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161 DAVISON, Ann Last Voyage : An autobiographical account of all that led up to an illicit voyage and the outcome thereof. UK Readers Union
Peter Davies, London, 1956, 
DAVISON, Ann. Last Voyage : An autobiographical account of all that led up to an illicit voyage and the outcome thereof. Illustrated by C. Walter Hodges. London : Peter Davies, (June 1956). Illustrated Edition. Pp (12),3-238.8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Toy 0811, Morris & Howland p.41. "The voyage was illicit, because by the time Frank and Ann Davison had completed their transformation of the old fishing-ketch Reliance. into a floating home, in which they hoped to live and voyage to the far corners of the world, their funds were gonme and the mortgages foreclosed. In desperation they escaped to the sea, planning to gain a respite Gales, exhaustion and disaster quickly overtook them and it may well be doubted whether so graphic and harrowing a narrative of a fatal shipwreck has ever before come from the pen of a survivor - who herself escaped death only by a miracle" - from the dj. Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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162 de la MARE, Walter WHISTLER, Rex. DEFOE, Daniel Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe. First American Edition
Farrar & Rinehart, 1930, 
DE LA MARE, Walter. Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe. With Decorations byRex Whistler. New York : Farrar & Rinehart, MCMXXX. First US Edition. Pp 2 99. 8vo, blue cloth. See National Book League, Walter de la Mare: A Checklist, A78a for the British edition.. The author helpfully adds an eighteenth-century style subtitle: "...being the VOYAGE of a HULK, called by courtesy a Lecture, that was launched under the Auspices of The Royal Society of Literature of London, many years ago, namely, in 1920, was afterwards frequently in Dock again for Repair and then refitted for FARTHER ADVENTURINGS, andso at length became laden with an unconscionable Cargo of Odds and Ends an d Flotsam and Jetsam, much of it borrow'd from other Vessels infinitely more Seaworthy than itself, and the most of that concern'd with what are knownas ISLANDS, some of them Real, some of them Allegorical, and the rest pure ly Fabulous; together with a rambling Discourse cocerning a very Famous Manof Letters, viz. DANIEL DEFOE, and his Elective Affinity, ROBINSON CRUSOE: which, being concocted in a most Unmethodical Fashion, is now presented to a World already groaning under an intolerable Burden of Printed Matter by its Humble Servant the Author, and dedicated to his son DICK, MDCCCCXXX." Rubbed and slightly soiled, else vg. 40.00

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163 DE VILLIERS, Marq HIRTLE, Sheila. Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins and Curious History of Sable Island. First Edition in dustjacket.
McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 2004, ISBN:0771026420 
DE VILLIERS, Marq and Sheila HIRTLE. A Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins andCurious History of Sable Island. (Toronto) : McClelland & Stewart, (2004). First Printing. Pp (12),1-276. Illustrated with [1] pp map to text. 8vo, g rey paper covered boards, metallic red lettering to spine. "Now, with A Dune Adrift, the authors turn their attention to another body of sand [after their book on the Sahara], this one shifting and blowing in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia. otia. Sable Island, mysterious "graveyard of the Atlantic," creature of f Nova Scotia. Sable Island, mysterious "graveyard of the Atlantic," creature of both legend and scientific study, defies total explanation. How, for instance, does what is no more or less than a sand dune exist century after century, in winds and tides that have destroyed sturdy ships, without being blown away, dispersed by the gales, orpushed over the edge of the continental shelf into the depths of the sea? De Villiers and Hirtle look at this scientific puzzle, as well as the history and the stunning natural beauty of Sable Island in this fascinating and often lyrical journey. " -from the dust jacket. Chapters : 1. Its Disputed Discovery: Vikings and Basques appear, the first shipwreck is recorded, and"cattel & swyne” deposited there; 2. Its glacial origins: The island is ma pped and placed in its ocean neighborhood, along with the curiosity called Gully; 3. Its feckless colonizers: Colonizers, hapless castaways, stranded ships, curious apparitions, lurid tales, a mad monk; 4. Its serial shipwrecks: The deadly effect of Sable's secretive and treacherous nature as well as its uniquely strategic location; 5. Its tides and complex currents: Amongthe forces that sustain and transform the island are the massive movements of water; 6. Its gales and killer waves: Massive storms and storm-borne wa ves form and reform the island, tearing at its structures; 7. Its human drama: Several times owned and abandoned, Sable's once thriving "beeves" vanish from ken; 8. Its Boston connection: The Rev. Andrew Le Mercier and his eminent network, the Faneuils and the Hancocks; 9. Its Acadian roots: The horses finally appear on Sable, payoff for Hancock's help in expelling the Acadians; 10. Its curious ecosystem: A surprisingly moderate climate which allows the abundant presence of fresh water and horse fodder; 11. Its lurid rumors: More shipwrecks, reports of wreckers, the sad tale of Mrs. Copeland'sring, the establishment of Sable Station; 12. Its eccentric governors: The Governors of the Humane Establishment, sequestered lunatics, and the bound less good will of Miss Dorothea Dix; 13. Its savage storms: Appalling storms tear away at the island, and the fishing fleets battered by the furious Gales of August; 14. Its wild creatures: The peculiar fauna of the island and its ocean neighborhood, and the now-feral horses, finally left to fend for themselves.; 15. Its confusing politics: The establishment is shut down, Sable's usefulness is disputed, its governance confused, its future uncertain; 16. Its very existence at risk: Sable may be growing,or it may be shrinking, but in the long term it is probably doomed to disappear; Epilogue. Its endless gales: The horses are still there, humans come and go, the gales still blow, the storms still wound, Sable endures. With notes, bibliography, index. Rubber stamp on flyleaf, else very good in dustjacket. 25.00

