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21 CHURCHILL, Winston S. World Crisis, 1911-1914. 2nd pr.
Thornton Butterworth Limited, London, 1923, 
CHURCHILL, Winston S. The World Crisis, 1911-1914 . London: Thornton Butterworth Limited, (April 1923). Second UK Printing. Pp. (8),[1]-536, + 6 maps (5 of which are folding) and 2 facsimile leaves. 8vo, navy blue cloth, pressed titles to front, gilt titles to spine. Recounts Churchill's time spent as the First Lord of the Admiralty in the lead-up to the Great War. Contents: 1. The Vials of Wrath; 2. Milestones to Armageddon; 3. The Crisis of Agadir; 4. Admirals All; 5. The German Navy Law; 6. The Romance of Design; 7. The North Sea Front; 8. Ireland and the European Balance; 9. The Crisis; 10. The Mobilization of the Navy; 11. War: The Passage of the Army; 12. The Battle in France; 13. On the Oceans; 14. In the Narrow Seas; 15. Antwerp; 16. The Channel Ports; 17. The Grand Fleet and the Submarine Alarm; 18. Coronel and the Falklands; 19. With Fisher at the Admiralty; 20. The Bombardmentof Scarborough and Hartlepool; 21. Turkey and the Balkans. Some wear to ou ter hinges with light bumping to spine ends, else vg. 100.00

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22 CHURCHILL, Winston S.). GRETTON, Peter Former Naval Person : Winston Churchill and the Royal Navy. First Edition in dustjacket
Cassell, London, 1968, 
(CHURCHILL, Winston S.). GRETTON, Peter. Former Naval Person : Winston Churchill and the Royal Navy. London : Cassell, (1968). First Printing. Pp. (14),1-338 + 16 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth, gold lettering to spine. Law 0656. "The only weapon with which we can expect to cope with great nations is the Navy. I confess I do trust the Navy...' These words, spoken by Winston Churchill in the Spring of 1901, could equally well have dated from any stage of his long and momentous parliamentary career. Not only did he trust the Royal Navy in war; he saw it as an enduringsymbol of what he believed to be Britain's traditional and rightful place in the world. No appreciation of Sir Winston's life and achievements can becomplete without a knowledge of his long association with the Navy, the in fluence of which on the history of the world has been so incalculable. "TheNavy that Churchill found when he first arrived at the Admiralty in 1911 w as in a state of upheaval. Reform and modernisation had come late to the Service, which had rested overlong on Nelson's laurels. The new First Lord, to the consternation of some of the admirals, flung the weight of his boundless energy and creative genius into the work of reconstruction. He met and talked with personnel from all levels of the naval hierarchy; he espoused suspect causes like those of the submarine and the aeroplane; and by 1914 the Navy, though still far from perfect, was very much on a war footing. Churchill must have felt well satisfied with his earlier efforts when he returned to the Admiralty and the very different Navy of 1939. "Churchill's tendency, during both his wartime spells as First Lord of the Admiralty, to takethat office at its face value and overrule his naval advisers if necessary , has made him an easy target for subsequent criticism. He has been largelyblamed for the Dardanelles fiasco and the gallant but futile Coronel actio n in the First World War; for the Narvik episode and the loss of the Princeof Wales and Repulse in the Second. Admiral Gretton's detailed research an d professional judgement have produced a more balanced picture, and a fitting tribute to Sir Winston's memory from the Service to which he gave so much." - from the dj. Very good in dustjacket. 35.00

