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181 DAIGLE, Jean, (ed.) Acadia of the Maritimes : Thematic Studies from the Beginning to the Present. First Edition
Chaire d'etudes acadiennes, Universite de Moncton, Moncton, 1995, ISBN:2921166089 
DAIGLE, Jean, (ed.). Acadia of the Maritimes : Thematic Studies from the Beginning to the Present. Edited by Jean Daigle. Moncton, N.B. : Chaire d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1995. First Edition. Pp. (8),ix-xix,(1),1-859,(1). 8vo, decorated white glossy paper covered boards with blue lettering to front and spine. "This ninth publication by the Université de Moncton's Chaire d'études acadiennes is proof of the vitality and dynamism of the scientific research found in the Acadian university milieu. Over thirty researchers have joined forces to resent within these 20 chapters a richdisplay of the different facets of Acadian life in the Maritimes. The text s assembled show the direction taken by each of the scientific disciplines in their attempt to outline a reality that seems richer and more complex asyou discover it. The scientific presentation used in the work has three ob jectives in mind: to situate the researcher's thought to the subject studied, to guide the user in his/her consultation by using a standard presentation, and to encourage intellectual thought." - from rear cover. Includes thefollowing: Jean Daigle's "Acadia from 1604 to 1763: An Historical Synthesi s"; Léon Thériault's "Acadia from 1763 to 1990: An Historical Synthesis"; Samuel Arsenault and Rodolpe Lamarche's "Geographers and the Planning of Spatial Structures"; Muriel K. Roy's "Demography and Demolinguistics in Acadia, 1871-1991"; Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, Michel Deslierres, and Ronald C. Leblanc's "Acadians and Economics: From the Colonization to 1960"; Maurice Beaudin and André Leclerc's "The Contemporary Acadian Economy"; Philippe Doucet's "Politics and the Acadians"; Greg Allain, Isabelle McKee-Allain, and J. Yvon Thériault's "Acadian Society: Interpretations and Conjectures"; Michel Bastarache and Andréa Boudreau-Ouellet's "The Linguistic and Cultural Rights of Acadians: From 1713 to the Present"; Léon Thériault's "The Acadianizationof Ecclesiastical Strucutres in the Maritimes, 1758-1953"; Louise Péronnet's "The Situation of the French Language in Acadia: A Linguistic Perspective"; Gérard Beaulieu's "Media in Acadia"; Gilberte Couturier LeBlanc, Alcide Godin, and Aldéo Renaud's "French Education in the Maritimes, 1604-1992"; Daniel O'Carroll's "Sports in Acadia"; Bernard V. LeBlanc and Ronnie-Gilles LeBlanc's "Traditional Material Culture in Acadia"; Anselme Chiasson,Charlotte Cormier, Donald Deschênes and Ronald Labelle's "Acadian Folklore "; Raoul Boudreau and Marguerite Maillet's "Acadian Literature"; Zénon Chiasson's "Acadian Theatre: A Cultural Institution"; Patrick Condon Laurette's"Aspects of an Acadian Art History"; Roger E. Cormier's "Music and the Aca dians". Very good. 30.00

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Acadians of the Maritimes : Thematic Studies.  First Edition, paperback., DAIGLE, Jean. THERIAULT, Leon. ARSENAULT, Samuel. BASTARACHE, Michel.
182 DAIGLE, Jean. THERIAULT, Leon. ARSENAULT, Samuel. BASTARACHE, Michel. Acadians of the Maritimes : Thematic Studies. First Edition, paperback.
Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes, Moncton, 1982, ISBN:091691021 1982 091691021 
DAIGLE, Jean. The Acadians of the Maritimes : Thematic Studies. Edited by Jean Daigle. Moncton, N.B. : Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes, 1982. First Edition. Pp (9),[9]-637,(3). With some illustrations and maps in the text. 8vo, illustrated card covers with whtie spine.

Maillet, Bibliographie des publications de l'Acadie des provinces maritimes: livres et brochures, 1609-1995 41.

Contents :
Acadia, 1604-1763, An Historical Synthesis (by Jean Daigle);
Acadia, 1763-1978. An Historical Synthesis (by Léon Thêriault);
Geography and the Acadians (by Samuel P. Arseneault);
Settlement and Population Growth (by Muriel K. Roy);
The Acadian Economy. History and Development (by Aurèle Young);
Politics and the Acadians (by Philippe Doucet);
The Acadianisation of the Catholic Church in Acadia, 1763-1953 (by Léon Thériault);
Acadian Language and Cultural Rights from 1713 to the Present Day (by Michel Bastarache);
Education in Acadia: 1604-1970 (by Alexandre-J. Savoie);
Material Culture in Acadia (by Clarence Lebreton);
Traditions and Oral Literature in Acadia (by Anselme Chiasson);
Acadian Literature : Bibliography ( by Marguerite Maillet);
The Visual Arts (by Brigitte and Claude Roussel);
The Foundation of a Theatre Tradition in Acadia (by Jean-Claude Marcus);
Acadians and Their Music (by Neil Michaud).

