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61 Czechoslovakian Ceramics Mezinarodni Vystava Keramicke Tvorby, Cesky Krumlov 1995, 2. Rocnik / 2nd Annual Cesky Krumlov Ceramics International, 1995 srpen az njen August thru October.
Galerie Agentura Ceskeho Keramickeho Designu, 1995, 
(Czechoslovakian Ceramics). Mezinarodni Vystava Keramicke Tvorby, Cesky Krumlov 1995, 2. Rocnik / 2nd Annual Cesky Krumlov Ceramics International, 1995 srpen az njen August thru October. (Czech Republic) : Galerie Agentura Ceskeho Keramickeho Designu, 1995. Pp (22) leaves + tissue guards. Illustrated. 4to, grey illustrated card covers. A catalogue of the second annual Cesky Krumlov Ceramics International. Text in Cxechoslovakian. Warped, else very good. 25.00

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62 DALEY, William William Daley : 1990-1980. signed.
University of the Arts, Haviland Hall Galleries, Philadelphia, PA, 1990, 
DALEY, William. William Daley : 1990-1980 : An Exhibition of Ceramics, April 20-May 12, 1990, The University of the Arts, Haviland Hall Galleries, Broad & Pine Streets, Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA: University of the Arts, Haviland Hall Galleries, 1990. Pp. [16]. Unpaginated. Illustrated. 4to, illustrated stapled grey card covers. A dozen examples of the American ceramic sculptor's works. Stamp to front cover, else vg. Signed by the artist verso front cover. 20.00

