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41 ARCHIBALD, Samuel. WINKLER, Donald, trans. Biblioasis International Translation series. Arvida. Stories. Signed Paperback.
Biblioasis, Windsor, Ontario, 2015, ISBN:9781771960427 
ARCHIBALD, Samuel. Arvida. Stories. Translated from the French by Donald Winkler. Windsor, Ontario : Biblioasis, (2015). Second Printing. Pp. (8),9-213,(3). 8vo, art-illustrated black card covers with grey lettering to front cover and spine. A volume in the Biblioasis International Translation series. General editor: Stephen Henighan. Shortlisted for the 2015 Scotiabank Giller Prize. "Like a Proust-obsessed Cormac McCarthy, Samuel Archibald's portrait of his hometown is filled with innocent children and wild beasts, attempted murder and ritual mutilation, haunted houses and road trips to nowhere, bad men and mysterious women. Gothic, fantastical, and incandescent, filled with stories of everyday wonder and terror, longing and love, 'Arvida'explores the line which separates memory from story, and heralds the arriv al of an important new voice." - from the rear cover. Includes the following stories: "My Father and Proust [Arvida I]", "Antigonish", "Cryptozoology", "In the Midst of the Spiders", "America", "In the Fields of the Lord [Blood Sisters I]", "A Mirror in the Mirror", "The Animal [Blood Sisters II]", "Jigai", "Paris in the Rain [Blood Sisters III]", "The Centre of Leisure and Forgetfulness [Arvida II]", "The Last-Born", "House-Bound", and "Madeleines [Arvida III]". Very good. Signed by the author on the half-title page. 20.00

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42 Arctic BERKES, Firket MARY-ROUSSELIERE, G. COTTON, M.J. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America Vol 32. No 1 March1979
Arctic Institute of North America, 1979, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, Volume 32, No. 1, March 1979. Pp [1]-90,(2). Includes: S.E. Hrudey's "Sources and Characteristics of Liquid Process Wastes from Arctic Offshore Hydrocarbon Explorarion" ; G. Mary-Rousseliere's "A Few Problems Elucidated... and New Questions Raised by Recent Dorset Finds in the North Baffin Island Region"; G. Holdsworth's "Installation of a Dome Shelter on Mount Logan, Yukon Territory"; Thomas K. Newbury's "Possible Accumulation of Heavy Metals around Offshore Oil Production Facilities in the Beaufort Sea"; Firket Berkes' "An Investigation of Cree Indian Domestic Fisheries in Northern Quebec" (pp.46-70); Dr M.J. Cotton's "A Collection of Spiders from North-East Greenland"; Charles H. Racine and Marilyn M. Racine's "Tundra Fires and Two Archaeological Sites in the Seward Peninsula, Alaska"; Ming-ko Woo and Peter Steer's "Measurement of Trace Rainfall at a High Arctic Site"; Reviews. Vg. 7.50

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43 Arctic GRAY, James T. ANDREWS, J.T. SWANSTON, D.N. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America Vol 22. No 2 June 1969
Arctic Institute of North America, 1969, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, Volume 22, No. 2, June 1969. Pp [85]-168. Includes: Jack D. Ives' "Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research" ; Alexander M. Ervin"s "Conflicting Styles of Life in a Northern Canadian Town" (Inuvik, pp.90-105); James T. Gray's "Glacial History of the Eastern Mealy Mountains, Southern Labrador" (pp.106-111);N.S. Stehle's "Snow Movement - Drift Control for Surface (At Grade) Camps" ; Peter J. Usher and Michael Church's "On the Relationship of Weight, Length and Girth of the Ringed Seal (Pusa hispida) of the Canadian Arctic"; E. Strzelczyk, J.W. Rouatt, and E.A. Peterson's "Studies on Actinomycetes from Soils of Baffin Island"; B.F. Findlay's "Precipitation in Northern Quebec and Labrador Sea: An Evaluation of Measurement Techniques" (pp.140-150); Short Papers, Notes and Institute News; Reviews. Vg. 25.00

