By Great Waters : A Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology. Paperback, 4th printing

NEARY, Peter and Patrick O'FLAHERTY (eds.). By great waters : A Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology. (Tor.) : University of Toronto Press, (1979). Fourth Printing. Pp (4),[v]-xi,(4),2-262,(4). Maps. 8vo, card covers. The Social History of Canada Vol.21. O'Dea 5605. Part 1 - Discovery and Early Exploration : Vinland; John Day's Letter (1497); Jacques Cartier Visits the Funks (1534); The Letter of Stephen Parmenius (6 August 1583); John Guy's Encounter with the Savages (1612); John Mason's Account of Newfoundland (1620); A Letter from Ferryland (18 August 1622); Sir Richard Whitbourne's Description of His Newfoundland Adventures (1623); Robert Hayman: 'Composed and Done at Harbour Grace' (1628); Vaughan's 'Golden Island' Reconsidered (1630). Part 2 - Transatlantic Outpost : James Yonge: A Plymouth Surgeon in Newfoundland (1663); Abbé Jean Baudoin: The 'Winter War' of 1696-7; Government andReligion (1762); Jens Haven: 'Here is an Innuit' (1764); Griffith Williams : An English View of Irish Settlers (1765); Joseph Banks, Scientist and Gentleman (1766); George Cartwright: 'Too many Houses, Too Much Smoke, Too many People' (1772-3); Lawrence Couglan: 'A Precious People' (1776); John Hoskins: A Methodist Missionary in Trinity Bay (1774-84); David Buchan's Expedition to the Interior (1811); Patrick Morris: A Plea for Reform. The Case ofJames Landergan (1818); William Cormack Reaches the Interior of Newfoundla nd (1822); William Wilson: Shanandithit, the Last of the Beothucks (1823). Part 3 - The Colonial Era : Edward Wix: Wrecking (1835); Joseph Jukes: 'Overboard with You! Gaffs and Pokers!' (1840); Thomas Talbot: 'A Baptism of Violence' (1840); Richard Bonnycastle: The Class Structure in Newfoundland (1842); Philip Tocque: Drowning a Dog (1846); John Grace: The Petty Harbour Bail Skiff (1852); Robert Lowell: An Official Examination from Which Something Appears (1858); Julian Moreton: A Parson and His People (1863); Daniel Prowse: 'The Poor Man's Road' (1880); Frederick Lloyd: Winter Scenes from the Great Northern Peninsula (1882-4); Moses Harvey: The Great Fire of 8 July1892; Henry Beckles Wilson: Loiterers (1897). Part 4 - North Atlantic Domi nion : Norman Duncan: Reflections on the Death of Solomon Stride, Fisherman(1902); Dillon Wallace: Prisoners of the Wind (1903); James Connolly: The Drawn Shutters (1905); Norman Duncan: 'A Great Lottery of Hope and Fortune'(1905); Daniel Carroll: Arthur. In Memoriam: Captain Arthur Jackman (1907) ; Wilfred Grenfell: Adrift on an Ice-Pan (1908); Horace G. Hutchinson: Outport Man Refashioned (1910); Fishermen's Protective Union: 'Forty Thousand Strong' (1913); Joshua Stansford Calls on Friends (1910,1916); John Devine: The Badger Drive (c1915); Henry Gordon: Spanish 'Flu in Labrador (1918); Nicholas Smith: Coming Home from Labrador (1919); George England: 'Man's Markand Sign and Signal in the North' (1922); Edwin Pratt: 'An Edge for Human Grief' (1923-32); Bob Bartlett's Boyhood (1928); Sir William Coaker Bows (1930). Part 5 - Breakers Ahead : Joseph Smallwood: Newfoundland Today (1931); Arthur Scammell: The Six-Horsepower Coaker (1940); Margaret Duley: The Healer (1941); Peter Dalzel Job: 'White Bread and Canned Food' (1947); ArthurScammell: Hard Cash (1950); Ron Pollett: Memories of Didder Hill (1951); F arley Mowat: 'This Unquiet Seaboard' (1958); Paul West: A Lullaby Too Rough(1963); Franklin Russell: The Island of Auks (1965); Harold Horwood: Tomor row will be Sunday (1966); Edward Russell: Uncle Mose Begins His Chronicles(1966); Alfred Purdy: Beothuck Indian Skeleton in Glass Case (1968); Eugèn e Cloutier: 'What Do the Young People Dream Of?'; Paul O'Neill: Iceland Poppies (1968). Vg. 12.00

Title: By Great Waters : A Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology. Paperback, 4th printing

Author Name: NEARY, Peter and Patrick O'FLAHERTY (eds.) Social History of Canada 21 O'FLAHERTY, Patrick

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Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Toronto , 1979,:

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