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201 BERNSTEIN, Jeremy CASSIDY, David Hitler's Uranium Club : The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall. First Printing in dustjacket
American Institute of Physics, Woodbury, N.Y., 1995, ISBN:1563962586 
BERNSTEIN, Jeremy. Hitler's Uranium Club : The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall. Introduction by David Cassidy. Woodbury, N.Y. : American Institute of Physics, (91995). First Printing. Pp (4),vxxx,1-427,(7),+ 10 pp plates. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt to spine. "September 1939: The Third Reich launches the first military research effort into the viability of producing atomic weapons. For the project, the Nazis bring together an elite team of German scientists, who call themselves "The Uranium Club." Spring 1945: The war in Europe ends and ten captured members of The Uranium Club are brought to Farm Hall, a safe house run by the British foreign intelligence office. During their six month internment, they talk freely about personal, ethical, scientific, and political matters— while concealed microphones capture everyword. Summer 1945: News of Hitler's defeat and the subsequent events at Hi roshima and Nagasaki astonish the Uranium Ciub scientists; for not only hadGermany been defeated in war-but in science as well. 1992: Transcripts tha t had been classified for nearly half a century are released to the generalpublic. These are the secretly recorded conversations of ten German scient ists—nine of whom had, at the beginning of World War II, tried to bring Germany into the nuclear age. Hitler's Uranium Club contains these official Farm Hall transcripts, expertly annotated by Jeremy Bernstein to make the conversations and their importance accessible to the general reader. He presents the recordings in a rich, insightful context and provides a unique perspective on the scientists' complex, often ambivalent, feelings about their wartime work for the Nazis. He also helps set the record straight once and for all on a highly controversial question: why were the best minds in Hitler's Germany, led by Werner Heisenberg, Paul Harteck, Paul Diebner, and the other Farm Hall detainees, unable to produce a nuclear weapon? For studentsof World War II or the atomic age, or anyone fascinated by the intertwinin g of science and politics, Hitler's Uranium Club provides an opportunity rare in recorded history: the chance to eavesdrop on pivotal figures in history as they complete one era, come to terms with it, and prepare their strategy for the next. As noted science historian David Cassidy writes in his Introduction, "It is as though these men were lifted out of history at a crucial turning point—from the age of conventional weapons to the nuclear era-placed within a timeless container, and told to discuss their past and future as the recorders roll." (from the dj). Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

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202 BERRIMA, Algernon E. Aviation : An Introduction to the Elements of Flight. First Edition
Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, 1913, 
BERRIMA, Algernon E. Aviation : An Introduction to the Elements of Flight. With thirty plates and many diagrams. London : Methuen & Co. Ltd., (1913). First Edition. Pp (4),v-xxvii,(1),1-360,[1]-31 (publisher's catalogue dated22/8/13),(1), frontispiece + 29 plates. Index. 8vo, illustrated blue cloth , gilt lettering to front board and spine. Chapters : Part I. Introduction.1. What an Aeroplane Is. 2. The Instructiveness of Paper Models. 3. Some C onstructional Features of the Modern Aeroplane. 4. Equilibrium in the Air. 5. Lateral Balance. 6. Steering. 7. Longitudinal Stability. 8. Principles of Ppropulsion. 9. Concerning Resistance. 10. The Cambered Wing. Part II. InIntroduction. 11. The Work of Otto Lilienthal. 12. The Work of Wilbur and Orville Wright. 13. The Work of Voisn and Farman. 14. The Work of Dunne andWeiss. 15. The British Military Trials of 1912. 16. Hydro-Aeroplanes. 17. Accidents. Part III. Introduction. 18. Romance and Early History. 19. The Coming of the Balloon. 20. The Founding of the Science of Flight and the Developments in England from 1809-1893. 21. Some Pioneers Abroad - The Invention of the Glider. 22. The Conquest of the Air. 23. The Famous Year. 24. TheChannel Flight. 25. Latte-Day Progress. Part IV. Appendices : Introduction ; Terminology; Clubs and Institutions; Bibliography; Chronology; World's Records; The Royal Flying Corps; Military Trials, 1912: Abstracts from the Official Report; Wind Charts; Accidents; Pilot's Notes; The Wright Patent Liitigation; The Petrol Engine; The High-Tension Magneo; The Atlantic Passage;Newton's Laws of Motion;, Pressure and Resistance Constants;mDistribution of Pressure on Wing Sections; Analysis of Forces on Wing Sections; The Travel of the C.P. on Wing Sections; The Synthesis of Aeroplane Resistance; Note on the Centrifugal Couple; Numerical Examples; Tables and Data; Index. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TOITS WEIGHT. Ex-library (bookplate, inkstamps, ghost of rear pouch), cloth rubbed and spotted, edges worn, else a very good, solid copy. 80.00

