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HarperCollins Publishers, London, 1997, ISBN:0002256290 
CLANCY, Tom. SSN : Strategies of Submarine Warfare. (L.): HarperCollins Publishers, (1997). Pp. 336. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated blue card covers. Faint creasing, else vg. 12.00

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82 CLANCY, Tom SSN : Strategies of Submarine Warfare. pbk
Berkley Books, 1996, 
CLANCY, Tom. SSN : Strategies of Submarine Warfare. NY: Berkley Books, (1996). Pp 336. 8vo, ill. card covers. A thriller positing various scenarios for nuclear war between China and the United States. Based on a bestselling CD-ROM. Vg. 15.00

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83 COLES, Alan Slaughter at Sea: The Truth Behind a Naval War Crime. First Edition in dustjacket.
Robert Hale, London, 1986, 
COLES, Alan. Slaughter at Sea : The Truth Behind a Naval War Crime. London : Robert Hale, (1986). First Edition. Pp (6),7-220,(2) + eight-page centralphoto section. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. " The Baralong Affair was a British disgrace: a war crime unparalleled in the modern hist ory of the Royal Navy. Until now its shameful details have been deliberately obscured, but its significance in delaying the entry of the United Statesinto the First World War has never been evaluated. In 1915 the War Office sent out the Q-ship Baralong elaborately disguised as a US merchant ship. On encountering the U-27 she threw off the camouflage and sank the German vessel. The subsequent alleged murder in cold blood of some of the U-boat's survivors caused an international diplomatic furore. President Wilson turnedaway in horror; the Germans saw the incident as a valuable weapon of propa ganda; and the British Admiralty battened down on all official records. Thefacts can now be told. In clear detail, Alan Coles reveals the appalling t ruth of the Baralong Affair. For the first time British, American and German eye-witness accounts of the atrocities have been collected together to explain - and finally to judge - this naval scandal." -from the dj. Chapters : 1. The Muleteers; 2. The Neutrals; 3. The Hunters; 4. The Killers; 5. TheSpies; 6. The Witnesses ; 7. The Propagandists; 8. The Appeasers ; 9. The Diplomats; 10. The Germans; 11. The Inhumane ; 12. The Runaway; 13. The Survivors ; 14. The Baby-killers; 15. The Myth-makers; 16. The Guilty. With Epilogue, bibliography, notes, appendix and index. Small owner stamp on inside front cover, else very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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Ninety Feet to the Sun : A Sea Novel of World War II. First Edition in dustjacket., COLLENETTE, Eric J
84 COLLENETTE, Eric J Ninety Feet to the Sun : A Sea Novel of World War II. First Edition in dustjacket.
William Kimber, 1984, 1984 071830506X / 9780718305062 
COLLENETTE, Eric J. Ninety Feet to the Sun : A Sea Novel of World War II. London : William Kimber, (1984). First Edition. Pp (6),[7]-192. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

An action novel following the gruelling home voyage of a damaged British submarine, and of the intiatory ordeal suffered by her young commander.

"When the officers of the British submarine Scavenger are killed in an attack off the Norwegian coast, it is the coxswain, Ben Grant, who has to assume command of the damaged vessel. He at first thinks his task is to manoeuvre the submarine back to the sea. But is soon proves far more than that - for Scavenger has a vital mission to accomplish.

The tensions of continuous confined living at close quarters when submerged, the relationships between the motley assortment of characters that make up the crew, are all powerfully and subtly conveyed in this fast-movong adventure of the war at sea." - from the jacket.

Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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85 COLLENETTE, Eric J. Gemini Plot. First Edition in dustjacket.
William Kimber, London, 1985, ISBN:0718305485 
COLLENETTE, Eric J. The Gemini Plot : A Sea Novel of World War II. London :William Kimber, (1985). First Edition. Pp (6),[7]-189,(3). 8vo, blue cloth , gilt lettering to spine. A naval thriller concerning the operations of a covert British submarine in Mediterranean waters. "Submarine coxswain Ben Grant has a medal for his exploits in Norwegian waters earlier in the war, but this does not help him face operations in a far different theatre - the Mediterranean - or endear him to his colleagues. Strained and nerve-racked,he joins the submarine Avon en route to Torbruk in the summer of 1942. But at Malta events come to a head and he is asked to volunteer for Special Su bmarine Operations, a secret subversive unit. The target is occupied Greece, the mission dangerous - and the only flaw in the plan is his former skipper, Half-Shackle. In this new Ben Grant saga, Eric Collenette gives us another story from the war at sea and in his taut, straightforward prose, he vividly recreates those tense days of submarine warfare." - from the jacket. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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86 COMPTON-HALL, Richard Submarine Boats: The Beginnings of Underwater Warfare. 1st UK in dj.
Conway Maritime, London, 1983, 
COMPTON-HALL, Richard. Submarine Boats : The Beginnings of Underwater Warfare. (L): Conway Maritime Press, (1983). Pp (4),5-192. Double column. Illustrated throughout. Large 8vo, blue cloth. The author was at the time of publication Director of the Submarine Museum at Gosport. "[A] witty and perceptive account of the early years of submarine development, with much new material on the lives of the forgotten pioneers. It includes the more weird andwonderful inventions, and their even more colourful inventors, but concent rates on the greatest of them all- the brilliant Irish-American John PhilipHolland, who took submarine development out of the hands of lunatics and v isionaries and turned it into a deadly weapon of war." -from the dj. Vg in vg dj. 45.00

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87 COMPTON-HALL, Richard Submarine Versus Submarine :The Tactics and technology of Underwater Confrontation First Canadian Paperrback Edition
Collins, Toronto, 1988, ISBN:0002154331 
COMPTON-HALL, Richard, Commander. Submarine Versus Submarine :The Tactics and technology of Underwater Confrontation. Toronto : Collins, (1988). FirstEdition. Pp (7),8-191,(1) including index , b/w and / or colour photos, di agrams and maps. Double column. Tall 8vo, illustrated cardcovers. Richard Compton-Hall, MBE, RN (b. July 12, 1929). "Submarine Versus Submarine is a fascinating and totally compulsive study of future worldwide undersea confrontation. Written with authority, accuracy and objectivity, the book is fully illustrated with photographs, cutaway drawings, maps, diagrams and uniquepanoramas.' - from the cover. Chapters: Part One: 1. The Soviet Threat; 2. Submarine Construction; 3. Propulsion, Speed and Endurance; 4. Sound, Sona r, and Non-Acoustic Indicators; 5. Secondary Sensors; 6. Navigation and Communications; 7. Submarine Anti-Submarine Weapon Systems; 8. Submarine-Launched Missles; Under the Arctic Ice; 10. Re-emergence of the Midgets; 11. Self-Defense; 12. Powerful Forces, Practical Problems. Part Two. 1. Soviet SSKTactics; 2. Soviet SSN Tactics; 3. Blackmail; 4. Submarine Pirates; 5. Spi es and Trackers; 6. Midget Marauders; 7. Skirmishing in the Pacific; 8. Arctic Assault; 9. Russian Chess; 10. The Survivors. With index. Very good. 20.00

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88 COMPTON-HALL, Richard Submarine Warfare : Monsters & Midgets. First Edition in dustjacket
Blandford Press, Poole, Dorset, 1985, ISBN:0713713895 
COMPTON-HALL, Richard. Submarine Warfare : Monsters & Midgets. Poole, Dorset: Blandford Press, (1985). First UK Printing. Pp. [1]-160. Illustrated. Triple column. 4to, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "Submarine Warfare: The Monsters and Midgets takes a wholly new look at submarines, at bothextremes of the size scale. no other book has ever dealt so intimately wit h the extraordinary submarines, monstrous and miniature, of the past, nor related their experiences to the present and future. Practically all the material is drawn from original sources, and the author writes objectively about former enemies. Some of the legends, like those surrounding Bushnell's Turtle of 1776, have ievitably undergone thorough review. In many cases the truth about both monsters and midgets turns out to be very different from what history books have led readers to believe until now. On the other hand,full and overdue credit is at last given to a number of brave men, like th e commanding officer of the Japanese 'fly' which successfully attacked HMS Ramillies, whose explouts have not hitherto been fully recognised. Several supposed mysteries, including the sinking of the Surcouf, are unravelled and ghosts are finally laid to rest. Personalities are explored and, through them, the reasons for hitherto strange and unexplained failures, disasters and, indeed, successes become clear." - from the dj. Vg in price-clipped dj. 60.00

