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1 ALI SHAH, Mahboob History of Khyber Rifles
Landi Kotal, Pakistan, 1987, 1987 
ALI SHAH, Mahboob, Lt. Col. History of Khyber Rifles. [Landi Kotal, Pakistan : the Author, 1987?]. First Edition. Pp (8),7-66,(6),+ folding map. Illustrated. 8vo, grey and red card covers, front cover lettered in black, with a blank white spine.

Contents :
1. Preface.
2. Introduction.
3. Important Features.
4. Special Measures of the British Reign.
5. Post Independence Period.
6. Historical Background of Khyber Rifles.
7. Operations and Expeditions.
8. Afridi Uprising — 1897.
9. History of the First Afridi Battalion (1942-46).
10. Rejuvenation of Khyber Rifles.
11. Kashmir Jehad.
12. Pandu Operation.
13. Additional Raising.
14. Indo-Pak War 1965.
15. Indo-Pak War 1971.
16. Visitors.
17. Commandants.

Rubbed and lightly smudged, else very good. 75.00

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2 ALI, Salim and S. Dillon RIPLEY RIPLEY, S. Dillon Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan : Volume One : Divers to dj.
Oxford University Press, Bombay, 1968, 
ALI, Salim and S. Dillon RIPLEY. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan : Volume One : Divers to Hawks . Together with those of Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Ceylon. Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1968. Pp. (2),[i]-lviii,1-380, + 18 p. of colour plates and one double-leaf colour map. Also includes textual illustrations. Illustrated. Large 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. The first of a ten-volume set detailing the birds of the Indian subcontinent. Vg in nicked, price-clipped dj. Vol 1 only. 50.00

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3 ALLANA, G. Eminent Muslim Freedom Fighters, 1562-1947 : Twenty-one Great Lives. 2nd pr.
Low Price Publications, Delhi, 1993, ISBN:8185418993 
ALLANA, G. Eminent Muslim Freedom Fighters, 1562-1947 : Twenty-one Great Lives . Delhi: Low Price Publications, (1993). Second Printing. Pp. (8),ix-x,(2),[1]-347,(1). 8vo, green card covered boards with grey title block to front and white lettering to spine. Almost two-dozen brief biographies of eminent Indian and Pakistani muslims who were important in paving the way to independence. Those included are: Mujaddid-i Alf-i Thani, Shah Waliullah, Haidar Ali, Tipu Sultan, Haji SHariat Allah, Hosh Mahomed Qambrani, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk, Jamaluddin Afghani, Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk, Syed Ameer Ali, Maulana Obaidullah Sindhi, Allama Iqbal, A.K. Fazlul Haq, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah, His Highness The Aga Khan, Maulana Mohammed Ali, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, Choudhary Rahmat Ali, and Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang. A couple of instances of underlining, minor bumping to extremities, else vg. 35.00

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4 AWAN, Sadiq Noor Alam People of the Indus Valley: Pakistani-Canadians. pbk.
Sadiq N. Awan, Ottawa, 1989, 
AWAN, Sadiq Noor Alam. People of the Indus Valley: Pakistani-Canadians. (Ottawa): Sadiq A. Alam, 1989. Pp. [ii]-xiii,(2),1-211,(2). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated red card covers with white spine. Chapters: 1. A Brief Historical Perspective: The Ethnocultural Background of Pakistani-Canadians: Pakistan History, ethnology religion, culture, and education; 2. The Salient Features of Pakistani Immigration to Canada; 3. Pakistani Canadian Children in Canadian Schools and Multicultural Education; 4. Pakistani Canadian Students in Canadian Universities; 5. Canada Pakistani Associations: What are they?; 6. Pakistani-Canadian Women and the status of Women in Islam; 7. Reflections and Projections. Signed with inscription by author to ffep, else vg. 20.00

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5 AZIZ, K.K. ALI, Syed Ameer. BELL, Gertrude. Muslim India in British Journals. Three volumes in one.
Niaz Ahmad, Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore, 2011, ISBN:9789693524055 2011 9693524055 / 9789693524055 
AZIZ, K.K. Muslim India in British Journals. Lahore : (Niaz Ahmad), Sang-e-Meel Publications, (2011). THREE VOLUMES IN ONE. Pp. (6),[vii]-xv,(1),[1]-1548,(2). Thick 8vo, brown decorated glossy paper-covered boards with white lettering to front and spine.


Part I: 1858-1905:
1. John Bright "Speechin the House of Commons" [Hansard, June 1858];
2. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Some Indian Suggestions for India" [The Nineteenth Century, June 1880];
3. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "A Cry from the Indian Mohammedans" [The Nineteenth Century, August 1882];
4. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Life-Problem of Bengal" [The Nineteenth Century, September 1883];
5. Vamadeva Shastin: "Progress in India" [Fortnightly Review, December 1885];
6. W.H. Gregory: "Loyalty of the Indian Muhammadans" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1886];
7. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Real Status of Women in Islam" [The Nineteenth Century, September 1891];
8. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Rupee and the Ruin of India" [The Nineteenth Century, March 1893];
9. Edward Snell: "The New Islam" [Contemporary Review, August 1893];
10. H.E.M. James: "Reflections on the Way Home" [National Review, August 1893];
11. Theodore Beck: "The House of Commons and the Indian Civil Service" [National Review, May 1894];
12. Theodore Beck: "Native India and England" [National Review, November 1894];
13. Rafiuddin Ahmad: "A Moslem View of Abdul Hamid and the Power" [The Nineteenth Century, July 1895];
14. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Islam and its Critics" [The Nineteenth Century, Sep tember 1895];
15. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Islam and Canon MacColl" [The Nineteenth Century, November 1895];
16. Rafiuddin Ahmad: "A Muslim's View of the Pan-Islamic Revival" [The Nineteenth Century, October 1897];
17. Theodore Morison: "A Descendant of the Prophet" [National Review, June 1898];
18. J. Kennedy: "Personal Reminiscences of Sir Syed Ahmad" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, July 1898];
19. J. Kennedy: "A Mohammedan University for Northern India" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, October 1898];
20. Theodore Morison: "A Mohammedan University" [National Review, October 1898];
21. Rafiuddin Ahmad: "The Proposed Muslim University in India" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1898];
22. S. Khuda Bukhsh: "A Mohammedan University" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, April 1899];
23. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Influence of Women in Islam" [The Nineteenth Century, May 1899];
24. S. Khuda Bukhsh: "The Nineteenth Century and the Mussalmans of India" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, April 1901];
25. The Aga Khan: "The Defence of India" [The Nineteenth Century, September 1905];
26. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "An Indian Retrospect and Some Comments" [The Nineteenth Century, October 1905].

