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141 BOOTH, Wayne C. Rhetoric of Irony. in dustjacket
University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1974, ISBN:0226065529 
BOOTH, Wayne C. A Rhetoric of Irony. Chicago and London : The University ofChicago Press, (1974). Pp (6),vii-xii,(4),1-292,(2). Index. 8vo, brown clo th, gilt lettering to spine. "Perhaps no other critical label has been madeto cover more ground than "irony." [...] But in our time irony has come to have so many meanings that by itself it means almost nothing. In this work , Wayne C. Booth cuts through the resulting confusions by analyzing how we manage to share quite specific ironies—and why we often fail when we try todo so. How does a reader or listener recognize the kind of statement which requires him to reject its "clear" and "obvious" meaning? And how does any reader know where to stop, once he has embarked on the hazardous and exhil arating path of rejecting "what the words say" and reconstructing "what theauthor means"? In the first and longer part of his work, Booth deals with the workings of what he calls "stable irony," irony with a clear rhetoricalintent. [...] the author turns to intended instabilities—ironies that resi st interpretation and finally lead to the "infinite absolute negativities" that have obsessed criticism since the Romantic period. Booth is always ironically aware that no one can fathom the unfathomable. But by looking closely at unstable ironists like Samuel Becket, he shows that at least some of our commonplaces about meaninglessness require revision. Finally, he explores—with the help of Plato—the wry paradoxes that threaten any uncompromising assertion that all assertion can be undermined by a Supreme Ironist who is dead." (from the dj). Contents : Part I. Stable Irony. 1. The ways of stable irony. 2. Reconstructions and judgments. 3. Is it ironic? Part II. Learning Where to Stop. 4. Essays, satire, parody. 5. Ironic portraits. 6. The ironist's voice. 7. Is there a standard of taste in irony? Part III. Instabilities. 8. Reconstructing the unreconstructable: local instabilities. 9. Infinite instabilities. Very good in slightly nicked dustjacket. From the collecion of noted Bloomsbury scholar S.P. Rosenbaum (with his autograph). 25.00

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142 BORDEN, R.L. Naval Aid Bill : Speech Delivered by Rt. Hon. R.L. Borden, 5th December, 1912
House of Commons, Ottawa, 1912, 1912 
BORDEN, Rt. Hon. R.L. The Naval Aid Bill : Speech Delivered by Rt. Hon. R.L. Borden, 5th December, 1912. [Ottawa : House of Commons, 1912]. Pp (4),5-31,(1) including a portrait frontispiece of Borden. 8vo, blue card covers.

Sir Robert Laird Borden, PC (1854-1937) was a Canadian lawyer and politician. He served as the eighth Prime Minister of Canada from October 10, 1911 to July 10, 1920, and was the third Nova Scotian to hold this office.

"On the 5th of December, 1912, the Rt. Honourable R. L. Borden introduced in the Canadian House of Commons the Naval Aid Act. The object of this bill is to increase immediately the effective naval forces of the Empire. It provides for an expenditure of $35,000,000 for the construction and equipment of battleships or armoured cruisers of the most modern and powerful type. When the ships are constructed they will be placed at the disposal of His Majesty for the common defence of the Empire.

Right Hon. R. L. BORDEN (Prime Minister) moved for leave to introduce Bill (No. 21) to authorize measures for increasing the effective naval forces of the Empire. He said Mr. Speaker, in addressing the House upon so important a subject as that which I propose to discuss, I shall speak in no controversial spirit. If a portion of my remarks may necessarily controvert opinions which have been expressed by hon. gentlemen on either side of the House, let it be understood that I do so, not by way of criticism, but purely for the purpose of giving frankly to the House the reasons which have led the Government to adopt the course which I shall now outline." - from page 5.

