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1 JOHNSTON, Douglas M., (ed.) McCALLUM, Ian R. Arctic Ocean Issues in the 1980s
Law of the Sea Institute, University of Hawai, Honolulu , 1982, ISBN:0911189033 
JOHNSTON, Douglas M., (ed.). Arctic Ocean Issues in the 1980s :Proceedings,Law of the Sea Institute, University of Hawaii / and Dalhousie Ocean Studi es Programme, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia / Workshop, June 10-12, 1981, Mackinac Island, Michigan. (Honolulu : Law of the Sea Institute, University of Hawaii, 1982). Pp. (2),iii,(1),1-60. Map and illustration of "Cardiff Ship Simulator" in text. Thin 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to front & spine. Chapters : I. Introduction; II. Stresses and Sensitivities; III. Problems of Arctic Diplomacy; IV. The Impact of UNCLOS III; V. Unresolved Jurisdictional Issues; VI. Recent Scientific Research; VII. Environmental Priorities; VIII. Emerging Technologies and the Problem of Choice; IX. The Pattern of Corporate Initiatives; X. Conclusions: 1. Supplementary Matters; 2. The Basic Questions; 3. Regionalism and Regimes; 4. Resource Development; 5. Scientific Research; 6. Environmental Protection; 7. Legal Issues;8. Operational Requirements Dr Ian R, McCallum's "The Use of Ship Simulati on Techniqies in Arctic Navigation". Name else very good. 120.00

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2 KRUEGER, Robert B., (ed.) EVENSEN, Jens JOHNSTON, Douglas M. OSTRENG, Willy Developing Order of the Oceans : Proceedings : Law of the Sea Institute Eighteenth Annual Conference
Law of the Sea Institute, William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1986, ISBN:0911189130 
KRUEGER, Robert B. and Stefan A RIESENFELD, (eds.). Developing Order of theOceans : Proceedings : Law of the Sea Institute Eighteenth Annual Conferen ce. Co-sponsored by the University of San Francisco, October 24-27, 1984, San Francisco. Honolulu : "Published by The Law of the Sea Institute, William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii", (1986). [The date "1985" has been changed with a penned "6" to 1986]. First Edition. Pp. (4),v-xxii,(2),3-749,(5). Illustrations, maps, tables, graphs in text. 8vo, marooncloth, gilt lettering to front & spine. Contents : Part I. - The Effect of the Law of the Sea Conference upon the Process of the Formation of Interna tional Law. Introductory Remarks (by Robert B. Krueger); The Law of the SeaExperience and The Corpus of International Law: Effects and Interrelations hips (by Francisco Orrego Vicuna); The Effect of the Law of the Sea Conference Upon The Process of the Formation of International Law: Rapprochement between Competing Points of View (by Jens Evensen); Customary International Law After the Convention (by John Norton Moore); Consolidating the Results of The Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea By Pursuing the Process ofthe Conference (by Hans-Joachim Klderlen). Luncheon Speech : Freedom and O pportunity: The Foundation for a Dynamic National Oceans Policy (by James L. MaI one). Part II. - Special Environmental Problems and the Role of International Organizations. Introductory Remarks (by Jon Van Dyke); Implications of the Law of the Sea Convention Regarding the Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment (by Louis B. Sohn); Recent Developments Under Special Environmental Conventions (by CIifton E. Curtis); Conservation and Management of the Marine Environment: Responsibilities and Required Initiatives In Accordance with The 1982 U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (by Douglas M. Johnston). Part III. - The Deep Seabed Operations -- With the Convention and Without It. Introductory Remarks (by Stephen A. Riesenfeld); The Status of the International Sea-bed Authority: The Work of The PREPCOM (by James L. Kateka); The Viability of A Dual Approach: The French Position (by PhiIippe ManIn); The Viability of the Dual Approach: Convention and Reciprocal Regimes (by Guenther Jaenlcke); Deep Deabed Mining — The U.S. Position (by David A. Colson). Luncheon Speech : Prospects for the Future: The UNand Peaceful Uses of the Oceans (by Satya Nandan). Part IV. - The Developm ent of Ocean Mineral Resources. Introductory Remarks (by Conrad WeiIing); Polymetallic Sulfides and Cobalt Crusts: New Mineral Resources of the Ocean Floor? (by Alexander Malahoff); Comparative Pacific Basin Land Laws Affecting Mineral Processing (Plants) (by David L. CalIles); Jurisdictional IssuesAffecting The Development of New Ocean Mineral Resources: Necessary Regime s (by Myron H. Nordquist); Financing Ocean Mineral Developments: Feasible Under What Terms? (by Alexander J. Krem). Part V. - An Evaluation of the U.S. Federal-State Experience in the Management of Marine and Coastal Resources. Introductory Remarks (by Edgar B. Washburn); Federal-State Offshore Boundary Disputes:The Federal Perspective (by Louis F. Claiborne; Federal-StateOffshore Boundary Disputes: The State Perspective (by John Briscoe); Envir onmental Protection of the Coast and Offshore (by Robert J. McManus); Regional Fisheries CounciIs: What Have They Done and How Have They Worked? (by James A. Crutchf ield). Luncheon Speech : The Law of the Sea Convention, Customary International Law, and the Role of Law Within The International Community (by Hugo Caminos). Part VI. - Arctic Energy Resources. Introductory Remarks (by Bernard H. Oxman); National Claims and the Geography of the Arctic (by Robert W. Smith); Political and Boundary Issues Affecting Arctic Energy Resources (by David A. Colson); Engineering Economics of Alaskan Oil Exploration (by Randy Heintz); Economic and Environmental Constraints on me Development of Arctic Petroleum Resources (by Roger Herrera). Delimitation Arrangements in Arctic Seas: Cases of Precedence or Securing of Strategic / Economic Interests? (by Willy Ostreng). Part VII. - Economic Development and Management of Fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Pacific Basin: Accomplishments and Problems. Introductory Remarks (by Gordon R. Munro); The Magnuson Fisheries Conservation and Management Act: A Factor In the Development and Management of Alaskan Fisheries (by Dayton L. Alverson); Economic Development and Management of Fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Pacific Island States (by L. G. Clark and A. J. Slatyer); The Development of Mexican Fisheries and Its Effect on U.S. Relations (by Roger W. Rosendahl). Luncheon Speech : A Conscientious Management of the Future (The Administration's Position on Ocean Policy and Law) (by Anthony J. Calio). Part VIII. - Special Symposium: The 1982 Convention: What Does It Have ToDo With Maritime Trade? Introductory Remarks (by Jack Garvey); Changes Mad e in the Rules of Navigation and Maritime Trade by the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea (by William T. Burke); UNCLOS III and Conflict Managementin Straits (by Bruce A. Harlow ); Arrest of Vessels and The Law of The Sea (by Norman Letalik). Banquet Speech : Creeping Jurisdiction and . Customar y International Law (by John A. Knauss). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Dent to spine, elsevery good. 250.00