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23 CHURCHILL, Winston S.). HOUGH, Richard Former Naval Person : Churchill and the Wars at Sea. First Edition in dustjacket
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1985, ISBN:0297787063 
(CHURCHILL, Winston S.). HOUGH, Richard. Former Naval Person : Churchill and the Wars at Sea. London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, (1985). First Printing. Pp (6),vii,(5),[1]-244 + 16 pp of plates. Maps in text. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Law 0657. "A soldier by instinct and by inherited martial prowess, it was the Royal Navy which brought Churchill into the full flood of publicity and controversy before the First World War. He did notcare for what he found at the Admiralty in 1911 and in his efforts to make the senior service shipshape for the inevitable coming war with Germany, h e gave scant regard for the feelings of admirals. By a stroke of fate that almost ended his political career, it was the leading soldier and the leading sailor of their time - Kitchener and Fisher - who were responsible for his downfall amid the minefields ana counter-bombardments of the Dardanelles. [...] This valuable new contribution to Churchilliana by one of the best-known and most experienced naval historians of today is concerned with the whole of Churchill's stormy association with the navy, and latterly with his remarkable relationship with Franklin D. Roosevelt, which resulted in their momentous achievements during the Second World War." - from the jacket. Contents: The Fishing Party; 1. 'Kitchener the blackguard"; 2. Scottish Tryst ; 3. Recalcitrant Admirals; 4. Indignant Turks; 5. The Bombardment; 6. 'My regiment is awaiting me"; 7. "Disentangled from the ruins"; 8. "As navalpeople ..."; 9. Day of Infamy [Pearl Harbor]; 10. Premier's Team; 11. "A t rue affection .. " With appendices, sources and index. Appendix B. The Atlantic Charter Very good in unclipped dustjacket 30.00

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24 CHURCHILL, Winston S.). HOUGH, Richard CHURCHILL, Winston) Former Naval Person : Churchill and the Wars at Sea. 1st pbk.
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1987, ISBN:0297790188 
(CHURCHILL, Winston S.). HOUGH, Richard. Former Naval Person : Churchill and the Wars at Sea. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, (1987). First PaperbackPrinting. Pp. [i]-vii,(5),[1]-244, + 16 p. of plates. Illustrated. 8vo, il lustrated grey card covers. Contents: 1. 'Kitchener the blackguard', 2. Scottish Tryst, 3. Recalcitrant Admirals, 4. Indignant Turks, 5. The Bombardment, 6. 'My regiment is awaiting me', 7. 'Disentangled from the ruins', 8. 'As naval people...', 9. Day of Infamy, 10. Premier's Team, 11. 'A true affection...'. Vg. 12.00

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25 CHURCHILL, Winston). ROSKILL, Stephen. Churchill and the Admirals. First American Edition in dustjacket
William Morrow and Company, Inc., New York , 1978, ISBN:0688033644 
(CHURCHILL, Winston). ROSKILL, Stephen. Churchill and the Admirals. New York : William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1978. First US Printing. Pp [1]-351,(3),+ 28 pp. photos. Map. Index. 8vo, red cloth spine, black paper covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. Contents : 1. First contacts : 1911-1914. 2. Blunders and disasters : 1914-1915. 3. Dismissal : 1915. 4. Excluded : 1915-1917. 5. Recall : 1917-1918. 6. The transition to peace : 1919-1929. 7. Out of office but active : 1929-1939. 8. Return to power and the Norwegian campaign : 1919-1940. 9. The admirals afloat. I. Home waters and the Atlantic : 1939-1942. 10. The admirals afloat. II. The Mediterranean : 1940-1942.11. The Indian Ocean and the Far East : 1941-1943. 12. The Mediterranean : 1940-1944. 13. Home waters and the Atlantic battle : 1943-1944. 14. The In dian Ocean and the Far East : 1944. 15. The months of victory : January - August 1945. Conclusion. Appendix : A historical controversy. Very good in unclipped dustjacket (with tears and crease to rear panel). 25.00

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26 CHURCHILL, Winston). ROSKILL, Stephen. Churchill and the Admirals. Uncorrected Advance Proofs
Collins, London , 1977, 
(CHURCHILL, Winston). ROSKILL, Stephen. Churchill and the Admirals. London : Collins, 1977. Uncorrected Advance Proofs. Pp [1]-338. 8vo, red card covers. Contents : 1. First contacts : 1911-1914. 2. Blunders and disasters : 1914-1915. 3. Dismissal : 1915. 4. Excluded : 1915-1917. 5. Recall : 1917-1918. 6. The transition to peace : 1919-1929. 7. Out of office but active : 1929-1939. 8. Return to power and the Norwegian campaign : 1919-1940. 9. Theadmirals afloat. I. Home waters and the Atlantic : 1939-1942. 10. The admi rals afloat. II. The Mediterranean : 1940-1942. 11. The Indian Ocean and the Far East : 1941-1943. 12. The Mediterranean : 1940-1944. 13. Home waters and the Atlantic battle : 1943-1944. 14. The Indian Ocean and the Far East : 1944. 15. The months of victory : January - August 1945. Conclusion. Appendix : A historical controversy. Spine sunned, else very good. 40.00

