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81 BELL, Christopher M. CHURCHILL, Winston S.). Churchill and Sea Power. Second Printing in dustjacket, signed.
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013, ISBN:9780199693573 
(CHURCHILL, Winston S.). BELL, Christopher M. Churchill and Sea Power. Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2013). Second Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-xvi,[1]-429,(3), + 16 p. of black and white photos. 8vo, black cloth, silver letteirng to spine. Christopher Bell (b. July 27, 1966, Winnipeg, Manitoba), a professor of history at Dalhousie University, Halifax. "'Churchill and Sea Power' is the first major study of Winston Churchill's record as a naval strategist and his impact as the most prominent guardian of Britain's sea power in the modern era. Based on extensive archival research, the book debundsmany popular and well-entrenched myths surrounding controversial episodes in both World Wars, including the Dardanelles disaster, the Norwegian Campaign, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the devastating loss of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse in 1941. It shows that many common criticisms of Churchill have also been exaggerated, but also that some of his mistakes have been largely overlooked, such as his willingness to prolong the Battle of the Atlantic in order to concentrate resources on the bombing campaign against Nazi Germany." -from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Apprenticeship, 1900-14; 2. Learning Curve: The First World War; 3. Adjusting to the Post-War World, 1919-24; 4. The Treasury Years: The Ten-Year Rule, Japanese 'Bogey', and'Yankee Menace'; 5. Disarmament, Rearmament, and the Path to War: The 1930 s; 6. First Lord of the Admiralty, 1939-40: The Phoney War and the Norwegian Campaign; 7. The War Against Germany and Italy, 1940-1; 8. 'Courting Disaster': The Deterrence of Japan and the Dispatch of Force Z; 9. The Battle of the Atlantic, the Imports Crisis, and the Closing of the 'Air Gap'; 10. The Defeat of the Axis Powers; 11. Churchill's Last Naval Battle. Very good in dustjacket. Signed without inscription by the author on the title page. 30.00

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82 BELL, G.K., Major. Curtain Call.
Intaglio Gravure Limited, Toronto, 1953, 
BELL, G.K., Major. Curtain Call. Toronto : Intaglio Gravure Limited, (1953). Pp [1]-130. Illustrated. Double Column. Endpaper Maps. 4to, orange cloth,gilt lettering to front board and spine. “Curtain Call is my photographic essay of the part played by the 1st Canadian Army in the liberation of Europe and leads from the landings in Normandy, through France, Belgium, Holland, into Germany, across the Rhine and on to the final surrender. The war photographs reveal the miseries and ravages of war and show countries destroyed and in despair.” - from the Preface. Parallel bilingual texts (English and French). Small stains to front cover, bookplate, else good in poor, tattered dustjacket. Signed by the author. As is. 65.00

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83 BELL, Ken STACEY, C. P. (text) DOBBS, Kildare (captions) Not in Vain. in dj.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1973, ISBN:0802019854 
BELL, Ken. Not in Vain. Photographs: Ken Bell. Text: C. P. Stacey. Captions: Kildare Dobbs. (Toronto): University of Toronto Press, (1973). Pp. [1]-143,(1). Illustrated (some in colour). Map endpapers, showing the progressionof the D-Day landing armies into Germany. Large square 8vo, olive green cl oth with gilt lettering to spine. "It began on D-Day, 1944, when Ken Bell stood in a landing craft approaching the Normandy beaches. Right through to the German surrender, he captured with his cameras telling scenes of the European battlefields. Twenty-five years later he returned to photograph, this time in colour, the same fields and villages - sometimes the same people." - from the dj. Vg in slightly creased (tail of front panel), tape repaired dj. 45.00

