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21 Atlantic Winter Fair MANDRELL, Barbara WALLACE, Jerry 72 Atlantic Winter Fair, Halifax.
Atlantic Winter Fair, 1972, 
(Atlantic Winter Fair). '72 Atlantic Winter Fair, Halifax. (AtlanticWinter Fair. 1972). Pp 1-32. 4to, illustrated purple and white stapled car d covers. Half-page photo of Jerry Wallace (the man who has the number one song on the country music hit parade across North America) and full-page photo of Barbara Mandrell (one of the fastest up and coming stars of country music) – headlining the big show on Monday night. Covers worn, chipping to top edge, many penned notes, else good. 15.00

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22 ATTALI, Jacques. Noise : The Political Economy of Music. Translation by Brian Massumi. Foreword by Frederic Jameson. Afterword by Susan McClary
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis , 1985, ISBN:0816612870 
ATTALI, Jacques. Noise : The Political Economy of Music. Translation by Brian Massumi. Foreword by Frederic Jameson. Afterword by Susan McClary. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, (1985). Pp [i]-xiv,[1]-179,(3). Index. 8vo, illustrated brown card covers. Theory and History of Literature, Volume 16. “In Attali's historical account, the reciprocal relation between music and political economy occurs in four overlapping stages, which also define the structure of this book. The first three stages are sacrifice, characterized by the ritual practices of sacred societies; representation, music-making as a professional activity tied to the marketplace, with music itself a commodity but still as live performance, and repetition, the era of the recording, when music as commodity is offered in endless reproduction, with live performance secondary and the creationof demand all-important. A fourth stage, composition, is in Attali's account a Utopian sketch, not yetclear in its implications; people will make their own music, for themselve s, prefiguring a free and decentralized society and political economy.” (p.i). Very good. 25.00

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Trumpets of Summer : Libretto. Choral Suite for mixed chorus, four soloists, male speaker and six instruments , ATWOOD, Margaret BECKWITH, John, music
23 ATWOOD, Margaret BECKWITH, John, music Trumpets of Summer : Libretto. Choral Suite for mixed chorus, four soloists, male speaker and six instruments
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1964, 
ATWOOD, Margaret. The Trumpets of Summer. Choral Suite for mixed chorus, four soloists, male speaker and six instruments, commissioned by the CanadianBroadcasting Corporation for the Shakespeare Quartercentenary. First perfo rmance : Montreal, November 29, 1964. Music : John Beckwith. Text : Margaret Atwood. [Tor.: 1964]. Pp (16). 8vo, wrappers. Spine and top margin browned, small nicks and surface scarring to top margin of front wrapper, else vg. 800.00

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24 BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel Cassell Books on Music series MITCHELL, William J., trans. Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments. Second Edition in dustjacket.
Cassell and Company Limited, London, 1951, 
BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel. Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments. Translated and Edited by William J. Mitchell. London: Cassell and Company, Limited, (1951). Second Edition. Pp. (6),vii-xiii,(1),1-449,(1), including portrait frontispiece. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth with gilt titles to spine. "This work not only presents the best keyboard method of the eighteenth century but is a compendium of the entire practice of music in the times of Frederick the Great. It laid down principles derived from the 'old Bach', Johann Sebastian, in such a manner that it became the foundation for all the subsequent works of Clementi, Cramer and Hummel. This treatise is indispensable for every well-informed musician and music lover, for in it are explained in great detail all the technical and aesthetic precepts ofthe music of the mid-eighteenth century." -from the dustjacket. Very good in spine-nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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25 BAILEY, Alfred Goldsworthy New Brunswick Museum Monograph Series number 2 Conflict of European and Eastern Algonkian Cultures 1504-1700 : A Study in Canadian Civilization. Second Edition in dustjacket.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1969, ISBN:0802015069 1969 0802015069 / 9780802015068 
BAILEY, Alfred Goldsworthy. The Conflict of European and Eastern Algonkian Cultures 1504-1700 : A Study in Canadian Civilization. Second Edition. (Toronto) : University of Toronto Press, (1969). Pp. (8),[ix]-xxiii,(3),[1]-218. 8vo (177 x 254 mm), brown cloth with black lettering to spine.

