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181 PUDNEY, John. DE LESSEPS, Ferdinand) RIOU, Edouard Suez : De Lesseps' Canal. UK in dj
Dent, 1969, 
PUDNEY, John. Suez: De Lesseps' Canal. With one map and thirty-nine contemporary engravings of the construction of the canal by Edouard Riou. L.: Readers Union, J. M. Dent & Sons, (1969). Readers Union Edition. Pp 242, including port. frontis. Illustrated with drawings to text. 8vo, olive green cloth. This is an account of the construction of the Suez Canal as spearheaded by French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps. Namestamp, else vg in rubbed and nicked dj. 15.00

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182 QUENBY, Ron. TELFORD, Thomas). Thomas Telford's Aqueducts on the Shropshire Union Canal. First Edition, signed
Swan Hill Press, Shrewsbury, 1992, ISBN:1853102466 
(TELFORD, Thomas). QUENBY, Ron. Thomas Telford's Aqueducts on the Shropshire Union Canal. (Shrewsbury) : Swan Hill Press, (1992). First Edition. Pp (10),1-26. Illustrated. Map. Index. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers, letered in black and white. "Thomas Telford's five great aqueducts on the Shropshire Union Canal justify his reputation as one of the finest civil engineers. Built 200 years ago during the canal boom, the aqueducts show the Scotsman's mastery of the revolutionary new material of cast-iron. At Pontcysylltein North Wales he built the highest iron-trough aqueduct in the world, now world famous and still in use with narrow boats floating high above the De e Valley. At Chirk, Longdon on Tern, Nantwich and Stretton he built others which are prized for their originality and attractive design. " (from the back cover). Contents : I. Monarchs, Machines and Mania: The Historical Background. II. A Principle Entirely New: Longdon on Tern Aqueduct. III. Romantic and Very Perfect Chirk Aqueduct. IV. Aloft in Air: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. V. Final Flourish: Nantwich, Stretton and Other Aqueducts. VI. Impressingthe Beholder: The Aqueducts in the Public Eye. VII. From Trade to Tourism: The Aqueducts Through the Years. Very good. Signed without inscription by the author. 15.00

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183 RAUDZENS, George British Ordinance Department and Canada's Canals 1815-1855
Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, 1970, ISBN:0889200718 
RAUDZENS, George. British Ordinance Department and Canada's Canals 1815-1855. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Pp. [4] v-xi [1] 1-204. 8vo grey cloth covers. Chapters: Introduction; the ordnance Department; The Canadian Setting; The Struggle for Military canals, 1814-1825; Launching the Rideau Project; The Expansion of the Rideau Project; Completion of the Canaland Financial Chaos; Conflict Over Ordnance Property; Dissolution; The Ord nance Impact on Canada. Vg, no dj. 40.00

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Confederation of the British North American Provinces, RAWLINGS, Thomas
184 RAWLINGS, Thomas Confederation of the British North American Provinces
Sampson Low, 1865, 1865 
RAWLINGS, Thomas. The Confederation of the British North American Provinces; Their Past History and Future Prospects; including also British Columbia & Hudson's Bay Territory; with a Map, and Suggestions in Reference to the True and Only Practicable Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. London : Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1865. First Edition. Pp (2),[iii]-xi,(1),[1]-244,+ 4 plates + large folding map: "A Statistical Map of the British North American Confederacy and United States including British Columbia and Hudson's Bay Territory Showing the True and Only Practicable Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean" [i.e. a map of most of Canada and the continental United States] : with "Map and Profile of the Valley of the St. Lawrence River & Lake Country Extending from Lake Superior to the Gulf of St. Lawrence" along top edge (680 mm x 530 mm). Tables in the text throughout. 8vo, original reddish brown pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

O'Dea 703, TPL 4442, Lande 1408, Sabin 68006, Soliday IV: 483; Peel 206, Lowther 260, Waterston p.128.
Not in Streeter or Howes.
A German version is noted in Smith, Pacific Northwest Americana 8508.
Also see another similar much shorter English publication covering Minnesota and British Columbia in John F. Williams' Bibliography of Minnesota p.12.

This book includes two views of Victoria, British Columbia, along with a view of St.Paul, Minnesota and a farm scene.

"I purpose, in the following pages, to treat of the migratory movements of the human race chronologically — of the discoveries on the continent of America — of the early history, progress, present condition, and future prospects of all that territory lying north of the 49th parallel, the Lakes and the St. Lawrence, and extending from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, and which will constitute the proposed British North American Confederacy.
I desire to prove by that history, that progress, that prosperous present, and by that prospective future, what a splendid territory Great Britain possesses, and how proud she should be of so thriving, so energetic, so ambitious a people.
I shall devote a few chapters to the consideration of the "Western States of the United States; I shall show by statistical tables their progress, their development, and their inherent agricultural and mineral wealth.
The subject of a railway communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will also claim attention ; and it will be my endeavour to point out that route which, by its natural advantages, offers the most feasible and least expensive means of crossing the continent." - from the preface.

[Part I].