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63 DAVIES, J.E., ed. WILLIAMS, D.F., foreword. Bone-Biomaterial Interface. First Edition, signed by the edtior.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1991, ISBN:0802059414 
DAVIES, J.E., ed. The Bone-Biomaterial Interface. Edited by J.E. Davies. [Foreword by D.F. Williams]. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, (1991). First Printing. pp. (4),[v]-xiv,[1]-502. Illustrated in black and white. Double column. Large 8vo, illustrated grey glossy paper covered boards, black lettering to front board and spine. "Based on the proceedings of the Bone-Biomaterial Interface Workshop held in Toronto, Ont., Dec. 3-4, 1990", as percopyright page. A couple of faint smudges to top- and bottom-edges, else v ery good. Signed and inscribed by the editor on the flyleaf. Due to the weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 120.00 _ . _ ._ . _ Contents: Part I: The MaterialSurface.Surface. 1. Characterization of Implant Materials: Biological Impl ications (by D.C. Smith). 2. The Biomaterial-Tissue Interface and Its Analogues in Surface Science and Technology (by B. Kasemo and J. Lausmaa). 3. Surface Reaction Kinetics and Adsorption of Biological Moieties: A Mechanistic Approach to Tissue Attachment (by L.L. Hench). 4. Titanium and Its Oxide Film: A Substrate for Formation of Apatite (by T. Hanawa). 5. Titanium: Immersion-Induced Surface Chemistry Changes and the Relationship to Passive Dissolution and Bioactivity (by P. Ducheyne and K. Healy). 6. Kinetics of Mineralization, Demineralization, and Transformation of Calcium Phosphates at Mineral and Protein Surfaces (by W.S-A. Johnsson, E. Paschalis, and G.H. Nancollas). 7. Substrate Surface Dissolution and Interlaciai uioiogicai Mineralization (by R.Z. LeGeros, I. Orly, M. Gregoire, and G. Daculsi). 8. High-Resolution Electron Microscopy of a Bone Implant Interface (by W. Bonfield and Z.B. Luklinska). Part II: Bone Proteins and Other Macromolecules. 9. Non-Collagenous Bone Proteins and Their Role in Substrate-Induced Bioactivity(by J. Sodek, Q. Zhang, H.A. Goldberg, C. Domenicucci, S. Kasugai, J.L. Wr ana, H. Shapiro, and J. Chen). 10. Role of Adhesive Proteins and Integrins in Bone and Ligament cell Behavior at the Material Surface (by J.J. Sauk, C.L. Van Kampen, and M.J. Somcman). 11. Non-Endocrine Regulation of Bone Cell Activity (by H.C. Tenenbaum, C.A.G. McCuIloch, H.F. Limeback, and P. Birek). 12. Osteogenesis induced by BMP-Coated Biomaterials: Biochemical Principles of Bone Reconstruction n Dentistry (by Y. Kuboki, H. Yamaguchi, A. Yokoyama, M. Murata, H. Takita, M. Tazaki, M. Mizuno, T. Hasegawa, S. Iida, K.Shigenobu, R. Fujisawa, M. Kawamura, T. Atsuta, A. Matsumoto, H. Kato, H.- Y. Zhou, I. Ono, N. Takeshita, and N. Nagai). 13. Ceramic Synthesis using Biological Processes (by B.J. Tarasevich, P.C. Rieke, and G.L. McVay). Parts1 and 2 - General Discussion. Part III: Cellular Activity at the Interface . 14. Inflammatory Cell Response to Bone Implant Surfaces (by P. Thomsen and L.E. Ericson). 15. Modulation of Cell Activity by Titanium Peroxy Compounds (by L.M. Bjursten and P. Tengvall). 16. Behaviour of Osteoblasts on Micromachined Surfaces (by D.M. Brunette, J. Ratkay, and B. Chehroudi). 17. Osteoblast Reactions to Charged Polymers (by R.M. Shelton and J.E. Davies). 18. Cell-Mediated Bone Regeneration (by A.I. Caolan). 19. The Influence of Sputtered Bone Substitutes on Cell Growth and Phenotypic Expression (by A.S. Windeler, L. Bone w aid, A.G. Khare, B. Boyan, and G.R. Mundy). 20. Early Extracellular Matrix Synthesis by Bone Cells (by J.E. Davies, P. Ottensmeyer, X. Shen, M. Hashimoto, and S.A.F. Peel). 21. Transmission Electron Microscopical Identification of Extracellular Matrix Components using Immunocytochemistry (by H. Magloire, M. Bouvier, P. Exbrayat, M.B. Andujar, M.L. Couble, A. Joffre, H. Poly, M.H. Veron, D. Seux, and D.J. Hartmann). 22. lolecular Biological Approaches to Investigate Cell/Biomaterial Interactions (by .R. Goldring and J.-T. Wang). 23. Biological Cascades of Fracture Healing asModels for Bone-Biomaterial Interfacial Reactions (by S. Jingushi and M.E. Bolander). Part IV: The Tissue-Material Interface. 24. Tissue Responses to Bone-Derived and Synthetic Materials (by J. Glowacki and M. Spector). 25. Hard and Soft Connective Tissue Growth and Repair in Response to Charged Surfaces (by M. Krukowski, B. Eppley, T. Mustoe, and P. Osdoby). 26. Deposition of Cement-like Matrix on Implant Materials (by J.E. Davies, N. Nagai, N.Takeshita, and D.C. Smith). 27. Polymer Reactions Resulting in Bone Bondin g: A Review of the Biocompatibility of Polyactive (by C.A. van Blitterswijk, S.C. Hesseling, J. van den Brink, H. Leenders, and D. Bakker). 28. Comparative Morphology of the Bone Interface with Glass Ceramics, Hydroxyapatite,and Natural Coral (by U.M. Gross, C. Muller-Mai, and C. Voigt). 29. Interf acial Reactions to Bioactive and Non-bioactive Bone Cements (by H. Oonishi). 30. Modulation of Bone Ingrowtn by Surface Chemistry and Roughness (by J.L. Ricci, J.M. Spivak, N.C. Blumenthal, and H. Alexander). 31. Comparative Push-out Data of Bioactive and Non-bioactive Maienais of Similar Rugosity (by M. Niki, G. fto, T. Matsuda, and M. Ogino). 32. Quantified Bone Tissue Reactions to Various Metallic Materials with Reference to the So-called Osseointegration Concept (by T. Albrektsson and C. Johansson). Part V: Mechanical Effects on Interfacial Biology. 33. Effect of Mechanical Stress on Tissue Differentiation in the Bony Implant Bed (by D.R. Carter and N.J. Giori). 34. Quantitative Evaluation of the Effect of Movement at a Porous Coated Implant-Bone Interface (by R.M. Pilliar). 35. Bone Ingrowth into Porous Coatings Attached to Prostheses of Differing Stiffness (by D.R. Sumner, T.M. Turner, R.M. Urban, and J.O. Galante). 36. Influence of Biomechanical Factors at the Bone-Biomaterial Interface (by J.B. Brunski). 37. Bone Bonding Behavior of Biomaterials with Different Surface Characteristics under Load-Bearing Conditions (by T. Yamamuro and H. Takagi). Part 5 - General Discussion: The Effect of Micromotion on Bone Healing. Part VI: Retrieval Analysis for Interpretation. 38. Bone-biomaterial Interfaces of Retrieved Implants (by J.E. Lemons). 39. Ultrastructural investigation and Analysis ot the interlace of Retrieved Metal Implants (by L.E. Ericson, B.R. Johansson, A. Rosengren, L. Sennerby, and P. Thomsen). 40.Synovial Cells at the Interface with Retrieved Implants (by P.A. Revell and P.A. Lalor). 41. Phenotypic Characteristics of Inflammatory Cells uenved from Hip Revision Capsules (by N.A. Athanasou, J.T. Triffitt, C.J.K. Bulstrode, and J. Quinn). 42. Bone Bonding to Retrieved Hydroxyapatite-Coated Human Hip Prostheses (by D.C.R. Hardy, P. Frayssinet, I. Primout, E. Yasik, M.A. Lafontaine, and P.E. Delince). Part 6- General Discussion. Part VII: The Industrial Perception. Session chairma n: Sydney Pugh. Panellists: Richard Kenley, Gerald Niznick, Makato Ogino, Jack Taylor, Jack Parr, John Cresser Brown, Mike Hyjek, Craig van Kampen, Ann Burgess, Jim Benedict, Mark Skarsted, Eyal Ron.

