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181 SCHOFIELD, B.B. Sea Battles in Close-Up 10 Operation Neptune. First Edition in dustjacket
Ian Allan, London, 1974, ISBN:0711005036 
SCHOFIELD, B.B., Vice-Admiral. Operation Neptune. First Printing. London : Ian Allan, (1974). Pp 168. Illustrated with 24 p. of half-tone plates. Sm 8vo, black cloth. No. 10 in the Sea Battles in Close-Up Series. Vg in price-clipped dj. 40.00

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Trafalgar  : Countdown to Battle 1803-1805. First British Edition in dustjacket., SCHOM, Alan
182 SCHOM, Alan Trafalgar : Countdown to Battle 1803-1805. First British Edition in dustjacket.
Michael Joseph, 1990, 1990 0718131991 / 9780718131999 
SCHOM, Alan. Trafalgar : Countdown to Battle 1803-1805. London : Michael Joseph, (1990). First Edition. Pp (6),[vii]-ix,(1),[1]-421,(1) + 24 pages of plates. Maps in text. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. With map end-papers.

Alan Schom (b. 1937, Sterling, Illinois).

A portrait of Nelson's apotheosis painted on a broad canvas, considering in detail the plans of both British and French, and situating the battle in the context of the contemporary cultures of each nation.

"The battle of Trafalgar is arguably England's most famous naval victory; Admiral Lord Nelson her most revered naval hero. Yet the battle of 21st October 1805 was not simply an isolated feat on Nelson's part. part. It actually began two years earlier in the summer of 1803, when Napoleon Bonaparte issued orders for the creation of an army and flotilla destined to invade England. That invasion was finally successfully thwarted, thanks to the brilliant strategy and remarkable perseverance of Admiral Sir William Cornwallis and his blockading Channel Fleet. This achievement Cornwallis - the unsung hero - capped by creating and despatching the fleet that enabled Nelson to defeat the French.

These facts have until now been ignored by historians. In a remarkable piece of historical detection Alan Schom has tapped previously unexplored archival material in both France and England to present Trafalgar in its true historic scope and context

Trafalgar brings to life the huge war effort on wotn sides of the Channel. Napoleon devoted two years of his life to the creation of the greatest invasion force and concentration of coastal artillery ever seen in European history until then, in the course of which he brought his country to the verge of bankruptcy. Upon assuming office as Frime Minister in May 1804, William Pitt countered this unparalleled threat with a drive to Held a large army while rearming and reinvigorating the demoralised Navy.

The extraordinary personalities involved - politicians admirals, generals, French, English, Dutch, Spanish - paint (largely through their own words) a vivid and revealing portrait not only of themselves but of the colourful age in which they lived. Culminating in a masterly description of the decisive battle and Nelson's majestic funeral, Trafalgar is a work of great power and originality that combines a weaitn ol detail with a strong dramatic sense and powerful narrative drive." - from the dj.

1. "The Fate of the Universe'
2. 'Our King! Our Country! And Our God!'
3. Building an Armada;
4. Invasion Preparations
5. 'The Safety of the Country Will Never be at Hazard';
6. The Politics of War;
7. Stepping up Operations;
8. 'As Many Tricks as a Monkey';
9. Phantom Fleets;
10. The Last Homecoming;
11. Cadiz;
12. 'A Pell-Mell Battle";
13. A State Funeral.

Appendices :
1. Chronology of Events;
2. Biographical Sketches;
3. Fleets.
With Notes and sources and index.

Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 27.00

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183 SHAW, Frank H., Captain Flag of the Seven Seas : The Story of the British Merchant Navy. First Edition in dustjacket
Cleaver-Hume, London, 1953, 
SHAW, Frank H., Captain. Flag of the Seven Seas : The Story of the British Merchant Navy. London : Cleaver-Hume Press, (1953). First Edition. Pp. (6),7-219,(5), + 16 p. of plates. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. This volume traces the two-thousand year history of the British merchant navy,from the days of the Saxon long-ships through to the end of the two world wars. "The opening chapters describe how the Ancient Britons, in contact witn the Phoenicians are attracted to distant Ireland, France and Spain. Saxon longships, armed to the teeth, carry homespun cloth and barabaric ornaments, often losing themselves in bleak ocean wastes. The Plantagenet Navy evolves into the ships of the first Elizabethan era; finally, sail gives way to steam, and the tramp steamers and the mighty liners of to-day beat coastwise and across the seven seas, becoming Britain's lifeline throughout two World wars. This long and dramatic narrative of a vital aspect of British Naval history, discloses the story one of mankind's great achievements — the conquest of the sea." (from the dj). Contents : Introduction. 1. The Beginning of Things. 2. The Years of Progress. 3. Record Breakers of the Past. 4.The Tea Clippers. 5. Fighting Merchantmen. 6. The Armed Merchant Cruisers. 7. The Jervis Bay. 8. The Price of Progress. 9. The Sinking of the Lusitan ia. 10. In Convoy. 11. The Bitter Murmansk Route. 12. The Rough and Ready Tramp. 13. Atlantic Ferry. 14. Coastwise. 15. The Fishing Ships. 16. Flags of the Southern Cross. 17. Eastern Seascape. 18. Sea-traininh Ships. 19. Epilogue. Some minor edgewear, name, spinn sunned else very good in chipped dustjacket. 25.00

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184 SHERWIG, John M. Guineas & Gunpowder : British Foreign Aid in the Wars with France, 1793-1815. First Edition in dustjacket.
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1969, 
SHERWIG, John M. Guineas & Gunpowder : British Foreign Aid in the Wars withFrance, 1793-1815. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, (1 969). First Printing. Pp. (6),vii-xiv,1-393,(1). Includes 17 reproductions and four maps to text. 8vo, red cloth with silver lettering to spine. "During the nearly quarter of a century that Europe required to crush the military might of the French Revolution and Napoleon, Britain aided her allies ofthe coalitions by furnishing them with subsidies. From Britain's financial effort emerged the legend of 'Pitt's gold', which figures prominently in t he historical literature dealing with that titanic contest. This book goes behind the legend and examines the evolution of the British foreign aid program from its beginnings in 1793 to the Battle of Waterloo. In many ways that subsidy program was the prototype of the great foreign aid systems which, in the present century, contributed to allied victories in two World Wars. The author shows that Britain's subsidy policy was decidedly evolutionaryin character -- reluctantly undertaken and really massive only in the clos ing years of the struggle. In 1793, for example, virtually her only use of subsidies was to hire German mercenaries -- a traditional policy dictated by her limited manpower resources and her heavy involvement in the naval warwith France. Under steady pressure from the continental allies, however, B ritain was finally forced to share her wealth with them, and by the formation of the Third Coalition in 1804-1805 William Pitt the Younger was ready to subsidize all his country's war partners as a matter of course. Even whenso financed, the Coalition was speedily shattered by Napoleon's military g enius at Ulm and Austerlitz. When, in 1808, Spain and Portugal rose in great national revolutions against French domination, Britain was quick to takeadvantage of the turning of the tide. She sent the Peninsular powers enorm ous quantities of money and arms, as well as a military force commanded by Sir Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington). Thanks in great measure to the even increasing flood of British aid to the Peninsula, Wellington was able to mobilize the fighting power of his country's allies, and drive the French back across the Pyrenees in 1813. At the same time, Russia, Sweden, Prussia, and Austria rebelled against Napoleon, and looked to Britain for the money and arms they lacked. During 1813 alone, Britain sent her allies nearly 1,000,000 muskets and pledged them more than £11,000,000 in subsidies. In Waterloo Year, more than thirty European powers, great and small, shared Britain's bounty. Drawing on the British government archives, the author traces the development of Britain's subsidy policy through its successive stages between 1793 and 1815 and casts light on Britain's little-noticed role as the arsenal of the coalitions. From this study, the war leadership of Pitt, Lord Grenville, Canning, and Castlereagh emerges in a new dimension." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. The Formation of the First Coalition; 2. The Prussian Subsidy; 3. A New Orientation for the Coalition; 4. The Collapse of the First Coalition; 5. Origins of the Second Coalition; 6. The Second Coalition; 7. The Third Coalition; 8. The End of the Epoch; 9. A New Direction for British War Policy; 10. British Subsidies and the War in the Peninsula; 11. Victory in the Peninsula; 12. Britain and the Rising of the Nations; 13. Forging the Grand Alliance; 14. The Final Coalition; 15. Conclusion. With bibliography and index. Very good in lightly nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 90.00

