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61 BARTLETT, R. P., (ed.) CROSS, A. G. RASMUSSEN, Karen Russia and the World of the Eighteenth Century : Proceedings of the Third International Conference organized by the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia and held at Indiana University at Bloomington, USA, September 1984
Slavica Publishers, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, 1988, ISBN:0893571865 
BARTLETT, R. P., A. G. CROSS, and Karen RASMUSSEN, (eds.). Russia and the World of the Eighteenth Century : Proceedings of the Third International Conference organized by the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia and held at Indiana University at Bloomington, USA, September 1984. (Columbus, Ohio): Slavica Publishers, Inc., (1988). First Edition. Pp (7),vi-viii,(1),2-68 0,(14). Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt letterng to front board and spine. Contents : Introduction. I. The Search for a National Identity. 1. Daniel L. Schlafly Jr., The Popular Image of the West in Russia at the Time of Peter the Great [pp. 2-21]. 2. K. A. Papmehl, The Quest for the Nation's Cultural Roots in Russian Historiography before Karamzin [pp. 22-35]. 3. A. Lentin, Shcherbatov, Constitutionalism and the "Despotism" of Sweden's GustavIII [pp. 36-57]. 4. Max Okenfuss, Discussant's Comments [pp. 58-60]. II. R eligion (I). 5. L. R. Lewitter, Peter the Great's Attitude toward Religion:From Traditional Piety to Rational Theology [pp. 62-77]. 6. Pia Pera, S. S . Gnusin and P. O. Liubopytnyi: Two Different Old Believer Responses to theEnlightenment [pp. 78-90]. 7. Horst Röhling, Observations on Religious Pub lishing in Eighteenth-Century Russia [pp. 91-110]. III. Religion (II). 8. Brenda Meehan-Waters, Russian Convents and the Secularisation of Monastic Property [pp. 112-124]. 9. John Klier, Muscovite Faces and Petersburg Masks: The Problem of Relgious Judeophobia in Eighteenth-Century Russia [pp. 125-140]. 10. Gregory Freeze, Discussant's Comments [pp. 141-145]. IV. Learning and Science. 11. Max Okenfuss, The Impact of Technical Training in Eighteenth-Century Russia [pp. 147-156]. 12. Dianne Farrell, Laughter Transformed: The Shift from Medieval to Enlightenment Humour in Russian Popular Prints [pp. 157-176]. 13. W. Gareth Jones, Russia's First Magazine for Children: Novikov's "Detskoe chtenie dlia serdtsa i razuma" (1785-89) [pp. 177-187]. 14. K. Papmehl, Discussant's Comments [pp. 188-191]. V. Public Welfare (I). 15. Roger P. Bartlett, Russia in the Eighteenth-Century European Adoption ofInoculation for Smallpox [pp. 193-213]. 16. Anthony G. Cross, The Philanth ropist, the Travelling Tutor and the Empress: British Visitors and Catherine II's Plans for Penal and Medical Reform [pp. 214-228]. 17. Abby McKinnon,Duels and the Matter of Honour [pp. 229-242]. 18. John Alexander, Discussa nt's Comments [pp. 243-245]. VI. Public Welfare (II). 19. David Ransel, Undervaluation of Females: Evidence from the Foundling Homes [pp. 247-257]. 20. Carol Nash, Students and Rubles: The Society for the Education of Noble Girls as a Charitable Institution [pp. 258-272]. 21. Patrick O'Meara, PrinceD. A. Golitsyn and his Proposals for Social Reform [pp. 273-287]. VII. Vis ual Arts. 22. Lindsey Hughes, N. A. L'vov and the Russian Country House [pp. 289-300]. 23. Dianne Farrell, Discussant's Comments [pp. 301-304]. VIII. Literature. 24. William Edgerton, Ambivalence as the Key to Kniazhnin's Tragedy "Vadim Novgorodskii" [pp. 306-315]. 25. Gitta Hammarberg, The Idyll asPrototype for Sentamentalist Fiction [pp. 316-331]. 26. Sidney Monas, Derz havin's Petersburg [pp. 332-343]. 27. G. S. Smith, Discussant's Comments [pp. 344-345]. IX. Western European Influences on Russian Literature. 28. ???? ??????????, ?????? ? ?????????????? [pp. 347-359]. 29. G. S. Smith, The Most Proximate West: Russian Poets and the German Academicians, 1728-41 [pp.360-370]. 30. I. R. Titunik, Apollos Baibakov's "??????? ??????????" and V asilii Trediakovskii: Toward an Understanding of Russian Humanism in the Eighteenth Century [pp. 371-387]. 31. M. Green, Italian Scandal as Russian Tragedy: Kheraskov's "Venetsianskaia monakhinia" [pp. 388-399]. X. Freemasonry. 32. Kenneth Craven, The First Chamber of Novikov's Masonic Library [pp. 401-410]. 33. Gilbert McArthur, Novikov and Catherine II: Some Observations[pp. 411-418]. 34. Alexander Levitsky, Masonic Elements in Russian Eightee nth-Century Religious Poetry [pp. 419-436]. 35. I.F. Martynov, Rannie masonskie stikhi i pesni v sobranii biblioteki Akademii Nauk SSSR (K istorii literaturno-obshchestvenoi polemiki 1760-kh gg.). [35. ?. ?. ????????, ?????? ????????? ????? ? ????? ? ???????? ?????????? ???????? ???? ???? (? ??????????????????-???????????? ???????? 1760-? ??.) [pp. 437-444]. XI. Governmen t. 36. David Griffiths, To Live Forever: Catherine II, Voltaire and the Pursuit of Immortality [pp. 446-468]. 37. James Duran, Catherine the Great andthe Origin of the Russian State Debt [pp. 469-480]. 38. V. Kamendrowsky, S tate and Enterprise in the Thought of N. I. Panin [pp. 481-492]. 39. Hugh Ragsdale, New Light on the Greek Project: A Preliminary Report [pp. 493-501]. 40. Robert E. Jones, Discussant's Comments [pp. 502-504]. XII. The Rural Order. 41. James G. Hart, Razin's Second Coming: Pugachev's Rebellion in the Middle Volga Region, July-August 1774 [pp. 506-520]. 42. Bruce DeHart, The Pugachev Revolt and its Effect on the Inductrial Work-Force of the Urals:A Reconsideration [pp. 521-532]. 43. Robert Givens, To Measure and to Encr oach: The Nobility and the Land Survey [pp. 533-547]. 44. Walter Pinter, Discussant's Comments [pp. 548-549]. XIII. Commerce. 45. George Munro, The Role of the "???????" in Russian Capital Formation: A Preliminary Inquiry [pp. 551-564]. 46. Robert E. Jones, Ukrainian Grain and the St Petersburg Market [pp. 565-576]. 47. William Rougle, Antonio Manuel de Vieira and the Russian Court, 1697-1745 [pp. 577-590]. XIV. Russia and the World. 48. Glynn Barratt, Spain, Russia and Anglophobe Entente in the Pacific, 1789-99 [pp. 592-602]. 49. Barbara Maggs, Fedor Karzhavin and Vasilii Baranshchikov: Russian Travellers in the Caribbean and Colonial America [pp. 603-614]. LECTURES. 50. John Alexander, Politics, Passions, Patronage: Catherine II and Petr Zavadovskii [pp. 616-633]. 51. ???? ??????, K??????? ? ????? (???????? ???????????? ??????????) [pp. 634-650]. 52. Gerald Seaman, A Musical Entertainment [pp. 651-665]. 53. Marc Raeff, On the Heterogeneity of the Eighteenth Century in Russia [pp. 666-679]. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good. 100.00

