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Jakarta : A History. First Edition, ABEYASEKERE, Susan
1 ABEYASEKERE, Susan Jakarta : A History. First Edition
Oxford University Press, Singapore [et al], 1987, ISBN:0195826884 1987 0195826884 / 9780195826883 
ABEYASEKERE, Susan. Jakarta : A History. Singapore [et al] : Oxford University Press, 1987. Pp (4),[v]-xvii,(3),[3]-280,(2),+ 16 pp plates. Maps. Index. 8vo, illustrated grey paper-covered boards (hardcover), lettered in blue, orange, pale yellow, white and black.

"This study of Jakarta presents the first general history of the city. It follows two main themes. One is the clash between dream and reality. For nearly 400 years, governments have wanted Jakarta to be the show-piece for their policies in the Indonesian archipelago. From 1619 until 1949, the Dutch saw the city as a European enclave displaying the gifts of good government and modern technology which they brought to their East Indies. After independence, President Sukarno lavished attention on his capital, hoping to make it the pride of the nation and the Beacon of the New Emerging Forces. Since Sukarno's fall, the New Order Government has channelled investment into Jakarta and carried through extensive modernization plans in line with its general aim of economic development for Indonesia. This book looks at the consequences of those centuries of policies for Jakarta, and in particular for the vast majority of its inhabitants who have always been too poor to fit into plans for the city.

The other main theme is the rich complexity of Jakarta's population. For centuries the city grew relatively slowly, and immigrant groups of Chinese, Arabs, Europeans and Indonesians from all over the archipelago mingled to produce unique cultural forms. In the last 40 years, that intricate web has been torn apart by political changes and massive waves of Indonesian immigrants who are still struggling to create their own urban culture in a predominantly rural country." (from the back cover).

Contents :
Part I - The Old Masters.
1. Company Town: Early Origins tn 1800.
2. The Colonial City: Batavia in the Nineteenth Century.
3. Batavia, 1900-1942: The Colonial City under Challenge.

Part II - Interregnum.
4. Japanese Occupation and the Struggle for independence. 1942-1949.

Part III - The New Masters.
5. Sukarno's Jakarta: 1950-1965.
6. Jakarta under Sadikin and His Successors: 1966-1985.

Slightly cracked, else very good. 75.00

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2 Abu al-Ghazi Bahadur. Ebul-gazi Bahadir Han. SABLUKOVA, G.S., trans. KATANOVA, N.F., afterword. Rodoslovnoe derevo turkov / Genealogy of the Turkmen : The composition of Abul-Gazi, the Khan of Khiva.
Imperial university, Kazan, 1991, 
Abu al-Ghazi Bahadur. Rodoslovnoe derevo turkov / Genealogy of the Turkmen : The composition of Abul-Gazi, the Khan of Khiva. [Translation and prefaceby G.S. Sablukova. Afterword by N.F. Katanova]. Kazan : Lithography of the Imperial University, 1906. Pp. (2),[iii]-xvi,[1]-336. 8vo, brown pebbled c loth spine, brown and black patterned paper-covered boards, gilt lettering to spine. Abu al-Ghazi Bahadur (1603-1663), Khan of Khiva from 1643-1663. Ahistory of the Turkmen tribes of Central Asia, based on their own oral tra ditions and on the 13th-century writings of Rashid al-Din, compiled near the end of the Khan's life. Text in Russian. A few instances of sparse pencilling, else very good. Uncommon. 100.00

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3 ADIGA, Aravind White Tiger. First Edition in dustjacket
Atlantic Books, London, Atlantic Books, London, 2008, ISBN:9781843547204 
ADIGA, Aravind. The White Tiger. London : Atlantic Books, (2008). First Printing. Pp. (8),3-321,(1). 8vo, black cloth, silver lettering to spine. The first novel by the Indian-born author. Winner of the 2008 Booker Prize. Very good in clean, crisp, unclipped dustjacket. 40.00