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185 SHOWELL, Jak P. Mallmann. Wolfpacks At War: The U-Boat Experience in World War II. Firrst Edition industjacket.
Ian Allan , Hersham, Surrey , 2002, ISBN:0711029288 
SHOWELL, Jak P. Mallmann. Wolfpacks At War: The U-Boat Experience in World War II. (Hersham, Surrey) : Ian Allan, (2002). Pp (5),6-128. Illustrated. Index. Triple Column. 4to, back cloth, silver lettering to spine. Contents: Preface; The U-boat; Training; Life in U-boats; U-Boats Attack; On Patrol with U48; On Far Flung Oceans; Escape from Occupied France; Bases; Bibliography. Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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186 SIMS, William Sowden HENDRICK, Burton J. Victory at Sea. UK no dj.
John Murray, 1920, 
SIMS, Rear-Admiral William Sowden in collaboration with Burton J. HENDRICK. The Victory at Sea. With portrait and plans. L.: John Murray, 1920. Pp 352. 8vo, blue cloth. Chapters : 1. When Germany Was Winning the War; 2. The Return of the Mayflower; 3. The Adoption of the Convoy; 4. American Destroyers in Action; 5. Decoying Submarines to Destruction; 6. American College Boys and Subchasers; 7. The London Flagship; 8. Submarine Against Submarine; 9. The American Mine Barrage in the North Sea; 10. German Submarines Visit the American Coast; 11. Fighting Submarines from the Air; 12. The Navy Fighting on the Land; 13. Transporting Two Million American Soldiers to France. Covers worn, front hinge weak, else vg. 35.00

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187 SMITH, Philip Chadwick Foster ROUX. Artful Roux : Marine Painters of Marseille including a Catalogue of the Roux Family Paintings at the Peabody Museum of Salem.
Peabody Museum of Salem, 1978, 
SMITH, Philip Chadwick Foster. The Artful Roux : Marine Painters of Marseille including a Catalogue of the Roux Family Paintings at the Peabody Museumof Salem. Salem, Mass.: Peabody Museum of Salem, 1978. Pp (),iii-ix,(1),1- 73,(1), [12] pp colour plates. Many illustraions in the text. Double column. 4to, ill. card covers. Genealogies, biographies, and partial catalogues of the works of the famous French marine painters Joseph Roux (1725-1793), Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux (1765-1835), Mathieu-Antoine Roux (1799-1872), Ursule Joséphine Roux (1801- ?), Françis Joseph Frédéric Roux (1805-1870), and François Geoffroi Roux (1811-1882). With a bibliography. Crease to front cover, else very good. 45.00

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188 SMITH, Philip Chadwick Foster ROUX. Artful Roux : Marine Painters of Marseille including a Catalogue of the Roux Family Paintings at the Peabody Museum of Salem. signed
Peabody Museum of Salem, Salem, Mass, 1978, 
SMITH, Philip Chadwick Foster. The Artful Roux : Marine Painters of Marseille including a Catalogue of the Roux Family Paintings at the Peabody Museumof Salem. Salem, Mass.: Peabody Museum of Salem, 1978. Pp (),iii-ix,(1),1- 73,(1), [12] pp colour plates. Many illustraions in the text. Double column. 4to, ill. card covers. Genealogies, biographies, and partial catalogues of the works of the famous French marine painters Joseph Roux (1725-1793), Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux (1765-1835), Mathieu-Antoine Roux (1799-1872), Ursule Joséphine Roux (1801- ?), Françis Joseph Frédéric Roux (1805-1870), and François Geoffroi Roux (1811-1882). With a bibliography. Very good. Signed by the author. 75.00