Part II: 1906-1915:
27. "Civic Life in India" [The Imperial and Asiatic Quarter Review, and Oriental and Colonial Record, March 1906];
28. Theodore Morison: "An Indian Renaissance" [The Quarterly Review, June 1906];
29. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "India and the New Parliament" [The Nineteenth Century and After, August 1906];
30. "The Mohammedan Claim in India" [The Economist, October 1906]; 31. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Dawn of a New Policy in India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, November 1906];
32. Gertrude Lowthian Bell: "Islam in India -- A Study at Aligarh" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1906];
33. Valentine Chirol: "Pan-Islamism" [National Review, December 1906];
34. "The Indian Mohammedans: Their Past, Present and Future" [Journal of the Society of Arts, December 1906];
35. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Afghanistan and its Ruler" [The Nineteenth Century and After, January 1907];
36. F.H. Tyrrell: "The Indian Mussalmans" [The Spectator, January 1907];
37. The Aga Khan: "Some Thoughts on Indian Discontent" [National Review, February 1907];
38. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Unrest in India -- Its Meaning" [The Nineteenth Century and After, June 1907];
39. Edward E. Lang: "The All-India Moslem League" [Contemporary Review, September 1907];
40. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Some Racial Characteristics of Northern India and Bengal" [The Nineteenth Century and After, November 1907];
41. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Anomalies of Civilisation: A Peril to India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, April1908];
42. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Moslem Representation and Indian Reforms" [The Times, 14 January 1909];
43. Charles Crosthwaite: "The Tangle in India" [Blackwoods Magazine, February 1909];
44. The Aga Khan: "The Problem of the Minorities in India" [interview with The Times, February 1909];
45. A.E. Duchesne: "The Indian Mohammedans and the 'Reforms'" [Empire Review, May 1909];
46. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Mohammedans and the Indian Reforms" [The Times, May 1909];
47. The Aga Khan: "The Muslim Problem in India" [speech at the First Annual General Meeting of London Muslim League, June 1909];
48. The Aga Khan: "Muslims and the Morley-Minto Reforms" [The Times, November 1909];
49. J.A. Sharrock: "Some Misconceptions about the Unrest in India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, September 1909];
50. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Enlarged Indian Councils" [The Times, November 1909];
51. The Aga Khan: "The Indian Reforms" [The Times, November 1909];
52. The Aga Khan: "Some Aspects of Indian Reforms" [National Review, December 1909];
53. Asiaticus: "India: The Present Outlook" [National Review, March 1910];
54. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Constitutional Experiment in India" [The Nineteenth Century and After, March 1910];
55. Asiaticus: "Lord Morley and the India Office" [National Review, October 1910];
56. A.H.L. Fraser: "Indian Unrest" [The NineteenthCentury and After, October 1910];
57. The Aga Khan: "Lord Minto's Viceroyalty" [National Review, January 1911];
58. Asiaticus: "Mr Chirol on Indian Unrest" [National Review, January 1911];
59. "Hindus and Muhammadans" [The Round Table, May 1911];
60. The Aga Khan: "India's Education and her Future Position in the Empire" [National Review, July 1911];
61. Sayyid Ameer Ali:"Great Britain and the War" [The Times, October 1911];
62. Sayyid Ameer Al i: "India and Turkey" [The Times, November 1911];
63. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The War in Tripoli" [The Times, December 1911];
64. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "British Policy in Persia" [The Times, September 1912];
65. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Moslems and the War" [The Times, October 1912];
66. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "An Appeal for help from the British Red Crescent Society" [The Times, November 1912];
67. The Aga Khan: "The Indian Muslim Outlook" [The Edinburgh Review, January 1914];
68. "India's Rally Round the Flag" [The Asiatic Review, November 1914];
69. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Indian Civil Service" [Westminster Gazette, March 1915];
70. "Comments on the Paper 'Akbar, The Great Mogul (1542-1605): His Life, Character and Opinions'" [The Asiatic Review, May 1915];
71. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Caliphate: A Historical and Jurisdical Sketch" [Contemporary Review, June 1915];
72. "India's Services in the War" [The Contemporary Review, October 1915].

