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41 COLVILLE, Alex Metson, Graham Lean, Cheryl COLVILLE, Alex Alex Colville : Diary of a War Artist. in dj
Nimbus Publishing, Halifax , 1981, ISBN:0920852114 
COLVILLE, Alex. Alex Colville: Diary of a War Artist. Compiled by Graham Metson and Cheryl Lean. Halifax : Nimbus Publishing Limited, 1981. Pp (8),9-159,(1). 4to, brown cloth. Includes a chapter of his naval sketches entitled"Mediterranean" (pp.32-57). Sections: Yorkshire (pp..24-31); Mediterranean (pp.32-57); Holland / Germany (pp.58-145); Belsen (pp.146-149); Final Work s (pp.150-159). Foreword by Moncrieff Williamsom; Introduction by Hugh A. Halliday; the essay "A Personal Realist" by Graham Metson; and "Alex Colville on Alex Colville: Transcription of an interview with Graham Metson, November 1980." "This book is devoted to the war art of Lieutenant David Alexander Colville, 1944-46. These were formative years through which the young artist came to maturity. The text includes an account of Colville's pre-war years, his boyhood in Amherst, Nova Scotia and his training at Mount AllisonUniversity in New Brunswick. Alex Colville has been called "the most promi nent and, indeed the most important realist painter of the western world.'"- from the dust-jacket. With 38 pages of colour, numerous black and white reproductions, sketches and drawings. Vg in vg nicked dust-jacket. 50.00

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42 COMPTON-HALL, Richard Submarine Boats: The Beginnings of Underwater Warfare. 1st UK in dj.
Conway Maritime, London, 1983, 
COMPTON-HALL, Richard. Submarine Boats : The Beginnings of Underwater Warfare. (L): Conway Maritime Press, (1983). Pp (4),5-192. Double column. Illustrated throughout. Large 8vo, blue cloth. The author was at the time of publication Director of the Submarine Museum at Gosport. "[A] witty and perceptive account of the early years of submarine development, with much new material on the lives of the forgotten pioneers. It includes the more weird andwonderful inventions, and their even more colourful inventors, but concent rates on the greatest of them all- the brilliant Irish-American John PhilipHolland, who took submarine development out of the hands of lunatics and v isionaries and turned it into a deadly weapon of war." -from the dj. Vg in vg dj. 45.00

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43 CORBETT, Julian Spectre of Navalism
Darling & Son, 1915, 
CORBETT, Julian. The Spectre of Navalism. L: Darling & Son, 1915. Pp 8. 8vo, stapled printed wraps. A closely-argued refutation of contemporary German efforts to reposition their efforts in the Great War as an quest to protect the world from the menace of British "navalism". Horizontal crease at bottom edge, small chip to top front corners, slight soiling to front cover, else vg. 50.00

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44 CREMER, Peter BRUSTAT-NAVAL, Fritz U333 :The Story of a U-Boat Ace. 1st UK in dj
Bodley Head, 1984, 
CREMER, Peter, in collaboration with Fritz BRUSTAT-NAVAL. U333 : The Story of a U-Boat Ace. L.: Bodley Head, (1984). First UK Edition. Pp 244 + 12 p of plates. 8vo black cloth. Law 1713. Chapters include : 2. The Invasion of Norway; 5. Hostilities against America; 6. Rammed by a Tanker; 7. Floodlit Florida; 8. Action against Convoys; 9. A Novel British Submarine; 10. The Atlantic Transmitter; 12. Collision with a Frigate; 13. The French Resistance; 14. My Transfer to an Electro-Boat. With bibliography, index and a 24-page appendix: : German U-Boat Casualties in World War II Translated from theGerman by Lawrence Wilson. Bookplate, name, else vg in dj. 45.00

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Winged Mars. Volume I : The German Air Weapon - 1870-1914. Second Printing.- and - The Air Weapon 1914-1916. Volume II of Winged Mars. First Priting, both in dustjackets, CUNEO, John R.
45 CUNEO, John R. Winged Mars. Volume I : The German Air Weapon - 1870-1914. Second Printing.- and - The Air Weapon 1914-1916. Volume II of Winged Mars. First Priting, both in dustjackets
Military Service Publishing Company, Harrisburg, Pa., 1942, 1942 
CUNEO, John R. Winged Mars. Volume I : The German Air Weapon - 1870-1914. With Illustrations by the Author. Harrisburg, Pa.: The Military Service Publishing Company, (December 1942). Second Printing. Pp (14),1-338. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, red lettering to front board and spine.

