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121 CLAPP, Edwin J. Port of Hamburg. 3rd pr
Yale, 1918, 
CLAPP, Edwin J. The Port of Hamburg. New Haven: Yale University Press, (July 1918). Third Printing. Pp (4),iii-xiii,(3),1-220, frontis.+ 15 leaves of plates + 2 leaves of maps (1 fldg). 8vo, ( 218 mm) blue cloth. This third printing was dubbed the William A. Read Memorial Edition. Here is a passage from the special March 1918 note: " [...] the discussion of plans for the future of the port of New York. That this is not a merely local question, but rather a problem of national and even international importance, has been frequently urged. This winter with the evident congestion of freight, including supplies intended for shipment to our Allies and to our soldiers abroad, the truth of this statement is more frequently admitted. [...] In an effort to help members of the State Legislatures realize the magnitude of the problem and appreciate with what care and at what expense the Port of Hamburg, for example, has been developed, the Yale University Press has recently distributed a number of copies of two volumes heretofore published by it under the titles of The Port of Hamburg and The Port of Boston, andwritten by Edwin J. Clapp, Professor of Economics, New York University.." Introduction and the following chapters : 1. Development of Hamburg's Hinterland; 2. The Channel to the Sea; 3. Port Facilities; 4. Hamburg's Overseas Lines; 5. Hamburg's Shipbuilders and Merchants; State Aid to the Merchant Marine; 6. Waterways and Railways; 7. Shipping and Commerce in Hamburg 1907; 8. Hamburg's Commerce with its Hinterland 1907. With bibliography and index. Ex library(Idaho State) with several tidy, but with a clean spine. Vg, tidy. 80.00

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Coastal Seas : The Conservation Challenge.  First Edition, CLARK, John R.
122 CLARK, John R. Coastal Seas : The Conservation Challenge. First Edition
Blackwell Science, Oxford, 1998, ISBN:0632049553 1998 0632049553 / 9780632049554 
CLARK, John R. Coastal Seas : The Conservation Challenge. (Oxford) : Blackwell Science, (1998). First Edition. Pp. (2),iii-ix,(1),1-134. Illustrated. 8vo, photo-illustrated bluish card covers.

"This succinct, technical reference of coastal-zone resource management is aimed both at students taking courses in coastal management or marine conservation and practitioners in these fields.

In response to a worldwide demand, Coastal Seas deals mostly with methodology and provides practitioners, scholars and students with the ideas, tools, materials and strategies needed to manage coastal resources and shoreline development.

Although tropical developing nations have the greatest need for this book, the principles are universal and will be of interest and relevance to all. " - from the rear cover.

Contents :

1. Viewpoint.-

2. Coastal Resources Status :
2.1 Mangrove wetlands --
2.2 Fringing intertidal systems --
2.3 Seagrass meadows --
2.4 Kelp systems --
2.5 Coral reef systems --
2.6 Beach systems --
2.7 Lagoon and estuary systems --
2.8 Seafood resources.

3. Impacts :
3.1 Origin of impacts --
3.2 Typology of impacts --
3.3 Urbanization --
3.4 Waste disposal --
3.5 Agriculture --
3.6 Forestry industries --
3.7 Fishery industries --
3.8 Aquaculture --
3.9 Heavy industry --
3.10 Ports and shipping --
3.11 Mining --
3.12 Petroleum --
3.13 Shore protection --
3.14 Tourism --
3.15 Water control and supply projects --
3.16 Electric power plants --
3.17 Nature's impacts.

4. Program Design :
4.1 Purposes --
4.2 Focal points --
4.3 Program scope --
4.4 Program organization --
4.5 Strategy planning --
4.6 Institutional mechanisms --
4.7 Strategy plan tactics.

5. Program Development :
5.1 The approach --
5.2 Master Plan --
5.3 Project review and assessment --
5.4 Service function --
5.5 Environmental Management Plan --
5.6 Constraints and complexities --
5.7 Success factors.

