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41 ASTOR, Gerald Operation Iceberg: The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II. in dj.
Donald I. Fine, 1995, 
ASTOR, Gerald. Operation Iceberg: The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II. NY: Donald I. Fine, 1995. Pp 480. 8vo, black spine with orangeboards. An oral history of this crucial fourteen-month battle which witnes sed, among other superlative horrors, the fiercest and most sustained kamikaze attacks of the war. Vg in dj. 25.00

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42 AUPHAN, Paul, Rear Admiral MORDAL, Jacques SABALOT, A.C.J., Captain French Navy in World War II. in dj.
United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md., 1959, 
AUPHAN, Paul, Rear Admiral and Jacques MORDAL. The French Navy in World WarII. Translated by Captain A.C.J. SABALOT. Annapolis, Md.: United States Na val Institute, (1959). Pp. [i]-xvi,(2),1-413,(1). Illustrated with 24 pagesof plates. 8vo, blue cloth covers with white lettering to spine. Chapters: 1. The Naval Tradition of France; 2. The Navy on the Eve of the Second Wor ld War; 3. The Opening of Hostilities; 4. Protecting the Sea Lanes; 5. In Search of a Strategy; 6. The Diversionary Operation in Norway; 7. France Invaded; 8. The Miracle at Dunkirk; 9. Fall of the French Atlantic Ports; 10. Fifteen Days of War in the Mediterranean; 11. The Armistice Between France and the Axis; 12. The Misunderstanding Over Article 8; 13. The Drama of Mers-el-Kebir; 14. Naval Politics Under the Armistice; 15. The Free French Naval Forces; 16. Feeding France Under the Armistice; 17. Defending the Empire; 18. Threat and Crisis in the Far East; 19. The Anglo-American Landings inNorth Africa - the Prelude; 20. The Anglo-American Landings in North Afric a - Tragedy and Turning Point; 21. France Totally Occupied; 22. Tragedy at Toulon and Bizerte; 23. Rejoining the Allies; 24. French Naval Operations, 1943-1944; 25. The Navy in Occupied France; 26. Normandy and the Beginning of the Liberation; 27. The Provence Landings and Toulon; 28. Paris - And the Last Winter; 29. The Navy in Indochina; 30. Bitter Reunion; 31. Conclusion. Vg in spine-sunned, slightly edgeworn dj with browning to dj covers. 75.00

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43 AZOY, A.C.M. SAMPSON, William T. Signal 250! The Sea Fight Off Santiago First Edition in dustjacket
David McKay , New York, 1964, 
AZOY, A.C.M. Signal 250! The Sea Fight Off Santiago. New York : David McKayCo., (1964). First Edition.0 Pp 207. Maps. 8vo, navy cloth. "On the mornin g of July 3, 1898, the Spanish fleet commanded by Rear Admiral Cervera emerged from Santiago Bay to engage in battle an American fleet, under command of Rear Admiral Sampson and Commodore Schley. It was a dramatic encounter, ending in capture and destruction of the Spanish warships and winning for the United States a decisive victory over Spain in the Spanish-American war." - from the dj. Very good in nicked, rubbed dustjacket. 28.00

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44 BACNHER, Evan At Ease : Navy Men of World War II. First Edition in dustjacket
Harry N. Abrams, New York , 2004, ISBN:0810948052 
BACNHER, Evan. At Ease : Navy Men of World War II. (New York) : Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, (2004). First Printing. Pp (4),5-160. 4to, blue boards, with lighter blue lettering. A large-format photography book. "In the years following World War II, images of comradeship, particularly of men being physically close, largely disappeared from the public record. But, as these stunning photographs attest, ordinary American men in the extraordinary circumstances of World War II were affectionate, winsome, and playful-disarmingly innocent in a time of cataclysmic peril. Led by photography giant Captain Edward J. Steichen, the U.S. Naval Aviation Photographic Unit was organized during the war to record the daily experiences of Navy men all over the world and provide newspapers and magazines with images to promote theAmerican cause. The Unit's photographers, who included Wayne Miller, Horac e Bristol, Victor Jorgensen, and Barrett Gallagher, among others, took thousands of pictures to document the lives of soldiers as they relaxed, trained, went about their lives, prepared for the next battle, and waited. When the tension of battle was over or yet to come, these photographers captured the moments when troops left behind their responsibilities as men for a little while and became boys again: roughhousing, wrestling, lounging, and showing off. This book brings together a selection of more than 150 of those [black & white] photographs, culled from the Still Pictures Branch of the National Archives, including many that have never before been published. While World War II imagery tends to be dominated by combat photography and monumental depictions of mechanized weaponry, these photographs offer a rare, intimate look at the Navy men themselves." - from the dj. Very good in very good dustjacket. 50.00

