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Last Good Day : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery.  First Edition in dustjacket., BOWEN, Gail.
81 BOWEN, Gail. Last Good Day : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. First Edition in dustjacket.
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 2004, ISBN:077101466x 2004 077101466X / 9780771014666 
BOWEN, Gail. The Last Good Day : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. (Toronto, Ontario) : McClelland & Stewart, (2004). First Printing. Pp. (4),1-235,(1). 8vo, pale blue cloth with black lettering to spine.

Gail Dianne Bowen, née Bartholomew (b. September 22, 1942, Toronto).

"A languid summer night at Lawyers' Bay is shattered by the noise of a car racing to the end of a dock and plunging into the deep, murky water of a northern lake. Help is there in minutes, but it comes too late for Chris Altieri, the young lawyer alone inside the car.

So begins Gail Bowen's thrilling new mystery, one that takes readers into the dangerously entangled affairs of a prestigious law firm,and returns Joanne to the heartbreak of an old love affair -- and to the promising start of another.

Clearly, Altieri intended to die; this death wasno accident. Just hours earlier, he'd admitted to Joanne Kilbourn that he'd done something unforgivable. At the time, the confession seemed to have eased his mind, but now he is dead. What happened in the interim, Joanne wonders.

Joanne and two of her children are staying at a cottage in the same gated enclave as Chris Altieri and his partners from Falconer Shreve. All the lawyers have summer homes on the same bay, and all are now in shock over Chris's death. Or are they? Joanne is puzzled by how swiftly the lawyers close ranks, and that's not all that strikes her as odd. Why is her former lover, Inspector Alex Kequahtooway, involved in the police investigation of asuicide out at the lake?

When Joanne learns that a young female lawyer abr uptly left Falconer Shreve months earlier and hasn't been seen since, her instincts tell her that something is terribly wrong. Then the cottage she isstaying in is broken into, and for her and her children's safety, Joanne realizes that she must keep quiet, very quiet, about her own inquiries. Someone at Lawyers' Bay is determined to stop her from finding out the truth." - from the dustjacket.

Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 18.00

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82 BOWEN, Gail. Nesting Dolls : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. First Edition in dustjacket.
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 2010, ISBN:9780771012754 
BOWEN, Gail. The Nesting Dolls : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. (Toronto): McClelland & Stewart, (2010). First Printing. Pp. (6),1-295,(3). 8vo, brown cloth with copper lettering to spine. Gail Dianne Bowen, née Bartholomew (b. September 22, 1942, Toronto). "The city of Regina is no stranger to snowstorms, but the blizzard that hits town shortly before one Christmas is particularly brutal. It chokes streets, knocks out power lines, and leaves tragedyin its wake. In the house before the storm hits full force, Joanne Kilbour n and her family brave the weather for her daughter Taylor's school concert. They are on the point of leaving for home when a young woman, a stranger,walks up to Taylor's friend Isobel, thrusts an infant car seat into her ar ms, and disappears. In the car sea, wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine snowsuit, is a baby, probably six months old, with dark curly hair, just like Isobel's. The next day, after the blizzard has ended and the power has been restored, the young mother's frozen body is found. Under the cover of the storm, someone has raped and strangled her and then dumped her and her car in a parking lot. No one knows who she is or where she came from -- or why sheabandoned her child. Now two women want custody of the baby. Both with a c ompelling claim. Both able to give the child a good life. Both in turmoil over the mother's murder. Both now with a top lawyer prepared to fight in court. It is a heartbreaking case that threatens to tear more than one familyapart. For Joanne is sympathetic to one woman's case -- and her husband, Z ack, is representing the other." -from the dj. Very good in rear-flap-creased, unclipped dustjacket. 18.00