6. Methods and Tools :
6.1 Project review --
6.2 Rapid Rural Assessment --
6.3 Carrying capacity analysis --
6.4 Water quality control --
6.5 Land use control and zoning --
6.6 Setbacks --
6.7 Special Habitats --
6.8 Restoration --
6.9 Survey --
6.10 Information techniques --
6.11 Conflict resolution.

7. Coastal Connections :
7.1 Unification --
7.2 Coordination --
7.3 Education and outreach --
7.4 Collaborative management --
7.5 International.

8. Acts of Stewardship :
8.1 Anguilla: management of the beachfront --
8.2 Australia: management authority for the Great Barrier Reef --
8. 3 Australia, Port Phillip Bay: a failed attempt --
8.4 Barbados: incremental CZM --
8.5 Bonaire: carrying capacity limits --
8.6 Canada: offshore sewage outfall at Victoria, BC --
8.7 Ecuador: situation management --
8.8 Egypt, Sinai: planning for biodiversity protection --
8.9 Indonesia, Sulawesi: disposal of harbour silt --
8.10 Maldives: an informal approach to CZM --
8.11 Montserrat: controlling beach sand mining --
8.12 Oman: coordination as the key --
8.13 Philippines: success with community based management --
8.14 Solomon Islands: social chaos from tourism --
8.15 Sri Lanka: issue-based and incremental CZM --
8.16 Sri Lanka: Negombo Lagoon zoning --
8.17 Trinidad and Tobago: choosing the non-CZM option --
8.18 United States: a dollar-based program --
8.19 United States, Hawaii: the ocean outfall solution.

9. The Coastal Professional :
9.1 The professional --
9.2 As steward --
9.3 As planner --
9.4 As investigator --
9183;5 As analyst --
9.6 As survey designer --
9.7 As research coordinator --
9.8 As environmental assessor --
9.9 As mediator --
9.10 As linguist --
9.11 As student.

With References, Glossary, Unit Conversion Table, Index.
Very good. 30.00

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123 CLARK, William Bell First Saratoga: Being the Saga of John Young and His Sloop-of-War. . in dj.
Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge, 1953, 
CLARK, William Bell. The First Saratoga: Being the Saga of John Young and His Sloop-of-War. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, (1953). Pp 199. 8vo, blue cloth. An early revisionist account of the career of one of the United States' earliest, and the author contends most distinguished, naval officers. "During the American Revolution, the Saratoga played a significant role in stemming the flow of supplies to British forces. Sailing out of Delaware River ports on her three cruises, she engaged heavily armed British vessels in spectacularly successful encounters, capturing 12 prizes. In 1781, during a West Indian storm, she disappeared with all hands." Vg in sunned, rubbed, nicked dj. 70.00

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124 CLARKE, Helen, Sarah PEARSON, Mavis MATE, and Keith PARFITT. COOK, James, Captain.) Sandwich : The Completest Medieval Town in England : A study of the town and port from its origins to 1600.
Oxbow Books, Oxford and Oakville, 2010, ISBN:9781842174005 
CLARKE, Helen, Sarah PEARSON, Mavis MATE, and Keith PARFITT. Sandwich : TheCompletest Medieval Town in England : A study of the town and port from it s origins to 1600. Documentary Resarch: Sheila Sweetinburgh, Bridgett Jones. Illustrations: Allan T. Adams, Barry Corke, John Hills, Howard A. Jones, Peter Williams. Oxford and Oakville : Oxbow Books, (2010). First Printing. Pp. (8),ix-xviii,[1]-326. Illustrated with colour maps. Double column. 4to,photo-illustrated blue glossy paper covered boards with cream and black le ttering to front board and spine. Small bump to tail of spine, else very good. NOTE Due to the excess weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 80.00 Foreword by Dr. Simon Thurley "Sandwich as once one of the great ports of medieval England. It possessed the special privileges of a Cinque Port, was strategically placed to serve successive monarchs as a military and naval base for their overseas expeditions, and its trading activities extended far and wide. [...] Evidence from standing structures, the archaeological record, and extensive documentary sources has been combined to trace Sandwich's development through the ages. New light has been shed on the location of the earliest settlement, the changes to the harbour and anchorage, the reasons for the unusual street pattern, and the relationship between town and royal castle. A survey of almost one hundred medieval houses brings out their urban form, and in conjunction with documents illustrates the different character of individual parts of the town and conjures up the material circumstances in which the inhabitants lived." - from rear. Contents: Part I: Introduction: 1. Background to the Sandwich project. Part II: Origins: 2. Environmental background and origins; 3. Sandwich in the eleventh century: the establishment of the medieval town; 4. Sandwich in the twelfth century: the growth of an urban society. Part III: 1200-1360: 5. The port and town: consolidation andoutside influences; 6. Religious buildings; 7. Secular buildings; 8. The t opography of the town by the mid-fourteenth century. Part IV: 1360-1560: 9.Trade and the haven; 10. The life of the town; 11. War, rebellion and defe nce; 12. Secular buildings; 13. Churches and hospitals; 14. The landscape of the town. Part V: 1560-1600: 15. The town; 16. The buildings. Part VI: Conclusions: 17. Sandwich in the context of wider studies of historic towns: an assessment. With appendices and index. Small bump to tail of spine, elsevery good. NOTE Due to the excess weight of this book, extra shipping char ges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 80.00