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64 DESSENS, Rainer) BOCGALHAU, Luitwin Gisbert von Villeroy & Boch : 250 Years of European Industrial History 1748-1998
Villeroy & Boch Aktiengesellschaft, Mettlach, 1998, 
(DESSENS, Rainer). Villeroy & Boch : 250 Years of European Industrial History 1748-1998. (Mettlach: Villeroy & Boch Aktiengesellschaft, 1998). Pp (2),3-[]192]. Illustrated. 4to, illustrated grey paper covered boards, letteredin blue. Villeroy & Boch is a large manufacturer of ceramics with the comp any headquarters located in Mettlach, Germany. Contents : Introduction; In the Beginning was Craftmanship; Entrepreneurial Far-Sightedness; The "Antonius Guild" and its Consequences; The Step into Industrialisation; The Graveof the Blind King John; The Sympathetic Entrepreneur; The Struggle for Sep tfontaines and The Belgian Market; Technical Milestones and World-Wide Business; The Old Tower; The Bochs and Art; The new Image; Villeroy de Galhau and von Boch-Galhau; The Third Pillar; The "Mettlach Steins"; Between the Wars and between the States; The Difficult Legacy; Monika von Boch; Preparingfor the Future; The new Product Philosophy. Very good. 20.00

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65 DICKENS, Charles Plated Article
W. T. Copeland & Sons (late Spode & Copeland), Stoke-Upon-Trent, 0, 
DICKENS, Charles. A Plated Article : With an introductory Account of the Historical Spode-Copeland China Works to which it refers. Stoke-Upon-Trent: W. T. Copeland & Sons (late Spode & Copeland), [n.d.]. Pp. 20, frontis., + 3 p. of colour plates (of plates). Small 8vo, printed tan paper coverd boards.
A reprint of an article on the Spode-Copeland China Works by the famous nineteenth-century author.
Minor damp-spotting to front, outer spine hinges rubbed, stamp to ffep, else vg. 30.00

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66 DUDSON, Audrey M. Pottery Panorama Dudson Bicentenary 1800-2000.
Dudson Publications Limited, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 1999, ISBN:0951012622 
DUDSON, Audrey M. A Pottery Panorama [Dudson Bicentenary 1800-2000]. (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire : Dudson Publications Limited, 1999). Pp (5),i,1-263. Illustrated. 8vo, glossy illustrated paper covered boards. “This book celebrates the bicentenary of a company of potters, run today by the seventhand eighth generations of the family which founded it over 200 years ago. [...] Dudson is unique to the Staffordshire Potteries – even unusual in thecountry as a whole – and through this direct, unbroken line or history pro vides a window through which the woeld of the potter down the years can be understood and appreciated.” - from the back cover. Very good. With presentation sticker to title page signed by the author, but with recipient's namemarked off. 20.00