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Extraordinary Seaman.  First Edition in dustjacket, COCHRANE, Lord). MALLALIEU, J. P. W. MALLALIEU, J. P. W. MUDGE-MARRIATT
27 COCHRANE, Lord). MALLALIEU, J. P. W. MALLALIEU, J. P. W. MUDGE-MARRIATT Extraordinary Seaman. First Edition in dustjacket
MacGibbon & Kee, 1957, 1957 
(COCHRANE, Captain Lord ) MALLALIEU, J.P.W. Extraordinary Seaman. Illustrated by Mudge-Marriatt. London : MacGibbon & Kee, (September) 1957. First Edition. Pp. (9),ix,(1),1-179,(3). 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (1775-1860), was a British politician and naval adventurer, considered one of the most daring sea captains during the Napoleonic Wars. Although Captain Cochrane is considered one of Britain's finest sea fighters, his name is not well known, even by his own countrymen. His life and exploits served as inspiration for the naval fiction of 20th century writers C. S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian.

"Captain Cochrane went to sea in the Royal Navy's greatest period. He became one of the finest sea fighters Britain has ever known. His scientific ingenuity and imaginative genius made him a pioneer of combat methods which were only fully developed nearly one hundred and fifty years later in the second world war. By his skill and daring he did more than any one individual to bring independence to three great countries, which, together, are larger than the whole United States.

Yet todav his name is almost unknown even in the British Isles. For every ten thousand Britons who have heard of Davy Crockett - a minor American frontiersman during one of the less creditable periods in United States history - perhaps one has heard ot Captain Lord Cochrane, tenth Earl of Dundonald." - from the dj.

Chapters :
1. Men from the North;
2. Giant-killer;
3. Sea Harvest;
4. Commando;
5. Fire in the Roads;
6. The Stock Exchange Mystery;
7. Against the Odds;
8. Cutting out the Esmeralda;
9. The Chase;
10. Conquest by Bluff.
With bibliography.

Penned name, else very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 40.00

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28 COCHRANE, Thomas, Admiral Memoirs of a Fighting Captain. First Folio Society Edition.
Folio Society, London, 2005, 
COCHRANE, Admiral Lord. Memoirs of a Fighting Captain. Introduced by Brian Vale. London : The Folio Society, 2005. First Folio Edition. Pp [i]-xxii,(6),1-311,(5), portrait frontis + 16 pp plates. Maps. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt decoration to front board, gilt lettering to spine, in illustrated paper covered slipcase. Contents : l. My Boyhood and Entrance into the Navy. 2. Services in the Mediterranean. 3. Cruise of the Speedy. 4. Admiralty Reluctanceto Promote Me. 5. Cruise of the Pallas. 6. My Entrance into Parliament. 7. Cruise of the Imperieuse. 8. Defence of Fort Trinidad. 9. Attack on the Ba sque Roads. 10. Naval Abuses. 11. The Stock Exchange Trial. 12. Command of the Chilean Navy. 13. Attempt on VaJdivia. 14. Fresh Annoyances. 15. Capture of the Esmeralda. 16. Mutinous Conduct. 17. First Admiral of Brazil. 18. Capture of Bahia. 19. Liberation. Very good in slipcase. 45.00

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29 COCHRANE, Thomas, Admiral THOMAS, Donald Cochrane : Britannia's Last Sea-King
Andre Deutsch, London, 1978, ISBN:0233969667 
(COCHRANE, Thomas, Admiral Lord). THOMAS, Donald. Cochrane : Britannia's Last Sea-King. (London) : Andre Deutsch, (1978). First Printing. Pp [1]-383,(1),+ 8 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine. “The bare facts of the life of Admiral Lord Cochrane [1775-1860], 10th Earl of Dundonald, read like some impossible and picturesque historical novel. Born the son of an eccentric and indigent Scottish peer, he entered the Navyat about the same time as his fictional counterpart, Horatio Hornblower, a nd in a series of successful and heroic actions made his name as one of thedashing, famous frigate captains of his day/” - from the dj. Contents : 1. The Lords of Culross. 2. Steering to Glory. 3. “A Sink of Corruption.” 4. “Excessive Use of Powder and Shot.” 5. In the Face of the Enemy. 6. “Announce Lord Cochrane's Degradation.” 7. The Devil's Admiral. 8. Under Two Flags. 9. See, the Conquering Hero Comes! Very good in nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 50.00