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203 BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre, General). French Expedition into Syria, comprising General Buonaparte's Letters, withGen. Berthier's Narrative, and Sir Wm. Sidney Smith's Letters from the Lon don Gazette. Hardcover in dustjacket.
Worley Publications, Tyne & Wear, 1990, ISBN:186980418x 
(BERTHIER, Louis-Alexandre, General). The French Expedition into Syria, comprising General Buonaparte's Letters, with Gen. Berthier's Narrative, and Sir Wm. Sidney Smith's Letters from the London Gazette. (Tyne & Wear) : Worley Publications, 1990. First thus printing. A facsimile of the 1799 London edition printed by Cooper & Wilson. Pp. (4),[i]-xii,[1]-127,(1), frontispiece, + 10 leaves of facsimile plates and 3 double-page facsimile maps. Map endpapers. 8vo, navy blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Very good in dustjacket. 60.00

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204 BERTON, Pierre). CLARK, A.W. (ed.) BURTON, John CLARK, A.W. TAGGART, Donald G. B.M.A. Blitz. Vollume 3, No. 8, August, 1944
Candidates and Staff of the Officers' Training Centre, Brockville, Ont., 1944, 
(BERTON, Pierre). CLARK, A.W. (ed.). B.M.A. Blitz. Vollume 3, No. 8, August, 1944. Brockville, Ont.: Published by the Candidates and Staff of the Officers' Training Centre, 1944. Pp (1),2-36. Illustrated. Triple Column. 4to, illustrated stapled wrappers, lettered and trimmed in red. Cover photo : "This month's cover shows Cadet H.G. Cloutier, of "B" Coy., Infantry Wing, a former S/M Instructor in the R.C.A.S.C. Wing, O.T.C., maintaining communications." Includes two early Pierre Berton articles. Contents : You're Part of the Infantry (by Lt. Donald G. Taggart); So this is New York (by Lt. Pierre Berton, pp 3, 7, 34); When in Rome... (by 2/Lt. H.E. Martin); After It'sOver (by Lt. Pierre Berton, pp 10, 31, with "Illustrations by the Author") ; Snafu - Hero (Cartoon by "Jeff"); I've Seen Them All (by Cadet D.K. Camp); More Surprises Than Honeymoon : A GI's Combat Reactions are Tested; Metamorphosis (by 2/Lt. E.C. Constantinides); On the Road to Rome (by Major R. L'Esperance); Library - Information Room - Museum; Spot that Plane! (by Cadet A.W. Clark); R.C.E..M..E. (by P/2/Lt. John Burton); Bed Rest (by 2/Lt. E.Constantinides); and more. Lightly rubbed, else a very good, bright copy. 90.00

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205 BERTON, Pierre). CLARK, A.W. (ed.) MacKENDRICK, D.E. CLARK, A.W. COWAN, Ronald W.T. B.M.A. Blitz. Vollume 3, No. 6, June, 1944
Candidates and Staff of the Officers' Training Centre, Brockville, Ont., 1944, 
(BERTON, Pierre). CLARK, A.W. (ed.). B.M.A. Blitz. Vollume 3, No. 6, June, 1944. Brockville, Ont.: Published by the Candidates and Staff of the Officers' Training Centre, 1944. Pp (1),2-36. Illustrated. Triple Column. 4to, illustrated stapled wrappers, lettered and trimmed in red. Cover photo : "This photo, by Sgt. Geo. Eland, of Cadet E. F. Goman, is one of many Infantry officers in the making who will reinforce our European Armies in the near future." Includes an early Pierre Berton article. Contents : Get Fit ... Keep Fit! (by Major T. O'Riordan); Caesar Knew The Score: Modern History of Italy - or Why Smart Bambini Leave Homeland in a Hurry (by SSM "Dickie" Cuniffe); Canadian Army Administration School (by Major D.E. MacKendrick); Is ItWorth It? (by LICPL (almost P.O.M.) Snoop); War After Nightfall (by Lt. Co l. T.A. Lowe); Snafu - Shorts! (Cartoon by "Jeff"); Officer's Wife (by Kathleen Harris); Spot That Plane! (by Cadet A.W. Clark); I Want to Die (by Cadet A.W. Clark); "Night Trek" (Cartoon by "Compass"); Training for Jungle Warfare (by Major Ronald W.T. Cowan); How to Read the Army Map (by Lieut. Pierre Berton, pp 28-29); and more. Lightly rubbed, inkstain to bottom edge, else a very good, bright copy. 85.00

