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161 NEWPORT, O.W. Gibbons Stamp Monthly 25:10 Destruction of the German Cruiser Dresden.
Gibbons Stamp Monthly, 1995, 
NEWPORT, O.W. "The Destruction of the German Cruiser Dresden." A philatelic / postal history article in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Vol.25, No.10, March 1995, pp.60-61. Triple column. For the issue. 4.50

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162 NIESTLÉ, Axel German U-Boat Losses During World War II : Details of Destruction.
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD, 1998, ISBN:1557506418 
NIESTLÉ, Axel. German U-Boat Losses During World War II : Details of Destruction. Annapolis, MD : Naval Institute Press, (1998). First Printing . Pp [i]-viii,(2),[1]-305,(5). Maps. 8vo, green cloth, printed in silver to frontboard and spine. A few penciled notes at rear, else very good. 75.00

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163 NOLAN, Brian. STREET, Brian Jeffrey. Champagne Navy : Canada's Small Boat Raiders of the Second World War. FirstEdition in dustjacket
Random House, Toronto, 1991, ISBN:0394221419 
NOLAN, Brian and Brian Jeffrey STREET. Champagne Navy : Canada's Small BoatRaiders of the Second World War. Toronto : Random House, (1991). First Pri nting. Pp (8),ix-xi,(1),1-260, illustrated with 8 plates of b&w photos. Maps in the text. 8vo, burgundy cloth. "In September 1939, the British nation rose to defend its shores, finally recognizing Adolph Hitler's intentions of conquest. In the early days of the war, part of that defence lay in the hands of the Royal Navy's long neglected Coastal Forces. But in time, they grew into a formidable fleet of motor torpedo and motor gunboats that menaced the enemy and, quite literally, helped defend the entire Western World. From the very beginning, it was this hit-and-run navy and its unique brand of warring that attracted Canadian fighting sailors. They served in various Royal Navy flotillas until February 1944, at which time they formed two all-Canadian flotillas that operated in the English Channel, and commanded a third which roamed the Mediterranean." - from the dj. Contents : Introduction; Prologue: Life on the Ocean Wave 1. To the Narrow Seas; 2. Harry Tate's Navy; 3. "Oh, I say - madly war, isn't it"?"; 4. Dogs in the Med; 5. The Importance of Spectacle; 6. All-Canadian Flotillas; 7. The Battle Ground; 8. The Endless Summer [1944]; 9. Pirates of the Adriatic; 10. Back into the Fray; 11. Whie Ensign, Blaxk Swastika [the postwar meeting of Harro Garmsen (b. September 3, 1924, Leck, Germany - d. January 20, 2010, Victoria, BC ), then of Nova Scotia and Norn Garriock, and their eariler confrontaion on anE-boat and an MTB]; 12. Disaster at Ostend; 13. Costly Victoria; 14. Here They Come Now. Appendix: List of Missing or Dead, Presumed Dead in the Firethat Swept the 29 Canadian Flotilla in Ostend Harbour, Belgium, February 1 4, 1945. With bibliography and index. Very good in dustjacket. 25.00

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164 OAKESHOTT, Ewart Blindfold Game. 1st British edition in dj
Pergamon Press , oxford, 1969, 
OAKESHOTT, Ewart. The Blindfold Game: "The Day" at Jutland. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1969. First UK Edition. Pp. 128, folding plate at rear. Illustrated. Large 8vo, blue cloth. The story of the main naval battle in the First World War: The Battle of Jutland. Parts of pastedowns forcibly removed, hinges tape repaired, patched hole to title page, small dampstain to bottom right corner (not affecting text), else vg in rubbed, nicked, worn dj. 35.00

