. Gertrude Lowthian Bell: "Islam in India -- A Study at Aligarh" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1906];
33. Valentine Chirol: "Pan-Islamism" [National Review, December 1906];
34. "The Indian Mohammedans: Their Past, Present and Future" [Journal of the Society of Arts, December 1906];
35. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Afghanistan and its Ruler" [The Nineteenth Century and After, January 1907];
36. F.H. Tyrrell: "The Indian Mussalmans" [The Spectator, January 1907];
37. The Aga Khan: "Some Thoughts on Indian Discontent" [National Review, February 1907];
38. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Unrest in India -- Its Meaning" [The Nineteenth Century and After, June 1907];
39. Edward E. Lang: "The All-India Moslem League" [Contemporary Review, September 1907];
40. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Some Racial Characteristics of Northern India and Bengal" [The Nineteenth Century and After, November 1907];
41. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Anomalies of Civilisation: A Peril to India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, April1908];
42. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Moslem Representation and Indian Reforms" [The Times, 14 January 1909];
43. Charles Crosthwaite: "The Tangle in India" [Blackwoods Magazine, February 1909];
44. The Aga Khan: "The Problem of the Minorities in India" [interview with The Times, February 1909];
45. A.E. Duchesne: "The Indian Mohammedans and the 'Reforms'" [Empire Review, May 1909];
46. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Mohammedans and the Indian Reforms" [The Times, May 1909];
47. The Aga Khan: "The Muslim Problem in India" [speech at the First Annual General Meeting of London Muslim League, June 1909];
48. The Aga Khan: "Muslims and the Morley-Minto Reforms" [The Times, November 1909];
49. J.A. Sharrock: "Some Misconceptions about the Unrest in India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, September 1909];
50. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Enlarged Indian Councils" [The Times, November 1909];
51. The Aga Khan: "The Indian Reforms" [The Times, November 1909];
52. The Aga Khan: "Some Aspects of Indian Reforms" [National Review, December 1909];
53. Asiaticus: "India: The Present Outlook" [National Review, March 1910];
54. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Constitutional Experiment in India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, March 1910];
55. Asiaticus: "Lord Morley and the India Office" [National Review, October 1910];
56. A.H.L. Fraser: "Indian Unrest" [The NineteenthCentury and After, October 1910];
57. The Aga Khan: "Lord Minto's Viceroyalty" [National Review, January 1911];
58. Asiaticus: "Mr Chirol on Indian Unrest" [National Review, January 1911];
59. "Hindus and Muhammadans" [The Round Table, May 1911];
60. The Aga Khan: "India's Education and her Future Position in the Empire" [National Review, July 1911];
61. Sayyid Ameer Ali:"Great Britain and the War" [The Times, October 1911];
62. Sayyid Ameer Al i: "India and Turkey" [The Times, November 1911];
63. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The War in Tripoli" [The Times, December 1911];
64. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "British Policy in Persia" [The Times, September 1912];
65. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Moslems and the War" [The Times, October 1912];
66. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "An Appeal for help from the British Red Crescent Society" [The Times, November 1912];
67. The Aga Khan: "The Indian Muslim Outlook" [The Edinburgh Review, January 1914];
68. "India's Rally Round the Flag" [The Asiatic Review, November 1914];
69. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Indian Civil Service" [Westminster Gazette, March 1915];
70. "Comments on the Paper 'Akbar, The Great Mogul (1542-1605): His Life, Character and Opinions'" [The Asiatic Review, May 1915];
71. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Caliphate: A Historical and Jurisdical Sketch" [Contemporary Review, June 1915];
72. "India's Services in the War" [The Contemporary Review, October 1915].