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83 BOWEN, Gail. Winners' Circle : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. First Edition in dustjacket.
McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 2017, ISBN:9780771024061 
BOWEN, Gail. The Winners' Circle : A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. (Toronto, Ontario) : McClelland & Stewart, (2017). First Printing. Pp. (6),1-254,(12). 8vo, purple cloth, silver lettering o spine. Gail Dianne Bowen, née Bartholomew (b. September 22, 1942, Toronto). "After a memorable Thanksgiving at the lake, Joanne Kilbourn-Shreve, her husband, Zack, and their daugnter, Taylor, have no way of predicting the unimaginable tragedy that lies ahead. Theweekend with Zack's law partners is already slipping away, burnished into memory as pleasantly as the hundreds of other weekends the Falconer- Shrevefamilies have shared at Lawyers' Bay. Within weeks, a triple homicide will rip apart the lives of those related to the lawyers who, at the end of the ir first year in law school, only half-jokingly styled themselves "The Winners' Circle " Dazed by grief, Joanne will seek answers to an impossible question: "Why did they die?" The facts behind the suicide of Christopher Altieri, known by his law partners as "the conscience of the Winners' Circle," appear to provide insiehts, but for Joanne those insights raise new, unsettling questions. Knitting this powerful narrative together is Joanne's inshakeable belief that the only thing worse than knowing is not knowing. In TheWinners' Circle, Gail Bowen takes eaders into the dark corners of humanity with masterfully compelling storytelling that combines modern family life with a gripping and satisfying mystery.." - from the dustjacket. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 18.00

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84 BOWERING, Marilyn MONROE, Marilyn) Anyone Can See I Love You. First Edition.
Porcupine's Quill, Erin, 1987, ISBN:0889841047 
BOWERING, Marilyn. Anyone Can See I Love You. Erin, ON : The Porcupine's Quill, 1987. First Printing. Pp. (6),7-77,(3). 8vo, illustrated pale blue card covers with red lettering to front and black lettering to spine. Marilyn Bowering (b. April 13, 1949, Winnipeg). Bowering's seventh collection of verse. "In this extraordinary cycle of poems, we hear and are spell-bound by the voice of Marilyn Monroe. Her vulnerability and toughness, her narcissism and immaturity, and above all the mystery of Monroe's innocence are perfectly conveyed. Bowering sees both that her character's suffering is genuineand that it is self-indulgent. She gives us the luminescence of Monroe, em bodies her in the rhythm of voice and in the visual images of self and world through which Monroe lived. She gives us Monroe's darkness, and also her faith in perfect love, her belief that there is no sin, no death, that nothing really bad can happen." - from the rear cover. Spine very slightly sunned, else very good. NOTE: Due to the small size of this book, shipping costs will be cheaper than quoted. 15.00

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85 BOWERS, Elizabeth No Forwarding Address. Cdn in dj.
BOWERS, Elizabeth. No Forwarding Address. Vancouver/Toronto : Douglas & McIntyre, (1991). Fine in fine dj. 15.00

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86 BOWN, Stephen R. COOK, James) LIND, James) BLANE, Gilbert) Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner, and a Gentleman Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail. Cdn pbk.
Thomas Allen, Toronto, 2005, ISBN:0887621783 
BOWN, Stephen R. Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner, and a Gentleman Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail. Toronto: Thomas Allen, (2005). First Canadian Paperback Printing. Pp. (10),[1]-254. Illustrated with drawings to text. 8vo, illustrated white and grey card covers. Contents: TheEighteenth Century Seafaring World: The Age of Scurvy; 2. Scurvy: The Plag ue of the Sea; 3. Disaster and Victory in the South Seas: Lord Anson's Terrible Voyage; 4. Found and Lost: The Search for a Cure Begins; 5. An Ounce of Prevention: James Lind and the Salisbury Experiment; 6. Unwinding the Knot: Rob and Wort and the Trials at Sea; 7. Master Mariner: James Cook's Great Voyages in the Pacific; 8. Man of Influence: Gilbert Blane and the West Indies Fleet; 9. Blockade: The Defeat of Scurvy and Napoleon. Very good. 12.50