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67 EDWARDS, Diana HAMPSON, Rodney. English Dry-Bodied Stoneware. in ch dj.
Antique Collectors' Club, 1998, 
EDWARDS, Diana and Rodney HAMPSON. English Dry-Bodied Stoneware : Wedgwood and Contemporary Manufacturers 1774 to 1830. (Woodbridge, Suffolk): Antique Collectors' Club, (1998). Pp 248. 4to, blue cloth. Vg in rubbed, chipped dj. 60.00

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68 ELLIOTT, David, and James RYAN (eds.) Art Into Production : Soviet Textiles, Fashion and Ceramics 1917-1935
ELLIOTT, David, and James RYAN (eds.). Art Into Production : Soviet Textiles, Fashion and Ceramics 1917-1935. (Oxford : Museum of Modern Art Oxford inconjunction with the Crafts Council of Englanmd and Wales, 1984). Pp 1-96. Illustrated. 4to, illustrated white card covers, lettered in black and yel low. Catalogue of exhibition held Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 9 December 1984 - 3 February 1985 and Crafts Council Gallery, London, 20 February - 28April 1985. Contents : Foreword; Art into Production (by David Elliott); S oviet Ceramics 1917-1935 (by Lvdia Andreeva); The Development of Art in Industry; Sviet Porcelain (by V.V. Filatov); What do We Want from a Plate?; Colour Section: Ceramics; Colour Section: Textiles; Textile and Clothes Design in the Twenties and Early Thirties (by Tat'iana Strizhenova); Prospectus for a Course on Artistic Composition for the Textile Faculty at Vkhutemas (by Professor V.F. Stepanova); A New Mode of Life; Industrial Design at Vkhutemas (by Ya Tugendhold); Project for a Clothing Design (by Nadezhda Lamanova); Russian Fashion (by Nadezhda Lamanova); How Should We Dress?; Introduction-to the First Art Exhibition of Soviet Domestic Textiles (by A. A. Fyodorov-Davidov); The History of Design in Textiles (by N.N. Sobolev). Very good. 30.00

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69 FRY, George, ed BAUER, Nancy, intro. McBRIDE, Dale. Landscape of Craft. no dj.
Goose Lane, 1990, ISBN:0864921306 
FRY, George, ed. The Landscape of Craft. With an Introduction by Nancy Bauer and Photographs by Dale McBride. (Fredericton, NB): Goose Lane Editions, (1990). Pp [88]. Oblong large 8vo, tan cloth, pict. panel to front. Vg. 17.00

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70 Fundacio Caixa De Pensions El Grup de Bloomsbury
Fundacio Caixa De Pensions, 1986, ISBN:8476640447 
(Fundacio Caixa De Pensions). El Grup de Bloomsbury. []: Fundacio Caixa De Pensions, (1986). Segona Edicio [Second Edition]. Pp. (3),4-93,(3). Illustrated, largely in colour. Double column, with English and Catalan text side-by-side. 4to, illustrated cream card covers with french flaps. "The exhibition offers a panoramic view of the [Bloomsbury] Group's activities andof its repercussions on European culture, without detracting from the work of each individual member. It brings together, as well as textual informat ion about the form and work of the authors, a collection of paintings and drawings that constitutes a real event in this country: an exhaustive selection of photographs; a section devoted to design work -- furniture, textiles, ceramics, etc. -- of the Omega Workships, and finally, a collection of manuscripts, documents and other written material." - from the presentation. Includes the following articles: Marta Pessarrodona's "The Bloomsbury Groupfrom Without / El Grup de BLoomsbury des de fora"; Quentin Bell's "The Blo omsbury Group from Within / El Grup de Bloomsbury des de dins"; Albert Rafols-Casamada's "Omega Workshops"; Xavier Olive i Josep Baga's "Bloomsbury, or the passion to live / Bloomsbury, o la passio de viure"; Natacha Sesena's"Bloomsbury and art / Bloomsbury i l'art"; Lyndall Gordon's "The Bloomsbur y Group and English literature / El grup de Bloomsbury i la literatura anglesa"; Fabia Estape's "John Maynard Keynes, here and now / John Maynard Keynes, hic et nunc"; Federico Correa's "A reader of Virgina Woolf's / Un lector de Virginia Woolf"; and Sam Abrams's "Fringe-Bloomsbury: Frances Partridge and Gerald Brenan / Satel-lits de Bloomsbury: Frances Partridge i Gerald Brenan". Bump to tail of spine, else very good. 25.00