- with -

CUNEO, John R. The Air Weapon 1914-1916. Volume II of Winged Mars. Harrisburg : Military Service Publishing Company, 1947. First Printing. Pp (14),1-503,(3). Maps. Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spie.

John R. Cuneo (b. September 21, 1922 - d. May 18, 1984).

Contents :

[Volume I]
1. In the Beginning.
2. Germany Adopts Military Ballooning.
3. The Rise and Fall of German Military Ballooning.
4. The Beginnings of Anti-aircraft Defense.
5. The First German Dirigibles.
6. The Fight to Build a Rigid Dirigible.
7. The Struggle for Dirigible Supremacy.
8. The German Navy Tries Zeppelins (pp 70-78).
9. Orville Wright Reminds a German General of a Circus.
10. The Birth of German Military Aviation.
11. The Awakening of German Military Aviation.
12. Airplanes in the German Navy (pp 110-116).
13. The Theoretical Use of the German Air Weapon:
I. Captive Balloons and Dirigibles.
II. Airplanes.
14. Per Ardua Ad Astra.
15. The Enigma of French Military Aeronautics.
16. The Role of the French Air Weapon.
17. The Air Weapon at the Outbreak of Hostilities.

Appendices :
I. Parsevals Accepted by the German Army Prior to August 1914.
II. Dirigibles Built by the German Army.
III. Zeppelins Accepted by the German Army Prior to August 1914.
IV. Schutte-Lanz Dirigibles Accepted by the Geman Army Prior to August 1914.
V. Private Dirigibles Taken Over by the German Army at the Outbreak of War .
VI. Dirigibles Acquired by the French and German Armies Prior to August 1914.
VII. Zeppelins Accepted by the German Navy Prior to August 1914 (p. 186).
VIII. Some German Army Airplanes of 1914.
IX. Some French and German Army Airplanes of 1914.
X. Some German Naval Seaplanes of 1914 (p. 189).
XI. Some British Naval Seaplanes of 1914 (p. 189).
XII. Organization of the German Air Weapon Prior to 1914.

[Volume II]

Part One: Tactical Air Operations Over Land.
1. The 1914 Doctrine of Warfare.
Note 1. Diplomatic Employment of the Air Weapon.
2. The Period of Concentration in the West.
Note 1. French Strategic Air Reconnaissance.
3. The French Offensive (August 1914).
Note 1. Allotment of Air Units to German Armies on the Western Front August 18, 1914.
Note 2. A Comparison of the Tactical Organization of Aviation Units on the Western Front, August 1914.
Note 3. French Air Reconnaissance During the Offense.
4. The German March Through Belgium and Northern France.
Note i. Allied Observation of the German Wheel, Through Belgium.
5. The Pursuit to the Marne.
Note 1. The Allied Discovery of the Wheel of the German First Army.
6. The Battle of the Marne.
7. The Conclusion of Open Warfare in the West.
Note 1. Allied Air Reconnaissance September-November 1914.
8. The Battles of Gumbinnen and Tannenberg.
Note 1. The Russian Air Service at the Beginning of the War.
9. The Ending of the Eastern Campaign 1914.
10. Behind the Operations of the Air Weapon (1914).
Note 1. The French Air Service Conquers Its First Crisis.
11. Trench Warfare: Blessing and Blight.
Note 1. The Beginnings of Aerial Combat.
12. The Reorganization of the German Air Force (1915).
13. To the End of 1915.
Note 1. The the Allied 1915 Offensives.
Note 2. French Aviation in the Fall Offensives of 1915.
14. The German Air Weapon in the 1915 Offensives Against Russia and Serbia.
15. German Antiaircraft Defense (1914-1915).
Note 1. German Antiaircraft Activity on the Eastern Front.
16. Verdun (1916).
Note 1. French Aviation at Verdun.
17. The Preliminaries to the Somme Offensive (1916).
Note 1. Allied Air Preparations for the Somme.
18. The Somme Offensive (1916).
19. The Conclusion of the Somme Offensive (1916).
Note 1. The Allied Air Services at the Somme.
Note 2. Allied Antiaircraft Artillery.
Note 3. German Air Activity in the East and Balkans During 1916.
20. The Reorganization of the German Army Air Force (1916).
Note 1. The Beginnings of Reorganization in the British Air Services.
Note 2. The Decline of French Military Aviation (1915-1916).

Part Two : Tactical Air Operations at Sea.
21. The Watch for the British Fleet (1914).
Note 1. The Allied Air Forces (pp 297=3-04).
22. Action in the North Sea (1915).
23. Prelude to Jutland.
24. The Battle of Jutland.
Note 1. British Air Service at Jutland.
25. The Sunderland Operation.
Note 1. British Air Activity During the Sunderland Operation.
Note 2. Ink Battles Over the Jutland and Sunderland Air Operations.
Note 3. Naval Air Operations in the Baltic (1914-1916) (pp 346-347).