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125 CLEMENTS, Rex Stately Southerner. 1st US no dj
Houghton Mifflin, Boston and N.Y., 1926, 
CLEMENTS, Rex. A Stately Southerner. With pen and ink sketches by A. Weston. Boston and N.Y.: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1926. First U.S. Edition. Printed in Great Britain. Pp (10),11- 191,(1),[i]-iii ("Opinions of the Press" on Clements' A Gipsy of the Horn), (1) Pagination includes the frontispieceand 5 other sketches by Weston. 8vo, blue cloth. Chapters : A Stately Sout herner - The First Watch, "The Ladies Gulf", "The Wide Ethiopian", The River of India, Valhalla, Lomitas, Landfall; "The Ports Desired": Umgeni River;The Island of Ascension; "Unto the Hills"; "Mac"; "Stand from Under"; The Wraith of the Pocahontas; The West Coast Clippers [i.e. trading on the westcoast of South America]; The Passing of Sail. A little light foxing to ear ly and late leaves, spine title faint, else vg, tight. 40.00

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126 COAD, Jonathan G. Historic Architecture of the Royal Navy. in dj.
Gollancz, London, 1983, ISBN:0575032774 
COAD, J[onathan] G. Historic Architecture of the Royal Navy : An Introduction. Foreword by Admiral of The Fleet Lord Lewin. London: Victor Gollancz, 1983. First Printing. Pp. (5),6-160. Large 8vo, green cloth. "Historic Architecture of the Royal Navy concentrates on the period from 1700 to 1900, with particular emphasis on the dockyards built to service the sailing navy. ...With numerous illustrations featuring surviving buildings in Chatham, Sheerness, Portsmouth, Devonport, Harwich, Gibraltar, Minorca, Malta, Bermuda and Antigua [this] is a fascinating and important book." -from the dj. Contents: 1. Naval Bases; 2. Building and Maintaining the Fleet; 3. Manufacturing within the Dockyards; 4. Naval Warehouses; 5. Boundaries, Houses, Churches and Schools; 6. Provisioning the Fleet; 7. Arming the Warships; 8. NavalHospitals. Vg in unclipped dj. 40.00

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127 Coastal Engineering) American Society of Civil Engineers. Coastal Engineers Research Council. Institution of Engineers, Australia. Proceedings of the Seventeenth Coastal Engineering Conference
ASCE, New York, 1981, ISBN:0872622645 
(Coastal Engineering). Proceedings of the Seventeenth Coastal Engineering Conference March 23 to 28, 1980, Sydney, Australia; Sponsored by ASCE Coastal Engineering Research Council, ASCE Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Division, and, The Institution of Engineers, Australia. New York : American Society of Civil Engineers, (1981). 3 vols. Pp 1050; 1051-2135; 2137-3171. 8vo, ill. card covers. The three volumes contain 186 chapters by divers hands,divided thematically as follows: Theoretical and Observed Wave Characteris tics; Coastal Sediment Problems; Coastal Structures and Related Problems; Coastal, Estuarine, and Environmental Problems. Slightly rubbed, owner's blind stamp, else very good. 100.00