Gift inscription, else very good. 30.00

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183 Dalhousie Glee and Dramatic Society) Dalhousie Glee and Dramatic Society presents Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Directed by H. Leslie Pigot. Friday and Saturday, November 22nd and23rd, 1946. Curtain – 8.30 p.m. Incidental Music provided by the Dalhousie Concert Orchestra
Dalhousie Glee and Dramatic Society,, Halifax, N.S., 1946, 
(Dalhousie Glee and Dramatic Society). The Dalhousie Glee and Dramatic Society presents “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare. Directed by H. Leslie Pigot. Friday and Saturday, November 22nd and 23rd, 1946. Curtain – 8.30 p.m. Incidental Music provided by the Dalhousie Concert Orchestra under the Direction of Frank Padmore. [Halifax] : Dalhousie Glee and Dramatic Society,1946. Pp (4). Small 8vo, printed folded sheet. The programme for the produ ction with cast list, synopsis of scenery, incidental music, and officers of D.G.D.S. Fold creases, browned, else very good. 10.00

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184 Dalhousie University Dalhousie! Dalhousie! Words - Anon. Music by Douglas Clarke
Halifax, N.S., 1942, 
(Dalhousie University). Dalhousie! Dalhousie! Words - Anon. Music by Douglas Clarke, F.R.C.M., F.R.C.O. No date. [ca 1942]. Pp (4). Large 8vo, white printed folded sheet. Words and music to the Dalhousie song. Light browning to edges, else very good. 20.00

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185 DASGUPTA, Satadal, (ed.) Studies on Atlantic Canada : Papers presented at the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Association of Sociologists and Anthropologists at the University of Prince Edward Island, March 15-17, 1985
Department of Sociology and Anthropology,University of Prince Edward Island" U.P.E.I , Charlottetown, 1985, 
DASGUPTA, Satadal, (ed.). Studies on Atlantic Canada: Papers presented at the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Association of Sociologists andAnthropologists at the University of Prince Edward Island, March 15-17, 19 85. Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada : "Published by Department of Sociology and Anthropology,University of Prince Edward Island", 1985. First Edition. Pp (6),[i]-iii,(1),1-182,(2). 8vo, printed white card covers, blank spine. P.E.I. Comminity Studies Report No.5. Contributions: "Toward a Comparative Sociology of Ruralism in Atlantic Canada" by George Park; "The Position of Women in the N.S. Secondary Fishing Industry" by Suzan Ilcan (pp.17-36); "Unemployment Insurance and the Deer Island Community" by Lois P. Scott (pp.37-48); "The Psychological Impact of Unemployment on Cape Breton" by Peter MacIntyre and Robert Southwell; "Housing Cooperatives and Regional Economic Development" by J. Grant Wanzel; "Millbrook Development Limited: An Attempt at Local Self-Development" by Noreen Millar; "Recent Trends in Access to University in N.S." by Norman R. Okihiro; "The Development of the Penitentiary in N.S. in the Nineteenth Century" by Anthony Thomson; "What Music Did for the Victorians: The Perceived Use and/or Consequences of Music in Nineteenth Century Saint John, N.B." by Bonnie Huskins; "Understanding Patriarchy:The New Challenge to Marxist Theory" by G. Llewellyn Watson; "Troubling Pa radigms: Thomas Kuhn and the Social Sciences" by William Buxton. Very good.25.00

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186 DAVEY, J.W. Fall of Torngak, or the Moravian Mission on the Coast of Labrador
S.W. Partridge, London, 1905, 
DAVEY, J.W. The Fall of Torngak, or the Moravian Mission on the Coast of Labrador . With Twenty Illustrations and Map. London : S.W. Partridge & Co., 8 and 9, Paternoster Row and Moravian Mission Agency, 32, Fetter Lane, 1905. First Edition. Pp (4),[5]-288,[1]-32 (publisher's catalogue) + 15 plates. Map (p.4) 8vo, dark green pressed cloth, decorated with small scene of men and dogs (from illustration opp. 252), black and gilt lettering to front & spine.

O'Dea 1314, Tanner 205, Arctic Bibliography 3686, Cooke & Caron p.107.

Chapters :
1. The Country;
2. The People;
3. Language, Food, and Dress;
4. Native Dwellings;
5. Occupation; 6. Methods of Transport;
7. Before the Dawn;

8. "Come Over and Help Us";
9. Treachery;
10. A Time of Reflection;
11. The "S.F.G." [the Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel amongst the Heathen];
12. "I Heard a Voice";
13. Good Impressions Confirmed;