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89 CONGER, Marion Golden Books of Ships and Boats.
Simon and Schuster, New York , 1954, 
CONGER, Marion. The Golden Books of Ships and Boats. Illustrated by Robert Doremus. New York : Simon and Schuster, (1954). Pp [1]-64. Illustrated. 4to, illustrated blue card covers. A Golden Play Book, P-15. Every kind of ship and boat from early days to the present. 64 pages all in color. Some of the features you'll find in this book : Warships of the Navy, Life on a Liner, The Coast Guard, Submarines, Motor Boating, How to Sail, Navigation Aids, Signal Flags, Sailor's Knots to Tie, Quizzes, Navigation Canals, Ports and Harbors, History of the Navy, Voyages of the Past. Naval Uniforms, Ship Models. Very good. 12.50

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90 COOK, Graeme None but the Valiant. 1st US no dj
Taplinger, 1973, 
COOK, Graeme. None but the Valiant : Exciting True War Stories in the Air and at Sea. N.Y.: Taplinger Publishing Co., (1973). First US Printing. Pp 325. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth. Part II (pp.163-325) : 1. Submarine Patrol; 2. The Imposters; 3. The Charioteers; 4. U-Boat Attack; 5. The Ships ThatWouldn't Die; 6. The Battle of Narvik; 7. Raiders at Large; 8. Raid on St Nazaire; 9. The Giant Killers; 10. The Sailors Wore Wings. Bibliography forPart II. Vg. 15.00

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91 COOK, Graeme Silent Marauders. 1st UK in dj
Hart-Davis, MacGibbon, London, 1976, ISBN:0246107847 
COOK, Graeme. Silent Marauders. London : Hart-Davis, MacGibbon, (1976). First Printing. Pp. (6),[7]-159,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, red cloth with black lettering to spine. Law 1111. British Submarines in the two World Wars. "The deeds of many unsung heroes are recorded, but especially those of the colourful and valiant commanders whose names are etched in history: Commander Max Horton, hero of the Baltic campaign; Lieutenant Commander Martin Nasmith,'The Terror of the Marmara'; Lieutenant Commander Wanklyn, who scored a re cord number of hits in World War Two before his Upholder was tragically lost with all hands on board; Lieutenants Donald Cameron and B.C.G. Place, whowith incredible courage led the highly dangerous midget submarine attack o n the famous German battleship Tirpitz." - from the dj. Very good in lightly nicked, unclipped dust jacket. 20.00

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Weird and Wonderful Ships.  First American Edition, COOK, Graeme SHERRINGTON, R.A. WOOD, John. WATSON, Brian.
92 COOK, Graeme SHERRINGTON, R.A. WOOD, John. WATSON, Brian. Weird and Wonderful Ships. First American Edition
Enterprise Books, 1975, 0890090319 / 9780890090312 
COOK, Graeme. Weird and Wonderful Ships. Illustrated by R.A. Sherrington, John Wood and Brian Watson; Cover Illustration Brian Edwards. Secaucus, NJ : Enterprise Books, 1975. First American Edition. Pp (4),5-48. 4to, illustrated. boards.

Graeme Cook (b. 1939 - d. April 25, 1999, Balbeggie, Perth and Kinross, Scotland) - Steve at BearAlley.

A delightful introduction to the world's more bizarre sea craft, from inflated pig skins to the circular warship Novgorod, from the "oscillating sofa" to the unlikely products of the Jointed Ship Company.
For younger readers.

"Of all forms of transport, water-borne craft are among those which have been around the longest. In the history of ships, which ranges from the first dug-out canoe to the nuclear-powered ocean-goins ship of today, craft se4lected both weird and wonderful, some conceived by crack-pot inventors, others born in the minds of brilliant men whose contribution to ships and shipping has made sea voyaging what it is today."

The First Baots,
Men o' War,
The New Warship,
Torpedo Boats,
Aircraft Carriers,
Crazy Craft,
Exploring 'Inner Space,'
Paddle Boats,
Cargo Ships,
Ships that 'Fly.'