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164 De VILLIERS, Marq. HIRTLE, Sheila. Sable Island : The Strange Origins and Curious History of a Dune Adrift in the Atlantic. American Paperback.
Walker, New York, 2006, ISBN:0802777406 
De VILLIERS, Marq and Sheila HIRTLE. Sable Island : The Strange Origins andCurious History of a Dune Adrift in the Atlantic. New York: Walker and Co. , (2006). Pp. (4),[v]-ix,(3),[1]-276. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated white card covers with blue spine.. Originally published in Canada by McLelland and Stewart under the title "A Dune Adrift". Very good. 10.00

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Nova Scotia : A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada 1605-1878.  First Edition in dustjacket, de VOLPI, Charles P. HICKS, Henry D., foreword deVOLPI, Charles]
165 de VOLPI, Charles P. HICKS, Henry D., foreword deVOLPI, Charles] Nova Scotia : A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada 1605-1878. First Edition in dustjacket
Longman, 1974, 
de VOLPI, Charles P. Nova Scotia : A Pictorial Record. Historical Prints and Illustrations of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada 1605-1878. (Forewordby Henry D. Hicks). Longman Canada Limited, (1974). First Edition. Pp (4), v-xii, 1-11 + 160 plates. Smallfolio, tan cloth with a view of Halifax laid on front board. Not in Tennyson. Charles Patrick de Volpi (b. July16, 1911 – d. November 24, 1981). 35 of the prints reproduced can be consi dered marine views: many harbour scenes and several shipwrecks. E.g. The Burning of the Prudent and Capture of the Bienfaisant at Louisburg; Naval Battle - 21st July, 1781; His Majesty's Brig Observer Engaging the American Privateer Jack, off the Harbour of Halifax, 1782; H.M.S. Shannon Leading Chesapeake into Halifax Harbour, 1813; H.M.S. Atlante passing Sambro, 1814; Wreck of the Arcadia on Sable Island, 1857, Champion Sculler's Race - The Finish, 1871; The Sarmatian Passing through the Fleet-Halifax, 1878. The full list: Port Royal, 1605 Abitasion du Port Royal, 1605 Landing of New England Forces, 1745 French Fortress Louisbourg Captured, Halifax from ye Topmasthead, 1750 Britain's Glory, or Reduction of Cape Breton, 1758 Capture of Louisbourg and Island of Cape Breton, 1758 Louisbourg, Taken near Lighthouse, 1758 Burning of the Prudent and Capture of the Bienfaisant, 1758 Town and Harbour of Halifax from Opposite Shore. 1759 Town and Harbour of Halifax Looking up to King's Yard, 1759 Town and Harbour of Halifax Looking down PrinceStreet, 1759 Town and Harbour of Halifax Looking to Opposite Shore, 1759 C hurch of St. Paul and Parade at Halifax, 1759 Governor's House and St. Mather's Meeting House, Halifax, 1759 Louisbourg, 1760 Annapolis Royal, 1781 Entrance of Louisbourg Harbour, 1781 Louisbourg from the North-East, 1781 South Entrance of Grand Passage, 1781 Town and Harbour of Halifax from Dartmouth Shore, 1781 Isle Haut and Cape Chegnecto, 1781 Cape St. Mary, 1781 Entrance of Mines Bason / Minas Basin, 1781 Plaister Cliffs on West Shore of George's Bay, 1781 Louisbourg, 1781 View from Camp at East End of Naked Sand Hills, 1781 Isle of Sable, Wreckers Den Near Pond, 1781 Sable Island Annapolis Royal, 1781 Halifax, 1781 Cape Blowmedown open with Cape Split, 1781 Cape Blomidon Departure of S. Prentice from Ship-Wrecked Companions, 1781 Ensign Samuel Prentice Naval Battle, 1781 Halifax from Fort Needham, 1782 North-West Aspect of Citadel, Halifax, 1782 Halifax from Point Pleasant, 1782 Entrance to Halifax Harbour, 1782 Brig Observer engaging American Privateer Jack, 1782 Halifax from Fort Needham, 1801 View from Cowie's Hill, near Halifax, 1801 Halifax from Davis's Mill, 1801 Halifax from George's Island, 1801 Entrance into Halifax Harbour, 1803 Commissioner's House in Naval Yard, Halifax, 1804 Windsor, 1811 H.M.S. Atlante passing