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3 JOHNSTON, Douglas M., ed. Environmental Law of the Sea
International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Gland, Switzerland, 1981, 
JOHNSTON, Douglas M., (ed.). The Environmental Law of the Sea. Gland, Switzerland : International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, 1981. Pp 419.. 8vo, green cardcovers. IUCN Environmental Policy and LawPaper No. 18. Very good. 45.00

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4 PONTECORVO, Giulio, (ed.) JOHNSTON, Douglas M. ANDERSEN, Raoul ALEXANDER, Lewis M. Fisheries Conflicts in the North Atlantic : Problems of Management and Jurisdiction. First Edition in dustjacket.
Ballinger, Cambridge, Mass. , 1974, ISBN:0884100200 
PONTECORVO, Giulio, (ed.). Fisheries Conflicts in the North Atlantic : Problems of Management and Jurisdiction. Edited by Giulio Pontecorvo with the editorial assistance of Norma Hench Hagist. Law of the Sea Institute Workshop, Hamilton, Bermuda, January 1974. Cambridge, Mass. : Ballinger PublishingCompany, (1974). First Edition. Pp (8),vii-xxii,(2),1-203,(11). Tables, di agrams in text. 8vo, pebbled brown imitation leather, gilt lettering to spine. Papadakis, International Law of the Sea: A Bibliography 2376. Just to keep us on our pedantic toes, the front of the dustjacket has a different sub-title: Problems of Jurisdiction and Enforcement. "International experts analyze the varied problems of North Atlantic fisheries with particular emphasis on the Northwest Atlantic area. The specific concerns are biological, economic, and political implications of different legal regimes. They examine alternative solutions to current jurisdictional and enforcement problems, and evaluate settlement procedures for fisheries disputes in both international and territorial waters." (from the dj). Contents: 1. Geography of the North Atlantic (by Lewis M. Alexander). 2. North Atlantic Fishing Adaptations: Origins and Directions (by Raoul Andersen). 3. The Regional Consequences of a Global Fisheries Convention (by Douglas M. Johnston). 4. Implications of Alternative Regimes for the Northeast Atlantic Treaty System (by Albert W. Koers). 5. Biological Consequences of Alternative Regimes (by J. L. McHugh). 6. A Market for Fishery Resources? (by Francis T. Christy, Jr.). 7. The Case for a North Atlantic Preferential Fishing System (by Austen Laing). 8. The Case for Coastal State Jurisdiction (by Gunnar G. Schram). 9. Balancing of Non-Coastal and Coastal Fishing Rights (by Earle E. Seaton). 10.Economic Consequences of Extending Fisheries Jurisdiction (by Paul Adam). 11. The Emerging Right of Physical Enforcement of Fisheries Measures BeyondTerritorial Li mite (by Richard B. Bilder). 12. Compulsory Settlement of F isheries Disputes (by Thomas A. Clingan, Jr.). Name on flyleaf, owner's blindstamp on title-page, else very good & clean in dustjacket. 60.00