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189 SMITH, Waldo E.L. PULLEN, H.F., foreword Navy and Its Chaplains in the Days of Sail. First Edition in dustjacket
Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1961, 
SMITH, Waldo E.L. The Navy and Its Chaplains in the Days of Sail. Toronto :The Ryerson Press, (1961). First Edition. Pp. (4),v-xv,(3),1-197,(1) + 4 p p. of plates. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. O'Dea 3527. Foreword by Admiral H.F.Pullen. "In the days of sail the sailor met his God upon the sea, for it was here that he was most aware of Him as Ruler of the elements. Towards this God he showed respect. But religion was a limited force for those whose lives were hardened by discomfort, exposure to cold and wet, wretched food, medical neglect and harsh disciscipline. Chaplains withinsight came to understand the Navy's own moral code and used it to build upon. On some ships they were welcomed. On others they had to overcome indifference and, sometimes, open hostility. Waldo Smith recaptures here the flavour of this rugged bygone era." - from the rear of the dustjacket. Chapters 1. The Religious Tradition; 2. After 'The Glorious Revolution'; 3. The Later Eighteenth Century; 4. Discipline, Morale and Revolutionary France; 5.Chaplain of the Fleet; 6. Religious Reading and Sea Sermons; 7. The Navy a s Moral Guardian : Newfoundland (pp. 160-189). With an appendix, regarding "The captain of the Assistance and his officers [giving] a testimonial to their chaplain, Andrew Tucker". Name and stamp to flyleaf, else very good inlightly rubbed, nicked dust jacket. 22.50

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190 SOLEY, James Russell Report on Foreign Systems of Naval Education. disbound.
GPO, 1880, 
SOLEY, James Russell. Report on Foreign Systems of Naval Education. Washington: GPO, 1880. Pp 335. 8vo, disbound. Senate: 46th Congress: 2d Session: Ex. Doc. No. 51. An overview of British, French, German, and Italian naval training facilities and practices, based on extensive and privileged travels in those countries. With several appendixes detailing such matters as entrance requirements, diet, punishment, and examinations at various establishments. Disbound, slightly cocked, else vg. 120.00

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191 SOUSTER, Raymond. Jubilee of Death. The Raid on Dieppe. First Hardcover Edition in dustjacket.
Oberon, 1984, ISBN:0887505333 
SOUSTER, Raymond. Jubilee of Death : The Raid on Dieppe : The moving story of the suffering and achievement of the Canadians at Dieppe on August 19, 1942, told by the men who were there, in the words of one of Canada's greatest living poets. (Ottawa : Oberon Press, 1984). First Printing. Pp. (4),5-154,(6). 8vo, black cloth with silver lettering to spine. Verse based conversations with Canadian solders at Dieppe and speeches from leaders of the war effort. With the following "speakers in order of appearance": Jean Coté (private, Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, August 19, 1982), Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill (Prime Minster and Minister of Defence, 1940-45), Lord Louis Mountbatten (Chief of Combined Operations), Field Marshal Alan Brooke (Chief of the Imperial General Staff), Lt.-Gen. Bernard Montgomery (Commander-in-Chief, Southeastern Command), Lt.-Gen. A.G.L. McNaughton (Officer Commanding Headquarters, First Canadian Army), Maj.-Gen. John Hamilton Robets (Forces Commander), Lt.-Col. the Lord Lovat (Commanding No. 4 Commando), Lt.-Gen. Harry Crerar (Commander First Canadian Army Corps), Capt. John Hughes-Hallett (Forces Naval Commander), Lt.-Col. John Durnford-Slater (commanding No. 3 Commando), Lt.-Col. Douglas Catto (commanding the Royal Regiment of Canada), Lt.-Col. Charles Cecil Merritt (commanding the South Saskatchewan Regiment), Flt.-Sgt Jack Nissenthall (RAF), Lt.-Col. Robert Labatt (commanding the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry), Lt.-Col. Fred Jasperson (commanding the Essex Scottish Regiment), Brig. Churchill Mann (Deputy Military Force), Maj. PeterYoung (No. 3 Commando), Major Derek Mills-Roberts (No. 4 Commando), Major Tony Law (Cameron Highlanders of Canada), P/O Don Morrison (401 Squadron RCAF), AVM Trafford Leigh-Mallory (commanding No. 11 FIghting Command Group RAF), Lt.-Col. Dollard Menard (commanding Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal), Lt. Robert McRae (RCNVR), Lt. M. Buist (Free French Naval Forces), Capt. Sarto Marchand (Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal), and the author (Ile de France, mid-Atlantic June 1945). Very good in spine-nicked dustjacket. Uncommon in hardcover.75.00