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4 AGNEW, Vijay Resisting Discrimination : Women from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean and the Women's Movement in Canada
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1996, ISBN:0802006744 
AGNEW, Vijay. Resisting Discrimination : Women from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean and the Women's Movement in Canada. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, (1996). First Printing. Pp. (6),[vii]-x,(2),[3]-292,(2). 8vo, greycloth with metallic purple lettering to front and spine. "In her introduct ion to 'Resisting Discrimination', Vijay Agnew quotes Keibo Oiwa: 'We rarely encounter accounts of what the persecuted themselves felt, thought, wished to do, and actually did or failed to do; what meanings they attached to their thoughts and actions.' As Agnew observes, there is little Canadian feminist literature, from a minority perspective, on racism in feminist practice. 'Resisting Discrimination' is ground-breaking book. Focusing on the experiences of women from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, the volume exploresthe realities of race, class, and gender discrimination in twentieth-centu ry Canada. Agnew uses an integrated approach, adopting methodologies from political science, hiostory, sociology, and women's studies to investigate history and politics of Asian and black women throughout this century and the exclusion of these women from theory and practice of mainstream feminism.She also looks at the relationship between the state and community-based o rganizations of immigrant women, and the struggles of these women to provide social services to non-English-speaking working-class women through theircommunity-based organizations. Agnew's views are critical of white feminis t theories and practices. Her goal is to sensitize the reader to another perspective and to empower minority women by making them the subject of theirown recent history and politics. She seeks to open up the possibility of f uller cooperation among feminists across lines of race and class, and to suggest new lines of development for feminist theories and methodologies." - from the introductory blurb. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The Experience of Race and Gender Discrimination; 3. Race, Class, and Feminist Theory; 4. Race, Class, and Feminist Practice; 5. The Politics of Discourse; 6. Systemic Racism; 7. Women's Community Organizations; 8. Immigrant Women and the State; 9. Immigrant Women and Wife Abuse; 10. Conclusion. Very good. 25.00

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5 AHMAD, Hamzah (ed.) GOLD, Edgar Straits of Malacca : International Co-operation, Funding & Navigational Safety. First edition in dustjacket
Pelanduk Publications / Maritime Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia, 1997, ISBN:9679785769 
AHMAD, Hamzah (ed.). The Straits of Malacca : International Co-operation, Funding & Navigational Safety. (Malaysia) : Pelanduk Publications in association with Maritime Institute of Malasyia, (1997). First Edition. Pp (12),3-359,(3). Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Contents : Part One - The Straits of Malacca. 1. The Straits of Malacca: A Profile. 2. Regional Co-operation and the Straits of Malacca (by Wan Awang bin Wan Yaacob). 3. The Straits of Malacca in the Malaysian Economy (by G. Naidu). 4. An Overview of Pollution Issues in the Straits of Malacca (by Kirstin Dow). 5. Alternative Routes for Oil Tankers: A Financial, Technical and Economic Analysis (by Chia Lin Sien). Part Two - Funding and Straits Management. 6. Global Funding for Navigational Safety and Environmental Protection (by Hamzah bin Ahmad). 7. Financing Straits Management: Policy Options (by Gerard Peet). 8. Financing Straits Management: Inherent Problems (by Peter B. Marlow). 9. The Financial Cost of Risk Management in the Straits of Malacca (by Muhammad Razip bin Ahmad). 10. Transit Devices in InternationalStraits: Towards Shared Responsibilities? (by Edgar Gold). 11. Japan's Con tribution to Safety and Pollution Mitigation in the Straits of Malacca (by Akio Ono). 12. The Revolving Fund: A Unique Facility (by Teh Kong Leong). Part Three - Legal Regimes, Trade and Shipping. 13. Shipping and International Trade in the Asian Region: An International View (by Ross Robinson). 14.Navigation Rights and Responsibilities in International Straits (by Robert W. Smith & J. Ashley Roach). 15. Legal and Practical Problems Governing In ternational Straits (by Jon M. Van Dyke). 16. Management Regimes and Responsibility for International Straits (by Tullio Scovazzi). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY TO ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Circular blindstamp, else very good in dustjacket (tear and sticker residue to bottom spine). 250.00