New Brunswick Museum Monograph Series number 2.

Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey, OC, FRSC (b. March 18, 1905, Quebec City, Quebec – d. April 21, 1997, Fredericton, New Brunswick).

Helm, The Indians of the Subarctic : A Critical Bibliography 9.

"The movement of one cultural group into the territory of another has always produced conflict: a conflict which is resolved at times by the obliteration of one group, but more often by a gradual fusion of elements drawn from both. This study examines the conflict between the Europeans and the Indians precipitated by the arrival of the French in the New World. The Indians were necessarily affected by the fur trade and the religious and social development of New France, and the meeting of contrary cultures resulted in most cases in the obliteration of that of the Indian. However, a fusion of Indian and European elements sometimes occurred, resulting in the birth of a 'Canadian' culture. The process has been repeated with teh immigration of every new cultural group to Canada.

This study analyses the conflict and traces thef usion of Canadian culture in its initial stage. First published in 1937, the book has proved an important contribution to an area of early Canadian history which has been receiving renewed attention. This volume is a reprinting of the original text with the addition of an index and a chapter appraising some of the leading developments of the past few years." - from the dustjacket.

Preface to the First Edition;
1. The Aboriginal Population;
2. Occasional Contact on the Gulf Coast;
3. Acadia at the Turn of the Century;
4. The Eastern Algonkians and the Balance of Power;
5. The Displacement of Materials;
6. Drunkenness and Regulation;
7. Disease and Treatment;
8. Political Modification;
9. Social Disintegration;
10. The Effect of Contact on the French;
11. Religion;
12. Art, Pictography, and Music;
13. Mythology.
With bibliography and index.

Very good in very lightly nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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26 BAILEY, David). HARRISON, Martin. David Bailey : Birth of the Cool, 1957-1969. First Edition in dustjacket.
Viking Studio, New York, 1999, ISBN:0670888184 
(BAILEY, David). HARRISON, Martin. David Bailey : Birth of the Cool, 1957-1969. (New York): Viking Studio, (1999). First Printing. Pp. (12),[13]-273,(3). Illustrated with 313 photographs (257 in duotone, 56 in color). 4to, black cloth with silver lettering to spine. "No photographer had a greater impact on the 1960s than David Bailey. The best of the new breed of fashion photographers who catapulted onto the scene in the early years of the decade, he would capture the image of Swinging London and become as well known asall the famous faces on which he trained his camera. After Bailey, photogr aphy would never be the same again. 'David Bailey -- Birth of the Cool' tells for the first time the full story of Bailey's life and work from 1957 to1969. Beginning with his early days in London's East End, it follows his p rogress through his first photographic experiences as an assistant to John French; his early years with Vogue; his close relationships with the stars of the music scene -- which would produce pictures of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones that remain forever part of the iconography of the 1960s -- and his friendships and love affairs with some of the period's most beautiful women, among them the models Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree and the actress Catherine Deneuve." - from the dustjacket. Very good in clean, crisp, unclipped dustjacket. Due to the weight of this book -- nearly six pounds -- extra shipping charges will be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 60.00