1. Introduction: The British Colonies ; their Extent, Population, Imports and Exports — The proposed British North American Confederation; their Extent, Population, Imports and Exports ; their prospective Wealth — Confederation a Means of Security — The Great Railway Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean — The Duty of England in reference to the Colonies;
2. Migratory Movements of the Human Race: Early Efforts of the Explorer, Geographer, and Navigator — America in its Primitive State — The Causes which operated to develop the Migratory Movements of Mankind, and the Progress in Discovery made by various Expeditions;
3. The Discovery of America : Scandinavian Records — Eric the Red Speculation of Europeans — Columbus and his Voyages — Balboa, Magellan, Cortez — Pizarro and his Comrades- Sir Francis Drake — Expeditions to the Arctic Ocean and their Result;
4. The Progress of Colonization : The Colonization of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward's Island, Nova Scotia, and the Canadas (Upper and Lower);
5. Statistics of Newfoundland, Prince Edward's Island, and Nova Scotia : Newfoundland : Agriculture ; Government ; Fisheries ; Shipping ; Imports and Exports ; Population — Prince Edward's Island : Industrial Resources; . Imports and Exports ; Counties, Towns, and Population ; Education ; Government — Nova Scotia : The Seasons ; Botanical Productions ; Shipping ; Agriculture ; Fisheries ; Commerce ; Population; Quadrupeds, Birds and Fish; Crown Lands; Education; Government; Halifax; Gold-Fields ; Minerals;
6. Description of New Brunswick: New Brunswick — Rivers and Counties — Capabilities of the Province — Forests — Fisheries — Minerals — Fruit and Vegetables — Manufactures— Counties — Commerce — Finances — Government — Public Schools — Militia — Census of 1861 — Agriculture; 7. The Canadas [Quebec and Ontario]: The Lakes, Rivers, and Canals — The Pictured Rocks — The Great Lakes — Mineral Wealth — Commerce, Shipping, Trade, and Statistics— Rivers — The Rapids — Canadian Song — Emigration— Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Kingstown, Hamilton, Cobourg, &c. — The Farming Interest of Canada — Agricultural Statistics and Tables'
8. Hudson's Bay Territory: The Hudson's Bay Company: its Charter, its Profits, its Furs — The Fur Trade : its Extent and Value — The Territory : its Government, its Physical Features, its Plains, Lakes, and Rivers — The Saskatchewan Valley — Testimony of Captain Blakiston, Captain Palisser, Sir George Simpson, Monsieur Bourgeau, Father De Smet, Professor Hind, and others in reference to its Agricultural Resources — The Railway Route — Its Minerals, Grass, Fish, Animals, Birds, Roots, Berries, &c. — The Red River Settlement — American Trade — Homes for the Emigrant — The Company's Lands in the Market — Crossing the Rocky Mountains — Progress of the West - The Future Policy of the Hudson's Bay Company;
9. British Columbia and Vancouver's Island : The Rocky Mountains: their Extent, their Altitude, their Passes — British Columbia : Early Discovery, Boundary-line, Lakes, Rivers, &c.; Gold and the Gold-mines; Discovery of the Gold ; Testimony of Governor Douglas, G. Forbes Macdonald, Esq., and the Times Correspondent — Gold on Fraser River — Richness of the Mines— Mines on Thompson River — Lillooett Gold-mines - Cariboo Gold River — Steele's Company — Labour in British Columbia — Export of Gold in 1863 — Fertility of Soil in the Gold Neighbourhood — Progress of the Colony — Vancouver's Island: its Agricultural Resources, Coal-beds, Importance as a Naval Station, Imports and Exports; Prospecting, Panning, and Washing Gold;
10. The Railway System of North America: Early Travelling — Steam a Revolutionizer — Length of Railway in England, France, and the United States — Opening of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad — Professor Mitchell's Testimony as to their "Value — Increase in Traffic of American Railways — Railway System of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick — Canadian Railways — The Inter-Colonial Railway — General Review of the Subject— The Duty of England towards the proposed British North American Confederacy

Part II.
1. The United States of America : Progress and Extent of Territory — Her Natural Beauties, Lakes, Rivers, Prairies, and Mountains —English Appreciation of America, and her Sympathy — Her Poets, Orators, Historians and Artists — Peace and Reciprocity — The Blessings of Peace - The Reciprocity Treaty - Its Results and Mutual Benefits - Its Continuation desirable;
2. The United States: Primary Object of the Book — Captain Palisser's Testimony — Route wholly through British Territory impossible — The only feasible Route, by way of Michigan and Minnesota to Hudson's Bay — Wealth of the Western States — Ohio : Products of Agriculture; Railways — Indiana : Area, Population, Progress of the State, Agricultural Products, Manufactures, and Railways — Michigan : General Statistics, Products of Agriculture, the Cereal Products, Miscellaneous Crops, and Railroads— Wisconsin : Topographical Features, Railroads, Products of Agriculture, Valuation and Taxation — Iowa : Agricultural Wealth, Increase, Railroads — Illinois : Agricultural Progress, Valuation and Taxation, Railways, and Number, Extent, and Cost of all the Railways in the United States;
3. Minnesota: Extent of Territory — St. Paul, the Capital—Physical Districts — Falls of St. Anthony and its Water Power — Mineral Resources—Sandstone, &c — Salt Springs The Relations of Minnesota in Reference to Internal Commerce — Rapid Progress of Cultivation — Agricultural Productions — Progress of Population — The Future of Minnesota — Testimony of Hon. W. H. Seward — Conclusion — Railway through Minnesota Illinois Central Railroad — The Value of the Lands — Value of the Illinois Lands;
4. Emigration : Advice to Emigrants to Canada or the United States — Progress of Emigration to America — Comparative Increase in Immigration from 1861 to 1864 — Emigration from Germany — Laws of Migration — Inducements to Settle in America — Stock-Breeding and Raising in Illinois.