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84 BELL, Winthrop Pickard Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia : The History of a Piece of Arrested British Colonial Policy in the Eighteenth Century. First Edition
U of T, 1961, 
BELL, Winthrop Pickard. The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia : The History of a Piece of Arrested British Colonial Policy in the Eighteenth Century. [Foreword by C. Bruce Fergusson]. (Toronto) : University of Toronto Press, (1961). First Edition. Pp. (6),[vii]-xiv,(2),[3]-673,(1),+ 16 pp.plates. 8vo, maroon cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Vaison p.5, NSIB 198. Winthrop Pickard Bell (b. May 12, 1884, Halifax – d. April 4, 1965, Chester, Nova Scotia) Canadian scholar and historian. "This is a study of the settlers who, under British auspices, came to Nova Scotia from the continent of Europe between 1749 and 1752. The plans for the British colonial authorities fro further immigration from that source did not materialize, but the large majority of 'foreign Protestants' who arrived in those yfew years were settled by the government in a township of their own and constituted a distinctive population group. Their descendants have multiplied and many of them have scattered; but Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, still retains many distinctive accents and customs and some characteristic turns of thought and speech." - from the dj. [NOTE : The jacket is not present with this copy] Contents: I: Introductory: 1. Explanation of the Subject; 2. Cornwallis's Request for Swiss and Germans as Settlers and Its Circumstance.II: Background and Preliminaries: Nova Scotia: 3. Earlier History of Nova Scotia; 4. "The Palatines of New York" Proposed as a Model for the Settlement of Nova Scotia; 5. Characteristics and Circumstances of Early Colonization Projects; 6. Thomas Coram and the First Proposals for Foreign Protestants as Settlers; 7. The Hintze Mission; 8. The LeMercier Proposal; 9. The Government's Timberland Policy as Obstacle; 10. Further Projects and Proposals; 11. The Waldo Scheme; 12. The Acadian Lands. III: Background and Preliminaries: Europe: 13. Why "Foreign" Protestants; The Already Flowing Stream ofEmigrants; 14. Conditions and Causes in the European Regions of Origin of Emigration; 15. Lands of Origin: Palatinate, Württemberg, Other German States, Montbéliard, Switzerland. IV: Governmental Plans and Policy, 1749 and Later: 16. A Plan of Operation, 1749-52; 17. Policy Regarding Foreign Protestants after 1752; Its Ineffectualness; 18. Note on the Dates. V: The Emigration: (A) The Events (pp.126-218): 19. The Agent, John Dick; 20. The Government's Contract with Dick and Offer to Emigrants; 21. 1750--The Recruiting of the Emigratns; 22. The Redemptioner System, John Dick's Arrangement, Nova Scotia's Foreign Protestants as Governmental Redemptioners; 23. 1750--TheAnn and Her Human Cargo; 24. Other Foreign Protestants in 1750: Alderney a nd Nancy; 25. Programme for 1751: Dick's Recruiting More Successful (with Appendix: The Brown Manuscripts in Relation to the Foreign Protestants); 26.Dupasquier and Delesdernier's Untertaking; The Government's Preference for Young Unmarried Immigrants; 27. 1751 Voyages: Speedwell, Gale, Pearl, Murd och; 28. 1751-2: Negotiations, Problems, Concessions; 29. 1752 Voyages: Speedwell, Betty, Pearl, Gale, Sally. (with Appendix: Dates of Arrival of Pearl, Gale, Sally; Detentions, in Quarantine and Otherwise; 30. Accusations against Dick and His Rebuttal; An Unforuntate Misunderstanding and Its Explanation; Operations Suspended; 31. Other Foreign Protestant Immigration into Nova Scotia up to 1775 (with Appendix: Erroneous Assertions of Further Arrivals by Speedwell and Swan in 1753). VI: The Emigration: (B) Shipboard Conditions (pp.219-259): 32. The Records of the Emigration to Nova Scotia as a Source of Information; 33. Crowding and Accommodations on Shipboard; Ship Tonnage in the Eighteenth Century; 34. Length of Voyages; 35. Food and Drinkon the Passage; 36. Health, Illness, and Mortality at Sea; 37. Mortality a t Sea. VII: The Emigration: (C) Financial Aspects and Certain Conclusions: 38. Charges for the Ocean Passage; 39. Costs, John Dick and the Government;40. A Financial Paradox in Connection with the Abuses of the "Palatine Tra de"; 41. Concluding Remarks about John Dick and the Treatment of His Emigrants. VIII: The Emigration: (D) The Emigrants: 42. Sources and Nature of Information, Names, European Origins of Many Family Surnames; 43. Ages; 44. Occupations; 45. European Origins (with Appendices A: Detail of Smaller States in Tabulation, B: Indentification of Place Names, C: European Origins of the Lunenburg Settlers). IX: The Foreign Protestants in Nova Scotia: Official Plans for Their Settlement: 46. Developments of Official Ideas for Settlement of the Foreign Protestants, 1749-52; 47. The Acadian Lands in Relation to the Government's Plans for the Foreign Protestants. X: The Foreign Protestants at Halifax, 1749-53: (pp.336-396) 48. The Halifax of the Time; 49.The Foreign Protestants at Halifax under Governor Cornwallis, 1749-51; 50. [ibid.], 1751-2; 51. Circumstances of the Foreign Protestants at the Begin ning of Governor Hopson's Administation; 52. Desertions; 53. The Foreign Protestants at Halifax under Governor Hopson, 1752-3; Orphans; Mortality; 54.Church and School. XI: The Settling of Lunenburg, 1753-5: 55. Preparations and Problems; 56. Choice of Site; 57. The Name; 58. Last Preliminaries; Ap pointments of Officers; 59. The Transfer; Lawrence's Journal; 60. LunenburgTown: Nature of Site; Plan of Town; Defences; Problem of the "Cleared Land s"; Garden Lots; 61. The Settlement Taking Root: Difficulties, Discords, and Accomplishments, Summer of 1753; The Common; 62. Apparent Tranquility; Estimates and Prospects; 63. The Insurrection of December 1753 and the Hoffman Trial; 64. The Thirty-Acre Farm Lots; 65. Lunenburg, 1754: Clearing and Cultivation; Live Stock; Mills and Other Enterprises; Acadians from Cape Breton; Drought; 66. Difficulties and Developments, 1755; Acadian Cattle; The Rationing Problem; St. John's Parish Church. XII: Lunenburg: The PrecariousYears, 1756-60: 67. The Documents; Acadian Cattle in 1756; A Voluntary Exi le; 68. Indian Warfare; Attack and Defence of Lunenburg, 1756-60; 69. Government Provisions and Settlers' Crops and Cultivation; 70. Trade; Mills; Roads; Foreign Protestants from Louisbourg; Health and Medical Services; 71. Beginnings of Political Life; The Nova Scotia Legislature; Naturalizations and Elections at Lunenburg; Township and County. XIII: Lunenburg: Peaceful Development from 1760 on; Completion of Certain Features of Settlement: 72. General Course of Development after 1760; Respects in which Settlement not yet Completed by 1760; 73. Bounties; The Lunenburg Bounty Frauds and the Provincial Debt; 74. The Three-Hundred Acre Lots; 75. Land Grants; 76. Languages; 77. Churches; 78. Schools. XIV: Foreign Protestants at Halifax after 1753: 79. Records of Foreigners as Settlers at Halifax; Gradual Assimilation; The "Dutch Village"; 80. Old St. George's German Church; 81. Epilogue. With appendices of Governors, Lieutenant-Governors, and other Administrators of Nova Scotia in the Eighteenth Century. With bibliography and index. Faint stain to pp.217-218, light smudge to margin of p.289, else very good, solid copy. 250.00