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44 Arctic HARPER, John R. SCHLEDERMANN, Peter BERKES, Firket Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America Vol 31. No 4 December 1978
Arctic Institute of North America, 1978, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, Volume 31, No. 4, December 1978. Pp [413]-517,(3). Includes: P. McLaren and D.M. Barnett's "Holocene Emergence of the South and East Coasts of Melville Island, Queen Elizabeth Islands, Northwest Territories, Canada" (pp.415-427); John R. Harper's "Coastal Erosion Rates along the Chukchi Sea Coast near Barrow, Alaska" (pp.428-433); R.G. Crane's "Seasonal Variations of Sea Ice Extent in the Davis Strait - Labrador Sea Area and Relationships with Synoptic-Scale Atmospheric Circulation" (pp.434-447); Austin Kovacs' "Remote Detection of Water under Ice-covered Lakes on the North Slope of Alaska"; Peter Schledermann's "Preliminary Results of Archaeological Investigations in the Bache Peninsula Region, Ellesmere Island, N.W.T." (pp.459-474, including fold-out); Arthur M. Martell and Arthur M. Pearson's "The Small Mammals of theMackenzie Delta Region, Northwest Territories, Canada"; Firket Berkes and Marguerite MacKenzie's "Cree Fish Names from Eastern James Bay, Quebec" (pp.489-495); R. Grammeltvedt and J.B. Steen's "Fat Deposition in Spitzbergen Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus hyperboreus)"; S.W. Buskirk and Philip S. Gipson's"Characteristics of Wolf Attacks on Moose in Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska"; Reviews. Vg. 20.00

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45 Arctic Journal MAYCOCK, P.F. GIVEN, Robert R. CORBETT, Philip S. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume 19, No. 2,June 1966
Arctic Institute of North America, Montreal , 1966, 
(Arctic). Arctic : Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume19, No. 2, June 1966. Montreal : Arctic Institute of North America, 1966. Pp [109]-213. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated green stapled wrappers. Includes: William O. Pruitt, Jr.'s "The function of the brow-tine in caribouantlers" (pp 110-113); P.F. Maycock and B. Matthews's "An arctic forest in the tundra of northern Ungava, Quebec" (pp 114-144); E.E. McNamara and J.C .F.Tedrow's "An arctic equivalent of the grumusol" (pp 145-152); Philip S. Corbett and A.E.R. Downe's "Natural hosts of mosquitoes in northern Ellesmere Island" (pp 153-161); Keith M. Hussey and Ronald W. Michelson's "Tundra relief features near Point Barrow, Alaska" (pp 162-184); Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., and D.J.T. Hussell's "Effects of weather on reproductive success of birds at Churchill, Manitoba" (pp 185-191); R.E. Platts's "The Angirraq : low-cost prefabrication in arctic houses" (pp 192-200); W. Barr and R.M. Koerner's "Devon Island programs, 1965" (pp 201-204); plus Notes, News and Reviews. Rubbed, else very good. 20.00

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46 Arctic Journal McALPINE, J.F. HAMILTON, Thomas D. SHAW, J.B. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume 18, No. 2,June 1965
Arctic Institute of North America, Montreal , 1965, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume 18, No. 2, June 1965. Montreal : Arctic Institute of North America, 1965. Pp [69]-14. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated green stapled wrappers. Includes: "Joint Canada-U.S. survey in the Mount Kennedy region" (pp 70-72); J.F. McAlpine's "Insects and related terrestrial invertebrates of Ellef Ringnes Island" (pp 73-103); Thomas D. Hamilton's "Alaskan temperature fluctuations and trends : an analysis of recorded data" (pp 104-117); Spencer Apollonio's "Chlorophyll in arctic sea ice" (pp 118-122); J.B. Shaw's "Growth anddecay of lake ice in the vicinity of Schefferville (Knob Lake), Quebec" (p p 123-132); S.D. MacDonald's "Paul F. Bruggemann retires from editorship" (pp 133-134); R.H. Ragle, J.E. Sater, and W.O. Field's "Effects of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake on glaciers and related features" (pp 135-137); plus News and Reviews. Rubbed, else very good. 20.00

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47 Arctic Journal MORRISON, A. ROGERS, Edward S. GARRETT, T. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume 16, No. 4,December 1963
Arctic Institute of North America, Montreal , 1963, 
(Arctic). Arctic : Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America. Volume16, No. 4, December 1963. Montreal : Arctic Institute of North America, 19 63. Pp [213]-292. Illustrated. Maps. 8vo, illustrated green stapled wrappers. Includes: A. Morrison's "Landform Studies in the Middle Hamilton River Area, Labrador" (pp 272-275) - Desscribes 1961-1962 investigations mainly todetermine the events responsible for a system of canyons in the Grand Fall s area. Directions of ice movement, orientation and composition of till-fabric, and patterned ground were examined; samples from peat bogs were analyzed and radiocarbon-dated. It is tentatively concluded that: the landforms were shaped by ice movements from the southwest and later the northwest; andmost of the canyon formation occurred before deglaciation (about 5700 yrs ago) while the level of the ice surface and the water table within the ice were falling, and the ratio of water to ice increasing. Also, T. Garrett's "The Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute, Leningrad" (pp 214-218); Edward S. Rogers's "Notes on lodge plans in the Lake Indicator area of south-central Quebec" (pp 219-227); J.R. Mackay and J. Terasmae's "Pollen diagrams in the Mackenzie Delta area, N.W.T." (pp 228-238); Adam Bursa's "Phytoplankton in coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean at Point Barrow, Alaska" (pp 239-262); Hans Pauly's "Ikaite", a new mineral from Greenland" (pp 263-264); Norman A. Chance's "Notes on culture change and personality adjustment among the north Alaska Eskimos" (pp 264-270); Owen L. Hughes and J. Terasmae's "SIPRE ice-corer for obtaining samples from permanently frozen bogs" (pp 270-272); William J. Maher and Richard T. Holmes's "Observations of musk oxen on Banks Island, Northwest Territories, Canada" (pp 275-276); plus News and Reviews. Rubbed, else very good. 20.00