Very slightly rubbed, else very good. 12.50

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93 COOTE, John O., (ed.). Norton Book of The Sea. Book Club Edition in dustjacket.
W.W. Norton & Company, New York / London, 1989, ISBN:0393027783 
COOTE, John O., (ed.). The Norton Book of The Sea. Introduction by Hammond Innes. New York / London : W.W. Norton & Company, (1989). Book-of-the-MonthClub Edition. Pp (4),v-xiv,[1]-406,(4). Index. 8vo, grey cloth spine, blue paper-covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. Captain John Oldham Coote, R.N..(ret'd), (b. 1921 - d. June 11, 1993), writer and yachtsman. This is the same as The Faber Book of the Sea : An Anthology. Contents : Prologue (What It Is All About Wind and Waves The Sea's Mysteries). Captains and Crews (Jolly Jack Ashore or Afloat Admirals Captains and Masters Selection and Training Midshipmen Selecting an Ocean-Racing Crew Discipline Prize-Money Taking Care of Jack). The Dark Side (Cape Horn Disasters Gales Survival). The Lighter Side. Far Horizons (Exploration LoneSailors Cruising Navigation). Sweethearts and Wives (Jack's Molls 'W ives Afloat' A Victorian Hostess Sails Around the World A Honeymoon Cruise in a 24-ft Ocean-Racer The Captain's Lightning Courtship). Trade in Peacetime (Immigration Ships The Golden Age of Sail Fishing on the GrandBanks Trading Under Sail Smuggling). War at Sea (Anti-Submarine Warfar e Submarines Surface Battles). Penned date, else very good in nicked dustjacket. 12.50

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94 CORNFORD, L. Cope Paravane Adventure. no dj.
Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1919, 
CORNFORD, L. Cope. The Paravane Adventure. London: Hodder and Stoughton, n.d (Author's Note dated October 1919). Pp 278. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth.An examination of paravane anti-mine operations undertaken by the Royal Na vy during the Great War, and of the role played by Commander C. Dennis Burney in their development. Illustrated with contemporary photographs. Rear hinge cracked, slightly rubbed, else vg. 90.00

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95 CORNFORD, L. Cope Paravane Adventure. no dj.
Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1919, 
CORNFORD, L. Cope. The Paravane Adventure. London : Hodder and Stoughton, n.d (Author's Note dated October 1919). Pp 278. Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth. An examination of paravane anti-mine operations undertaken by the Royal Navy during the Great War, and of the role played by Commander C. Dennis Burney in their development. Illustrated with contemporary photographs. "For some time before the conclusion of the Armistice, the present writer, as a student of naval affairs, could not but remark what was evidently a weakening of the German submarine offensive, and an absence of losses by mine. There were evidently forces at work of which he knew not, nor sought to know. But that a new spirit was abroad, the storm- ing of Zeebrugge and the blocking of Ostend sufficiently demonstrated. Of the Paravane he had once heard the name, when the captain of a convoying cruiser told him that the boatswain complained that the Paravane ' caught fish.' Why the captain seemed to think the circumstance amusing, I did not know, having then no conception of the Paravane, nor did the captain explain. " - from the introduction. Clothworn (especially at spine), front inner hinge shaky, two bookplates, penne d name, else vg. 85.00

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96 Cosmopolitan Magazine) WALKER, John Brisbane) LAMPMAN, Archibald) DYCHE, Lewis Lindsay) Cosmopolitan: A Monthly Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 20
Cosmopolitan Press, 1896, 
(Cosmopolitan Magazine). The Cosmopolitan: A Monthly Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 20. Nos. 1-6 November 1895 - April 1896, bound as one. Irvington-on-the-Hudson: The Cosmopolitan Press, 1896. Pp. (2), iii-iv, (2), [3]-686. Illustrated. Double column. Frontis. 8vo, brown half leather, red marbled papercovered boards, gilt titles to spine, raised bands. Of nautical interest: "The Story of the Samoan Disaster", (pp. 5-16); Charles Frederick Holder's "Game Fishing in the Pacific", (pp. 138-146); W. A. Dobson's "Submarine Boats", (pp. 280-288); Lewis Lindsay Dyche's "Walrus Hunting in the Arctic Regions", (pp. 347-359). Of other interest are several sections on the "horseless carriage": John Brisben Walker's "Some Speculations Regarding Rapid Transit", (pp. 26-33), T. A. de Weese's "Progress Towards the Age of the Horseless Carriage", (pp. 415-423) and an advertisement for The Horseless Carriage Competition (p. 665), with prize money of $3000. Also: Joseph Jastrow's " Mesmer, Animal Magnetism, and the Ante-cedents of Modern Hypnotism", (pp.360-373); Archibald Lampman's poem "War" [Wicken : "Archibald Lampman : An Annotated Bibliography" B119]. Front hinge starting, front outer hinge spl it, light wear to the edges and spine ends, else vg. 75.00