Part Three : Strategic air Operations.
26. The Raids on Great Britain (1914-1916).
Note 1. The Antiaircraft Defense of Great Britain.
Note 2. German Air Raids on Paris (1914).
27. The Bombing of Germany.


Very good in spine-sunned, chipped and worn, torn and tape-repaired, price-clipped Dustjackets.
The 2-vol. set for 225.00

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46 DALLIES-LABOURDETTE, Jean-Philippe U-Boote : Eine Bildchronik, 1933-1945
Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart, 2005, ISBN:9783613025141 
DALLIES-LABOURDETTE, Jean-Philippe. U-Boote : Eine Bildchronik, 1933-1945 .(Stuttgart): Motorbuch Verlag, (2005). Pp. [1]-144. Illustrated. Double co lumn. 4to, illustrated blue-grey card covered boards. A general interest volume presenting a basic background of the Third Reich's use of u-boats in the Second World War. Includes information on the various types of u-boats, as well as diagrams of their differences, and also information on uniforms,u-boats in propaganda, biographical sketches of key u-boat personnel, and numerous other sub-fields. Text in German. Very good. 30.00

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47 DAWSON, Robert MacGregor, (ed.). Development of Dominion Status 1900-1936. First Edition
Oxford University Press, London / New York / Toronto, 1937, 
DAWSON, Robert MacGregor, (ed.). The Development of Dominion Status 1900-1936. London / New York / Toronto : Oxford University Press, 1937. First Edition. Pp (2),[i]-xiv,[1]-466,(2). 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine,top edge dyed black. Robert MacGregor Dawson (b. March 1, 1895, Bridgewate r, Nova Scotia - d. July 16, 1958, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia). Contents : Part I : Introduction - The Development of Dominion Status 1900-36. Part II :Formal and Informal Documents. Section I: The Period Before the War, 1900- 14. Section II: The War and the Peace Treaty, 1914-20. Section III: The Period of Tentative Centralization 1920-2. Section IV: The Period of Decentralization, 1922-6. Section V: The Period of Equal Status, 1926-36. Index FullTable of Contents : Part I: Introduction. The Development of Dominon Statu s, 1900-36. I. The Period before the War, 1900-14. II. The War and the Peace Treaty, 1914-20. III. The Period of Tentative Centralization, 1920-2. IV.The Period of Decentralization, 1922-6. V. The Period of Equal Status, 192 6-36. Part II: Forrmal and Infomal Documents. Section I. The Peroid Before the War, 199-14. A. Dominion Attitudes Towads Impeial Affairs. 1. Canada:. (a) Canada and British Wars, Can. H. of C. Debates 1900. (b) The French-Canadian in the British Empire, Henri Bourassa in The Monthly Review, October 1902. (c) Canadian Naval Policy, infra, sub-section. B3(b). 2. Australia: The Australian View, The Round Table, June 1914. 3. South Africa: The Ministerial Crisis in South Africa, The Round Table, March 1913. 4. New Zealand: The New Government in New Zealand, The Round Table, December 1912. B. Imperial Co-operation. 1. Co-operation with the Dominions. (a) 'The Problem of Imperial Defence', The Round Table, May 1911. (b) 'Downing Street', The Round Table, September 1913. 2. The Imperial Conference.. (a) Report of the Imperial Conference, 1907, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1907, Cd. 3523. (b) Reportof the Imperial Conference, 1911, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1911, Cd. 5741. 3. The Committee of Imperial Defence. (a) Dispatch regarding Dominion Repr esentation on the Committee, London Times, 1913. (b) Canadian Naval Policy and the Committee, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1912. Section II. The war and thepeace Treaty, 1914-20. A. Imperial Relation During the War, 1914-18. 1. Re port of Canadian Privy Council on the Requisitioning of Canadian Ships, 1917, P.C. 3189. 2. The Imperial War Cabinet, The Round Table, June 1917. 3. The Imperial War Conferences. (a) Announcement of the Colonial Secretary, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 191. (b) Report of the Imperial War Conference, 1917,Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1917, Cd. 8566. (c) Report of the Imperial War Co nference, 1918, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1918, Cd. 9177. 4. Memorandum of the Dominion Ministers on Empire Naval Defence, 1918, Can. H. of C Debates, 1920. B. The Peace Conference and the Peace Treaty, 1918-20. 1. Correspondence and Documents regarding the Representation of the Dominions at the Peace Conference, Can. Sess. Papers, 1919, No. 41J. 2. Correspondence between Canada and the United Kingdom regarding Ratification of the Peace Treaty, Can. Sess. Papers, 1919, No. 41J. 3. Speech of Sir Robert Borden on the Treaty of Peace with Germany, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1919. 4. Speech of Rt. Hon.W. M. Hughes on the Treaty of Peace with Germany, Aus. H. of R. Debates, 1 919. C. The Formation of the League of Nations, 1919. 1. The League Covenant. 2. Declaration respecting the Interpretation of Article IV of the Covenant, Can. H. of C Debates, 1919. D. The Decision to Appoint a Canadian Minister to the United States, 1920. Announcement by the British Government, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 1920. Section III. ThePeroid of Tentative Centraliztion, 1920-2. A. The Comference of Prime Ministers,1921. 1. The Imperial PeaceCabinet, London Times, 1920. 2. Report of the Conference of Prime Minister s, 1921, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1921, Cmd. 1474. 3. Speech of Rt. Hon. Arthur Meighen at the Conference, Montreal Gazette, 1921. 4. Statement of Rt.Hon. D. Lloyd George on the Foreign Relations of the Empire, Brit. H. of C . Debates, 1921. 5. Imperial Cabinet or Imperial Conference?, J. W. Dafoe in Manitoba Free Press, 1925. B. The Washington Conference on the Limitationof Armament, 1921-2. 1. Correspondence respecting Dominion Representation at the Conference, Can. Sess. Papers, 1922, No. 47A. 2. Report of Sir Robert Borden, Can. Sess. Papers, 1922, No. 47. 3. Report of Sir John Salmond, N.Z. H. of R. Journals, 1922, Appendix, Vol. I, A-5. C. The Establishment ofthe Irish Free State, 1921. Articles of Agreement between Great Britain an d Ireland, 1921, Brit. Statutes, 12 Geo. V, c. 1. Section IV. ThePeroid of Decentralization, 1922-6. A. The Chanak Incident, 1922. 1. The ' Inquiry' and the Response. (a) The ' Inquiry', London Times, 1922. (b) The Response (1) Montreal Gazette, 1922. (1) Montreal Gazette, 1922. (2) The Government'sReply, Toronto Globe, 1922. (3) Criticism by the Leader of the Opposition, Montreal Gazette, 1922. 2. Newspaper Comment. (a) Montreal Gazette, 1922. (b) Manitoba Free Press, 1922. 3. Account by the Canadian Prime Minister ofthe Chanak Incident, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1923. 