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192 SPIERS, Derek Troopships to Calais. signed
Meresborough Books, Rainham, Kent, 1988, ISBN:0948193395 
SPIERS, Derek. Troopships to Calais : The Story of Calais as a Military Port from 1944 to 1947 and the Ships which Served It. (Rainham, Kent): Published for the author by Meresborough Books, (1988). Pp 117. 8vo, ill. boards. Vg, Signed with an inscription by the author. 65.00

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193 STEVENS, Allan W. Glory of Youth : A narrative of my experiences as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1939 to 1945.
Palmetto, FL, 1995, 
STEVENS, Allan W., Lieut.Cmdr. RCNVR (Ret'd.) Glory of Youth : A narrative of my experiences as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1939 to 1945. (Palmetto, Florida) : "The present edition of this work was privately prepared and published by the author", 1995. Pp i-x,1-254. Illustrated. 8vo, art-illustrated cardcovers, white spine, with black lettering. Of Newfoundland interest - Chapter 14 : Quebec-Labrador Convoys (pp.54-63). Contents :1. Enlistment efforts, 1939-1940. 2. Naval College-HMCS Royal Roads, B.C. 3.Sea Training-HMCS Prince Robert. 4. First Action-South Pacific. 5. Hong Ko ng-Japan attacks, Canadians Surrender. 6. Pearl Harbour Nov. 1941. 7. December 7,1941. 8. Alaska, Jan 1942. 9. Internment of B.C. Japanese, 1942. 10. My court martial-HMCS Naden. 11. Fishermens' Reserve training-William Head,B.C. 12. Halifax, N.S. Anti-Submarine course. 13. Corvette-HMCS Trail, 194 2. 14. Quebec-Ladrador convoys. 15. Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, summer 1942. 16. Loss of troop ship-USS Chatham, August 1942. 17. Mid-Ocean escort-HMCS Trail-1942-43. 18. Londonderry, Ireland. 19. Short History of Londonderry. 20. Anti-Submarine School, HMCS Cornwallis, N.S. 21. Invention ofthe Bathythermograph. 22. Return to the U.K. 23. Great American Turkey Sho ot. 24. Surprises. 25. Appointment to FFS Courbet as Executive Officer. 26.Courbet's Mission. 27. Churchill's secretet weapon. 28. Appointment to des troyer HMCS Restigoiouune, May 1944. 29. Waiting for D Day-Londonderry. 30.D Day, English channel. 31. Night raid on harbour of Brest, France. 32. Ac tions in the Bay of Biscay-summer 1944. 33. Great Hurricane, North Atlantic, Nov. 1944. 34. 'Get Off my Bridge"-relations betwetnen C 0. and E.O. 35. Home is the Sailor. 36. VE Day riots, Halifax, N.S. 37. Wholesale rum smuggling. 38. The Minister's Daughter. 39. Captain Johnnie Walker, R.N.-Ace U-boat killer. 40. Paul Hartwig-luckiest U-boat Captain. 41. Back to ciwie street-winding down. 42. The Merchant Navy. 43. Submarine development-1500 to 1946. 44. Radar Development. 45. Mess dinners. Miscellaneous poems, navy songs and press clippings. Very good. 20.00

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194 STEWART, David M. Lake St. Louis Historical Society. Companies of Marines : First Canadian Permanent Force : Garrison Troops of New France 1683-1760
Lake St. Louis Historical Society, Quebec, 1967, 
STEWART, David M. The Companies of Marines : "First Canadian Permanent Force": Garrison Troops of New France 1683-1760. Quebec: Lake St. Louis Historical Society, 1967. Pp 38. 8vo, Stapled ill. card covers. See Perkins, Regiments : Regiments and Corps of the British Empire and Commonwealth 1758 – 1993 : A Critical Bibliography p.84. A brief account of the Marines tenure inthe New World, keyed particularly to an Expo-era museum exhibit on the Ile St. Helene. Slightly rubbed, else vg. 12.00