14. A Sine qua non;
15. A Personal Appeal;

16. Negotiations with the Government
17. Mikak at Home;
18. Negotiations with the Natives;
19. Establishment of Nain;
20. Preparing for Action;
21. Pro bono publico;
22. The Angakok, or Voices in the Dark; 23. Rifts in the Cloud;
24. Kingminguse, the Sorcerer;
25. Sidelights on the Mission;
26. Native Testimony;
27. Okak and Hopedale;
28. A Marvellous Escape;
29. Early Fruits of the Mission;
30. Awakening at Hopedale;
31. Angukualak's Vision;
32. "Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruits";
33. Expedition to Ungave Bay; 34. The Jubilee;
35. Establishment of Hebron; 36. Eskimo Music; 37. "Strengthening the Stakes"; 38. Establishment of Zoar and Ramah; 39. Across the Border; 40. A Settler's Station; 41. The Hospital at Orak; 42. Gathering Up the Threads; 43. The Link with Europe; 44. A Modern Sunday at Nain; 45. Conclusion.
Appendix: The Sites of the Erhardt Massacre and the Mission House of 1752.
Plates : "Modern Eskimo Summer Encampment" (frontispiece) [missing in this copy]; "Eskimo Woman, with Child in Hood" and "Eskimo Women Gathering Sticks" (opp. p.34); "Eskimoes and Kayaks" (opp. p.44); "James Hutton, First Secretary of the "S.F.G." (opp. p.82); Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser (opp. p.98); "Mission Station, Nain, Labrador" (opp. p.130); "Mission Station, Okak, Labrador" (opp. p.180); "Mission Station, Hopedale, Labrador" (opp. p.184); "Mission Station, Hebron, Labrador" (opp. p.224); "The Church Choir at Nain" and "The Nain Brass Band" (opp. p.228); "Mission Station, Ramah, Labrador" (opp. p.240); "Mission Station, Makkovik, Labrador" (opp. p.248); "The Church and Hospital at Okak" and "Missionary Hettasch on a Medical Tour" (opp. p.252); "Site of Mission Station, Killinek, Labrador" (opp. p.258); "The Mission Ship Harmony" (opp. p.262); "Communicant Members at Hebron, Labrador" and "Heathen Eskimoes and Tent, at Nachvak, Labrador" (opp. p.280).

Ex library, rebound, rebacked with new endpapers corners bumped, wear to cloth, lacking frontispiece, short tear to three leaves, pen underlining of three lines on p.142, small pen marks on four pages (25,148, 149, & 159), smudges on may pages, else good, solid, with very bright cover gilt. A scarce book. 500.00

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187 DAVIDGE, Bud and Ian WALLACE MAJOR, Kevin, afterword WALLACE, Ian Mummer's Song, The. 2nd pr
Groundwood, Douglas & McIntyre, Toronto, 2002, ISBN:0888991789 
DAVIDGE, Bud and Ian WALLACE. The Mummer's Song. Afterword by Kevin Major. Toronto/Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, "A Groundwood Book", (2002). SecondPrinting. Pp (32). Unpaginated. Illustrsated in colour. Square 8vo, illust rated glossy paper covered boards, in like jacket A children's picture bookwith a rhyming text. Song (with music notation) at rear. Afterword on Chri stmas and mummering by Kevin Major. Vg. 9.00

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188 DAVIES, Gwendolyn, (ed.) DAY, Frank Parker) MONTGOMERY, L.M.) McKAY, Ian Myth and Milieu : Atlantic Literature and Culture, 1918-1939.
Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, 1993, ISBN:0919107397 
DAVIES, Gwendolyn, (ed.). Myth and Milieu: Atlantic Literature and Culture,1918-1939. Fredericton : Acadiensis Press, 1993. Pp. (6),iiv,[1]-209,(1). 8vo, illustrated red trade paperback. Thomas H. Raddall Symposium No. 2. Newfoundland: Elizabeth Miller's "Newfoundland Literature in the 'Dirty Thirties'"; David G. Pitt's "The Challenged Heritage: The Sea as Myth and Milieuin the Poetry of E.J. Pratt". Davies' Introduction; Ian McKay's "Helen Cre ighton and the Politics of Antimodernism"; Margaret Conrad's 's "The Battleof the Cartoonists: The Cartoon Art of Donald McRitchie and Robert Chamber s in Halifax Newspapers, 1933-1937" ; Mark Blagrave's "Garbo Talks ... Thespis Listens: The Impact of Cinema on Live Theatre in Saint John, N.B. between the Wars"; C. Ruth Spicer's "G. Horne Russell, r.c.a.: Portrait of an Illustrator and an Artist"; Clara Thomas and John Lennox's "Rhodenizer's Handbook" ; Carole Gerson's "The Literary Culture of Atlantic Women between theWars"; Elizabeth Miller's "Newfoundland Literature in the 'Dirty Thirties' "; Nancy Vogan's "Music Education in the Maritimes between the Wars: a Period of Transition" ; Elizabeth R. Epperly's "Chivalry and Romance: L.M. Montgomery's Re-vision of the Great War in Rainbow Valley"; Alan R. Young's 's "L.M. Montgomery's Rilla of Ingleside (1920): Romance and the Experience ofWar"; Diana Tye's "Women's Oral Narrative Traditions as Depicted in Lucy M aud Montgomery's Fiction, 1918-1939" ; Andrew T. Seaman's "Heroes, Heroinesand the Lost Kingdom in the Unpublished Novels of Frank Parker Day"; John Stockdale's "Frank Parker Day's Rockbound: Personal Ruminations on a Long Conspiracy of Silence"; Lewis J. Poteet's "Local, Specific and Elaborate: The Craft of Words on Nova Scotia's South Shore"; David G. Pitt's "The Challenged Heritage: The Sea as Myth and Milieu in the Poetry of E.J. Pratt"; Alexander Kizuk's "Molly Beresford and the Song Fishermen of Halifax: CulturalProduction, Canon and Desire in 1920s Canadian Poetry"; Alan Young's "Thom as Raddall : A Personal Tribute"; and short pieces by Carrie MacMillan and Kathleen Scher. Vg. 15.00