4. Chanak, J. W. Dafoe i n Manitoba Free Press, 1925. 5. Australia and Chanak, Aus. H. of R. Debates, 1923. B. The Canadian Effort to Secure Modification of Article X of The League Covenant, 1922-3. Report of the Canadian Delegates to the Fourth Assembly, Can. Sess. Papers, 1924, No. 35. C. The Halibut Fisheries Treaty, 1923. Correspondence regarding the Treaty, Can. Sess. Papers, 1923, No. IIIa. D. The Treaty of Lausanne, 1922-4. 1. Explanation of the Canadian Attitude by the Prime Minister, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1924. 2. Telegrams omitted from above Extract, Can. Sess. Papers, 1924, No. 232.. E. The Imperial Conference,. 1923. 1. Report of the Imperial Conference, 1923, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1923, Cmd. 1987. 2. 'Did the Imperial Conference Fail?', J. W. Dafoein McLean's Magazine, January 1924. 3. Treaty Powers of Dominion Governmen ts, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1924. 4. Debate on the Treaty Resolutions, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1926. F. Recognition of Soviet Russia and the Russian Treaties, 1924. The Position of Australia, Journal of the Parliaments of the Empire, October 1924. G. The Inter-Allied Conference on the Dawes Report, 1924. 1. Correspondence between the British and Canadian Governments, Can. Sess. Papers, 1924, No. 309. 2. Discussion in the British House of Commons, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 1924. H. Inter-Imperial Communication, 1924-5. Correspondence regarding the proposed Imperial Conference, 1924, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1925, Cmd. 2301. I. The Appointment of an Irish Minister to the United States, 1924. The Position of the Minister from the Irish Free State,Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1924, Cmd. 2202. J. The Registration of the Anglo -Irish Agreement With the League of Nations,1924. Correspondence with the Secretary-General of the League, League of Nations (Treaty Series), 1924, vol. 27. K. The Treaty of Locarno, 1925. 1. Debate in the British House of Commons, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 1925. 2. Attitude of the Canadian Government, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1927. 3. Attitude of the Imperial Conference, 1926(cf. infra, Section V, A. 3. 4. 'The British Empire and the Locarno Agreem ent', The Round Table, December 1925. Section V. The Peroid of Equal Status, 1926-36. A. The Imperial Conference, 1926. 1. 'The Constitutional Problem', The Round Table, September 1926. 2. Opening Speech of the Prime Ministerof South Africa, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1927, Cmd. 2769. 3. Report of th e Imperial Conference, 1926, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1926, Cmd. 2768. 4. The Treaty Power and the Dominions, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1927. 5. Lord Balfour on the Report of the Conference, Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, July 1927. B. International and InteImperial Relations,1927-36. 1. Election of Canada to the Council of the League of Nations, 19 27, London Times, 1927. 2. Appointment of a British High Commissioner, 1928, Montreal Gazette, 1928. 3. The Kellogg Treaty for the Renunciation of War, 1928. (a) The Invitations to the Dominions, London Times, 1928. (b) The Acceptance by South Africa, London Times, 1928. 4. The Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armaments, 1930, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1930. 5. Recognition of the Government of the Spanish Republic, 1931, Can. H. of C. Debates, 1931. 6. Appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. (a) The Case for Discontinuing Appeals, J. S. Ewart in Queen's Quarterly, Summer, 1930.. (b) The Case for Appeals, G. H. Sedgewick in Queen's Quarterly, Summer, 1930. (c) Moore v. Attorney-General of the Irish Free State, J935> S1 Times Law Reports. C. Report of the Conference on the Operations of Dominion Legislation and Merchant Shipping Legislation,1929. D. The Imperial Conference, 1930. Report of the Imperial Conference, 1930. E. The Statute of Westimater,1931. 1. The Statute of Westminster, 1931, Brit. Statutes, 22 Geo. V, c. 4 . 2. Speech of Hon. P. McGilligan on the Statute, I.F.S. Ddil Debates, 1931. 3. The Irish Free State and the Statute, cf. supra, sub-section B. 6 (c),and infra, sub-section H. 1. F. Formal Action by the Crown on Dominion Adv ice, 1931-6. 1. Announcement by the Government of the Irish Free State, Irish Times, 1931. 2. The Status of the Union Act, £. Afr. Statutes, 1934, No.69. 3. The Royal Executive Functions and Seals Act, S. Afr. Statutes, 1934 , No. 70. 4. Status of South Africa, W. P. M. Kennedy in The University of Toronto Law Journal, Lent Term, 1935. G. Secession and Neutrrality, 1920-36. 1. Speech of Rt. Hon. A. Bonar Law on the Government of Ireland Bill, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 1920. 2. The Right of Secession. (a) South Africa, S.A. Ass. Debates, 1930. (b) Irish Free State, cf. infra, sub-section H. 4. 3.The Neutrality of the Dominions in Empire Wars, S.A. Ass. Debates, 1928. 4 . The Dominions and the League of Nations, New York Times, 1936. H. The Irish Free State And the Empire, 1931-6. 1. Debate on the Statute of Westminster Bill, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 1931. 2. Correspondence regarding the Parliamentary Oath of Allegiance and the Land Purchase Annuities, Pari. Pap. (G. Britain), 1932, Cmd. 4056. 3. Correspondence between the Irish Free Stateand other Dominions on the Anglo-Irish Dispute, 1932. (a) Australia, Londo n Times, 1932. (b) South Africa, London Times, 1932. 4. The Position of theIrish Free State in the Empire. (a) Statement by the Secretary of State fo r the Dominions, Brit. H. of C. Debates, 1933. (b) Correspondence between the Governments of Great Britain and the Irish Free State, Brit, H. of C. Debates, 1933. 5. Amendments to the Constitution, 1936, cf. infra, SubsectionI.2. I. The Abdication of king Edward VIII, 1936. 1. The Declaration of Ab dication Act, London Times, 1936. 2. Amendments to the Constitution of the Irish Free State, London Times, 1936. Index. Robert MacGregor Dawson (1895-1958) was a Canadian political scientist and academic, born in Bridgewater,Nova Scotia. In 1921, he started teaching at Dalhousie University before l eaving to teach at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. In 1928, he returned to Canada as head of the Political Science department at the University of Saskatchewan. In 1937, he started teaching at theUniversity of Toronto. In 1975, he was named a Persons of National Histori c Significance. Corners bumped, penned name, small black stains to gutter at Preface, else very good. 50.00