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62 BASHOW, David L. (ed.). STOUFFER, Ray FAWCETT, Michael T. COOMBS, Howard Canadian Military Journal / Revue Militaire Canadienne. Vol. 10, No. 2, 2010
Department of National Defence, Ottawa, 2010, 
BASHOW, David L. (ed.). Canadian Military Journal / Revue Militaire Canadienne. Vol. 10, No. 2, 2010. (Ottawa : Department of National Defence, 2010).Pp 1-78;1-78. Illustrated. Maps. Double Column. 4to, illustrated white car d covers. Contents : “Inside Canadian Forces Transformation” by Lieutenant-General (ret'd) Michael K. Jeffery, CMM, CD (pp 9-18); “In the Wake of a Paradigm Shift: The Canadian Forces College and the Operational Level of War (1987-1995)” by Howard Coombs (pp 19-27); “Exporting Canadian Values: Thoughts on the Meaning of the War in Afghanistan” by Marc Imbeault (pp 28-32); “The Politics of Sovereignty: Continental Defence and the Creation of NORAD” by Michael T. Fawcett (pp 33-40); “Air Chief Marshal Frank Miller: A Civilian and Military Leader” by Ray Stouffer (pp 41-51); “Balance in a Military Career: Lessons Learned on Leadership and Life” by John D. Sims (pp 52-57); and more. Back-to-back English and French texts. Very good. 12.00