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128 COFFEY, Maria, and Dag GOERING GOERING, Dag. Visions of the Wild : A Voyage by Kayak around Vancouver Island. First Edition in dustjacket
Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, B.C., 2001, ISBN:1550172646 
COFFEY, Maria, and Dag GOERING. Visions of the Wild : A Voyage by Kayak around Vancouver Island. (Madeira Park, B.C.) : Harbour Publishing, (2001). First Edition. Pp (8),ix,(1),1-181,(1). Illustrated. Map. 8vo, blue cloth, silver lettering to spine. "In the summer of 1999, Dag Goering and Maria Coffey set off on an audacious adventure: to circumnavigate Vancouver Island bykayak, along some of North America's most storm battered coastlines on ear th. This ten-week, 1000 kilometre voyage stretched the limits of their skill and endurance. Paddling up to 50 kilometres per day, they dodged the tiderips and whirlpools of Johnstone Strait, battled around tumultuous Cape Sc ott and faced monstrous waves on the Bajo Reefs. In a small boat on the vast Pacific, they were constantly aware that the ocean offers little margin for error, and that one mistake could cost them their lives. The rewards of this daring expedition surpassed the challenges: unforgettable encounters with whales, wolves and bears; new friends made in First Nations villages, old homesteads and historic fishing ports; and an ever-changing kaleidoscopeof spectacular coastal vistas. Their journey gave them a deep respect for Vancouver Island's past and a profound appreciation for the fragility of its remaining wilderness. With breathtaking colour photographs and compellingjournal entries written from a unique male/female perspective, Visions of the Wild is an inspiring chronicle of the adventure of a lifetime, and a visual celebration of the untamed spirit of Canada's west coast. It is a "must read" for kayakers, seafarers, armchair adventurers, and all lovers of wild places." (from the dj). Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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129 COLES, Adlard HASLER, H.G.) North Brittany Harbours and Anchorages : Being a revised, enlarged and illustrated edition of Harbours and Anchorages of the North Coast of Brittany by H.G. Hasler. in dj.
Adlard Coles Limited, London, 1965, 
COLES, Adlard. North Brittany Harbours and Anchorages : Being a revised, enlarged and illustrated edition of Harbours and Anchorages of the North Coast of Brittany by H.G. Hasler . London: Adlard Coles Limited, 1965. Pp. [1]-256. Illustrated. 4to, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Ffep removed, hinges tender, else good in rubbed, chipped, worn dj. 20.00

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130 COLES, K. Adlard Channel Harbours and Anchorages : Christchurch to Portland; Barfleur to St.Malo; The Channel Islands. 4th in dj
Nautical Publishing Company, Lymington, 1974, 
COLES, K. Adlard. Channel Harbours and Anchorages. [Dj adds: Christchurch to Portland; Barfleur to St. Malo; The Channel Islands]. With the assistanceof Professor A.N. Black and the Royal Cruising Club. Fourth Edition. Lymin gton: Nautical Publishing Company, 1974. Pp 198. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, cloth. Toy 2843. Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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131 COLES, K. Adlard North Brittany Pilot : St. Malo to Ushant. 3rd Edition in dustjacket
Adlard Coles Limited, London, 1972, ISBN:0229974848 
COLES, K. Adlard. North Brittany Pilot : St. Malo to Ushant. by Adlard Coles. with the assistance of Professor A.N. Black and the Royal Cruising Club.Being the Third Edition, Revised and Illustrated of Harbours and Anchorage s of the North Coast of Brittany by H.G. Hasler. London : Adlard Coles Limited, (1972). Pp (4),5-255,(1). Illustrated with over 190 b&w photos. Chartsthroughout. Large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Toy 2845a. Par t One. St. Malo to Lézardrieux. [including Dinard, La Rance, St. Briac, St.Jacut, Erqui, Dahouet, Binic, Portrieux, Paimpol, Ile Bréhat, &c]. Part Tw o. Tréguier to Ile de Bas. [including Port Blanc, Perros, Trégastel, Lannion, Primel, Morlaix, Roscoff, &c]. Part Three. Isle de Siec to Ushant. [including Kernic, Pontsuval, L'Abervrach, L'Aberbenoit, Portsal, Kersaint, Argenton, Portz-Pail, Ile de Molène, Lampaul, &c]. Very good in taped-on dustjacket. 22.00