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206 BERTRAM, Christoph and Johan Jorgen HOLST, eds. ORVIK, Nils Norwegian Foreign Policy Studies, 21 LINDSEY, George R. New Strategic Factors in the North Atlantic. presentation copy.
Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1977, ISBN:8200050394 
BERTRAM, Christoph and Johan Jorgen HOLST, eds. New Strategic Factors in the North Atlantic . Edited by Christoph Bertram and Johan Jorgen Holst. Osloand London: Universitetsforlaget / IPC Science and Technology Press, (1977 ). Pp. (8),9-193,(3). 8vo, illustrated white cloth boards with black lettering to front and spine. Norwegian Foreign Policy Studies, number 21. Contents: 1. Bertram's "New Strategic Factors in the North Atlantic"; 2. Anders C. Sjaastad and John Kristen Skogan's "The Strategic Environment of the North Atlantic and the Perspectives of the Littoral States"; 3. Phillip A. Karber and Jon L. Lellenberg's "The State and Future of U.S. Naval Forces in the North Atlantic"; 4. Robert G. Weinland's "The State and Future of the Soviet Navy in the North Atlantic"; 5. Nils Orvik's "Canada and North AtlanticSecurity"; 6. Erling Bjol's "The Arctic in Danish Perspective"; 7. Finn So llie's "The Interaction of the Arctic in the North Atlantic: A Norwegian Perspective"; 8. Bjorn Bjarnason's "Iceland's Security Policy"; 9. Holst's "Prospects for Conflict, Management and Arms Control in the North Atlantic"; 10. George R. Lindsey's "The Future of Anti-Submarine Warfare and its Impact on Naval Activities in the North Atlantic and Arctic Regions"; 11. DanielP. O'Connell's "Resource Exploitation, The Law of the Sea and Security"; 1 2-13. Holst's "The Strategic Importance of the North Atlantic: Some Questions for the Future [and] Norway's Role and Options". Light spine browning, else very good. From the library of Admiral Fred W. Crickard, with presentation sheet "With compliments, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs [typed], on behalf of Professor N. Orvik, Queen's University [written]" laidin at front. 50.00

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207 BETHELL, H.A., Colonel. Modern Artillery in the Field : A Description of the Artillery of the FieldArmy, and the Principles and Methods of It's Employment.
Macmillan, London , 1911, 
BETHELL, H.A., Colonel. Modern Artillery in the Field : A Description of the Artillery of the Field Army, and the Principles and Methods of It's Employment. London : Macmillan and Co. Limited, 1911. Pp [i]-ix,(1),[i]-iv (amendments 1912),1-393,(1), frontis + 12 plates. Text illustrations. 8vo, rebound in red library cloth. Missing 5 of the plates, ex-library (library binding, spine numbering, inkstamps, remnant of bookplates and rear pouches), tear to rear endpaper, occasional smudging, underlining and a few short tears, else a good, solid copy. 75.00