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63 BATEMAN, Sam and Dick SHERWOOD, (eds.) CRICKARD, Fred W. McCAFFRIE, Jack PERRI, Mike Oceans Management Policy : The Strategic Dimension. Wollongong Papers on Maritime Policy, No. 1
University of Wollongong, Wollongong, 1994, ISBN:0864183232 
BATEMAN, Sam and Dick SHERWOOD, (eds.). Oceans Management Policy : The Strategic Dimension. Wollongong, Australia :University of Wollongong, 1994. First Edition. Pp (10),[1]-101,(1). 8vo, photo-illustrated cardcovers. Wollongong Papers on Maritime Policy, No. 1. "This monograph comprises the proceedings of a seminar jointly hosted by the Centre for Maritime Policy and the Royal Australian Navy's Maritime Studies Program in Canberra in May 1994." (Abstract). Contents : 1. "Oceans Policy and Maritime Strategy: The Canadian Experience" by Rear Admiral Fred Crickard RCN (Rtd). 2. "Towards a Comprenensive Oceans Policy for Australia" by Mike Perri. 3. "Potential Thrats toAustralian Maritime Security" by Captain Jack McCaffrie, RAN. 4. "Australi a and a Stable Maritime Regime" by Henry Burmester. 5. "The Sea in International Politics" by Dr Lorraine Elliot. 6. "Towards a Comprehensive Oceans Policy: Environmental Issues" by Gerry Morvell. 7. "Oceans Management: Catalyst for Cooperation?" by Sam Bateman. Very good.. 80.00

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64 BAUDOUX, E.L. Quest for the Survival of Responsible Government
BAUDOUX, E.L. A Quest for the Survival of Responsible Government., (30th August, 1972). Pp (2),iii-vii,(1),1-72. 8vo, blue card covers. Atreatise on government reform by this retired airman and resident of Big I sland, Pictou County. Vg. 7.50

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65 BEAR, Shirley). GRAFF, Terry. CREAN, Susan. TAYLOR, Carol. Nekt wikuhpon ehpit / Once there lived a woman : The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear. First Edition, Paperback.
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, 2009, ISBN:97809206747879 
(BEAR, Shirley). Nekt wikuhpon ehpit / Once there lived a woman / Il etait une fois une femme : The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear / Lapeinture, la poesie et la politique de Shirley Bear. Terry Graff, curator. With Susan Crean, Carol Taylor, [and] Shirley Bear. (Fredericton, NB) : Be averbrook Art Gallery, (2009). First Printing. Pp. (4),5-79,(1). Illustrated in colour. Oblong 8vo,m black and brown card covers with black lettering to front cover, black and white lettering to spine. Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name, which ran at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery from June 21 - September 20, 2009. "Shirley Bear's visual art, poetryand political activism derive froma deeply lived experience at the interse ction of Aboriginal and female identities. Through her cross-disciplinary work, she illuminates a potent space for healing and empowerment, forthe rebuilding of narratives in Western society, and for imagining a better world in which to live." - from rear. Contents: Preface by Bernard Riordon; TerryGraff's "Once there lived a woman..."; Carol Taylor's "Shirley Bear, a wom an artist!"; Susan Crean's "N'tow'wik'hegat: She who knows how to make images"; Shirley Bear's "N'igwohus: The First Lesson"; and Shirley Bear's "Amskwasewey Kekikemwaken" (translated by Henrietta Black). Very good. 30.00