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132 COLLARD, John Maritime History of Rye. 2nd UK
John A. Collard, Rye, 1985, 
COLLARD, John. A Maritime History of Rye . Rye, UK: John A. Collard, 1985. Second UK Edition. Pp. [14], 1-153, [1]. 3 p. of folding maps. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. A history of the southern British seaport of Rye, dating from the late Roman period to modern times. Contents: I) Origin and Early Growth ; II) A century of Turbulence, 1200-1300 ; III) Suporting the Angevin Empire, 1300-1453 ; IV) Decline in the Expanding World, 1453-1588 ; V) Survival after the Cinque Ports Confederation, 1588-1720 ; VI) Financial Problems and a New Harbour, 1720-1788 ; VII) Defence in the Napoleonic War,1788-1815 ; VIII) Conflicts of Interest, 1815-1845 ; IX) Aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, 1845-1875 ; X) Pre-War Tranquility, 1875-1914 ; XI) Dark Days, 1914-1939 ; XII) Total War, 1939-1945 ; XIII) Trial and Error, 1945-1962 ; XIV) Hopes Revived, 1962-1974. Spine creased, minor corner wear,else very good. 40.00

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133 COLLINS, Dale GOWEN, Jeanne Bouchet (intro.) Sea-Tracks of the Speejacks Round the World
Doubleday, Page and Co., Garden City, NY, 1923, 
COLLINS, Dale. Sea-Tracks of the Speejacks Round the World. With an introduction by Jeanne Bouchet Gowen. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page and Co., 1923. Pp. [i]-lxxv,(3),1-286,(2), frontis., + 92 p. of plates. Illustrated. 8vo, green cloth with decoration to front and gilt lettering to spine. Toy 413: "The story of the first circumnavigation by a motor yacht, westward from New York via the Panama and Suez Canals, 21 August 1921 to 11 December 1922. The yacht was towed 4,400 miles across the south Pacific by Eastern Queen because she had insufficient fuel capacity to make this part of the voyage on her own. The introduction is written by the owner's wife. A flamboyant narrative of a luxury cruise, but with solid content." Contents: Introduction: Gowen's "The Log of the Speejacks: From New York to Australia". 1. Hors d'Oeuvre, 2. Across the Wide Pacific, 3. Garlanded Islands, Blackfellows, and a Beachcomber, 4. Papua's Ports and People, 5. Mad Drums of the Dark Island, 6. Isles in a Living Sea, and a Lost Barque, 7. A 'Wet' Town and the Island Called 'the Beautiful Lady with the Poisoned Lips', 8. A Race fromthe Port-of-Dreams-for-Sale to the Orient, 9. The Sultan who Died and Hurr ying Waters, 10. Winsome Dancers Before Goggling Gods, 11. Colliding with aJunk and Climbing a Volcano, 12. Through the Great Heart of Java, 13. A Gl ance Astern and a Sailorman's Jewelled Girl, 14. Nights with Chinese Millionaires and an Unserene Sultan, 15. Odd Ports and Across an Ocean, 16. Mediterranean Days, a Bullfight, and the Last Ocean, 17. Home Again. Inner hinges cracked, spine ends frayed, much of spine lettering worn away, bottom edge bumped with wear to other edges, slightly splayed, else vg. 20.00