A. The British American Federation — Resolutions Adopted at a Conference of Delegates from the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, and the Colonies of Newfoundland, and Prince Edward's Island;
B. Increased Production of Cultivated Plants near the Northernmost Limit of their Growth — Extracts from an Article upon the "Acclimating Principle of Plants", by Dr. Forry;
C. Professor M.F. Maury and Pacific Railroads — The Physical, Commercial, and Military Necessity of two Railroads, one North and one South;
D. Table of Distances, Fares, &c., between Great Britain and North America — Distances to Chicago, Illinois, from Quebec, New York, Boston, and New Orleans — Table of Distances and Fares in the United States and Canada, and Grand Trunk Railway; E. Itineraries of Routes from St. Paul to Pembina, Fort Garry, Fort Ellice, Edmonton House, and the Gulf of Georgia, British Columbia — Table of Distances from St. Paul to Pembina : From St. Paul to Lake Floyd ; Lake Floyd to Pembma ; Red Lake River to Pembina — Plain Trail : Route of Woods and Pope ; Route of Ellis Smith and Party — Various Routes : Saux Rapids to Sioux Wood River ; St. Cloud to Georgetown ; St. Cloud to Goose River; Detroit Lake to Georgetown, &c.— Railroad Lines — Table of Distances from Breckinridge to Pembina — Routes and Portions of Routes to the North and North- West of Pembina;
F. St. Paul and Pacific Railroad — Statement of the Hon. E. Rice, State Senator;
G. Value of Moneys in Canada — Colonial, British, American — Value of English Coin throughout Canada.
With index.
Mottled fading to covers, else very good, solid and clean. 900.00