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87 Boy's Own Annual. HARDING, Robert, ed. DUNBAR, George. Boy's Own Annual. Volume 59. 1936-1937.
Boy's Own Paper Office, London, 1937, 
(Boy's Own Annual). The Boy's Own Annual. Volume 59. 1934-1935. Edited by Robert Harding. London : The Boy's Own Paper Office, n.d. [1937]. Pp. [i]-iv,1-576,+ frontispiece + 3 black-and-white aviation plates. Index. Large thick 8vo, illustrated green cloth with a cricket scene to the front board andthe spine, black and cream lettering to frnot board and spine. Of nautical interest: "True Pirate Tales: The Sack of Panama" (Geoffrey Rhodes, pp. 33 -34); "The 'Rogue' Run: A Story of a Temperamental Torpedo" ("Sea-Wrack", pp. 155-159, a short story); "Where Time Stands Still: Pitcairn Island" (Edward Vernon Clayton, pp. 196, 1 photo); "Secrets from the Deep: Dr. William Beebe's Weird and Amazing Discoveries in the Depths of the Ocean" (T.C. Bridges, pp. 200-202); "On the Road to Snizort Family and the Mermaid with theDetachable Tail" ("Bywayman", pp. 212-214, a short story); "A Model Submar ine" ("Adsum, p. 214); "The Loss of the Birkenhead" (Captain S.J. Parker, pp. 225-226); "The Deep-Sea Menace: How the Naval Mine is Constructed, Laid,and Swept Up" (Commander H.R. Gordon Cumming", pp. 232-234, 1 photo and 2 diagrams); "True Pirate Tales: The Rescue of Robinson Crusoe" (Geoffrey Rhodes, pp. 238-239, on William Dampier); "The Haunted Reef: A Gripping Yarn of the South Seas" (E. Collins, pp. 244-247, a short story); "True Pirate Tales: The Capture of the Great Mogul's Treasure Ship" (Geoffrey Rhodes, pp. 248-249, on John Avery); "The Truth About Rowing nia Boat Race" (Hylton Cleaver, pp. 253-254, 1 photo); "Little Ships That Do Great Work" (John C. Campbell, pp. 264-266, 2 photos of the tug Seaman and barque Olivebank, and tug Norman and M.V. Port Hobart); "Britain's Oldest Ship Sinks" (p 287, on the ketch Ceres); "The S.S. Scouter: Sea Scouts' Novel Training Centre" (Frank Illingworth, p. 294, 1 photo); "Scourge of the Seas: A Tale of the Naval Secret Service" (a two-part serial by "Sea-Wrack"); "Land of the Blizzard: The Empire's New Possession: Australian Antarctic Territory" (T.C. Bridges,pp. 330-332, 3 whaling photos); "Early Explorers of the Pacific" (James Bo swell, p. 335); "Model Yachting Terms" (Sid G. Hedges, p. 399); "Build the 'B.O.P.' Land Yacht!" (Frank Illingworth, pp. 425-426); "Can You Row a BoatWell?: Some Points About Rowing" (E. Wrightson, pp. 468-469, with five dia grams); "Magnetic Ship Control" (John Silvester, p. 478, with two modellingdiagrams); "How to Make a Surf-rider" (p. 499, with four diagrams); "Ness by Ness: A Coastwise Cruise from Southend to Southwold in a Canvas Canoe" (Geoffrey Prout, pp. 518-520, with 8 photos and a map). Of Canadian interest: 3 L.C. Douthwaite "Larry Vincent, RCMP" stories; "Buffalo Trails" (Bud Cotton, pp. 470-472, about following a buffalo herd near Wainwright, Alberta); "Canada's Red Indians" (Philip H. Godsell, pp. 536-538). Other interesting pieces: "The History of Fireworks in England" (A. St. H. Brock, pp. 80-81); "A Footplate Trip with the 'Breakfast Flyer'" (H. Underwood, pp. 91-92, rail travel); "New Types of Aeroplanes" (H.J.C. Harper, pp. 93-95, with photos of the Hawker Huricane, Fairey Battle Bomber, and Vickers Supermarine Stranraer Flying-boat); "Croydon Ho!: Flying Home from Australia for Christmas" (H.J.C. Harper, pp. 132-134, with five photos and a map of the air route); "Khartoum: Garden City of Africa" (Harold J. Shepstone, pp. 189-191, 5 photos); "Off the Map" (Surgeon-Commander G. Murray Levick, R.N., pp. 193-194, about a Public Schools Exploring Society trip to the Lapland); "The Sport of Falconry: How Hawks are Traind to Kill Fur and Feather" (EricHardy, p. 309, 1 photo); "The King as an Airman" (H.J.C. Harper, pp. 354-355, 2 photos of the future King George VI piloting a De Havilland and a 504K Avro); "Singapore: The Wonder City of the East" (Harold J. Shepstone, pp. 377-379); "Behind the Scenes at Le Mans" (Charles Metchin, pp. 385-389); "The Empire Flying Boats" (H.J.C. Harper, pp. 433-435, 3 photos and 1 diagram); "London to New York in A.D. 2000: A Transatlantic Crossing Ten Miles Above the Earth!" (described by An Aircraft Engineer, pp. 447-448; right on as far as the six-hour New York-London jaunt; a little off on the "for a penny a mile!" prediction); "The Tailor Who Explored: The true story of how Kinthup, a Buddhist, playing a lone han on behalf of the Indian Survey, solved the mystery of Tibet's two great rivers, the Tsang-po and the Brahmaputra" (Sir George Dunbar, pp. 492-494); "Sea Cave Exploring During Your Holidays" (Sydney Moorhouse, pp. 525-526); "Race Swimming: How to Improve Speed and Win Races" (Sid G. Hedges, p. 527); "Giant American Locomotives" (H. Coble and A.R. Payne, pp. 555-556); "A First Solo Flight" (W.R.A. Walters). Boards lightly soiled, front inner hinge cracked, else very good. 50.00