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45 BACNHER, Evan. Men of WWII : Fighting Men at Ease. First Edition in dustjacket
Harry N. Abrams, New York , 2007, ISBN:0810992876 
BACNHER, Evan. Men of WWII : Fighting Men at Ease. (New York) : Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, (2007). First Printing. Pp (4),5-160. 4to, blue boards, with lighter blue lettering. A large-format photography book. "During the Second World War, the Naval Aviation Photographic Unit vividly capturedthe ordinary lives of soldiers during extraordinary circumstances, produci ng thousands of professional-quality photographs. These photographs reveal the human side of the war: the enlisted men are at turns playful, bored, relaxed, or on edge. In this follow-up to the revelatory 'At Ease', Evan Bachner once again culls the best images from the National Archives to illuminate these men at war. As in 'At Ease', the high level of artistry and composition in the photos is striking, due to the experience and craft of the menbehind the camera. The Naval Aviation Photographic Unit, formed to provide images for patriotic publications, was led by Edward Steichen, a master ph otographer. His team included such photography luminaries as Horace Bristol, Wayne Miller, Charles Fenno Jacobs, and Victor Jorgensen. In addition, this volume includes photographs from the Marine's, Army Air Corps, and Army collections, which have a style that is less polished but more intimate andcompelling. This book, which inclucldes many never-before- published image s, captures the servicemen in their daily routines—living in a war, but so often at rest or at play. Featuring more than 150 [black & white] photographs, from the Still Pictures branch of the National Archives, 'Men of WWII' focuses on the quieter and more personal side of the war. Rather than highlighting violent, iconic war imagery, these photographs bring a sense of humanity to the conflict that has shaped the modern world" - from the dj. Remainder dot, on bottom edge, else very good in very good dustjacket. 30.00

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46 BAER, George W. One Hundred Years of Sea Power : The U.S. Navy, 1890-1990. Paperback Edition.
Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA, 1996, ISBN:0804727945 
BAER, George W. One Hundred Years of Sea Power: The U.S. Navy, 1890-1990. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, (1996). First Paperback Printing. Pp. (12),[1]-553,(3). 8vo, illustrated blue and white card covers. "Thispowerfully argued, objective history of the modern U.S. Navy explains how over the years the Navy defined and redefined its purpose in the century after 1890." - from the rear cover. Contents: Part I.: On the Sea: 1. Sea Power and the Fleet Navy, 1890-1910; 2. The New Navy, 1898-1913; 3. Neutralityor Readiness? 1913-1917; 4. War Without Mahan, 1917-1918; 5. Parity and Pr oportion, 1919-1922; 6. Treaty Navy, 1922-1930; 7. Adapt and Innovate, 1931-1938; 8. Are We Ready? 1938-1940; 9. Sea Control, 1941-1942; 10. StrategicOffensives, 1943-1944; 11. Victory Drives, 1944-1945. Part II: From the Se a: 12. Why Do We Need a Navy? 1945-1949; 13. Naval Strategy, 1950-1954; 14.Containment and the Navy, 1952-1960; 15. The McNamara Years, 1961-1970; 16 . Disarray, 1970-1980; 17. High Tide, 1980-1990. Very good. 20.00

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47 BAILEY, Dennis M. Aegis : Guided Missile Cruiser. card covers
Motorbooks International, 1991, 
BAILEY, Dennis M. Aegis : Guided Missile Cruiser. Photography by Arnold Meisner. (Osceola, WI) : Motorbooks International, (1991). Pp 96. Illustrated.8vo, card covers. Vg. 12.00