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189 DAVIES, Robertson. GUTHRIE, Tyrone. MOISEIWITSCH, Tanya. NEEL, Boyd. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd : A Record of the Stratford ShakespeareanFestival in Canada, 1955. First Edition in dustjacket
Clarke, Irwin, Toronto, 1955, 
DAVIES, Robertson, Tyrone GUTHRIE, Boyd NEEL, and Tanya MOISEIWITSCH. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd : A Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada 1955. Toronto : Clarke, Irwin, (1955). First Printing. Pp. (6),vii-xii,(2),3-178,(2). 8vo, brown cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Contents: By Robertson Davies: 1. Julius Caesar; 2. King Oedipus;3. The Merchant of Venice; 4. A Note on Style in Acting. By Boyd Neel: 5. Music at the Festival. By Tyrone Guthrie and Tanya Moiseiwitsch: The Production of "King Oedipus". Very good in lightly nicked dustjacket. 20.00

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Non-Cycle Plays and Fragments.  in dustjacket., DAVIS, Norman, ed. HARRISON, F.Ll., note Early English Text Society, supplementary text no. 1)
190 DAVIS, Norman, ed. HARRISON, F.Ll., note Early English Text Society, supplementary text no. 1) Non-Cycle Plays and Fragments. in dustjacket.
Early English Text Society / Oxford University Press, London, 1970, 1970 
DAVIS, Norman, (ed.). Non-Cycle Plays and Fragments. Edited on the basis of the edition by Osborn Waterhouse by Norman Davis, with an appendix on The Shrewsbury Music by F.Ll. Harrison. London : published for the Early English Text Society by the Oxford University Press, 1970. Pp. [i]-cxxix,(3),[1]-168,(8), frontispiece + 3 p. of folding plates. Illustrated. 8vo, brown cloth with gilt decoration to front and gilt letering to front and spine.

Early English Text Society, Supplementary Text number 1.

Top edge faintly spotted, name stamp to flyleaf, else very good in spine-sunned, lightly edgeworn dustjacket. 30.00

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191 DAVY, John GOONERATNE, Yasmine Ceylon Historical Journal, Vol. 16 Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants with Travels in that Island. reprint
Tisara Prakasakayo Publishers, Dehiwala, Ceylon, 1969, 
DAVY, John. An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants with Travels in that Island. Complete and unabridged from the original editionof 1821. With an introduction by Yasmine Gooneratne. The Ceylon Historical Journal, Volume Sixteen. Dehiwala, Ceylon : Tisara Prakasakayo Publishers, (March 1969). Facsimile Reprint. 8vo, white card covers, spine lettered in black, front cover lettered in black and illustrated in red, in a matching dustjacket. Contents : Part I. An Account of the Interior of Ceylon, and o f its Inhabitants: 1. Name. Geographical outlines. Rocks. Minerals. Soils. Springs; 2. Monsoons. Rains. Rivers. Temperature. Meteors. Miasmata; 3. Snakes. Experiments on their poison. Ceylon leech; 4. Population. Castes; 5. Subdivisions of the interior. Old form of government. Kandyan court. Its ceremonies and festivals; 6. Laws. Judicial proceedings. Land-tenures; 7. Singalese system of the universe. Boodhoos. Goutama Boodhoo. Priests of Boodhoo. Worship of gods and demons. Doubtful points of the religion of Boodhoo; 8. Singalese language. Literature. Music. Arithmetic. Weights. Measures. Currency. Astrology. Medicine. Painting. Statuary. Architecture. Jewellery. Iron-smelting. Blacksmiths. Saltpetre. Gunpowder. Pottery. Weaving. Agriculture; 9. Domestic habits and manners. Marriage rites. Polygamy. Treatment of children. Ceremony of giving names. Unjust accusations. Funeral rites. Character of the Singalese; 10. Sketch of the history of Ceylon, from the earliest period on record to the present times. Part II. Travels in the Interiorof Ceylon: 1. Set out from Colombo, for Adam's Peak. Border-country. Ratna poora. Approach to Adam's Peak. Palabatula. Ascent of the mountain. Prospect from the summit. Description of the peak. Pilgrims, and their mode of worship. Descent. Miscellaneous remarks on the mountain; 2. Departure form Colombo for Kandy. Avishavellè. Sittawakka. Ruwenwellè. Mode of travelling of the governor. Fort King. Elephant-snare. Amanapoora. Approach to Kandy. Description of Kandy. Excursion into Doombera. Nitre-cave of Memoora. Leave Kandy for Trincomalie. Atgalle Pass. Fort McDowall. Description of country between Nalandé and Mineré. Lake of Mineré. Description of country between Mineré and Kandellé. Lake of Kandellé. Return from Trincomalie to Kandy. Breaking out of rebellion. Tranquility restored. Return to Colombo; 3. Departure from Colombo for Ouva. Description of country between Avisahavellé and Ratnapoora, between Ratnapoora and Balangoddé, and Balangoddé and Kalapahané.The Idalgashena Pass. Velangahena. Himbleatawellé. Badulla. Namina-cooli-k andy. An instance of heroism. Passera. Alipoota. Excursion into the Mahaweddahratté of Ouva and into Welassey. Description of country between Alipootaand Katragam. Katragam. Description of country between Katragam and Gampah a. Nitre-cave near Weleway. Kirriwannagammé. Return to Upper Ouva. Dambawinné. Fort McDonald. Description of country between Fort McDonald and Maturatta. Hints on the improvement of the interior. Nitre-cave in the valley of Maturatta. Hangranketty. Meddawallatené. Koornagalle; 4. Excursion through Upper Boulatgammé into Kotmalé. Pouhalpittyé. Dimbola. Ascent of the mountains between Kotmalé and Upper Ouva. Neuraellyia-pattan. Descent to Fort McDonald. Explanation of some peculiarities of Upper Ouva. Appearance of the country between Fort McDonald and Maturatta. Excursion from Kandy into Matelé. Description of Dambooloo Wiharé. Teldenia. Return to Colombo through the Seven Korles; Part III. Observations on the Effects of the Climate and on the Diseases of Ceylon; Appendix; Index. Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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Music in Belgium., DE HEN, F.J.
192 DE HEN, F.J. Music in Belgium.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, External Trade and Cooperation in Development, Brussels , 1979, 1979 
DE HEN, F.J. Music in Belgium. Brussels : Ministry of Foreign Affairs, External Trade and Cooperation in Development, 1979. First Edition. Pp (2),3-140. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, tan card covers, red lettering to front cover.