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165 OTT, Wolfgang MANHEIM, Ralph (trans.) Sharks and Little Fish. in dj.
Pantheon Books, New York, 1958, 
OTT, Wolfgang. Sharks and Little Fish ; translation by Ralph Manheim. (NY):Pantheon Books, (1958). Pp. 431. 8vo, black cloth. Anderson 941. "To the g reat sea novels of World War II - The Caine Mutiny, The Cruel Sea, H.M.S. Ulysses - a new one is added, in this powerful description of naval warfare from the German side." - from the dj. Name, else vg in rubbed, nicked, price-clipped dj. 30.00

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166 PAPADAKIS, Nikos. International Law of the Sea : A Bibliography.
Sijthoff and Noordhoff, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, 1980, ISBN:9028602690. 
PAPADAKIS, Nikos. International Law of the Sea : A Bibliography. Alphen aanden Rijn, The Netherlands / Germantown, Maryland : Sijthoff and Noordhoff, 1980. Pp (6),vii-xvii,(1),1-457,(1). 8vo, blue & green cloth, lettered in white to front & spine. Arranged in nine parts: I. Introduction – The Marine Environment and the International Law of the Sea II. Maritime Zones and Maritime Jurisdiction III. The Legal Regime of the Sea-Bed and Subsoil Beyond the Limits of National Jurisdiction IV. Marine Resources V. Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment VI. Marine Scientific Research VII. Military Uses and Arms Control VIII. Ocean Policy Making. 1. National Policies: Australia: Belgium; Canada (pp.352-356); China (PRC); Federal Republic of Germany; France; India; Indonesia; Italy; Japan; New Zealand; Nigeria; Norway; Romania; Soviet Union; United Kingdom; United States. 2. RegionalApproaches: The Baltic Sea; The European Economic Community; Latin America ; The Persian Gulf. 3. Developing Countries and the Law of the Sea IX. Settlement of Disputes. With indices. Ex library but with minimal markings. Very good. 85.00

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167 PARDOE, Blaine LUCKNER, Felix von Cruise of the Sea Eagle : The Amazing True Story of Imperial Germany's Gentlemen Pirate. in dj.
Lyons Press, Guilford, CT, 2005, ISBN:1592286941 
PARDOE, Blaine. The Cruise of the Sea Eagle : The Amazing True Story of Imperial Germany's Gentlemen Pirate . Guilford, CT: The Lyons Press, (2005). Pp. [i]-viii,1-295,(1), + 16 p. of plates. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth spine with grey paper covered boards, metallic lettering to spine. The actionsof Felix von Luckner in the German Imperial Navy during the First World Wa r; seizing British (and allied) merchant vessels in order to disrupt supplylines -- rarely firing a shot, and providing quarters aboard his vessel fo r all prisoners taken. Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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The Submarine : A History.  First Edition in dustjacket, PARRISH, Thomas.
168 PARRISH, Thomas. The Submarine : A History. First Edition in dustjacket
Viking,, 2004, ISBN:0670033138 2004 0670033138 / 9780670033133 
PARRISH, Thomas. The Submarine : A History. (New York) : Viking, (2004). First Printing . Pp(8),ix-x,(8),3- 576 + [32] pages of plates. 8vo, black paper-covered boards, metallic light blue lettering to spine.

"For centuries people dreamed of navigating under the sea, but it was not until the beginning of the twentieth century that inventors succeeded in developing practical submarines. With the coming of World War I, nations saw something entirely new in war: the deadly effectiveness of underwater craft, with German U-boats threatened to starve Britain and brought the United States into the war, thus proving submarine operations more important than the great battles fought on land. A generation later, in World War II, U-boats came back on the attack in the Atlantic, while in the Pacific U.S. submarines literally put Japan out of business. Then, in the nuclear age, the true submarine became the most powerful weapon of war ever created — the force that paradoxically kept the peace.