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185 RECLUS, Elisee Ocean, Atmosphere and Life : Being the Second Volume of a Descriptive History of the Life of the Globe. First American Edition
Harper & Brothers, New York, 1873, 
RECLUS, Ιlisιe. The Ocean, Atmosphere and Life : Being the Second Volume ofa Descriptive History of the Life of the Globe. Illustrated by Two Hundred and Fifty Maps or Figures, and Twenty-Seven Page Maps Printed in Colors. N ew York : Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1873. First American Edition. Pp (4),[7]-534,(2, publisher's ads),(2). 8vo, brown cloth, gilt lettering to spine, gilt globe on front board. Contents :Part I - The Ocean. Book I - The Seas. Chapter I. — General Considerations. Chapter II. — Oceanic Basins. — Depth of the Seas. — Level of the Surface of the Ocean. Chapter III. — Composition of Sea- water. — Specific "Weight. — Salt Marshes, Natural and Artificial. — Various Substances. — Differences of Saltness. — Marine Salt. Chapter IV. — Various colours of Sea- water. — Eeflections, Transparency, and Proper Colour. — Temperature of the Depths of the Sea. Chapter V. — Formation of Ice. — Ice-floes, Fields of Ice, and Icebergs. — Ice in the Baltic and the Black Sea. Chapter VI. — "Waves of the Sea. — Regular and Irregular Undulations. — Height of the "Waves. — Their Size and Speed. — Ground-swell.— Coast- waves. Book II - Currents. Chapter VII. — Great Movements of the Sea. — General Causes of Currents. — The Five Oceanic Rivers. Chapter VIII.— The Gulf-stream.— Influence of this Current on Climate.— Its mportance toCommerce. Chapter IX. — Currents of the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocea n. — Double Eddy of the Pacific Ocean. Chapter X. — Lateral Eddies. — Rennell's Current. — Counter-current in the Sea of the Antilles. — Equilibrium of the Waters in the Baltic, the Bosphorus, at the Entrances to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. — Exchange of Water and Salt between the Seas. Book III - The Tides. Chapter XL— Oscillations of the Level of the Seas.— Theoryof the Tides. Chapter XII.— Theory' of Whewell on the Origin and Propagati on of Tidal Waves. — Origin of the 'lide in each Oceanic Basin. — "Establishment" of Ports. — " Cotidal " Lines. Chapter XIII. — Apparent Irregularities of the Tides. — Extraordinary size of the Tidal Wave in certain Bays. — Interference of Ebb and Flow. — Diurnal Tides. — Inequalities of SuccessiveTides. Chapter XIV.— Tidal Cuncnts. — Races and Whirlpools. — Tidal Eddies .— River Tides. Chapter XV. — Ebb and Flow in Lakes and Inland Seas.— Currents of the Euripus. — Scylla and Charybdis. Book IV - The Shores and Islands. Chapter XVI. — Incessant Modifications of the Coast-line. — The Fjords of Scandinavia and other Countries near the Poles. Chapter XVII. — Filling up of the Fjords by Marine and Fluvial Alluvium. Chapter XVIII.— Destructionof Cliffs.- The Coasts of the Channel.— The Straits of Dover. — Action of Shingle and Sand. — Giants' Cauldrons. — Spouting Wells on the Coasts.— Tidal Wells. Chapter XIX. — Undermining of Rocks. — Varied aspect of Cliffs. —Platforms at their Bases. — Resistance of the Coasts. — Breakwaters formed by the Rubbish. — Heligoland. — Destruction of Low Shores. Chapter XX. — N ormal Form of Shores. — Curves of " Greatest Stability." — Formation of NewShores. — Coast Ridges and Sand-banks. — Inland Bays. Chapter XXI. — Shall ows of the Coast. — Deposit from Calcareous Rocks. — Appearance of Strands and Beaches. Chapter XXII. — Origin of Islands. — Islands of Continental Origin. — Rocks of the Shores. — Islands of Depression, Elevation, and Erosion. — Islands of Oceanic Origin.— Atolls and Volcanos. Book V - The Dunes. Chapter XXIII. — Dunes resulting from the decomposition of Rocks. — Formation of Moving Dunes on the Sea-shore. — Symmetrical disposition of Ridges of Sand. Chapter XXIV. — Height of the Hillocks. — Advance of the Dunes. — Displacement of "'Etangs." — Disappearance of Villages. Chapter XXV.— Obstacles opposed by Nature to theProgi-ess of Dunes.— Fixation of the Sands by Seeds. Part II - The Atmosphere and Meteorology. Book I - The Air ND THE wINDS. Chapter I. — Air the Agent of the Vital Circulation of the Planet. — Phenomena of Reflection and Refraction. — Mirage. chapter II. — "Weight of the Air. — Height of the Upper Strata. — Barometric Measures. Chapter III. — Mean Pressure of the Atmosphere under various Latitudes. — Density of the Airin the Northern Hemisphere. — Diurnal Oscillations of the Barometrical Col umn. — Annual Oscillations. — Irregular Variations. — Iso-barometric Lines.Chapter IV. — General Law of the Circulation of Winds. — Trade-winds from the North-east and South-east. — Equatorial Calms. — Oscillation of the System of Winds. Chapter V. — Counter Trade-winds or Eeturning Winds. Chapter VI. — The Trade-winds of the Continents. — The Monsoons. — Etesian Winds. Chapter VII. — Land and Sea Breezes. — Winds from the Mountains. — Solar Breezes. — Local Winds. — The Simoon, Scirocco, Foehn, Tempests, and Mistral. Chapter VIII. — Zone of Variable Winds. — Struggle of Opposing Winds. — Mean Direction of the Atmospheric Currents. — Law of Gyration. Book II - Hurricanes and Whirlwinds. Chapter IX, — Aerial Eddies. — Cyclones of the Equatorial Regions. — The " Great Hurricane ". Chapter X. — Speed of the Revolving Masses of Air. — Speed of the Cyclone. — Fall of the Barometric Column. —Irregularities of the Wind in the Path of the Cyclone. Chapter XI. — Spira l of the Hurricanes in the Two Hemispheres. — Theory of Cyclones. — Nautical Instructions to avoid Hurricanes. Chapter XII. — Eddies of Tempests. — Whirlwinds. Book III - Clouds and Rain. Chapter XIII. — The Vapor of Water. —The Moisture of the Air. — Absolute Moisture and relative Moisture. Chapte r XIV. — Formation of Mists and Clouds. — Height, Thickness, Form, and Aspect of Clouds. Chapter XV. — Influence of the Winds on the Formation of Snowand Rain. — Distribution of Rain over Plains and Mountains. Chapter XVI. — Tropical Rains. — Rainy and Dry Seasons. — Periodicity of Rains. Chapter X VII. — Rains beyond the Tropics.^ — ^Winter Rains. — Rains of Spring and Autumn. — Summer Rains.— Rains of the Polar Regions. Chapter XVIII. — Countries without Rain. — Geological action of Rains. — Contrast of the two Hemispheres. Book IV - Thunder-storms, Auroras, Maganetic Currents. Chapter XIX. — Height of Thunder-clouds. — Distribution of Thunder-storms in various Regions of the Earth. — Cause of these Phenomena. Chapter' XX. — Polar Auroras. Chapter XXI. — Terrestrial Magnetism. — Declination, Inclination, and Intensity of the Movements of the Needle. — Magnetic Poles and Equator. — Isogonal Lines and their Secular, Annual, and Diurnal Variations. — Isoclinal Lines. — Isodynamic Lines. Book V - Climates. Chapter XXII. — Solar Heat. — Irregularities of Local Climates. — Equalization of the Temperature below the Surface of the Ground. Chapter XXIII. — Contrast between the Climates ofthe Northern and Southern Hemispheres, between those of the Eastern and We stern Sides of Continents, those of the Coasts and the Interior of Countries, and of Mountains and Plains. Chapter XXTV. — Isothermal Lines. — ThermalEquator. — Poles of Cold. — Increase of Temperature toward the Poles. — Op en Seas. Chapter XXV. — Extremes of Temperature. — Isochimenal and Isotheral Lines. — Daily and monthly Variations. — Decrease of Warmth in the upper Strata of the Air. — Variations of Climate during the Historical Period. Part III - Life. Book I - The Earth and Its Flora. Chapter I. — The Assemblage of living Creatures. — Number of Vegetable Species. — Proportion of Dicotyledons, Monocotyledons, and Cryptogams. — Forests and Savannas. Chapter II. — Influence of Temperature, Moisture, and Solar Kays on Vegetation. — Distribution of Plants. Chapter III. — Particular Habitats of Species. — Salt-water and Fresh-water Plants. — Littoral Species. — Parasites. — Terrestrial Species. — Influence of the Soil on Vegetation. — Plants associated together. — Sea- weed. — Extent of Areas. Chapter IV. — Contrast of the Floras in the different parts of the World. — Insular and continental Floras. — Increasing richness of Vegetation in the direction from the Poles to the Equator. Chapter V. — Distribution of Vegetation on the Slopes of Mountains. — Mingling of the different Floras. — Upper limits of the Plants in various parts of the World. — Irregularities in the Vertical Distribution of Plants. Chapter VI. — Unconnected Species. — Displacement of Areas in consequence of Geological Changes. — Plants of Great Britain. — Naturalization. — Incessant Modification of Floras. Book II - The Land and Its Fauna. Chapter VII. — Origin of Life. — Species of Animals. — Multitude of Organisms. — Contrasts of Land and Sea. Chapter VIIL— The Oceanic Fauna. Chapter IX. — Influence of Climate and physical Conditions on the Species of Animals. Chapter X. — Food of Animal Species. — Contrast of Faunas. — Areas of Habitation.— Changes in the Surface of the Areas. — Birth and Disappearance of Species. Chapter XI. — Great Terrestrial Faunas. — Homoiozoic Zones. Chapter XII. — Distribution of Species on the Slopes of Mountains and in the Depths of the Sea. Chapter XIII. — Geological Labors of certain Animal Species. — Coral Reefs and Islands. Book III - Earth and Man. Chapter XIV. — The Influence of Nature on the Destiny of Mankind. — Antiquity oft th^ Human Race on the Earth. — Monogenists and Polygenists. — Fusion of Human Races. Chapter XV. — Influence of Climate. — Tropical Zone. — Frigid Zone. — Temperate Zone. Chapter XVI. — Influence of the raised Outline of the Earth on Mankind. — Tablelands, Mountains, Hills, and Plains. Chapter XVII. — Influence of the Sea and running Waters. — Traveling and Commercial Nations. — Islands and Islanders. Chapter XVIII. — Blending of different Climates. — The Influence of Civilization on the Featm-es of a Country. Chapter XIX. — The course of History. — Harmony existing between Countries and the Nations inhabiting them. Book IV - The Work of Man. Chapter XX. — Reaction of Man on Nature. — Exploration of the Globe. — Voyages of Discovery. — Ascents of Mountains. Chapter XXI. — Reclamation of the Earth by Cultivation. — Ancient and modern Irrigation. Chapter XXII. — The Culture of Marshes. — Drainage of the Ground in the Country and Towns. Chapter XXIII. — The Draining of Lakes and Inlets of the Sea. — The Lake of Copais, the Lake of Fucino, the Sea of Haarlem, the Zuyder Zee. — Polders. — The Purification of Saline Marshes. Chapter XXIV. — Dikes on the Sea-shore. — Points of Defense. — Point-de-Grave. Chapter XXV. — Natural and artificial Ways of Communication. — Sea-shores, Deserts, and Savannas. — Rivers, Canals, and Railways. — Bridges and Viaducts. — The cutting through Isthmuses. — The Suez Canal. — The Isthmuses of Central America. Chapter XXVI. — The industrial Power of Man. — The Electric Telegraph. — Possession taken of the Sea. — Cultivation of Oysters. Chapter XXVII. —Comparative Harmlessness of Hurricanes. — Prevision of Weather. — Modifica tion of Climates effected by the Labor of Man. Chapter XXVIII. — Influence of Man on the Flora and Fauna of a Country. — Encroachment effected by the more common Species. — Extension given by Agriculture to certain cultivatedSpecies. Chapter XXIX. — Influence of Man on the Beauty of the Earth. — Di sfigurement and Embellishment of the Land. — The diverse Action of different Nations. — The Appreciation of Nature. — The Progress of Mankind. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Light wear to spine ends and corners, name, some spotting, else very good. 100.00