Part III: 1916-1943:
73. "Lord Harding's Viceroyalty" [The Nineteenth Century and After, March 1916];
74. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Sultan of Turkey and the Caliphate" [The Nation, July 1916];
75. "India's Effort: Is it sufficiently understood?" [The Nineteenth Century,February 1917];
76. "The Modern Hindustani Drama" [Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, February 1917];
77. "The Importance of Hindustani" [Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, March 1917];
78. "The Type of Elijah" [The Islamic Review, December 1917];
79. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "On communal Representation" [The Times, August 1918];
80. "India in the Literary Renaissance" [Royal Society of Literature of the U.K., October 1918];
81. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Constantinople" [The Times, November 1918];
82. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "France and the RIF" [The Times, January 1919];
83. "Note on Urdu Orthography" [Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, February 1919];
84. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Turkish Peace Terms" [The Times, June 1919];
85. The Aga Khan and Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Post-War Future of Turkey" [The Times, August 1919];
86. The Aga Khan and Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Turkish Peace Settlement" [The Times, August 1919];
87. The Aga Khan: "Indian Muslim Sentiment in Turkey" [The Times, August 1919];
88. The Aga Khan: "Suffrage for the Indian Women" [The Times, August 1919];
89-90. The Aga Khan: "British Policy in the East, parts I-II" [The Times, November 1920];
91. "India and the League of Nations" [The Contemporary Review, May 1921];
92. The Aga Khan: "Peace with Turkey" [The Times, November 1921];
93. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "On E.S. Montagu's Resignation" [The Times, March 1922];
94. The Aga Khan: "A Royal Viceroy" [The Times, June 1922];
95. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Peace in the Near East" [The Times, August 1922";
96. The Aga Khan: "Bonar Law and the Turkish Question" [The Times, October 1922];
97. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Prime Minister and the Turks" [The Times, December 1922];
98. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Turkey and the Caliph" [The Times, November 1922];
99. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Caliphate and the Islamic Renaissance" [The Edinburgh Review, January 1923];
100. The Aga Khan: "On the Lausanne Treaty with Turkey" [The Times, July 1923];
101. The Aga Khan: "The New Muslim World" [The Edinburgh Review, October 1923];
102. The Aga Khan: "Appeal to Turkey to retain the Khilafat" [TheTimes, November 1923];
103. Sayyid Amir Ali: "Letter (with The Aga Khan) to the Prime Minister of Turkey" [The Times, August 1919];
104. The Aga Khan: "Reasons for the Appeal to Turkey" [The Times, December 1923];
105. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "On the letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey" [The Times, December 1923];
106. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "Statement on the Abolition of Khilifat" [The Times, March 1924];
107. The Aga Khan: "The Moroccan War Sufferers"[The Times, October 1924];
108. The Aga Khan: "Lord Milner's Credo" [The T imes, August 1925];
109. Sayyid Ameer Ali: "The Task before the Indian Statutory Commission" [The Times, November 1927];
110. The Aga Khan: "On IndianUnity" [The Times, December 1927];
111. The Aga Khan: "An Appeal for a Permanent Muslim Organization in India" [The Times, December 1927];
112. "Education in India: The New Outlook" [The Nineteenth Century, December 1928];
113. "The Religion of Rabindranath Tagore" [Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom, May 1929];
114. "Comments on the Paper 'India and the United States'" [The Asiatic Review, October 1929];
115. "The Simon Report: Why it is unacceptable to India?" [The Spectator, July 1930];
116. "Communication on the Paper 'The Need for Second Chambers in the Provinces'" [The Asiatic Review, November 1930];
117. "The Personality of Man in Islam" [The Society for Promoting and Study of Religions, 1931];
118. "Comment on the Paper 'The Round Table Conference and After'" [The Asiatic Review, May 1931];
119. "Comment on the Paper 'Muslims in the New India'" [The Asiatic Review , October 1931];
120. "Squaring the Circle" [The Listener, June 1931];
121."Indian Reactions to the White Paper" [The Asiatic Review, June 1933];
122. "Obituary Notice of King Feisal of Saudi Arabia" [The Times, September 1933];
123. "Centenary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy" [The Asiatic Review, September 1933];
124. "The Religious Polity of Islam" [Society for Promoting the Study of Religions, January 1934];
125. "Comments on the Paper 'Reform and Co-operation in India'" [The Asiatic Review, November 1934];
126. "The Essential Basis of Religion" [Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths, July 1936];
127. "Speech at the Farewell Meeting" [Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths, July 1936];
128. "Review of 'The Indian Theatre: Its Origins and Later Developments under European Influence With Special Reference to Western India'" [Journal of Central Asian Society, August 1936];
129. "Review of 'The Universities of India'" [Journal of Central Asian Society, August 1936];
130. "Comments on the Paper 'Provincial Autonomy: The First Three Months'" [The Asiatic Review, June 1937];
131. "Comments on the Paper 'Some Aspects of Cheap Power Development under the New Constitution in India'" [The Asiatic Review, July 1938];
132. "Comment on Sir Alfred Watson's Paper on'India's Constitution and the War'" [The Asiatic Review, December 1939];
133. "Doctrine of Human Personality in Iqbal's Poetry" [Royal Society of Literature of the U.K., November 1938];
134. "The Muslim World and Palestine" [The British Union Quarterly, December 1938];
135. "Review of 'The Glorious Future of the Muslims'" [The Asiatic Review, January 1939];
136. "Averroes : The Philosopher of East and West" [Religions, January 1939];
137. "The Muslims of India, the War, and the Political Field" [The Asiatic Review, February 1940];
138. "Adult Education in India" [The Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, February 1940];
139. "Comments on Sir Harry Haig's Paper 'The United Provinces and the New Constitution'" [The Asiatic Review, April 1940];
140. "Review of 'The Journal of the University of Bombay'" [Religions, July 1940];
141. "Islam and Christianity" [Religions, July 1940];
142. "The Somalis and their Religious Ideas" [Religions, October 1940];
143. "Commentson T.A. Raman's Paper 'Indian Nationalism and the War'" [The Asiatic Review, July 1940];
144. "Hellenic Culture and the Modern World" [Religions, January 1941];
145. "The Islamic World in and after the War" [Religions, February 1943].