In one dramatic narrative, Thomas Parrish tells the story of those who first dreamed of underwater ships; of the ingenious and practical inventors and engineers who created and developed the submarine; of the visionary and controversial national leaders and naval strategists; of the famous skippers on all sides — steel-nerved men like America’s Dick O’Kane and Germany’s Reinhard Hardegen — who wielded this weapon; of the famous and infamous deeds of boats like the U-20, the Wahoo, and the nuclear-powered Nautilus and George Washington; and of the tragedies that befell boats like the American Thresher and the Russian Kursk. " - from the dj.

Contents :

Charleston 2000-1864.
1. The Peripatetic Coffin.

Part I. The Underwater Pioneers.
2. Dreamers and Some Doers;
3. The Dream Realized: Holland and Lake;

Part II. The Great War: The U-Boats and Mr. WIlson.
4. "Those Damned Englanders";
5. "The Dreaded Little Submarine";
6. Blockades for a New War;
7. "My God, It's the Lusitania!";
8. A President Too Proud;
9. From Folkestone to Dieppe;
10. In the Med;
11. "The Cursed Crowd";
12. The Fight for Sea Shepherds;
13. Ideas, Methods, and Triumph.

Part III. From War to War.
14. Boats and Builders I;
15. Arms and the Nations;
16. Boats and Builders II.

Part IV. World War II : The Struggle for the Atlantic.
17. Lieutenant Lemp's Great Decision;
18. U-Boats in Trouble;
19. Atlantic Raiders: The "Happy Time";
20. Déjà Vu in the North Atlantic?;
21. Raiders in the Far West;
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169 PARSON, Nels A., Jr. Guided Missiles in War and Peace. First Edition in dustjacket
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachysetts, 1956, 
PARSON, Nels A., Jr. Guided Missiles in War and Peace. Cambridge, Massachysetts : Harvard University Press, 1956. First Edition. Pp (4),v-x,(2),1-161,(3). Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth spine, lettered in gilt, pale blue cloth boards. "Centuries ago the Chinese scholar and scientist Wan Hu lashed several dozen rockets to his sedan chair; all the rockets were fired simultaneously; and in the blast that followed he disappeared torever. Ten years ago the German V-l and V-2 missiles were raining on England. They killed 5500 people and totally destroyed more than 23,000 buildings in London alone; 1500 Allied fliers lost their lives in bombing V-l launching sites; and it is universally conceded that the Germans' delay in developing their guided missiles was very lucky for the Allies. Yesterday, you could have seen a long-nosed Nike antiaircraft guided missile quietly going into its underground launching site; or heard it tearing off into the stratosphere. And within twenty-five years you may very possibly take off for the moon in a guided rocket — if vast and diversified supplies of guided-missile weapons have by that time scared all the nations away from making war. Obviously, guided missiles are everybody's business today. Each of us, whether citizen, soldier, or statesman, needs to know how they have developed, what they are today, and what they already imply for the future. Here, in brief compass, is a most lucid introduction to guided missiles. Major Parson — who knows whereof he speaks— tells why they are needed and how they have come into being. He describes how they fly, how they are guided, and how they are powered. He forecasts their influence on air, naval, and land combat operations, and outlines their peacetime potentialities. He writes clearlv and with a vivid turn of phrase; ,he provides many simple illustrative diagrams and more than ascore of magnificent photographs. For the man in the street and the soldie r, sailor, and airman — for the science student and the political leader — here is the best possible survey of these fascinating and awe-inspiring weapons." (from the dj). Contents : Foreword by General John E. Dahlquist. 1. Your Acquaintance is Inevitable. 2. Why Guided Missiles? : Definition - Air-to-Surface Missles - Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air Missiles - Surface-to-Surface Missiles - The Antimissile Missile - Problems. 3. From Wan Hu to VonBraun: Missiles before World War II - Germany’s V-Weapons - Surface-to-Air Missiles - Other Missile Projects - America’s Wartime Missiles - Progress Since the War. 4. How They Fly : The Nature of Air - The Atmosphere - High-Speed Flight - Why a Missile Flies. 5. Guided and Misguided : Trajectory-Control Systems - Natural-Phenomena Reference - Electromagnetic Control - Attitude Control - An Example Guidance Problem. 6. Flying Cuspidors and Stovepipes : Principle of Jet Propulsion - The Pulse Jet - The Turbojet - The RamJet - Rockets - Solid-Propellant Rockets - Liquid-Propellant Rockets - Jet -Motor Nozzles. 7. Air Warfare with Guided Missiles : Offensive Air Operations - Air-to-Surface Missiles - The Air Defense Problem - Air Defense and Guided Missiles - Interceptors and Air-to-Air Missles - Surface-to-Air Missiles - Intercontinental Guided Missiles - The SSM-Defense Problem - Push Buttons and Manpower. 8. Guided-Missile Navies (pp 105-120) : Guided-Missiles on Shipboard - Guided Missile Ships or Guided Missiles on Ships? - Guided-Missile Submarines - The Strategic Role of Naval Forces - Tactics and the Man. 9. Guided Missiles in Land Warfare : Surface-to-Surface Missiles - The Assault Missile - The Field-Artillery Missile - Tactical Employment - Technique of Employment - The Long-Range Ground-Support SSM - Surface-to-Air Missiles - Reconnaissance Missiles - Conclusions. 10. Missiles of Peace : Missiles in Peacetime - Space Travel - On War and Peace. Margins browned, else very good in rubbed and nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 75.00