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134 COLLINS, Louis W. Historical Halifax : A Port with a Future, Manuscript copy (dated 19/3/79) of an article on Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax , 1979, 
COLLINS, Louis W. Historical Halifax : A Port with a Future, Manuscript copy (dated 19/3/79) of an article on Halifax, Nova Scotia. Pp 1-8 leaves, written one side only. 4to, corner-stapled ruled paper. Louis "Lou" William Collins (b. July 26, 1922 , Liverpool Street, Halifax – d. September 1, 2007,Halifax), noted educator, heritage conservationist, writer, bibliophile an d historian. Very good, original manuscript and with a photocopy of the same included. 20.00

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135 COMEAU, Louis V. Images of Our Past series Historic Kentville. First Edition.
Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, 2003, ISBN:1551094584 
COMEAU, Louis V. Historic Kentville. (Halifax, NS) : Nimbus Publishing, (2003). First Printing. Pp. (5),vi-x,[1]-158. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated card covers with purple spine. A volume in the Images of Our Past series. "Situated in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, Kentville owes its existence to its unique location as the last crossing point of the Cornwallis River before it empties into the great Minas Basin. Here the early inhabitants, Mi'kmaq and Acadians, forded the river, establishing trading and social patterns.Later, a bridge linked the townships of Cornwallis and Horton, allowing th e small settlements of Planters, and later Loyalists, to form the basis of a commercial centre, serving agricultural villages throughout the valley. In 1869 the town's dream of a railway linking it to other valley communitiesbecame a reality, and when the railway established its headquarters at Ken tville and began shipping Annapolis Valley apples to foreign markets, the town boomed. 'Historic Kentville' traces the development of the town from its earliest beginnings to its present-day status as a finance and governmentservice centre. Along the way, Kentville produces the first automobile in Nova Scotia, and became home to the province's longest standing festival --the Apple Blossom Festival. Author Louie Comeau has combined photographs f rom his own collection with absorbing and entertaining details to provide acharming historic portrait of an important valley town." -from rear cover. Contents: Introduction. Chapters: 1. Panoramic Views; 2. Street Scenes; 3. Transportation (pp.73-100); 4. Manufacturing (pp.101-108); 5. Houses; 6. S ports (pp.117-124); 7. Schools; 8. Churches; 9. Hospitals; 10. Odds and Ends. With bibliography. Very good. 20.00