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30 COOPER, James Fenimore Two Admirals
A.L. Burt, 0, 
COOPER, James Fenimore. The Two Admirals. NY: A.L. Burt, (n.d.). Pp 532. Frontis. 8vo, maroon ribbed cloth, t.e.g. The Home Library Edition. Cooper's 1842 novel of the pre-Revolutionary War Royal Navy. Very slightly rubbed, else vg. 15.00

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31 COOTE, John O., (ed.). Norton Book of The Sea. Book Club Edition in dustjacket.
W.W. Norton & Company, New York / London, 1989, ISBN:0393027783 
COOTE, John O., (ed.). The Norton Book of The Sea. Introduction by Hammond Innes. New York / London : W.W. Norton & Company, (1989). Book-of-the-MonthClub Edition. Pp (4),v-xiv,[1]-406,(4). Index. 8vo, grey cloth spine, blue paper-covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. Captain John Oldham Coote, R.N..(ret'd), (b. 1921 - d. June 11, 1993), writer and yachtsman. This is the same as The Faber Book of the Sea : An Anthology. Contents : Prologue (What It Is All About – Wind and Waves – The Sea's Mysteries). Captains and Crews (Jolly Jack – Ashore or Afloat – Admirals – Captains and Masters – Selection and Training – Midshipmen – Selecting an Ocean-Racing Crew – Discipline – Prize-Money – Taking Care of Jack). The Dark Side (Cape Horn – Disasters – Gales – Survival). The Lighter Side. Far Horizons (Exploration – LoneSailors – Cruising – Navigation). Sweethearts and Wives (Jack's Molls – 'W ives Afloat' – A Victorian Hostess Sails Around the World – A Honeymoon Cruise in a 24-ft Ocean-Racer – The Captain's Lightning Courtship). Trade in Peacetime (Immigration Ships – The Golden Age of Sail – Fishing on the GrandBanks – Trading Under Sail – Smuggling). War at Sea (Anti-Submarine Warfar e – Submarines – Surface Battles). Penned date, else very good in nicked dustjacket. 12.50

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32 CORDINGLY, David. COCHRANE, Thomas). Cochrane : The Real Master and Commander. American Book Club Edition in dustjacket
Bloomsbury, New York, 2007, ISBN:9781582345345 
(COCHRANE, Thomas). CORDINGLY, David. Cochrane : The Real Master and Commander. (New York): Bloomsbury, (2007). Book Club Edition. Pp. (10),[xi]-xvi,(10) of maps,[1]-420,(2), + 24 pages of plates (16 of which are in colour). Illustrated. 8vo, black paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering to spine.David Cordingly (b. December 5, 1938, London, England). "Nicknamed le loup des mers ('the sea wolf') by Napoleon, Thomas Cochrane was one of the most daring and successful naval heroes of all time. Patrick O'Brian, C.S. Fore ster, and Captain marryat all based their literary heroes on the man about whom Lord Byron once famously rhapsodized, 'There is no man I envy so much as Lord Cochrane'. But, as David Cordingly reveals, Cochrane far exceeded the daring and romantic exploits of his fictional counterparts. In this fascinating account of Cochrane's extraordinary life, Cordingly, author of the bestselling 'Under the Black Flag' and 'Billy Ruffian', unearths startling new details about the real-life 'Master and Commander' -- from his heroic battles against the French navy to his role in the liberation of Chile, Peru, and Brazil, and the stock exchange scandal that forced him out of Englandand almost ended his naval career. Drawing on previously unpublished paper s, his own travels, wide reading, and the kind of original research that distinguished 'The Billy Ruffian', Cordingly tells the rip-roaring story of the archetypal Romantic hero who conquered the seas and, in the process, defined his era." - from the dustjacket. Prologue; 1. A Scottish Upbringing: 1775-1793; 2. From Midshipman to Lieutenant: 1793-1800; 3. Commander of the Speedy: 1800-1801; 4. A Dark Interlude: 1801-1804; 5. The Flying Pallas: 1804-1806;- 6. Member of Parliament for Honiton: 1806-1807; 7. The Westminster Election: 1807; 8. Return to the Mediterranean: 1807-1808; 9. The CoastalRaids of the Imperieuse: 1808; 10. The Defence of Fort Trinidad: 1808; 11. Entering the Gates of Hell: 1809; 12. The French Fleet Aground: 1809;- 13. The Court Martial of Lord Gambier: 1809; 14. Riots and Romance: 1809-1814; 15. The Stock Exchange Scandal: 1814; 16. The wilderness years: 1814-1818; 17. The Liberation of Chile and Peru: 1818-1822; 18. Brazil and Beyond: 18 22-1825; 19. A Greek Fiasco: 1825-1828; 20. The Fightback: 1828-1851;- 21. The Last Years: 1851-1860. With glossary, notes, bibliography and index. Very good in dustjacket. 15.00