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5 JOHNSTON, Douglas M., (ed.). MILES, Edward MUNRO, Gordon R. ALEXANDER, Lewis Regionalization of the Law of the Sea : Proceedings : Law of the Sea Institute Eleventh Annual Conference November 14-17, 1977 University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii.
Ballinger Publishing Company, Cambridge, Mass., 1978, ISBN:0884100758 
JOHNSTON, Douglas M., (ed.). Regionalization of the Law of the Sea : Proceedings : Law of the Sea Institute, Eleventh Annual Conference, November 14-17, 1977, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii. Cambridge, Mass. : Ballinger Publishing Company, (1978). Pp (4),v-xx,1-346,(2). 8vo, brown simulated leather, gilt lettering to spine. "Concern for the environmental protectionand resource management of the seas has increased dramatically. Initially, it was believed that this concern could best be served with a single treat y to govern all the seas as one body. But as the problem has been scrutinized, it has become increasingly evident that such a solution might not be the most equitable in fact. As a result, a movement towards a system of more specialized, regional appproaches has arisen." (from the dj). Contents : Part I. - Regionalization and its Consequences at UNCLOS III. 1. Regionalism at Sea; Concept and Reality (by Lewis Alexander). 2. The Functions of Regionalism in the Emerging Law of the Sea as Reflected in the Informal Composite Negotiating Text (BY L.D.M. Nelson). 3. The Consequences of Regionalization in the Treaty and Customary Law of the Sea (BY Richard B. Bilder). Part II. - Regional Politics in the Management of Marine Resources. 4. Some Brief Considerations on a Caribbean Condominium (by André Rozental). 5. Regional Factors in Managing Marine Resources Atter the Third UN Conference on theLaw of the Sea: A European View (by Renate Platzoder). 6. External Aspects of the Fisheries Policy of the European Community (by Michael Hardy). 7. I nternal Aspects ot the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Community (by Albert W. Koers). Part III. - Regioiidi Ocean Management: How Feasible inthe Developing World? 8. Some Thougnts on Regional Marine Arrangements in the Developing World (by Gudmundar Eiriksson). 9. Regionalism and the Law of the Sea: New Aspects of Dominance and Dependency (by Barbara Johnson). Part IV. - Marine Resource Management in the North Pacific Rim. 10. Recent Developments in Marine Resource Diplomacy in the North Pacific Region (by Choon-ho Park). 11. Foreign Fisheries in the United States Zone, with Special Reference to the Northeastern Pacific Ocean (by Donald L. McKernan, Presented by William T. Burke). 12. Marine Resource Management in the North Pacific Rim and Problems of Environmental Protection (by D. James Kingham). Part V. - Problems of Ocean Management in Southeast Asia. 13. Elements of an Environmental Policy and Navigational Scheme for Southeast Asia, with Special Reference to the Straits of Malacca (by Mochtar Kusumaatmadja and Munadjal Danusaputro ). 14. Fishery Management Problems in Southeast Asia (by John CMarr). 15. Fishery Problems in Southeast Asia (by Francis T. Christy, Jr.) . Part VI. - Regional Ocean Managemen nt: Problems of Anthropology and Comparative Analysis. 16. Extended Fisheries Jurisdiction in a Regional Setting: Problems of Conflicting Goals and Interests (by Gordon R. Munro). 17. On the Unity of Regional Arrangements in the New Ocean Regime (by Edward L. Miles). Part VII. - Specific Policy Problems in Economic Zone Management. 18.Indonesia and the New Extensions of Coastal State Sovereignty and Jurisdic tion at Sea (by Hajim Djalal). Special Caucus : The South Pacific and the Law of the Sea. The South Pacific and the Law of the Sea, (by Joji Kotobalavu). Luncheon Meeting: Japan and the Law of the Sea (by Kazuomi Ouchi). Luncheon Meeting: A Congressional View of the Law of the Sea (by Yvonne Braithwaite-Burke). Banquet Address (by George Ariyoshi). Penned underlining and marginal notes on pp.xvii-21, 103-116, 255-272, name on flyleaf, light wear to cloth, else good in dustjacket with a short tear. 50.00

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