Sambro, Halifax, 1814 H.M.S. Shannon Leading Chesapeake into Halifax Harbour, 1813 Halifax from Dartmouth Point, 1817 St. George's Island, Halifax Harbour, 1818 Perspective View of Province Building from N.E., 1819 Government House from S. W. 1819 Government House from N.E., 1819 Fort and Part of Town of Annapolis, 1829 Front Street of Windsor, 1829 Halifax, 1827 Province House, Halifax, 1830 Lochaber Lake, County Sydney, 1830 Cape Blow-Me-Down, and Bason of Mines, 1830 Hahtax from Dartmouth Cove, 1832 Digby, 1835 Entrance to Digby from the North, 1835 Parrsboro' from the Water, 1836 Halifax from Indian Encampment at Dartmouth, 1837 A Sleigh Leaving Windsor, 1837 Bedford Basin from Near Three Mile House, 1837 Interior of a Wigwam, 1837 Cobaquid Mountains, 1837 Windsor from Barracks, 1837 Stream Near Grand Shubinacadie Lake, 1837 . Indian of Mic Mac Tribe, 1837 Position of Pier's Howe's and Maybury's Boats, Regatta, Halifax, 1838 Cornwallis, Grand Priare and Basin of Minas, 1837 Halifaxfrom Eastern Passage, 1837 Halifax from Fort Needham, 1837 Halifax from Re d Mill, Dartmouth, 1839 Entrance to Halifax Harbour From Reeve's Hill, 1839Bedford Basin, 1839 Ruins of Duke of Kent's Lodge, 1839 Halifax from Mc Na b's Island, 1839 View on North-West Arm, 1839 Windsor from Fort Hill, 1840 View from Retreat Farm, Windsor, 1840 View from Horton Mountains, Looking over Grand Pré, 1840 Pictou from Mortimer's Point, 1840 Pictou from Road to Halifax, 1840 Pictou from Fort Hill, 1840 Argyle Street, Halifax, 1840 Province Building, Halifax, 1840 Tandem Club Assembly in Front of Dalhousie College, 1841 Halifax from Eastern Battery, 1839 Halifax from Narrows, 1839 The General's Bridge Near Annapolis, 1842 Old Fort Near Annapolis, 1842 Scenein Bay of Annapolis, 1842 Windsor, 1842 Residence of Judge Haliburton, 184 2 Kentville, 1842 Cape Split, Bay of Fundy, 1842 Cape Blow-Me-Down and Parrsboro, 1842 Halifax from Dartmouth, 1842 Church of Our Lady of Dolours, 1843 St. Mary's, Halifax, c.1846 Conflagration of North Barracks, «, Halifax, 1851 Halifax, c. 1854 Nova Scotia Industrial Exhibition Building, 1854 Camps of the 76th and Artillery at Mt. Pleasant, 1855 Barracks of the Foreign Legion, Melville Island, 1855 Wreck of the Arcadia on Sable Island, 1857 Halifax, I860 Point Pleasant, Halifax Harbour, 1860 The Town of Pictou, Northumberland Strait, 1863 Goldwashing Near Lunenburg, 1861 Lunenburg from Battery Point, 1861 Halifax from Mc Nab's Island, c. 1862 A Forest Road - Summer, 1863 A Forest Road - Winter, 1863 Halifax as Seen from the Cupola of the Mount Hope Asylum, 1865 Nova Scotia Scenery, 1868 Gold River, 1870 Town andHarbour of Sydney, C.B., 1871 Acadia College, Wolfville, 1871 Town and Har bour of Sydney, C.B., 1871 East River, Pictou; 1871 Four Oared Race to M'Nab's Island, 1871 Boats Returning to Halifax, Past Dartmouth, 1871 Champion Sculler's Race - The Finish. 1871 On the Road to Bedford Range, 1871 Bedford Range, 1871 Pirate Harbour, Straits of Canso, 1872 Guysboro, 1872 Block House, Annapolis, 1872 Ruins of Fortifications, Annapolis, 1872 Village of River Philip, Cumberland Co., 1872 Mainadieu, Cape Breton, 1872 Wolfville,. 1872 Pictou from Mackenzie Point, 1872 The Digby Regatta, 1872 Little Hope Light House, 1872 Port Matoon, 1872 [Port Mouton] Masonic Temple Liverpool,1873 Wreck of The Atlantic, 1873 Long Island Passage, Bras d'Or Lake, 1873 Emery Colliery, Cape Breton, 1873 Lingan and International Colliery, Cape Breton, 1873 Cow Bay, Scene of the Recent Storm, 1873 Mira River Bridge, Cape Breton, 1875 New Campbellton, Cape Breton, 1876 Town of Amherst, 1876 Valley of River Philip, 1876 Torbay Station, 1877 Prince of Wales Tower, Halifax, 1877 Falls near Truro, 1877 Library and Museum, King's College, 1877 Yarmouth Illustrated, 1878 The Sarmatian Passing through the Fleet-Halifax, 1878. Very good in worn, torm dustjacket. 85.00

