Shipping Guidelines & Return Policy


 The average book (octavo hardcovers (~6" x 9", ~ 230mm x 150mm ~weighing around 500g or 1 lb) usually falls within the standard postal rates generated by our website, but should you be ordering a larger and/or heavier item, multiple titles or perhaps multi-volume set, there will be a necessary increase. By the same token, smaller items (pamphlets, brochures, thin books, etc.) can usually be sent at a reduced rate (or even at untracked Letter Rate.)

Canada Post's prices have increased as of January 2019, and also appear to fluctuate wildly from region to region, and from urban to rural areas.  This means that the shipping prices quoted by our website are automatically generated estimates only.  Our solution to this issue is that every individual shipment order (once it has been pulled from our inventory shelves) gets specifically weighed, measured, and checked against Canada Post's website ( according to the destination Postal Code, zip code, or country.  We then will notify you of any changes (or cheaper options if applicable) in shipping price before processing your order through our store's physical register system. 


This is another good reason to wait until we've contacted you before sending us your Paypal, Cheque, or Money Order payments. (See our "Payment Methods" page.)


If you require tracked shipping on an International Order (outside of Canada or USA), please let us know and we will email you the shipping options and price quotations for this. (It can get expensive.)  


We shall do our best to be fair and reasonable with each shipment, leaving any grumblings, both yours & ours, at the feet of the Canadian Post Office.  


Quoted shipping times are estimates, and do NOT include the time between the order being placed and the order being located and then processed (by our solitary shipping person, who does more than just shipping related duties.)  Quoted shipping times cover from when the item has been physically put into the post to when it is physically delivered to the customer.  There is usually a queue of orders from other customers pending, and items are shipped according to this queue, as well as how quickly we can locate the item in our huge (and occasionally disorganized) inventory.   Your patience is most appreciated!




 We always endeavour to catalogue our stock with care (edition, condition, etc.) but should you feel a book is not as described we will offer a refund if it is returned to us in a timely manner. We will also do our best to contact you before processing your order if the condition of the book has somehow changed since the time it was originally catalogued. Please contact us before shipping anything back.