Spine ridging, else very good. 50.00

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6 BENHAM, Mariam Zelzelah : A Woman Before Her Time. First Paperback Editiom, Signed
Motivate Publishing, Dubai, 1998, ISBN:1860630596 
BENHAM, Mariam. Zelzelah : A Woman Before Her Time . (Dubai) : Motivate Publishing, (1998). Pp. (6),[7]-232, + 16 p. of plates. Illustrated. 8vo, reddish card covers with black lettering to front and spine. Born the daughter of a pearl merchant in southern Iran, this is Benham's memoirs of her life in public service, spending time in diplomatic posts in Pakistan, Iran, andIndia. Very good. Signed and inscribed by Benham in 1998 on the title page . 35.00

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7 BHARGAVA, G.S. India's Security in the 1980s. Adelphi Papers 125.
International Institute of Strategic Studies, London , 1976, ISBN:0900492961 
BHARGAVA, G.S. India's Security in the 1980s. London : International Institute for Strategic Studies, (Summer 1976). Pp (4),1-30,(2) including covers.8vo, white stapled wrappers, printed in red and black. Adelphi Papers No. 125. Contents : 1. The Origins (The Hindu-Muslim Problem – Kashmir – China). 2. New Dimensions (The Direct Threat – Indirect Threats – Internal Problems). 3. The Future (The Nuclear Option – The Indian Ocean – Regional Countries – The Great Powers – The Internal Situation). Lightly browned, else very good. 20.00 ISBN Keywords : SECURITY

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8 BHUTTO, Zulfikar Ali CHOPRA, Pran If I am Assassinated... Second Printing in dustjacket
Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kanpur, 1979, ISBN:0706908074 
BHUTTO, Zulfikar Ali. "If I am Assassinated".. With an introduction by PranChopra. New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kanpur : Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, (1979). Second Printing. Pp (8),[ix]-xxxvi,[1]-234,(2). 8vo,black cloth, red lettering to spine. "This book nearly perished. It was bl acked out in Pakistan. Its publication was banned. The press in which Bhutto's counsel tried to have it printed was sealed. But anonymous enterprise smuggled it out of the "stinking death cell" in which the former President and Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto wrote it, "with the paperresting on my knee." This book contains the text of a document presented b y Bhutto to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in his appeal against the death sentence passed on him by the Lahore High Court. The disclosures were too dangerous, too sensational for the Pakistan rulers to face publicly. He accused them of conspiring with a foreign power, of being bribed by it to overthrow him because of the popularity he enjoyed among his own people. He clearly hints at the USA and some other countries too. He names names and specific sums and makes his appeal a classic case of the accused putting the accuser in the dock. Bhutto knew Pakistan as no one else did, and impending death had made his insights even sharper; it also made him more fearless in tearing the veil off what went on in Pakistan under its 3 military Presidents, General Ayub, General Yahya, and General Zia. The result is the most revealing book on Pakistan to be published yet." (from the dj). Contents : Introduction. 1. White Paper or White Lies. 2. Misrepresentation. 3. "Warfare,"Rigging and Fraud. 4. The Election Commission. 5. The Government Machine. 6. The "Larkana Plan". 7. Rigged or Fair? 8. The Inner Cancer. 9. The External Crisis. 10. Death Knell. 11. Foreign Hand. 12. The Death Cell and History. 13. The Hour has Struck. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan and its fourth President. Revered as Quaid-i-Awam, he founded the Pakistan People's Party and served as its chairman until his execution in 1979. He was the father of Pakistan's 11th Prime Minster, Benazir Bhutto. Verry good in dustjacket. 50.00

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9 BLASHFORD-SNELL, John and Ann TWEEDY TWEEDY, Ann Operation Raleigh : Adventure Challenge. 1st US card covers
Harper, 1990, 
BLASHFORD-SNELL, John and Ann TWEEDY. Operation Raleigh : Adventure Challenge. (N.Y.) : Harper Paperbacks, (November 1990). First US Printing. Pp 196.Illustrated. 8vo, card covers. "In this sequel..., [the authors] narrate t he second stage of this astonishing enterprise, which took over 1000 Venturers as far afield as southern Chile, the enchanted islands of the Pacific, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and the vertiginous massifs of the Hunza Valley in Pakistan." - from the back cover. Vg. 12.00

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10 BORDEN, K. Ethel. Canadian Geographical Journal, Vol. 62, No. 1 CHARLES, J.L. WILEY, S.C. Northward 1903-04. An article on the first Canadian Government Expedition to Hudson Bay aboard the Neptune in Canadian Geographical Journal, Vol. 62, No. 1, January, 1961
Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Ottawa, 1961, 
BORDEN, K. Ethel. "Northward 1903-04." An article on the first Canadian Government Expedition to Hudson Bay aboard the Neptune in Canadian Geographical Journal, Vol. LXII, No. 1, January, 1961, pp 32-39. Ottawa : Royal Canadian Geographical Society, 1961. Pp (2),[1]-39,iii-vii,(2) including covers. Illustrated. Maps. Double Column. 4to, illustrated purple-trimmed stapled wrappers. Also includes J.L. Charles's “Railways March Northward” (pp 2-21);S.C. Wiley's “Kashmir” (pp 22-31). Cover photo of helicopter next to surve y monument on Tamzilla Butte, near Dease Lake, British Columbia. Rubbed, faded, nicked, else good to very good. For the issue 20.00