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48 DELGADO, James P. CUSSLER, Clive, foreword Silent Killers : Submarines and Underwater Warfare. First Edition in dustjacket.
Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2011, ISBN:9781849083652 
DELGADO, James P. Silent Killers : Submarines and Underwater Warfare. With a foreword by Clive Cussler. (Oxford): Osprey Publishing, (2011). First Printing. Pp. (5),[6]-264. Illustrated in colour. Large 8vo, brown cloth with black lettering to spine. "'Silent Killers' examines the history and development of the submarine and its role in naval warfare, from the first experiments with submersible craft to the development of the modern nuclear submarine. The development of submarine technology is studied in detail, from wooden to iron to steel hulls, from hand-cranked to nuclear-powered propulsion, from candle light to electricity, from gunpowder 'torpedoes' to nuclear missiles, as are the personalities involved -- among them David Bushnell, Robert Fulton, Wilhelm Bauer, Lodner Phillips, and John Holland. Tales of dives, disastrous and successful, of engineering triumphs and tragedies, and of combat successes and failures are all included in this fascinating and compelling illustrated history." -from the dustjacket. Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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49 DePROSE, J.G. (ed.). PERCY, H.R. WATERS, S.C. Canadian Army Journal. Vol. 18, No. 1, 1964
Queen's Printer, Ottawa , 1964, 
DePROSE, J.G. (ed.). Canadian Army Journal. Vol. XVIII, No. 1, 1964. (Ottawa : Queen's Printer, 1964). Pp [1]-144. Illustrated. Double Column. 8vo, illustrated black trimmed stapled wrappers. Of nautical interest : Lt. H.R. Percy's “Training Today's Sailor” (pp 54-67); and Col. S.C. Waters's “Marine Magic: A Story of the U.S. Marine Corps” (pp 68-78). Other contents : A Picture Story – Cyprus: Operation Snow Goose; Danger: Grape Juice – A Tale of Cyprus; Northern Farewell; The Validity of Our Principles in the NuclearAge; Flashback No. 44: Canadians Arrive in Germany, 1951; and much more. Rubbed, wear to spine, covers beginning to detach, else very good. 20.00