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27 BAILEY, Peter Studies in Social History Leisure and Class in Victorian England : Ritual recreation and the contest for control, 1830-1885. First Edition in dustjacket.
Routledge & Kegan Paul / University of Toronto Press, London / Toronto and Buffalo, 1978, ISBN:0802022588 
BAILEY, Petera. Leisure and Class in Victorian England : Ritual recreation and the contest for control, 1830-1885. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul / Toronto and Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, (1978) First Edition. Pp (8),ix-x,1-260,(2). Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine. In the Studies in Social History series. "This study examines the transformationof popular leisure from 1830 to 1885 and the middle class schemes for "rat ional recreation", which attempted to reform the leisure habits and amenities of the working classes. It is based on extensive reading of contemporaryperiodicals, the specialist press, government reports and social commentar ies on working class life, much of it previously unused by researchers, anddraws on local evidence. After describing the lively state of working clas s recreations and the social problem that they represented to contemporary reformers, Peter Bailey explores the phenomenon of the new leisure world which overtook Victorian society from the middle of the century, discussing the changing role of leisure for the middle class and the implication for social control and the various campaigns for "rational recreation". The increasing activity and debate among reformers influenced popular culture in three specific areas: the reform experiment of the Working Men's Club movement; the promotion of organized games and the new athleticism; and the emergent mass entertainment industry of the music halls, all of which are examinedin detail. The study assesses the general impact of this attempt to impose a new play discipline and the resistance it met with in working class life , and concludes with a discussion of the implications of the development ofmodern leisure for the broader questions of class relationships and consci ousness." (from the dj). Contents : Introduction. 1. Popular recreation in the early Victorian town. 2. Rational recreation: voices of improvement. 3.The new leisure world of the mid-Victorians: the expansion of middle-class recreation, its practice and problems. 4. Dispensing recreation to the mas ses in the new leisure world. 5. Rational recreation in operation: the Working Men's Club movement. 6. Rational recreation and the new athleticism. 7.Rational recreation and the entertainment industry: the case of the Victor ian music halls. Conclusions. Peter Bailey was Assistant Professor of History at the University of Manitoba. Very good in unclipped, spine-sunned dustjacket. 50.00

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28 BAILEY, Terence Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies : Studies and Texts, No. 21 Processions of Sarum and the Western Church
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, 1971, 
BAILEY, Terence. The Processions of Sarum and the Western Church. Toronto :Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1971. Pp (6),vii-xv,(3),3-208, frontispiece. Text Illustrations and Music Notation. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, silver lettering to front board and spine. Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies : Studies and Texts, No. 21. Contents : Part One - The Sarum Practice. 1. The Sarum Processionals. 2. The Form and Occasions of the Processions. 3. The Chants and Prayers. 4. Developments in the Customs at Sarum. Part Two - The General Practice. 5. The Sources for the General Practice. 6.A History of the Occasions. 1. Pre-Christian Origins, Rogation Processions , Processions Before Mass. 7. A History of the Occasions. 2. Processions atVespers, Matins, and for Special Ceremonies. 8. The Form and Constitution of the Processions. 9. The Special Chants. 1. The Rogation Antiphons. 10. The Special Chants. 2. The Pieces for Sunday and Pestal Processions. Appendix I : A Diagram of Salisbury Plain. Appendix II : Sixteenth-Century Woodcuts Illustrating the Stations. Name expunged with white-out from flyleaf, else very good. With Corigenda leaf laid in. 140.00

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29 BAKER, Melvin Horizon Canada 10:111 Tenth Province"
BAKER, Melvin. "The Tenth Province." An article on Confederation in the magazine Horizon Canada, Vol.10, No.111, 1987. Pp 2641-2647, with 10 illustrations. Also: Claude Galarneau's "The Black Mark against France" [French Canada's revulsion at the Revolution]; Patrick Brode's "A Blow for Freedom"; David Mills and Robert Dickson's "Born to Rock" [rock music in Canada]. Vg. For the issue. 4.00