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11 BRADY, Alexander, et al FORSEY, Eugene McWHINNEY, Edward Confederation Challenge, vol. 1 Ontario Advisory Committee on Confederation : Background Papers and Reports. in dustjacket
Queen's Printer of Ontario, Toronto, 1967, 
BRADY, Alexander, et al. Ontario Advisory Committee on Confederation : Background Papers and Reports. [Toronto] : The Queen's Printer of Ontario, 1967. Pp (14),[1]-435,(1). Map. 8vo, red cloth, gilt letteing to spine, gilt Coat of Arms to front board. The Confederation Challenge, Vol. 1. Contents : Preface - the Prime Minister of Ontario. The Terms of Reference of the Ontario Advisory Committee on Confederation. The Members of the Ontario Advisory Committee on Confederation. Chairman's Introduction. The Modern Federation - Some Trends and Problems (by Alexander Brady). The Nature and Problems of a Bill of Rights (by W. R. Lederman). The Provinces and the Protection of Civil Liberties in Canada: The Province of Quebec (by Edward McWhinney and Armand de Mestral). The Process for Constitutional Amendment for Canada (by W. R. Lederman). A Supreme Court in a Bicultural Society: The Future Role of The Canadian Supreme Court (by Edward McWhinney). The Provinces and International Agreements (by Bora Laskin). Treaty-Making Power in Canada (by R. J. Delisle). The Constitutional Competence Within Federal Systems as to International Agreements (by Edward McWhinney). The Legislatures and Executives of the Federation (by Eugene Forsey). Constitutional Monarchy and the Provinces (by Eugene Forsey). Memorandum on the Associate States (by EugeneForsey). The Making of Federal Constitutions: A Study of Constitution-Maki ng Processes in the United States, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the West Indies (by Alex Mesbur). The Proposal for a Federal Capital Territory for Canada's Capital (by D. C. Rowat). Proposals for an Ontario Cultural and Educational Exchange Program and an Ontario-Quebec Cultural and Educational Exchange Agreement (by T. H. B. Symons). Report on an Ontario Position in Federal-Provincial Financial Relations (by Economic and Fiscal Sub-committee). Proposals for Changes in the Canadian Federal System, a Summary(by Federal-Provincial Affairs Secretariat). Franco-Ontarian Population by Ethnic Origin and by Mother Tongue for Each County of the Province, a Tabl e (by Federal-Provincial Affairs Secretariat). An Analysis ol Bnefs Submitted to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism from the Pointof View of Their Relevance to the Province of Ontario (by Elizabeth Way). The Substance of Recommendations in the Field of Education to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism as They Pertain to the Province of Ontario (by Federal-Provincial Affairs Secretariat). The Substance of Recommendations in Other Fields to the Roval Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism as They Pertain to the Province of Ontario (by Federal-Provincial Affairs Secretariat). . Very good in edgeworn dustjacket. 20.00

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12 BRECHER, Michael Struggle for Kashmir. Published under the auspices of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and The Institute of Pacific Relations.
Ryerson Press / Canadian Institute of International Affairs / Institute of Pacific Relations, Toronto , 1953, 
BRECHER, Michael. The Struggle for Kashmir. Published under the auspices ofthe Canadian Institute of International Affairs and The Institute of Pacif ic Relations. Toronto : The Ryerson Press, (September 1953). First Printing. Pp [i]-xii,1-211,(1). Map. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. “The emergence of two independent states in the Indian sub-continent on August 15, 1947, was an event of major significance in contemporary world politics. India, by virtue of its power potential, and its role of leadershipin South Asia; Pakistan, because of its aspirations to Islamic leadership; and both countries because of their strategic locations, occupy pivotal po sitions in that part of the world. Among the many disputes arising between the two states within the past six years, the conflict over Kashmir has hadthe most serious repercussions. This area represents a most critical probl em in the relations between India and Pakistan, one which may well cause their downfall. The author here provides a comprehensive analysis of this impasse in the hope that it may contribute to the understanding of contemporary Asian and Commonwealth affairs.” - from the dj. Contents : 1. The background. 2. Partition, invasion and accession. 3. The importance of Kashmir to India and Pakistan. 4. The Kashmir dispute before the Security Council in 1948. 5. The role of the United Nations Commission 1948-1949. 6. The McNaughton proposals and the Dixon report 1950. 7. The Graham Mission, 1951-1953. 8. Kashmir in transition. 9. Consequences of the dispute. Very good in chipped dustjacket. 50.00

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13 BROMMELHORSTER, Jörn. PAES, Wolf-Christian. Military as an Economic Actor : Soldiers in Business . First Edition
Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke and New York, 2003, ISBN:0333999282 
BROMMELHORSTER, Jörn and Wolf-Christian PAES, (eds..). The Military as an Economic Actor : Soldiers in Business. (Basingstoke and New York) : PalgraveMacmillan, (2003). First Printing. Pp (4),v-xii,(1),1-223,(5). With many t ables and figures in the text. 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine.In the International Political Economy Series. Light wear to cloth, esle v ery good. 60.00 "Armed forces across the globe engage in economic activities both in times of war and peace. This book provides a critical analysis ofthis phenomenon, comparing experiences with 'military business' from four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America). Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the volume shows the implications of 'military business' for civil-military relations, good governance and international development policies". 1. Soldiers in Business: An Introduction by Jörn Brömmelhörster &Wolf-Christian Paes 2. Military Business in Argentina by Thomas Scheetz 3. Soldiers as Businessmen : The Economic Activities of Central America's Mil itaries by Arnoldo Brenes Castro & Kevin Casas Zamora 4. The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Military Business Complex by Tai Ming Cheung 5. The Economicand Commercial Roles of the Vietnam People's Army; C.A.Thayer 6. Trifungsi : The Role of the Indonesian Military in Business by Leslie .McCulloch; 7. Power, Perks, Prestige and Privileges: The Military's Economic Activities in Pakistan by Ayesha Siddiqa-Agha; 8. Praetorians or Profiteers? : The Role of Entrepreneurial Armed forces in Congo - Kinshasa by Wolf-Christian Paes & Timothy M. Shaw ; 9. The Largest European Army in Business: The Case ofRussia; Ksenia Gonchar; 10. Conclusions by Jörn Brömmelhörster & Wolf-Chri stian.Paes With Notes, Bibliography, Index. Light wear to cloth, esle very good. 60.00