"I now proceed to submit to the House the information which we have received from His Majesty's Government. It is in the form of a memorandum, as follows : —
From the Secretary of State for the Colonies to His Royal
Highness the Governor General.
Downing Street, 25th October, 1912.
Sir, —
1. I have the honour to transmit to Your Royal Highness the accompanying copy of a memorandum relating to the requirements of the naval defence of the Empire.
2. This document has been prepared by the Admiralty on the instructions of His Majesty's Government in compliance with the request of Mr. Borden with a view to presentation to the Dominion Parliament if, and when, the Dominion ministers deem it necessary.
I have, &c,
L. Harcourt.

Some sections: Strength of the German Fleet -
Strength of the British Fleet -
Home Waters -
Mediterranean Station -

"The rapid expansion of Canadian sea-borne trade, and the immense value of Canadian cargoes always afloat in British and Canadian bottoms, here require consideration. On the basis of the figures supplied by the Board of Trade to the Imperial Conference of 1911, the annual value of the overseas trade of the Dominion of Canada in 1909-10 was not less than £72,000,000, and the tonnage of Canadian vessels was 718,000 tons, and these proportions have already increased and are still increasing. For the whole of this trade wherever it may be about the distant waters of the world, as well as for the maintenance of her communications, both with Europe and Asia, Canada is dependent, and has always depended upon the Imperial navy, without corresponding contribution or cost." - p.16.

"Whatever may be the decision of Canada at the present juncture, Great Britain will not in any circumstances fail in her duty to the Overseas Dominions of the Crown. (Cheers and loud applause, some Liberals joining.) She has before now successfully made head alone and unaided against the most formidable combinations, and she has not lost her capacity by a wise policy and strenuous exertions to watch over and preserve the vital interests of the Empire. (Applause.)

The Admiralty are assured that His Majesty's Government will not hesitate to ask the House of Commons for whatever provision the circumstances of each year may require. But the aid which Canada could give at the present time is not to be measured only in ships or money. (Loud cheers.)

Any action on the part of Canada to increase the power and mobility of the Imperial Navy, and thus widen the margin of our common safety, would be recognized everywhere as a most significant witness to the united strength of the Empire, and to the renewed resolve of the Overseas Dominions to take their part in maintaining its integrity. (Loud applause.)

The Prime Minister of the Dominion having inquired in what form any immediate aid that Canada might give would be most effective, we have no hesitation in answering after a prolonged consideration of all the circumstances that it is desirable that such aid should include the provision of a certain number of the largest and strongest ships of war which science can build or money supply.'' (Loud cheers and prolonged applause.)- pp.17-18.

"Our navy was once dominant everywhere, and the white ensign was the token of naval supremacy in all the seas. Is it not time that the former conditions should in some measure be restored? (Applause.) Upon our own* coasts, both Atlantic and Pacific, powerful squadrons were maintained twelve years ago. To-day the flag .is not shown on either seaboard. I am assured that the aid which we propose will enable such special arrangements to be consummated that, without courting disaster at home, an effective fleet of battleships and cruisers can be established in the Pacific, and a powerful squadron can periodically visit our Atlantic seaboard, to assert once more the naval strength of the Empire along these coasts. (Applause.)" - p.22.

"Upon inquiry as to the cost of such a battleship, we are informed by the Admiralty that it is approximately £2,350,000 including armament and first outfit of ordnance stores and ammunition. The total cost of three such battleships, which when launched will be the most powerful in the world, would be approximately* $35,000,000, and we ask the people of Canada through their Parliament to grant that sum to His Majesty the King (Loud and repeated cheering) of Great Britain and Ireland and of the Overseas Dominions, in order to increase the effective naval forces of the Empire, to safeguard our shores and our seaborne commerce, and to make secure the common heritage of all who owe allegiance to the King, (Applause.)