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85 BENDER, Roger James, and Hugh Page TAYLOR. Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen-SS. Five Volumes.
R. James Bender Publishing Company, San Jose, CA, 1986, ISBN:0912138025 
BENDER, Roger James, and Hugh Page TAYLOR. Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen-SS. IN FIVE VOLUMES. (San Jose, CA: R. James Bender Publishing Company, May 1986). Vol 1: 6th pr; Vol 2: 4th pr; Vols 3-4: 3rd prs; Vol 5: 2nd pr. I: Pp. (7),8-160; II: (7),8-175,(1); III: (3),4-176; IV: (1),2-203,(5); V: (1),2-256. Illustrated in black and white. 8vo, white and grey cloth with "Waffen-SS" written in various colours on the spines. "In keeping with the title of this work, [...] it is the authors' intention to describe the Waffen-SS and nothing else. Readers will therefore find little or no coverage in this series of the uniforms, organization and history of thevarious units that were brought together to form the Waffen-SS. Consequent ly, the SS-Verfugungstruppen and SS-Totenkopfverbande will not be describedas such, only their successor formations such as divisions 'Das Reich' and 'Totenkopf'." - from the introductory series preamble. Name inked verso fl yleaf of first two volumes, else a very good, tidy set. As the set weighs over six pounds, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover the cost of postage, particularly on international orders. For the set. 200.00