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48 Arctic MILAN, Frederick A. ARCHER, David R. COACHMAN, L.K. Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America Vol 21. No 3 September 1968
Arctic Institute of North America, 1968, 
(Arctic). Arctic: Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, Volume 21, No. 3, September 1968. Pp [121]-212. Includes: Frederick A. Milan's "The International Study of Eskimos"; Carl S. Benson's "Glaciological Studies on Mount Wrangell, Alaska, 1961"(pp.127-152); David R. Archer's "The Upper Marine Limit in the Little Whale River, New Quebec"; Edward E.C. Clebsch and Royal E. Shanks' "Summer Climactic Gradients and Vegetation near Barrow, Alaska" (pp.27-38); Thomas E. Bowman and Austin Long's "Relict Populations of Drepanopus bungei and Limnocalanus macrurus grimaldii (Copepoda: Calanoida) from Ellesmere Island, N.W.T."; Part 1 of K Aagaard and L.K. Coachman's's "The East Greenland Current North of Denmark Strait"; Short Papers, Notes and Institute News); Reviews. Surface tears to covers, else vg. 9.00

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49 ARDA - Atlantic Regional Development Agency Blueberry Industry : The Role of ARDA. A summary of research reports and project proposals submitted to the ARDA administration by research consultants and provincial ARDA authorities. Condensed Report CR-No. 5.
Department of Forestry and Rural Development, Ottawa, 1966, 
(ARDA - Atlantic Regional Development Agency). The Blueberry Industry : TheRole of ARDA. A summary of research reports and project proposals submitte d to the ARDA administration by research consultants and provincial ARDA authorities. Condensed Report CR-No. 5. Ottawa : Department of Forestry and Rural Development, June 1966. Pp (6),1-29,(1). 4to, orange stapled card covers. Contents : Introduction. Part 1 – General Review of the Blueberry Industry (The Present Situation; Blueberry Management Practices). Part 2 – The Role of ARDA in Blueberry Development (Quebec; New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island; Nova Scotia; Newfoundland; Blueberries as a Source of Additional Income; Market Potential for Blueberries). Appendix – Summaries of ARDA Blueberry Research Reports. Inkstamp to front cover, else very good. 20.00