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166 DEACON, G.E.R. (ed.) Oceans. 2nd ed, 1st pr UK card covers
Paul Hamlyn, 1968, 
DEACON, G.E.R. (ed.). Oceans : An Atlas-History of Man's Exploration of theDeep. L.: Paul Hamlyn, (1968). Second Edition, First Printing. Pp 295. Ill ustrated. 4to, card covers. Contents : The Earth and Its Oceans; Men Against the Sea; Life in the Sea; Sunken Cities and Forgotten Wrecks; New Attack on the Sea; Future of the Sea. For Deacon (21 March 1906 - 16 November1984)see DNB 1981-1985, pp.111-112. Edges nicked, else vg. 16.00

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New Brunswick Sea Stories : Phantom Ships and Pirate's Gold, Shipwrecks andIron Men.  First Edition., DEARBORN, Dorothy
167 DEARBORN, Dorothy New Brunswick Sea Stories : Phantom Ships and Pirate's Gold, Shipwrecks andIron Men. First Edition.
Neptune Publishing Co., Saint John, NB, 1998, ISBN:1896270131 
DEARBORN, Dorothy. New Brunswick Sea Stories : Phantom Ships and Pirate's Gold, Shipwrecks and Iron Men. Illustrations by Ralph Olive. (Saint John, NB: Neptune Publishing Company Ltd., 1998). First Edition. Pp. (1)-128. Illu strated. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. "New Brunswick Sea Stories by Dorothy Dearborn goes from miracles to mayhem as the author presents story after story reflecting the times and traditions of two centuries of shipbuilding and shipping in New Brunswick. 'From the Bay of Chaleur through the Gulf of St. Lawrence and into the Bay of Fundy, our waterways are filled withuntold stories. Many of those stories are under the sea, in the more than 1,900 shipwrecks resting in their watery graves.' Phantom ships, sea monsters, mutiny, murder find their places beside stories of those Iron Men of the sea who sailed their ships around the world time and time again in the most dangerous circumstances. Heroism has its place here as well, in truth the stories in this book reflect the good and the bad that follows us throughlife ... wherever we are." - from rear cover. The Romance of the Sea in th e Age of Sail St. Martins, family ties and famous ship builders Phantom Ships and Sea Monsters The Phantom of St. Martins The Phantom Fire Ship of theBay of Chaleur Ghost Ships ply rivers, too The Phantom Ship of Kennebecasi s Bay Ann Currier, Quaco's Ghost Ship The Union Mystery Ship of St. MartinsEat your heart out, Nessie Horror Stories and Hauntings at Sea Power strug gle on the fo'c'sle Cannibalism on the Caroline [a barque out of Joseph Cunard's shipyard in Bathurst in 1839] Blood, gore and more tales of old ship's at sea Murder at Sea Iron Men and Wooden Ships The Climb of a Lifetime Tidal wave Wanted: One Rescue Team with Heart One of those Iron Men [George McAllister, 1804-1842] Miracle on the 28th Parallel [the schooner Herold, 1844] For the Good of His Health? [Young William Logan of Saint John was a passenger on the Alexander McKenzie when she set sail from Saint ohn in the winter of 1876 with Captain Harvey Copp of Waterside, Albert County] Foggy Night in the Reversing Falls and a Ferry Boat ride to remember! An 1859 Robert Foulis' Foghorn let sailors see with their ears Legacies of the Sea Pillars of the Community got rich from whales Leprosy in New Brunswick How to build a wooden ship ... New Brunswick Style Shipwrecks The wreck of the Humacao becomes a tomb Bottles on the bottom too often become a diver's trophy Questions of treasure hunting rights and ownership A Light Keeper's memories Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 9.00