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48 BAKER, William A. BAKER, William A. Colonial Vessels : Some Seventeenth Century Sailing Craft. First Edition.
Barre Publishing Company, Barre, Massachussets, 1962, 
BAKER, William A. Colonial Vessels : Some Seventeenth-Century Sailing Craft. Illustrations by the author. Barre, Massachussets : Barre Publishing Company, 1962. First Edition. Pp (4),v-xii,1-164. Illustrated, and with 3 folding plans at rear. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. An examination of seventeenth century American naval architecture, focusing on four vesseltypes:. Includes three sheets of drawings for a colonial bark built ca. 16 40. "In Colonial Vessels William Baker, whose name first became known to the world at large when he designed the Mayflower II in 1956, continues his study of early sailing ships. The four craft which make up the major part ofthe book are the pinnace, the ketch, the shallop, and the bark. [...] Plan s for the various types of vessels used in Colonial America were not standardized. From early marine specifications, from contemporary illustrations, and from references in some of the colonists' journals such as the shallop assembled by Captain John Smith's party on landing and the 'catch' in an entry of Governor Bradford's, Mr. Baker has developed an enlightening view ofthe craft so vital to the existence of the North American colonies." - fro m the dj. Chapters : 1. Seventeenth-Century Naval Architecture,; 2. Concerning Shallops; 3. On Pinnaces; 4. A Colonial Bark circa 1640 : A. General; B. Form; C. Arrangement and Construction; D. Rig; 5. The Colonial Ketch. With notes, appendix, glossary. Very good in unclipped dustjacket (with small stain on dj's rear panel). 70.00

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49 BALDWIN, John, and Ron POWERS. Last Flag Down : The Epic Journey of the Last Confederate Warship.
Three Rivers Press, New York , 2007, ISBN:9780307236562 
BALDWIN, John, and Ron POWERS. Last Flag Down : The Epic Journey of the Last Confederate Warship. New York : Three Rivers Press, (2007). First Paperback Printing. Pp (14),1-354. Illustrated. Map. Index. 8vo, illustrated creamcard covers. “A masterpiece of storytelling, this is not just the story of the Confederate warship Shenandoah's 15,000-mile bid to save the South and then elude capture, but a masterly portrait of the ship's twenty-four-year -old executive officer – penned by the officer's descendant John Baldwin and Pulitzer Prize-wining author Ron Powers.” - from the back cover. Very good. 10.00

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50 BALLARD, Robert D. and Rick ARCHBOLD ARCHBOLD, Rick DOUBILET, David THIESSEN, Mark Return to Midway in dj
National Geographic, 1999, 
BALLARD, Robert D. and Rick ARCHBOLD. Return to Midway : [...from dust jacket The Quest to Find the Yorktown and the Other Lost Ships From the PivotalBattle of the Pacific War]. Principal photography by David Doubilet, addit ional photography by Mark Thiessen, Keith Moorehead and Glen Marullo; underwater paintings by Ken Marschall; technical and historical consultation by Robert J. Cressman, Charles Haberlein, Jr., and John Lundstrom. Washington,D. C.: National Geographic, (1999). Pp 191, richly illustrated with numero us b/w and color photographs, many full page. 4to, grey cloth gilt lettering to spine and cover. "In spring 1998 Robert Ballard and his team sailed into the waters off Midway Island. Their mission - to locate and photograph the ships sunk in the epic 1942 battle that changed the course of the Pacific War. But Dr. Ballard soon found himself facing the greatest challenge of his career. The lost ships of Midway lay over three miles down and within avast potential search area. Return to Midway is both an exciting modern-da y adventure story - and the final chapter in one of this century's epic naval battles." -from the dust jacket. Very good in dj. 30.00

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51 BALLARD, Robert D. National Geographic 167:4 KRISTOF, Emory NR-1 THe Navy's Inner-Space Shuttle
National Geographic, 1985, 
BALLARD, Robert D. and Emory KRISTOF. "How We Found Titanic." An article in The National Geographic Magazine, Volume 167, No.4, April 1985. Pp 450-459. Illustrated with 11 colour photographs, 3 diagrams and a map. Chipped at spine, else vg. 4.00

