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121 BOYD, John M'Neil Manual for Naval Cadets. Third Edition.
Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, London , 1864, 
BOYD, John M'Neil. A Manual for Naval Cadets. Third Edition. London : Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1864. Third Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-xx,[1]-543,(1) + colour plates. Also illustrated with drawings, technical diagrams and tables to text. 8vo, dark blue pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine, blind-stamped crown-and-anchor to front and rear boards. The half-title page and the spine have it as The Naval Cadet's Manual. John Mc'Neil Boyd, R.N. (b. 1812, Derry / Londonderry -d. February 9, 1861), Captain of HMS Ajax (1809) died in the "Boyd disaster" 1861, Dϊn Laoghaire, Ireland. The first edition appeared in 1857 and was reviewed in The Nautical Magazine andNaval Chronicle. Chapters: 1. Water and Air. : Hydrodynamics — Impenetrabi lity of Matter — Density, Volume or Bulk, Cohesion, Extension and Divisibility — Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen — Carbonic Acid Gas — Ventilation — Composition of Water and Air — Hydrostatic Press—Density of Water and Air. 2.Displacement and Shape. : Hydrostatics in connection with Naval Architectu re — Displacement — Capacity of Ships — Shape — Size — The 'Duke of Wellington' — The 'Great Eastern' — Iron and Wooden Ships — Fluid Resistance. 3. Winds. : Atmospheric Air — Its Density — Effect of Heat on Air — Causes of Whirlwinds and Hurricanes — Velocity and Perpendicular Pressure of Winds — Barometer — Weight of the Atmosphere — Principle of the Barometer — Aneroid Barometer — Thermometer — Table of comparative Degrees of different Thermometers — Admiral Fitzroy's useful Rules — Wind and Weather Journal — The Siphon. 4. Construction.: Wet Docks — Locks — Dry Docks — Angle Blocks — Culverts — The Caisson or Floating Dam — Slips — Shores — The Cradle — Patent Slip — Graving Dock — Coffer Dam — Floating Dock — Timbers used in Ship-building — Seasoning Timber — Kyanising and Burnettising — Bramah's Forcing Pump— Timber-bending Machines — Mechanical Properties of Materials used in Con struction — Marine Glue — Its great adhesive Power — Strength of Timber — Of Cast Iron — Transverse Strength of various Materials — Table of Experiments on the Transverse Strength of Cast Iron Bars — Tensile Strength and Power to resist Compression — Iron — Steel — Soft Metal — Vulcanised Indian Rubber — Air Pumps — Steam Pipes — Weights, Size, and Specific Gravities of Substances used in the Construction of Vessels — Bolts and Nails — Adhesion of Nail — Mould Loft — Sheer Drawing — Sheer Plan — Half-breadth Plan —Body Plan — Keel — Stem — Apron — Knight-heads — Stern-post — Body-post — A Frame of Timbers — Deadwood — Keelson — Beams — Carlings — Hawse Holes — Breast-hooks and Crutches — Riders — Trussing — Side Heelsons — Steps — False Keel — Gripe — Limbers — Planking — Channels — Bill-boards — Cat Head — Head Knees — Gammoning Piece — Decks — Riding Bits — Port's Sides — Spindle of the Capstan — Compressors — Scuppers — Hawse Bucklers — Hold — Magazines — Engine Room — Caulking, Sheathing, and Coppering — The Rudder — Its Chocks — The Figure Head—The Pump — Firo Engine — Chain Pump — Massie's Pump — BilgePumps — Body Post and After Deadwood — Burthen of Ships — Symbols used to characterise Vessels— Amount of Materials for a 120-gun ship. 5. Floating.:Difficulties in Launching—The' Bombay '—The'Sulphur '—The' Ambuscade' [a D utch frigate in 1801] —Remarkable Triumph in the case of the 'Gorgon'— Sir Howard Douglass's Rules for estimating Bulk and Buoyant Capacities of Spars- Table of Contents of Bound Timber — Rules for Measurement of Open Vessel s — Rafts of Ships' Materials — Bafts of Trees — Loss of Weight experiencedby different Bodies when immersed in Sea Water — Specific Gravity — Its Me aning — Rule to determine the Magnitude of any Body from its Weight and vice versa. 6. Stowage.: Use of Ballast — Stability—Weight of Ballast in former and present Times — Centre of Gravity — Connection of Centre of Gravity with Displacement — Resultant of the Pressure of Water — Distribution of Weights — Effect of Trim on Sailing — Natural Inclination to 'hogging' —Problem of Stability — Ship heeling under Canvas — Connection of Stability with Trim and Form — Effect produced by moving certain Weights through different Spaces — The Water Level Dr. Arnott on Fluid Resistance — Ballast — Tanks. 7. Mechanical Powers. : A Force — Gravity — Direction of a Force — Velocity— Power as distinguished from Strength — Unit of Work — The Motive Powers augmented, regulated and directed by Machinery — Levers—Wheel and Axle — Capstan — Leverage — Patent Capstan — Concentrated and diffused Powers — A Train — Tackles — Their Theory — List of Tackles — Inclined Plane — Wedge — Screw — Compound Machine — Crane — Compound Wheel and Axle — Friction — Friction in connection with Blocks. 8. The Telescope.: Achromatic Telescope — Composition and Effects of Light — Lenses — Pencil of Rays — Refracting Telescope — Composition of Light — Object Glass of an Achromatic Telescope. 9. Masts. : Timber used for Masts — Single Tree and Made Masts — Hoops — Rubbing Paunch — Names of different Parts of a Mast — Knees — Tressle - trees — Battens—Bolsters — Tenon — Lower Cross Trees — Tops — Necklaces — Lower Caps — Top-masts — Mizen-top-masts — Topmast Cross-trees — Necklace for Hanging-blocks — Top-mast Caps — Fids — Top Tackles — Top-gallant and Royal Masts— Heels — Bowsprits — Bee-blocks — Gammoning Fish — Saddle — Bowsprit Caps — Jib-booms — Yards — Average Value of Spars — Weight and Dimensions of Sp ars — Masting — Derricks — Mast Strops — Masting Spars — Masting and Dismasting with own Resources — Handling a Bowsprit — Neat Performance in the History of Masting — Lower Mast Sprung or Wounded — Bowsprits and Lower Yards—The 'Thetis' — Lightning Conductors. 