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33 CORK & ORRERY, Earl of, Admiral of the Fleet BOYLE, William Henry Dudley) My Naval Life, 1886-1941
Hutchinson, London, 1942, 
CORK & ORRERY, Earl of, Admiral of the Fleet. My Naval Life: 1886-1941. London: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., (1942). First Printing. Pp. (2),3-208, frontispiece + 17 p of plates. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth with yellowish lettering to spine. Law 0120. William Henry Dudley Boyle, 12th Earl ofCork & Orrery: 1873-1967. "The range covered may be measured by the fact t hat whereas my service started in a masted ironclad which was completed in 1869, it finished in the Nelson, the most modern battleship with which we started the present war." - from the preface. The Earl joined the navy at 12, before gaining a sea appointment aboard the HMS Monarch two years later. He would serve as a part of the China Station at the time of the Sino-Japanese War and the Boxer Rebellion, before moving closer to home as part of the Channel Fleet. He commanded a Second Class Cruiser in the Red Sea during the First World War as well as taking fire at Heligoland Bight aboard the Repulse. Between the wars, he at times commanded the First Cruiser Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet and saw more time in a volatile China, before taking command of the Home Fleet in 1933. He was Admiral of the Fleet from early 1938 through the end of June, 1939. Slightly splayed, some light rubbing to spine, front inner hinge tender, name to ffep, else very good. 40.00

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34 CROWE, William J., Jr., Admiral CHANOFF, David. Line of Fire, The. 1st in dj.
Simon & Schuster, New York, 1993, ISBN:0671727036 
CROWE, William J., Jr., Admiral. The Line of Fire : From Washington to the Gulf, the Politics and Battles of the New Military. With David Chanoff. NY:Simon & Schuster, (1993). First Printing. Pp 367. Illustrated. 8vo, blue c loth spine with blue boards. The memoirs of a U.S. Naval officer who rose to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Presidents Reagan and Bush. Naval matters throughout, including his command of the submarine U.S.S. Trout from1960-1962. Research library stamp on dedication page, else vg in price-cli pped dj. 20.00

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35 Crowsnest Crowsnest : The Royal Canadian Navy's Magazine. Vol. 14, No. 12, October, 1962
Roger Duhamel, Ottawa , 1962, 
(Crowsnest). The Crowsnest : The Royal Canadian Navy's Magazine. Vol. 14, No. 12, October, 1962. (Ottawa : Roger Duhamel, 1962). Pp 1-28. Illustrated.Triple Column. 4to, illustrated white stapled wrappers. Contents : RCN New s Review; HMCS Mackenzie; Two Admirals Retire; Promotions and Appointments;Home from the Sea; Officers and Men; Mid-Atlantic Rescue; Here and There i n the RCN; Afloat and Ashore; Cadets in Eskimoland; Books for the Sailor; Retirements; Naval Lore Corner No. 109. Cover photo of HMCS Mackenzie. Inside front cover photo of the farewell flypast of 8 F2H Banshees over the RCN air station Shearwater. Rubbed, mailing label, inkstamp, else very good. 20.00