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50 ARMSTRONG, Joe C.W. Farewell The Peaceful Kingdom : The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963 to 1994. First Edition in dustjacket
Stoddart Publishing, Toronto, 1995, ISBN:0773728708 
ARMSTRONG, Joe C.W. Farewell The Peaceful Kingdom : The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963 to 1994. (Toronto) : Stoddart, (1995). First Edition. Pp (12),xiii-xiv,1-746. Index. 8vo, black cloth, copper lettering to spine. "Farewell The Peaceful Kingdom is anirreverent, incisive account of how Canada, from 1963 to the present, transformed itself from a strong federation into a society bent on self-destruction. Joe Armstrong documents the Pearson-Trudeau-Mulroney revolution, peeling away the layers of deception that have characterized Canada's fatal attraction to big government. [...] With deadly insight Armstrong tracks the seminal events and ideas that have debased anation. His conclusion: 'Canada does not suffer from a leadership crisis, but a crisis of citizenship.' This is the best read to come along in a generation on the intellectual and economic disintigration of a would-be great nation." - from the front dj flap. Contents : Introduction. Part I - The Kingdom and the Foreplay - 1963 to 1982. 1.Lester Bowles Pearson, the Father of Bilingualism - 1963 to 1967. 2. Pierre Trudeau and Robert Stanfield, theTwo Faces of Dualism - 1968. 3. "Alas! I Am Turning into a God" - 1968 to 1977. 4. Joe Clark's Community of Communities: Pluralism - 1979. 5. Rene Levesque's Sovereign Association - 1980. 6. Trudeau's Revolution: Patriation Without Representation - 1981 to 1982. Part II - A New Vision for Canada: Existentialism - 1982 to 1990. 7. Martin Brian Mulroney: l'Irlandais, the Irish Kid - 1979 to 1983. 8. John Napier Turner: A Little Interregnum - 1984.9. Mulroney's Solemn Commitment to Quebec and Patronage Pratfalls - 1984. 10. The Parties Take Positions on the Promise: Quebec - 1985. 11. Her Majesty's Mafia: Queen's University - 1986. 12. A Meech Lake Accord and a Free Trade Agreement: Farewell to Sovereignty - 1986 to 1987. 13. Hell Hath No Fury Like Pandora's Box - 1988 to 1990. 14. The Power of One Eagle Feather - 1990. Part III - To Each His Own Accord. 15. Deep Thinkers: The Boffins andthe Presumptives. 16. More Deep Thinkers: Lawyers and Law Professors. Part IV - The March Away from Meech Lake - 1990 to 1991. 17. The Leaders Divvy Up the Nation - 1990. 18. Some Quebecois Speak to Some Canucks. 19. Meech II, the Seamless Web - 1991. Part V - The Fourth Estate: Media Munchkins. 20. The Pulp Prime-Evil: The Four Gospels of Central Canada. 21. Pusillanimous Poltroons and Pecksniffers. Part VI - The March for Meech II - January toMay 1992. 22. They're Ba-a-a-ck! More Meech II - January to March 1992. 23 . Meech II and the Carry-On Gang - March to May 1992. Part VII - A World ofPrivilege and the Fifth Estate. 24. Power Brokers in the Feudal Kingdom. 2 5. The Filtration System, the CBC. Part VIII - The Road to Charlottetown - June to August 1992. 26. The Cat's Breakfast, The Pearson Accord -JunetoJuly1992. 27. Bingo! The Charlottetown Accord - July to August 1992. Part IX -The Referendum. 28. On the Way to Judgement Day - September 1992. 29. A Fl irtation With Democracy: The Referendum­October 1992. Part X - The Ins and Outs. 30. Some Insiders and Some Outsiders. 31. Preston Manning, Thy Kingdom Came. Part XI - Business as Usual- October 26, 1992, to June 25, 1993. 32. Referendum Aftermath - October 26, 1992, to February 23, 1993. 33. The Disarray of the Red Tories - February 24 to June 25,1993. Part XII - Farewellthe Peaceful Kingdom - June 26, 1993, to December 31, 1994. 34. Canada on Trial Before the United Nations -1988 to 1993. 35. Kim Campbell Comes to Bytown, Karl Marx to Ontario - June 26 to September 8, 1993. 36. The Hunt fo r the Red Tories in October - September 8 to October 25, 1993. 37. Jean Chretien: The Return of Absolutism - October 26, 1993, to December 31,1994. Epilogue. Appendix A - The Reform Party Platform. Appendix B -Ontario: A Selection of Laws and Policy Directives. Appendix C - Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada: A Chronology of History. Appendix D - The Party Platform of the Bloc Quebecois. Appendix E - The Parti Quebecois Strategic Plan to Gain Sovereignty on Election - 1988 to 1994. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS QWEIGHT. Verygood in unclipped dustjacket. 25.00

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51 ARSENAULT, Bona History of the Acadians. First Edition.
Le Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, Quebec , 1966, 1966 
ARSENAULT, Bona. History of the Acadians. Quebec : Le Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, (1966). First Edition. Pp (8),[9]-265,(3). Index. Endpaper Maps. 8vo, illustrated green cloth, white & orange lettering to front board & spine.

Bona Arsenault, CM (b. October 4, 1903, Bonaventure, Quebec – d. July 4, 1993, Sainte-Foy).

A history of the Acadians in Nova Scotia, from the founding of Port Royal, to the settlement patterns of deported Acadians post-1756.

1. The Founding of Port-Royal.
2. Misfortune Hits the Colony.
3. France's Decisive Efforts.
4. Progress in Spite of Bitter Feuding.
5. The English Occupation of 1654-67.
6. The First Acadian Families.
7. Outposts of Old Acadia.
8. Beaubassin Area Develops.
9. The Grand-Pre Region.
10. Way of Life of the Acadian Pioneers.
11. The Last Days of Port-Royal.
12. The Acadians Choose to Remain.
13. The Oath, of Allegiance and Neutrality.
14. Rapid Rise in Acadian Population.
15. French Attempts to Reconquer Acadia.
16. Pressure Builds up Against the Acadians.
17. Thousands of Acadians Leave Nova Scotia.
18. Stripped of their Possessions.
19. Lawrence Orders the Arrest of the Acadians.
20. The Acadians on their Way to Exile.
21. Scattered in Anglo-American Colonies.
22. The Tragic Fate of the Fugitives.
23. Acadian Refugees who Settled in Quebec.
24. Largest Number of Exiles Reach Louisiana.
25 Those who Returned to their Native Acadia.