Memo from Belgium “Facts and Comments” No. 186.

Contents :
1. A Short Review of Belgian Musical History.
2. Belgian Musical Instrument-Makers.
3. Music Publishing.
4. The Teaching of Music.
5. Music Libraries and the CeBeDeM.
6. Scientific Research.
7. Concerts.
8. The Practice of Music.
9. Folk Music.

Very good. 30.00

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193 DE MILLE, James BUSH, C. G. Lady of the Ice. A Novel. First American Edition
D. Appleton and Company, New York, 1870, 
De MILLE, James. The Lady of the Ice. A Novel. With illustrations by C. G. Bush. New York : D. Appleton and Company, 1870. First American Edition. Pp (4),[iii]-vi,[5]-146,(4,ads),(2), frontispiece (with tissue guard) + 11 plates. Double Column. 8vo, blue pressed cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Watters p.274, Rhodenizer p.712-713. De Mille (1836-1880) "was born in Saint John and educated at Acadia College and Brown University. He served as Professor of Classics at Acadia from 1860 to 1864 and Professor ofEnglish and Rhetoric at Dalhousie College until his death in 1880. He was a brilliant and ambitious scholar and during his lifetime achieved a considerable reputation as a teller of witty stories." - NSIB. Wear to spine endsand corners, cloth rubbed and darkened, stain to back cover, some light fo xing, else a very good, solid copy. 140.00 Contents : I. Consisting merely of Introductory Matter. II. My Quarters, where you will become acquainted with Old Jack Randolph, my most Intimate Friend, and one who divides with methe Honor of being the Hero of my Story. III. "Macrorie--old Chap--I'm--go ing--to--be--married!!!" IV. "It's--the--the Widow! It's Mrs.--Finnimore!!!" V. "Fact, my Boy--it is as I say.--There's another Lady in the Case, and this last is the Worst Scrape of all!" VI. "I implored her to run away withme, and have a Private Marriage, leaving the rest to Fate. And I Solemnly assured her that, if she refused, I would blow my Brains out on her Door-steps.--There, now! what do you think of that?" VII. Crossing the St. Lawrence.--The Storm and the Break-up.--A Wonderful Adventure.--A Struggle for Life.--Who is she?--The Ice-ridge.--Fly for your Life! VIII. I fly back, and send the Doctor to the Rescue.--Return to the Spot. --Flight of the Bird.--Perplexity, Astonishment, Wonder, and Despair. --"Pas un Mot, Monsieur!" IX.By one's own Fireside.--The Comforts of a Bachelor.--Chewing the Cud of Sw eet and Bitter Fancy.--A Discovery full of Mortification and Embarrassment.--Jack Randolph again.--News from the Seat of War. X. "Berton's?--Best Place in the Town.--Girls always glad to see a Fellow.--Plenty of Chat, and Lots of Fun.--No End of Larks, you know, and all that Sort of Thing." XI. "Macrorie, my Boy, have you been to Anderson's yet?"--"No."--"Well, then, I want you to attend to that Business of the Stone to-morrow. Don't forget the Size--Four Feet by Eighteen Inches; and nothing but the Name and Date. The Time's come at last. There's no Place for me but the Cold Grave, where the Pensive Passer-by may drop a Tear over the Mournful Fate of Jack Randolph. Amen. R. I. P." XII. My Adventures Rehearsed to Jack Randolph.--"My dear Fellow, you don't say so!"--"'Pon my Life, yes."--"By Jove! Old Chap, how close you've been! You just have no End of Secrets. And what's become of the Lady? Who is She?" XIII. "Advertising!!!" XIV. A Concert.--A Singular Character.--"God Save the Queen."--A Fenian.--A General Row.--Macrorie to the Rescue! --Macrorie's Maiden Speech, andits effectiveness.--O'Halloran.--A Strange Companion.--Invited to partake of Hospitality. XV. The O'Halloran Ladies.--Their Appearance.--Their Ages.--Their Dress.-- Their Demeanor.--Their Culture, Polish, Education, Rank, Style, Attainments, and all about them. XVI. The Daily Paper. XVII. "Somethin' Warrum." XVIII. The Following Morning.--Appearance of Jack Randolph.--A New Complication.--The Three Oranges.--Desperate Efforts of the Juggler. --How to make full, ample, complete, and most satisfactory Explanations.--Miss Phillips!--The Widow!!--Number Three!!!--Louie rapidly rising into greater prominence on the Mental and Sentimentalhorizon of Jack Randolph. XIX. O'Halloran's again.--A Startling Revelation .--The Lady of the Ice.--Found at Last.--Confusion, Embarrassment, Reticence, and Shyness, succeeded by Wit, Fascination, Laughter, and Witching Smiles. XX. "Our Symposium," as O'Halloran called it.--High and mighty Discourse. --General inspection of Antiquity by a Learned Eye.--A Discourse upon the"Oioneesoizin" of the English language.--Homeric Translations. --O'Hallora n And Burns.--A new Epoch for the Brogue.--The Dinner of Achilles and the Palace of Antinous. XXI. Jack once more.--The Woes of a Lover.--Not Wisely but too Many.--While Jack is telling his Little Story, the ones whom he thusentertains have a Separate Meeting.--The Bursting of the Storm.--The Lette r of "Number Three."--The Widow and Miss Phillips.--Jack has to avail himself of the aid of a Chaplain of Her Majesty's Forces.--Jack an Injured Man. XXII. I Reveal my Secret.--Tremendous effects of the Revelation.--Mutual Explanations, which are by no means Satisfactory. Jack Stands Up for what he calls His Rights.--Remonstrances and Reasonings, ending in a General Row.--Jack makes a Declaration of War, and takes his Departure in a state of Unparalleled Huffiness. XXIII. A Friend becomes an Enemy.