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136 Committee on Shipborne Wastes Clean Ships, Clean Ports, Clean Oceans : Controlling Garbage and Plastic Wastes at Sea
National Academies Press, Washington, D.C., 1995, ISBN:0309051371 
(Committee on Shipborne Wastes, Marine Board, Commission on Engineering andTechnical Systems, National Research Council). Clean Ships, Clean Ports, C lean Oceans : Controlling Garbage and Plastic Wastes at Sea. Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, 1995. Pp (2),iii-xxi,(3),1-355,(5). Tables, diagrams and a few b&w photos in the text. 8vo, photo-illustrated paper-covered boards, lettered in white. 'Marine debris is a serious environmental problem. To do its part, the United States has agreed to abide by the international treaty for garbage control at sea, known as MARPOL 73/78 Annex V. "Clean Ships, Clean Ports, Clean Oceans" explores the challenge of translating Annex V into workable procedures and controls for all kinds of ships andboats, from cruise ships to fishing crafts [sic] and recreational boats. T he volume examines how existing resources can be leveraged into a comprehensive strategy for compliance, including integrated waste management systemsand effective enforcement. " - from rear cover. Contents: Executive Summar y; 1. Dimensions of the Challenge and U.S. Progress: International and U.S.Mandates - Progress in U.S. Implementation of Annex V - U.S. Navy Complian ce - Special Situations: The Gulf of Mexico - The Challenges Ahead; 2. Sources, Fates, and Effects of Shipborne Garbage : Identifying Vessel Garbage in the Marine Environment - Sources of Shipborne Garbage - Recreational Boats - Commercial Fisheries - Cargo Ships - Passenger Day Boats and Ferries -Small Public Vessels [Coast Guard, naval auxiliary vessels, and other publicvessels (such as those operated by the U.S. Army and military academies)] - Offshore Industry Rigs, Platforms, and Supply Vessels - Navy Surface Combatant Vessels - Passenger Cruise Ships - Research Vessels - Fates of Shipborne Garbage - General Observations - Implications for Special Areas - Implications for Implementation of Annex V - Environmental and Physical Effects of Marine Desbris - Human Health Problems - Ecological Effects - Entanglement of Marine Animals - Ingestion of Plastics by Marine Species - Ghost Fishing - ; 3. Implementation : Hazard Evolution Model [Kasperson and Pijawka] - Adapting the Model to Vessel Garbage Management - Interventions to Remedythe Hazard - Technological Innovations - Organizational and Operational Ch anges - Educational Communication - Government and Private Regulation and Enforcement - Economic Incentives - Application of the Model to the SeafarerCommunities - A Final Modification to the Model; 4. Elements of an Impleme ntation Strategy : Analysis of Interventions - Recreational Boats and TheirMarinas - Commercial Fisheries and Their Fleet Ports - Cargo Ships and The ir Itinerary Ports - Passenger Day Boats, Ferries, and Their Terminals - Small Public Vessels - Offshore Platforms, Rigs, Supply Vessels, and Base Terminals - Navy Surface Combatant Vessels and Their Home Ports - Passenger Cruise Ships and Their Itinerary Ports - Garbage Disposal on Cruise Ships - Research Vessels and Their Ports of Call - Control of the NOAA Fleet; 5. Integrating Vessel and Shoreside Garbage Management : Principles of IntegratedWaste Management - Shipboard Technologies and Practices ; 6. Education and Training : A National Government Leadership Model: Smokey Bear, &c; 7. Ove rarching Issues Affecting Annex V Implementation : U.S. Enforcement of Annex V - Options for Improving Annex V Enforcement - Simplify Handling of Civil Cases - Track and Punish Repeat Violators - Monitor Garbage Handling Practices - Surveillance by Government Authorities - Surveillance by Ship Operators - Surveillance by Citizens - Implementation of Annex V in the Wider Caribbean; 8. Measuring Progress in Implementation of Annex V - Record Keeping - Surveys of Beach Debris - Monitoring Trends in Biological Impacts - Monitoring Plastics in the Marine Environment - Beach Surveys of Plastic Debris; 9. National Strategy : Strategy for each Maritime Sector; 10. Federal Action to Improve Implementation of Annex V : Scientific Monitoring - Vessel / shore interface - On-board technologies; Appendixes: . A. Committee on Shipborne Wastes Biographical Information; B. Annex V of MARPOL 73/78; C. TheInternational Law of the Sea: Implications for Annex V Implementation; D. Time Line for U.S. Implementation of Annex V; E. Characteristics of Annex VSpecial Areas; F. Ecological Effects of Marine Debris; Very good. 50.00

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137 Compass, The RIESEBERG, Harry E. KLEBINGAT, Fred LAWRENCE, K.V.W. Compass : A Magazine of the Sea, Volume 38, Number 6, November / December, 1968
Mobil Oil Corporation, New York, 1968, 
(Compass, The). The Compass : A Magazine of the Sea, Volume XXXVIII, Number6, November / December, 1968. New York : Mobil Oil Corporation, 1968. Pp 1 -37. Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, illustrated stapled card covers. Contents : Kobe : The port.. (by K.V.W. Lawrence, pp 1-7); The Madagascar's Last Voyage (by Lieut. Harry E. Rieseberg, pp 8-12); Christmas on a Cape Horner (by Capt. Fred Klebingat, pp 13-17); Taconite (by K.V.W. Lawrence, pp 18-23); The port that lost its sea [Aigues-Mortes] (by François Pasqualini, pp24-27); Under Sail in the Arabian Sea (pp 28-31); Developing the Caribbean Fishing Business (pp 32-37). Wear to spine and edges, else very good. 20.0 0