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86 BENDER, Roger James. ODEGARD, Warren W. Uniforms, Organizations and History of the Panzertruppe. First edition.
R. James Bender Publishing, San Jose, California, 1980, 
BENDER, Roger James and Warren W. Odegard. Uniforms, Organizations and History of the Panzertruppe. (San Jose, California: R. James Bender Publishing,1980). First Edition. Pp. (1),2-336. Illustrations. Large 8vo, illustrated black cloth. Contents: Panzer Formations 1935-1945 ; Panzer-Related Unifor ms and Insignia ; German Armor: It's Development and Evolution ; Panzer Markings and Camouflage ; Panzer-Related Flags and Pennants. Corners bumped, else very good. 35.00

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87 BENECKE, Th., and A. W. QUICK (eds.) QUICK, A. W. SCHULZ, W. History of German Guided Missile Development. in dustjacket
Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft fur Luftfahrt E. V., Brnswick, Germany, 1957, 
BENECKE, Th., and A. W. QUICK (eds.). History of German Guided Missile Development. AGARD, First Guided Missile Seminar, Munich, Germany, April, 1956.Managing Editor: W. Schulz. Brunswick, Germany : Published for and on beha lf of The Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development, North Atlantic Treaty Organization by Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft fur LuftfahrtE.V. / Verlag E. Appelhans & Co., 1957. Pp (4),v-viii,1-[420]. Illustrated . 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. AGARDograph No.20. Contents : 1. Summary of German Developments in Guided Missiles (by Th . Benecke). 2. Guidance and Control of the Henschel Missiles (by H. A. Wagner). 3. Contributions to the Guidance of Missiles (by F. Fischel). 4. Spoiler Control of Missiles (by G. Ernst). 5. The Aerodynamic Development of theV-2 (by H. H. Kurzwig). 6. Development and Testing of the V-1 Auto-Pilot ( by H. Temme). 7. The Control System of the V-2 (by O. Muller). 8. Development and Field-Tests of a Radio-Controlled Aeroplane Model as Target Simulator for Anti-Aircraft Batteries (by W. Kloepfer). 9. Guided Missiles Radio Remote Control (by J. Dantscher). 10. Further Development of Remote Control Systems and the Remote Control of Air-to-Air Missiles (by J. Dantscher). 11.A Guiding System Using Television (by F. Munster). 12. Summary of the Deve lopment of High-Frequency Homing Devices (by G. Gullner). 13. The Guidance Systems HV and Hawaii II (by R. Schafer). 14. Guidance of Surface-to-Air Missiles by Means of Radar (by K. H. Schiermacher(, 15. The Physical and Technical Development of Infrared Homing Devices (by E. W. Kutzscher). 16. Review of the Development of Proximity Fuses (by F. von Rautenfeld). 17. Some Special Problems of Power Plants (by O. Lutz). 18. The Design and Development of the Solid-Fuel Rocket and Its Performance (by H. Vullers). 19. Development of Hydrogen Peroxide Rockets in Germany (by H. Walter). 20. The Development of the V-2 Rocket Engine (by V. Schilling). 21. BMW-Developments (by H. von Zborowski). 22. History of the Air-Borne Towing Experiments with Large Size Ram-Jet Ducts in Germany During 1941-1945 (by I. Sanger-Bredt). 23.High Velocity Free-Flying Ram-Jet Units (TR-Missiles) ( by W. Trommsdorff) . 24. On the History of the Development of the Schmidtrohr (by P. Schmidt).25. Development of the V-l Pulse Jet(by F. Gosslau). 26. Research and Deve loment of the Guided Missile"Feuerlilie" (by W. Wernitz). Slightly warped, else very good in rubbed, worn and torn dustjacket. 175.00