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208 BEUKEL, Erik. American Perceptions of the Soviet Union as a Nuclear Adversary : From Kennedy to Bush. First Edition in dustjacket, signed.
Pinter Publishers, New York and London, 1989, ISBN:0861870336 
BEUKEL, Erik. American Perceptions of the Soviet Union as a Nuclear Adversary : From Kennedy to Bush. London and New York: Pinter Publishers, in association with John Spiers, (1989). First Printing. Pp. (4),[v]-viii,(2),[1]-408,(6). 8vo, red cloth with gilt title block to spine. "The character of the Soviet Union as a nuclear power is often a controversial issue, particularly in the United States. In this book Erik Beukel analyses the ways in which American governments have perceived the Soviet Union as a nuclear adversary since the early 1960s. American images have evidently been influenced by Soviet behaviour but this study also demonstrates that the United States'perception in different ways and with varying strength, is related to trad itionally dominating views of its proper role in the world as well as to the domestic political process. Various conclusions are drawn which further elucidate American nuclear policy and highlight the interplay between the superpowers. Many of these findings are important in the policy-making context and in particular to the United States' allies in Europe." - from the dustjacket. Blindstamp to flyleaf, else very good. Signed, inscribed and datedby Beukel on the flyleaf. 30.00

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209 BEURLING, George, F., Flying Officer ROBERTS, Leslie BISHOP, W.A., Air Marshal, foreword KNIGHT, Clayton Malta Spitfire : The Story of a Fighter Pilot. First Canadian Edition.
Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1943, 
BEURLING, George, F., Flying Officer, and Leslie ROBERTS. Malta Spitfire : The Story of a Fighter Pilot. With a foreword by Air Marshal W.A. Bishop. Illustrated by Clayton Knight. Toronto: Oxford University Press, (1943). First Canadian Printing. Pp. (8),vii-xiv,(2),3-235,(5), including plates. Illustrated. Illustrated endpapers. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt titles to spine. Canadian World War Two flying ace Buzz Beurling's account of his exploits as a Spitfire pilot in the Royal Air Force, stationed in Malta. Contents: 1.To the Stars the Hard Way; 2. The Pilot Learns to Fly; 3. Prepare for Acti on!; 4. Over Hitler's Europe; 5. Malta; 6. Hell Lets Loose; 7. Malta Hangs On; 8. "May Day! May Day! May Day!"; 9. End of an Odyssey. Some ridging andspotting to spine, top edge spotted, a bit musty, name, else good. 20.00

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210 BHARGAVA, G.S. India's Security in the 1980s. Adelphi Papers 125.
International Institute of Strategic Studies, London , 1976, ISBN:0900492961 
BHARGAVA, G.S. India's Security in the 1980s. London : International Institute for Strategic Studies, (Summer 1976). Pp (4),1-30,(2) including covers.8vo, white stapled wrappers, printed in red and black. Adelphi Papers No. 125. Contents : 1. The Origins (The Hindu-Muslim Problem – Kashmir – China). 2. New Dimensions (The Direct Threat – Indirect Threats – Internal Problems). 3. The Future (The Nuclear Option – The Indian Ocean – Regional Countries – The Great Powers – The Internal Situation). Lightly browned, else very good. 20.00 ISBN Keywords : SECURITY

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211 BHUTTO, Zulfikar Ali CHOPRA, Pran If I am Assassinated... Second Printing in dustjacket
Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kanpur, 1979, ISBN:0706908074 
BHUTTO, Zulfikar Ali. "If I am Assassinated".. With an introduction by PranChopra. New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kanpur : Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, (1979). Second Printing. Pp (8),[ix]-xxxvi,[1]-234,(2). 8vo,black cloth, red lettering to spine. "This book nearly perished. It was bl acked out in Pakistan. Its publication was banned. The press in which Bhutto's counsel tried to have it printed was sealed. But anonymous enterprise smuggled it out of the "stinking death cell" in which the former President and Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto wrote it, "with the paperresting on my knee." This book contains the text of a document presented b y Bhutto to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in his appeal against the death sentence passed on him by the Lahore High Court. The disclosures were too dangerous, too sensational for the Pakistan rulers to face publicly. He accused them of conspiring with a foreign power, of being bribed by it to overthrow him because of the popularity he enjoyed among his own people. He clearly hints at the USA and some other countries too. He names names and specific sums and makes his appeal a classic case of the accused putting the accuser in the dock. Bhutto knew Pakistan as no one else did, and impending death had made his insights even sharper; it also made him more fearless in tearing the veil off what went on in Pakistan under its 3 military Presidents, General Ayub, General Yahya, and General Zia. The result is the most revealing book on Pakistan to be published yet." (from the dj). Contents : Introduction. 1. White Paper or White Lies. 2. Misrepresentation. 3. "Warfare,"Rigging and Fraud. 4. The Election Commission. 5. The Government Machine. 6. The "Larkana Plan". 7. Rigged or Fair? 8. The Inner Cancer. 9. The External Crisis. 10. Death Knell. 11. Foreign Hand. 12. The Death Cell and History. 13. The Hour has Struck. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan and its fourth President. Revered as Quaid-i-Awam, he founded the Pakistan People's Party and served as its chairman until his execution in 1979. He was the father of Pakistan's 11th Prime Minster, Benazir Bhutto. Verry good in dustjacket. 50.00