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66 BEAVERBROOK). HOWARD, Peter. Beaverbrook : A Study of Max the Unknown. First Edition in dustjacket
Hutchinson / Brunswick Press, London / Fredericton, 1964, 
(BEAVERBROOK). HOWARD, Peter. Beaverbrook : A study of Max the Unknown. London : Hutchinson / Fredericton : Brunswick Press, (1964). Pp (8),9-164, frontispiece. 8vo, black cloth. "'Beaverbrook: A Study of Max the Unknown' is not a biography so much as a personal assessment by a man who knew Beaverbrook intimately. It was written with access to Beaverbrook's papers and withhis full knowledge and approval. It is a book about the battle that raged in a man of many faults and greater virtes; the conflict between the millionaire and the son of the manse, the politician and the idealist, the man ofpower and the man of peace. Peter Howard believes that without Beaverbrook the Battle of Britain would not have been won. He believes him to have bee n during his lifetime a man misunderstood and maligned." - from the dustjacket. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 15.00

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67 BEAVERBROOK, Lord Friends : Sixty Years of Intimate Personal Relations with Richard Bedford Bennett one-time Prime Minister of Canada. First Edition.
Heinemann, London, 1962, 
BEAVERBROOK, Lord. Friends : Sixty Years of Intimate Personal Relations with Richard Bedford Bennett, P.C., K.C., JP, LL.B, Hon. LL.D, F.R.S.C., Viscount Bennett of Mickleham, Surrey, and of Calgary and Hopewell, Canada, one-time Prime Minister of Canada : a personal memoir with an appendix of letters. London : Heinemann, (1962). First UK Edition. Pp.(4),v-x,1- 137,(1) + portrait frontispiece of Bennett and his dog Bill + 5 plates. 8vo, blue cloth, silver lettering to spine. 1 Meeting 2 laWyer 3 A Loyal and Federated Empire 4 War 5 Prime Minister 6 tteprisaj 7 *&teA 6 ^epnsa/ 6 Reprisal 7 HateBennett «QOSf* 8 Close of Play 9 More War io House of Lords 11 After Appen dices: A. Portraits, Photographs, Writings; B. An Important Letter [writtenby Ray Milner, QC of New Brunswick: Horatio Ray Milner, CC, QC (b. March 2 7, 1889, Sackville, New Brunswick – d. May 24, 1975), Qualicum, British Columbia]; C. Bennett and Mackenzie King; D. Bennett to Aitken. Some faint stains to covers, else very good. 15.00

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68 BEAVERBROOK, Lord). HAMBRO, Carl Joachim HAMBRO, C.J. Newspaper Lords in British Politics. First Edition in dustjacket
Macdonald, London, 1958, 
(BEAVERBROOK, Lord). HAMBRO, C.J. Newspaper Lords in British Politics. (London) : Macdonald, (1958). Pp (4),5-63,(1). + 11 leaves of plates. Small 8vo, blue cloth. "There is hardly a more remarkable period in modern British politics, or in the history of the press, than those years when the big newspaper lords determined the attitude of governments and even the most important decisions. Viscounts Northcliffe and Rothermere, Barons Riddell and Dalziel are dead. Baron Beaverbrook, who was a factor in major decisions in the first and second world wars, is still active, and still a power in Britain. This short book is a revealing account of this period and of the life and personality of Lord Beaverbrook, and gains point and interest from the fact that its author is a Parliamentarian widely known for his contribution to international affairs." - from the dj flap. Photo of the old manse at Newcastle. Includes a passage likening his lordship to Dennis the Menace. Verygood in dj. 30.00