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88 BENNETT, Chris. Osprey Superbase series, No. 20 Baden Sollingen : The Hornet's Nest. Osprey Superbase series, No. 20
Osprey Aerospace, London, 1991, ISBN:1855321149 
BENNETT, Chris. Baden Sollingen : The Hornet's Nest. (London) : Osprey Aerospace, (1991). First Edition. Pp [1]-128. Illustrated. Square 8vo, illustrated orange card covers. No. 20 in the Osprey Superbase series. A pictorial look at Canadian Forces Base Baden Sollingen, situated in the shade of the Black Forest near the famous spa and casino town of Baden Baden in Germany.Under Canadian jurisdiction since 1953, it is home to the 1st Canadian Air Division (1CAD). Contents : 1. Hornet Blast-off. 2. Hornet's Sting. 3. Hor net Mission. 4. Hornet Healers. 5. Base Flight: T-Birds forever. 6. Hornet handlers: 'Hawks, Indians & Tigers'. 7. Hornet Supreme. 8. Hornet Formation, Indian style. 9. Hornet Historic Flight. Very good. 20.00

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89 BENNETT, Geoffrey Coronel and the Falklands. First American Edition in dustjacket
Macmillan, New York, 1962, 
BENNETT, Geoffrey. Coronel and the Falklands. New York : Macmillan, 1962. First US Edition. Pp 192. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth. Day, The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands 246. Captain Geoffrey Martin Bennett DSC, FRHS (b June 7, 1909, London – d September 5, 1983, Ludlow, Shropshire) was a British Royal Navy officer and author. The first attempt at a comprehensive account of these crucial and much-analysed battles of the Great War. Name, else very good in worn and chipped dustjacket. 40.00

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Marines Etrangeres.  in glassine dj., BENOIST, Marc Collection "Le Monde au Travail".
90 BENOIST, Marc Collection "Le Monde au Travail". Marines Etrangeres. in glassine dj.
J. De Gigord, Paris, 1938, 
BENOIST, Marc. Les Marines Étrangères. Paris: J. De Gigord, [1938?]. Pp 179. Illustrated. 8vo, ill. card covers. An immediate pre-World War Two French-language review of the British, German, Italian, United States, Japanese, and French navies. Rubbed, nicked at top of spine, else vg in glassine dj. 65.00

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91 BERCUSON, David J. and Holger H. HERWIG HERWIG, Holger H. Destruction of the Bismarck. 1st pr. pbk
Overlook Press, Woodstock, 2003, ISBN:1585673978 
BERCUSON, David J. and Holger H. HERWIG. The Destruction of the Bismarck. Woodstock: The Overlook Press, (2003). Pp. 385 + [16] pp of plates. 8vo, ill. card covers. "In the late morning of May 27th, 1941, the Bismarck, [...] the pride of the German navy was sunk [...] what was at stake when the British and Nazi fleets clashed that day was nothing less than the control of the North Atlantic shipping lanes and the survival of Great Britain." - fromthe cover. Covers rubbed, "as seen on the Discovery Channel" label to fron t cover, ow vg. 15.00