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71 GODDEN, Geoffrey A Godden's Guide to Mason's China and the Ironstone Wares. Second printing ofThird Edition, revised and enlarged. in dustjacket
Antique Collectors' Club, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1993, ISBN:1851491473 
GODDEN, Geoffrey A. Godden's Guide to Mason's China and the Ironstone Wares. (Woodbridge, Suffolk) : Antique Collectors' Club, (1993). Second Printingof the Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Pp (9),10-344. Illustrated. In dex. 4to, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. "This Goddenstandard reference book breaks new ground and will be found indispensaoie for collectors, dealers, auctioneers or others interested in these highly collectable types of durable earthenware which may be classed as "Ironstone". This revised and enlarged edition of the work first published in 1971 andreprinted in 1980, contains forty additional colour plates and new author' s notes. The extended coverage is unique to this book, ranging as it does from the Chinese porcelains in which Miles Mason dealt in London in the 18thcentury, through his Liverpool porcelain manufacturing partnership, into M ason's ventures in Staffordshire where he produced some of our most interesting English porcelains early in the 19th century, to the world-famous Mason's Patent Ironstone china introduced by Miles' eldest son, Charles James Mason, in 1813. The coverage extends further to list 180 of Mason's contemporaries who sought to produce these popular durable Ironstone-type wares which were exported far and wide giving long service and pleasure to all users." (from the dj). Contents : 1. Miles Mason, Chinaman. 2. Miles Mason’s Manufacturing, Partnership at Liverpool. 3. Miles Masons, Staffordshire Porcelain Manufacturer. 4. The Introduction of Ironstone-type Earthenwares. 5. The Mason Patent Ironstone Wares. 6. Mason Marks and Dating. 7. Mason-type Wares – The Other Manufacturers. Appendix : Catalogues of Mason’s Stock Sold in 1818 and 1822. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Very good in dustjacket (surface tear and small piece torn off from rear panel). 50.00

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72 GRANGE, Roger T., Jr. History and Archaeology 16) Cumulative Seriation and Ceramic Formula Dating : A Preliminary Study
National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Ottawa, 1977, 
GRANGE, Roger T., Jr. Cumulative Seriation and Ceramic Formula Dating : A Preliminary Study . (Ottawa): National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, (1977). Pp. [1]-120,(2), one of which is folding. Illustrated. 4to, printed red card covers. History and Archaeology/Histoire et Archéologie, no. 16. Some very light edgewear, name stamp, else vg. 30.00

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73 HAMMOND, Lenore and Curtis Collectible Glass and Porcelain Bells
The Bell Tower, R.D. #1, Natrona Heights, PA, 1972, 
HAMMOND, Lenore and Curtis. Collectible Glass and Porcelain Bells. Natrona Heights, PA: The Bell Tower, R.D.#1, April 1972. Pp. (2),[1]-28, including covers. Illustrated in black and white. Double column. 4to, stapled typescript with illustrated cover. Includes illustations and descriptions of 46 examples of glass and porcelain bells. Written and compiled by two former Presidents of the American Bell Association. Light browning at spine, else very good. 25.00

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74 HARDY, S. Yorke Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art EDWARDS, E. D. (foreword) Illustrated Catalogue of Tung, Ju, Kuan, Chun, Kuang-TYung & Glazed I-HsingWares
U. of London, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, School of Oriental and African Studies, 1953, 
HARDY, S. Yorke. Illustrated Catalogue of Tung, Ju, Kuan, Chun, Kuang-TYung& Glazed I-Hsing Wares in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. Fo reword by E. D. Edwards. L.: University of London, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, School of Oriental and African Studies, 1953. Pp. 44 + 16p. of plates. 8vo, green card covers. Rubbed, spine discoloured, else vg. 20.00

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Japanese Cloisonné, The Goldstone of the East , HEAL, E. S. and R. A. HEAL HEAL, R. A.
75 HEAL, E. S. and R. A. HEAL HEAL, R. A. Japanese Cloisonné, The Goldstone of the East
J. B. Heal Limited, 1979, ISBN:0950667102 
HEAL, E. S. and R. A. HEAL. Japanese Cloisonné, The 'Goldstone' of the East. (Leigh-on-Sea, Sussex: J. B. Heal Limited, 1979). Pp. 98. Illustrated. 4to, navy cloth, gilt titles to front and spine. Beginning with a brief history of cloisonné in Japan, the authors discuss production, colours and design, and the skills of the craftsmen in creating such beautiful works of art.Rear fep puckered (glued paper?), small number expunged in black ink from the verso of the title page, owner's name inkstamped to ffep, else vg. 125.00