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69 BEAVERBROOK, Lord. My Early Life. First Edition in dustjacket.
Brunswick Press, Fredericton, 1965, 
BEAVERBROOK, Lord. My Early Life. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada : Brunswick Press, (1965). First Printing. An Atlantic Advocate Book. Pp. (10),[11]-199,(1). Illustrated. Decorated endpapers. Tall 8vo, blue cloth, black lettering to spine. William Maxwell "Max" Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook, PC,ONB, (b.May 25, 1879, Maple, Ontario, – d. June 9, 1964, Cherkley Court, M ickleham, Surrey) grew up in Newcastle, New Brunswick. "Lord Beaverbrook's own story covers his earliest memories on the Miramichi through the seven golden years of his financial career to his move to England and entry into British politics in 1910. 'In the space of fifty years,' he writes, 'my activities cover three successive adventures in the most vital spheres of modern affairs -- Business, Politics and Journalism. I left finance just as I had scored a preliminary success pointing apparently the way to vaster triumphs in a continent where at that time the business man was king. I left the politics of the House of Commons at the same psychological moment. I turnedaway, as in a mere mood of petulance, and flung myself once again into a n ew sphere of journalistic activity, of which I was wholly ignorant. Was I really quite sane?' In the pages which follow, the image of the writer emerges clear and unmistakable. Early in the story we read his belief which stamped his thinking through life, that man, however small his beginning and however poor his opportunities, is master of his fate. That belief, he says, is at the root of the greatness of Anglo-American civilization. Certainly it was the epitome of his own philosophy. The early part of the book has much advice to offer the young in how to succeed in life. 'Men ask: How did the fellow do it? In reading his record, can I pick up some hints which may be useful to myself?' The second part describes how he put his precepts to the trial and succeeded in the most spectacular success story of the century. The New Brunswick boy became a multi-millionaire before he was thirty, and in doing so created a series of industrial complexes which stand today, half a century later, as monuments to his genius, with such names as Canada Cement, Steel Company of Canada, Calgary Power and a host of others." - from the dustjacket. Slightly cocked, else very good in lightly nicked dustjacket. 25.00

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70 BEAVERBROOK, Lord. KARSH, Yousef). Men and Power 1917-1918. First Edition in dustjacket
Hutchinson, London, 1956, 
BEAVERBROOK, Lord. Men and Power 1917-1918. (Jacket photograph by Karsh). London: Hutchinson, 1956. First Printing. Pp (4),v-xlii,43-[448],frontis + 23 leaves of plates. 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "These memoirs of Lord Beaverbrook combine historic importance with intense human interest. Here are the highlights of history presented by one who was at the centre of affairs when history was made -- the rivalries and the conflicts at the top during Lloyd George's premiership in the First World War. They are based on Lord Beaverbrook's own recollections of these momentous days. They are supplemented by his unrivalled collection of documents and the personal papers of politicians of the time. They tell of the struggle for peaceand power that proceeded at Westminster as the fighting on the Flanders ba ttlefields moved to its climax. All tyhe great figures of World War I are mirrored in this fascinating portrait gallery, with Lloyd George holding thecentre of the stage. Lord Beaverbrook unfolds his historic story with the dramatic interest and suspense of a novel. He shows an insight into the characters and motives of statesmen that a novelist must envy." - from the rear panel of the dustjacket. Very good in nicked, price-clipped dustjacket. 25.00