10. Equipment: Rigging.: Manufacture of Ropes — Yarns — Strands — Hawser-laid Rope — Cables — Shroud-laid Rope — Spun Yarn — Sennit — Nettle Stuff — Foxes — Reef Points or Gaskets — Coir Rope — Splices — Worming, Parcelling, Serving and Backing — Throat, Round and Flat Seizings - Straps — Table of Size of Hemp, Chain, and .Wire Rope — Ditto of Strength of Chain, Hemp, and Wire Rope — Ditto of Threads and Weight of Bolt Rope — Ditto of Number of Threads, Weights and Strength of Hemp Cables — Ditto of Number of Threads and Weight of Hawser-laid Rope, three Strands — Ditto of Number of Threads and Weight of Hawser-laid Rope, four Strands — Ditto of Weight of Tacks — Signal-halyards — Blocks — Table of Size of Rope Stropping — Table of Weight of Wooden Blocks — Ditto of Size and Weight of Purchase Blocks — Hooks — Metal Blocks — Thimbles — Iron Blocks — Standing Rigging — Running Rigging — Cutting Out — Mast-head Pendants — Foremost Shroud — Stays — Rigging Ship — Placing lower Cross-trees — Placing Tops — Taking Turns — Bowsprit — Gammonings — Man-ropes — Stage — Bobstay Collars — Forestay Collars — Bobstays - Bowsprit Shrouds - Cap Bobstay — Bumpkins — Setting up Bowsprits — Setting up Bobstays — Rigging a Lower Mast — The Cap — Lower Lift Blocks — Stays — Turning in Lower Rigging — Shrouds ends up—Turning in Cutter Stay Fashion—Reeving Lanyards — Setting up Rigging —Stays — Rattling — Futtock Rigging — Comparison of Chain and Rope Gear — G etting up Top-masts — Placing Cross-trees — Rigging Top-masts — Necklace — Tye Blocks — Main-top-mast Back Stay — Lanyards — Jib Stay — Topmast Caps —Span Blocks — Getting up Top-gallant Masts — Top-gallant Rigging—Trysail M asts — Jib-boom— Jib Traveller — Funnel — Foot-ropes— Guys — Martingale — Spritsail Gaffs — Dolphin Striker — Heel Chains— Crupper — Jib Stay — Traveller — Whiskers — Flying Jib-boom. 11. Equipment: Rigging.: Lower Slings — Jeer Blocks — Getting Lower Yards in — Rig Lower Yards — Lower Jeer Blocks —Top-sail Sheet or Quarter Blocks — Truss Strops — Clue Garnet — Rolling Ta ckle — Jackstays — Foot Ropes — Yard Tackle—Pendants— Brace Blocks — Leech Lines — Slings — Rigging Topsail Yards — Mizen Topsail Yards — Parrel — Quarter Blocks -Brace Blocks — Topsail Lifts — Rigging Upper Yards — Lifts andBraces — Heaving up Lower Yards — Trusses —Top-sail Halyards — Fly-Blocks — Crossing Top-sail Yards — Upper Yard Ropes — Spanker-boom and Gaff — Topping Lifts — Boom Sheets — Throat Halyards — Peak Halyards — Vangs — Throat Downhauls — Outhauler — Brails - Signal Halyards — Running Rigging — Jib Halyards — Flying Jib Halyards — Fore-top-mast Staysail — Main-top-mast Staysail — Top-gallant and Royal Staysails — Main and Fore Staysail — Second Jib— Courses — Clue Garnets — Runtimes — Leeehlines — Fore Bowlines — Reef Pe ndants — Topsails — Sheets — Cluelines — Reef Tackles — Topsail Cluelines— Top-gallant Sails— Top-gallant Buntlines — Royals — Fore-top Bowlines — Main-top Bowlines — Studding Sail Gear— Studding Sail Booms — Fore Guys — Halyards — Tripping Lines — Fore-top-mast Stud-sails — Tacks, Sheets, and Downhauls — Topping Lifts — Tack and Lower Halyard — Blacking down. 12. Knots and Splices. : Worming — Serving — A Short Splice — Eye Splice — Long Splice — Flemish Eye — Cut Splice —Wall Knot — To Crown a Wall Knot — To Double Wall a Wall Knot—To Double Crown a Wall Knot—Stopper Knot — Shroud Knot — French Shroud Knot — Buoy Rope Knot — Miscellaneous Knots — Matthew Walker's Knot — Single Diamond Knot — Double Diamond Knot — Sprit Sail Sheet Knot — Turk's Head — A Selvagee — To lengthen a Rope by additional Strands — Bends and Hitches — Grummet — Round Seizing — Throat Seizing. 13. Anchors and Cables. : Admiralty Anchors — Porter's and Rodger's Anchors — Jury Anchors — Mitchel's Screw Anchors — Chain Cables — Admiralty Specification of Chain Cables — Splicing Tails — Anchor Shackles — Cable Swivels — Cable Shackle — Admiral Elliot's Splicing Shackle — Sir Thomas Hardy's Mooring Swivel — Messenger and Crane Chains— Clear Hawse - Shaeklo — Slip Stopper — Top Chains —Mast-head Slings — Table of Number and Weights of Anchors, and Number and Size of Cables and Messengers — Table of Splicing Shackles, Mooring Swivelsand Chains, as to Weight and Value—Rules for finding the Weight of Open-li nked Chains — To find the Weight that may be lifted by Chains—Table of Strain, Size, Value, and Weight of Chain Cables and Anchors — Dimensions of Lockers for 200-fathom Chain Cable — Getting in Cables — Getting in Anchors — Fish Davit — Fish Block — Waist Anchor — Cat-Block — Cat—Stock-Tackle — Stream Anchors — Gangers —Object of the Buoy — Hemp Cables. 14. Stores and Provisions. : Hoisting in Spare Spars — Getting in Provisions and Stores—Description, Contents, and Weight of Packages and Iron Tanks — Empty Casks— SlopClothing — Marine Necessaries — Forage — Religious Books — Iron Tanks — We ight of Provisions and Stores for a Ship of each Rate. 15. Ordnance. : Gun Metal — Parts of a Gun — Parts of a Gun Carriage — External and Internal Appearance of Gun Carriage — Parts of a Carronade — Angle of Dispart— Sights — Line of Metal — Centre of Metal — Tangent Scale —Calibre of a Gun — Axis of a Piece — Windage — Vents — Shot and Shell — Mortars — Proof Charges of Brass Guns — Howitzers — Table of Proof Charges — Gunpowder — Its ComponentParts — Powder Marks — Cartridges — Metal Cases— Dimensions of Powder Pack ages — Shell — Metal Fuses — Blue Light — Long Lights — Slow Match — Port Fires — Bickford's Fuse — Signal Rockets — Congreve Rockets — Carcasses — Tubes — Gun Cotton — Lignine — Field-piece Carriages, Table of their Weight and Dimensions — Elevation and Plan of 9-pounder Brass Field Carriage — Weights and Dimensions of Small Arms in use — Shot — Canister — Grape — Shrapnell Shell — Getting in Guns— Duty of the Gurnet — Rigging Yard Purchase — Raising Guns. 16. Boats. : Material and Value of Boats — Carvel and Clinker —Diagonals — Chain Slings— Plug Holes — Mast Steps — Weights and Tonnage of Boats — Coppering of a 42-foot Pinnace Launch — Fitting Gun Slides — Hoist ing in and Stowing Boom Boats — Mr. Tinmouth's Experiments to ascertain theProperties of Spars—Runners and Tackles—Securing Lizards — Hooking on — Fo ul Hook — Hoisting out — Yard Tackle - Pendants — Top Burtons — Snatches — Mode of stowing Barge and Pinnace—Stowing Boom Boats in one—Advantages of. 17. Sails. : Parts of Sails — Weight and Price of Canvas used — Strengtheners — Eye-let Holes, Clues, and Foot Ropes — Cutting — Courses — Top Sails —Boom Main Sails — Size and Proportion of Sails for different-sized Boats — Different Modes of pointing Sails — Table of Yards and Size of Canvas requ ired for certain Sails for Ships of different Rates — Table showing the Purposes for which the Classes are suitable — Table of Weight of Sails—Tablo of Time required to complete certain Sails of certain Dimensions — Table of a Man's daily Work, and of Length, Number, and Weight of Points in Sails ofdifferent Class Ships — Sail Tackle — Bending Sails — Topsails — Courses — Spanker — Head Sails — Jibs — Lacings — Top-gallant Sails and Royals — Boo m Main-sails — Try-sails — Studding Sails — Making Sail — Furling Sails. 18. Action of Wind upon Sails.: Area and Centre of Effort — Axis of Rotation — Natural and direct Resistance — Their Effect on a Ship's Progress — Advantage of flat and Disadvantage of curved Surfaces — Power of Sails illustrated from the Lever—Carrying a good Helm — Tacking and Wearing. 