These ships will be at the disposal of His Majesty the King for the common defence of the Empire. (Cheers.) They will be maintained and controlled as part of the Royal Navy (Hear, hear) ; and we have the assurance that if at any time in the future it should be the will of the Canadian people to establish a Canadian unit of the Royal Navy, these vessels can be recalled by the Canadian Government to form part of that unit, in which case, of course, they would be maintained by Canada and not by Great Britain. (Cheers.)" - p.23.

"Where shall these ships be built? They will be built under Admiralty supervision in the United Kingdom, for the reason that at present there are no adequate facilities for constructing them in Canada. The plant required for the construction of a dreadnought battleship is enormous, and it would be impossible at present to maintain shipbuilding in this country on such a scale. In any case, only the hull could be built in Canada; because the machinery, the armour, and the guns would necessarily be constructed or manufactured in the United Kingdom. The additional cost of construction in Canada would be about $12,000,000 for the three ships, and it would be impossible to estimate the delay. No one is more eager than myself for the development of shipbuilding industries in Canada, but we cannot, upon any business or economic considerations, begin with the construction of dreadnoughts; and especially we could not do so when these ships are urgently required within two or three years at the outside, for rendering aid upon which may depend the Empire's future existence. (Applause.)

According to my conception, the effective development of shipbuilding industries in Canada must commence with small beginnings and in a businesslike way. (Hear, hear.) I have discussed this subject with the Admiralty, and they thoroughly realize that it is not to the Empire's advantage that all shipbuilding facilities should be concentrated in the United Kingdom. I am assured, therefore, that the Admiralty are prepared in the early future to give orders for the construction in Canada of small cruisers, oil-tank vessels, and auxiliary craft of various kinds. (Loud applause.) The plant required is relatively small as compared with that which is necessary for a dreadnought battleship, and such an undertaking would have a much more secure and permanent basis from a business standpoint. For the purpose of stimulating so important and necessary an industry, we have expressed our willingness to bear a portion of the increased cost for a time at least. (Applause.) I see no reason why all vessels required in the future for our Government service should not be built in Canada, even at some additional cost. (Applause.) In connection with the development of shipbuilding, I should not be surprised to see the establishment of a higher class of engineering works, which would produce articles now imported and not presently manufactured in Canada. (Hear, hear.) - pp.24-25.

'Canada is sending these ships to range themselves in the battle line of the Empire with those of the mother country, of Australia, and of New Zealand. They will be the three most powerful battleships in the world, and they will bear historic names associated with this country. (Applause.) Thus, every Canadian will realize, in seeing or reading of these ships, that they are a gift in which he has participated, and that, by their presence in the battle line of the Empire, he has freely taken a direct and distinct share in maintaining the Empire's safety." p.26.

A spending comparison with Argentina and the United States.

Very good. 60.00

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143 BORGES, Jorge Luis) RUNNING, Thorpe RUNNING, Thorpe Studies in Language and Literature series) Borges' Ultraist Movement and Its Poets. signed pbk.
International Book Publishers, Inc., Lathrup Village, MI, 1981, ISBN:0936968036 
(BORGES, Jorge Luis) RUNNING, Thorpe. Borges' Ultraist Movement and Its Poets . Lathrup Village, MI: International Book Publishers, (1981). Pp. [i]-ix,(1),[1]-194,(4). 8vo, printed white card covers. A volume in the Studies in Language and Literature series. Contents: 1. Introduction: Spanish Ultraism, 2. Ultraism in Buenos Aires, 3. Borges' Ultraist Poetry, 4. Pure Ultraism: Eduardo Gonzalez Lanuza and Nora Lange, 5. The Ultraist Middle Course: Bernardez and Marechal, 6. The Outer Edges of Ultra: Molinari and Girondo, 7. A Postrscript on Guiraldes and the Precursors of Ultraism in Argentina. Rubbed, slightly cocked, front inner hinge tender with tail of hinge of first few leaves, else vg. Signed and inscribed by Running on the title page. 50.00