--Meditations on the Ancient and Venerable Fable of the Dog in the Manger.--The Corruption of theHuman Heart. --Consideration of the Whole Situation.--Attempts to Counterm ine Jack, and Final Resolve. XXIV. Tremendous Excitement.--The Hour Approaches, and with it the Man. --The Lady of the Ice.--A Tumultuous Meeting.--Outpouring of Tender Emotions.--Agitation of the Lady.--A Sudden Interruption.--An Injured Man, an Awful, Fearful, Direful, and Utterly-crushing Revelation.--Who is the Lady of the Ice? XXV. Recovery from the last Great Shock.--Geniality of mine Host.--Off again among Antiquities.--The Fenians.--A Startling Revelation by one of the Inner Circle.--Politics, Poetry, and Pathos.--Far-reaching Plans and Deep-seated Purposes. XXVI. A few Parting Words with O'Halloran.--His touching Parental Tenderness, High Chivalric Sentiment, and lofty sense of Honor.--Pistols for Two.--Pleasant and Harmonious Arrangement.--"Me Boy, Ye're and Honor to Yer Sex!" XXVII. Sensational!--Terrific!--Tremendous!--I leave the house in Strange Whirl.--A Storm.--The Driving Sleet.--I Wander About.--The voices of the Storm, and of the River.--The clangor of the Bells.--The Shadow in the Doorway.--The Mysterious Companion.--A Terrible Walk.--Familiar Voices.--Sinking into Senselessness.--The Lady of the Ice is Revealed At Last amid the Storm! XXVIII. My Lady of the Ice.--Snow and Sleet.--Reawakening.--A Desperate Situation.--Saved a Second Time.--Snatched from a Worse Fate.--Borne in My Arms Once More.--The Open Door. XXIX. Puzzling Questions which cannot be Answered as yet.--A Step towardReconcilation.--Reunion of a Broken Friendship.--Pieces all Collected and Joined.--Joy of Jack.--Solemn Debates over the Great Puzzle of the period.--Friendly Conferences and Confidences.--An Important Communication. XXX. A Letter!--Strange Hesitation.--Gloomy Forebodings.--Jack down deep in the Dumps.--Fresh Confessions.--Why he Missed the Tryst.--Remorse and Revenge.--Jack's Vows of Vengeance.--A very Singular and Unaccountable Character.--Jack's Gloomy Menaces. XXXI. A Friendly Call.--Preliminaries of the Duel Neatly Arranged.--A Damp Journey, and Depressed Spirits.--A Secluded Spot.--Difficulties which attend a Duel in a Canadian Spring.--A Masterly Decision. --Debates about the niceties of the Code of Honor.--Who shall have the First Shot, Struggle for Precedence.--A very Singular and Obstinate Dispute.--I save O'Halloran from Death by Rheumatism. XXXII. Home again.--The Growls of a Confirmed Growler.--Hospitality.--The well-known Room.--Vision of a Lady.--Alone with Marion.--Interchange of Thought and Sentiment.--Two Beautiful Women.--An Evening to be Remembered.--The Conviviality of O'Halloran.--The Humors of O'Halloran, and his Bacchic Joy. XXXIII. From April to June.--Tempora Mutantur, et nos Mutamur in Illis. --Startling Change in Marion!--And Why?--Jack and his Woes.--The Vengeance of Miss Phillips.--Ladies who refuse to allow their Hearts to be Broken.--Noble Attitude of the Widow.--Consolations of Louie. XXXIV. Jack's Tribulations.--They Rise Up in the very faceof the Most Astonishing Good Fortunes.--For, what is like a Legacy?--And t his comes to Jack!--Seven Thousand Pounds Sterling per Annum!--But what's the use of it all?--Jack comes to Grief!--Woe! Sorrow! Despair! All the Widow! --Infatuation.--A mad proposal.--A Madman, a Lunatic, an Idiot, a March Hare, and a Hatter, all rolled into one, an that one the Lucky yet Unfortunate Jack. XXXV. "Louis!"--Platonic Friendship.--Its results.--Advice may begiven too Freely, and Consolation may be sought for too Eagerly.--Two Infl ammable Hearts should not be allowed to Come Together.--The Old, Old Story.--A Breakdown, and the results all around.--The Condemned Criminal.--The slow yet sure approach of the Hour of Execution. XXXVI. A Friend's Apology for a Friend.--Jack down at the bottom of Deep Abyss of Woe.--His Despair.--The Hour and the Man!--Where is the Woman!--A Sacred Spot.--Old Fletcher.--The Toll of the Bell.--Meditations on each Successive Stroke.--A wild search.--The Pretty Servant-maid, and her Pretty Story.--Throwing Gold About. XXXVII. My own affairs.--A Drive and how it came off.--Varying Moods.--The Excited, the Gloomy, and the Gentlemanly.--Straying about Montmorency.--Revisiting a memorable Scene.--Effect of said Scene.--A Mute Appeal and an Appealin Words.--Result of the Appeals.--"Will You Turn Away?"--Grand Result.--C limax.--Finale.--A General Understanding all round, and a Universal Explanation of Numerous Puzzles. XXXVIII. Grand Conclusion.--Wedding-rings and Ball-rings.--St. Malachi's. --Old Fletcher in his glory.--No Humbug this time.--Messages sent everywhere.--All the town Agog.--Quebec on the Rampage.--St. Malachi's Crammed.--Galleries Crowded.--White Favors Everywhere.--The Widow happy with the Chaplain.--The Double Wedding.--First couple--JACK AND LOUIE! --Second ditto--MACRORIE AND MARION!--Colonel Berton and O'Halloran giving away the brides.--Strange Association of the British Officer and the Fenian.--Jack and Macrorie, Louie and Marion.--Brides and Bridegrooms.--Epithalamicm.--Wedding in high life.--Six Officiating Clergymen.--All the eliteof Quebec take part.--All the Clergy, all the Military, and Everybody who amounts to any thing.--The Band of the Bobtails Discourse Sweet Music, and all that sort of thing, You Know.