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92 BERCUSON, David J. HERWIG, Holger H. Destruction of the Bismarck. First Canadian Edition in dustjacket.
Stoddart, Toronto, 2001, ISBN:0773733256 
BERCUSON, David J. and Holger H. HERWIG. The Destruction of the Bismarck. (Toronto) : Stoddart, (2001). First Canadian Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-viii,(6) of maps,1-385,(1), + 16 p. of plates. 8vo, black cloth. "At 19,000 tons fully loaded, the sight of the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen was shocking enough; even more so was the sight of the Bismarck - the pride of Hitler's navy -a ship shrouded in myth, an awesome and mysterious behemoth of destruction ." - from the dj. This image was destroyed along with the Bismarck when it faced an overwhelming British armada of ships on the morning of May 27th, 1941. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 25.00

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93 BERCUSON, David J. HERWIG, Holger H. Destruction of the Bismarck. First Edition in dustjacket.
Overlook Press, Woodstock, NY, 2001, ISBN:1585671924 
BERCUSON, David J. and Holger H. HERWIG. The Destruction of the Bismarck. Woodstock, NY : Overlook Press, (2001). First Edition. Pp. 385 + [16] p. of plates. 8vo, red paper covered spine with black paper covered boards. "At 19,000 tons fully loaded, the sight of the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen was shocking enough; even more so was the sight of the Bismarck - the pride of Hitler's navy - a ship shrouded in myth, an awesome and mysterious behemoth ofdestruction." - from the dj. This image was destroyed along with the Bisma rck when it faced an overwhelming British armada of ships on the morning ofMay 27th, 1941. This is the story of the last days of the Bismarck. Vg in dj. 25.00

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94 BEREZIN, V. (ed.) VYSHINSKY, A. Y. New Times : A Weekly Journal. No. 40, September 29, 1948
Newspaper "Trud", Moscow, 1948, 
BEREZIN, V. (ed.). New Times : A Weekly Journal. No. 40, September 29, 1948. Moscow : Published by the Newspepar "Trud", 1948. Pp 1-[32] + 1-12 pp Supplement. Double Column. Large 8vo, cream stapled wrappers, lettered in black with red trim. Contents : Decennial of the "History of the C.P.S.U.(B.)";The Berlin Situation; "Operation X" (by V. Minayev); True and False Friend s of the Korean People (by M. Markov); International Life (Notes); The War in Kashmir (A Correspondent's Notes) (by O. Orestov); Spotlight on Slander : The Assassination of Count Bernadotte (by V. Berezkhov); Chronicle of International Events; Supplement: The U.S.S.R. -- Sentinel of the Peace and Security of Nations. Speech by A.Y. Vyshinsky, head of the U.S.S.R. delegation, at the Plenary Session of the General Assembly on September 25, 1948. Some browning to spine and margins, edges nicked and creased, short tear to foot of spine, else very good. With Supplement laid in. 40.00

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95 BERG-EHLERS, Luise WOOLF, Virginia) SCHREIBER, Jutta (mitarbeit) WOOLF, Leonard) Die Gärten der Virginia Woolf
Nicolaiscche Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH, Berlin, 2004, ISBN:3875843789 
BERG-EHLERS, Luise. Die Gärten der Virginia Woolf . Unter Mitarbeit von Jutta Schreiber. (Berlin): Nicolaische Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH, (2004). Pp. (1)-223,[1], including colour plates. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated green cloth with black and white paper pictorial panel of Virginia Woolf to front, white lettering to front and spine. A volume of literary criticism focusingon the role of the garden in the works of Woolf and other members of the B loomsbury Group. Text in German. Vg. 30.00