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71 BECK, Boyde MacDONALD, Edward Everyday & Extraordinary : Almanac of the Province of Prince Edward Island.paperback
P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation Publishers, Charlottetown, 1999, ISBN:0920434347 
BECK, Boyde, and Edward MacDONALD. Everyday & Extraordinary : Almanac of the Province of Prince Edward Island. Published with the special assistance of The McInnis Publishing Trust. (Charlottetown,) : P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation Publishers, 1999. Pp (6),1-137,(1). Illustrated in black and white. Triple Column. Large 8vo, illustrated card covers. "This book has its genesis in the 'Island History Calendar' published by the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation between 1992 and 1998. As Museum staffand volunteer researchers dug up more nuggets of information, the database used for the Calendar grew. Soon it was one of our most-consulted research tools. The phone would ring with a question: When did..happen? Where did.. .take place? Who was the one who...? Many times we simply opened the precious "supercal" file on the computer, told it to look for a certain name or date and were able to reel off an answer on the spot. It made us look very knowledgeable. People were very impressed. Now our secret is out. History isin the details. Names, dates, places and events - gather enough data and g radually a story emerges. This book presents the details, organized by yearand in nineteen handy categories. The number of stories that emerge - one big one or hundreds of little ones - depend on how you view history and howyou read the book. It's designed for use as a reference tool and as a ratt ling good read. We hope you find it performs well on both levels." (from the back cover). Contents : Landmarks and Symbols; Transportation and Communications; Law and Order; Politics; Population; Arts and Letters; Sports and Leisure; Land and Sea; Health and Medicine; Everyday and Extraordinary; Education; Military Events; Religion; Natural and Other Disasters; Commerce; Science and Technology; Weather; Away; Shipbuilding. Very good. 25.00

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72 BECK, J. Murray Canadian Historical Association, Historical Booklet No. 17 HOWE, Joseph Joseph Howe Anti-Confederate. 2nd Printing
Canadian Historical Association, Ottawa , 1968, 
BECK, J. Murray. Joseph Howe Anti-Confederate. Ottawa : Canadian HistoricalAssociation, 1968. Second Printing. Pp [1]-20. 8vo, brown wrappers. Canadi an Historical Association Historical Booklet No. 17. Dr. James Murray Beck (b. December 2, 1914, Lunenburg - d. June 30, 2011, Halifax) scholar abd historian. Very good.NOTE: Shipping will be less for this slim item. 10.00

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Politics of Nova Scotia. First Edition set in dustjackets, BECK, J. Murray DALHOUSIE, Lord KEMPT, James, Sir PREVOST, George, Sir
73 BECK, J. Murray DALHOUSIE, Lord KEMPT, James, Sir PREVOST, George, Sir Politics of Nova Scotia. First Edition set in dustjackets
Four East Publications, Tantallon, 1985, 
BECK, J. Murray. Politics of Nova Scotia. Volume I. Nicholson - Fielding 1710-1896 / Volume II. Murray - Buchanan 1896-1988. (Tantallon, Nova Scotia) : Four East Publications, 1985 / 1988. First Editions. Pp (4),[5]-300; (8),[7]-438. Illustrated. 8vo, black / burgundy cloth, gilt lettering to fronts and spines.

Chapters :
1. The Neutral Acadians of Nova Scotia;
2. The Pre-Loyalists in Politics;
3. The Loyalists in Politics;
4. Four Military Governors and Political Quiet [Lt. General Sir George Prevost, Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, George Ramsay (Lord Dalhousie), and Sir James Kempt];
5. "Not a Pane of Glass Broken";
6. Nova Scotia a Normal School?;
7. "This Crazy Confederacy": Rejection and Acceptance;
8. Political Misfits: Hill and Holmes [P.C. Hill and Simon H. Holmes];
9. Fielding Establishes Himself;
10. Fielding: Political Master of the Province;
11. 186 Years of Politics.
With an index.

Vol.II Chapters :
1. George Murray: The Early Years;
2. Murray: The Middle Years;
3. Murray: The Later Years;
4. Armstrong and the Liberal Débacle;
5. Rhodes and Harrington: A Conservative Interlude;
6. Angus L. Macdonald: The Development of a Mystique;
7. MacMillan: The Gap Filler;
8. "Angus L. is Back";
9. The Problems of Transition: Connolly and Hicks;
10. Stanfield: A Conservative Establishes Himself;
11. Smith and IEL: A Two-Edged Sword;
12. Regan: The Fading of Dreams;
13. Buchanan: No Cuts in Services despite Deficits;
14. Ninety-Two Years of Politics.
With an index.