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6 AHMAD, Muslehuddin Tale of the First Private University of Bangladesh - North South University- (Genesis - Establishment - Rise and Thereafter) : Recommendations for Re forms of the Sector. 1st ed in dj
Academic Press and Publishers Limited, Dhaka, 2004, ISBN:9840801848 
AHMAD, Muslehuddin. The Tale of the First Private University of Bangladesh - North South University - (Genesis - Establishment - Rise and Thereafter) : Recommendations for Reforms of the Sector. Dhaka : Academic Press and Publishers Limited, (February 2004). First Edition. Pp (8),iii-x,1-155,(1). Illustrated. 8vo, black cloth spine, black paper covered boards. Contents : Chapter I - 1. Emergence of the idea of a Private University in Bangladesh. 2, The name "North South University (NSU). 3. International Advisory Board.4. Collection of funds. 5. Foundation structure. 6. The process of governm ent permission. 7. The private University Act. 8. Establishment of The First Private University. 9. NSU Takes off. 10. NSU's Formal Opening ceremony. 11. Foundation Politics and Election of a Chairperson. 12. Policy Making. 13. Admission & Standard of Education. 14. President or Vice- chancellor? 15. NSU's first convocation. 16. Academic Collaboration with Foreign Universitiesn. 17. Visit to South Africa-meeting with Nelson Mandela. 18. Meeting of International Advisory Board at Harvard. 19. Meeting at Oxford University. 20. Award of "Poet Sarojini Naidu Gold Medal" 21. Admission Problem. 22. Governance & Management. 23. Writ petition field against the Chancellor's order. 24. Rule was discharged and stay order vacated by the High Court. 25.New VC was appointed. 26. Comments on the system and proceddure of the Cou rt Case. 27. Degree Certificates issued. 28. Effect of Governance & Management crises on the University. 29. Did money make the University? 30. The founders of NSU. Chaper II : The Standard of Education in Private Universities Recommendations for reforms. 1. The Standard of Education in Private Universities-recommendations for reforms of the sector. 2. Private University Act needs to be amended. 3. Role of sponsors/Trustees in the Private Universities. 4. University funds and their controls. 5. Independent accreditationcouncil to be set up. 6. Is Government permission necessary to start a pri vate University? 7. Education Loan through banks and insurance companies. 8. Workd Bank Other Donors. 9. Private University system brought good effectin the higher education sector. 10. "No student politics" In private Unive rsities. 11. Teachers' Politics. 12. Election of VC & Deans. Chapter III. 1. Colleges should Be allowed to award Degrees. 2. School Education. Some wrinkling to pages, else very good in dustjacket (with flaps attached to inside covers). 40.00

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7 ALI SHAH, Mahboob History of Khyber Rifles
Landi Kotal, Pakistan, 1987, 1987 
ALI SHAH, Mahboob, Lt. Col. History of Khyber Rifles. [Landi Kotal, Pakistan : the Author, 1987?]. First Edition. Pp (8),7-66,(6),+ folding map. Illustrated. 8vo, grey and red card covers, front cover lettered in black, with a blank white spine.

Contents :
1. Preface.
2. Introduction.
3. Important Features.
4. Special Measures of the British Reign.
5. Post Independence Period.
6. Historical Background of Khyber Rifles.
7. Operations and Expeditions.
8. Afridi Uprising — 1897.
9. History of the First Afridi Battalion (1942-46).
10. Rejuvenation of Khyber Rifles.
11. Kashmir Jehad.
12. Pandu Operation.
13. Additional Raising.
14. Indo-Pak War 1965.
15. Indo-Pak War 1971.
16. Visitors.
17. Commandants.

Rubbed and lightly smudged, else very good. 75.00

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8 ALI, Salim and S. Dillon RIPLEY RIPLEY, S. Dillon Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan : Volume One : Divers to dj.
Oxford University Press, Bombay, 1968, 
ALI, Salim and S. Dillon RIPLEY. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan : Volume One : Divers to Hawks . Together with those of Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Ceylon. Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1968. Pp. (2),[i]-lviii,1-380, + 18 p. of colour plates and one double-leaf colour map. Also includes textual illustrations. Illustrated. Large 8vo, blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine. The first of a ten-volume set detailing the birds of the Indian subcontinent. Vg in nicked, price-clipped dj. Vol 1 only. 50.00