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96 BERGES, Ruth From Gold to Porcelain : The Art of Porcelain and Faïence in dj
Thomas Yoseloff, New York, 1977, 
BERGES, Ruth. From Gold to Porcelain : The Art of Porcelain and Faïence. New York & London : Thomas Yoseloff, (copyright 1963). Pp. (6),7-239,(1) + colour frontispiece. Double column. Illustrated throughout with b&w photos. 4to, white cloth, gilt lettering to the spine. "As far as possible and practical, the chapters of this book have been arranged chronologically, although each may be read independently of the others. Twenty-one chapters presenttwenty-one different subjects in the field of faience and porcelain. The f irst two chapters on the Orient stress the fact that porcelain (especially in China) was made there long before the secret of its manufacture was discovered on the Continent. The second section of the book compririses the story of faience in five major Europoean countries. The third section focuses on the discovery and development of European porcelain, its prevailing styles, its peak of achievement, and its decline. The fourth section takes a close look at some ot the artists — the porcelain modelers and painters — at their lives, their aims, and the characteristics of their art. The final chapters deal with specific subjects as expressed through the medium of porcelain." (from the dj). Contents : Part I. The Orient. 1. The Secret of the Orient; 2. Exclusively Japan. Part II. Faïence in Europe. 3. The Orient Meets Spain: Hispano- Moresque Potteries; 4. Renaissance Pottery: Majolica; 5. Faïence in Germany: Tiles, Tankards, and Tureens; 6. From Faenza to Faïence; 7. The Predominance of Delft. Part III. Porcelain in Europe . 8. From Gold to Porcelain; 9. Meissen’s First Rival: Du Paquier in Vienna; 10. At the French Court: Pâte tendre; 11. Capo di Monte, Buen Retiro, Naples; 12.In the Georgian Taste: Chelsea; 13. Down to Earth Thuringia. Part IV. The Artists. 14. Modeller of Porcelain: Kändler; 15. From Rebel Painter to Factory Director : Löwenfinck; 16. The Hannong Family; 17. Bavarian Rococo: The Superb Elegance of Bustelli; 18. Melchior: Back to Nature; 19. On Potteries and Porcelains Purchased or Pilfered : Hausmaler. Part V. The Inspiration. 20. Enter: Commedia dell’arte; 21. Music in Porcelain. With selected bibliography and index. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Name, else very good in price-clipped dustjacket, with small tear. 35.00

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97 BERGONZI, Jerry Inside Improvisation Series, vol. 1) Melodic Structures : A Step by Step Method for Learning to Play Over Changes for All Instruments. pbk.
Advance Music, 1992, 
BERGONZI, Jerry. Melodic Structures : A Step by Step Method for Learning toPlay Over Changes for All Instruments . (West Germany): Advance Music, (19 92). Pp. [1]-95,(1). 4to, illustrated grey card covers. Inside Improvisation Series, volume 1. Includes information on note and structure grouping, aswell as editing and inversions. With CD. Vg. 50.00

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Fernsprechbuch für die Hauptstadt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik : Berlin Ausgabe 1989 , Berlin)
98 Berlin) Fernsprechbuch für die Hauptstadt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik : Berlin Ausgabe 1989
(Berlin). Fernsprechbuch für die Hauptstadt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik : Berlin Ausgabe 1989. n.p., 1989. Pp. 640. Text in German. Quadruple column. 4to, orange ill. card covers. Two narrow brown marks to rear cover,light rubbing, corners bumped, else vg. 75.00

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99 BERNETT, Hajo. Sportpolitik im Dritten Reich : Aus den Akten der Reichskanzlei.
Verlag Karl Hofmann, Schorndorf bei Stuttgart, 1971, 
BERNETT, Hajo. Sportpolitik im Dritten Reich : Aus den Akten der Reichskanzlei. Schorndorf bei Stuttgart : Verlag Karl Hofmann, (1971). Pp [1]-132. 8vo, blue card covers. Beitrage zur Lehre und Forschung der Leibeserziehung, Band 39. A study of sports policy in the Third Reich from the files of the Reich Chancellery. Text in German. Very good. 25.00

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100 BERNHARD, Georg BERNHARD, Georg Das Schifflein : Zehn Aquarelle von Georg Bernhard
SM-Litho, Augsburg, 1995, 
BERNHARD, Georg. Das Schifflein : Zehn Aquarelle von Georg Bernhard . (Augsburg: Georg Bernhard/SM-Litho, 1995). Pp. (36). Unpaginated. Illustrated with 10 of Bernhard's watercolours. 8vo, printed greyish-brown card covers with French flaps and blank spine. Vg-fine. 45.00

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