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U-Boat War Patrol : The Hidden Photographic Diary of U564.   Military Book Club Edition in dustjacket., PATERSON, Lawrence
170 PATERSON, Lawrence U-Boat War Patrol : The Hidden Photographic Diary of U564. Military Book Club Edition in dustjacket.
Military Book Club, London, 2004, ISBN:0739442228 2004 
PATERSON, Lawrence. U-Boat War Patrol : The Hidden Photographic Diary of U564. (London) : The Military Book Club, (2004). Pp (8),9-206,(2). Illustrated throughout. Map. Index. Large 8vo, black paper-covered boards, gilt lettering to spine.

"This book is unique in that it charts a complete history of a single patrol and provides a new insight into life aboard through the successes and trials of U-564. Photographed during the summer of 1942 by an onboard war correspondent the photos show a U-boat in action in the Atlantic and Caribbean, as the Kriegsmarine teetered on the verge of what turned out to be its ultimate downfall. The crew is shown in virtually every station and several other U-boats and their commanders feature as they gather to re-supply or to attack." - from the dj.

1. Outbound - 11 to 16 July 41;
2. Convoy Attack - 17 to 20 July;
3. Survival, Rendezvous - 21 July to 1 August;
4. The U-Tanker - 1 to 11 August;
5. War off the Antilles 12 to 19 August;
6. Artillery Attack, Promotion, Home - 20 August to 18 September.
Appendices :
1. The Crew of U564 ;
2. Torpedoes Fired by U564.
With notes, glossary, table of ranks, and index.

Very good in dustjacket. 15.00

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171 PEILLARD, Léonce Histoire Générale de la Guerre Sous-Marine, 1939-1945
Robert Laffont, Paris, 1970, 
PEILLARD, Léonce. Histoire Générale de la Guerre Sous-Marine, 1939-1945 . Paris: Robert Laffont, (1970). Pp. 448 + 16 p. of plates. 8vo, illustrated white card covers with french flaps. See Anderson 955. A volume on the U-boat wars of the Second World War. Text in French. Spine creasing, top edge nicked, faint dampstain to bottom edge, else vg. 50.00

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172 PEMSEL, Helmut Bibliographisches Lexicon zur Seekriegsgeschichte. in dj.
Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1985, 
PEMSEL, Helmut. Bibliographisches Lexicon zur Seekriegsgeschichte : Seehelden von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. (Koblenz): Bernard & Graefe Verlag, (1985). Pp 343. 8vo, blue cloth. A German-language biographical dictionary of naval history, treating subjects from Antiquity to the Falklands War. Owner's inkstamps, small label, else vg in dj. 65.00