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76 HILL Tom V. Canadian Inuit Art 74 : An exhibition of contemporary art and traditional crafts / L'art des Indiens du Canada 74 : Une exposition d'art contemporain et des traditions de l'artisanat
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 1974, 
HILL Tom V. Canadian Inuit Art 74 : An exhibition of contemporary art and traditional crafts / L'art des Indiens du Canada 74 : Une exposition d'art contemporain et des traditions de l'artisanat. (Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, 1074). Pp (16) including covers. Illustrated. Square 8vo, illustrated white stapled card covers, lettered in red and green. Contents : Introduction (by Tom V. Hill); Paintings; Modern Sculpture; Traditional Contemprary Sculpture; Argillite Sculpture; Jewellery; Weaving; Beadwork; Basketry; Ceramics; Miscellaneous; Masks. Bilingual (English and French) texts and catalogue descriptions. Very good. 15.00

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Examples of Early English Pottrery, Named, Dated, and Inscribed. , HODGKIN, John Eliot and Edith HODGKIN
77 HODGKIN, John Eliot and Edith HODGKIN Examples of Early English Pottrery, Named, Dated, and Inscribed.
HODGKIN, John Eliot and Edith HODGKIN. Examples of Early English Pottery, Named, Dated, and Inscribed. London: (Printed for the Authors by Private Subscription at the Press of Cassell and Company, Limited), 1891. Pp 187. Illustrated. Folio, tan cloth. Limited to 550 copies, this being no. 477 of 500regular (small paper) copies. Spine worn and cloth torn and amateurishly r e-glued, front inner hinge cracked, overall wear, however internally vg. Asis. 150.00

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78 HOLLAND, C.G. Archeological Survey of Southwest Virginia. Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Number 12.
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, 1970, 
HOLLAND, C.G. An Archeological Survey of Southwest Virginia. Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Number 12. Washington : Smithsonian InstitutionPress, 1970. Pp [i]-xv,(1),1-194,(4). Illustrated. Double Column. 4to, blu e cloth spine, pale blue cloth boards, blue lettering to front board, whitelettering to spine. Abstract : Seventeen counties of Southwest Virginia, w hich are bounded by North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia,were surveyed archeologically in 1963-1964. Aboriginal occupation was foun d to extend from about 9000-8000 B.C. To A.D. 1700. The sites and occupational debris of pottery, stone, and bone are described, classified, and analyzed to construct an outline of the prehistory of the region and its cultural relationship with surrounding areas. Cloth rubbed, corners bumped, else very good. 35.00

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79 HONEY, W. B. Dresden China : A Introduction to the Study of Meissen Porcelain. First Edition in dustjacket
A. & C. Black Ltd., London, 1934, 
HONEY, W. B. Dresden China : A Introduction to the Study of Meissen Porcelain. With sixty-one olates illustrating 175 pieces. London : A. & C. Black Ltd., 1934. First Edition. Pp (6),vii-xv,(1),1-223,(1), frontispiece + 60 plates. Index. 8vo, red cloth, blue lettering to spine. Contents : 1. Introduction. 2. Bottger's Stoneware and Porcelain. 3. Meissen Under Augustus the Strong: 1720-1733. 4. Meissen Under Count Bruhl: 1733-1756. 5. Meissen During the Seven Years War: Fredeick the Great: 1756-1763. 6. Later Productions: 1763 Onwards. 7. Meissen Porcelain Painted Outside the Factory ("Hausmalerei"). 8. Marks. Very good in rubbed and chipped, price-clipped dustjacket.35.00

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80 HOPPER, Robin HOPPER, Robin Explorations within a Landscape : New Porcelain by Robin Hopper
Robn Hopper, Victoria, B.C., 1978, 
HOPPER, Robin. Explorations within a Landscape : New Porcelain by Robin Hopper. (Victoria, B.C.: Robin Hopper, 1978). Printed in Canada by Morriss Printing Company Ltd., Victoria, B.C. Pp (5),8-29,(1). Illustrated. Large 8vo,colour illustrated white stapled card covers, lettered in black. Contents : Introduction; The Plates; Glossary; Technical Information; Catalogue; Chronology. Robin Hopper was born in 1939 in Selsdon, Surrey, England., and immigrated to Canada in 1968. Foxing to front cover, else very good. 20.00

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