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9 ALLADINA, Safder, and Viv EDWARDS (eds.). DALPHINIS, Morgan NAMIE, Yoshiko KHAN, Farhat Multilingualism in the British Isles. 2 : Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Longman, London and New York , 1991, ISBN:0582063655 
ALLADINA, Safder, and Viv EDWARDS (eds.). Multilingualism in the British Isles. 2 : Africa, the Middle East and Asia. London and New York : Longman, (1991). First Edition. Pp [i]-xii,[1]-278,(2). Map. Index. 8vo, illustrated yellow card covers. In the Longman Linguistics Library series. Contents : 1. Many people, many tongues (by Viv Edwards and Safder Alladina). Part one – West Africa and the Caribbean. 2. The West African speech communities (byMorgan Dalphinis). 3. The Afro-English Creole speech community (by Morgan Dalphinis). 4. The Kweyol speech community (by Hubisi Nwenmely). Part two: South Asia. 5. The Bengali speech community (by Jyoti Husain). 6. The Gujarati speech community (by Jagdish Dave). 7. The Hindi speech community (by Mahendra K. Verma). 8. The Punjabi speech community (by V. K. Mahandru). 9. The Urdu speech community (by Farhat Khan). 10. The Sri Lankan speech communities: The Sinhala speech community (by Lakshmi de Zoysa), The Tamil speech community (by Gnani Perinpanayagam). Part three: East Asia. 11. The Filipino speech community (by Amy Thompson). 12. The Japanese speech community (by Yoshiko Namie). 13. The Hong Kong Chinese speech community (by Lornita Yuen-Fan Wong). 14. The Singaporean and Malaysian speech communities (by Ronald Chan). 15. The Vietnamese Chinese speech community (by Lornita Yuen-FanWong). Part four: The Middle East. 16. The Farsi (Persian) speech communit y (by Shahla Taheri White). 17. The Hebrew speech community (by Judy Keiner). Back cover smudged, else very good. 30.00

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10 ALLWORTH, Edward Soviet Asia : Bibliographies : A Compilation of Social Science and Humanities Sources on the Iranian, Mongolian, and Turkic Nationalities. With an Essay on the Soviet-Asian Controversy. First Edition.
Praeger Publishers, New York / Washington / London, 1975, ISBN:0275287408 
ALLWORTH, Edward. Soviet Asia : Bibliographies : A Compilation of Social Science and Humanities Sources on the Iranian, Mongolian, and Turkic Nationalities. With an Essay on the Soviet-Asian Controversy. New York / Washington/ London : Praeger Publishers, (1975). First Edition. Pp (6),v-lxiii,(1),1 -686,(14). 8vo, red cloth, silver and red lettering to front board, siler lettering to spine. Contents : Preface : The Controversial Status of Soviet Asia; Sources and Methods for the Bibliography. Part I - Soviet Asia. 1. Soviet Asia. Part II - Black Sea & West Caspian Littoral (Up to the Kuma River). 2. Azerbaijan. 3. Caucasus. 4. Crimea & Crimean Tatar. 5. Dagestan. 6. Gagauz. 7. Karachay-Balkar. 8. Karaim. 9. Kumyk. 10. Kurd. 11. Nogai. 12. North Caucasus (see also, Caucasus, Transcaucasus). 13. Osset. 14. Talysh. 15. Tat. 16. Transcaucasus (See also Caucasus, North Caucasus). Part III - Volga Basin (Down to the Kuma River Mouth). 17. Volga Basin. 18. Bashkirs (See also Urals). 19. Chuvash. 20. Kalmyk. 21. Urals (See also Siberia & Mongolia; Bashkir). 22. Volga Tatar. Part IV - Central Asia. 23. Central Asia. 24. Karakalpak. 25. Kazakh. 26. Kirgiz. 27. Tajik. 28. Turkmen. 29. Uyghur.30. Uzbek. Part V - Siberia & Mongolia. 31. Altay. 32. Buriat. 33. Dolgan. 34. Khakass. 35. Mongolia. 36. Siberia. 37. Tuvan. 38. Yakut. Part VI - Su pplement. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Edgewqorn, else very good. 40.00