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14 Canadian Historical Association PRYKE, K.G. MATHIEU, Jacques CARELESS, J.M.S. Canadian Historical Association : Historical Papers 1968 : A selection of the papers presented at the 1968 Annual Meeting held at Calgary.
Canadian Historical Association, Public Archives, Ottawa, 1968, 
(Canadian Historical Association). The Canadian Historical Association : Historical Papers 1968 : A selection of the papers presented at the 1968 Annual Meeting held at Calgary. Edited by J. Atherton, John P. Heisler and Fernand Ouellet. (Ottawa : Canadian Historical Association, Public Archives, 1968). Pp (4),[1]-247,(1). 8vo, yellow printed card covers. Of nautical interest : Jacques Mathieu's “L’Échec de la construction navale royale à la fin du régime français” (pp 24–34). Historical Papers : J. M. S. Careless's Presidential Address “Somewhat Narrow Horizons” (pp 1–10); Y. F. Zoltvany's “Some Aspects of the Business Career of Charles Aubert de la Chesnaye (1632-1702)” (pp 11–23); Jacques Mathieu's “L’Échec de la construction navale royale à la fin du régime français” (pp 24–34); K. G. Pryke's “The Making of a Province: Nova Scotia and Confederation” (pp 35–48); Andrée Désilets' s “Lasuccession de Cartier, 1873-1891” (pp 49–64); Alvin C. Gluek's “Pilgrimage s to Ottawa: Canadian-American Diplomacy, 1903-1913” (pp 65–83); F. A. Coghlan's “James Bryce and the Establishment of the Department of External Affairs” (pp 84–93); P. D. Stevens's “Laurier, Aylesworth, and the Decline of the Liberal Party in Ontario” (pp 94–113); Margaret E. Prang's “Nationalism in Canada’s First Century” (pp 114–125); J. A. S. Evans's “Procopius of Caesarea and the Emperor Justinian” (pp 126–139); F. D. Blackley and G. Hermansen's “A Household Book of Queen Isabella of England, 1311-1312” (pp 140–151); H. A. MacDougall's “Newman — Historian or Apologist?” (pp 152–163); E. C. Moulton's “India and British Party Politics in the 1870’s: Conflicting Attitudes of Empire” (pp 164–179); Fritz Lehmann's “Bi-Cultural Societies and the Historian: Nationalism and History in India and Pakistan” (pp 180–188); R. E. Wynne's “The Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich of 1867: Some Historians’ Views” (pp 189–214); J. S. Conway's “The Meeting Between Pope Pius XII and Ribbentrop” (pp 215–227). Some papers in French, some in English. Very good. 25.00

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15 CHANDLER, George Liverpool Shipping : A Short History. First Edition in dustjacket.
Phoenix House, London, 1960, 
CHANDLER, George. Liverpool Shipping : A Short History. London: Phoenix House, (1960). First Printing. Pp. (4),v-xi,(1),13-256, frontispiece, + 30 p. of black and white plates. Illustrated. Map endpapers. 8vo, tan cloth with black lettering to spine. "Dr George Chandler, the Librarian of the City ofLiverpool who was responsible for the celebratory history [published on Li verpool's 750th anniversary], here addresses himself to the repair of what he calls 'a remarkable omission' -- a popular but reliable guide to the history of Liverpool shipping as a whole and its part in the developing trade with all parts of the world. [...] In addition to the general history of Liverpool's trade with Europe, North and South America, Africa, the East and Australia, the book provides a detailed account of each shipping line, together with the range of its services and the names and tonnages of its shipsat various periods." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Liverpool, a Worl d Port; 2. Liverpool's Coastal Shipping: Coast Lines Ltd; the Belfast Steamship Company; Miscellaneous Coastal Shipping Companies; the Mersey Ferries;the Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company Ltd; the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ltd; 3. To Europe and the Mediterranean: Bahr, Behrend & Co mpany Ltd; the Ellerman and Papayanni lines; the Glynn Line; the MacAndrew Line; the Moss Hutchison Line; the British and Continental Steam Ship Company Ltd; the Cunard Steam-Ship Company Ltd; the Johnston, Warren Lines; the Larrinaga Steamship Company Ltd; Other Lines; 4. To North America: The Cunard Steam-Ship Company Ltd; Sailing Packets; the Cunarders and the Collins Line; the 'Great Eastern'; the Civil War Blockade Runners; the Inman Line; the White Star Line; the Guion line; the National Line; the Leyland Line; Foreign Competitors; the Cunard Line's Service to Canada; Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd; 5. To the West Indies, Central and South America: The PacificSteam Navigation Company; the Lamport and Holt Line; the Harrison Line; th e Booth Steamship Company Ltd; the Booker Lin; Other British Lines; ForeignLines; 6. To West Africa: Early Liverpool-West African Trade; Elder Dempst er Lines Ltd; the Guinea Gulf Line Ltd; the Palm Line; 7. To South and EastAfrica, the Persian Gulf, India, and Pakistan: The Brocklebank Line; the H arrison Line; the Hall Line Ltd; the City Line; the Anchor Line; the Clan Line; the Union-Castle Line; the P. and O. Group; Other Shipping Lines; 8. To the Far East: The Blue Funnel Line; the Glen and Shire Lines; the Bibby Line Ltd; the Henderson Line; the Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line; 9. To Australia and New Zealand: Early Liverpool-Australian Trade; the Beazley Line; the White Star-Blue Funnel Joint Service; Shaw, Savill and Albion Company Ltd; the Port Line Ltd; the Black Ball Line, the Federal Steam Navigation Company Ltd, and the New Zealand Shipping Company Ltd; the Blue Star Line Ltd; 10. The Future of the Port of Liverpool. A very good copy in a crisp, tidy, unclipped dustjacket. 50.00