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30 BAMHARDT, Ray, and J. Kelly TONSMEIRE (eds.) TONSMEIRE, J. Kelly Lessons Taught / Lessons Learned : Teachers' Reflections on Schooling In Rural Alaska
Alaska Department of Education, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, 1988, 
BAMHARDT, Ray, and J. Kelly TONSMEIRE (eds.). Lessons Taught / Lessons Learned : Teachers' Reflections on Schooling In Rural Alaska. Fairbanks : Alaska Department of Education, University of Alaska Fairbanks, May, 1988. Pp (4),[v]-vii,(3),3-141,(1). Illustrated. 4to, illustrated grey card covers, lettered in black. "While there have been many reports over the years describing and analyzing schooling processes in rural Alaska, only rarely have we had an opportunity to see those processes through the eyes of the teacher. This collection of essays provides one such opportunity. The essays included here were selected from over fifty that were submitted by teachers who participated in the First Annual Rural Alaska Instructional Improvement Academy in Fairbanks in May, 1987. The essays were written as a followup to the academy, based on the teachers' reflections on their own experiences in rural schools, as well as on the academy workshops they attended and on the four readings included in the last section of this publication. The teachers were asked to write about either their own notion of the ideal schooling process for rural Alaska (first section of essays), or what they considered to be an appropriate curriculum unit for village schools (second section)." (from the Introduction). Contents : Foreword (by J. Kelly Tonsmiere). Introduction (by Ray Barnhardt). Section I - Some Thoughts on Village Schooling : "Appropriate Schools in Rural Alaska" (by Todd Bergman, New Stuyahok); "Learning Through Experience" (by Judy Hoeldt, Kaltag); "The Medium Is The Message For Village Schools" (by Steve Byrd, Wainwright); "Multiple Intelligences: A Community Learning Campaign" (by Raymond Stein, Sitka); "Obstacles To A Community-Based Curriculum" (by Jim Vait, Eek); "Building the Dream House" (by Mary Moses-Marks, McGrath); "Community Participation in Rural Education" (by George Olana, Shishmaref); "Secondary Education in Rural Alaska"(by Pennee Reinhart, Kiana); "Reflections on Teaching in the Kuskokwim Del ta" (by Christine Anderson, Kasigluk); "Some Thoughts on Curriculum" (by Marilyn Harmon, Kotzebue). Section II - Some Suggestions for the Curriculum :"Rabbit Snaring and Language Arts" (by Judy Hoeldt, Kaltag); "A Senior Res earch Project for Rural High Schools" (by Dave Ringle, St. Mary's); "Curriculum Projects for the Pacific Region" (by Roberta Hogue Davis, College); "Resources for Exploring Japan's Cultural Heritage" (by Raymond Stein, Sitka); "Alaskans Experience Japanese Culture Through Music" (by Rosemary Branham, Kenai). Section III - Some Alternative Perspectives : "The Axe Handle Academy: A Proposal for a Bioregional, Thematic Humanities Education" (by Ron and Suzanne Scollon); "Culture, Community and the Curriculum" (by Ray Barnhardt); "The Development of an Integrated Bilingual and Cross-Cultural Curriculum in an Arctic School District" (by Helen Roberts); "Weaving CurriculumWebs: The Structure of Nonlinear Curriculum" (by Rebecca Corwin, George E. Hem and Diane Levin). Very good. 35.00

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31 BANNERMAN, Jean. Leading Ladies Canada.
Mika Publishing , Belleville, Ontario, 1977, ISBN:0919303188 
BANNERMAN, Jean. Leading Ladies Canada. Belleville, Ontario : Mika Publishing Company, 1977. Pp [1]-581,(3). Illustrated. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Contents : 1. Seraphic Troops - Early French Nuns. 2. The Conquering Cross - Religion. 3. Moulders of the Mind - Education. 4. In the Name of Humanity - Nurses. 5.Healing Hands – Doctors. 6. Ladies Bountiful - Welfare. 7. Modern Portias - Lawyers. 8. The CrusadingSpirit - Founders of Women's Organizations. 9. The Famous Five - Murphy, E dwards, McKinney, McClung, Parlby. 10. Pinnacle of Power - Politics. 11. Sweet Sounds - Music. 12. Silent Arts - Sculpture and Painting. 13. The Powerof the Pen - Writers. 14. Centre Stage - Theatre. 15. Media Messages - Rad io and Television. 16. Will to Win - Sports, 17, The Space Age – New Fieldsfor Women. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Clear tape to top edges of boards, black stain to back cover, name expunge d, else good. 25.00