Corners bumped, minor foxing to edges, else very good. 85.00

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Souvenirs et Confidences. First Edition,  Signed., ARSENAULT, Bona
52 ARSENAULT, Bona Souvenirs et Confidences. First Edition, Signed.
1983, 2760951138 / 9782760951136 
ARSENAULT, Bona. Souvenirs et Confidences. [Ottawa] : Leméac, (1983). First Edition. Pp (10),11-288. Illustrated. 8vo, card covers.

"L'auteur ... est aussi bien connu pour ses travaux d'histoire et de généalogie que pour sa participation à la vie politique du pays et de la province au cours des trente dernières années. Député à Ottawa et à Québec pendant vingt-huit ans, ministre dans le gouvernement Lesage aux heures de la révolution tranquille, Bona Arsenault nous livre ici, avec franchise, sa pensée intime sur le cours des événements auxquels il a participé et le comportement des hommes qu'il a rencontrés durant sa longue carrière." - from the back cover.

Very good. Inscribed by the author. 20.00

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53 ARSENAULT, Bona. Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens. 1. Histoire des Acadiens.
Leméac, Montmagny, QC, 1978, ISBN:0776150294 
ARSENAULT, Bona. Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens. 1. Histoire des Acadiens. (Montmagny, QC) : Leméac, (1978). Pp [1]-389,(3). Index. 8vo, illustrated pale green card covers. Contents : 1. L'Acadie des premiers jours. 2. La fondation de Port-Royal. 3. Les malheurs s'abattent sur la colonie. 4. Efforts décisifs de la France. 5. Une impitoyable lutte fratricide. 6. L'occupation anglaise de 1654 à 1667. 7. Les premières familles acadiennes. 8. Les divers établissements de l'ancienne Acadie. 9. Beaubassin, Chipoudy, Petitcoudiac, Memramcook et Le Coude. 10. Grand-Pré, Rivière-aux-Canards, Pisiguit et Coquebid. 11. Mode de vie des anciens Acadiens. 12. Les derniers jours de Port-Royal. 13. Les Acadiens décident de rester en Nouvelle-Écosse. 14. Le serment d'allégeance et de neutralité. 15. Accroissement rapide de lapopulation acadienne. 16. Vains efforts des Français pour reprendre l'Acad ie. 17. Fondation de Halifax et action décisive des Anglais. 18. Des milliers d'Acadiens quittent la Nouvelle-Écosse. 19. La confiscations des biens des Acadiens. 20. Arrestation massive des Acadiens. 21. L'embarquement et ledépart pour l'exil. 22. Dispersés dans les colonies anglo-américaines. 23. Le sort tragique des Acadiens fugitifs. 24. Les Acadiens établis au Québec . 25. Les Acadiens accueillis au Loisiane. 26. En Nouvelle-Écosse. 27. A l'ile du Prince-Édouard. 28. Au Nouveau-Brunswick. Published in 6 volumes, consisting of one volume of history and 5 volumes of genealogy – this is the history volume only. Text in French. Spine sunned, else very good. Volume 1only 75.00

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54 ARSENAULT, Bona. Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens. [In Six Volumes]
Leméac, Montmagny, QC, 1978, ISBN:0776150294 1978 0776150294 / 9780776150291 
ARSENAULT, Bona. Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens. [In Six Volumes]. (Montmagny, QC) : Leméac, (1978). Pp 1-389; 391-825; 827-1313; 1319-1669; 1671-2181; 2183-2646, plus a separate folding map. Indexes. 8vo, illustrated pale green card covers, lettered in blue & black.

Bona Arsenault, CM (b. October 4, 1903, Bonaventure, Quebec – d. July 4, 1993, Sainte-Foy).

A major work on the Acadians comprising one volume of history (Vol. 1) and five volumes of genealogy arranged by region (Vols. 2 - 6).

Vol. 1. Histoire des Acadiens.

Vol. 2. Port-Royal, Annapolis Royal, Nouvelle-Écosse.

Vol. 3. Beaubassin, Amherst, Nouvelle-Écosse.; Grand-Pré, Nouvelle-Écosse.

Vol. 4. Pisiguit, Windsor, Nouvelle-Écosse; Cobequid, Truro, Nouvelle-Écosse; Chipoudy et Petitcoudiac, Hopewell Hill et Hillsborough, N.-B.; Cap-de-Sable et Pobomcoup, Cap-de-Sable et Pubnico, Nouvelle-Écosse; Rivière Saint-Jean, Nouveau-Brunswick; Ristigouche au Québec.

Vol. 5. Plaisance, Terre-Neuve; Ile Royale incluant Louisbourg, Ile du Cap-Breton; Ile Saint-Jean, Ile du Prince-Édouard.

