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  Please Note: Our premises are now located at
122 Main Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
(which, for you hesitant Haligonians, is just a 3-minute drive from Mic Mac Mall... The simplest route is to take the MacKay Bridge and then keep going straight, eventually taking the middle branch (Exit 6-B) which becomes Main Street / Highway 7.)
Phone:  (902) 429-1652
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Monday - Saturday : 10:00 - 6:00

Sunday : Closed


Welcome to the sub-atomic home of John W. Doull, Bookseller. 

Please search or browse our inventory of hard-to-find, out-of-print, used, and rare books. At present there are over 60,000 titles listed, with many now having accompanying portraits.  

Please Note:  We cannot guarantee that orders received after the end of November will be located, shipped, and received by the December Holiday you may need them for! Please order early to avoid possible disappointment.

For local customers, please phone or email us before coming in to view items listed here, as much of our website stock is stored upstairs, and may require some time in tracking down.

If you can't find what you like please fill out our search form and we will search our off-line inventory (another 100,000 or so books) for you. Gift certificates are also available in any amount you wish and can be mailed to the happy recipient of your choice. 

We also offer appraisal services.

Note: Currently, we are not purchasing for cash.  Please do not contact us about parting with your wares for cash in the foreseeable future, thank you!

Exceptions can be made for those willing to accept store credit either for themselves, for a friend or to donate to a school, a raffle or other worthy cause.  Please call in advance, as John (the owner) is not always in, and he is the only person on staff who can calculate and issue store credit.  Free donations of books in good condition (i.e. no tears, folds, or odour) are always welcome.  We are however not interested in encyclopedias, (most) textbooks, or (most) magazines.

Before bringing books to the shop for viewing, please call ahead to ensure John (the owner) is in, as he is the only person who can evaluate them & he is not always in the store all day, every day.

We are always seeking to acquire quality material, large and small: from wee little pamphlets through to your curiously tidy copy of The Joy of Cooking and on up to that elusively in-progress, omniglot, not quite existent but fully apparatussed edition of The Complete Works of Everyone (University of Brookfield Press, 1947-1998?) that is languishing in your den along with the rare Juvenalia Universalia sub-series.    Or those not yet fully existent ones: "You know, I could write a book. And this book would be thick enough to stun an ox. Cause I can see the future and it's a place - about 70 miles east of here."  (One of the best Laurie Anderson Let x=xisms).  But seriously, we do receive items daily in the shop: from the humble Penguin paperback (a particular favourite here) to the multi-volume academic monograph. The departments listed on the right are a useful guide to the topics we especially seek. Old & new, big & little, with a special premium put on the ephemeral and the unusual. (In the larger sense, we too are book customers and get very excited (John becomes almost undusty) whenever we see something fun, something out of the ordinary, something really special which we can add to our stock.)

For substantial & promising accumulations, both private and institutional, we will travel anywhere in the Maritime provinces. And for Gutenbergs, well,...if we're out of stock and if it has a decent dustjacket... hmmm... perhaps as far as Vermont.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

And, yes, one word of advice, given on the basis of many horror stories: please do not throw out anything which is even vaguely old, before having us (or another qualified bookseller) taking a look for you. That inconsequential-looking little booklet that you tossed this morning might have been worth more than the entire trunk-load you just brought down for our inspection.

Doull's Books specializes in: 
- Nautical & Marine : We have the largest collection in Canada
- Canada's Atlantic Provinces : Again, the largest collection in Canada
- Literature: Mighty big, and certainly the largest collection in Atlantic Canada

As well we have a large & varied general stock of both second-hand & antiquarian titles. Categories include travel, art (film, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, dance, music, &c), world history & literature, university & school histories, militaria, theology & church history, philosophy, cookery, gardening, children's, natural history, books on books, mysteries, Canadiana, the history of science, &c, &c.