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Building of the Cape Cod Canal 1627-1914.  no dj. , REID, William James
186 REID, William James Building of the Cape Cod Canal 1627-1914. no dj.
Boston University, 1961, 
REID, William James. The Building of the Cape Cod Canal 1627-1914; based on a dissertation by William James Reid for the Boston University Graduate School. (S.l.): Privately Printed, 1961. Pp 131. Illustrated. 8vo, blue green cloth. An elegant history of efforts to build the canal, culminating in its opening to traffic in 1914. The book emphasizes the role played in its completion by the promoter August Belmont (grandson of Commodore Perry, builder of New York subways, great horseman and breeder of Man O' War); indeed the book was printed for Mrs. August Belmont, and has her card ("With the compliments of Mrs. August Belmont") laid in. Folding map in 2 parts, cloth slightly rubbed, gift inscription, else vg. 90.00

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187 Republic of Egypt - Ministry for Foreign Affairs White Paper on the Nationalisation of the Suez Maritime Canal Company
Government Press, Cairo, 1956, 
(Republic of Egypt - Ministry for Foreign Affairs). White Paper on the Nationalisation of the Suez Maritime Canal Company. Published by the Governmentof Egypt on the 12th of August 1956. Cairo : Government Press, 1956. Pp (4 ),3-72,(2). 8vo, stapled white cardcovers. Not in Papadakis & Glassner. Sections include" "The Suez Canal is an Integral Part of Egypt"; "Egyptian Sovereignty over the Canal"; "It Was Egypt Who Determined the International Navigation Regime in the Canal"; "It Was Egypt Who Initiated and Fixed Fees for Transitting the Canal"; "Repercussions to Nationalisation"; &c. Also includes many documents such as : The Original Firman of Concession Granted bythe Viceroy of Egypt Mohamed Said, to Ferdinand de Lesseps, 1854; Charter of Concession and Book of Charges for the Construction and Working of the Suez Grand Maritime Canal and Dependencies; Agreement of February 22, 1866, Determing the Final Terms as Ratified by the Sublime Porte; &c. Light coverwear, else very good. 28.00