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144 BORGOGNO, Alberto MENANDER. Menandri Aspis. ex-lib.
Instituto Editoriale Cisalpino-La Goliardica, Milano / Milan, 1972, 
BORGOGNO, Alberto. Menandri Aspis. Milan: Instituto Editoriale Cisalpino-LaGoliardica, (1972). Pp 103. 8vo, printed card covers. Testi e Documenti pe r lo Studio dell'Antichità XLI. Ex-library (pouch and spine label remains, inkstamps, blindstamps), else very good. 40.00

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145 BOSANQUET, Bernard PLATO Companion to Plato's Republic for English Readers : Being a Commentary adapted from Davies and Vaughan's Translation. First Edition.
Rivington, Percival & Co., London, 1895, 
BOSANQUET, Bernard. A Companion to Plato's Republic for English Readers : Being a Commentary adapted from Davies and Vaughan's Translation. London: Rivington, Percival & Co., 1895. First Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-xii,[1]-430,(2). 8vo, pebbled maroon cloth with gilt titles to spine. Contents: Introduction: i. The Age of Plato, ii. The Relative Date of the Republic, iii. The Outcome of Previous Philosophy, iv. Some Hints on Reading Plato, v. Notes onthe Greek Household, with reference to Plato's readiness to destroy the Fa mily, vi. Notes on the Unity of the State, and Plato's view of Property, vii. Some Illustrations of the Popular Greek Ideal of Happiness, viii. Hints on the Structure of the Republic. 1. Prologue, showing the Rise of the Moral Problem out of everyday life, and out of the current theories of the time; 2. First Answer to the Moral Problem, by specifying the system implied inthe existence of the moral being -- 'my station and its duties' -- as exte rnal type, and also as content, of the true morality or inward will; 3. Second Answer to the Moral Problem, Ideal Morality, or philosophic religion, and its real or metaphysical basis; 4. Negative verification of the connection between well-doing and well-being, by concomitant variations of ill-doing and ill-being; 5. Psychological corroboration of the criticism passed upon unreal appearance, pointing out the connection between the unreal in cognition and in feeling. Cocked, inner hinges cracked, some edgewear and lightedge-bumping, bookplate, else very good. 50.00

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146 BOSANQUET, Theodora. VALERY, Paul). Paul Valery. First Edition, with two signed postcards laid in.
Hogarth Press, London, 1933, 
BOSANQUET, Theodora. Paul Valéry. London: Published by Leonard and VirginiaWoolf at The Hogarth Press, 52 Tavistock Square, 1933. First Printing. Pp. (4),5-136, portrait frontispiece. Small 8vo, reddish-orange cloth spine wi th patterned orange and white paper covered boards, black lettering to spine. Woolmer, A Checklist of the Hogarth Press 316. A survey of the life and career of the French poet and philosopher. Front inner hinge starting, small dampspot to top edge, else very good. With two signed cards by the author, addressed to Mrs. [Marie] Adami (author of a biography of Keats's youngersister) laid in. Card 1: [a postcard depicting Chartres, dated 22.12.37] " To wish you a / happy Christmas and to / hope for a meeting / sometime in the New / Year. / Theodora Bosanquet". Sent from 1b Bay Tree Lodge, Frognal,London, NW3. Card 2: [dated 14.7.38.] "Dear Mrs. Adami / Thursday 21st sui ts me perfectly -- / much better really than the 26th. There is / always a wonderful feeling of [???] about / the day after press day! I'll be at the / 'Book' at 12:45 / yours / Theodora Bosanquet". For the lot. 125.00

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147 BOURQUE, Denis, and Anne BROWN (eds.). Les littératures d'expression française d'Amérique du Nord et le carnavalesque.
Chaire d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton / Éditions d'Acadie, Moncton, N.B., 1998, ISBN:2760003574 
BOURQUE, Denis, and Anne BROWN (eds.). Les littératures d'expression française d'Amérique du Nord et le carnavalesque. (Moncton, N.B.) : Chaire d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton / Éditions d'Acadie, (1998). Pp [1]-348,(2). 8vo, illustrated mauve card covers. Name ticket, else very good. 20.00