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32 BANTOCK, Granville Miniature Essays Granville Bantock : Miniature Essays
J. & W. Chester Ltd., London, 1922, 
(BANTOCK, Granville). Granville Bantock : Miniature Essays. London : J. & W. Chester Ltd., 1922. Pp (2),[3]-12,(8),+ tipped in frontispiece (portrait). Small 8vo, orange stapled card covers. In the Miniature Essays series. Sir Granville Bantock (1868-1946) was a British composer of classical music. Text in both English and French. Rubbed, else very good. 20.00

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33 BARBEAU, Marius. SHOOLMAN, Regina Lenore, song translations. LISMER, Arthur. National Museum of Canada Anthropological Series 16, bulletin 75) Folk-Songs of Old Quebec. First Edition.
Department of Mines / National Museum of Canada, Ottawa, 1938, 
BARBEAU, Marius. Folk-Songs of Old Quebec. Song translations by Regina Lenore Shoolman. Illustrations by Arthur Lismer. [Ottawa]: Department of Mines,National Museum of Canada, [n.d. - late 1930s?]. Pp. (8),[1]-72,(4). Illus trated. 8vo, yellow card covers with black lettering to front and spine. National Museum of Canada Anthropological Series, number 16, bulletin 75. Includes an essay on the spread of folk-songs in the region, as well as the music and text of the songs: "La Plainte du coureur des bois", "Le Prince d'Orange", "Le Prince Eugene", "Le Retour du soldat", "A la Claire fontaine", "La Rose blanche", "Dans les haubans", "Le Miracle du nouveau-ne", "Rossignolet sauvage", "Qui n'a pas d'amour", "La-haut sur ces montagnes", "Dame Lombarde", "Renaud", "Germine", and "La Nourrice du roi". With bibliography. Inner hinges tape-strengthened, chip to head of spine, else very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 30.00

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34 BARONE, Joseph STOKOWSKI, Leopald, foreword] Handbook of the Musical Instrument Collection of the Commercial Museum, Philadelphia
Commercial Museum, Philadelphia, 1961, 
BARONE, Joseph. A Handbook of the Musical Instrument Collection of the Commercial Museum, Philadelphia. [Foreword by Leopald Stokowski]. (Philadelphia: printed by the City of Philadelphia for the Commercial Museum, 1961). Pp.(8),1-63,(1). With one tipped-in colour illustration and dozens of black a nd white illustrations to text. 8vo, decorated stapled red and cream card covers with black lettering to front cover. "Among the thousands of items preserved in [the vaults of the Commercial Museum of Philadelphia] is a fine collection of musical instruments from such diverse areas as China, India, Africa, and South America. [...] For the frist time, this collection has been researched, catalogued, and restored for exhibition purposes. As international developments daily draw all peoples towards a genuine mutual respectand understanding, it is hoped that the publication of the Museum's musica l instrument collection and the exhibit, which will highlight this event, will inspire music loivers with a fuller appreciation of the cultures of their world neighbors." - from inside the front cover. Very good. Due to its small size, shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 20.00

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35 BARTH, John Floating Opera. First Revised British Edition in dustjacket
Secker & Warburg, London , 1968, 
BARTH, John. The Floating Opera. London : Secker & Warburg, (1968). First Revised British Edition. Pp (8),1-247,(1). 8vo, wine cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Smith & Weller, Sea Fiction Guide 161. "How to begin? 'This brilliant, original, wildly unpredictable...' No, no, no. True, of course (Lord, really true this time) but words all blunt from being falsely used on uncountable pudingy books. So: 'This, believe it or not (if you believe it easily you know nothing about writing) is a first novel. Brusque? Say, then, it's by John Barth. (Wrote The Sot-Weed Factor and Giles Goat-Boy. Anyone who's read them, he'll know that nothing—nothing—could be too unexpected to be by John Barth at any stage of his career.) The Floating Opera is now published in Britain for the first time. It's warm? It's entertaining? Well yes, true. It just swings along—sings, with gusto and life; there being this very odd man Todd Andrews living in a sleepy oyster-and-crab town in the Chesapeake tidewater country and he's going to commit (not so: he's notgoing to commit) suicide. And there's this beautiful girl he sleeps with, on loan from her husband; and the old men (real old men, both comic and terrible) andother characters too, and to cap it all Adam's Original and Unparalleled F loating Opera. Above all there's John Barth in every word, sharp-eyed, ironic, richly enjoying every quirk and oddity of this very curious world we inhabit. Try it. It really is a lovely book and no more like any other you'veread than a spring onion is like a potato." (from the dj). Contents : 1. T uning my piano. 2. The dorchester explorers' club. 3. Coitus. 4. The captain's confession. 5. A raison de coeur. 6. Maryland beaten biscuits. 7. My unfinished boats. 8. A note, a warning. 9. The handbill. 10. The law. 11. An instructive, if sophisticated, observation. 12. A chorus of oysters. 13. A mirror up to life. 14. Bottles, needles, knives. 15. That puckered smile. 16. The judge's lunch. 17. The end of the outline. 18. A matter of life or death. 19. A premise to swallow. 20. Calliope music. 21. Coals to newcastle.22. A tour of the opera. 23. So long, so long. 24. Three million dollars. 25. The inquiry. 26. The first step. 27. The floating opera. 28. A parenthesis. 29. The floating opera. Owner's name, else very good in nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 50.00