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194 DE VRIES, Peter Madder Music. First Edition in dustjacket
Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1977, ISBN:0316181900 
DE VRIES, Peter. Madder Music. Boston : Little, Brown and Company, (1977). First US Edition. Pp. 221. 8vo, red cloth, gilt titles to spine. Very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 25.00

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195 DENIG, Edwin Thompson HEWITT, J.N.B. (ed.) Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri
United States Government Printing Office GPO, Washington [D.C.], 1930, 
DENIG, Edwin Thompson. Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri. Edited by J.N.B. Hewitt. Extract from the Forty-sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Washington [D.C.] : United States Government Printing Office, 1930. Pp (2),377-628,+ 19 plates [Plates 62 to 80]. Text figures. Small folio, brown card covers, front cover lettered in black, blank spine. Contents : The Assiniboin : History; Geography; Climate; Wild Animals; The horse - Era of importation; Pictographs - Charts on bark; Antiquities; Pipes; Vessels and implements; Astronomy and geology; Future life — Indian Paradlse; Arithmetic; Medicine; Government; Indian trade; Education; Warfare; Property; Territorial rights; Primogeniture; Crime; Prayers; The moon; Parental affection; Religion; Immortality; Mythology: Legands, tales; Manners and customs; Camp life; Courtship and marriage; Music; Longetivity; Hospitality; Midwifery, childbirth, naming; Assiniboin personal names; Children; Suicide; Personal behavior; Scalping; Oaths; Smoking; Fame; Stoicism; Taciturnity; Public speaking; Travel; Senses; Juggling and sorcery; Strength and endurance; Spirituous liquors; Hunting; Fishing; War; Dancing and amusements; Games; Racing; Gambling; Death and its consequences; Orphans and the aged; Lodges; Canoes; Mental and ethical advancement; Medicine, drugs; Food; Garments,dress; Ornaments; Paints and dyes; Tattooing; Badges of office; Beard; Int ellectual capacity and character; Picture writing; Myth telling; Fables; Songs, music; Present condition and future prospects; Intermarriage with whites; Population; Language. Light edgewear, spine browned, else very good. 60.00

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196 DENSMORE, Frances Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 161 Seminole Music. Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 161. Hardcover edition
Goverment Printing Office / GPO, Washington, 1956, 
DENSMORE, Frances. Seminole Music. Washington: Goverment Printing Office, 1956. Pp. 223. Illustrated with 19 pp. of plates, including portrait frontispiece. 8vo, cloth gilt Smithsonian emblem to front, gilt titles to spine. Kersey, The Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes : A Critical Bibliography 56. With 243 Seminole songs and dances [with musical notation], "including social dances, songs for success in hunting and in the ball game, songs used in the treatment of the sick, and songs connected with legends." Spine ends bumped, else very good. 40.00