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148 BOWEN, Elizabeth Britain in Pictures English Novelists. in dj
William Collins, 1942, 
BOWEN, Elizabeth. English Novelists. With 8 Plates in Colour and 19 Illustrations in Black & White. L.: William Collins, 1942. Pp. 47. 8vo, brown ill, paper covered boards. Sellery and Harris A12a. From the Britain in Pictures series. Vg, with a few short tears to dj. 20.00

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149 BOWERING, George Concentric Circles. First Edition, Paperback
Black Moss Press, Coatsworth, ON, 1977, ISBN:0887530273 1977 0887530273 / 9780887530272 
BOWERING, George. Concentric Circles. (Coatsworth, Ontario) : Black Moss Press, (1977). First Printing. Pp. (8),9-66,(6). 12mo, photo-illustrated grey card covers with black lettering to front & spine.

George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia).

"George Bowering, one of Canada's most prolific authors and a recipient of the Governor General's Award, is better known as a poet than a fiction writer. However he has published one novel, 'Mirror on the Floor' and a book of criticism on Al Purdy. 'Concentric Circles', written in the 1960s, is his first major piece of fiction and is considered to be the start of a new direction by Bowering toward more prose work such as 'Flycatcher', a book of stories to be published in 1978." - from the rear cover.

Name inked to flyleaf, five characters inked to rear flap, else very good. NOTE: Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 18.00

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150 BOWERING, George Way With Words. First Paperback Edition.
Oberon Press, 1982, ISBN:0887504329 
BOWERING, George. A Way With Words. [] : (Oberon Press, 1982). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (4),5-191,(1). 8vo, printed tan card covers with brown lettering to front & spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). "How long can a national literature survive without a body of criticism to sustain and support it? The extraordinary flowering of fiction and poetry that burst upon Canada in the sixtiesstill stands essentially nake to its enemies. In the belief that there was more to be said than that the Canadian imagination is dominated by the imp eratives of survival, we have published two collections of critical essays in which Canadian writing is seen in the light of the larger issues of human experience. In a third volume, a number of critics were invited to explore the political issues involved in the development of a national culture. In 'A Way with Words' George Bowering seeks to define the dimensions of a specifically personal poetic. Like Irving Layton, he begins with the belief that all poetry is in the last analysis about poetry itself. What exactly can we expect to learn from our poets? What exactly do they have to teach us and how can we best understand what they have to say to us?" - from the rear cover. Name inked to flyleaf, five characters inked inside rear cover, blindstamp to title page, else very good. 20.00

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151 BOWERING, George. Left Hook : A Sideways Look at Canadian Writing. First Edition, Paperback.
Raincoast Books, Vancouver, 2005, ISBN:1551928450 
BOWERING, George. Left Hook : A Sideways Look at Canadian Writing. Vancouver : Raincoast Books, (2005). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (8),1-308,(4). 8vo, illustrated white card covers with red and black lettering to front cover, red, black & white lettering to spine. George Harry Bowering, OC, OBC (b. December 1, 1935, Penticton, British Columbia). "In this collection of incisive, cogent essays, former Poet Laureate and Governor General's Award winner George Bowering explores the varied and often misunderstood landscapeof Canadian literature and culture. Offering close readings of the works o f a wide array of writers -- Michael Ondaatje, Robert Kroetsch, Ethel Wilson, Milton Acorn, Daphne Marlatt, bpNichol and many more -- Bowering considers what it means to be a Canadian writer, and a Canadian reader. Throughout, he considers the themes, preoccupations and hooks that abide in our national literature. And amid explorations of Sheila Watson's 'Double Hook' and Margaret Atwood's sharp lines of poetry -- 'like a hook into an eye' -- Bowering manages to land a few punches of his own. In 'Left Hook' Bowering throws assumptions about national identity into the ring with modernism and postmodernism, regionalism and anti-centrism. Along the way he makes delightful digressions about his personal experiences -- growing up in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley playing baseball and reading dime novels; his attraction/repulsion to American culture; discovering poetry as a young man; his first encounter with Al Purdy's teeth-staining homemade wine. Above all, he tells us --with infectious enthusiasm -- about the books and writers he loves. Always engaging, Bowering is the ultimate literary conversationalist -- informed and intimate, intelligent and irreverent." - from the rear cover. Very good. 12.50