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168 DEFOE, Daniel FINNEMORE, J. THOMPSON, G.H. WEBB, Archibald Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York Mariner as Related by Himself
Ernest Nister, London, 0, 
DEFOE, Daniel. Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ofYork Mariner as Related by Himself. London: Ernest Nister, [n.d.] Pp. (1)- 328. Illustrated with "upwards of eighty black-and-white drawings by J. Finnemore, G.H. Thompson, and Archibald Webb" plus six colour plates includingfrontispiece. Illustrated cloth cover with gilt lettering, red dye to page edges. Inner hinges cracked, 1.5" of upper rear hinge cracked, spine darke ned, edgeworn, board showing through cloth at corners, soiling and rubbing to covers, else vg. 45.00

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169 DELGADO, James P. CUSSLER, Clive (foreword) Adventures of a Sea Hunter : In Search of Famous Shipwrecks.. First Edition in dustjacket.
Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 2004, ISBN:1553650719 
DELGADO, James P. Adventures of a Sea Hunter : In Search of Famous Shipwrecks. Foreword by Clive Cussler. Vancouver: Douglas & MacIntyre, (2004). First Printing. Pp (10),1-230. Illustrated. 8vo, grey paper covered boards withsilver lettering to spine. Contents: 1. Graveyard of the Pacific: Off Cape Disappointment, Washington ; 2. Pearl Harbor; 3. Sunk by the Atomic Bomb: at Bikini Atoll ; 4. A Cursed Ship: Mutiny on the USS Somers, November 26, 1842; 5. Titanic [pp.62-76]; 6. Carpathia: April 15, 1912; 7. Catherine theGreat's Lost Art: Off Finland, October 4, 1771; 8. Kublai Khan's Lost Flee t: At Hakozaki Shrine in Japan; 9. Buried in the Heart of San Francisco: Fire in the City, May 4, 1851 [the General Harrison, as well as two other buried wrecks]; 10. Heroes Under Fire: The Coast of Cuba [the Merrimac, &c]; 11. Hitler's Rockets: Near Neustadt, Germany; 12. The Last German Cruiser: Mas a Tierra Island off Chile, March 13, 1914 [the Dresden]; 13. Arctic Fox:THe High Arctic, May 5, 1859; 14. A Civil War Submarine: A Mystery in Pana ma [the Sub Marine Explorer]; Conclusion: What's Next?. With bibliography and index. Very good in stickered dustjacket. 25.00