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11 ANAND, Mulk Raj. Conversations in Bloomsbury.
Wildwood House, London, 1981, ISBN:0704530619 
ANAND, Mulk Raj. Conversations in Bloomsbury. London : Wildwood House, (1981). First British Edition, from the New Delhi sheets. Pp. (4),[5]-159,(1). With errata sheet tipped in at rear. 8vo, red cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "This book is an hitherto unpublished collection of conversations that Mulk Raj Anand, one of the leading novelists of India, had with the avant garde writers of the twenties including E.M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley and T.S. Eliot. The talks with literary men and women in the bookshops, pubs, cafes and at sherry parties thrown new light on some of the much neglected dimensions of literature. The most fascinatingpart of these conversations is that it reflects the transformation of the novelist's mind and how it helped him develop his rich sensibility, which is so often depicted in his writings." - from the dust jacket. Contents: 1..A Drink with Bonamy Dobrée in Museum Tavern; 2. Lions and Shadows in the S herry Party in Harold Monro's Poetry Bookshop; 3. In Cafe Italiano with Aldous Huxley; 4. Crumpets with Nancy Cunard and Catharine Carswell in Whytelady's; 5. 'How Unpleasant to Meet Mr. Eliot': A Talk in the Etoile with T. S. Eliot and Bonamy Dobrée; 6. God, Joad and Logical Positivism in the LowerRefectory; 7. China Tea in Mr. Binyon's Study in the British Museum; 8. Un der the Chestnut Tree in Tavistock Square with E. M. Forster and Leonard Woolf; 9. In a Public Bar with Harry Tomkins and Bill Bland; 10. A Talk with Arthur Waley about the Asian Novel in Probasthain's Bookshop; 11. Feeding Pigeons with Auntie Emily Richardson in the British Museum Courtyard; 12. Tea and Empathy from Virginia Woolf; 13. A Wordy Quarrel with Clive Bell in Hogarth Press; 14. Art Nonsense Talk with Eric Gill, Herbert Read and Stanley Morrison in Gordon Square;. 15. With Gods and Dark Gods - A Talk with T. S. Eliot in the Criterion Office; 16. A Talk with Lytton Strachey in Virginia Woolf's Drawing Room. 17. Paradox or Order - A Talk with T. S. Eliot in the Criterion office; 18.. Talk over Coffee and Brandy with Valentine and Bonamy Dobrée, Nikhil Sen and Irene Rhys, in Francis Meynall's Flat; 19. Reason and Romanticism - A talk with T. S. Eliot in Schmidt's Restaurant in Charlotte Street; 20. Ecstasy in Uday Shankar's Dance in the Salon of Arthur Waley and Beryl de Zoete. Sparse pencilled marginalia, else very good in dust jacket. Ex-libris Bloomsbury Group scholar S.P. Rosenbaum, with inked acquisition note to ffep. 35.00

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12 ANDEMICAEL, Berhanykun (ed.). LUKIN, L.I. SMITHERS, Peter HASSOUNA, hussean A. Regionalism and the United Nations. Signed copy
1979, ISBN:037005913 
ANDEMICAEL, Berhanykun (ed.). Regionalism and the United Nations. Publishedfor the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications, Inc. / Alphen aan den Rijn : Sijthoff & Noordhoff, 1979. First Edition. Pp [i]-xx,[1]-603,(1). Index. 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt to front board and spine. Contents : 1. Towards Greater Coherence Among Inter-Governmental Organizations Through Governmental Control (SirPeter Smithers). 2. Interregional Co-ordination within the United Nations: The Role of the Commonwealth (Davidson Nicol). 3. The Organization of Amer ican States and the United Nations (Aida L. Levin). 4. The Organization of African Unity and the United Nations (Berhanykun Andemicael). 5. The Leagueof Arab States and the United Nations (Hussein A. Hassouna). 6. United Nat ions Regional Economic Commissions and Their Relations with Regional Organizations in Developing Areas (Parley W. Newman, Jr.). 7. Asian Intergovernmental Organizations and the United Nations (Michael Haas). 8. The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance and the United Nations (L.I. Lukin). 9. The Council of Europe and the United Nations (A.H. Robertson). 10. The European Economic Community and the United Nations (John de Gara). Very good. Signedand inscribed by the editor. 150.00

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13 ANDRACKI, Stanislaw Asian Experience in North America : Chinese and Japanese Immigration of Orientals into Canada with Special Reference to Chinese
Arno Press, New York, 1978, 
ANDRACKI, Stanislaw. Immigration of Orientals into Canada with Special Reference to Chinese. N.Y.: Arno Press, 1978. Pp 227. 8vo, maroon cloth. In the Arno Press collection : The Asian Experience in North America : Chinese and Japanese. This was Stanislaw Andracki's Doctoral Dissertation at McGill University in 1958. Vg-fine. 45.00