Part III: 1916-1943:
73. "Lord Harding's Viceroyalty" [The Nineteenth Century and After, March 1916];
74. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Sultan of Turkey and the Caliphate" [The Nation, July 1916];
75. "India's Effort: Is it sufficiently understood?" [The Nineteenth Century,February 1917];
76. "The Modern Hindustani Drama" [Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, February 1917];
77. "The Importance of Hindustani" [Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, March 1917];
78. "The Type of Elijah" [The Islamic Review, December 1917];
79. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "On communal Representation" [The Times, August 1918];
80. "India in the Literary Renaissance" [Royal Society of Literature of the U.K., October 1918];
81. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Constantinople" [The Times, November 1918];
82. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "France and the RIF" [The Times, January 1919];
83. "Note on Urdu Orthography" [Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, February 1919];
84. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Turkish Peace Terms" [The Times, June 1919];
85. The Aga Khan and Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Post-War Future of Turkey" [The Times, August 1919];
86. The Aga Khan and Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Turkish Peace Settlement" [The Times, August 1919];
87. The Aga Khan: "Indian Muslim Sentiment in Turkey" [The Times, August 1919];
88. The Aga Khan: "Suffrage for the Indian Women" [The Times, August 1919];
89-90. The Aga Khan: "British Policy in the East, parts I-II" [The Times, November 1920];
91. "India and the League of Nations" [The Contemporary Review, May 1921];
92. The Aga Khan: "Peace with Turkey" [The Times, November 1921];
93. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "On E.S. Montagu's Resignation" [The Times, March 1922];
94. The Aga Khan: "A Royal Viceroy" [The Times, June 1922];
95. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Peace in the Near East" [The Times, August 1922";
96. The Aga Khan: "Bonar Law and the Turkish Question" [The Times, October 1922];
97. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Prime Minister and the Turks" [The Times, December 1922];
98. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Turkey and the Caliph" [The Times, November 1922];
99. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Caliphate and the Islamic Renaissance" [The Edinburgh Review, January 1923];
100. The Aga Khan: "On the Lausanne Treaty with Turkey" [The Times, July 1923];
101. The Aga Khan: "The New Muslim World" [The Edinburgh Review, October 1923];
102. The Aga Khan: "Appeal to Turkey to retain the Khilafat" [TheTimes, November 1923];
103. Sayyid Amir Ali: "Letter (with The Aga Khan) to the Prime Minister of Turkey" [The Times, August 1919];
104. The Aga Khan: "Reasons for the Appeal to Turkey" [The Times, December 1923];
105. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "On the letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey" [The Times, December 1923];
106. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Statement on the Abolition of Khilifat" [The Times, March 1924];
107. The Aga Khan: "The Moroccan War Sufferers"[The Times, October 1924];
108. The Aga Khan: "Lord Milner's Credo" [The T imes, August 1925];
109. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Task before the Indian Statutory Commission" [The Times, November 1927];
110. The Aga Khan: "On IndianUnity" [The Times, December 1927];
111. The Aga Khan: "An Appeal for a Permanent Muslim Organization in India" [The Times, December 1927];
112. "Education in India: The New Outlook" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1928];
113. "The Religion of Rabindranath Tagore" [Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom, May 1929];
114. "Comments on the Paper 'India and the United States'" [The Asiatic Review, October 1929];
115. "The Simon Report: Why it is unacceptable to India?" [The Spectator, July 1930];
116. "Communication on the Paper 'The Need for Second Chambers in the Provinces'" [The Asiatic Review, November 1930];
117. "The Personality of Man in Islam" [The Society for Promoting and Study of Religions, 1931];
118. "Comment on the Paper 'The Round Table Conference and After'" [The Asiatic Review, May 1931];
119. "Comment on the Paper 'Muslims in the New India'" [The Asiatic Review , October 1931];
120. "Squaring the Circle" [The Listener, June 1931];
121."Indian Reactions to the White Paper" [The Asiatic Review, June 1933];
122. "Obituary Notice of King Feisal of Saudi Arabia" [The Times, September 1933];
123. "Centenary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy" [The Asiatic Review, September 1933];
124. "The Religious Polity of Islam" [Society for Promoting the Study of Religions, January 1934];
125. "Comments on the Paper 'Reform and Co-operation in India'" [The Asiatic Review, November 1934];
126. "The Essential Basis of Religion" [Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths, July 1936];
127. "Speech at the Farewell Meeting" [Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths, July 1936];
128. "Review of 'The Indian Theatre: Its Origins and Later Developments under European Influence With Special Reference to Western India'" [Journal of Central Asian Society, August 1936];
129. "Review of 'The Universities of India'" [Journal of Central Asian Society, August 1936];
130. "Comments on the Paper 'Provincial Autonomy: The First Three Months'" [The Asiatic Review, June 1937];
131. "Comments on the Paper 'Some Aspects of Cheap Power Development under the New Constitution in India'" [The Asiatic Review, July 1938];
132. "Comment on Sir Alfred Watson's Paper on'India's Constitution and the War'" [The Asiatic Review, December 1939];
133. "Doctrine of Human Personality in Iqbal's Poetry" [Royal Society of Literature of the U.K., November 1938];
134. "The Muslim World and Palestine" [The British Union Quarterly, December 1938];
135. "Review of 'The Glorious Future of the Muslims'" [The Asiatic Review, January 1939];
136. "Averroes : The Philosopher of East and West" [Religions, January 1939];
137. "The Muslims of India, the War, and the Political Field" [The Asiatic Review, February 1940];
138. "Adult Education in India" [The Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, February 1940];
139. "Comments on Sir Harry Haig's Paper 'The United Provinces and the New Constitution'" [The Asiatic Review, April 1940];
140. "Review of 'The Journal of the University of Bombay'" [Religions, July 1940];
141. "Islam and Christianity" [Religions, July 1940];
142. "The Somalis and their Religious Ideas" [Religions, October 1940];
143. "Commentson T.A. Raman's Paper 'Indian Nationalism and the War'" [The Asiatic Review, July 1940];
144. "Hellenic Culture and the Modern World" [Religions, January 1941];
145. "The Islamic World in and after the War" [Religions, February 1943].