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188 REYBURN, Wallace RENNIE, John) Bridge Across the Atlantic : The Story of John Rennie. 1st in dj.
George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., London, 1972, ISBN:0245508880 
REYBURN, Wallace. Bridge Across the Atlantic : The Story of John Rennie . London: George G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., (1972). First UK Printing. Pp. (6),[7]-160, + 24 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. Large 8vo, maroon cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Previous owner's name stamp to front pastedown, else vg in nicked, spine- and edge-sunned, price-clipped dj. 25.00

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189 RICHARDS, Eric. CHECKLAND, S.G. Leviathan of Wealth : The Sutherland Fortune in the Industrial Revolution.
Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1973, ISBN:0710074557 
RICHARDS, Eric. The Leviathan of Wealth : The Sutherland Fortune in the Industrial Revolution, foreword by Professor S.G. Checkland. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1973). Pp. (6), vii-xx, (2), 3-315, (1) + (4) p. of plates. Illustrations, maps. 8vo, black cloth with gilt spine titles. "Early in the nineteenth century, the ducal family of Sutherland was the richest noblehouse in Britain. The Leviathan of Wealth is the story of how that remarka ble fortune was deployed in the age of the Industrial Revolution. Eric Richards points out that much of the Sutherland wealth was sunk into landed estates, respectably so in the English Midlands, and with considerable notoriety in the execution of the so-called Highland Clearances in the north of Scotland. In England the Sutherlands were also involved in the transport revolution, and this was the source of much of their wealth. They were caught in the great battles between the canals and the first railways. In Scotland,they used the proceeds from their diverse English enterprises to finance a mbitious amd controversial schemes for the economic development of their enormous Highland estates. The Sutherland Clearances were the unhappy outcomeof misplaced good intentions, of crude planning methods, and of impossible circumstances. This book provides a clear picture of the operation of weal th and power in early nineteenth-century Britain and the limits of social engineering in the pursuit of material progress." -- from dust jacket. Contents: Part One. Leviathan of Wealth ; I. The House of Sutherland ; II. JamesLoch, 'The Sutherland Metternich' ; Part Two. The House of Sutherland and the Coming of the Railways ; III. The Problematical Inheritance ; IV. The Challenge and the Response ; V. The Way of Compromise ; VI. A Position of Influence ; VII. The Edge and the Precipice ; VIII. A Golden Opportunity ; IX. Transport Capitalism in the Early 1830s ; X. Uneasy Co-existance ; XI. Into and Out of the Vortex ; Part Three. The Sutherland Clearances ; XII. Sutherlands and the Highland Problem ; XIII. William Young and Patrick Sellar ; XIV. The Reaffirmation of the Sutherland Policy ; XV. Capital, Labour andPrices in the New Economy ; XVI. Progress, Poverty and Criticism ; XVII. F amine and the Final Years ; Part Four. Perspectives ; XVIII. The uses of anAristocratic Fortune. Very good in dust jacket. 25.00

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190 Rideau Canal, Ontario Canadian Heritage GALT, George McGHEE, Robert Thank You, Colonel By : The Rideau Canal at 150. An article in Canadian Heritage : The Heritage Canada Foundation Newsmagazine, May 1982,
Heritage Canada Foundation, Ottawa , 1982, 
(Rideau Canal, Ontario). “Thank You, Colonel By : The Rideau Canal at 150.”An article in Canadian Heritage : The Heritage Canada Foundation Newsmagaz ine, May 1982, pp 18-21, with 6 illustrations and a map. Ottawa : The Heritage Canada Foundation, 1982. Pp 1-44. Illustrated. Triple Column. 4to, illustrated orange stapled wrappers. Also : "High Profile for Ontario's Heritage” (by George Galt, pp 6-7, with 3 illustrations); “Tong Ji Men : Victoria builds a gate of harmonious interest” (pp 8-9, with 5 illustrations); “The Buffalo Jumps : The fall of the prairie bison” (by Robert McGhee, pp 14-16,with 4 illustrations); “The Seer of City Planning : Jane Jacobs and the de ath and life of great Canadian cities” by George Galt, pp 11-12, with 2 illustrations); “The Saint John's Market : Selling vegetables, plastic Beethovens and flexibility” [New Brunswick] (by Linda Biesenthal, pp 37-38, with 3illustrations); and more. Mailing label, else very good. 12.00