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88 BOYER, Dwight Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes. 8th pr in dj.
Dodd, Mead, New York, 1968, 
BOYER, Dwight. Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes. New York: Dodd, Mead, (©1968). Eighth Printing. Pp 294 + [16] pp of plates. Illustrated with line drawings and maps to text. 8vo, green cloth, top edge dyed green. "This is the awesome story of the missing 'ghost ships' of the Great Lakes, the big freighters and ore carriers of yesterday and today that disappeared, often in complete mystery, never to be seen again." -from the dust jacket. Some of theships sited: Kaliyuga; Benjamin Noble; Milwaukee; Wisconsin; Andaste; Kaml oops; John Owen; Merida; C. F. Curtis; Seldon E. Marvin; Peterson; L. R. Doty; Cyprus; Lambton ;William B. Davock; Daniel J. Morrell; Dean Richmond; Adella Shores; Marquette & Bessemer No. 2; Admiral; Chicora; Carl D. Bradley; Sachem; Our Son; Waubuno and the Cleveco. Very good in rubbed, nicked, price-clipped dust jacket. 20.00

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89 BOYER, Dwight Strange Adventures of the Great Lakes.
Freshwater Press,, 1974, ISBN:0912514523 
BOYER, Dwight. Strange Adventures of the Great Lakes. Illustrated with photographs and maps. Cleveland, Ohio: Freshwater Press, (1974). Pp 248 + [16] pp of plates. 8vo, illustrated card covers. "These well-documented tales ofthe Great Lakes have the drama of men battling the elements; the suspense of daring rescue attempts; the mystery of inexplicable disappearances of ships and crews; and a leavening humor in the anecdotes of stubborn sailors and wayward ships." - from the cover. Some of the ships highlighted are: theChoctaw; U.S.S. Michigan; the Gunilda; the Henry Cort; the Novadoc; the W. H. McGean; the James H. Reed; the Ashcroft; and the Jupiter. Cocked, some staining to rear cover, ow vg. 15.00