19. Measures and Weights. : Measures of Time — The Pendulum — Compensation Balance — Table of Length of Pendulum vibrating Seconds in different Latitudes — Tables of British Weights and Measures — Miscellaneous Weights and Measures — Relative Value of British and French Weights and Measures — French Decimal System — Relative Value of British and Foreign Measures of Length — Relative Value of British and Foreign Commercial Weights — Lead Lines — Log Lines — Measuring Distance by Sound. 20. Organisation.: Berthing — Hammocks and Bags — Clothing — Watch, Quarter, and Station Bill — Form of Watch Bill — Conduct Book — Form for Routine and Executive's Order Book — Mustering by Divisions — Meals — Cleaning Decks — Wet and Dry Stoning — Spitting Kids — Collingwood's System of Arrangement — Head Shoots — Constant Attention to be paid to Ventilation — Observance of the Lord's Day. 21. Preparing for Sea. : Loadstone — Compasses — Cause of Variation of the Needle — Mr. Barlow's Correcting Plate — Steering Gear — Tillers and Yokes — Twiddling Lines — Paint Work — Life Buoys — Night Signals — Bules for Passing Ships — Line of Battle — Order of Sailing — Line of Bearing — Close and Open Order — Inspection ofShips — The Things to be attended to — Loosing Sails. 22. Handling Boats. : Steam Boats and Tackles — Carrying Stores — Store Warrants — Carrying Sail — Precautions before Shoving off — Passing to Leeward of a Vessel — Sternway — Small Helm — Blowing off Land — Boarding— Swinging at Ebb — Management of Boats in Broken Water — General Rules for Rowing to Seaward — Broaching-to — Drognes — Rules for attempting to Land through a heavy Surf — Getting a Boat up on a Beach — Dangers to bo apprehended on Boarding a Stranded Vessel — Taking Boats in Tow — Saluting — Watering — Warping — General Duties — Lowering and Hoisting — Hooking on for Hoisting — Fitting Quarter Davits. 23. Anchoring. : Anchoring on Signals — Mooring — Position of the Anchors, and Direction of Wind necessary to be considered in Mooring — Taut Moor — Mooring in a Tide Way — Foul Hawse — Clearing Hawse — Mooring Swivel — Putting on the Swivel after Mooring — Securing Cables — The Fastenings — Unmooring — Foul Anchor — Anchoring — Single Anchor— Creeping for Anchors — Carrying an Anchor out by Boats — Stream Anchors — Carrying Anchor by Boats when the Ship is ashore — Heaving off— Carrying Anchors with Boats — Re-stowing Waist Anchors — To stow the Waist Anchor with the Davits — Striking Lower Yards and Topmasts. 24. Handling the Ship. : Experience. Promptitude, andInvention, necessary for Command — Coiling Ropes — Casting — Tacking — Sai ling in Line — Wearing — Cracking on — Taken Aback — Man Overboard — Takinga Ship in Tow under Sail — Warping — Shaking out Reefs — Fore and Aft Sail s — Setting Upper Sails — Taut Gear — Deadening Way — Collision — Setting Studding Sails — Taking in Studding Sails — Taking in Sail — Reefing Topsails — Setting Courses — Boxing off— Taking in the Driver — Taking the Jib in — Sending Top-gallant Masts and Yards down — Weather Brace carried away — Weather Reef Tackle carried away — Weather Topsail Sheet and Clueline carried away — Main Tack and Clue Garnet gone — Topsail Brace and Parrel carried away — Top-gallant Brace and Parrel carried away — Bobstays gone — The bestRemedy — Preventer Braces, Lifts and Cluelines — Reefing Topsails and Cour ses — Reefing Courses —Taking in a Course — Reducing a Topsail — Taking a Topsail in when Blowing Hard — Sending a Topsail up in Bad Weather — Sendinga Topsail up Reefed — Unbending Sails — Shifting Top-gallant Masts — Shift ing Top-masts — Shifting Jib-boom — Broken Spars — Rudder gone — To Steer with a Cable — Landing the Rudder — Slacking Lower Rigging — Swifting in Rigging — Cutting away Masts — Casting Rigging adrift — To get a Lower Yard down inside the Rigging — Trimming Sails — Making Sail — Backing and Filling — Boats making for the Ship — Dredging — Club Hauling — Heaving Down — Scale ofBlocks, Falls, Pendants, Strapping and Shrouds used in Hearing down different Classes of Ships—Captain Harris's Account of Heaving down the 'Melville'—The 'Success' and the 'Croesus' repaired. 25. Steam Engine. : The Marine Steam Engine—Fuel — Coal — Patent Fuel — Good Stoking — Draft of Chimney— Blast-pipe — Damper — Properties of Steam — Neweomen's Atmospheric Engin e — Elastic Force of Vapour — Temperature of Steam — Instruments employed for Testing — Pressure of Steam — Boilers — Heat operates on Solids by Conduction, on Fluids by Connection — Latent Heat — Radiation — Marine Boilers ¦— Water Space — Steam Chest — Flue Boilers — Liability to Bursting — Communication or Stop Valves — Feed Pumps — Hot Well — Water Gauge — Priming — Land Engines — Reverse Valves — Blow-off Cocks — Brine Pumps — Man-hole — Mud-hole — Steam Gauge — Safety Valve — Waste Steam Funnel — Drip Pipe — SteamPipe — Throttle Valve — Force of Steam — The Cylinder — Eduction Pipe — Th e Eccentric — Slide Valves — Expensive Gear — Escape Valves — Condenser — Air Pump and Hot Well — Kingston Valves — Foot, Delivery, Blow-through, and Sniffing Valves — The Piston — Piston Rod — Stuffing Box — Glands — Direct-acting Oscillating Engine — Dead Point — Trunk Engines — Indicator — Horse Power — The Screw — Marine Propeller — Pitch of a Screw — The Slip — Handling the Propeller — Distilling Apparatus — Action of Parts of Engine in Distillation — Steerage of Screw Ships. 26. Flags. : The Royal Standard — The Prince of Wales's Standard — Union Jack — Admiralty Flag — Flag of the Cinque Ports — Signal Code . Appendix : List and Average Prices of Articles necessary for a Cadet's Equipment — Chests and Drawers — Admiralty Circular on Expense of Messes — Article from The Times — Necessary Expenses and Official Pay of Young Officers — Queen's Admiralty Instructions relative to the Qualifications of Naval Cadets, &c. — Instruction in the Training Ship — Examination on leaving the Training Ship — Certificate of Qualification for Midshipman — Examination of Midshipmen — Certificate of Intermediate Examination — Examination and Form of Passing Certificate for Lieutenant or Master —Examination for Master's Assistant, and for Master or Second Master — Cert ificate in Gunnery — Form of Passing Certificate at the Koyal Naval Collegefor Lieutenant or Master —Taking in a Course — Falconer's Shipwreck cited . With the two plates of Signal Flags, The plate of Union Jack to face page496 [with the different crosses of the Union Jack]printed seperately and f olding in]; The eight plates of Flags to follow the Union Jack, in the order as numbered; The plates of Masts to follow those of the Flags. Very good,clean copy in restored and now very stout and sturdy original binding. 500 .00

