Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, together with a work on the proofs of the existence of God.. Three Volumes, Set

By: HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich.

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HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, together with a work on the proofs of the existence of God. Translated from the Second German Edition by the Rev. E.B. Speirs and J. Burdon Sanderson. The translation edited by the Rev. E.B. Speirs. In Three Volumes. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, (1962). Reprint. Pp (2),[i]-xi,(1),[1]-349,(1); (2),[i]-vii,(1),[1]-358; (2),[i]-vi,[1]-372. Index. 8vo, red cloth, gilt lettering to spine. “It has appeared to me to be necessary to make religion by itself the object of philosophical consideration, and to add on this study of it, in the form of a special part, to philosophy as a whole. By way of introduction I shall, however, first of all (A) give some account of the severance or division of consciousness, which awakens the need our science has tosatisfy, and describe the relation of this science to philosophy and relig ion, as also to the prevalent principles of the religious consciousness. Then, after I have (B) touched upon some preliminary questions which follow from those relations, I shall give (C) the division of the subject. To beginwith, it is necessary to recollect generally what object we have before us in the Philosophy of Religion, and what is our ordinary idea of religion. We know that in religion we withdraw ourselves from what is temporal, and that religion is for our consciousness that region in which all the enigmas of the world are solved, all the contradictions of deeper-reaching thought have their meaning unveiled, and where the voice of the heart’s pain is silenced — the region of eternal truth, of eternal rest, of eternal peace. Speaking generally, it is through thought, concrete thought, or, to put it more definitely it is by reason of his being Spirit, that man is man; and fromman as Spirit proceed all the many developments of the sciences and arts, the interests of political life, and all those conditions which have reference to man’s freedom and will. But all these manifold forms of human relations, activities, and pleasures, and all the ways in which these are intertwined; all that has worth and dignity for man, all wherein he seeks his happiness, his glory, and his pride, finds its ultimate centre in religion, in the thought, the consciousness, and the feeling of God. Thus God is the beginning of all things, and the end of all things. As all things proceed fromthis point, so all return back to it again. He is the centre which gives l ife and quickening to all things, and which animates and preserves in existence all the various forms of being. In religion man places himself in a relation to this centre, in which all other relations concentrate themselves,and in so doing he rises up to the highest level of consciousness and to t he religion which is free from relation to what is other than itself, to something which is absolutely self-sufficient, the unconditioned, what is free, and is its own object and end.” - from the Introduction by Hegel. GeorgeParkin Grant (1918-1988) was a Canadian philosopher, teacher and political commentator, whose popular appeal peaked in the late 1960s and 1970s. He i s best known for his nationalism, political conservatism, comments on technology, pacifism, Christian faith, and conservative views regarding abortionand is credited as one of Canada's most original thinkers. Grant was a fac ulty member at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., twice (1947-1960, 1980-1988). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Verygood in torn, spine-browned, and price-clipped dustjackets. Ex-libris Geor ge P. Grant (without notation, but purchased from his library). The set for150.00

Title: Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, together with a work on the proofs of the existence of God.. Three Volumes, Set

Author Name: HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich.

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