Spine ridging, else very good. 50.00

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Prater. Second Edition., BABBLE, Nicholas
123 BABBLE, Nicholas Prater. Second Edition.
T. Lownds, London, 1757, 
BABBLE, Nicholas. The Prater. The Second Edition. Corrected and improved bythe Author. London : Printed for T. Lownds, 1757. Pp (2),v-ix,(1),[1]-289, (1). 12mo, green cloth. Covers worn, hinges starting, lacks 1st leaf of table of contents, a few leaves a little loose, owner's name. 85.00

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124 BACON, Edwin M. HAKLUYT, Richard) Boy's Hakluyt
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1910, 
BACON, Edwin M. The Boy's Hakluyt : English Voyages of Adventure and Discovery. NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1910. Pp. 401, frontis., + 15 leaves of plates. Includes chapters on the voyages of Cabot, Drake, Frobisher, Gilbertand more. Front inner hinge cracked, else vg. 30.00

Price: 30.00 CDN
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125 BACON, Francis. Essays of Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam. In The Books of the Verulam Club series.
Chapman & Hall, Ltd, London , 1924, 
BACON, Francis. The Essays of Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam. London : Chapman& Hall, Ltd, n.d. [1920s?]. Pp (8),1-[235],(1),+ engraved frontispiece. 8v o, grey paper covered boards, gilt to front board, red lettering to white paper label to spine, top edge trimmed, others untrimmed. In The Books of the Verulam Club series. Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban, KC (1561-1626), was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist, and author. Spine and front board lightly browned, minor spotting to endpapers, else very good. 65.00

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126 BAGLEY, Desmond Windfall. First Edition in dustjacket .Signed
Collins, London , 1982, ISBN:000222349X 
BAGLEY, Desmond. Windfall. London : Collins, 1982. First Edition. Pp (6),7-320. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. Desmond Bagley (1923-1983), was a British journalist and novelist principally known for a series of best-selling thrillers. "Jan Willem Hendrykxx's legacy amounted to a staggering £40 million; £34 million to go to an agricultural college in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the remaining £6 million to be divided equally between the mysterious benefactor's only discovered living descendants: Dirk Hendriks, a South African, and Henry Hendrix, a young drop-out living in California. "Max Stafford, head of Stafford Secrity Consultants in London, gets involved in the ensuing events for two reasons: one is that Dirk Hendriks happens to be the husband of a dear friend; the other is the sudden disappearance in London of Ben Hardin, an American detective, whose account of his assignment to track down Henry Hendrix and deliver him to his recent employer arrouses Stafford's suspicion. The trail leads to Kenya and the obscure agricultural college at Ol Njorowa which has benefitted from old Hendrykxx's millions. What is the source of those millions? [...] another of his inimitable thrillers, but he also produced a thoughtful novel about present-day Kenya;a novel of insight and humour that explores the intricate relationships of the Africans, Asians and Europeans who live and work there, and share a co mmon love of their country." - from the dj flap. A few smudges to front flyleaf, else very good in dustjacket (short tear to front fold). Signed, without inscription, by the author on the title-page. 40.00

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127 BAILEY, Eleanor idioglossia. proof
Random House Canada, 2000, 
BAILEY, Eleanor. idioglossia. [Toronto]: Random House Canada, (2000). Uncorrected proof. Pp. 381. 8vo, yellow ill. card covers. The British author's first novel. Vg. 20.00

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Trespasses. 1st UK in dj , BAILEY, Paul
128 BAILEY, Paul Trespasses. 1st UK in dj
BAILEY, Paul. Trespasses. L.: (1970). First Printing. Gift inscription, else vg in dj (closed tear to rear panel, remnant of sticker to front panel). 50.00