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197 DePROSE, J.G. (ed.). Canadian Army Journal. Vol. 18, No. 2, 1964
Queen's Printer, Ottawa , 1964, 
DePROSE, J.G. (ed.). Canadian Army Journal. Vol. XVIII, No. 2, 1964. (Ottawa : Queen's Printer, 1964). Pp [1]-132. Illustrated. Double Column. 8vo, illustrated red trimmed stapled wrappers. Contents : The Tank Threat; The Royal 22e Régiment, 1914-1964; Band Music Across Canada; Flashback No. 45: Canadian Troops in England, 1914; and much more. Rubbed, wear to spine ends, else very good. 15.00

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198 Des ROCHES, John, (ed.) Reflections on a Parish : Saint John the Baptist : Miscouche, Prince EdwardIsland
Miscouche, Prince Edward Island. , 1973, 
Des ROCHES, John, (ed.), et al. Reflections on a Parish : Saint John the Baptist : Miscouche, Prince Edward Island. (Miscouche, Prince Edward Island :The Book Committee, 1992). Printed by Alfa Graphics (1972) Ltd. Pp (8),9-2 00. Illustrated with over 200 b&w photos. Large 8vo, white cardcovers. Cover adds : "Eglise Saint Jean Baptiste" and "Ile de Prince Eduoard". Forewordby Soeur Antoinette DesRoches, C.N.D. Chapters : 1. Our Church Leaders; 2. Our Lay Ministers; 3. Our Parishioners; 4. Religious Education; 5. Church- Related Organizations; 6. Our Church Services; 7. The Present Interior; 8. The Cemetery; 9. The Rectory; 10. Our Recreation Centre; 11. Our Music Ministry; 12. 100 Years of Ministry; 13. 100 Years of History; 14. 100 Years ofTradition; 15. A Church Is Built; 16. The Convent; 17. Past Associations; 18. The Parish Properties; 19. The Second Century Begins. With bibliography. Name on first page crossed out, else very good. 30.00

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199 DEWOSKIN, Kenneth J. Michigan Papers in Chinese Studies No. 42 Song for One or Two : Music and the Concept of Art in Early China. MichiganPapers in Chinese Studies No. 42
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1982, ISBN:0892640421 
DEWOSKIN, Kenneth J. A Song for One or Two : Music and the Concept of Art in Early China. Michigan Papers in Chinese Studies No. 42. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 1982. Pp. (6),vii-ix,(3),3-202,(4). 8vo, red ill. card covers, black titles to front and spine. Contents: I. The Study of Music; II.An Early Performance; III. Music, Hearing and the Mind; IV. Classical and Han Theory; V. Mythology and Cosmology; VI. The "Book of Music"; VII. The Ch'in and Its Way; VIII. Critical Terminology, Notation, and Ideology; IX. The Concept of Art. Name expunged in black marker to the top edge and half-title, bleeding through to the next few pages, including the title page, else vg. 65.00

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200 DI CICCO, Pier Giorgio Burning Patience : Poems. First Edition
Borealis Press, Ottawa, 1978, ISBN:0919594964 
DI CICCO, Pier Giorgio. A Burning Patience : Poems by Pier Giorgio di Cicco. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1978. First Printing. Pp. (12),13-82. 8vo, illustrated red and grey card covers with white titles to front and spine. An early collection of poems by the Italian-born Canadian poet Di Cicco's (b. July 5, 1949). Di Cicco was the second Poet Laureate of Toronto. Includes the following poems: Part I: Love on Credit: "Late Spring", "Grazie", "Passato:Love", "The Negative Heaven", "Time, and Again", "It Takes Next to Nothing ", "Arranging the Dance", "The Second Partita", "As Old As We Are", "Can't Dance", "The Imagining Summer", "For Sharon in Summer". Part II: Man Without a Country: "Man Without a Country", "Immigrant Music", "Father", "Montreal 1977", "The Poem Against City Hospital", "Exile 2", "Quercianella: the poem", "I know My Mettle". Part III: The Poetry Bus: "I Poeti", "Bar-Room Poets", "L'Artiste", "The Outsiders", "The Mad Young Man", "The Urge for Song", "How to Get Ahead in This World", "Groupie", "The Sadness of the Literati", "The Man With No Arms", "The Poetry Bus", "I Phoned Him Up", "The Literary Man", "Terrible Things", "Career Woman II", "Pushing It", "Visiting Friends", "Lines to the New Poem", "The Educated Smile", "Saturday's Joe Rosenblatt", "Casa Loma Birthday". Part IV: Burning the Bones: "Summer Madness", "Getting On", "Quebec to Levis", "Family Views", "Effortless", "These Are the Cold Ways", "Man in the Moon", "Casa", "Suburban Lyrics", "Bone FractureWard: Mt. Sinai", "Peccato", "Paralyzed", "Birthday Poem 1", "Birthday Poe m 3", "Running Down", "Old Friend", "Die Hard 3", "Al Cuor Non si Comanda","Corners". Part V: The Ventriloquist: "For the Next Few Months", "Friends at Midnight", "Ritratto", "Watching the Skin Flower", "Son of Man", "From Here You Couldn't Tell the Differene", "For Dennis", "End of the Month Singing", and "Nuovo Anno". A very good, tight, clean copy. 65.00

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