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90 BRADBURY, Ray Death is a Lonely Business. 1st trade ed in dj
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1985, 
BRADBURY, Ray. Death is a Lonely Business. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1985.First Trade Edition. Pp. 277. 8vo, brown paper covered boards, black cloth spine. "Ray Bradbury's new novel, his first for 23 years, is a work of sup erb power, wit and magic: a fitting masterpiece from the master of the storytelling art. In the great tradition of Chandler and Hammett the book is a carnival of extraordinary characters - a classic mystery, a love story, anda nostalgic evocation of a time and place. The time is 1949. In Venice, Ca lifornia, they are tearing down the amusement pier. Already the roller coaster has fallen to its knees under the wrecking ball and lies scattered on the ground like dinosaur bones. And the theatre that enchanted with Chaney and Fairbanks has only one word on its marquee: goodbye. Death is everywhere. With a cast of grotesques both lovable and unlovable - from the fat diva Fannie (so fat that she can't sleep lying down) to the sexy ageing film star, from the barber with his dreams of Scott Joplin to the blind man who sees more that he lets on - Death Is a Lonely Business is a joy of a novel". Vg-fine in vg unclipped dj. 25.00

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91 BRADBURY, Ray. Graveyard for Lunatics : Another Tale of Two Cities. First Edition in dustjacket.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1990, ISBN:0394578775 
BRADBURY, Ray. A Graveyard for Lunatics : Another Tale of Two Cities. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1990. First US Printing. Pp. (12),[3]-285,(9). 8vo, navy blue cloth with peach paper covered boards, silver initials to front board, silver lettering and copper decoration to spine. "Hollywood in the 1950s is transformed into a world of wonder by the classic Bradbury magic: wildly eccentric characters, eerie suspense, and nostalgic feeling brilliantlytranslated into story. The excited narrator has just been hired as a sci-f i film writer at one of the great studios. An anonymous invitation leads him to a graveyard separated from the studio by a single wall -- and to the discovery of a body frozen in time and poised to climb from the city of the dead to the city of light. A bizarre mystery unfolds through a series of curious encounters with a monocled director, with an actor who has played therole of Jesus for twenty-five years, with philistine studio heads, with fa natical autograph hounds, phantoms of the sound stages, and a genius of thebedazzling world of special effects. As the narrator plunges along a trail of fantastic clues, as the novel moves toward its wonderfully cinematic cl imax, Ray Bradbury hauntingly evokes a lost time when a younf man could compose a life for himself from the glittering promises of his favorite movies." - from the dustjacket. Light spotting to top edge, slight spine roll, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 20.00

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92 BRADY, John Unholy Ground. 1st US in dj
St. Martin's Press, 1992, ISBN:0312071094 
BRADY, John. Unholy Ground. NY: St. Martin's Press, (1992). First US Edition. Pp. 279. 8vo, blue cloth, silver titles to spine. A Matt Minogue Mystery. Vg in dj (slight bumping at the spine ends). 20.00

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93 BRADY, John. Stone of the Heart.. Signed
Collins, Toronto, 1988, ISBN:0002232820 
BRADY, John. A Stone of the Heart. Toronto : Collins, (1988). First Edition. Pp (4),1-251,(1). 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. A powerfulnovel of murder & suspense by Irish-born Canadian author John Brady. This is the first novel in the Inspector Matt Minogue series. Very good in chipped, unclipped dustjacket (small piece missing from lower front panel). 25.00

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94 BRAULT, Jacques SANDERSON, Gertrude Guernica Essential Poets, 25 Within the Mystery. pbk.
Guernica Editions, Montreal, 1986, ISBN:0919349625 
BRAULT, Jacques. Within the Mystery . Translated with preface by Gertrude Sanderson. (Montreal): Guernica Editions, (1986). Pp. [1]-50,(2). 8vo, illustrated red card covers with pale blue spine. Guernica Essential Poets, number 25. Vg. 10.00