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129 BAILEY, Paul Trespasses. First American Edition in dustjacket
Harper and Row, New York , 1971, 
BAILEY, Paul. Trespasses. New York : Harper and Row, (1971). First US Edition. Pp (10),11-189,(3). 8vo, black cloth spine letered in silver, white paper covered boards, top edge dyed black. The second novel by British author Bailey, (born February 16, 1937). "Trespasses is the almost unbearably moving account of a young man's discovery of his own humanity and the casaltiesof his course. In vivid fragm of memory-images, dialogues, dreams, letters , Ralph Hicks assembles his ghosts: a mother too limited to hold the affection of husband or son; a father remote and, therefore, loved; the prohibited Miss Potter; his lunatic cousin Harry; Bernard, the homosexual; the crusading wife, whose devotion Ralph rejects with tragic consequences. Ralph's is an anguished progress from the dark of his soul to the house with apple blossoms under a bright sky and the release of confession. Paul Bailey's illumination of character from within and the exquisite exactness of his writing mark him as one of the most important young novelists to emerge in this decade." (from the dj). Very good in lightly worn dustjacket. 40.00

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130 BAINBRIDGE, Beryl English Journey or The Road to Milton Keynes. First Edition in dustjacket
Duckworth / British Broadcasting Corp., 1984, 
BAINBRIDGE, Beryl. English Journey or The Road to Milton Keynes. (London) :Duckworth / British Broadcasting Corp., (1984). First Edition. Pp. 158. 8v o, black cloth. Very good in fine unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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131 BAINBRIDGE, Beryl Every Man for Himself. 2nd pbk.
Carroll & Graf, New York, 1998, ISBN:0786704675 
BAINBRIDGE, Beryl. Every Man for Himself. New York: Carroll & Graf, (1998).Second Paperback Printing. Pp. (6),7-224. 8vo, illustrated black and purpl e card covers. A novel about the Titanic disaster. Very good. 12.00

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132 BAINBRIDGE, Beryl Every Man for Himself. 1st US in dj
Carrol & Graf, New York, 1996, ISBN:0786703490 
BAINBRIDGE, Beryl. Every Man for Himself. New York: Carrol & Graf, (1996). First US Printing. Pp. (6),7- 224. 8vo, grey cloth spine. A novel about theTitanic disaster. Very good in dust jacket. 20.00

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133 BAINBRIDGE, Beryl Young Adolf : A Novel. First American Edition in dustjacket
George Braziller, New York, 1979, 
BAINBRIDGE, Beryl. Young Adolf : A Novel. New York : George Braziller, (1979). First US Edition. Pp. 219. 8vo, blue cloth. Some light fading to top and bottom of boards, lightly shelf-worn, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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134 BALCHIN, Nigel Sundry Creditors. UK in dj
Collins, 1953, 
BALCHIN, Nigel. Sundry Creditors. L.: Collins, 1953. Pp. 256. 8vo, red cloth. Top edge of text lightly browned and spotted, else vg in rubbed, brownedand nicked dj. 20.00

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135 BALDWIN, Michael Death on a Live Wire and On Stepping from a Sixth-Storey Window. First Edition in dustjacket
Longmans, 1962, 1962 
BALDWIN, Michael. Death on a Live Wire and On Stepping from a Sixth-Storey Window. (London) : Longmans, 1962). First Edition. Pp. (8),9-93,(3). 8vo, orange-brown cloth, red lettering to spine.

The third book of verse by Michael Jesse Baldwin, (b. May 1, 1930, Gravesend, , Kent, England - d. February 3, 2014) poet and novelist.

"This is Michael Baldwin's third book of poems. As in the previous volumes, the main impulse remains in areas of personal experience which have been broken into by Myth or enlarged by Miracle. This is not a tentative poetry; its themes uncover a vision at once epic and private; and the language; as always in Mr. Baldwin's work, is arresting personal and true." - from the jacket.

Includes :
"Wasdale Head Church 1957",
"The Forest of Dean",
"Chalk Horse",
"Bandstand Trumpeter",
"There's No Room for God in My Trousers",
"A Set of Randy Shanties",
and many more.