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Life of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson.  no dj. , BRADFORD, Edward E., Admiral Sir WILSON, Arthur Knyvet, Admiral Sir.
122 BRADFORD, Edward E., Admiral Sir WILSON, Arthur Knyvet, Admiral Sir. Life of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson. no dj.
John Murray, 1923, 
BRADFORD, Edward E., Admiral Sir. Life of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson. L: John Murray, 1923. Pp 257, frontis., [4] leaves plates. A biography of this First Sea Lord of the Dreadnought era, written by a friend and brother officer who long served under his command. Slightly rubbed, spine sunned, edges specked, else vg. 125.00

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123 BRADFORD, Ernle Great Ship. in dj.
Hamish Hamilton, 1986, 
BRADFORD, Ernle. The Great Ship. L: Hamish Hamilton, (1986). Pp 176, 16 pp plates. 8vo, blue cloth. A concise analysis of the strategic and tactical importance of the big-gun ship from the development of the Venetian galleon to the eclipse of the battleship in the twetieth century. Vg in dj. 50.00

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124 BRADFORD, Ernle Mighty Hood. 2nd UK in dj.
Hodder & Stoughton, 1959, 
BRADFORD, Ernle. The Mighty Hood. L: Hodder & Stoughton, (December 1959). Second Printing. Pp 224 + 8 pages of plates. 8vo, blue cloth. Law 0982. A very literate history of this epochal British battlecruiser, from her launch in the dying days of the First World War to her destruction in the early years of the Second. Fine in fine dj. 65.00