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95 BRAUN, Lilian Jackson Cat Who Moved A Mountain. First Edition in dustjacket
G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1992, ISBN:0399136460 
BRAUN, Lilian Jackson. The Cat Who Moved A Mountain. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, (1992). Pp 239. Jim Qwilleran travels with his Siamese cats to the supposedly tranquil Potato Mountains when a feud between the roughneck mountain men--called Taters--and the wealthy developers of the valley disturbs his peace. Slightly cocked, else fine in fine dj. 17.50

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96 BRAUN, Lilian Jackson Cat Who Talked To Ghosts. First Edition in dustjacket
G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1990, ISBN:0399134778 
BRAUN, Lilian Jackson. The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, (1990).First Printing. Pp. 239. 8vo, red paper covered spine withblack paper covered boards. Late Sunday night, Jim Qwilleran is interrupte d while listening to Otello by a phone call from an Iris Cobb, his former landlady, and now manager of the Goodwinter Farm Museum. She is hearing strange noises. When he arrives at the museum, he finds Iris dead on the kitchen floor. Is it simply a heart attack, or murder? Jim and the cats investigate. Small bump to top edge, else vg in rubbed dustjacket. 15.00

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97 BRAUN, Lilian Jackson Cat Who Wasn't There. First Edition in dustjacket
G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1992, ISBN:0399137807 
BRAUN, Lilian Jackson. The Cat Who Wasn't There. New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, (1992). First Printing. Pp. 238. 8vo, blue cloth spine with blue papercovered boards. Persuaded to join a tour of Scotland, Jim Qwilleran finds his enjoyment of the trip threatened when a jewel thief swipes a suitcase, the bus driver vanishes, a fellow tourist is found dead, and Polly is tailed by the Pickax Prowler. Fine in fine dustjacket. 17.50

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98 BRAUN, Lilian Jackson Cat Who Went Into The Closet. First Edition in dustjacket
G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1993, ISBN:0399138307 
BRAUN, Lilian Jackson. The Cat Who Went Into The Closet. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons: (1993). First Printing. Pp. 235. 8vo, green cloth spine with white paper covered boards. While sifting through closets of junk in the mansion they have rented, Qwill and Koko uncover a mystery involving the suicide of the former owner and the murder of a potato farmer. Fine in fine dustjacket. 17.50

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99 BRAUN, Lilian Jackson Cat Who Who Came To Breakfast. First Edition in dustjacket
G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1994, ISBN:0399138684 
BRAUN, Lilian Jackson. The Cat Who Came To Breakfast. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons (1994). First Printing. Pp. 254. 8vo, black cloth spine with bluepaper covered boards. When a cabin cruiser mysteriously explodes in the ma rina of Breakfast Island, newspaper reporter Jim Qwilleran and his feline companions investigate shady happenings at the hot vacation spot. Fine in fine dustjacket. 17.50

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100 BRAUTIGAN, Richard Willard and His Bowling Trophies: A Perverse Mystery. First Edition in dustjacket.
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1975, ISBN:0671220659 
BRAUTIGAN, Richard. Willard and His Bowling Trophies : A Perverse Mystery. New York: Simon and Schuster, (1975). First Printing. Pp. (10),11-167,(1). 8vo, brown cloth with copper titles to spine. "The novel takes place in an apartment house on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. The principals are Constance and Bob, the couple upstairs who readthe 'Greek Anthology' and play the 'Story of O' game, a strange mixture of offbeat sexual fantasies; Pat and John, the couple downstairs who eat turkey sandwiches naked and watch Johnny Carson; the three Logan brothers, whose bowling trophies have been stolen; and Willard, a three-foot-hugh papier-mâché bird. The Logan brothers have vowed to recover their bowling at any cost and seek vengeance on those who stole them." - from the dustjacket. Simon and Schuster logo stamp on bottom edge, name, else very good in unclipped dustjacket. 30.00

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