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36 CRUMP, Helen J. Colonial Admiralty Jurisdiction in the Seventeenth Century. First Edition.
Published for The Royal Empire Society by Longmans, Green and Co., London, New York, Toronto , 1931, 
CRUMP, Helen J. Colonial Admiralty Jurisdiction in the Seventeenth Century.London, New York, Toronto : Published for The Royal Empire Society by Long mans, Green and Co., 1931. First Edition. Pp (8),[ix]-x,(2),[1]-200. Index.8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Imperial Studies, No. 5. See Cat alogue of the Library of the National Maritime Museum, Vol 5. History 897. A Thesis approved for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy in the University of London. Contents : 1. The English Vice-Admiralty System. 2. The Colonial Promoters and Vice-Admiralty Jurisdiction. 3. The Development of Vice-Admiralty Jurisdiction in Massachusetts. 4. Admirals and Admiralty Jurisdiction inVirginia and Maryland. 5. The Growth of Vice-Admiralty Jurisdiction in Ber muda. 6. Prize and Piracy in Jamaica. 7. Prize and Piracy in Other Colonies. 8. The Colonial Admiralty Courts and the Trade of the Empire. 9. The Colonial Admiralty and the English Administration. 10. Vice-Admiralty Courts under the British East India Company. Many references to Newfoundland in the Index. Rubbed, minor spotting, spine lightly browned, penned name, else very good. Scarce. 250.00

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37 DAVIS, Burke YAMAMOTO, Isoroku, Admiral Get Yamamoto.
Arthur Barker Limited, London , 1971, 
DAVIS, Burke. Get Yamamoto. London : Arthur Barker Limited, (1971). First Edition. Pp (6),[1]-231,(3),+ 8 pp plates. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering tospine. The story of the shooting down and death of Japanese Admiral Isorok u Yamamoto by P-38 Lightning fighter pilots. “To be successful, the P-38 pilots would have to fly five hundred miles over water, avoiding all land, intercept Yamamoto exactly on time, break through the Zero fighters protecting him, shoot him down, and return to their base.” - from the dj. Very good in torn, but unclipped, dustjacket. 15.00

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38 de CHAIR, Dudley, Admiral Sir DE CHAIR, Somerset, preface and epilogue Sea is Strong. 1st UK no dj.
George G. Harrap, London, 1961, 
de CHAIR, Dudley, Admiral Sir. The Sea is Strong. With a Preface and Epilogue by Somerset de Chair. London: George G. Harrap & Co., (1961). First Printing. Pp. (12),13-248, port. frontis., + 6 p. of plates, with some textual maps. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Contents: 1. I joined the Navy; 2. Trouble in Egypt; 3. Taken prisoner; 4. Cairo; 5. Rescue; 6. Gunroom; 7. The Loss of HMS Victoria; 8. Silent Service; 9. Sunshine; 10. The Queen Dies; 11. Two Engagements; 12. Dollars Unlimited; 13. ACall from Jellicoe; 14. First Meeting with Churchill; 15. Churchill and th e Admirals; 16. Training for Battle; 17. Grave Moment; 18. Preparations forBlockade; 19. Beneath the Surface; 20. Tightening the Blockade; 21. Contra band; 22. What Matter Reserves?; 23. Mission to the United States; 24. Battle Squadron. "Admiral Sir Dudley de Chair was one of that legendary breed of sailors who commanded battle squadrons as large as the whole of today's Royal navy, and who under the leadership of Jellicoe and Beatty swept the German High Seas Fleet from the North Sea." - from the dj. Previous owner's name inked to ffep, else very good. Lacking dj. 16.00