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52 BALLARD, Robert D., with Michael Hamilton MORGAN MORGAN, Michael Hamilton AMBROSE, Stephen E., intro.] Graveyards of the Pacific : From Pearl Harbor to Bikini Atoll.
National Geographic, Washington, D.C., 2001, ISBN:0792263669 
BALLARD, Robert D., with Michael Hamilton MORGAN. Graveyards of the Pacific: From Pearl Harbor to Bikini Atoll. [Introduction by Stephen E. Ambrose]. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, (2001). Pp. (6),7-255,(1). Illustra ted. Maps. Double Column. Index. 4to, blue cloth, copper lettering to spine. "At the entrance to Pearl Harbor we seek the wreck of a Japanese midget submarine, perhaps the first casualty of the Pacific war. Near Savo Island we explore Iron Bottom Sound, so named because of the many warships that metviolent ends during the months of bitter combat on Guadalcanal. From the b ridge of a research vessel tossing on the wavesnortheast of Midway we watchas the majestic wreck of the Yorktown takes shape on a television screen, an image unseen for six decades ever since the grim afternoon in 1942 when an enemy torpedo sent her to the bottom 17,000 feet below." - from the dj. Contents : 1. Pearl Harbor. 2. Coral Sea. 3. Midway. 4. Guadalcanal. 5. Truk Lagoon. 6. Philippine Sea. 7. Bikini Atoll. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 28.00

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53 BANKS, Charles Edward. History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts. Volume I - General History. Volume II - Town Annals.
Published by the Dukes County Historical Society, Edgartown, 1966, 
BANKS, Charles Edward. The History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts. In Three Volumes. Volume I – General History. Volume II – Town Annals. Edgartown : Published by the Dukes County Historical Society, 1966. [with sticker stating : Distributed by Regional Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland]. Pp [1]-535,(1),+ 10 plates; (4),[1]-209,(1),[1]-122,5-74,[1]-82,[1]-68,[1]-35,(1),[1]-27,(1),[1]-18. Text Illustrations. Maps. Index. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine. The first two (of three) volumes of Banks' History of Martha's Vineyard. Lacks the primarily genealogical third volume. Chapters of nautical interest : Vol. I, Ch. 26 – Naval History in the Revolution (pp 404-415) and Vol. I, Ch. 28 – Whale Fisheries (pp 430-451). Contents of Vol. I .: 1. General and Statistical. 2. The Aboriginal Inhabitants (pp.31-57). 3. Early Voyages of Discovery (pp.57-72). 4. What is the Correct Name of the Vineyard? 5. Purchase of Martha's Vineyard by Mayhew. 6. The Legendary Settlement before 1642. 7. The English Family of Mayhew. 8. Thomas Mayhew in Massachusetts. 9. Thomas Mayhew, Jr. 10. Independence of the Vineyard, 1642-1665. 11. Sale of the Islands to the Duke of York.12. The Conference at Fort James, 1671. 13. The "Dutch" Rebellion, 1673. 1 4. Restoration of Mayhew's Authority, 1674-1682. 15. Administration or Matthew Mayhew, 1682- 1692. 16. The Vineyard and the Charter of 1692. 17. The Island Under Puritan Control. 18. Political History of the Vineyard, 1700- 1900. 19. The Missionary Mayhews. 20. County of Dukes County. 21. Military History, 1645-1775 (pp.294-320). 22. The Vineyard in the Revolution, 1774-1778. 23. The Vineyard Abandoned to Neutrality. 24. Grey's Raid. 25. Long Campaign to Obtain Redress. 26. Naval History in the Revolution (pp.404-415). 27. Military History, 1800-1900 (pp.416-429). 28. Whale Fisheries (pp.430-451). 29. Travel and Taverns (pp.452-467, including ferry, packet and steamboats). 30. Life During Colonial Times. Contents of Vol. II. : Annals of Edgartown; Annals of West Tisbury; Annals of Chilmark; Annals of Tisbury; Annals of Oak Bluffs; Annals of Gay Head; Annals of Gosnold. Slightly warped, silverfish damage to top margin of half-title page of Vol. 2, penned name, else very good. Also, lacks the first four pages of the Annals of Chilmark (Vol. 2 binding error). As is. The 2 volumes (of three) for 90.00

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54 BARKER, A.J. Ballantine's Battle Book 10 Pearl Harbor. 7th pr
Ballantine, 1973, 
BARKER, A.J. Pearl Harbor. (N.Y.) : Ballantine Books, (January 1973). Seventh Printing. Pp 160. Illustrated. 8vo, card covers. Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II Battle Book No.10. Vg. 10.00