Vol. 6. Iles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon; Iles-de-la-Madeleine; Bordeaux, France; Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Bretagne, France; Louisiane, États-Unis.

Text in French.


A very good, unmarked set in slightly damaged slipcase (surface tear and one corner torn and tape-repaired). The 6-volume set for 500.00

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55 ARSENAULT, Bona. L'Acadie des Ancêtres, Avec la généalogie des premiueres familles acadiennes. signed
ffrLe Conseil de la Vie franàçaise en Amérique,, Quebec, 1955, 
ARSENAULT, Bona. L'Acadie des Ancêtres, Avec la généalogie des premiueres familles acadiennes. Québec : Le Conseil de la Vie franàçaise en Amérique, Université Laval, (1955). First Edition. Pp (6),[5]-396,(2) + large folding map. Index. 8vo, original illustrated wrappers. Contents : L'Acadie, son milieu, son époque; Les Fondateurs; Premieres attaques anglaises; Luttes fratricides : Latour et D'Aulnay; Les Acatars d'une succession; Les vieux noms acadiens; L'Acadie de 1670 et ses habitants; Les familles de Port-Royal des1671 à 1714; La fondationnde Beaubassin; Les familles de Beaubassin de 168 6 à 1714; Le bassin des Mines : Grand-Pré; Les familles de la région du bassin des Mnes de 1686 à 1714; Aux seigneuries et autres postes; Les travaux et les jours en Acadie; R?sistance victorieuse; Les derniers jours de Port-Royal; Les Acadiens décident de rester; Serment d'allégeance et neutralité;Les Acadiens vers 1740; Tentatives des Français pour reprendre l'Acadie; L es prodromes de la dispersion; Grande détresse chez les Acadiens; Derniers préparatifs de l'expulsion; Arrestation massive des Acadiens; Embarquement pour l'exil; La chasse à l'homme; Dispersés dans les colonies anglo-américaines; Les réfugiés en Louisiane; Dans les provinces maritimes; Dans les provinces de Québec; Deux siecles ont passé. A history and genealogy of Acadiaand the Acadians form the beginning until the deportation. Text in French. Spine ends nicked, else very good. Signed with inscription by the author. 45.00

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56 ARSENAULT, Paul CROSBY, Sidney) HOLLINGSWORTH, Paul, foreword Sidney Crosby : A Hockey Story. 2nd edition
Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, 2005, ISBN:1551096641 
ARSENAULT, Paul, with Paul HOLLINGSWORTH. Sidney Crosby : A Hockey Story. Second Edition Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, (2005). Second Edition. Pp. (6),[vii]-viii,[1]-80. Double column. Illustrated. Square 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. Covers adds: "Revised and Updated". Foreword by Paul Hollingsworth. " After leading the National Hockey League in scoring at just nineteen years of age, it is clear Cole Harbour native Sidney Crosby is already one of the NHL's best players. Sidney Crosby : A Hockey Story follows the young phenom through his early years in the Metro Halifax Minor Hockey Assocation, his time as the dominant force in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league, and his gold medal triumph at the World Junior Hockey Championships. This second edition also features new analysis of Crosby's record-breaking play with the Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the NHL's most promising clubs on the rise. Filled with colour photographs and featuring interviews and commentary from coaches, teammates, and opponents, Sidney Crosby : A Hockey Story is the account of a once-in-a-generation hockey talent and his path to greatness." - rear cover. Very good. 12.00

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57 Art - Painting - Quebec]. Collection Metropolitaine, 1. 50 Peintres du Quebec / 50 Quebec Painters. Paperback Edition.
Collection Metropolitaine, Montreal, 0, 
[Art - Painting - Quebec]. 50 Peintres du Quebec / 50 Quebec Painters. [Montreal: Collection Metropolitaine, n.d. - 1962?]. Pp. (80). Unpaginated. Illustrated in black and white. 4to, printed blue and white card covers with black and red lettering to front cover, blank white spine. Collection Metropolitaine, Vol. 1. Text in French and English. Includes: Barry Baran, HaroldBeament, Louis Boekhout, Claude Bonniere, Paul-Emile Borduas, Harold Charl es Boyes, Ghitta Caiserman, Leoni Colangelo, Reynald Connelly, Gabriel Contant, Stanley Morel Cosgrove, Jimmy Damiani, Ronald Davies, Andree S. de Groot, Oscar Daniel De Lall, Francois Deziel, Marc-Aurele Fortin, Gaboriau, Arist Gagnon, Rene Gagnon, Wladimir Eric Gebauer, Gecin, Peter Gnass, Mario Gross, Normand Hudon, Shayna Laing, Paul (Tex) Lecor, Arthur Lismer, Geza Marich, Jose Majzner, Georges Severe Masse, Henri Masson, Jean-Paul Mousseau,Jonas Norkus, Alfred Pellan, Istvan Porubszky, Jack Prudnik, Dubrvko Raos, Jeanne Rheaume, Rene Richard, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jacques Rouleau, Irene S haver, Adam Sherriff Scott, Christo Stefanoff, Dimitri Peter Tiedemann, Rosamond Tiedemann, and Esther Wertheimer. Some chipping to spine, faint soiling to covers, else good. 28.00