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Age of Heroes : A Boy, a Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune. First Edition, DICKIE, John R.
39 DICKIE, John R. Age of Heroes : A Boy, a Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune. First Edition
Pottersfield Press, Lawrencetown Beach, N.S., 2009, ISBN:9781897426111 
DICKIE, John R. Age of Heroes : A Boy, a Prince and the 1797 Wreck of La Tribune. Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada : Pottersfield Press, (2009). First Edition. Pp (6),7-240. With a few b&w photos in the text, 2 charts,a reproduction of an 1801 aquatint and a diagram of a 34-gun British friga te. 8vo, art-illustrated dark brown cardcovers, with white & red lettering to spine. John R. Dickie (b. 1962, Nova Scotia). "Age of Heroes documents one of Nova Scotia's greatest sea tales. It comes from the golden age of fighting sail, the so called "age of heroes" which has long drawn audiences tobooks like Master and Commander and the Horatio Hornblower genre of nautic al fiction. France''s La Tribune frigate fell to Britain's HMS Unicorn after a moonlit sea battle fought off Ireland's coast. The humbled warship was added to the Royal Navy lists when admirals like John Jervis and Horatio Nelson were defending England's shores from invasion and her sea lanes from attack by revolutionary France. Tribune was ushered into British service during the turmoil of the Spithead and Nore mutinies, her crew a collection ofyoung English, Irish and Scots eager to fight for King and Country, as wel l as for their own glory. Unfortunately, HMS Tribune was mistakenly run aground by her sailing master while entering Halifax Harbour on November 23, 1797. During the attempt to escape from her rocky prison, Tribune was caughtin a horrendous storm and ultimately sank at night with the loss of more t han 240 souls. Only a thirteen-year old orphan fisher boy [Joe Cracker] from nearby Herring Cove dared to row his tiny skiff into the jaws of the tempest to save British sailors stranded on the wreck. Impressed by his selfless act, Prince Edward, the future father of Queen Victoria who was residing in Halifax at the time, rewarded the young boy for his brave deed. In this true tale of valour, the legend of the hero fisher boy lives on more than two centuries after his part in one of Canada''s most compelling sea stories." - from the back cover. The chapters [un-numbered in the book] are : 1. Tribune Head; 2. Guadeloupe, 1795 3. The Nova Scotia Station, 1796 4. Unicorn and La Tribune; 5. The Prize; 6. Portsmouth Dock; 7. Aground at Thrumcap;8. The Loss of H.M.S. Tribune; 9. On the Masts; 10. Age of Heroes [Lieuten ant Brenton Halliburton, &c]; 11. Rediscovery of Tribune. With endnotes, HM.S. Tribune Crew List, and references. Very good. 12.50

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40 DRAKE, Francis). KELSEY, Harry. Sir Francis Drake : The Queen's Pirate.
Yale University Press, New Haven and London , 0, ISBN:0300071825 
(DRAKE, Francis). KELSEY, Harry. Sir Francis Drake : The Queen's Pirate. New Haven and London : Yale University Press, (1998). First Printing. Pp (2),[i]-xviii,(2),[1]-566,(4). Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, red cloth spine lettered in black, blur paper covered boards. "In this lively and engaging new biography, Harry Kelsey shatters the familiar image of Sir Francis Drake. The Drake of legend was a pious, brave, and just seaman who initiated the move to make England a great naval power and whose acts of piracy againsthis country’s enemies earned him a knighthood for patriotism. Kelsey pai nts a different and far more interesting picture of Drake as an amoral privateer at least as interested in lining his pockets with Spanish booty as inforwarding the political goals of his country, a man who became a captain general of the English navy, but never waged traditional warfare with any success. Drawing on much new evidence, Kelsey describes Drake's early life as the son of a poor family in sixteenth-century England. He explains how Drake dabbled in piracy, gained modest success as a merchant, and then took advantage of the hostility between Spain and England to embark on a series of daring pirate raids on undefended Spanish ships and ports, preempting Spanish demands for punishment by sharing much of his booty with the Queen andher councillors. Elizabeth I liked Drake because he was a charming rogue, and she made him an integral part of her war plans against Spain and its armada, but she quickly learned not to trust him with an important command: he was unable to handle a large fleet, was suspicious almost to the point ofparanoia, and had no understanding of personal loyalty. For Drake, the mar k of success was to amass great wealth, preferably by taking it from someone else and the primary purpose of warfare was to afford him the opportunityto accomplish this." - from the dj. Very good to fine in unclipped dustja cket. 20.00

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