Very good in dustjackets. For the set. 75.00

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74 BECK, J. Murray. Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science 20:4 Party System in Nova Scotia
Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, 1954, 
BECK, J. Murray. "The Party System in Nova Scotia." Reprint from The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, Vol. XX, No. 4, Nov., 1954, pp. 514-530. Lg 8vo, brown stapled wrappers. Corner crease, else very good.8.00

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75 BECK, J. Murray. DALHOUSIE, Lord). KEMPT, James, Sir). PREVOST, George, Sir). Politics of Nova Scotia I. Volume I. Nicholson - Fielding 1710-1896. 1st in dj
Four East Publications, Tantallon, 1985, ISBN:0920427049 
BECK, J. Murray. Politics of Nova Scotia. Volume I. Nicholson - Fielding 1710-1896. (Tantallon : Four East Publications, November 1985). First Edition. Pp (4), [5]-300. Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth. Vol.I Chapters : 1. The Neutral Acadians of Nova Scotia; 2. The Pre-Loyalists in Politics; 3. The Loyalists in Politics; 4. Four Military Governors and Political Quiet [Lt. General Sir George Prevost, Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, George Ramsay (Lord Dalhousie), and Sir James Kempt]; 5. "Not a Pane of Glass Broken"; 6. Nova Scotia a Normal School?; 7. "This Crazy Confederacy": Rejection and Acceptance; 8. Political Misfits: Hill and Holmes [P.C. Hill and Simon H. Holmes]; 9. Fielding Establishes Himself; 10. Fielding: Political Master of the Province; 11. 186 Years of Politics. With an index. Name, else vg in dj. 25.00

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76 BECK, J.Murray Canadian Government Series No.08 Government of Nova Scotia. First Edition in dustjacket
University of Toronto Press, Toronto , 1957, 
BECK, J. Murray. The Government of Nova Scotia. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1957. First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xii,[1]-372. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Vaison pp.5,35, &c., Rhodenizer p.146. No.8 in the Canadian Government Series. Contents: Foreword by R. MacGregor Dawson (pp.vii-viii); Preface. Part I. Colonial Government to 1830. 1. The Basic Decisions in Nova Scotian Government; 2. Actors on the Governmental Stage; 3. The Executive Function; 4. The Legislative Function; 5. The Judicial Function. Part II. Colonial Government from 1830 to 1867. 6. The Executive Function; 7. The Legislative Function; 8. The Judicial Function; 9. Local Government.Part III. Provincial Government. 10. Confederation; 11. Political Parties; 12. The Lieutenant-Governor; 13. The Executive Council; 14. The Administra tion; 15. The Legislative Council; 16. The House of Assembly: Representation and Personnel; 17. The House of Assembly: Procedure; 18. The Judiciary; 19. Municipal Government; 20. Nova Scotia in Canadian Federation. Appendices: A. Governors, Lieutenant-Governors, and Administrators of Nova Scotia (1749-86); B. Lieutenant-Governors and Administrators (1786-1867); C. A Nova Scotian Family Compact; D. Lieutenant-Governors Since Confederation; E. NovaScotian Ministries under Responsible Government; F. Results of General Ele ctions; G. Popular Vote by Parties; H. Cabinet Representation by Regions; I. Number of Ministers with Portfolio in the Provincial Governments (1876-1918); J. Age Brackets of Legislative Councillors; K. Legislative Record of the Council During Two Three-Year Periods; L. Ages of Assemblymen; M. Occupations of Assemblymen; N. Action of the Assembly on Bills (1946-55). With index. Name inked to ffep, else very good in nicked, edgeworn dustjacket. 30.00