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Ten Years of Bolshevic Domination  : A Compilation of Articles.   First Edition, BICKERMANN, Joseph, ed. Patriotic Union of Russian Jews Abroad)
212 BICKERMANN, Joseph, ed. Patriotic Union of Russian Jews Abroad) Ten Years of Bolshevic Domination : A Compilation of Articles. First Edition
Patriotic Union of Russian Jews Abroad, Berlin, 1928, 1928 
BICKERMANN, Joseph, (ed.). Ten Years of Bolshevic Domination : A Compilation of Articles, edited by Joseph Bickermann. (Berlin) : Patriotic Union of Russian Jews Abroad, 1928. First Edition. Pp. (4),5-260,(2). 8vo, printed brown card covers with red lettering to front and a blank spine.

1. Joseph Bickermann's "The Old Regime and the Revolution in Russia";
2. Gregory Landau's "The Soviet Regime";
3. Cyrill Zaitzeff and Peter Struve's "Land Policy and Land Conditions in Soviet Russia';
4. S. Sherman's "Economy in Soviet Russia";
5. W. Hoeffding's "The Russian Proletariat under Communistic Domination";
6. A. Bunge's "Women and Children in Soviet Russia";
7. D.S. Pasmanik's "The Condition of the Russian Jews before and after the Russian Revolution";
8. E. Kovalevsky's "The Russian Schools under the Yoke of the Bolshevics";
9. N. Arsenjew's "The Russian Church under the Bolshevics";
10. J. Eichenwald's "Proletarian Culture";
11. S. Melgunow's "The Red Terror in Russia, 1917-1927";
12. A. Winogradsky's "The Armed Forces of Soviet Russia";
13. Bickermann's "The Soviet Rulers in Relation to the Nations of the World".

Fore-edges of both covers and tail of spine chipped, all edges browned, bookplate verso front cover, some edge spotting, else very good. 150.00

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213 BIEGANSKI, Witold, et al. (editorial board) JURGIELEWICZ, Waclaw MATUSAK, Piotr NADZIEJA, Jadwiga Military Technique Policy and Strategy in History. in dj.
Ministry of National Defence Publishing House, Warsaw, 1976, 
BIEGANSKI, Witold, Waclaw JURGIELEWICZ, Piotr MATUSAK, Jadwiga NADZIEJA, and Janusz SIKORSKI. (editorial board). Military Technique Policy and Strategy in History . Warsaw: Ministry of National Defence Publishing House, 1976.Pp. [1]-922,(2). 8vo, yellow cloth with black lettering to front and spine . Contents: 1. Nowak's "Polish Warfare Technique in the 17th Century, Theoretical Conceptions and their Practical Applications", 2. Wojtasik's "The Influence of Armament on the Art of War in Polish National Risings in the 18th and 19th Century", 3. Rzepniewski's "Armaments Development Tendencies during the Second World War", 4. Kozlowski's "Influence of Technical Progress on Changes in Military Art during World War II", 5. Ratajczyk's "Problems of the Defence of Poland in View of the Threat of Loss of Independence in the Late 18th Century", 6. Sulek's "Kosciuszko and Pulaski in the Struggle for America's Independence", 7. Pachonski's "Kosciuszko's Links with America in 1795-1817: Second Stay in the United States, 1797-1798", 8. Leczyk's "Formation of the Conception of the Foreign Policy of the Polish Left in the Years of the Second World War", 9. Matusak and Wojtas's "The Policy and Strategy of the Main Political-Military Camps, the Polish Resistance Movement, 1939-1945", 10. Jadziak's "The Political and Strategic Aspects of People's Poland's War Effort in the Last Phase of World War II, July 1944-May 1945",11. Jurgielewicz's "Poland's Contribution to the Victory over Fascism, 193 9-1945", 12. Bieganski's "Poland's Role and Place in the War Plans of the Western Allies (France and Great Britain) in the Initial Period of the Second World War", 13. Radziwonczyk's "The Strategic Significance of the Polish Territories for the German-Soviet Front during the Second World War", 14. Tuszynski's "Main Forms of the Polish Resistance Movement, 1939-1945, their Military and Political Significance", 15. Krwawicz's "Polish Military Historiography of World War Two". Text in English. Rear inner hinge tender, elsevg in chipped dj. 60.00