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Coronel and Falkland. First Edition in dustjacket., PITT, Barrie
173 PITT, Barrie Coronel and Falkland. First Edition in dustjacket.
Cassell, London, 1960, 
PITT, Barrie. Coronel and Falkland. London : Cassell, (1960). Pp 184. 12 pages of plates. 8vo, blue cloth. Day, The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands 245. A full account of these pivotal Great Warnaval battles, based in part on sources unavailable to earlier chroniclers such as Lloyd Hirst and John Irving. Very good in slightly rubbed, worn du stjacket. 75.00

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174 PITT, Barrie Revenge at Sea : Two Great Naval Battles of World War I. First American Edition in dustjacket
Stein and Day, 1964, 
PITT, Barrie. Revenge at Sea: Two Great Naval Battles of World War I. NY: Stein and Day, (1964). First Edition. Pp 180. 12 pages of plates. 8vo, grey loth spine with brick red boards. An account of the Battle of Coronel and the subsequent Battle of the Falkland Islands, examining both the actions themselves and the role played by the Admiralty in each. Very good in dustjacket. 45.00

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175 PLOTTKE, Herbert. Facher Loos! U 172 im Einsatz : In den Weltmeeren von Rio bis Kapstadt : Ein Tatsachenbericht aus den Jahren 1942/43.
Podzun-Pallas, Wolfershein-Berstadt, 1994, ISBN:3790905100 
PLOTTKE, Herbert. Facher Loos! U 172 im Einsatz : In den Weltmeeren von Riobis Kapstadt : Ein Tatsachenbericht aus den Jahren 1942/43. (Wolfershein-B erstadt) : Podzun-Pallas, (1994). Pp [1]-151,(9). Illustrated. 8vo, blue and white illustrated card covers. Text in German. Very good. 15.00

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Graf Spees Letze Fahrt.  signed 3d ed. , POCHHAMMER, Hans
176 POCHHAMMER, Hans Graf Spees Letze Fahrt. signed 3d ed.
Verlag von K.F. Koehler, 1926, 
POCHHAMMER, Hans. Graf Spees Letze Fahrt Erinnerungen and das Kreuzergeschwader. Mit 24 Bildern unde 1 Karte. 3. Auflage. Berlin: Verlag von K.F. Koehler, 1926. Pp 184, [16] pp plates, 1 folding plan at rear. 8vo, green cloth. A German account of the battles of Coronel and the Falklands. Vg. Signed by author. Printed in Fraktur. 250.00

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177 POCHHAMMER, Hans JOUAN, R., trans. Von Spee Dernière Crosière de l'Amiral Von Spee
Payot, 1929, 
POCHHAMMER, Hans. La Dernière Crosière de l'Amiral Von Spee : Souvenirs de l'escadre des croiseurs. Traduit d'Allemand par R. Jouan. Avec 1 carte et 13 illustrations hors texte. Paris: Payot, 1929. Pp 224. 8vo, printed wraps. Collection de Mémoires, Études et Documents pour servir a l'Histoire de la Guerre Mondiale. A fascinating first-person account of the period leading up to and including the Great War battles of Coronel and the Falklands, written by the second officer of the Gneisenau. In French. Slightly rubbed, nick to tail of spine, else vg. Partly unopened. 50.00

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178 POCOCK, Lovell, Rev With Those in Peril : A Chaplain's Life in the Royal Navy. in dustjacket.
Self Publishing Assoc., 1986, 1986 1854210475 / 9781854210470 
POCOCK, Lovell, Rev. With Those in Peril : A Chaplain's Life in the Royal Navy. (Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire): "This edition published in 1989 by Rev. Lovell Pocock in association with the Self Publishing Association Ltd"., 1986). First Edition thus. Pp (10),11-316,(4). Some illustrations in the text. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

The memoirs of a Royal Navy chaplain, Rev. Lovell Pocock (b. 1908) whose service in the Second World War (with the Eleventh Cruiser Squadron and other units) took him from Scapa Flow to Singapore to the Mediterranean.