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195 STYLES, Showell Midshipman Quinn Collection. Paperback.
Bethlehem Books, Bathgate, ND, 1999, ISBN:1883937450 
STYLES, Showell. The Midshipman Quinn Collection. Bathgate, ND: Bethlehem Books, (1999). Paperback edition. Pp. (14), 1-598, (2). 8vo, illustrated tancard covers. Contents: Midshipman Quinn ; Quinn of the Fury ; Midshipman Q uinn and Denise the Spy ; Quinn at Trafalgar. "The English Navy stands alone against the might of Bonapartist France. Midshipman Septimus Quinn of HisMajesty's frigate Althea has newly shipped for the Mediterranean. Though r ather small and studious (and only recently a landlubber), Quinn is prepared to do his duty in whatever adventures may come his way. The capturing of informants, the assault of fortresses (mixed with a little knight-errantry), mighty sea battles with Spanish treasure ships, brushes with pirates, espionage and hurried journeys in Republican France, desperate rescue attemptsagainst impossible odds -- all these are met with a cool hand and spectacl ed eye." -- from rear cover. Very good. 25.00

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196 SUTHREN, Victor In Perilous Seas. signed. 1st Cdn in dj.
Collins, Toronto, 1983, ISBN:0002226383 
SUTHREN, Victor. In Perilous Seas. Toronto: Collins, (1983). First CanadianPrinting. Pp. (12),1-208,(2). Illustrated with maps. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "On the ninth of October, 1747, at Fort Royal, capital of the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean, Paul Gallant, newly promoted to Capitaine de frégate after his successful exploits in his ship Echo, is instructed to accompany a convoy of ships to France. In addition to the usual -- and very valuable -- cargos, this convoy will also carry Marianne, Marquise de Bézy, the favourite cousin of Louis XIV, and her enormous dowry back to France. Although he is personally charged with the safety of the ships and the Marquise, Gallant finds that, while at sea, he must take orders from Don Alfonso Castelar, a Spanish nobleman in command of the60-gun ship Lima. In this turbulent period of history, France, Spain and E ngland fought for control of the seas and the riches of the New World that the seas guaranteed. In 1747 France and Spain were allied against England and Holland. The privateers, who infested the entire Caribbean, worked for themselves." - from the dj. Some faint soiling to front board, light wear tobottom edge, previous owner's name inked to ffep, else vg in clean, crisp (unpriced) dj. Signed, inscribed and dated by Suthren on the title page. 40.00

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197 T 124 Sea Power. First Edition, 3rd printing. in dustjacket
Jonathan Cape, London, 1941, 
T 124. Sea Power. London : Jonathan Cape, (January 1941). First Edition, Third Printing. Pp 252. 8vo, blue cloth. Contents : 1. The Rise of German SeaPower; 2. The Anglo-French Entente and Its Strategical Consequences; 3. Th e Channel Ports; 4. The Influence of the French on British Strategy from 1914 to 1918; 5. Sea Power in Defence; 6. Sea Power in Offence; 7. Sea Power and National Aptitudes; 8. Air Power and Sea Power; 9. The Economic Factor;10. Our Future Strategy. Cocked, foxing to edges, penned inscription, else very good in nicked, browned dustjacket. 25.00

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Storm and Conquest : The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809. First American Edition in dustjacket., TAYLOR, Stephen.
198 TAYLOR, Stephen. Storm and Conquest : The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809. First American Edition in dustjacket.
W.W. Norton & Company, New York, 2008, ISBN:9780393060478 2008 0393060470 / 9780393060478 
TAYLOR, Stephen. Storm and Conquest : The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809. New York : W.W. Norton & Company, (2008). First US Printing. Pp [i]-xx,[1]-380,+ 8 pp plates. Index. 8vo, white paper covered boards, black paper covered spine, gilt lettering to spine.

"The Indian Ocean was the final battleground for Nelson's navy and for France. At stake was Britain's commercial lifeline to India -- and its strategic capcity to wage war in Europe.