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191 RITTER, Alfred H. Transportation Economics of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Ship Canal.
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Tidewater Association, Washington, D.C., 1925, 
RITTER, Alfred H. Transportation Economics of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Ship Canal. (Washington, D.C.) : Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Tidewater Association, November, 1925. Pp [1]-276,+ 4 folding maps + 2 folding charts. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : 1.Practicability of the Waterway for Ocean Vessels. 2. Dimensions of Ocean V essels. 3. Cost of Operating Ocean Vessels to Lake Ports. 4. Feasible Ratesvia the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Waterway. 5. Territory Tributary to Gre at Lakes – St. Lawrence Ship Canal. 6. The Traffic Available for the Waterway. 7. Effect of the Waterway upon the Grain Trade of the United States andCanada. 8. The Load Factor. 9. Present Lakes-Ocean Travel. 10. Influence o f the Panama Canal on the Interior. 11. Summary. Spine rubbed, spine ends worn and corners bumped, else very good. 25.00

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192 ROLT, L.T.C. Industrial Archaeology Series, 1. Navigable Waterways. First Edition in dustjacket.
Longmans, London, 1971, 
ROLT, L.T.C. Navigable Waterways. (London) : Longmans, (1969). First Printing. Pp. (6),vii-xiii,(3),1-188,(2), + 12 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. 8vo, green cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Volume 1 in the Industrial Archaeology Series. General Editor: L.T.C. Rolt. Rolt & Thynne, (eds.), L.T.C. Rolt.: A Bibliography 09. Lionel Thomas Caswall Rolt (usually abbreviated to Tom Rolt or L. T. C. Rolt) (b. February, 11 1910, Chester, England – d. May 9, 1974, Stanley Pontlarge, Gloucestershire). "This is the story of the growth of this first transport system and its engineers from the 17th century river improvers through Smeaton, Jessop, Brindley and Rennieto Thomas Telford, who built his last canal when the Railway Revolution ha d already begun. The greater part of the network of waterways which these men built still survives as an outstanding monument of bygone civil engineering skill. As a result of competition, first from the railways and later from the roads, these waterways sank into obscurity and were almost forgotten. Since the last war, however, there has been a remarkable revival of interest as more and more people began using the waterways for pleasure cruising." -from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. River Improvement before 1700; 2. Towards the Canal Era, 1700-1760; 3. The First Canals; 4. The Coast to Coast Routes; 5. The Waterways of the West; 6. The Midlands Network; 7. The Last Canals; 8. Forgotten Waterways; 9. Water Supply and Conservation; 10. Traffic and Motive Power. Name and bookplate to flyleaf, else very good in taped-down, price-clipped dustjacket. 20.00

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193 RUSSELL, Ronald Lost Canals and Waterways of Britain. pb.
Sphere Books, 1983, 
RUSSELL, Ronald. Lost Canals and Waterways of Britain. L: Sphere Books, (1983). Pp 255, [8] pp plates. 8vo, ill. card covers. A travellers' guide to British canals, with references to Ordnance Survey maps, historical background, and- most importantly- tips on local pubs. Slightly rubbed, else vg. 8.50

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194 SABATKE, Mark D. Discovering the C&O Canal and adjacent Potomac River. in dustjacket.
Schreiber Publishing Inc., Rockville, MD, 2003, ISBN:1887563679 
SABATKE, Mark D. Discovering the C&O Canal and adjacent Potomac River. (Rockville, MD: Schreiber Publishing Co., 2003). Pp. (8),9-[176]. Illustrated in colour. Map endpapers. 4to, green cloth spine with green paper covered boards, black titles to front and spine. "A beautiful photographic tour of the C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) Canal, with mile-by-mile descriptions of the features, activities, landmarks for each section, and boat ramps for river access; Detailed information for hikers and bikers from Georgetown in DC to Cumberland in northwestern Maryland; Full coverage of all campsites along the canal; Maps of the canal; Useful mile-by-mile activity chart o features andlandmarks of the C&O Canal; Wildlife, trees, and rare and endangered speci es common to the Canal; Special extreme sports sections on kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking; Fishing the C&O Canal and the Upper Potomac River, sites and hotspots on area fishing; [and] A special section on the endangered status of the C&O Canal and the upper Potomac Rier, and the endangered status of the area's wildlife." - from the dust jacket. Very good in unclipped dust jacket. 30.00

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195 Sault Ste. Marie Canal LONGLEY, J.W. THOMPSON, John History of the Year 1894 with Especial Reference to Canadian Affairs.
Mail Printing Office, Toronto , 1894, 
(Sault Ste. Marie Canal). A History of the Year 1894 with Especial Reference to Canadian Affairs. Toronto : The Mail Printing Office, 1894. Pp (8,ads),[1]-210,(6,ads). Illustrated. Double Column. Large 8vo, black pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Divided into sections : Canadian Affairs; Ontario Politics; Sir John A. Macdonald; The Sailt Ste. Marie Canal; Death of the Premier (Sir John Thompson); The Sports of 1894; Canadian Trade, Commerceand Finance; Newfoundland (pp 156-157); Fruit Growing in Annapolis Valley (by Hon. J.W. Longley, pp 159-162); Canadian Agriculture; The Legislative Assembly of Ontario; The World's Record for 1894. Of nautical interest : TheBehring Sea Case (pp 11-12); Ocean Freight Rates (pp 13-14); The Fast Stea mship Service (pp 31-32); The Sault Ste. Marie Canal (pp 76-98, with 2 mapsand 18 illustrations); Yachting (pp 114-117). Spine ends chipped, corners and edges worn, front inner hinge broken, circular library stamp, penned name, else good. 150.00