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214 BIGHAM, Gene TAYLOR, Peter P. W.) Air University Review 29:01, Nov.-Dec. 1977) Future of Drones: A Force of Manned and Unmanned Systems
United States Air Force, 1977, 
BIGHAM, Maj. Gene. The Future of Drones: A Force of Manned and Unmanned Systems. An article which was published in the Air University Review Vol. 29, No. 1, Nov.-Dec. 1977, pp. 51-64. (Washington): United States Air Force, 1977. Pp. 110. Illustrated. Double column. 8vo, black card covers. Also includes Wing Commander Peter P. W. Taylor, RAF's "The Impact of V/STOL on Tactical Air Warfare", pp. 65-81. Light wear to spine ends and lower edges, blindstamp to title page, else vg. for the issue 10.00

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215 BINDER, Pearl Peacock's Tail. First Edition in dustjacket
George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., London [et al], 1958, 
BINDER, Pearl. The Peacock's Tail. With 4 plates in half-tone and 204 illustrations in the text, 178 by the author. London [et al] : George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., (1958). First Edition. Pp (8),9-[400],+ 4 plates. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "What is wrong with modern man that causes him to dress in drab, unbecoming garments ? In this provocative and far-ranging book Miss Binder attempts to answer this question. Is this renunciation of the oldest, psychologically most important of all arts, the art ofdress, due to despair ? If so, why? What effect did the Industrial Revoiut ion, which made England so rich and so powerful, have on the Englishman's costume ? What is the future for military uniforms, evening dress, sports clothes, and the Savile Row suit ? These fascinating questions are tackled byexamining the whole purpose and meaning of male dress, from its biological roots in the animal kingdom, through the gorgeous barbarities of primitive and peasant male dress, to its present alarming eclipse. Not only is male dress itself analysed, but also every variety of its embellishment, including jewellery, tattooing, and feather ornaments. From hats to boots, each item of adult and juvenile male dress is reviewed. Hairdressing, the wearing of wigs, the use of cosmetics, padding, and shoe-heightening, all are giventheir rightful place in this illuminating history of male glamour." (from the dj). Contents : A Bried Bibliography. 1. The Situation To-day. 2. The Savile Row Suit. 3. Unspoiled Man. 4. The Puritan Revolution. 5. The Industptat Revollution. 6. The Influence of America. 7. The Young Idea. 8. Virile Man. 9. Adam's Rib. 10. Manly Sport. 11. Military Glamour. 12. Jewellery for Men. 13. Tattooing, Body-mutilation, and Body-painting. 14. Dress Reform.15. The Peacock's Tail. Penned name, else very good in spine-sunned, chipp ed, tape-repaired, but unclipped, dustjacket. 30.00