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50 DIVINE, A.D Wake of the Raiders. First Edition in dustjacket
John Murray, London, 1940, 
DIVINE, A.D. The Wake of the Raiders : The Exploits and the Failure of the Pocket Battleships, and a consecutive account of events at sea. London : John Murray, (1940). Pp 153, frontis., 13 leaves plates. 8vo, grey cloth. Law0105. An account of Germany's naval failures in the first year of the Seco nd World War, centering on the careers of the Deutschland, the Graf Spee, and the Admiral Scheer. Ffep missing, initial leaves discoloured, spine soiled, slight edgewear, else vg in rubbed, nicked dj. 75.00

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51 DIXON, W. MacNeile British Navy at War.
Houghton Mifflin, Boston and New York, 1917, 
DIXON, W. MacNeile. The British Navy at War. Boston and New York : HoughtonMifflin, 1917. Pp 95, portrait frontispiece + plates + maps & battle plans . Small 8vo, blue cloth. Contents: 1. The War at Sea and its New Problems -German Tactics; 2. The First Phase - The Heligoland Action - Germany's Fle et in Being; 3. The Ocean Battles - Coronel - The Falklands; 4. North Sea Battles - The Dogger Bank - Jutland; 5. Submarines - The Submarine Menace - The Work of British Submarines; 6. Blockade and Bombardment; 7. Single ShipAction - Sailors and Seamanship; 8. Bridging the Seas; 9. Navies and Armie s. 2 appendices. Cloth rubbed, else very good. 30.00

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52 DOBSON, Christopher MILLER, John. PAYNE, Ronald. Cruelest Night. in dj.
Little, Brown, 1979, 
DOBSON, Christopher, John MILLER, and Ronald PAYNE. The Cruelest Night. Boston: Little, Brown, (1979). Pp 223, [8] pp plates. 8vo, blue spine with blue boards. "...reveals, for the first time, the full story of the worst of all sea tragedies, the sinking by a Russian submarine of the German ocean liner Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea in 1945. At least seven thousand military personnel and civilians in flight from the avenging Red army perished- nearly five times the number who died on the Titanic." -from the dj. Slight shelfwear, gift inscription, else vg in rubbed, nicked, price-clipped dj. 50.00