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170 DEVINE, Eric. McWILLIAMS, Alden. BAIRD, Bil. HERRESHOFF. Down the Hatch : Gay Yachting Yarns. 1st in dj.
Sheridan House, New York, 1945, 
DEVINE, Eric, assembled and introduced. Down the Hatch : Gay Yachting Yarns. Illustrated by Alden McWilliams; jacket design by Bil Baird. New York: Sheridan House, (1945). Pp (4), 5-251, (5). Illustrations. 8vo, pale blue cloth. Toy 278. Contents include: A Prelude to Enslavement / Weston Martyr ; Captain Snooty-off-the-Yacht / Guy Gilpatric ; The Log of a Landlubber / Erle Stanley Gardner ; Corset Lanyards / Frederic Fenger ; Consider the Name /Carleton S. Cooke ; The Story of Sailing / James Thurber ; How to Run a Ya chtsman / Capt. John Shipwright ; A Yacht Race / Ring Lardner ; "Grab That Mooring" / Edward A. Hine ; Disgraced--Again and Again / Alfred F. Loomis ;My Wife Wants a New Spinnaker / Howard V. L. Bloomfield ; Unsung Heroes of Yachting / William H. Taylor ; Shipwrecks I hHave Almost Known / Helen Hai nes Stuart ; The North Sea / Hilaire Belloc ; H 28--Or the Building of the Snarke / L. Francis Herreshoff ; Round the Clubhouse Fire / Thomas Fleming Day ; Hoist Away! / Philip Holland ; A Girl Can Trim a Spinnaker / Charles Rawlings ; Falcon Gets Under Way / E. F. Knight. Very good in chipped, edgeworn dustjacket. 20.00

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171 DEVINE, Eric. McWILLIAMS, Alden. BAIRD, Bil. HERRESHOFF. Down the Hatch : Gay Yachting Yarns. First Edition
Sheridan House, New York, 1945, 
DEVINE, Eric, assembled and introduced. Down the Hatch : Gay Yachting Yarns. Illustrated by Alden McWilliams; jacket design by Bil Baird. New York : Sheridan House, Publishers, (1945). First Edition. Pp (4), 5-251, (5). Illustrations. 8vo, pale blue cloth, dark blue lettering to spine. Toy 278. A collection of short pieces including: "A Prelude to Enslavement" by Weston Martyr ; "Captain Snooty-off-the-Yacht" a Glencannon story by Guy Gilpatric ;"The Log of a Landlubbe" by Erle Stanley Gardner ; "Corset Lanyards" by Fr ederic Fenger; "Consider the Name" by Carleton S. Cooke ; The Story of Sailing" by James Thurber ; "How to Run a Yachtsman" by Capt. John Shipwright ;A Yacht Race" by Ring Lardner ; "Grab That Mooring" / Edward A. Hine ; Dis graced--Again and Again / Alfred F. Loomis ; "My Wife Wants a New Spinnaker" by Howard V. L. Bloomfield ; "Unsung Heroes of Yachting" by William H. Taylor ; "Shipwrecks I hHave Almost Known" by Helen Haines Stuart ; "The North Sea" by Hilaire Belloc ;" H 28--Or the Building of the Snarke" by L. Francis Herreshoff ; "Round the Clubhouse Fire" by Thomas Fleming Day ; "Hoist Away!" by Philip Holland; "A Girl Can Trim a Spinnaker" by Charles Rawlings; "Falcon Gets Under Way" by E. F. Knight. Name, spine sunned, else very g ood. 10.00

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Age of Heroes : A Boy, a Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune. First Edition, DICKIE, John R.
172 DICKIE, John R. Age of Heroes : A Boy, a Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune. First Edition
Pottersfield Press, Lawrencetown Beach, N.S., 2009, ISBN:9781897426111 
DICKIE, John R. Age of Heroes : A Boy, a Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune. Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada : Pottersfield Press, (2009). First Edition. Pp (6),7-240. With a few b&w photos in the text, 2 charts,a reproduction of an 1801 aquatint and a diagram of a 34-gun British friga te. 8vo, art-illustrated dark brown cardcovers, with white & red lettering to spine. John R. Dickie (b. 1962, Nova Scotia). "Age of Heroes documents one of Nova Scotia's greatest sea tales. It comes from the golden age of fighting sail, the so called "age of heroes" which has long drawn audiences tobooks like Master and Commander and the Horatio Hornblower genre of nautic al fiction. France''s La Tribune frigate fell to Britain's HMS Unicorn after a moonlit sea battle fought off Ireland's coast. The humbled warship was added to the Royal Navy lists when admirals like John Jervis and Horatio Nelson were defending England's shores from invasion and her sea lanes from attack by revolutionary France. Tribune was ushered into British service during the turmoil of the Spithead and Nore mutinies, her crew a collection ofyoung English, Irish and Scots eager to fight for King and Country, as wel l as for their own glory. Unfortunately, HMS Tribune was mistakenly run aground by her sailing master while entering Halifax Harbour on November 23, 1797. During the attempt to escape from her rocky prison, Tribune was caughtin a horrendous storm and ultimately sank at night with the loss of more t han 240 souls. Only a thirteen-year old orphan fisher boy [Joe Cracker] from nearby Herring Cove dared to row his tiny skiff into the jaws of the tempest to save British sailors stranded on the wreck. Impressed by his selfless act, Prince Edward, the future father of Queen Victoria who was residing in Halifax at the time, rewarded the young boy for his brave deed. In this true tale of valour, the legend of the hero fisher boy lives on more than two centuries after his part in one of Canada''s most compelling sea stories." - from the back cover. The chapters [un-numbered in the book] are : 1. Tribune Head; 2. Guadeloupe, 1795 3. The Nova Scotia Station, 1796 4. Unicorn and La Tribune; 5. The Prize; 6. Portsmouth Dock; 7. Aground at Thrumcap;8. The Loss of H.M.S. Tribune; 9. On the Masts; 10. Age of Heroes [Lieuten ant Brenton Halliburton, &c]; 11. Rediscovery of Tribune. With endnotes, HM.S. Tribune Crew List, and references. Very good. 12.50