Very good in unclipped dustjacket (some faint browning to creased rear panel). 30.00

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136 BALLANTYNE, R. M. Lively Poll : A Tale of the North Sea
James Nisbet & Co., Limited, London, 0, 
BALLANTYNE, R. M. The Lively Poll : A Tale of the North Sea. London : JamesNisbet & Co., Limited, [n.d.]. Pp. 128, frontispiece, including plates 8vo , red pictorial cloth with gilt lettering to front and gilt title block to spine. See Quayle, R.M. Ballantyne: A Bibliography of First Editions p.113 for the 1886 first edition. Moderately rubbed, inner hinges cracked, light spotting and smudging throughout. As is. 30.00

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137 BALLANTYNE, R. M. Up In the Clouds or Balloon Voyages.
James Nisbet & Co., Limited, London, 1875, 
BALLANTYNE, R.M. Up In the Clouds or Balloon Voyages. London : James Nisbet& Co., n.d. [1870S?]. Pp [1]-123,(5),[1]-16 (, frontis and engrav ed title-page,+ 2 plates. Small 8vo, pictorial blue cloth (ship vignette and tiger), gilt lettering to front board and spine. A young adult book on the history of balloon flight. Contents : 1. Treats of early Efforts to fly, etc. 2. The First Balloons. 3. Early Attempts at Aerial Navigation. 4. The First Aerial Voyages made in Great Britain—Succeeding Ascents. 5. Parachutes. 6. Ascents by Messrs. Glaisher and Coxwell. 7. Account or Nadar's Balloon, “Le Géant” - First Ascent. 8. Second Ascent of Nadar's “Giant” Balloon. 9. War Balloons. 10. Aerial Locomotives, etc. Cloth rubbed and soiled, spine ends worn, corners bumped, multiple library stamps and rear pouch, smudged and foxed, good only. As is. 25.00

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138 BALLANTYNE, R. M. BALLANTYNE, R.M. Coxswain's Bride or The Rising Tide : A Tale of the Sea and Other Tales. 6th thousand.
James Nisbet, London, 0, 
BALLANTYNE, R. M. The Coxswain's Bride or The Rising Tide: A Tale of the Sea and Other Tales. With Illustrations by the Author. Sixth Thousand. London: James Nisbet & Co., n.d. [orginally copyright in 1891 unsure of this edi tion]. Pp 234, including frontispiece, including [16] pp of ads + [3] pp ofplates. 8vo, pictorial brown cloth, gilt to spine and upper board. See Qua yle, R.M. Ballantyne: A Bibliography of First Editions p.97 for the first. In each of the three stories Ballantyne writes about the significance of faith in Christ to the lives of his characters. Two of the stories have a nautical theme. The first story, "The Coxswain's Bride or the Rising Tide" is one of the life, love and adventure of "Sturdy" Bob Massey of the lifeboat service -the coxswain of the Greyton lifeboat. A brave man and a leader of men, he married well, not for money but for love, the fair-haired fisher-girl Nellie Carr, who easily matched him in intelligence, courage and dedication to duty. The third story, A Double Rescue, tells the story of a young boy, Jack Matterby, who finding himself orphaned and alone in the world immigrates to Canada. By faith in God and kindness to his fellow man Jack risesto great heights in business. He too is tested by the sea, in a terrifying shipwreck, but as in all things he follows the example of his mother and l eans on his faith. "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!" Boards rubbed, spine ends and extremities lightly bumped and frayed, spine faded, upper board still retains attractive illustration, front inner hinge cracked, rear starting, cracked between pp 144-145, occasional thumbing, ow vg. 60.00

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139 BALLANTYNE, R.M. Battle and the Breeze, or The Fights and Fancies of a British Tar
James Nisbet, London, 1905, 
BALLANTYNE, R.M. The Battle and the Breeze, or The Fights and Fancies of a British Tar. London : James Nisbet, [n.d., ca. 1905]. Pp. (7),12-124,[1]-6 of ads. Illustrated. 8vo, pictorial red cloth. A juvenile nautical adventure book. See Quayle, R.M. Ballantyne: A Bibliography of First Editions p.110for the first. Name in ink to rfep, ffep, front paste-down, and two inside pages. Rear hinge broken and binding of spine has separated from cloth, so me foxing and soiling to pages, some pages torn or missing pieces around edges, soiling to covers, wear to edges, cocked. 10.00

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140 BALLANTYNE, R.M. Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader : A Tale of the Pacific.
James Nisbet, London, 1877, 
BALLANTYNE, R.M. Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader : A Tale of the Pacific. London: James Nisbet, 1877. Pp. [i]-vi,[1]-440,(16) of ads. 8vo, pictorial maroon cloth with gilt lettering to spine. See Quayle, R.M. Ballantyne: A Bibliography of First Editions p.51 for the first. Boards heavily rubbed, spine nearly detached, nearly broken in several instances throughout. A poor copy. 10.00

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