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53 DOENITZ, Karl, Admiral. STEVENS, R.H., translated. WOODWARD, David, in collaboration with. Memoirs : Ten Years and Twenty Days. Second Impression in dustjacket
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1959, 
DOENITZ, Karl, Admiral. Memoirs : Ten Years and Twenty Days. Translated by R.H. Stevens in collaboration with David Woodward. London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1959. Second Impression. Pp. [i]-ix,(1),[1]-500,(2), + 8 p. of plates. 8vo, black cloth with silver lettering to spine. Anderson 318; Paine,The Submarine Registry and Bibliography DON59b; Law 1650. Karl Dönitz (som etimes spelt Doenitz) (b. September 16, 1891, Grünau, Berlin – d. December 24, 1980, Aumühle) was a German admiral who played a major role in the naval history of World War II. Dönitz briefly succeeded Adolf Hitler as the head of state of Germany. First published in Bonn, Germany in 1958 by Athenäum- Verlag Junker und Dünnhaupt as Zehn Jahre und Zwanzig Tage. The memoirs of the German admiral, with extensive information on the build-up and wartime strategy of the German navy. Also includes a short chapter on his time ashead of German government after Hitler's suicide. 1. Prologue; 2. The New Task; 3. Wolf-pack Tactics; 4. U-boat Building Policy 1935-39; 5. The Decisive Months of 1939; 6. The U-boat War Begins: September 1939 - March 1940; 7. The Norwegian Operation and the Torpedo Crisis; 8. The Battle of the Atlantic : July-October 1940; 9. Organization of U-boat Arm and of U-boat Construction; 10. The Battle of the Atlantic : November 1940- - December 1941; 11. America's War Against Us Before December 11, 1941; 12. Operations m American Waters: January - July 1942; 13. Convoy Battles and Distant Operations: July- September 1942; 14. The Laconia [British liner Laconia sunk in South Atlantic August 1942]; 15. Improvements in U-boat Equipment and Armament; 16. More Convoy Battles and Operation in Distant Waters: October - December 1942; 17. Commander-in-Chief of the Navy; 18. Collapse of the U-boat War: January - May 1943; 19. My Tasks as Commander-in-Chiet 1943 - 45; 20. July 20, 1944; 21. The U-boat War from May 1943 to the End; 22. Head of the Government; 23. Epilogue. Appendices : 1. U-boats of the German Navy — Principal Data; 2. I.M.T., Vol. 40, p. 88—Excerpts from 'Defence of Merchant Shipping Handbook 1938' (DMS); 3. Causes of Torpedo Failures; 4. Excerpts from W. S. Churchill's The Second World War; 5. U-boat Building Programme; 6. Figures concerning the German U-boat War 1939-45. With index. Light wear to outer edges of boards, else very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 28.00

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S.M.S. Möwe , DOHNA-SCHLODIEN, Nikolaus zu
54 DOHNA-SCHLODIEN, Nikolaus zu S.M.S. Möwe
DOHNA-SCHLODIEN, Nikolaus zu, Kommandanten Korvettenkapitän. S.M.S. Möwe : Mit Einem Bildnis und 18 Während der Kreuzfahrt S.M.S "Möwe" Gemachten Photographischen Aufnahmen. Gotha: Verlag Friedrich Andreas Perthes, 1916. Pp 110, frontis., [10] pp plates. Small 8vo, ill. card covers. Edges of covers slightly nicked and tape-repaired, rubbed and slightly soiled, bookplate, else vg. Printed in Fraktur type. 60.00

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Möwe Zweite Fahrt , DOHNA-SCHLODIEN, Nikolaus zu, Kommandanten Korvettenkapitän
55 DOHNA-SCHLODIEN, Nikolaus zu, Kommandanten Korvettenkapitän Möwe Zweite Fahrt
Verlag Friedrich Andreas Perthes, 1917, 
DOHNA-SCHLODIEN, Nikolaus zu, Kommandanten Korvettenkapitän. Der Möwe : Zweite Fahrt. Mit Einem Bildnis und 20 Während der Kreuzfahrt Gemachten Aufnahmen. Gotha: Verlag Friedrich Andreas Perthes, 1917. Pp 124, frontis., [10] pp plates. Small 8vo, ill. card covers. Covers rubbed and slightly soiled with nicking to edges, else vg. 60.00

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56 DOMVILLE-FIFE, Charles W Submarine Warfare of To-day. no dj.
Seeley, Service, 1920, 
DOMVILLE-FIFE, Charles W. Submarine Warfare of To-day : How the Submarine Menace was Met and Vanquished, with Descriptions of the Inventions and Devices Used, Fast Boats, Mystery Ships, Nets, Aircraft, &c., &c., also Describing the Selection and Training of the Enormous Personnel Used in this New Branch of the Navy. L: Seeley, Service & Co., (1920). Pp 303, frontis., [16] leaves plates. 8vo, red cloth. Anderson 325. An overview of the full, strange array of submarine and anti-submarine warfare as practiced in the Great War, written by an early and prolific expert on the subject. Heavily rubbed, cloth sunned and bubbled, inner hinges cracked, edges specked, occasionalfoxing throughout, else good. 75.00