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16 CONVERSE, Elliott V., III, Dr. WHITE, Elwood L. United States Air Force Academy Library Special Bibliography Series 90. History of Officer Social Origins, Selection, Education and Training Since the Eighteenth Century : An Introductory Bibliography. 17th Military History Symposium.
United States Air Force Academy Library, 1996, 
CONVERSE, Elliott V., III, Dr. and Elwood L. WHITE. The History of Officer Social Origins, Selection, Education and Training Since the Eighteenth Century : An Introductory Bibliography. [] : United States Air Force Academy Library, September 1996. Pp. (6),[1]-129,(1). 8vo, side-stapled decorated white card covers, no spine, black lettering to front. United States Air Force Academy Library Special Bibliography Series, number 90. Includes entries under the following geographical headings: General/Comparative, Africa (General), Argentina, Australia, Austria-Hungary (Austria and Hungary), Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada (pp. 15-18), Chile, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Latin America (General), Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia (Soviet Union), Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Very good. 20.00

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17 DAFTARY, Farhad MADELUNG, Wilferd, Professor, foreword] Isma'ilis : Their History and Doctrines. First Paperback Edition.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1992, ISBN:0521429749 
DAFTARY, Farhad. The Isma'ilis : Their History and Doctrines. [Foreword by Professor Wilferd Madelung]. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (1992).First Paperback Printing. Pp. (8),ix-xviii,1-803,(11). 8vo, blue card cove rs with white titles to front and spine. "The Isma'ilis constitute the second largest Shi'i community in the Muslim World. They are scattered over many parts of the world, including INdia, Pakistan, East Africa, Central Asia,Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Yaman, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, a nd North America. Almost all recognize the Aga Khan as their imam or spiritual leader. This authoritative book, the product of twenty years' research,traces the history and doctrinal development of the Isma'ili movement from its origins to the present day, a period of twelve centuries. It is the fi rst comprehensive synthesis of the scatterd results of modern scholarship on the subject and draws on numerous primary and secondary sources, particularly on a number of Isma'ili manuscripts which have recently become available." - from the introductory blurb. Contents: 1. Introduction: Western progress in Isma'ili studies; 2. Origins and early development of Shi'ism; 3. Early Isma'ilism; 4. Fatimid Isma'ilism; 5. Musta'lian Isma'ilism; 6. NizariIsma'ilismof the Alamut period; 7. Post-Alamut Nizazri Isma'ilism. Name in ked verso front cover, faint spine creasing, else very good. 35.00

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18 DIAL, Roger Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. Dalhousie University. Studies on Chinese External Affairs : An Instructional Bibliography of Commonwealth and American Literature. First Edition
Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, 1973, ISBN:0770300081 
DIAL, Roger. Studies on Chinese External Affairs : An Instructional Bibliography of Commonwealth and American Literature. Halifax, Nova Scotia : Dalhousie University, Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Department of PoliticalScience, Reference Paper, June 1973. First Edition. Pp (2),iii-xi,(3),3-18 2,(2). Index. 4to, blue card covers, lettered in black, with a blank spine.Contents : I. Causes-Inputs to Chinese External Policy and Relations. A. E xternal-Systemic Sources. B. Domestic-National Interest Sources. C. Cultural-Traditional Sources. D. Ideology-Revolutionary Experience Sources. E. Idiosyncratic-Elite Sources. II. The Policy Process. A. Institutions and Personnel. B. Policy Formulations/Decision-Making Processes. C. Diplomatic Style. III. Outputs by Function. , A. Foreign Aid. B. Foreign Trade. C. Strategic and Military Affairs. D. Border and Frontier Affairs. E. Overseas ChineseAffairs. F. Support for Revolution. G. International Law. H. Cultural Rela tions. IV. Outputs by Area. A. Relations with the USSR (General. B. Relations with the USSR (Military). C. Relations with the USSR (Economic). D. Relations with the USSR (Border). E. Relations with the USSR (Conpetition in the "Third World"). F. Relations with the Socialist Bloc (Eastern Europe). G.Relations with the Socialist Bloc (Asia/Latin Americia). H. Relations with the Socialist Bloc (Non-ruling Parties. I. Relations with the United State s. J. Relations with Asia (General). K. Relations with India and Pakistan. L. Relations with Nepal, Afghanistan, and Ceylon. M. Relations with Burma and Thailand. N. Relations with Laos and Cambodia. 0. Relations with Vietnam. P. Relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Q. Relations with Japan. R. Relations with Taiwan (Republic of China). S. Relations withHong Kong and Macao. T. Relations with the Arab States,. U. Relations with SubSaharan Africa. V. Relations with Latin America. W. Relations with Brit ain. X. Relations with Canada. Y. Relations with Australia. Z. Relations with Western Europe. ZZ. Relations with the United Nations. V. Outputs by Temporal Schema (Periodizations). A. General Texts and Articles. B. The "Lean to One Side" Period. C. The "Bandung" Period. D. The "East Wind Prevails" Period. E. The "Second Bandung" Period. F. The "Cultural Revolution' Period.G. The "New Rationality'' Period. VI. Reflections in Sinology. A. Professi onal, Theoretical, and Methodoloeical Questions. Very good. 60.0