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58 Association Catholique de la Jeunesse Canadienne-Française Le Problème Agricole au Canada Français : Education agricole; Législation agricole; Organisation agricole. Rapport officiel du Congrès agricole tenu par l'A.C.J.C. À Saint-Hyacinthe du 30 juin au 3 juillet 1916.
Bureau de l'A.C.J.C., Montréal , 1918, 
(Association Catholique de la Jeunesse Canadienne-Française). Le Problème Agricole au Canada Français : Education agricole; Législation agricole; Organisation agricole. Rapport officiel du Congrès agricole tenu par l'A.C.J.C.À Saint-Hyacinthe du 30 juin au 3 juillet 1916. Montréal : Bureau de l'A.C .J.C.. 1918. Pp (2),[1]-292,(2). 8vo, white printed wrappers. Text in French. Spine browned and torn and beginning to detach at top spine, covers browned at margins and smudged, else good. 150.00

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59 Association Catholoque de la Jeunesse Canadienne-française) Le Devoir Social au Canada Français : Rapport officiel du Congrès décennal de l'A.C.J.C. tenu à Montréal du 28 juin au 1er juillet 1914.
Bureaux de l'A.C.J.C., Montréal , 1915, 
(Association Catholoque de la Jeunesse Canadienne-française). Le Devoir Social au Canada Français : Rapport officiel du Congrès décennal de l'A.C.J.C.tenu à Montréal du 28 juin au 1er juillet 1914. Montréal : Bureaux de l'A. C.J.C., 1915. Pp (2),[1]-307,(3). 8vo, light brown cloth, black lettering to spine. Sections : La Fete du Souvenir; Le Congrès Décennal de l'A.C.J.C.;Le Devoir Social au Canada Français : 1. Dans la classe rurale. 2. Dans le s professions libérales. 3. Dans le commerce et l'industrie. 4. Dans la vienationale. Appendice. Text in French. Rubbed, spine darkened, minor bubbli ng to cloth, circular library inkstamps, front inner hinge cracked, else good. 40.00