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36 BARTLETT, Robert A., Captain. HALE, Ralph T., set down by. O'NEILL, Paul, foreword. Last Voyage of the Karluk : Shipwreck and Rescue in the Arctic. Paperback Editin.
Flanker Press, St. John's, NF, 2007, ISBN:9781897317181 
BARTLETT, Robert A., Captain. The Last Voyage of the Karluk : Shipwreck andRescue in the Arctic. Set down by Ralph T. Hale, with a foreword by Paul O 'Neill. St. John's, NF: The Flanker Press, (2007). Pp. (6),vii-xvi,1-302,(2). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. "On January 4, 1914, theKarluk was stuck in ice when the ominous sound of the ship's stern being r ipped open by pack ice was heard by all on board. It sounded like the firing of a cannon. Bartlett immediately ordered supplies be unloaded on the ice. The Karluk began to break up on January 10, and all on board were orderedto abandon ship. When everyone was safely on the ice, the captain himself went back to his cabin and, all alone, put Chopin's 'Funeral March' on his Victrola. As the water rose in the cabin, he whispered 'Goodbye', left the sinking vessel to the mournful sound of Chopin's music and hurried out on the ice. It was to be the beginning of one of the greatest feats of valour in world history. From O'Neill's foreword (and the rear cover). Very good. 12.00

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37 BARZEL, Hillel, Dr. Israel Today, 36). Youth in Israel. Israel Today number 36.
Israel Digest, Jerusalem, 1967, 
BARZEL, Hillel, Dr. Youth in Israel. Israel Today number 36. Jerusalem: Published by "Israel Digest", P.O.B. 92, April 1967. First Edition. Pp. (2),3-[56]. Illustrated in black and white. Small 8vo, stapled printed white and dark blue card covers with dark blue and black lettering to front cover. Israel Today, number 36. Contents: 1. Introduction: Defining Youth -- Dualityof Attitudes -- The Specific Criteria of Israel -- The Resultant Images of Israel Youth -- Light and Shadow -- The Basic Testament -- Polarization. 2 . The Youth Movements: Origins -- Aims and Influences -- The Outward Signs -- Three Values -- Statistics of Movements (i. Histadrut HaNoar HaOved veHaLomed, ii. Hitahdut HaTzofim veHaTzofot beYisrael, iii. Histradut HaShomer HaTza'ir, iv. HaMahanot HaOlim, v. Bnei Akiva, vi. Ezra, vii. Betar Brit HaNoar HaIvri al Shem Yosef Trumpeldor, viii. HaMaccabi HaTza'ir, ix. Histadrut HaNoar HaDati HaOved, x. HaNoar HaOved veHaLomed HaLeumi, xi. Brit HaNoar HaKommunisti) -- Organization and Method -- National Achievements, and Nahal. 3. General Frameworks for Youth: Intra-School Centres -- Independent Centres -- Work Systems in Centres -- "Youth to Youth" -- A Median Mode -- Unorganized Youth -- Sports. 4. The Formal Aspects: Gadna -- Youth Aliya -- Youth Labour Exchanges; 5. Creative Youth: Art, Music, Entertainment, Literature. 6. Peripheral Youth. 7. Conclusion Very good. Due to its small size,shipping costs should be cheaper than quoted. 15.00