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Bibliography and Textual Criticism: The Lyell Lectures Oxford Trinity Term 1959.  in dj., BOWERS, Fredson
152 BOWERS, Fredson Bibliography and Textual Criticism: The Lyell Lectures Oxford Trinity Term 1959. in dj.
Oxford University Press, Clarendon Press, 1964, 
BOWERS, Fredson. Bibliography and Textual Criticism: The Lyell Lectures Oxford Trinity Term 1959. Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, 1964. Pp 207. 8vo, blue cloth. Very good in slightly nicked, price-clipped dustjacket. 50.00

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153 BOWERS, Fredson, (ed.) BEAURLINE, L.A., associate ed. Studies in Bibliography : Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. Volume Nineteen
Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, 1966, 
BOWERS, Fredson, ed. Studies in Bibliography : Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. Volume Nineteen. Edited by FredsonBowers. L.A. Beaurline, associate editor. Charlottesville: published for T he Bibliographical Society of the Unviersity of Virginia, University Press of Virginia, 1966. Pp. (6),[1]-282. 8vo, brown cloth with printed paper title label to front board and spine. Contents: Franklin B. Williams, Jr.'s "Commendatory Verses: The Rise of the Art of Puffing"; William E. Miller's "Printers and Stationers in the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate 1561-1640"; Fredson Bowers's "Today's Shakespeare Texts, and Tomorrow's"; Edward M. White's "Thackeray's Contributions to Fraser's Magazine"; Rollo G. Silver's "The Costs of Mathew Carey's Printing Equipment"; G. Thomas Tanselle's "Press Figures in America: Some Preliminary Observations"; S.P. Rosenbaum's "The Spoils of Poynton: Revisions and Editions"; Paul R. Baumgartner's "The Date of Cocke Lorelles Bote"; Charles A. Huttar's "Wyatt and the Several Editions of The Court of Venus"; Sidney Thomas's "The Printing of Greenes Groatsworth of Witte and Kind-Harts Dreame"; Robert K. Turner, Jr.'s "Reappearing Types as Bibliographical Evidence"; Norman E. Carlson's "Wither and the Stationers"; C.M. Armitage's "Identification of New York Public Library Manuscript 'Suckling Collection' and of Huntington Manuscript 198"; Shirley Strum Kenny's "Two Scenes by Addison in Steele's Tender Husband"; R.S. Woof's "A Coleridge-Wordsworth Manuscript and 'Sarah Hutchinson's Poets'"; G.E. Bentley, Jr.'s "The Date of Blake's Pickering Manuscript or The Way of the Poet With Paper"; William B. Todd's "Arithmetic Colophons in Nineteenth-Century Books"; R.H.W. Dillard's "The Writer's Best Solace: Textual Revisions in Ellen Glasgow's The Past"; and Derek A. Clarke and Howell J. Heaney's "A Selective Check List of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1964". Very good. Ex-libris contributor S.P. Rosenbaum (with name inked to ffep). 25.00