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55 BARRATT, Glynn Russian View of Honolulu 1809-26. First Edition in dustjacket
Carleton University Press, Ottawa, Canada, 1988, ISBN:0886290600 
BARRATT, Glynn. The Russian View of Honolulu 1809-26. Ottawa, Canada : Carleton University Press, 1988. First Edition. Pp (4),i-xiv,(2),[1]-424,(2), +34 pp of plates and maps. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "Profes sor Barratt presents eyewitness accounts from visitors to Honolulu in the early 19th century. Selections from the journals of eight Russian naval officers provide a detailed picture of native life and customs, and of the activities of traders and missionaries, scientists and artists who were in Honolulu during this dynamic period." (from the dj). Contents : Part One - Preparations. 1. The Russians and Oahu: The Beginnings. 2: Honolulu in the Russian Navy's North Pacific Plans, 1816-26. 3: The Sharper Focus: Russian Contacts and Activities at Honolulu. 4: Hawaiian-Haole Relations in the Early 1800s: The Russian Evidence. 5. Russian and Russo-German Science on Oahu, 1816-26. Part Two - The Russian Narratives. 6: Honolulu Harbour. 7: The Monarchy and Social Order. 8: The Traditional Ways. 9: Honolulu Village. 10: TheMissionary Impact. 11: The Honolulu Narratives of Aleksei P. Lazarev (1821 ) and Ferdinand P. Wrangel (1826). Part Three - The Sources. 12: Notes on Narrators and Texts Selected : - Leontii Adrianovich Gagemeister (1780-1833); - Otto Evstaf evich von Kotzebue (Kotsebu) 1788-1846; - Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838); - Vasilii Mikhailovich Golovnin (1776-1831); - Aleksei Petrovich Lazarev (1791-1862); - Karl Gillesem (1797-1853); - Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel (Vrangel') 1796-1870. 13. The Illustrative Records: - Choris and Tikhanov on Oahu, 1816-18 ; - L.A. Choris 1795-1828; - M.T. Tikhanov (1789?-1862); - Observations on the Plates: Choris (Plates 1-14); - Observations on the Plates: Tikhanov (Plates 15-18). - Observations on the Plates: Other Hands; - Observations on the Russian Maps (A-B). Appendix A: Lauri, Second Hawaiian Visitor to Russia to Return to Honolulu. Appendix B: A Note onTrade Between Oahu and the Russian Northwest Coast 1806-26. Appendix C: Th e Honolulu Aquarelles of Emel'ian Kornéev. Very good in lightly rubbed dustjacket. 65.00

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56 BARRATT, Glynn Pacific Maritime Studies 1 Russia in Pacific Waters, 1715-1825. First Edition in dustjacket
University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver and London , 1981, ISBN:0774801174 
BARRATT, Glynn. Russia in Pacific Waters, 1715-1825 : A Survey of the Origins of Russia's Naval Presence in the North and South Pacific. Vancouver andLondon : University of British Columbia Press, (1981). First Edition. Pp ( 10),[xi]-xv,(3),[1]-300,(2) + 12 pages of illustrations. Map in text. Illustrated. 8vo, grey cloth, black lettering to spine. University of British Columbia Press Pacific Maritime Studies No.1. "This is the first study in Russian or Western literature of the rise and fall of Russian naval influence in the North Pacific Ocean from the time of Peter the Great to Tsar Nicholas I. The author deals with a neglected area: inherent tension between Russian naval and mercantile interests and the origins of international rivalry in the North Pacific at large. Barratt shows that Russia's motives for early expeditions to the Pacific were to promote science, exploration, and trade. But when imperialist powers vied for territory and resources in the area, military confrontation became a possibility. Rivalries within Russia, aidgovernment caution curbed the build-up of any effective counterforce and d ealt the final blow to Russia's naval ambtions. Her hopes for hegemony in the North Pacific and in Russian North America collapsed in 1825, marling the end of an enlerprising era for the Russian navy in Pacific waters. The navy learned from these early experiences that it was incapable of a 'great power' roie in the Pacific without an independent, self-sufficient, Pacific-based fleet." - from the dj. 1. The Sea-Route to Kamchatka and the Strait of Anian 2. The Bering Expeditions; 3. Furs and Spaniards: Sindt and Krenitsyn; 4. Cook's Final Voyage and the Billings and Mulowskii Expeditions; 5. The North Pacific Fur Trade and the Navy: Growing Strains; 6. The Kruzenshtern - Lisianskii Voyages; 7. Rezanov and Baranov: Response and Legacy; 8. V. M. Golovnin and Diana; 9. The Company under Attack; 10. Imperial Ambitionin Peacetime: Trade, Discovery, Science; 11. The Aftermath of Victory; Con clusion and Reflections. With notes, bibliography, and index. Very good in rubbed dustjacket. 60.00