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57 EIFFE, Peter Ernst, Korvettenkapitan BUSCH, Fritz Otto, Korvettenkapitan. Splissen und Knoten : Heiteres aus der Kriegsmarine
Carl E. Klotz, Magdeburg, 1941, 
EIFFE, Peter Ernst, Korvettenkapitan. Splissen und Knoten: Heiteres aus derKriegsmarine; mit Zeichnungen von Korvettenkapitan a.D. Fritz Otto Busch. Magdeburg: Carl E. Klotz Verlag, 1941. Pp 208. 8vo, blue boards. Edifying stories, poems, and sketches of life in Germany's wartime navy. Gift inscription, paper yellowed, else very good. 45.00

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58 ELSON, Bryan. Canada's Bastion of Empire : Halifax, Victoria and the Royal Navy, 1749-1918. First Edition in dustjacket.
Formac Publishing, Halifax, N.S., 2008, ISBN:9781459503267 1459503260 / 9781459503267 
ELSON, Bryan. Canada's Bastion of Empire : Halifax, Victoria and the Royal Navy, 1749-1918. Halifax : Formac Publishing Company Limited, (2014). First Printing. Pp. (6),7-277,(3). With several dozen black and white photos and maps. 8vo, blue paper covered boards, silver lettering to front and spine.

"This book offers a fresh perspective on North American history, and the key role played by Halifax and Victoria in ensuring that Canada emerged as an independent country in the twenieth century.

Bryan Elson focuses on the bases for the all-powerful British Navy at Halifax and Victoria through the nineteenth century and the First World War. Ashe explains, Halifax gave the Royal navy the land base they needed to proj ect British power along the whole east Atlantic coast of North America. Victoria's Esquimalt did the same thing for the Pacific coast.

During the 1800s the United States grew dramatically, adding huge swaths of lands west, south, and north that had belonged to France, Spain, Mexico, and Russia -- while pushing aside native peoples. More than once the American government came into conflict with Britain over British territory in North America. There were threats of war and annexation, and American popular support for absorbing Canada was strong.

Elson shows how the British presence in Halifax, and later in Victoria, stood in the way of US designs on Canada. Americna leaders knew that the British Navy, with its bases on both coasts, had the power to cut them off from the rest of the world with a naval blockade. The American threat to Canada was effectively countered by the British presence in these two cities.

These two bastions played their most important role inthe early years of the First World War. Elson explains how in 1914 the Uni ted States stood aside while the British Empire, including Canada, took on Germany. In this situation, the British navy -- including the Canadian navy's first east-coast warship -- mounted a show of force by stopping all incoming and outgoing traffic from the port of New York. This lasted until the US finally opted into the war, on the side of Britain, in 1917.

Meanwhile, on the west coast the Esquimalt naval base was buttressed by the extraordinary action of the BC provincial government -- which at the start of the warbought two new submarines from a shipyard in Seattle for the fledgling Can adian navy." - from the dustjacket.

Chapters :
1. The Watch Is Set, 1749-1858;
2. Threat and Response, 1858-1905;
3. Rumours of War, 1906-1914;
4. Defences, Defenders, and the Coming of War, August 1914;
5. Halifax Crisis, August 1914;
6. Esquimalt Crisis, August 1914;
7. Consolidation, September to December 1914;
8. Afterwards.
Appendix : Coastal Defences.
With bibliography and index.
A brief section on the Explosion, pp.248-250, with one photo.

Very good in dustjacket. 20.00

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59 EVANS, Alan Seek and Destroy. 1st Walker printing in dj.
Walker and Company, New York, 1978, ISBN:0802709281 
EVANS, Alan. Seek and Destroy. [A Walker Adventure Novel]. New York: Walkerand Company, (1986). First Walker Printing. Pp 251. 8vo, blue cloth. A nov el of the Great War at sea in which Commander David Cochrane Smith is giventhe most perilous task of his career. With three old cockle-shell torpedo boats and "the mad professor" below deck Smith has been ordered to seek anddestroy the biggest and newest German battle cruiser Salzburg. Two red mar ker dots to top edge, ow vg in rubbed dj. 25.00

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60 FINCHLEY, Al True War 01:04 Break Their Backs with Subs
True War, 1957, 
FINCHLEY, Al. ""Break Their Backs with Subs!"." An article on the U-boats vis-à-vis the United States in True War, Vol.1, No.4, May 1957, pp.34-36, 64. Triple column. Illustrated. Covers nearly detached and chipped, else vg. 10.00

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