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216 BINGHAM, Woodbridge Founding of the T'ang Dynasty : The Fall of Sui and Rise of T'ang : A Preliminary Survey. Octagon Edition
Octagon Books, New York, 1970, 
BINGHAM, Woodbridge. The Founding of the T'ang Dynasty : The Fall of Sui and Rise of T'ang : A Preliminary Survey. New York : Octagon Books, 1970. Pp (8),vii-xiv,1-183,(1), frontispiece + 3 folding maps at rear. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. American Council of Learned Societies Studies in Chinese and Related Civilizations, Number 4. Copyright 1941by The American Council of Learned Societies. Reprinted 1970 by special arrangement with The American Council of Learned Societies. Contents : I. Introduction: Emperor Yang : The man and his times; Accession of Emperor Yang. II. Construction of public works, 605-608 : Internal administration; Grain storageand the Grand Canal; Imperial equipment; Great Wall. III. Foreign relation s : South and East;Western Regions. IV.. Foreign relations: Turks (T'u-Chueh). V.. Foreign relations and rebellions, 611-615 : Korean campaigns; Yang Hsiian-kan; Eastern Turks. VI.. Internal coiiapse? : Disorder and prophecy,614-616; Emperor Yang's withdrawal to Qhiang-tu; Failure of Emperor Yang. VII. Political disintegration at end of Sui period : Geographical problem; Southern China; North of the Yangtze; The Northeast: Tou Chien-te and others; Li Mi; The Northwest: Hsieh Chu and others. VIII.. Shansi: Importance ofLi Yuan : Shansi, 614-616; Li Yuan; Defeat of bandits and Turks, 615-616; Preeminence in Shansi. IX. .Beginnings of revolt in T'ai-yuan : Wen-ching plots with Li Shih-min; Invasion, intrigue, and argument;. Liu Wu-chou threatens T'ai-yuan. X. Campaign of the "Righteous Army" : Independent action; Start of the campaign; Military and diplomatic successes; Crossing the Yellow River; Advance on Ch'ang-an. XI.. Li Yuan's position, 617-618 : Rivals increase in power; Li Mi vs. Wang Shih-ch'ung; Tang organization at Ch'ang-an; Military consolidation and expansion; Murder of Emperor Yang; Diplomacy and accession of Li Yuan. XII. Conclusion : End of the Sui; Beginning of theTang. Appendices : A. Chronology. B. Genealogical table. C. Outline of Sui government, 607-618. D. Uprisings, 613-617 (Translation from Sui-shu, ch. 4)..E. Uprisings, 617 (Translation from T'ang-shu, ch. 1). F. Description of maps. Penned name, small inkstamp, else very good. 100.00

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217 Biological Warfare What You Should Know About Biological Warfare.
Spectrolux Corporation, New York , 0, 
(Biological Warfare). What You Should Know About Biological Warfare. Reprint of the Official U.S. Government Booklet. New York : The Spectrolux Corporation, n.d. [1950s?]. Pp (2).3-15,(1) including covers. 8vo, illustrated red stapled wrappers. Very good. 15.00

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218 BIRCHALL, Peter ROOK, R., Brigadier, foreword Longest Walk : The World of Bomb Disposal. in dj.
Arms & Armour Press, London, 1997, ISBN:1854093983 
BIRCHALL, Peter. The Longest Walk : The World of Bomb Disposal . [Foreword by Brigadier R. Rook]. (London): Arms and Armour Press, (1997). Pp. (6),7-223,(1), + 16 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. 8vo, brown cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "The men of bomb disposal units are, of course,part of a highly committed, professional unit where training has to be tho rough, support services clinically efficient and trust in one's colleagues complete and unwavering. This informed account of their work takes the reader through the history of the topic, from World War One and before to the modern battlezone and modern terrorism; it details some specific cases including the liner Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1972 and in Northern Ireland, and the many 'booby-trap' devices that have been used."- from the rear cover. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. An in the Beginning; 3. Explosive Ordnance DisposalTraining and Information; 4. After the Second World War; 5. Overseas, 1945 -1972; 6. At Home; 7. Northern Ireland; 8. The Falklands (1982) and the Gulf (1990-1991); 9. Selection and Promotion; 10. Psychometric Testing; 11. Equipment; 12. The Home Guard and the Territorial Army; 13. The Other Arms and Services; 14. Terrorism, the Police and Forensics; 15. Self-Protection: AGuide; 16. One Hundred Years On: The Final Summary; 17. None But the Brave : Gallantry Awards 1915-1995. Bookplate to ffep, else very good in dust jacket. 20.00

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219 BIRD, Harrison Attack on Quebec : The American Invasion of Canada, 1775-1776. First Edition in dustjacket
Oxford University Press, New York, 1968, 1968 
BIRD, Harrison. Attack on Quebec : The American Invasion of Canada, 1775-1776. New York : Oxford University Press, 1968. First Edition . Pp (12), 3-255,(7) + 4 pages of illustrations. . Maps in text. 8vo, brown cloth, light blue lettering to spine. Map end-papers.