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125 BRADFORD, Ernle Wall of Empire : The Channel's 2000 Years of History. First American Edition in dustjacket
A.S. Barnes, New York, 1966, 
BRADFORD, Ernle. Wall of Empire : The Channel's 2000 Years of History. New York: A.S. Barnes and Co., (1966). Pp 112. Illustrated. Endpaper Maps. Large 8vo, blue cloth. "In this history of the Channel from its beginnings in ancient geological time to the present when it is once again the greatest deterrent to England's union with the Continent, Ernle Bradford presents a magnificent pageant of ships, of invaders, of pirates and freebooters who sailed this broad highway to lands across the seas which were theirs for the taking. The invasion of William the Conqueror, the Spanish Armada, the defense against Napoleon, Dunkirk, the Anglo-American assault on Normandy -- allof these monumental Channel operations are chronicled, but not forgotten a re the quiet villages nestling in covers and harbors, the brave men who dayafter day go down to the sea in ships to eke out a living, the awesome bea uty of the chalk cliffs, and the lovely green downs stretching to the sea."- from the dj. Very good in lightly rubbed, unclipped dust jacket. 22.00

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126 BRADFORD, Ernle Wall of England : The Channel's 2000 Year History. First Edition
Country Life, 1966, 
BRADFORD, Ernle. Wall of England : The Channel's 2000 Years of History. L: Country Life, (1966). Pp 112, 24 pp plates. 8vo, yellow cloth. A popular illustrated account of the effect of the Channel on the development of British character. Covers a bit rubbed, else vg. 20.00

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127 BRADFORD, Ernle Wall of England : The Channel's 2000 Year History. First Edition in dustjacket.
Country Life, London, 1966, 1966 
BRADFORD, Ernle. Wall of England : The Channel's 2000 Years of History. London : Country Life Limited, (1966). First Printing. Pp. (4),5-112, + 24 pp plates. Illustrated. Map endpapers. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine.