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97 COWIN, Hugh W. Fighting Ships.
Gallery Books, New York, 1984, 
COWIN, Hugh W. Fighting Ships. New York : Gallery Books, (1984). First US Printing. Pp 64. Illustrated. Lg 8vo, illustrated paper covered boards. Includes submarines, aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, fast attack and patrol vessels, support vessels, &c. Very good. 10.00

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98 CRADDOCK, John First Shot : The Untold Story of the Japanese Minisubs that Attacked Pearl Harbor. US in dj.
McGraw-Hill, New York, 2006, ISBN:0071437169 
CRADDOCK, John. First Shot : The Untold Story of the Japanese Minisubs thatAttacked Pearl Harbor . New York: McGraw-Hill, (2006). Pp. (12),[1]-255,(9 ), + 12 p. of plates. 8vo, black cloth spine with red paper covered boards,gilt lettering to spine. "At 6:53 a..m., December 7, 1941, one of the most fatefully unheeded warnings in history was radioed to Pearl Harbor headqua rters: 'We have fired upon submarine operating in defensive sea area.' Sixty-two minutes later, waves of Japanese airplanes, red suns painted on theirwings, descended on the harbor..." - from the front cover of the dj. Vg-fi ne in unclipped dj. 18.00

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99 CRAVEN, John Pina Silent War : The Cold War Battle Beneath The Sea 1st US in dj
Simon & Schuster , 2001, ISBN:0684872137 
CRAVEN, John Pina. The Silent War : The Cold War Battle Beneath The Sea. NY: Simon & Schuster, (2001). First US Edition. Pp 304, frontis. 8vo, blue spine with blue boards. The former chief scientist of the U.S. Navy's SpecialProjects Office here provides his insights into the nature of submarine op erations and strategy during the Cold War. Contents: 1. In Peril Under the Sea; 2. Design for Deterrencce; 3. A Calculus of Terror; 4. An Oracle in Washington; 5. Out of the Deep to Target, Perfect; 6. War and Peace: Some Like it Hot; 7. Fail-Safe; 8. Triumph to Tragedy; 9. The Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle; 10. Spooked; 11. Humans as Marine Mammals; 12. The Fisherman's Friend; 13. The Tide of Destiny; 14. Two-and-Twenty: The Aquatic Circus; 15. The Hunt for Red September: A Tale of Two Submarines; 16. Pensate Profundus; 17. MIT Days; 18. A Sea Lawyer in Hawaii; 19. The Man Who Was Not There. Vg in unclipped dj. 22.00

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100 CREMER, Peter BRUSTAT-NAVAL, Fritz U333 :The Story of a U-Boat Ace. 1st UK in dj
Bodley Head, 1984, 
CREMER, Peter, in collaboration with Fritz BRUSTAT-NAVAL. U333 : The Story of a U-Boat Ace. L.: Bodley Head, (1984). First UK Edition. Pp 244 + 12 p of plates. 8vo black cloth. Law 1713. Chapters include : 2. The Invasion of Norway; 5. Hostilities against America; 6. Rammed by a Tanker; 7. Floodlit Florida; 8. Action against Convoys; 9. A Novel British Submarine; 10. The Atlantic Transmitter; 12. Collision with a Frigate; 13. The French Resistance; 14. My Transfer to an Electro-Boat. With bibliography, index and a 24-page appendix: : German U-Boat Casualties in World War II Translated from theGerman by Lawrence Wilson. Bookplate, name, else vg in dj. 45.00

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