Haskell, Maine, A Bibliography of Its History 113.

"The six soldiers who crawled out of a swamp in Canada on July 30, 1775, were advance agents of an American expeditionary army assigned by the Continental Congress to sever the vast province of Quebec from theBritish crown. The attempt failed, but its turbulent story, a comparatively unknown part of the American Revolution, is stirringly retold in these pages by an expert on military history.

In May, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain boys had taken Fort Ticonderoga, and Benjamin Arnold had wiped out the small British fleet on Lake Champlain. In Canada, Sir Guy Carleton, Governor of Quebec, waited on the alert for a rebel invasion, which was, unknownto him, to have two proings. The tale's main focus is Arnold's ill-fated march with his troops through the Maine wilderness to Quebec. This journey by an 'impudent little army of American' - some six hundred miles from the coast of New England to the St. Lawrence shore - is contrasted with GeneralRichard Montgomery's more statley siege of St. Jean, and the capture of Montreal. The narrative reaches a crescendo in the night battle fought for Quebec in a whirling snowstorm, during wehich Montgomery was killed and Arnold wounded. On the British side, Sir Guy Carleton emerges as a brave and admirable adversary." = from the dj flaps.

Chapters :
1. Mission into Canada;
2. Command on Lake Champlain;
3. Guy Carleton's Canada;
4. Overland to Quebec City;
5. General Schuyler's Army;
6. Colonel Arnold Gathers His Men;
7. The Kennebec ;
8. 'The Privates Are All Generals";
9. Height of Land, Height of George;
10. The Garrison of the Besieged;
11. The Wall of Quebec;
12. The Army Within and the Army Without;
13. The Last Day of Service;
14. Epilogue.
With "Notes on the Later Careers of Officers in Canada", Chronology, Notes on Sources, and index.

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220 BIRD, Harrison Navies in the Mountains : The Battles on the Waters of Lake Champlain and Lake George 1609-1814. First Edition in dustjacket
Oxford University Press, New York, 1962, 1962 
BIRD, Harrison. Navies in the Mountains : The Battles on the Waters of Lake Champlain and Lake George 1609-1814. New York : Oxford University Press, 1 962. First Edition. Pp (16),3-361,(1),+ 4 pp.plates. 8vo, white cloth, red and gilt lettering to spine. Map end-papers as well as 4 maps in the text.

Myron Smith, American Navy 1789-1860 : Bibliography 573; Fredriksen, Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights : A Bibliography of the War of 1812 E107.

"Here for the first time is the exciting, dramatic story of the naval engagements fought on Lake Champlain and Lake George. Many of the most significant battles of the whole period between the first landings by Europeans on the North American continent and the conclusion of the War of 1812 some two centurie s later took place on these two lakes. Situated on the most important north-south gateway in North America — with the St. Lawrence River to the north and the Hudson River to the south — the two lakes were a natural focal point for the forces attempting to control the eastern seaboard from New York north. First France and England, later England and the new United States, threw their best soldiers and sailors into the desperate struggles for the region." - from the dj flap.

I. France in the Ascendancy.
1. Men ofIron;
2. New France Expands.

II. England Triumphs.
3. William Johnson Moves North;
4. Rangers over the Lakes;
5. Victories and Defeats;
6. 'Success to General Amherst";
7. Five Years' Work Is Done.

III. Independence Is Won.
8. Green Mountain Boys;
9. Liberty Is a Schooner;
10. To Quebec — and Back;
11. Benedict Arnold's Plan;
12. The Americans Make Ready;
13. The British Make Ready;
14. In Harm's Way;
15. The Year That Was Won;
16. Johnny Burgoyne Moves South;
17. The World Turned Upside Down";
18.The Prevailing Wind.

IV. The American Lake.
19. The U.S. Navy on Lake;
20 Alarms and Excursions;
21. The Frigate Saratoga;
22. Macdonough Anchors His Fleet; A Signal Victory;

With list of the Boats that Participated in the Battles, bibliography and index.

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