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138 Compass, The RUMSEY, R. Coleman TOLL, David W. LAWRENCE, K.V.W. Compass : A Magazine of the Sea, Volume 40, Number 1, January / February, 1970
Mobil Oil Corporation, New York, 1970, 
(Compass, The). The Compass : A Magazine of the Sea, Volume XL, Number 1, January / February, 1970. New York : Mobil Oil Corporation, 1970. Pp 1-37. Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, illustrated stapled card covers. Contents :Abadan and Mah Shahr (by K.V.W. Lawrence, pp 1-7); The Oregon Clipper Ship (by Allan S. Gibbons, p 8-9); The Unused Lake in the Pacific (by R. Colema n Rumsey, pp 10-14); Leaves from an Old Journal... Farewell Loch Sloy (by Capt. W.J. Wade, pp 15-19); Mutiny on the Somers (by David W. Toll, pp 20-25); Erie : The world's worst tempered lake (by Duncan McLeod, pp 26-31); Fearnley & Eger (by K.V.W. Lawrence, pp 32-37). Wear to spine and edges, else very good. 20.00

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139 CONGER, Marion Golden Books of Ships and Boats.
Simon and Schuster, New York , 1954, 
CONGER, Marion. The Golden Books of Ships and Boats. Illustrated by Robert Doremus. New York : Simon and Schuster, (1954). Pp [1]-64. Illustrated. 4to, illustrated blue card covers. A Golden Play Book, P-15. Every kind of ship and boat from early days to the present. 64 pages all in color. Some of the features you'll find in this book : Warships of the Navy, Life on a Liner, The Coast Guard, Submarines, Motor Boating, How to Sail, Navigation Aids, Signal Flags, Sailor's Knots to Tie, Quizzes, Navigation Canals, Ports and Harbors, History of the Navy, Voyages of the Past. Naval Uniforms, Ship Models. Very good. 12.50

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140 CONNOLLY, James B. KUEHNE, Max. Port of Gloucester. First Edition
Doubleday, Doran & Co, New York, 1940, 
CONNOLLY, James B. The Port of Gloucester. With etchings by Max Kuehne. NewYork : Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., (1940). First Edition. Pp (6),v-i x,(3),1-333,(3) + [5] leaves of plates. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine, blind-stamped ship on front board. With maps endpapers. James Brendan Connolly (b. October 28, 1868, Boston, Massachusetts - d. January 20, 1957, Brookline, Massachusetts) American athlete (the first modern Olympic champion) and author. In the Doubleday Doran Seaport Series. "For many years James B. Connolly has written best-selling fiction about Gloucester. Port ofGloucester, his first piece of non-fiction, as the first book in the Doubl eday Doran Seaport Series, sets a high standard for the volumes which will follow." -from the dustjacket [NOTE : the dustjacket is not present with this copy]. 1. The Beautiful Port; 2. The First Grand Bankers; 3. Early Foreign Commerce; 4. The Pirate Menace; 5. The French and Indian Wars; 6. Gloucester Goes Revolutionary; 7. Gloucestermen in the Army; 8. Gloucester Goes Privateering; 9. Another War Looms; 10. The War of 1812; 11. Gloucester GetsGoing at Last; 12. An Immigrant Gloucester Skipper; 13. Again a War; 14. T he Horton Comes Back Home; 15. The Shoals of Georges; 16. The Halibut Catchers; 17. The Dory Fishing; 18. A Fresh-Halibuter; 19. The Shipbuilders; 20.Religious and Educational Leavening; 21. The Liberalizing Immigrants; 22. Pride of Vessel; 23. East Coast, West Coast; 24. Hi, the Salt-Bankers!; 25.Hail and Farewell, Columbia!; 26. Where Gloucester Dwells; 27. The Master Mariners; 28. The Fishermen of Gloucester. The plates : 1. View from BannerHill, East Gloucester, looking westerly across harbor; 2. View jrom Banner Hill, East Gloucester, looking northerly across inner harbor; 3. Looking w est from northerly end of Main Street toward center of residential Gloucester; 4. Universalist Church (1804); 5. Looking across Gloucester harbor fromRocky Neck. With index (which includes several schooner Bluenose entries). Board edges lightly worn, spine a tad sunned, else very good. 20.00

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