A popular illustrated account of the effect of the Channel on the development of British character.

"Through the centuries it has been the moat against many enemies, the arena of battling navies, the highway of trade, the jumping-off point for countless of ventures across the world, the way of life of a great maritime race. On the 'Chops of the Channel' Britain has fought not only agains tht might of foreigners -- French, Spanish- Dutch -- but alkso against the natural hazards of gale and fog. [...] Ernle Bradford tells of the activities of the press gang, the long struggles between smugglers and Excisemen and the spread of the sport of yachting in the 'off-shore islands of Europe'." - from the dustjacket.

1. Birth of the Channel;
2. Early History;
3. Ports and Ships;
4. Gateway to the Ocean;
5. Centuries of Change;
6. Wars and Trade;
7. The Age of Sail;
8. The World Wars;
9. The Yachtsman's Channel;
10. Peace at Last.
With index.

Very good in crisp, unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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128 BRADFORD, Ernle Horizon, Autumn 1970) NELSON, Horatio) Battle of the Nile
American Heritage Publication Co., New York, 1970, 
BRADFORD, Ernle. "The Battle of the Nile" . An article in Horizon, Autumn 1970, Volume 12, Number 4, pp. 84-95. NY: American Heritage Publication Co.,1970. Pp. [1]-112,(8). Illustrated. Triple column. 4to, green cloth with p aper pictorial panel to front and gilt lettering to front and spine. Slightly bowed, else vg. For the issue. 10.00

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129 BRAHMS, Caryl and Ned SHERRIN BENBOW, John SHERRIN, Ned Benbow Was His Name. 1st UK in dj
Hutchinson, 1967, 
BRAHMS, Caryl and Ned SHERRIN. Benbow Was His Name : a story of tall ships in battle compiled from the literature of the sea and fashioned into a novel. L.: Hutchinson, (1967). First Printing. Pp 209. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth. Vg-fine in dj. 30.00

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British Navy: Its Strengths, Resources, and Administration.     5 volumes, BRASSEY, Thomas, Sir
130 BRASSEY, Thomas, Sir British Navy: Its Strengths, Resources, and Administration. 5 volumes
Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1882, 
BRASSEY, Thomas, Sir. The British Navy : Its Strengths, Resources, and Administration. L.: Longmans, Green & Co., 1882-1883. In five volumes. Volume I: Shipbuilding for the Purposes of War. Pp. (i)-xxxvii, [1], (1)-621, [3] +24 leaves of plates, and 14 folding plates at rear, frontis. Volume II: Mi scellaneous Subjects connected with Shipbuilding for the Purposes of War. Pp. (i)-xvi, (1)-421, [3] + 2 leaves of plates. Volume III: Opinions on the Shipbuilding Policy of the Navy. Pp. (i)-xii, (1)-586, [2]. Volume IV: Dockyards, Reserves, Training, Pensions, being a reprint of Parliamentary Speeches, Letters, Papers and Addresses, with additions. Pp. (i)-xiii, [1], (1)-617, [3]. Volume V: British Seamen. Pp. (i)-viii, (1)-324. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt anchor illustration and black pressed chain-link patterns to front boards and gilt lettering to spines. A comprehensive examination of all things to do with the British Navy, by one of England's foremost nautical historians. Included are section covering the building of the various types of vessels that are a part of the British naval fleets, offensive and defensive weaponry on board the ships, construction methods and dimensions for the ships, the policies associated with shipbuilding and conduct of war, the organization of the navy and the benefits provided to those who fight and those who lead, and a breakdown of the lives of the seamen who do the sailing and fighting on board the vessels. Includes dozens of black and white diagrams, charts, and plates. Volume I: Rubbed, outer hinges worn, inner hinges cracked, light foxing throughout. Volume II: Slightly rubbed, dampstain to front board. Volume III: Slightly rubbed, front outer hinge worn. Volume IV: Lightly rubbed, front hinge starting, rear hinge cracked. Volume V: Very slightly rubbed. Else vg. Signed presentation copy, to former M.P. RobertW. Duff, from Brassey. Includes bookplates "From the Author" on ffeps of V olumes 3 and 4. For the set. 1,500.00

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131 BRENTON, Edward Pelham. Naval History of Great Britain From the Year 1783 to 1836. A New and Greatly Improved Edition. Illustrated with portraits, plans, etc.
Henry Colburn, London, 1837, 
BRENTON, Edward Pelham. The Naval History of Great Britain From the Year MDCCLXXXIII to MDCCCXXXVI. A New and Greatly Improved Edition. Illustrated with portraits, plans, etc. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. London : Henry Colburn, 1837. Pp [iii]-xxiv,[3]-640,+ frontis + 8 leaves of plates + 1 folding plan + errata slip tipped-in at rear. 8vo, full black leather, gilt borders, alledges marbled. A revised edition of this work originally published in 1823 by the distinguished naval historian and biographer of St. Vincent. Brento n himself served in the Royal Navy, reaching the rank of post-captain, and was the brother of Admiral Sir Jahleel Brenton, American-born loyalist who served in the Swedish navy against Russia and was wrecked and taken prisoner in France during the Napoleonic Wars. Brenton writes of the immortals of British naval history as of peers, and often his information comes first hand or at least from intimates of those who were there. While mindful of thegreat tradition of naval historiography, he is unfailingly severe with wri ters who, through lack of technical knowledge or sheer sloppiness, allow inaccuracies to enter th eir accounts. This new edition clearly minimizes such failings as may exist in his own work. Louis H. Roddis (1886-1969), M.D. and Captain, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, is the author of various books on the history of nautical medicine. Lacking spine, both boards very worn and detached, with remnants of scotch tape, ffep chipped and detached, occasionalfoxing, overall a poor, reading copy of a scarce title. Ex-libris Louis H. Roddis, USN (bookplate and signature). As is. Vol. I only for 60,00