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57 BARRETT, John DEWEY, George, Admiral) Admiral George Dewey : A Sketch of the Man
Harper, 1899, 
BARRETT, John. Admiral George Dewey : A Sketch of the Man. NY: Harper and Brothers, 1899. Pp 279. 23 leaves of plates. Small 8vo, blue cloth, gilt anddec. to front, gilt to spine. Something of an instant book whose publicati on was occasioned by the ongoing war with Spain; nevertheless, the author has the proper credentials as former United States Minister to Siam and Special Correspondent with Dewey at Manila. While the focus is on the Admiral'srecent feats, there is also considerable analysis of his early history and character. Vg. A remarkably clean copy. 50.00

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58 BARROW, Clayton R., Jr., (comp. and ed.) WAGNER, John P. WRIGHT, Donald R. HARRINGTON, Gordon K. America Spreads Her Sails : U.S. Seapower in the 19th Century. in dj.
Naval Institute Press, 1973, ISBN:0870210718 
BARROW, Clayton R., Jr.,( comp. and ed). America Spreads Her Sails : U.S. Seapower in the 19th Century. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, (1973).Pp 241. 8vo, red cloth. Contents include: "...the Ruinous Folly of a Navy" by Robert J. Hanks, Rear Admiral USN; "Lands Below the Horn" by Robert E. Morsberger and W. Patrick Strauss; "Sandalwood Bonanza" by John P. Wagner; "The USS Potomac and the Pepper Pirates" by Celia Woodworth; "Profit and Adventure in Paraguay" by Oscar P. Fitzgerald; "Matthew Perry and the Africa Squadron" by Donald R. Wright; "The Ringgold Incident: A Matter of Judgement" by Gordon K. Harrington; "Come, Papillangi, Our Fires Are Lighted" by Francis X. Holbrook; "The Queen Who Never Reigned" by C. Bradford Mitchell; "The Pirate Ship Forward" by Willard H. Brownson, Rear Admiral USN; "Showingthe Flag in the Indian Ocean" by Kenneth J. Hagan; "Peary and the Meteorit es" by Edward Peary Stafford, Commander, USN; "Four Fighting Ladies" by William H. Flayhart, III; and "The Fellowship of the Craft" by C.F. Burgess. Vg in chipped dj. 20.00

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59 BARROWS, Nat A. Blow All Ballast! 6th US no dj
Court Book, 1940, 
BARROWS, Nat A. Blow All Ballast! : The Story of the Squalus. Illustrated. N.Y.: Court Book Co., (April 1941). Sixth Printing. Pp 298. 8vo, blue-greencloth. Anderson 53, Myron Smith V:259. Some minor spotting to cloth edges, else vg. 100.00

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60 BEACH, Edward L. Cold Is the Sea. First Edition in dustjacket
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1978, ISBN:0030139163 
BEACH, Edward L. Cold Is the Sea. New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, (1978). First Printing. Pp (8),1-348,(4). 8vo, black cloth spine, white papercovered boards, silver lettering to spine. A new novel by the author of Ru n Silent, Run Deep and Dust on the Sea. “Now, fifteen years after the end of World War II, the United States Navy is converting its fleet of conventional submarines to nuclear-powered ships that can remain submerged indefinitely and have a capacity for devastating fire- power. The Cushing, one of our most advanced submarines whose sixteen missile silos can carry more plosive power than all the munitions used in both world wars, is sent on a secret mission to the Arctic Ocean to determine whether her missiles are effective when fired from beneath the ice. When Cushing is incapacitated, with a suspicion Russian sub lurking in the vicinity, the scene is set for a dramatic novel rich in all the technical detail and submarine lore that have entertained millions of readers of Captain Beach's other novels.” (from the dj). Very good in price-clipped dustjacket. 18.00

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