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154 BOWERS, Fredson, (ed.). BEAURLINE, L.A., associate ed. Studies in Bibliography : Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. Volume Eighteen.
Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, 1965, 
BOWERS, Fredson, ed. Studies in Bibliography : Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. Volume Eighteen. Edited by FredsonBowers. L.A. Beaurline, associate editor. Charlottesville: published for T he Bibliographical Society of the Unviersity of Virginia, University Press of Virginia, 1966. Pp. (8),(3)-312,(2). 8vo, blue cloth with printed paper title label to front board and spine. Contents: G. Thomas Tanselle's "The Historiography of American Literary Publishing"; George B. Pace's "The Chaucerian Proverbs"; Frank B. Evans's "The Printing of Spenser's Faerie Queene in 1596"; R.C. Bald's "Dr. Donne and the Booksellers"; William B. Todd's "ABibliographical Account of The Gentleman's Magazine, 1831-1854"; W.D. Pade n's "Tennyson's 'The Lover's Tale', R.H. Shepherd, and T.J. Wise"; AntonineHruby's "A Quantitative Solution to the Ambiguity of Three Texts"; William R. Manierre II's "A Description of 'Paterna': The Unpublished Autobiograph y of Cotton Mather"; S.P. Rosenbaum's "Emily Dickinson and the Machine"; William L. Howarth's "'The Red Badge of Courage' Manuscript: New Evidence fora Critical Edition"; Curt F. Buhler's "The First Edition of Ficino's 'De C hristiana Religione': A Problem of Bibliographical Description"; George Walton Williams's "The Printer and the Date of 'Romeo and Juliet' Q4"; Robert K. Turner's "The Printing of 'A King and No King'"; John T. Shawcross's "The Date of the Separate Edition of Milton's 'Epitaphium Damonis'"; T.J. King's "Shirley's 'Coronation' and 'Love Will Find Out the Way': Erroneous Title-Pages"; Dean H. Keller's "A Checklist of the Writings of Albion W. Tourgee (1838-1905)"; William White's "Whitman's 'Leaves of Grass': Notes on the Pocketbook (1889) Edition"; David V. Erdman's "Blake's 'Jerusalem': Plate 3Fully Restored"; Christopher Ricks's "A Note on Tennyson's 'Ode on the Dea th of the Duke of Wellington'"; and Derek A. Clarke and Howell J. Haney's "A Selective Checklist of Bibliographical Scholarship for 1963". Very good. Ex-libris contributor S.P. Rosenbaum (with name inked to ffep). 25.00

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155 BOWES, Susan L. ONIONS, Oliver. Oliver Onions, 1873-1961 : A Study of His Life and Works
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1979, 
BOWES, Susan L. Oliver Onions, 1873-1961 : A Study of His Life and Works. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in English at Dalhousie University. (Halifax, Nova Scotia :Dalhousie University), August 1979. Pp (3),ii-xiii,1-460,(1) leaves, print ed on one side only. 4to, black cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Very good. 100.00 Contents : 1. Choosing an Art (1873-1901). 2. Visionand Reward (1902-1908). 3. The Marriage Question (1908-1910). 4. A Banner Year (1911). 5. The First Trilogy (1912-1913). 6. Realism and Romance (1913-1914). 7. The First Bloodletting (1914-1919). 8. The South Kensington Years (1919-1922). 9. The Henley Years (1922-1926). 10. The Windsor Years (1926-1931). 11. Separation (1931-1939). 12. The Second Bloodletting (1939-1945). 13. The Second Trilogy (1945-1947). 14. Laying Down an Art (1948-1952). 15. Laying Down a Life (1952-1961). 16. In Memoriam. George Oliver Onions (13 November 1873 – 9 April 1961) was a British writer of story collections and over 40 novels. He wrote in a variety of genres, but is perhaps beset remembered for his ghost stories, notably the highly-regard collection Widdershins and the widely anthologized novella "The Beckoning Fair One". He was married to the novelist Berta Ruck. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. 100.00