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132 BRETT, Bernard Modern Sea Power. in dj.
Viscount Books, 1986, 
BRETT, Bernard. Modern Sea Power. (L): Viscount Books, (1986). Pp 256. 4to, ill. boards. A well illustrated account of the evolution of the instruments of sea power in the twentieth century: from the predominance of the battleship, to the aircraft carrier, to the nuclear submarine. With a chapter on the continuing role of merchant shipping. Vg in rubbed dj. 30.00

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133 BRICE, Martin H. Tribals, The. 1st UK in dj
Ian Allan, London, 1971, 
BRICE, Martin H. The Tribals : Biography of a Destroyer Class. L.: Ian Allan, (1971). First Printing. Pp 251. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth. Law 1040. Small dent to top edge of front board, Review Copy inkstamp to front pastedown, else vg in dj. 120.00

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134 British Army]. Brave British Soldiers and the Victoria Cross : A General Account of the Regiments and Men of the British Army, and Stories of the Brave Deeds which Won the Prize For Valour.
Ward, Lock & Co., London, 0, 
[British Army]. [Boy's Own Magazine]. Brave British Soldiers and the Victoria Cross : A General Account of the Regiments and Men of the British Army, and Stories of the Brave Deeds which Won the Prize "For Valour". London: Ward, Lock & Co., [n.d. - ca. 1880]. Pp. (4),[v]-viii,1-383,(1), frontispiece, + 5 leaves of plates, with more illustrations to text. 8vo, decorated green cloth with gilt title blocks to front board and spine. "This book is written for Boys. The majority of the articles were expressly prepared for theBoy's Own Magazine and the interest which their appearence excited, couple d with the favourable notices they won, encouraged the Editor to publish them in a connected form." - from the "To the Reader" note. Contents: Our Soldiers and the Victoria Cross; The Guards, or Household Troops in England; The Engineers; The Royal Welsh; Our Highland Regiments (5 parts); The Pipersof Our Highland Regiment; Colonel Bell and the Victoria Cross; Lieutenants Moore and Malcolmson and the Victoria Cross; Captain W.A. Kerr, South Mahr atta Horse, and the Victoria Cross; Private Henry Ward, V.C., 78th Highlanders; Lieutenant Andrew Cathcart Bogle, V.C., 78th Highlanders (now Captain 10th Foot); Dr. J. Jee, C.B., V.C., Surgeon, Assistant-Surgeon V.M. M'Master, V.C., and Lieutenant and Adjutant Herbert J. Macpherson, V.C.; "Lucknow"Kavanagh and the Victoria Cross; Lieutenant Butler and the Victoria Cross; Dr. Home and Dr. Bradshaw and the Victoria Cross; Ross L. Mangles, Esq., V .C., Bengal Civil Service Assistant-Magistrate at Patna; Captain Henry Evelyn Wood, 17th Lancers; Samuel Mitchell and the Victoria Cross, opr the GatePa at Tauranga; Ensign M'Kenna and the Victoria Cross; Sergeant Major Luca s, of the 40th Regiment, and the Victoria Cross; The Heroes of the VictoriaCross in New Zealand; The Naval Brigade in India (pp. 334-346); The Variou s Ranks in the British Army and how to distinguish them; A Grand Review; A Soldier's Funeral. Ex-library (stamps, pouch at rear, spine numbers, presentation bookplate), else a very good, tight copy. 50.00

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135 BROMLEY, J.S.,(ed.). Navy Records Society Vol.119. MARTIN, Thomas Byam. BOWLES, William. Manning of the Royal Navy : Selected Public Pamphlets 1693-1873.
Navy Records Society, 1976, 
BROMLEY, J.S., (ed). The Manning of the Royal Navy: Selected Public Pamphlets, 1693-1873. London: Navy Records Society, (1976). Pp 409, + 4 plates. 8vo, blue cloth, with gilt to front and spine. Publications of the Navy Records Society Vol.119. Authors in alphabetical order: Anonymous, Maurice Berkeley, William Bowles, Bourchier Cleeve, Matthew Connolly, Robert Crossfield,Charles Elliott, Thomas W. Fleming, Arthur H. Gilmore, F.W. Grey, Patrick Holland, Charles Knowles [?], John Lihou, John MacKenzie, Thomas Byam Martin, William F. Martin, James E. Oglethorpe, Peregrine Osborne, Philip Patton, Thomas Robe, George St.Lo, Benjamin Sharpe, and John Swanne. With the following appendices: I. A Translation of the French King's Ordinance relatingto the Enrolling of Sea-Officers, Sailors, and Seafaring People, 1689; II. Marine Plan, 1780; III. Captain Marryat, R.N., on the Disposition of a Shi p's Company, 1822; IV. Sir John Barrow on Manning the Navy, 1839; V. Manning Commissino Report, 1859, pt.2: Recapitulation and Conclusion; VI. RevisedRegulations for the Royal Naval Reserves, 1873; VII. Notes on Authors. Wit h index. Vg. 40.00