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77 BEER, Donald R. MacNAB, Alan Napier, Sir Sir Alan Napier MacNab.
Dictionary of Hamilton Biography, Hamilton, Ontario, 1984, ISBN:096102313 
BEER, Donald R. Sir Alan Napier MacNab. Hamilton, Ontario : Dictionary of Hamilton Biography, (1984). Pp [i]-xii,[1]-491,(1),+ 48 pp plates. Endpaper Maps. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Contents : 1. Uncertain Beginning, 1798-1826. 2. The Making of a Magnate, 1826-32. 3. Economic Expansion and Political Retreat, 1832-4. 4. Emphasis on Moderation, 1834-5. 5. Sir Francis Bond Head, 1836. 6. Toryism Triumphant, 1836-7. 7. The Rebellion of 1837. 8. The Shadow of the Rebellion, 1838-41. 9. Transition, 1842-7. 10. The Great Western Railway, 1845-7. 11. Crisis, 1848-9 . 12. Railways and Politics, 1849-53. 13. The Great Western Crisis, 1853-4. 14. Premier, 1854-5. 15. Fall, 1855-6. 16. Uncertain Ending, 1856-62. Epilogue. Appendices : A. 'A Counsel in the Common Pleas'. B. Sir Allan and the Laird of MacNab. C. MacNab and the Liquor Question. D. Family Tree . ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Circular blindstamp,short penned note to rear endpaper, else very good in dustjacket. 25.00

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78 BELL, D.G. HARDY, Elias COBBETT, William WINSLOW, Edward Early Loyalist Saint John : The Origin of New Brunswick Politics 1783-1786.First Edition.
New Ireland Press, Fredericton, 1983, ISBN:0969021585 
BELL, D.G. Early Loyalist Saint John : The Origin of New Brunswick Politics1783-1786. (Fredericton, New Brunswick) : New Ireland Press, 1983. First E dition. Pp (4),v-x,(2),[1]-261,(1). 8vo, blue card covers. Chapters : 1.TheLost War; 2.Exodus; 3.Early Loyalist Saint John; 4.The Origin of Dischord; 5.Spem Reduxit; 6.The Triumph and Suppression of Political Dissent; 7.Loya list against Loyalist. Appendices 1.The Soldier's Seditious Libel: 4 March 1784; 2.The Huggeford Petition of Grievance: 24 December 1784; 3.William Cobbett and the 1785 Election; 4.Petition of Dissident Electors: c.10 January1786; 5.The Americanus Seditious Libel: 22 February 11786; 6.The Seditious Election Petition; 7.Alphabetized List of Grantees of Parr and Carleton, 1 883-84 (pp.154-171); 8.Alphabetized List of Refugee Loyalist Households, 1883-84 (pp.172-255). With an index, including ships and regiments. Out of print. Covers rubbed, spine creasing, else good. 30.00

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79 BELLETT, Gerald MEIER, John H. Age of Secrets : The Conspiracy That Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes. First Edition in dustjacket
Voyageur North America , Maitland, Ontario / Ogdensburg, New York, 1995, ISBN:0921842422 
BELLETT, Gerald. Age of Secrets : The Conspiracy That Toppled Richard Nixonand the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes. With an Afterword by John H. Meier. Maitland, Ontario/ Ogdensburg, New York: Voyageur North America, 1995. Fir st Edition. Pp.(6),[7]-320, + 32 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated.8vo, patterned grey glossy paper covered boards in like jacket. "During th e Watergate hearings, one man wanted to tell a spellbound nation secrets about the Nixon White House, the CIA and Howard Hughes. He could have told them why the burglary happened but that was not what the Committee wanted to hear. To keep him from telling his secrets, he was persecuted, jailed and forced into exile in Canada. His name is John Meier; his employer was HowardHughes; Age of Secrets is his story." - from the dj. Faint stain to rear g utter, else very good in dustjacket. 40.00

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80 BELLIVEAU, John Edward Headliners : Behind the Scenes Memoirs. in dj
Lancelot Press, 1984, ISBN:0889992487 
BELLIVEAU, John Edward. The Headliners : Behind the Scenes Memoirs. Hantsport, NS: Lancelot Press, (1984). Pp. 240. Illustrated. 8vo, off-white ill. card covers, red titles to front and spine, white label with author's name to front. A collection of stories about the newsworthy people that the author has met and travelled with during his career as a journalist and political advisor, including Gerald Regan, Joseph Smallwood, Pierre Trudeau, Lester Pearson and many others. Cracking at p. 92, else vg in dj (short tears to head and tail of spine). 15.00

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