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60 ATHERTON, William Henry Montreal, 1535-1914 : Volume One: Under the French Regime, 1535-1760; Volume Two: Under British Rule, 1760-1914; Volume Three: Biographical
S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, Montreal, 1914, 
ATHERTON, William Henry. Montreal, 1535-1914 : Volume One: Under the FrenchRegime, 1535-1760; Volume Two: Under British Rule, 1760-1914; Volume Three : Biographical. Montreal: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1914. IN THREE VOLUMES. I: Pp. (4),[iii]-xxv,(1),[1]-450,(2), portrait frontispiece, + 88 leaves of plates; II: Pp. (4),iii-xxvi,1-673,(3), + 84 leaves of plates; III: Pp. (4),5-686, including 112 leaves of plates. Copiously illustrated. 4to, half black leather with pebbled bluish-green boards with four raised bands, gilt lettering and decoration to spine, all edges marbled, with greenmarbled endpapers. Atherton (b. November 15, 1867 - d. July 6, 1950). Cont ents: Volume 1: 1. Hochelaga; 2. Colonization: Under the early trading companies of New France; 3. The Great Sault: Champlain the first trader; 4. Colonization: under the company of One Hundred Associates; 5. Montreal: The company of Notre Dame de Montreal; 6. Ville Marie: Founded by Pauld e Chomedey de Maisonneuve; 7. Progress and War; 8. Critical Years: Lambert Closse, Commandant; 9. The Second Foundation of Montreal: The Great Reinforcement of1653; 10. Iroquois and Jesuits: The Departure of the Jesuits; 11. The Comi ng of the Suplicians, 1657; 12. The New Reinforcement of Montreal: The Coming of Laval; 13. How Montreal Saved New France: Dollard's exploit at the Long Sault; 14. Hostilities and Losses; 15. The Sovereign Council and the Seigneurs of the Island: Great Changes, physical and political; 16. The Recallof de Maisonneuve; 17. The Subdual of the Iroquois: The end of the Heroic Age; 18. The Feudal System Established: The Seigneurs of the Montreal District; 19. Economical Progress: Industries, trade and labour; 20. Colonization and Population; 21. Expeditions from Montrael; La Salle, Dollier de Casson, de Courcelles; 22. Education; 23. Garrison Life -- Slackening Morals; 24. Notable Losses; 25. Town Planning and Architecture: The foundation of theParish Church and Bon Secours Chapel; 26. Altercations: Frontenac's First Term of Governorship: i. The Rival Governors, ii. Church and State, iii. The Governor, the Intendant and the Sovereign Council; 27. Trade at Montreal Under Frontenac and Perrot; 28. War Again, the Iroquois, New York and Hudson's Bay; The Governments of De La Barre and Denonville; 29. Iroquois Revenge: Denonville's Treachery and the Massacre of Lachine; 30. Montreal Prowessat Home and Abroad: Frontenac's second term of government; 31. Social, Civ il and Religious Progress; 32. The Great Indian Peace Signed at Montreal. The Foundation of Detroit: The Governmentof de Callieres; 33. From the Treaty fo Ryswick to the Treaty of Utrecht, Queen Anne's War: Montreal saved by land and water; 34-36. Half a Century of Peace and Progress: Civic Side Lights; 37. Education--Primary, Secondary and Technical: A record from 1657-1760; 38. The General Hospital of Montreal under Madame d'Youville; 39. Montreal Military Headquarters: The final strugle for supremacy -- The Seven Years. 1756-1763 -- The Campaign of 1756 (Oswego) -- The Winter at Montreal; 40. The Campaign of 1657: The Siege of William Henry -- Winter Gayety and Gaunt Famine; 41. The Victory of Carillon: A Winter of gayety and foreboding;42. The Fall fo Quebec: Montreal the seat of government; 43. The Fall of M ontreal: The Capitulation. With appendices. Volume Two: 1. The Exodus from Montreal; 2. The Interregnum: Military Government; 3. The Definitive Treatyof Paris: The New Civil Government; 4. Civic Government under Justices of the Peace; 5. The Preliminary Struggle for an Assembly: The British Merchants of Montreal; 6. The Quebec Act of 1774: The Noblesse of the District of Montreal; 7. The Revolutionary War of 1775: Montreal the seat of discontent; 8. Montreal Besieged: The Second Capitulation; 9. Montreal, an American City Seven Months Under Congress: The Congress Army evacuates Montreal; 10. The Assembly at Last; The Constitutional Act of 1791; 11. The Fur Traders of Montreal: The Great North West Company; 12. French Revolutionary Designs:Montreal the seat of Jacobinism; 13. The American Invasion of 1812: Montre al and Chateauguay: French Canadian Loyality; 14. Side Lights of Social Progress; 15 Bureaucracy vs Democracy: The Proposed Union of the Canadas; 16. Murmurs of Revolution: Race and Class Antagonism; 17. Montreal in the Throes of Civil War; 18. Proclamation of the Union: Home Rule for the Colony; 19. Responsible Government under the Union; 20. The Municipality of Montreal;21. Supplemental Annals and Sidelights of Social Life under the Union; 22. Constitutional Life Under Confederation: Federal and Provincial Influence; 23. Supplemental Annals and Sidelights of Social Life under Confederation; 25. Religious Denominations; 26. School System of Montreal Before the Cess ion; 27. The School System after the Union: The Rise of the 'school commissions of Montreal'; 28. University Development: i. M'gill University, ii. Laval University; 29. General Culture: i. The Library Movement, ii. Literary and Learned Societies, iii. Artistic Associations; 30. National Origins of the Population; 31. Public Safety Services: Fighting Fire -- Darkness -- Floods -- Drought; 32. Law and Order: Jails -- Police Services -- Courthouse -- Law Officers; 33. Hospitals; 34. Sociological Movements; 35. Commercial History Before the Union; 36. Commercial History since the Union: The rise of modern manufacturers and industries; 37. Finance: Montreal banking and insurance bodies; 38. Transportation: i. Shipping -- Early and Modern, ii. The Development of Montreal Shipping (Sailing Vessels, Steam Vessels, Atlantic Liners) (pp. 569-584); 39. Transportation; 40. Transportation by Rail: Montreal and the railways of Canada; 41. Transportation by Road: i. The Ancient and Modern Postal Service of Montreal, ii. Street Transportation; 42. City Improvement from the Cession: Under Justices of the Peace; 43. Citiy Improvement after the Union: Under the Municipality; 44. City Improvement since Confederation: The Rise of Metropolitan Montreal. Volume Three: includesmany dozens of brief biographical sketches. Ex-libris Montreal collector A lberti G. Nicholls, with his bookplate to front pastedown of volume one. Very light shelfwear, name to ffep of v.1, else a very good, tight set. 500.00

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