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19 EITINGER, Leo, and David SCHWARZ (eds.). Strangers in the world.
Hans Huber Publishers, Bern, Stuttgart, Vienna , 1981, ISBN:3456809727 
EITINGER, Leo, and David SCHWARZ (eds.). Strangers in the world. Bern, Stuttgart, Vienna : Hans Huber Publishers, (1981). Pp [1]-370,(2). Small 8vo, illustrated red card covers. “This book offers the first comprehensive picture of the series of psychological problems which originate from dislocation, migration and refugee status. The book has been compiled by experts internationally well-known in different fields, such as psychiatry, sociology and philosophy. It also discusses the special problems of immigrant children,immigrant women, guest workers, survivors from concentration camps, aged i mmigrants and adopted children. Strangers in the World includes valuable studies which throw new light on the situation of Asian and black African immigrants in Europe in relation to dislocation in Africa and compares adaptation patterns of Cubans with Mexican immigrants to the United States.” - from the back cover. Contents: I: General Problems: 1. Leo Eitinger's "Foreigners in our time: Historical survey on psychiatry's approach to migration and refugee status"; 2. Alan Stoller's 'Foreigners in our time: The present situation"; 3. Harald Ofstad's "Identity and minority: Value conflicts and conflicts of identity". II: The Individual: 4. Dan G. Hertz's "The stress ofmigration: Adjustment reactions of migrants and their families"; 5. Eiting er's "Feeling 'at home': Immigrants' psychological problems"; 6. Rachelle Banchevska's "Uprooting and settling: The transplanted family"; 7. Vivian Rakoff's "Children of immigrants"; 8. Jim Cummins and Ali Abdolell's "Bilingualism and educational adjustment of immigrant children: A case study of Lebanese families in Ontario" (pp. 147-161); 9. Mirjana Morokvasic's "The invisible ones: A double role of women in the current European migrations"; 10.W. Boker's "Psycho(patho)logical reactions among foreign labourers in Euro pe"; 11. Frederic D. Hocking's "After the Holocaust: Migrants who survived massive stress experiences"; 12. Erwin K. Koranyi's "Decline and stress: Immigrant's adaptation in aged population". III: Transcultural Approaches: 13. Diana Hull's "By land and sea: Hispanic press at the southern borders of the United States"; 14. Kivuto Ndeti's "At home but alien: Internal migration and mental problems"; 15. Jacques Barou's "The psychological problems ofBlack African immigrants in Western societies"; 16. Philip H. Rack's "Afte rmat of Empire: Pakistanis in Britain: Mental health problems of some Asianimmigrants"; 17. Marianne Cederblad's "Getting an identity: Transracial, i nter-country adoption"; 18. Stoller's "A migrating world: Migrants and refugees: Some fats, patterns and figures". Rakoff's article contains some NovaScotia material. Very good. 25.00

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20 ELLERMAN, J.R. and T.C.S. MORRISON-SCOTT. Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition.
Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History, London, 1966, 1966 
ELLERMAN, J.R. and T.C.S. MORRISON-SCOTT. Checklist of Palaearctic and Indian Mammals 1758 to 1946. Second Edition. London : Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), July 1966. Pp (6),1-810,+ folding map frontispiece. Index. Thick 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering on maroon panel to spine.

"It is a commonplace that novelty exercises such an attraction that it frequently diverts to itself a measure of attention out of all proportion to the true value of the subject or object. In science the field of every new discovery forthwith becomes the focal point round which attention centres, to the detriment of other fields more important but less glamorous. The tide of geographical exploration in the nineteenth century with its accompanying flood of zoological novelties exercised precisely this effect with the result that, whereas the vertebrate faunas of the Ethiopian, Oriental, Nearctic, and even the Australian and Neotropical regions, have been more or less comprehensively listed in recent years, there have been few comparable works relating to the Palaearctic region where taxonomic zoology was born and cradled. The present work, whose geographical limits have been selected to link up with Chasen's (1940) list of Malayan mammals and Allen's (1939) similar list for the Ethiopian region, is an attempt to remedy this lack of balance in the field of systematic mammalogy.

The authors have succeeded in producing a list which is not merely one of the working tools that every systematist must make for his own use. It is, in fact, a critical revision, shorn of all detailed argument, based on the unrivalled collections of the Museum." - the Preface.

"The area covered by this work is the Palaearctic region and the Indian' and Indo-Chinese subdivisions of the Oriental region. Zoologists will be well aware of the difficulty in delimiting these zoogeographical areas. However, for the purposes of a list such as this, some arbitrary limit must be set. In Africa we have drawn the boundary along the parallel of 20° N. which, owing to the barrier of the Sahara, does correspond reasonably well with the facts. The boundary in Malaya has, however, been drawn in a purely arbitrary manner along the parallel of 10° N. This line has been chosen because it is the northern limit of the area covered by Chasen, 1940, Handlist of Malaysian Mammals.

The limits in point of time are from 1758 to 1946. That is to say, we have endeavoured to include all forms of recent mammals named from the tenth edition of Linnaeus up till the end of 1946, except that domestic animals, and wild mammals which have become extinct, have as a rule been omitted.

No one man can, of course, be a connoisseur of more than a small part of the class Mammalia. Nevertheless, in writing this work we have thought it worth while attempting a revision rather than making a mere nominal compilation. We have therefore re-examined all relevant monographs and revisions, in so far as they are known to us, together with the extensive study collections of the British Museum, and this checklist represents the results. Whether readers agree with our views or not, we hope that the presentation of such a survey within the covers of one book will prove useful.

There has been a considerable reduction in the number of named forms regarded as valid, though we have only proceeded with this "lumping" to the extent that the evidence before us justified it; there is probably much more to be done, and sub-species have been arranged in order of priority for the convenience of subsequent revisers.

'The term 'India' has been used throughout in its zoogeographical sense to include the modern India and Pakistan.

We have recognized 809 species of rmanmials in the Palaearctic and Indian regions as defined above." pp.1-2. With bibliography and a lengthy index.

Very good, tight and clean. NOTE: some extra shipping will likely be required for this hefty tome. 75.00

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