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Clarendon Press / Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1970, 
BOWRA, C.M. On Greek Margins. Oxford: at the Clarendon Press, 1970. First Printing. Pp. (2),[i]-vi,(2),[1]-281,(1), frontis. 8vo, navy blue cloth withgilt lettering to spine. "Starting with two papers on Homeric epithets, [[ Bowra] treats of special points in Archilochus, Stesichorus, Theognis, ans Xenophanes, reconsiders two unusual pieces by Euripides and Aristophanes, the stories of Orpheus and Eurydice, and of Arion and the Dolphin, and examines the alleged oracle given to Julian, some lines of Palladas, and such oddities as Melinno's Hymn to Rome and the Cretan Hymn of the Curetes." - from the dj. Vg in rubbed, unclipped dj. 50.00

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157 BOYLE, Marjorie O'Rourke LOYOLA, Ignatius. Loyola's Acts. in dj.
University of California Press, 1997, 
BOYLE, Marjorie O'Rourke. Loyola's Acts : The Rhetoric of the Self. Berkeley: University of California Press, (1997). Pp 274. 8vo, green spine with green boards. Vg in dj. 40.00

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158 BRADBURY, Malcolm Social Context on Modern English Literature. in dj
Schocken Books, 1971, 
BRADBURY, Malcolm. The Social Context on Modern English Literature. NY: Schocken Books, (1971). Pp. 277. 8vo, black cloth, gilt titles to spine. An exploration of the forces that have shaped modern writing, affecting the production, publishing and consumption of literary culture. Vg in dj (small nick to lower front panel). 30.00

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159 BRADBURY, Ray). BLOOM, Harold, ed. Mondern Critical Views series). Ray Bradbury. Modern Critical Views. First Edition in dustjacket.
Chelsea House Publishing, Philadelphia, 2000, ISBN:0791059146 
(BRADBURY, Ray). BLOOM, Harold, ed. Ray Bradbury. Modern Critical Views. Edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, (2000). First printing. Pp. (6),vii,(1),1-159,(1). 8vo, black cloth spine with beige boards, gilt lettering to spine. A volume in the Modern Critical Views series. Contents: 1. Damon Knight's "When I Was in Kneepants: Ray Bradbury"; 2. Wayne L. Johnson's "The Invasion Stories of Ray Bradbury"; 3. Ray Bradbury's "Dusk in the Robot Museums: The Rebirth of Imagination"; 4. Wayne L. Johnson's "'The Martian Chronicles' and Other Mars Stories"; 5. William F. Touponce's "The Existential Fabulous: A Reading of Ray Bradbury's 'The Golden Apples of the Sun'"; 6. Hazel Pierce's "Ray Bradbury and the Gothic Tradition"; 7. Lahna Diskin's "Bradbury on Children"; 8. Gary K. Wolfe's "The Frontier Myth in Ray Bradbury"; 9. Kevin Hoskinson's "RayBradbury's Cold War Novels". With bibliography and index. Very good in dus tjacket. 25.00

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160 BRADBURY, Ray). INDICK, Ben P. Essays on Fantastic Literature, 3). Ray Bradbury : Dramatist. First thus.
Borgo Press, San Bernardino, CA, 1989, ISBN:0893705403 
(BRADBURY, Ray). INDICK, Ben P. Ray Bradbury : Dramatist. San Bernardino, CA: R. Reginald, The Borgo Press, (1989). First thus printing. Pp. (3),4-48.8vo, grey cloth with black lettering to spine. Number three in the Essays on Fantastic Literature series. "World renowned as a superb fantasy stylist, a master of the short story, novelist, poet, stylist, city planner, the protean Ray Bradbury reveals himself, by first love, and indeed final love, as playwright and dramatist. In his introduction to 'The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and Other Plays', he writes: 'I began with the theatre and I shall probably end up with it... My love is constant'." - from the introduction. Contents: 1. Radio Plays; 2. Teleplays; 3. Screenplays; 4. Stage Plays; 5. The Future of the Theatre. With bibliography and index. Small stamp to bottom of final page, else very good. 25.00

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