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173 DICKINSON, Jonathan) ANDREWS, Evangeline Walker, ed. ANDREWS, Charles McLean, ed. LABAREE, Leonard W., intro. Jonathan Dickinson's Journal. card covers.
Florida Classics Library, Port Salerno, 1985, ISBN:0912451009 
(DICKINSON, Jonathan). Jonathan Dickinson's Journal or, God's Protecting Providence. Being the Narrative of a Journey from Port Royal in Jamaica to Philadelphia between August 23, 1696 and April 1, 1697. Edited by Evangeline Walker Andrews and Charles McLean Andrews; with a foreword and new introduction by Leonard W. Labaree. Port Salerno, Fl.: Florida Classics Library, 1985. Pp 109 + [8] pp of plates; and a 1709 folding map on the inside back cover. Illustrated with maps, drawings and facsimiles to text. 8vo, ill. blueand white card covers. "A true story of shipwreck and torture on the Flori da Coast in 1696." -from the cover. A deliverance narrative first publishedin 1803, recounting the fate of a group of Quakers shipwrecked on the host ile coast of Florida in the late seventeenth century. It not only gives a eyewitness account by a survivor but it records aspects of the lives, rituals and customs of the early native people of this area. Occasional underlining with inked notations verso rear cover, else vg. 12.50

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174 DILLON, Patrick Lost at Sea. 1st US in dj
Dial Press, New York, 1998, ISBN:0385314213 
DILLON, Patrick. Lost at Sea: An American Tragedy. (NY): Dial Press, (November 1998). First US Printing. Pp (16),[1]-264,(8). 8vo, black cloth spine with black paper covered boards. A journalistic account of the wreck of the crab-boats Americus and Altair in the Bering Sea in February of 1983, whichthe author asserts to be the worst single disaster in the history of the A merican fishing industry. Vg in vg dj. 16.00

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175 DOBSON, Christopher MILLER, John. PAYNE, Ronald. Cruelest Night. in dj.
Little, Brown, 1979, 
DOBSON, Christopher, John MILLER, and Ronald PAYNE. The Cruelest Night. Boston: Little, Brown, (1979). Pp 223, [8] pp plates. 8vo, blue spine with blue boards. "...reveals, for the first time, the full story of the worst of all sea tragedies, the sinking by a Russian submarine of the German ocean liner Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea in 1945. At least seven thousand military personnel and civilians in flight from the avenging Red army perished- nearly five times the number who died on the Titanic." -from the dj. Slight shelfwear, gift inscription, else vg in rubbed, nicked, price-clipped dj. 50.00

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176 DOBSON, Dorothy Story of Brigantine Rover
Mariner Books, Port Williams, NS, 1996, ISBN:0969850123 
DOBSON, Dorothy. The Story of Brigantine Rover . Port Williams, NS: MarinerBooks, (1996). First Printing. Pp. (2),3-52. Illustrated. Small 8vo, stapl ed illustrated orange and grey card covers. A slim volume chronicling the history of the Rover, the first ship built by the Wallace Ship Building Company, from launch, to eventual shipwreck. Vg. 12.00