"“Lord hear us when we cry to thee for in peril on the sea. So sings the landsman when praying to God to take special care of sailors.

But the sailors pray to God too, led in their faith by such men as the Rev. Lovell Pocock, OBE, MA, RN(Retd). Making light of his war experiences he says, 'During the war I lost everything twice and nearly everything three times, including my Bibles and Prayer Books'. To redress the balance he tells of the unique comradeship of men who sailed together to fight the foe and prayed together for an end to the suffering and death.

Mr Pocock’s pride in the Senior Service, the Royal Navy and in the Royal Marines and their Bands, who so often played for his church services, shines throughout his book. In 1939 he was a young Chaplain on board HMS Ceres, one of the ships of the Eleventh Cruiser Squadron on the Northern Patrol based at Scapa Flow and Sollum Voe. In 1948 he was serving aboard HMS Liverpool where the then Vice Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten flew his flag and entertained the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth.

From Singapore to Colombo in the Far East or from Deal in Kent to Yeovilton in Somerset, this Chaplain worked ceaselessly for the Kingdom of God. When he left Service life he became Vicar to the five hundred villagers of his new parish of Martin, near Salisbury. And when he left, the Bishop of Salisbury with his wife and all four of their children sat in the congregation on his last Sunday.” - from the dj.

Foreword to the first edition by The Right Reverend S. W. Betts, CBE, MA, Bishop to the Forces 1956-1966;

Foreword to the new edition by Major General Sir Jeremy Moore, KCB, OBE, MC, Royal Marines.

Chapters :
1. The Chaplain's Role;
2. War with Nazi Germany - September 1939;
3. Christmas 1939;
4. England to Singapore February to April 1940;
5. HM Naval Base at Singapore - 1940 to 1942;
6. Extracts from letters home to my parents;
7. A New Year and more letters home;
8. Chaplain on the run in 1942;
9. Locum aboard SS Staffordshire;
10. Royal Navy Chaplain's third battle front - 1942 to 1944 ;
11. Peacetime Chaplain in HMS Liverpool - 1948 to 1950;
12. HMS Siskin, RNAS, Gosport -1952 to 1955;
13. Royai Marines Depot and School of Music at Deal -1955 to 1957;
14. HMS Heron, The End of an Era -1960 to 1963;
15. Conclusion.

Slightly rubbed, slight wrinkling to lower corner of first 30 pages, else very good in rubbed dustjacket. 40.00

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179 POPE, Dudley Battle of the River Plate : The Hunt for the German Pocket Battleship Graf Spee. pbk.
McBooks Press, Inc, Ithaca, N.Y, 2005, ISBN:1590130960 
POPE, Dudley. The Battle of the River Plate : The Hunt for the German Pocket Battleship Graf Spee. Ithaca, N.Y.: McBooks Press, Inc., (2005). First Printing Thus. Pp [i]-xvii,(1),1-237,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. Very good to fine. 12.00

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180 POPE, Dudley Graf Spee : The Life and Death of a Raider. First American Edition in dustjacket
Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1957, 
POPE, Dudley. Graf Spee : The Life and Death of a Raider. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1957. First US Edition. Pp (6),vii-xviii,19-256 + [16] pp of plates. 8vo, blue cloth spine with blue paper covered boards. Law 0113. "Here for the first time, is the full account of the operations and destruction of the ship that was the pride of the German navy." -from the dust jacket. Foreword by Admiral Sir Edward Parry; Preface by Admiral Sir Charles Woodhouse. Heavy browning to pages xii and xiii from presence of newspaper clippings, else vg chipped and unclipped dustjacket with several closed tears. 50.00

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