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38 BASQUIAT, Jean-Michel. BUCHHART, Dieter. O'BRIEN, Glenn. PRAT, Jean-Louis. Basquiat. First Edition in dustjacket.
Hatje Castz Verlag, Ostfildern, 2011, ISBN:9783775725934 
BASQUIAT, Jean-Michel. Basquiat. (Editor: Dieter Buchhart and Sam Keller). (Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2011). First Printing. Pp. (8),9-188,i-li of text,(5). Illustrated in full colour. Double column. 4to, white cloth with black lettering to front board and spine. A catalogue of an exhibition of Basquiat's works at the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, May 9 - September 5, 2010. Curators: Dieter Buchhart and Sam Keller. "The American painter and draftsman Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) ranks among the most compelling personalities of recent art history. A self-taught artist from the New York underground, he at first made a living by selling painted T-shirts andxeroxed collage postcards in downtown Manhattan. Having won some acclaim f or his graffiti, Basquiat began exhibiting paintings and drawings as early as 1980. Two years later, aged just 21, he became a participant in Documenta. His friendships with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Madonna are likewiselegendary. Inspired by music or by comic strips, Basquiat's powerful compo sitions combine the mundane with the magic of his own African roots. His works evince the same intensity, the same energy as did his own tragically short life. In the course of his eight-year-long career, Basquiat not only succeeded in creating a wide-ranging oeuvre of his own, but he also added some new figurative and expressive elements to the Conceptual and Minimal Art repertoire." -from the dustjacket. Contents: Glenn O'Brien - "Who Was that Masked Man?" ; Glenn O'Brien - "Basquiat and the New York Scene 1978-82" ; Dieter Buchhart: "Jean-Michel Basquiat: A revolutionary caught between everyday life, knowledge, and myth" ; "I have to have some source material around me: Jean-Michel Basquiat interviewd by Becky Johnston and Tamra Davis, Beverly Hills, California, 1985" ; Robert Storr: "What Becomes a Legend Most?". Chronology by M. Franklin Sirmans. Very good in dustjacket. Due to the weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 45.00

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Sleepless Moon. First Edition in dustjacket, BATES, H.E.
39 BATES, H.E. Sleepless Moon. First Edition in dustjacket
Michael Joseph, London, 1956, 
BATES, H.E. The Sleepless Moon. London : Michael Joseph, (1956). Pp 383. 8vo, black cloth. Eads A82a. "The tragedy of Constance and Melford Turner works itself out in and about a small English country town in the 1920s. Melford, the grocer-mayor, who loves hunting and fishing; Constance, his shy wife, who adores music and has, actually, a deep capacity for love, are the leading characters in this story, one of the most powerful that the author has written.". Very good in nicked dustjacket. 50.00

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40 Bayers Road United Baptist Church). McGRAY, George McGRAY, George S., Rev. Venture in faith : Bayers Road United Baptist Church. signed
Lancelot, 1988, ISBN:088999398x 
(Bayers Road United Baptist Church). McGRAY, George. A Venture in Faith : Bayers Road United Baptist Church., (1988). Printed by Lancelot Press. Pp (3),4-239,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, white card covers. Contents: 1. The Vision; 2. Organization; 3. Early Development; 4. A Period of Growth,1953-1956; 5. Two Tremendous Years, 1957-1958; 6. Trends in the Sixties, 1 959-1969; 7. The Early Seventies, 1970-1977; 8. The Decade, 1977-1987; 9. Music in the Church; 10. Organizations; 11. A Finanical Picture. With a listof ministers, licentiates and senior officers. Vg. Signed and inscribed by the author. 15.00

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