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14 ANGUS, H.F. Canada and the Far East 1940-1953. Issued under the auspices of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and the Institute of Pacific Relations.
University of Toronto Press / Canadian Institute of International Affairs / Institute of Pacific, Toronto , 1953, 
ANGUS, H.F. Canada and the Far East 1940-1953. Issued under the auspices ofthe Canadian Institute of International Affairs and the Institute of Pacif ic Relations. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1953. Pp [i]-x,[1]-129,(5). Index. 8vo, navy cloth, silver lettering to spine. “This book brings together and interprets the information relating to Canada's contacts with Asiatic countries since the beginning of the Second World War. Lucidly written and freshly presented, it will be of great interest to everyone concerned with international affairs. As Canada's policies in the Far East and Southeast Asia are the result of Canadian policies in general, Dr. Angus discusses the general policies first and then their particular application. He deals with the nature of Canadian nationalism; the war years and post-war adjustment; Canadian Far Eastern policy and the United Nations; the peace settlement with Japan and security; trade policy and access to resources; economic assistance and the forms it takes; cultural intercourse, human rights,and immigration; and Canadian opinion about the Far East.” - from the dj. Contents : 1. The Nature of Canadian Nationalism. 2. The War Years .3. Adjustment after the War. 4. Canadian Policy in the Far East. 5. The Record at the United Nations. 6. The Peace Settlement and Security. 7. Trade Policy and Access to Resources. 8. Economic Assistance in General. 9. Forms of Economic Assistance. 10. Cultural Intercourse, Human Rights, and Immigration. 11. Canadian Opinion about the Far East. 12. Postscript, 1953. Slightly flared, else very good in dustjacket (tears to spine ends). 45.00

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15 APPLETON, William W. Cycle of Cathay : The Chinese Vogue in England during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. no dj.
Columbia University Press, New York, 1951, 
APPLETON, William W. The Cycle of Cathay : The Chinese Vogue in England during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries . New York: Columbia University Press, 1951. First American Printing. Pp. (10),[xi]-xii,(2),[3]-182,(6), + 8 p. of plates. Map endpapers. Illustrated. 8vo, red cloth with gilt lettered black title block to spine, top edge dyed red. Contents: 1. Merchant and Missionary; 2. A Confusion of Tongues; 3. Confucius, the Good Governor; 4. The Dissenting Opinion; 5. Scenes and Festivals; 6. English Chinoiserie;7. The Chinese Spectator; 8. The Tide Recedes; 9. The Macartney Embassy. L ight wear to spine ends, else vg. 35.00

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16 Aquaculture) Annual Report 1975 : Aquaculture Department: Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center ill.card covers
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center,, 1975, 
(Aquaculture). Annual Report 1975 : Aquaculture Department: Southeast AsianFisheries Development Center. Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines: Southeast Asi an Fisheries Development Center, 1975. Pp 72. Illustrated with photos, diagrams, graphs and tables to text. 4to, stapled illustrated card covers. Covers rubbed, occasional underlining, and notations to margins, ow vg. 10.00

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17 AQUACULTURE) Aquaculture Department. oblong ill. card covers
The Center, 1977, 
AQUACULTURE). Aquaculture Department : Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center. Iloilo, Philippines: The Center, [1977?]. Pp [20] with numerous illustrations to text. Oblong, 8vo, ill. card covers. Slight bumping to top extremity, ow very good. 10.00

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18 ARAS, Bulent SANDIKLI, Atilla, preface Turkey and the Greater Middle East. Signed.
Tasam Publications, Istanbul, 2004, ISBN:9756285001 
ARAS, Bülent. Turkey and the Greater Middle East. With a preface by Atilla Sandikli. Istanbul: Tasam Publications, (2004). Pp. (6),[7]-172,(4). 8vo, illustrated dark blue card covers. "This book aims to analyze Turkish policyin the Greater Middle East area. The events and discussions that view the region as having a discrete political as well as geographic identity have gained prominence in political circles and in academic analysis. The U.S. administration's stated goals are to create order and stability in the Greater Middle East area that consists of the countries from North Africa to Indian subcontinent and from Saudi Arabia to Central Asian steppes. Since the September 11 attacks to the U.S., the only country that promoted both security and freedom at home in the Greater Middle East region has been Turkey. Thanks to its dual European and Middle Eastern identities, its political andsocial modernization and its democratic standards, Turkey is strategically important to both U.S. and European interests in many respects and is ther efore a natural key to any plan or concept that aims to promote democracy and raise living standards in this region. With its ability to reconcile democracy and Islam and as well as democracy and security, Turkey is the best candidate to suggest and help initiate internal mechanisms for positive change in the Greater Middle East." - from the rear cover. Very good. Signed, inscribed, and dated by the author on the half-title page. 25.00