In one fatal season, the natural order of maritime power since Trafalgar was destroyed. In bringing home Bengali saltpeter for the Peninsular campaign with military and civilian passengers, Britain lost fourteen of her great Indiamen, either sunk or taken by enemy frigates. Many hundreds of lives were lost, and the East India Company was shaken to its foundations. The focus of these disasters, military and meteorological, was a tiny French outpost in mid-ocean -- the island known as Mauritius.

This is the story of that season. It brings together the terrifying ordeal of men, women, and children caught at sea in hurricanes, and those who survived to take up the battle to drive the French from the Eastern seas. Mauritius must be taken at any cost." - from the dj.

Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 18.00

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199 TERRAINE, John NELSON, Horatio) Trafalgar large card cover
Wordsworth Editions , Ware, Hertfordshire, 1998, ISBN:1853266868 
TERRAINE, John. Trafalgar. Ware, Hertfordshire : Wordsworth Editions Limited, 1998. Eye-witness accounts compiled by John Westwood. Pp 205. Illustrated with numerous b/w photos, maps, drawings and diagrams. Large 8vo, illustrated black card covers. Cowie 1215. John Terraine (b. January 15, 1921, London, England - d. December 28, 2003, London, England) prominent British military historian. "This superbly illustrated book describes one of the most famous naval battles of all time, which shattered Napoleon's dreams of invading England. Amplifying the details of the battle is a lengthy selection of contemporary eye-witness accounts specially compiled for this book which paint a fresh picture of the maritime engagements of the Napoleonic wars." - from the cover. In the Wordsworth Military Library series. Doubled columnwith Appendices and Index Very good. 16.00

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200 THOMAS, Peter and Nicholas TRACY. LOCKWOOD, Anthony. Master & Madman :The Surprising Rise and Disastrous Fall of the Hon. Anthony Lockwood, RN. First Edition in dustjacket.
Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, 2012, ISBN:9780864926678 
THOMAS, Peter and Nicholas TRACY. Master & Madman :The Surprising Rise and Disastrous Fall of the Hon. Anthony Lockwood, RN. (Fredericton, NB): Goose Lane Editions, (2012). First Canadian Printing (published simultaneously inthe UK by Seaforth Publishing). Pp. (6),vii-xvi,(2),3-272, + 8 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth with gilt titles to spine. "On June 1, 1823, the Honourable Anthony Lockwood, a member of New Brunswi ck's Executive Council, dictated a proclamation in Fredericton's public square. He then took to his horse, galloped through the streets, and, brandishing a pair of sawn-off pistols, declared that he was overthrowing the government. Lockwood's one-man coup d'etat failed. Arrested by the High Sheriff,he was jailed and later declared mad. Officially removed from office in No vember 1825, he fled home to England. But who was Anthony Lockwood? Much ofthis story has been lost -- in fact, Lockwood himself destroyed many of th e records. Forced into the British Navy off of a slave ship, he rose to therank of Master. He was commended for bravery in action against the French; shipwrecked and imprisoned in France; appointed master attendant of the na val yard at Bridgetown, Barbados, during the year the slave trade was abolished; and served as a hydrographer in the English Channel and the West Indies. In 1814 he began a marine survey of Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy. Against all odds, he managed to finesse a treasury appointment as Surveyor General of New Brunswick. Despite being out of step with polite Loyalist society, he threw himself into the job of developing the province and settlingits immigrants, becoming the right-hand man of the Lieutenant Governor, Ge neral George Stracey Smyth. He lost it all on that summer day in 1823. Herefor the first time is the spectacular story of that astonishing rise and t umultuous fall." - from the dustjacket. Contents: Part 1: Lockwood, Master RN (pp. 1-92): 1. Dead Man's Cloaths; 2. A Saucy Young Puppy; 3. Equal to the Task; 4. An Emissary of Light; 5. To London. Part 2: The Honourable Anthony Lockwood: 6. King's Councillor; 7. Surveyor General; 8. A New Broom; 9.A Man of Respectable Appearance; 10. Noises Off -- Loyal Dancing. Part 3: The Fall: 11. A House of Brick; 12. The Perfect Storm; 13. Never to Hope Again. Reflections: The Theatre of Life. Very good in nicked dustjacket. 20.00

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