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136 BROOKES, Ewart Gates of Hell. 1st UK, no dj.
Jarrolds, 1960, 
BROOKES, Ewart. The Gates of Hell. (L): Jarrolds, (1960). First Printing. Pp (8),9-[144 ]+ 12 p of plates. 8vo, black cloth. Law 0499, Myron Smith World War II at Sea 1852. A general account of the Murmansk convoys in World War Two which employs incidents from several in order to illustrate the author's thesis that lives were needlessly squandered as a result of inept decision-making in high places. Owner's name, ow vg. 35.00

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137 BROOKES, Ewart Prologue to a War : The Navy's Part in the Narvik Campaign. First Edition in dustjacket
Jarrolds, 1966, 
BROOKES, Ewart. Prologue to a War. [dj has subtitle: The Navy's Part in theNarvik Campaign.] L.: Jarrolds, (1966). First Printing. Pp (14),[15]-192 + 8 p. of plates. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Law 0122, Myron Smith World War II at Sea 665. "This is the full account of the Navy's partin this crucial campaign -a vivid story told with all Ewart Brookes' feeli ng for the high drama of war." - from the dj. Contents: 1. Iron Ore, The Sinews of War; 2. 'Exercise Weser'; 3. Germany Strikes; 4. Norway Hits Back; 5. British Submarines Create Havoc; 6. German Destroyers Take Narvik; 7. First Narvik Battle; 8. Second Narvik Battle; 9. Namsos and Lillesjona Landings; 10. Stannard's Trawlers Fight off Stukas; 11.The Navy Evacuates Troops;12. Differences over Narvik Assault; 13. A Plan to Capture Narvik; 14. Eva cuation ogue; 15. The Navy Vindicated. With bibliograsphy and index. Name and a few notes penned on endpapers, else very good in rubbed dustjacket with tears to dj spine, top inch lost. 50.00

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Remarks on the Proposed Spithead Forts.  Offprint , BROOKS, W.A Journal of the Royal United Service Institution Vol. VI.
138 BROOKS, W.A Journal of the Royal United Service Institution Vol. VI. Remarks on the Proposed Spithead Forts. Offprint
Royal United Service Institution, 1861, 
BROOKS, W.A. Remarks on the Proposed Spithead Forts in Connection with the Advanced Sea Works Advocated by Mr. W.A. Brooks, C.E., for the Defence of Portsmouth and the Adjacent Anchorage. S.l.: Royal United Service Institution, 1861. Pp 18, folding map at rear. 8vo, blue wraps. Offprint from the Journal of the Royal United Service Institution Vol. VI. A civil engineer's cautious reply to the Royal Commission on the National Defences' proposal to build isolated, awash circular forts to protect the Spithead Roadstead, arguing that the unforeseen effects that this might have on tidal patterns in the approaches to Portsmouth might mitigate against their defensive value. Short tear to hinge of map not affecting text or margins, tears to rear cover, faint vertical crease throughout, penned number to front cover, inkstamps, slightly rubbed, else vg. 150.00

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139 BROOME, Jack, Captain. Convoy is to Scatter. First Edition in dustjacket
William Kimber, London , 1972, ISBN:718303326 
BROOME, Jack, Captain. Convoy is to Scatter. London : William Kimber, (1972). First Edition. Pp [1]-232,+ 4 pp plates. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt letteringto spine. “This book introduces a new method of presenting naval history. The operational sequence of actual signals received or exchanged by Convoy P.Q.17 from June 27th until July 4th 1942 is reproduced verbatim. These signals reflect the story of the convoy of thirty-five Allied merchants ships that was bound for Russia carrying arms supplies at a critical phase of thewar. With a close escort of six destroyers and other Royal Navy vessels, t he convoy embarked on its voyage to Archangel knowing that it would be the most determined attack by German U-boats and the German air force.... [...]But on July 4th the Admiralty in the mistaken belief that the Tirpitz and other German warships were about to attack, ordered the convoy to scatter. [...] The disastrous result of this order is well-known." - from the dj. Name to ffep, else very good in spine-sunned, unclipped dust jacket. 28.00

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140 BROWN, Anthony Gary MARSHALL, John, Lieutenant) Index to the Entires in Lieutenant John Marshall's Royal Naval Biography. signed
The Author, Los Angeles, 1999, 
BROWN, Anthony Gary. An Index to the Entires in Lieutenant John Marshall's Royal Naval Biography ; Published in London from 1823-35 in 12 volumes. LosAngeles: The Author, 1999. Pp. 27. 8vo, stapled printed blue card covers. Volume 1 in the AGB Fine Nautical Books series of 'Guides to Naval Biography'. Includes an advertisement for another of the author's books laid in at front. Minor corner wear, else vg. Signed by Brown to verso of title page. 50.00

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