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19 ARKIN, A.J., K.P. MAGYAR, and G.J. PILLAY (eds.). Indian South Africans : A Contemporary Profile.
Owen Burgess Publishers, Pinetown, South Africa, 1989, ISBN:0947446117 
ARKIN, A.J., K.P. MAGYAR, and G.J. PILLAY (eds.). The Indian South Africans: A Contemporary Profile. (Pinetown, South Africa) : Owen Burgess Publishe rs, (1989). Pp [i]-x,1-330. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, illustrated blue glossy paper covered boards, lettered in white. Contents : 1. Historical perspectives (by Dr D Bagwandeen). 2. Demographic profile (by P Brijlal). 3. Economic structure (by A J Arkin). 4. Social development : Social transition (byDr R Ramphal) - Cultural politics (by Dr' K Moodley) - Education (by Dr M Naidoo) - Legal concerns (by R. Soni) - Commercial development (by L Konar). 5. Religious profile (by G J Pillay?, Dr T Naidoo, and S Dangor). 6. Political profile (by Dr K P Magyar). 7. Culltural perspective : Literature (byDr Y G Reddy) - Visual arts (by T H Matthews) - Music (by H Somaroo). 8. S ymposium: Facing the future (by the editors). Very good. 40.00

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20 ARMSTRONG, Terence (ed.) Hakluyt Society 2nd Series 146 MINORSKY, Tatiana, trans. WILEMAN, David, trans. Yermak's Campaign in Siberia. in dj
Hakluyt Society, London, 1975, ISBN:0904180034 1975 
ARMSTRONG, Terence, (ed.). Yermak's Campaign in Siberia : A selection of documents translated from the Russian by Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman, and edited, with an introduction and notes, by Terence Armstrong. London : The Hakluyt Society, 1975. First Edition. Pp (4),v-x,1-315,(3) + folding frontispiece + 1 folding map. Illustrated. Map in text. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine, and gilt Hakluyt device to front.

Hakluyt Society, Second Series, Volume 146.

"The Russian conquest of Siberia was an event of which the consequences have only slowly become apparent. Already great, they may come to dominate much of our world; with today’s technology, a resource base of this size and richness confers immense power on the owner. The conquest was a gradual process of absorption. But if one had to assign a time and place for its start, then one would certainly choose the campaign of Yermak in the 1580s. This enterprise was by no means wholly successful, and probably fewer than a thousand Russians participated in it. But it was the first entry in force into Siberia, and Russian historians have long regarded it as crucial.

Among English-speakers, the events are not svo well known. The object of this book is to provide the reader of English with translations of the most important documents relating to the campaign. There are several narrative accounts, collectively known as the Siberian chronicles: the Stroganov, Yesipov; Remezov and New chronicles. The Remezov chronicle, written about 1700, is illustrated with 154 pen and ink drawings. These are of great historical and artistic interest, for very few Russian drawings of this period survive. All are reproduced here. The collection of documents is rounded out with seven charters or decrees of Ivan IV relating to the advance across the Urals.

Dr Armstrong's introduction provides background on Muscovy's eastern frontier in the 16th century; the Stroganov family; the Cossacks, in particular Yermak Timofeyevich and his band; routes across the Urals; non-Russian peoples encountered; and the authorship and provenance of the chronicles. Mr William Harrison contributes an essay on Yermak as folk-hero." from the dj

The Stroganov Chronicle;
The Yesipov Chronicle; The Remezov Chronicle (pp. 87- 277, including 157 illustrations, reproducing that chronicle's pen and ink drawings);

The New Chronicle;
Royal Charters and Letters Relating to the Advance across the Urals.
With references and index.

Top edge dusty, else very good in dustjacket. 50.00

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