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196 SCARRY, Huck. Travels on a Barge : A Sketchbook. ill. boards
Collins, 1982, ISBN:0 00 138368 X 
SCARRY, Huck. Travels on a Barge : A Sketchbook: Illustrated by the author.L.: Collins, 1982. First English language edition. Pp 69. Profusely illust rated with drawings to text and endpapers. 4to, illustrated boards. "This book is based on a real trip I took aboard a barge in Holland. I became fascinated by the life of barge-people, and my curiosity spurred me on to learnmore about barges and their past. In addition to the journal of my trip, I have included drawings of barges from several other countries." -from the text. Bumping to corners, penned inscription to ffep, ow vg. 20.00

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197 SCHOFIELD, Fred Humber Keels and Keelmen. in dj.
Terence Dalton, Lavenham, Suffolk, 1988, ISBN:0861380592 
SCHOFIELD, Fred. Humber Keels and Keelmen. Lavenham, Suffolk: Terence Dalton, 1988. Pp 288, 4 pp colour plates. Large 8vo, blue cloth. An affectionateaccount of these ancient, homely, and hard-working vessels by a mariner wh o knows them well and who is able to place their development in the contextof the history of north-eastern England. Extensively illustrated. New in d j. 50.00

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198 SCHOON, Kenneth J. Calumet Beginnings : Ancient Shorelines and Settlements at the South End ofLake Michigan. Fourth Printing in dustjacket
Indiana University Press, Bloomington & Indianapolis, 2005, ISBN:025334218x 
SCHOON, Kenneth J. Calumet Beginnings : Ancient Shorelines and Settlements at the South End of Lake Michigan. Bloomington & Indianapolis : Indiana University Press, (2005). Fourth Printing. Pp (6),vii-x,(2), 3-247,(5). Illustrated. Maps. Large 8vo, yellow cloth spine, metallic blue lettering to spine, mustard yellow paper-covered boards. "The landscape of the Calumet, an area that sits astride the IndianaIllinois state line at the southern end ofLake Michigan was shaped by the glaciers that withdrew toward the end of t he last ice ageabout 45,000 years ago. In the years since, many natural forces, including wind, running water, and the waves of Lake Michigan, have continued to shape the land. The lake's modern and ancient shorelines have served as Indian trails, stagecoach routes, highways, and sites that have evolved into many of the cities, towns, and villages of the Calumet area. People have also left their mark on the landscape: Indians built mounds; farmers filled in wetlands; governments commissioned ditches and canals to drain marshes and change the direction of rivers; sand was hauled from where it was plentiful to where it was needed for urban and industrial growth. These thousands of years of weather and movements of peoples have given the Calumet region its distinct climate and appeal." (BookFinder). Contents : Prologue : The Calumet area. Part One - The Physical Setting. 1. Seas, sediments,and glacial ice : forming the landscapes. 2. Water and wind : interpreting Lake Michigan's history. Part Two - The Human Touch. 3. The Calumet area b efore 1833. 4. The pioneer and stagecoach period, 1833-1858. 5. Railroads and everyday life, 1852-1899. 6. Altering the landscape. Part Three : Community Beginnings. 7. Cook County communities. 8. Lake County communities. 9. Porter and LaPorte County communities. Epilogue : Preserved natural areass.Glossary. Bibliographic Essay. Works Cited and Suggestions for Further Rea ding. Index. Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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199 SCOTT, H. Harold History of Tropical Medicine : Based on The Fitzpatrick Lectures Delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London 1937-38. In Two Volumes. First Edition
Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1939, 1939 
SCOTT, H. Harold. A History of Tropical Medicine. In Two Volumes. Baltimore: A William Wood Book, The Williams & Wilkins Company, 1939. First Edition . Pp (4),v-xix,(1),1-648; ( 2),iii-iv,649-1165,(3),+ plates. Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

Contents :
Vol. I.
1. Navy and Mercantile Marine (pp 8-37).
2. The Army.
3. The Colonies, Protectorates and Dominions.
4. India and Australasia.
5. Malaria.
6. Blackwater Fever.
7. Yellow Fever.
8. Trypanosomiasis.
9. Leishmaniasis.
10. Leprosy.

Vol. II.
11. Cholera.
12. Plague.
13. Undulant Fever.
14. Relapsing Fever.
15. Melioidosis.
16. Dengue.
17. Ameobic Dysentery and Hepatitis.
18. Anky lostomiasis.
19. Tropical Diseases connected with Food.
20. The Suez Canal (pp 954-962).
21. The Panama Canal (pp 963-981).
22.The Slave Trade and Disease.
23. Some Brief Biographies.

Ex-library (bookplate, inkstamps, penned name, else a very good tidy set.
The 2-volume. set for 500.00

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200 SEAL, Gabriel Adventuring through France. ex lib in dj
Macmillan, 1964, 
SEAL, Gabriel. Adventuring through France. L.: Macmillan, 1964. Pp 183. 8vo, blue cloth. A novel for boys. "To voyage down the waterways of France to the Mediterranean Sea is a traveller's dream. But this dream became a reality for two schoolboys - Mark and his French friend, Pierre - when they madetheir own canoe in the school woodwork room, and set out alone on the cros s-channel steamer, armed with maps, camping equipment - and a boundless enthusiasm. As soon as the canoe was launched in Le Havre estuary, the true atmosphere of France surrounded the boys." - dj. Ex library with stamps, &c ow g in dj. 12.00

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