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177 DONAHUE, James L. Schooners in Peril : True and Exciting Stories About Tall Ships on the Great Lakes. pbk.
Thunder Bay Press, Holt, Michigan, 1995, ISBN:1882376234 
DONAHUE, James L. Schooners in Peril : True and Exciting Stories About TallShips on the Great Lakes. Holt, Michigan : Thunder Bay Press, (1995). Seco nd Printing. Pp (8),1-237,(3). Illustrated. Index. 8vo, illustrated black card covers. Contents : Capsized. Collisions. Fires. River Crashes. On the Rocks. The Deep Six. Narrow Escapes. Very good. 15.00

Price: 15.00 CDN
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178 DOUGLAS, M Favorite Library Frozen North
De Wolfe, Fiske & Co, 0, 
DOUGLAS, M. The Frozen North. The Story of North Polar Expeditions with Nordenskiöld, Nares, Greely, De Long, Nansen and Jackson-Harmsworth. Illustrated with maps, colored plates and engravings. Boston: De Wolfe, Fiske & Co.,[n. d.]. Pp 176, including colour frontis. + [3] leaves of colour plates. Illustrated with [16] pp of b/w illustrations to text. Small 8vo, pictorialtan cloth, gilt to upper board. The Favorite Library. Cover adds: "The Nar rative of Arctic Discovery." This is a series of vignettes of some of the early arctic explorers and the untold hardships they had to face, including shipwrecks, horrific weather conditions, terrifying attempts to walk to safety, starvation, madness and often death. Very nice colour illustrations. Covers worn, extremities bumped, frayed, upper board splayed, front inner hinge cracked, pages browning to edges, bookplate, previous owner’s inscription to front free endpaper, ow vg. 30.00

Price: 30.00 CDN
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179 DROSTE, C.L. TANTUM, W.H., IV, ed. Lusitania Case. 7C's in PSL dj.
Patrick Stephens / 7C's Press Incorporated, London and Connecticut, 1972, ISBN:0850590973 
DROSTE, C.L. The Lusitania Case. Collected by C.L. Droste. Edited by W.H. Tantum, IV. London and Connecticut: Patrick Stephens / 7C's Press Incorporated, 1972. Originally published in 1916. Pp. (2),[1]-224. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated grey cloth in like jacket. NOTE: The title page is a cancel leaf for the British (Patrick Stephens) edition. "7C's Press" is printed on the spine, but this volume is in a Patrick Stephens dust jacket. "Only a few years before the whole civilized world had waited and watched while the first fugitive splutters of the wireless told the story of the sinking of the Titanic. Hundreds of millions of people waited and watched for the final truth of the sinking of the greatest ship in the world, and the memory of that horror in the American mind still survived the reports of more recent battles. But the Titanic was an accident. Now, all the circumstances of the earlier tragedy were repeated as the result of a wanton act of man. Few of the people who were alive in America on the day and night when the first reports of the Lusitania Massacre began to arrive will ever forget the horror, the indignation, the stupefaction produced by that crime. For twenty-four hours the country refused to believe that a civilized nation, presumably holding the same ideals and the same conceptions of humanity, could permit itssailors to launch against a passenger ship, laden with women and children and carrying neutrals as well as belligerents, a torpedo which would inevitably result in the slaughter of innocent and helpless human beings." - fromthe dj. Vg in nicked, unclipped dj. 65.00

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Nova Scotian Vessels Shipwrecked or Disabled in United States Coastal Waters, 1875-1914.  First Edition, DUNCANSON, John Victor, comp.
180 DUNCANSON, John Victor, comp. Nova Scotian Vessels Shipwrecked or Disabled in United States Coastal Waters, 1875-1914. First Edition
West Hants Historical Society, Windsor, NS, 1997, ISBN:0968064116 1997 0968064116 / 9780968064115 
DUNCANSON, John Victor, comp. Nova Scotian Vessels Shipwrecked or Disabled in United States Coastal Waters, 1875-1914. Compiled by John Victor Duncanson. Windsor, Nova Scotia : West Hants Historical Society, 1997. First Edition. Pp. i-x,1-238. 8vo, blue card covers with English Red Ensign to front. John Victor Duncanson (born August 25, 1918, Windsor, N.S. - d. January 14, 1999, Falmouth, Hants County, N.S.).

A very handy reference, drawing on numerous contemporary sources, detailing more than 250 Nova Scotian shipwrecks off the American coast in the later quarter of the nineteenth century, up until the start of the First World War.

Each entry includes a paragraph outlining the wreck, with the ship specifications, value of the vessel and cargo, and souls lost and / or rescued. With general index and vessel index.

Light wear to covers, else very good. 35.00

Price: 35.00 CDN
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